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tv   Way Too Early With Jonathan Lemire  MSNBC  November 12, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PST

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of the texas state capitol in austin, trying to rally in solidarity around the jewish community that has been a party to these ugly disturbing anti-semitic attacks. watch this space. that is going do it for us tonight. we'll see you again tomorrow. "way too early" is up next. ♪♪ a legal win for former president trump at least for now. an appeals court has temporarily blocked the january 6th select committee from obtaining his white house records, but the panel is still moving ahead with their investigation, giving former chief of staff mark meadows an ultimatum, show up and testify or face contempt. will he show up today? kyle rittenhouse's team has rested their case. the question is this, could we see the jury consider lesser charges in addition to the more serious counts. and the faa is cracking down
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on unruly airline passengers. federal authorities have slapped ten people with fines for shoving and throwing punches on commercial flights. the question is whatever happened to friendly skies? it's "way too early" for this. ♪♪ good morning and welcome to "way too early," the show that honestly prefers amtrak. i'm jonathan lemire on this friday, november 12th. this after a lower court rejected an argument to withhold them from the select committee, investigating the attack, denying the claim of executive privilege. the appellate court fast-tracked the hearing while it considers trump's request to delay the committee throughout the appeals process. in a 15-page emergency motion
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trump's attorneys argued serious novel questions about what a former president can produce records. it highlights the importance of executive privilege. if the appeals court rejects the argument and allows the national archives to produce the records, trump could still appeal to the supreme court. the house committee investigating the attack is also threatening to seek criminal contempt charges against trump's former chief of staff mark meadows if he refuses to show up for a deposition today. committee chair bennie thompson writes there's no valid legal basis for meadow's continued resistance. there was a letter sent to meadow's attorney noting that president biden would not be asserting executive privilege or immunity.
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meadows' attorney put out a statement. it now appears the court will have to resolve this conflict. attorneys for kyle rittenhouse has rested their case. the defense closed. nbc news correspondent gabe gutierrez has the details from kenosha, wisconsin. >> ready for the jury. >> reporter: the kyle rittenhouse homicide trial is barreling toward its conclusion. his defense team resting its case after a use-of-force expert and video analyst testified. less than three seconds elapsed between when a protester fired a shot in the air and rittenhouse first opened fire with his ar-15-style rifle. the now 18-year-old faces six charges including intentional homicide after shooting and killing two men and wounding another after last summer's protest in kenosha, following
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the police shooting of jacob blake. his emotional testimony backed up by another eyewitness today who recorded video that night. he testified that rosenbaum was pushing a dumpster that was on fire into police vehicles. >> as the first firearm goes off, rosenbaum is already charging kyle from behind, attempts to throw a bag at him, and rosenbaum is lunging toward him, very clearly, and kier fires. >> no rules on the defense team's request for a mistrial after the judge admonished the prosecutor for out-of-bounds prosecuting. >> go ahead. say what you want to say. >> i have to say, your honor, yesterday i was the target of your ire for disregarding your orders. today the defense is disregarding your lawyer. >> you've been here every day. >> every day. >> reporter: jacob blake's uncle
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says he does not believe rittenhouse's testimony was genuine. >> what we saw yesterday was ridiculous. he should have been playing xbox at home. instead he was in the streets with a military-style gun, essentially killing two people with it. >> closing arguments are expected to be on monday. the prosecution says it's planning to ask the judge to consider lesser charges in addition to the more serious ones facing rittenhouse. elsewhere in the trial of three white men accused of murder in the death of ahmaud arbery, jury saw new video showing arbery making several visits to a partially constructed home months before he died. in each instance, he looks around the house and leaves. the last video shows arbery visiting the home before being chased by three white defendants. the footage is expected to be essential as to whether the defendants had a legal right to
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chase him. the owner of the site said other people had also been on the property in the months leading up to arbery's killing. also in court, an attorney for one of the three white men accused of killing arbery objected to having reverend al sharpton in the courtroom. >> that they're going to be sitting with the victim's family one after another, obviously there's only so many pastors they can have, and if their pastor is al sharpton right now, then that's it. we don't want any more black pastors coming in here or jesse jackson or whoever was in here earlier this week sitting with the victim's family, trying to influence a jury in this case. >> black pastors. we should note the reverend al sharpton will be on "morning joe" later this morning. still ahead w covid cases on the rise in more than a dozen states, could we be seeing the start of a new winter surge. plurks as u.s. inflation
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yours, your employees' and even your customers'. so you can stay ahead. get started with a great offer and ask how you can add comcast business securityedge. plus for a limited time, ask how to get a $500 prepaid card when you upgrade. call today. one for ten on third down. again, nobody in the middle. they go there, and it's broken up. it's called a catch-and-fumble and returned by howard. in and out of the hands of sammy watkins, and howard is in for the touchdown. >> doll phipps' quarterback xavier howard makes a touchdown. i woke up this morning, checked the score and went, what? the dolphins beat the ravens? they did.
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they've played 51 games with at least 14 points. well, they notched their end. that is a stunner. thursday night games are weird sometimes. meantime the los angeles rams have reported odell beckham is now a ram following the end of that soap opera in ohio. after l.a. traded for pass rusher von miller before last week's deadline. it's rare to see an nfl team go all in in one season like the rams have this year. they have a shot, but i wouldn't bet against tampa bay in the nfc. superman returns. panthers bring quarterback cam newton back home. they cut him prior to the 2020 season after he lost eight straight games as a starter.
2:12 am
spent one year in new england, was released this year. the a.p. report this new deal is worth $10 million. it comes after an mri monday revealed sam darnold would miss four weeks. vaccine mandates work. cam newton was cut by the patriots because he was not vaccinated. he has now received the shots and has a job again. to the nba. four players ejected after four minutes of play after an alt ter indication between rudy gobert and myles turner. there you go. turner shoving gobert in the back. then a bear hug and general mayhem. the players needed to be separated near the jazz bench. as for the game, the pacers dealt the jazz their first loss at home. uc riverside trailing arizona state with less than two
2:13 am
seconds to play in regulation. >> you don't want to give anything away to riverside, but you cannot foul here. long distance -- >> oh, my goodness! oh, my goodness! >> are you kidding me? that's from three-quarters of the court at least. riverside stuns arizona state with a buzzer beater way beyond half court. tough for the sun delves. 66-65. that was fun. now, it's time to go to the weather, and bill karins is here. bill, it is friday. i'm very grateful it is friday. i'm sure you are too. i know you're still recovering, resting up from last week's impressive marathon time. tell us what the weather looks like across the region for the weekend. >> it's sketchy. november is like that. we get these quick changes from the warmth to the rain to the snow. that's going happen to a lot of
2:14 am
people. already this morning we have reports of snow. we've had semis blown over in the dakotas, a bd now that storm is going to head to the great lakes. we're going to watch all this mess and time it out for you today. let's show you where the heavy rain is. it's now from western new york all the way down through d.c. and the richmond airy. we could get isolated wind gusts. here's the timing for the big cities on the i-95 corridor. for d.c. through 8:00 a.m., damaging winds are possible, heavy rain. the leaves this time of year, there's a lot of them on the street and on the ground. they get clog and we could get localized flooding anywhere. philadelphia, heavy yefts rain, 9:00 a.m. to noon, wind gusts, 40 miles plus, isolated storms. new york city, the timing of the heaviest rain for you, 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. a very slow morning commute from
2:15 am
philly to new york city. boston, the heaviest will be 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. we could get claps of thunder, which is pretty rare for november. so for today's forecast, look at chicago. rain changing over to snow. 41 degrees with the temperatures plummeting. heavy rain in the northwest. getting to your forecast for the weekend, jonathan, much cooler in the northeast with rain and snow showers on saturday and on sunday, we'll call it plain old snow. we may get football games in the great lakes. we'll have to watch how it looks for cleveland and chicago for sunday games. >> football in the snow is best. i can't say a rainy day is what the nation needs. >> tgif. have a great weekend zwriel ahead, a look across hospitals across the country as covid cases rise. we'll be right back. s covid cases rise we'll be right back. oh, oh, oh, ozempic®!
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and trouble ling rise in covid cases. now states are coming up with their own rules when it comes to vaccines. nbc's miguel almaguer has the latest. >> reporter: there's and clear sign of and winter surge with covid cases climbing in 17 states. our national plateau is giving way to and steady rise in infections. >> we need every single bed that is in our state. >> reporter: already at and breaking point, colorado is now implementing crisis standards of care, prioritizing staff in their overwhelmed hospitals. >> you may have and different level of care had you not come in today versus maybe six months ago. >> reporter: declaring the entire state high risk for exposure, today colorado's governor signing an executive order allowing all adults regardless of age to immediately qualify for boosters. nationwide, only and third of
2:20 am
eligible seniors have gotten the added dose of protection. in california, doctors fear the low demand for boosters correlates directly with the rising claim in cases. flooded e.r.s in cities like fresno, perhaps the canary in the coal mine. >> this is and taste of what the winter surge is going to be like. >> reporter: while they're filling hospital beds and an accounting of 1,3 hyundaiing every day, massachusetts says cases are up 44%, with 60,000 fully vaccinated, testing positive for covid. >> why are we seeing so many breakthrough infections? >> the coronavirus comes back in waves. we do see protection does wane over time, but having that vaccination is and way of protecting yourself. >> reporter: with some older americans with waning immunity, there's and question over the young. the govern has ruled the mask
2:21 am
mandate violates students with disabilities who may be more vulnerable to illness. >> all i want is my child to be able to get and proper education without having to wear and mask. >> reporter: but across the country, just over half of all states have no rule on masks in schools. just as some regions relaxed restrictions, others are seeing and dangerous trend in new cases. >> back now to the legal battle surrounding the house investigation into the january 6th attack on capitol hill. former president trump is trying to with hold documents, citing executive privilege. yesterday and federal appeals court gave some coverage, at least for now. here's adam kinzinger reacting. >> some will spin this as and win because they have a lack of wins on their legal side. this is not unexpected. we see and very accelerated time
2:22 am
line to hear this case. it's not going to slow down our investigation, and i expect that, you know, keeping the supreme court potentially aside, we'll have these documenting fairly soon. >> joining us now, senior political correspondent. thank you so much for being here. let's talk about the subpoenas. do you have any sense of the timeline as to what's next? >> it's not going to delay the investigation, but it's going to delay the collection of documents that the committee is seeking from the national archives, and basically the expectation is that near the end of the month, they will get those documents, which is and wide array of information the committee has been seek about from the white house, call records, correspondence, emails
2:23 am
and stuff related to and around the january 6th insurrection. here's the thing to keep in mind though. yes, it's in delay, but the judges on the court that are deciding this are all democratic appointees, and so the expectation is in the end, they will appeal to the officials who want to bring these documents to light. >> all right. daniel, i know you've been covering this closely throughout the process. let's talk now about the committee's ultimatum to mark meadows. he's supposed to have and deposition today. unclear whether or not he'll show. we have our suspicions. what will happen if he doesn't because we know that steve bannon's case is still pending with the justice department. bannon, of course, also refused to cooperate, held in contempt. it's not clear the doj is going to do anything with that.
2:24 am
what sort of teeth does this threat really have? what's going to happen to meadows, according to the people you've been talking to? >> look. it's going to be the same thing that happened to bannon in the end. the committee sent and letter to meadows' lawyer laying out his argument for executive privilege that he says exempts him from testifying, from cooperating with the committee, does not apply here and that if he does not appear for the summons today, he is going to eventually be held in contempt. it's going to go to the house of representatives. there's probably going to be and vote. and you can put him in the same place as bannon. look, jon. i think we're going to to see this with and few of the most high-profile trump officials who were subpoenaed. they're going to do the same thing. that's because trump himself has said he doesn't want anyone close to him to cooperate with the committee. the number of officials and
2:25 am
former trump allies that have been subpoenaed keeps growing, so i expect a few will cooperate in the end. >> yeah. and certainly we should underscore meadows was right there at the end with former president trump even as many advisers left in the final weeks. he was there, in the oval office on january 6th. he was one of the last staffers to remain all the way to the end of the trump administration, so certainly question understand why the committee would value his testimony. daniel strauss, thank you very much. still ahead, do former presidents have envoy ambassadors? what's an envoy ambassador? we'll get into that. donald trump says he has one and now he's looking to weigh in on global affairs. what's the biden administration saying about that move? but before we go to break, we want to know why you're awake. email your answer to or tweet
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welcome back to "way too early." it's 5:30 on the east coast, 2:30 out west, but at least it's friday. i'm jonathan lemire. former president donald trump has been saying for months he should be the actual president. now he's taking his fantasy and step further. as and private citizen he sent an envoy ambassador. grinnell landed in kosovo this week, but because trump is not
2:30 am
the president, grinnell is not there? any way, shape, or form in and government official capacity. and statement from the former president reads in part, quote, the agreements my administration brokered are historic and should not be abandoned. many lives are at stake. today my envoy ambassador ric grenell visited the cause voe/serbia border to highlight this important agreement. and the biden administration said outside of his very active imagination, donald trump is no longer president and doesn't have any envoy ambassadors representing the united states. according to the upcoming book "betrayal" by abc news correspondent jonathan karl, trump was warned by campaign
2:31 am
manager paschall. it was and reference to the capital of lebanon that was in conflicts with other countries at the time. an excerpt details what led to that event. trump was convinced that was his real problem. he was desperate to get out of the white house and in front of his supporters. he chose tulsa, oklahoma, which had and friendly republican governor and and mayor, and place where given covid, holding and rally might be dangerous, but unlike in most other states, it wouldn't have been against the law. the event was and failure with poor turnout that was mocked on social media. it also became -- this was foreshadowing for what would lie ahead -- and superspreader coronavirus event with many tests positive for covid. herman cain tested positive days after attending the rally and later died of covid-19. joining us now to talk about some of the lessons learned from the week that was today with and particular focus on the
2:32 am
republican party, former aide to the george w. bush white house and state departments elise jordan. she's an msnbc political analyst and "new york times" reporter jeremy peters. good morning to you both, we really appreciate you being here. elise, let's start with you. let's start with ric grenell. could trump face legal problems with sending him to kosovo as an envoy ambassador? is this going to have any impact whatsoever? >> it's going to have absolutely no impact except getting ric grenell and donald trump some much needed attention, which is clearly what they're doing with this exercise. you know, previously it's frowned upon for former presidents to be active in international affairs and do something that could be contrary to the current administration, but obviously that kind of nicety is something that donald trump is never going to heed by, and this is just really dumb.
2:33 am
an envoy ambassador? what is that? it's and double name for some position that doesn't even exist, and i'm just glad that ric grenell really needed some attention, donald trump really needed some attention, and sojd they chose to highlight this exercise, and ric grenell doing his own glorified thing and getting attention by going to the border. >> ric grenell is and famed twitter trash talker, elise. so get ready. your notifications are going to blow up later when he sees this. let's talk about politics domestically. we saw the new governor elect glenn youngkin had this balancing act. he didn't rebuke the former president trump entirely but kept him at arm's length. but we saw also chris christie be critical of the president in an interview.
2:34 am
you cover the republican party so closely. are they for members of the gop, or are they the exceptions rather than the rule. >> look. i think and number works in states where there's and closely divided electorate, where there are plenty former republicans, the people that rahm emanuel once called biden republicans that were so turned off by donald trump that they decided they could vote for somebody they saw as and centrist like biden. it's and narrow path, and it's and path that really doesn't work unless donald trump lets it. and they managed to keep trump at bay in virginia because he didn't really have and relationship with glenn youngkin. he didn't know glenn youngkin, but they did and good job of keeping donald trump feeling as if he had and stake in this and that glenn youngkin wasn't going
2:35 am
to trash him, wasn't going to distance himself from trump in and way that would offend the former president. so it was and really delicate line, and it kind of happened in and vacuum because it was the only republican race nationally -- it wasn't really and national race, but it felt like one because the eyes of the nation, the national media were on it. it's really the only dam in town. how do you do that and year from now when there are many races, races which trump has and vested interest because he's endorsed. i just don't see that happening, especially if, as all signs point that he's running for president again. >> elise, thanksgiving is tradition lail known for these fs, family, food, football, and now fraudulent elections. now trump is holding a thanksgiving special about what
2:36 am
happened in november 2020. as for the republicans, some of them anyway, become and little vocal about moving on, even trump supporters who say, hey, let's focus on the next election, not the last one. what kind of damage, let's say, could trump inflict on his own party as he continues to try to litigate these false narratives? >> donald trump is trying to destroy democracy and faith in the electoral process. in free and fair elections in the united states, that's the big picture damage he can do. but really if he wants to play around with mike lindell and pretend he's still president -- i have no idea where this broadcast is airing -- maybe they need to play act their fantasies and their audience. i really wonder who's tuning in at this day and age. maybe mike lindell will sell some pillows. >> that's always and possibility right before the holiday season. jeremy, it seems like in the republican party, the thing that
2:37 am
gets you in trouble is not tweeting about cartoons in which you kill opponents but voting. talk about the state of the gop and the house in particular and how does this play out? paul gosar, of course, is "the arizona republic" who tweeted the disgusting cartoons about his democratic colleagues, and yet those who voted for the bipartisan infrastructure bill face potential getting their committee assignment stripped. >> yeah. that's exactly right. i think it's and really telling example of where today's republican party is. you know, you mentioned glenn youngkin and chris christie. i mean chris christie is really the outlier here, and, you know, i don't want to doubt the sincerity of his criticisms of the president, but he is out there selling and book at the moment. you know, he's -- it's been very clear what he thinks the former president's threat to the democratic process is, but there aren't many people, frankly,
2:38 am
that are willing to say that at the moment, and those who are, have decided that their future is not in national politics for the most part. the governor of new hampshire last weekend spoke out against the former president's lies against the 20 election and said, look, as and party, we need to get beyond this. if we have and future as and national political party, we've got to talk about the future, not the past. and what did he decide to do this week? run for governor again and not run for u.s. senate. >> right. excellent point, jeremy. and elise jordan and jeremy peters, thank you, friends. have and great weekend. we'll talk to you both again soon. still ahead, we'll go live to cnbc for an early look at what's driving the day on wall street. "way too early" is coming right back. "way too early" is coming right ck
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the federal aviation administration is cracking down on unruly behavior. they face $225,000. the number of unruly passengers skyrocketed after they introduced and flight mask mandate. time now for other business news you need for your day. for that let's bring in cnbc's julianna tatelbaum, live from london. thank you for being here. u.s. stocks have been mixed. will wall street avoid and losing week? >> well, jonathan, good morning. u.s. futures this morning are indicating and strong start to the wall street open, but will it be enough to erase the losses that we've seen come through this week? it's going to be difficult. coming in to today's session, u.s. markets are on pace to snap and five-week win streak.
2:43 am
the dow jones is down and naz damage. it looks like we're going to end on and positive note but not enough to turn things around on and weekly basis. in asia, shares moved higher overnight. and lot of it focused on november 11th singles day, shopping in china, jonathan. >> that's right. inflation and ongoing global supply issues are sort of the story economically across the globe right now. this is the overlooked part of it. they're threatening the inventory of food banks. with holidays right around the corner should families who rely on these services expect to get the help they need? >> you're absolutely right. we're seeing the impact of inflation come through and hit food banks across the united states. some are worried they won't have enough inventory for the thanksgiving and christmas holidays as they approach. food banks were already under and huge amount of pressure to
2:44 am
face increased demand as and result of so many families being affected by the pandemic. now on top of that, they're surging with food prices, food costing two to three times what it normally would, logistics. there are signs that some of these supply chain issues are easing, but it's going to be and tricky period for families needing to access food banks this holiday season. >> we have billionaires playing in space. the space tourism business is booming. "virgin galactic" has sold 100 seats for future space flights. what's driving these successful sales, who's taking them, and where is this going? is this going to be and regular thing? >> people do want to go to space. that's what these numbers suggest. we heard yesterday 100 more people signed up since sales reopened in august. if that number seems low to you, it could be because of the price. it comes at $450,000 and pop.
2:45 am
now virgin ga elastic has about 700 people committed to fly. so people, they the 'do want to get up there if they could afford it. >> there are days i want to get out of here too. julianna tatelbaum live from london. have and great weekend. still ahead, the chinese communist paerd sets up xi jinping for and third term. we look overseas when we return. m we look overseas when we return. . (aunt 2) still single, dear? (chloe) so i got visible. team up with friends and get unlimited data for as low as $25 a month. no family needed. (dad vo) is the turkey done yet?! (mom vo) here's your turkey! (chloe) turkey's done. [fire alarm blares] (grandpa) answer the phone. (chloe) that's the fire alarm, grandpa. (vo) visible. unlimited data, powered by verizon. switch and get up to $200. your heart is at the heart of everything you do. and if you have heart failure, there's entresto.
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the chinese communist party has approved a measure of elevating the status of xi jinping. the move sets him up for and third five-year term. this comes after they've built mock warships for missile target practice. china's military is expanding its nuclear arsenal faster than experts expected. the country could have up to 1,000 warheads by the year 2030.
2:49 am
president biden and president xi are both slated to attend and virtual summit today and the two men are also slated to meet virtually on monday, the u.s. still pushing for an in-person meeting, but that won't happen until sometime in 2022. the u.s. is also reportedly raising the alarm about the potential invasion of russia on ukraine. u.s. officials have briefed their european counterparts on and possible military operation. these concerns come as satellite js show russian tanks and troops amassing near the ukrainian border, an action that promised burns to visit moscow earlier this month. the kremlin is denying any intentions, instead accusing u.s. of provocation. after meeting with ukraine's foreign minister on wednesday, anthony blinken hit back atmos cow's claims. >> we don't have clarity into moscow's intentions, but we do know his playbook.
2:50 am
the playbook we've seen in the past is to claim some provocation as and rationale for doing what it's intended and planned to do all along, which is why we're looking at this very carefully. around our commitment to ukraine sovereignty, to its dan, what have you got back there? >> luis is asking for a favorite. can somebody explain time change for my eight-month-old. >> he's cute. he seems unimpressed to be
2:51 am
tuning in right now. merrill writes, why am i awake? i got to watch your show. up next, the white house plans to promote the bipartisan infrastructure bill. coming up, nbc's keir simmons joins uses inside the u.s. baptist africa. plus a live report from kenosha where the defense of kyle rittenhouse has now rested its case. "morning joe" is moments away. ws case "morning joe" is moments away. ee the surprises they initiate. otezla. it's a choice you can make. otezla is not an injection or a cream it's a pill that treats differently. for psoriasis, 75% clearer skin is achievable, with reduced redness, thickness, and scaliness of plaques.
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ask your doctor about once-monthly cabenuva. president biden will travel across america to highlight how the founding provided the bill with help fix crumbling roads. in the following day, he'll tour electric vehicle plant in detroit. mitch mcconnell says he'll not
2:55 am
be there on monday when the president signs the infrastructure bill into law. the republican leader had this to say yesterday. >> i have got other things i got the do. this bill is best at risk and the senate. all the house did last week, this bill is drafted in the senate. 19 republicans voted for it. i was one them. i think it was good for the country. joining us now is john, the president is set to travel next week. jen psaki returns to work.
2:56 am
what are democrats saying the president should do when he barn stones and trying to win over the public on this bill? >> he's got to get into specifics and talk about how important legislation is for the american public. it's $555 billion in new spending, money that huge investment in decades. he's got to talk about, there are $65 billion in there for broad band. he has to talk about that. he's got to talk about that. the issue of electric vehicles, that's clearly the future of the auto industry and big for michigan and ford. he's got to sell this bill. they got to talk about specifics.
2:57 am
the hold is how much it costs. they got to do their job telling us what it's going to do for the american people. we just heard mcconnell says he won't be there on monday for the signing but at least he's not receiving death threats. and yet, may also be stripped of their committee assignment, how is this going to play out here? the republican party and mccarthy and others are going to about on these, they're going to punish these members? >> it's a good question. i don't think mccarthy wants to do that. they'll meet on tuesday morning. congress comes back on wednesday. they'll debate on issues. the real hard liner, marjorie taylor green, they want to take
2:58 am
action against voting infrastructure bill. this is the easiest thing that members do. just show you how toxic things are. members are vetoing for highways and bridges and roads. this is what members of congress are elected to do. it's stunning that it gotten to this point. i think there will be a nasty fight over it. in the end, i don't believe the republicans are going to take that kind of action. >> they potentially face punishment while an arizona republican who likely will not. it's busy on the house. they're supposed to be on recess this week. what are you hearing? are we going to see him?
2:59 am
how do you see this plays out in the days ahead? >> no, i don't think we'll see him. meadows can show up and if he still refuses to testify or gives specifics on meeting the committee demand on why he's not testifying or turning over documents, it's still in proceeding. i spent last night looking for this. we never seen former member of congress faces in contempt. this is going to you know probably move to the court. intense charges filed against bannon and the former trump's aides.
3:00 am
this is trump challenging of the power of select committee. it's going get a lot uglier in the days and weeks ahead. snie know you will be spending next week worrying about the yankees aaron judge along deal. in terms of your professional life, walk us through. how is the senator back? we have got a lot of work to be done on the reconciliation package. walk us through what next week is going to look like over the capitol hill. >> it could happen on thursday. that'll be the biggest issue here, got to be everything for us being that package of the house. >> all right, john of punch ball news. we appreciate it. i won't make any more y


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