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tv   Kendis Gibson and Lindsey Reiser Report  MSNBC  November 13, 2021 3:00am-4:00am PST

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the truth. >> that's all for this edition of "dateline." i'm craig melvin. thank you for watching. first up on msnbc reports, steve bannon indaylighted by the grand jury, now prepared to turn himself in to authorities. the big move and what it could mean for other witnesses. >> this is a big deal. i'm hopeful that it will have a persuasive impact on witnesses to come who are subpoenaed by the committee. ahead of closing arguments in the kyle rittenhouse trial, more attention on the judge in the case and how his behavior could impact what happens next.
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>> they'd be nuts. you're asking me to give an instruction. i want to see the best picture. britney spears says it was the best day ever, telling fans, can i get an amen? >> it's official. the conservatorship of britney spears has been terminated. >> the free britney movement wins. what's next for the pop star after her conservatorship is finally ended. and will we see aaron rodgers back on the field today? why today is a huge day for the superstar quarterback as he recovers from both covid and the major backlash from his vaccine comments. good morning, everybody. it's saturday, november 13th. i'm lindsey reiser. >> and i'm kendis gibson. it's a big day. some would think it's the worst time of the year. here's why. you see the little scaffolding
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in the middle? they're getting ready for the big christmas tree to roll it on in here at rockefeller center. >> right now it's on a flatbed truck. it comes from maryland. really the tallest tree, one of our producers was saying, since 2016. that maryland family didn't want to part with it initially. the rockefeller gardner did some persuading, and we're all going to be better for it. >> it's the first tree that coming from maryland. thank you so much. we look forward to meeting the many tourists who would like to come here for the next several week. >> it's going to be li. steve bannon, one of donald trump's closest advisers now criminally indicted for ignoring
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a s&p from a committee leading the investigation that he's expected to turn himself in now on monday. >> the indictment is a first. no one has been prosecuted for contempt of congress when executive privilege has been asserted. nbc's julie is on capitol hill. >> reporter: both things were requested by s&p from the january 6th committee. but, look, yesterday was a win for the committee who argued from the start that bannon's claims of executive privilege was a smoke screen. of course, they're interested in the period leading up to january 6th including bannon's role to organize the stop the steal rally.
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they're saying, look, he hasn't been in the white house since 2016. let's take a listen to what zoe lofgren, a member of the committee, had to say yesterday. >> i think it's important, and i think it follows the rule of law. you know, bannon and now meadows appear to believe they're above the law, that the law doesn't apply to them. that's not the case. >> zoe lofgren is a longtime democratic congresswoman from california. look, she mentioned mark meadows there. he's former president trump's chief of staff. he failed to appear for a deposition. they're hoping that bannon's indictment sends a warning shot to other witnesses who are thinking about walking down that same parkt. >> all right. julie tkirksen, thank you for
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getting us started. let's bring in our guests. good morning to all of you, and we're so happy you're joining us bright and early on a saturday morning. danny, we're going to start with you here. this is a huge step, but it doesn't necessarily mean the committee is going to get bannon's testimony, right? >> it does number ban noncan still defend this like any other criminal face, and he is charged with two counts, one for failure to produce documents and the other to appear and give testimony. and to give you some perspective, this particular criminal statute was enacted in 1857. most of our decisions dealing with the prosecution under the statute hail from the cold ware era, just to given you an idea. this is from the house america
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activities committee. this is a rare statute. when that happens, it gives the defendant a glimmer of hope to defend and especially in the case of executive privilege, it's not been done. so ban noncan mount a defense, at least on the law. on facts, it's pretty much set in stone. he was subpoenaed. he didn't show. >> danny, i want to pick up on that right there. what does it mean for bannon personally? he can't get a pardon from trump, so what's next? >> what's next, now this is a case in the federal criminal courts just like any other case in the federal criminal courts. he will report. there will be a discovery period. although, what kind of fact discovery needs to be done, we don't know. this is mostly a legal battle and look for bannon to expert things like executive privilege, perhaps even the fourth amendment, the fifth amendment,
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any amendment he can to gum up the works. by the way, there may still be a window for negotiation. the statute isn't clear on that exactly what happened after the indictment. >> and, jonathan, this is just symbolic or some would say it's symbolic, or does it give new muscle to the committee in all of this? >> i hope it does. i hope others who defy this or see this realize they can't hide behind executive privilege or nonsensical information because donald trump told them to. i hope mark meadows realizes what happened that day was a heinous act against our government and should say, yeah, i should come forward and tell what i know. i am hopeful, but i would be shocked if this changes any one of their minds. they're going to try to run out the clock and hope the republicans take over and
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disband this committee because that's the last thing they want to do is tell the american people what they were planning that day. >> just hours before bannon's indictment, mark meadows was a no-show for that executive committee. you've got to think that would make him and others for that matter reconsider? >> why wouldn't they. it's self-preservation, to not be held in contempt. this went to the house floor before ban nongot the action he got last night. these are people that zoe lofgren has alluded to. so it's the people at the top who felt they have won the messaging war. bannon is a guy who believes he can spin and spin until he can't spin no more.
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kendis, this is the type of thing that tells us our democracy is healthy, it's working, and it's thriving because congress is upholding its power. that to me is massive. but the next chapter matters here. the court of public opinion will look at this committee as seemingly toothless if it doesn't continue to act and act fast. here we are in mid-november, and this happened in january. people get a sense of frustration, although, we understand what the doj is doing. they're being calm and measured, not wanting to look otherwise. the american public really wants to know about january 6th. the information, i don't think it's going to satisfy anyone. >> danny, what are the potential legal consequences for ban nonhere, and what kind of precedent could this set for future cases involved contempt, specifically when executive
3:10 am
privilege is asserted. >> 30 days up to a year in jail. with two counts you add that up. you get a statutory maximum of two years in this case. but that's obviously very unlikely because realistically, the court sentence way below the maximum especially for someone like bannon who doesn't have a lengthy criminal record. is he looking at actual jail time in terms of exposure, yes, but probably not the statutory two-year max. >> i wonder how far it goes, because it's been assigned to a trump-appointed judge, this case. we'll see what the next steps really are. jonathan, to you, i found this interesting. a picture is worth a thousand words. take a look at this photo of ban nonhere. he's hosting a radio show about latinos supporting donald trump.
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behind it, ban nonindicted. first up, thank you for having the right channel on, but do you get a sense bannon is living in two worlds right now where all this stuff is happened and he's continuing about his life. do you think he's phased by this latest move? >> i hope he is. this guy is a brown, a jabroni who hopped onto donald trump and told people he's going build a private wall. this is a guy who should be in prison, and i hope he's starting to realize he can no longer live in a donald trump world where he's protected and pardoned at the last minute. [ indiscernible ] >> hopefully he turns around and understands the department is coming for him. >> danny cevallos, rina shah,
3:12 am
and jonathan kott, thank you so much for these developments. we really appreciate it. we expect a ruling on kyle rittenhouse today, a and what the judge decides could have a big impact on what could happen to the 18-year-old charged with murder. and speaking of that judge -- >> i heard nothing in this trial to change any of my rulings, so why -- >> that was before the testimony, your honor. >> pardon me? >> that was before the testimony. >> don't get braise within me. >> we want to take a look deeper into his explosive reaction to the prosecution. and a little later in the hour like something out of a dystopian novel, some members of a virginia school board are calling for book burning. not book banning, burning. we're going to look at the republican push to censure books they consider sexually explicit. you're watching "msnbc reports."
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the trial of kyle rittenhouse is drawing to a conclusion. today we could hear whether the judge will allow the jury to consider lesser charges against the teen. >> as the city of kenosha braces for a verdict, hundreds of national guard troops now activated. nbc's gabe gutierrez is in kenosha. >> reporter: after eight days of testimony from 31 witnesses in the kyle rittenhouse trial, the prosecution and defense are preparing their closing arguments now set for monday. >> they'd be nuts. why in the world would they concede an element like that? >> reporter: the contentious battle over jury instructions. the prosecution asking judge schroeder to consider lesser charges. the judge snapping over it. the now 18-year-old insists he
3:18 am
acted in self-defense. >> the prosecution's decision to ask for the lesser charges lets me know they have not met their burden of proof. they realize this case is in trouble. >> reporter: the judge says he's inclined to allow some lesser charges, but not all. rittenhouse's mother spoke publicly for the first time since her son broke down on the stand. >> when i look at that video with that guy pointing a gun to my son's head, i thought he was going to die. >> reporter: she also praised judge schroeder. >> he doesn't allow no nonsense in his courtroom. >> reporter: the judge has repeatedly made headlines, first for prohibiting prosecutors the men rittenhouse shot victims while allowing the term rioters. >> don't get brazen with me. >> reporter: the governor has just authorized about 500 wisconsin national guard troops to help keep the peace here in
3:19 am
kenosha ahead of a possible verdict next week. >> our thanks to gabe gutierrez in kenosha, wisconsin. a lot of developments. we want to dig into it. we're lucky to have the civil rights attorney charles coleman on this topic as well as big legal news from britney spears. first, charles, we want to start with this. how would the lesser charges for kyle rittenhouse determine the outcome of this trial? >> good morning, ken dis. if you're the prosecution in this case, one of the things -- [ indiscernible ] >> the fact that they have decided to go for lesser charges is a sign that they do not feel confident that they would be able to secure a top count, and so a lot of times as a former prosecutor, i can tell you, when you go for lesser charges, it's a matter of i'd rather get
3:20 am
something than end up with nothing, and they're very concerned a jury would likely come back with a possible hung jury where they would not be able to agree on the charges. that's why they sought to get these lesser charges where they can because they want to at least get something in the way of a conviction. >> do you get the sense the prosecution kind of blew this case already? >> i don't necessarily know that that's the case. i know the prosecution had a very difficult and uphill battle to climb when it came to proving this case beyond a reasonable doubt with rocky mountains to some of the homicide statutes. i don't necessarily know that they did a stellar job. i think that was technically sound but was boring and lost the jury. listen. you have to work with the facts that you have, and i don't necessarily know that they had the greatest facts from the witnesses they put on, and that was evidenced by the fact many of the witnesses said things
3:21 am
that helped the prosecution's case, but also said things that were harm tols the prosecution's case and that's what you have to deal with. ultimately the prosecution knows they were having a difficult time prosecuting this case. the judge has absolutely not helped as basically giving the defense home court advantage, and in doing so, they've made a reasonable call about what they know is ahead of them. >> some of those witness statements had evolved within hours after they were on the witness stand. the judge is given a lot of attention for his courtroom style? here are some examples. >> it's veterans day, and -- any veterans in the room on the jury or anywhere else? well, that's unusual not to have at least somebody in here. dr. black is -- what branch? >> army, sir. >> okay. i think we should give a round of applause. >> all right.
3:22 am
anything else? >> what time? >> let's hope for 1:00. hypothe asian food if it's coming isn't on one of those boats on long beach harbor, but let's aim for 1:00. >> if the court makes a finding that the actions that i had talked about -- ♪♪ >> -- were done in bad faith, then i think both elements for mistrial -- >> so it ended up being a veteran who was going to be on the witness stand that got an applause. what's your take on the judge's antics? >> you know, kendis, i've been in front of a lot of different judges, and sometimes, you know, you get the luck of the draw when it comes to who you're practicing in front of and who is trying the case, and ultimately what i can say is judges are granted a lot of latitude in terms of how they run their courtroom. i can't argue with folks who has said this judge has made some
3:23 am
very questionable rulings. one of the most outstanding to me being the inability of the prosecution to refer to the deceased in this case as victims. i find that to be very startling, very alarming, and very unusual. i haven't seen rulings up to this point or conduct up to this point that would ultimately be appealable. i think the prosecution may look to appeal those issues, but i don't know that he's done anything that's going to get reversed. at the same time, i think it is still clear when you look at the totality of all of his actions that he has leaned toward the defense, but that's not necessarily unusual that has a judge that leans toward one side or the other, especially in the eyes of attorneys who are practicing in front of that judge. it's just unfortunate because when you are practicing in a particular courthouse, you don't know who you're going to get, and you can't forum shop who you practice in front of. >> by the way, that ring tone you heard was "god bless the usa," the judge's ring tone.
3:24 am
i have to be quick here, but britney spears is dissolving her 13-year conservatorship. where does the legal battle go from here? >> there are going to be some claims going before the court, but it looks like the obstacle has been cleared, the conservatorship will be removed, and she's going to be able to take over her own affair, go back to living her life, get married, do whatever it is she wants to do as far as her professional career. a shout-out to her and good luck to her. >> absolutely. charles coleman, thank you for your time. if you're worried about your holiday gift budget this year, you're certainly not alone. mass in inflation has become a concern for the americans. what the white house is doing about it. in the next hour, violent remarks ramping up with one congressman where he appears to be killing a fellow congressman.
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at the glasgow cop26 summit. >> they never mention fossil fuels or coal. today that could change. they have language that pushes countries to face out coal power and fossile fuels. they were supposed to end last night, but the countries couldn't come to an agreement. you may have noticed that thanksgiving dinner you're planning is going to cost you a lot more this year. hard to avoid the sticker shock in grocery stores these days. new reports shows inflation at its highest level in decades. >> here's how it breaks down. a pound of beef is up 66 cents,
3:30 am
a gallon of milk, up 28 cents, a dozen eggs up 41 cents, and oranges up 16 cents. the president is getting ready to sign a bill that he says will help with inflation. >> it will help. interesting. nbc's mike memoli is with us this morning. good morning to you. how is the white house trying to sell the spending bills in the midst of the inflation? >> reporter: it's so interesting, kendis, because the signing of the president's bipartisan infrastructure bill should really be a cause for great celebration, and there will be a celebration at the white house on monday when the president signs it. you can really sense the enthusiasm has been tempered by the real political pressure points. have the supply chain challenge that has a lot of people concerned about the holiday gift giving. you saw on wednesday when the president first went out to hit the road to promote the bipartisan plan, he went not to
3:31 am
a bridge project, he didn't go to a rail project. he went to the port of baltimore to talk about how the infrastructure bill would help deal with that supply chain issue, and yesterday when the president convened his third cabinet meeting in office to talk about the implementation of the infrastructure plan, he was very blunt about the concern of inflation as well. let's take a listen to what he had to say. >> and we're going to ease -- i say ease -- inflationary pressures on our economy, and we'll be carrying out what i call blue collar/blue print america, one that builds the economy from the bottom out and out and one not from the top down. >> reporter: now, when republicans were first sounding the alarm about inflation earlier in the year, you had the white house downplaying it, talking about it as transitory, but now they're saying -- really acknowledging it. they're really leaning into it saying not just the infrastructure plan but the restructure plan would help
3:32 am
address that, and they're pointing to former secretary larry summer. he also was sounding the alarm about inflation when the president was trying to pass that $1.9 trillion covid relief bill, but now he's among those saying what the president is proposing to spending and the range of spending measures would help with the inflationary pressures as well. before we let you go, another big development with the administration. an appeals court has upheld the block on mandating vaccines and tests for businesses. what do you say? >> reporter: a real warning from the white house saying the plan is constitutional, the court saying there's a dubious assumption on the part of the white house saying this is constitutional. what the white house is saying there's no need to fast track this legal process. the mask mandate in the osha rule doesn't take place until december and the actually testing and vaccine requirements doesn't take place until january. they're still confident
3:33 am
ultimately the courts will find that osha, just like they can regulate the use of safety hats and other things, can order masks. >> history is on their side with this one, mike memoli joining us from washington. thank you. the defense attorneys for one of the men accused of killing ahmaud arbery, apparently has a problem with black pastors showing up at trial. what he's now saying after facing black lash for his comments about reverend al sharpton's presence in court this week. you're watching "msnbc reports." you're watching "msnbc reports." . its innovation organic ingredients and fermentation. presence in court this week. you're watching "msnbc reports." presence in court this week. you're watching "msnbc reports." goodness. new chapter. wellness well done. at t-mobile for business, unconventional thinking means we see things differently, so you can focus on what matters most. whether it's ensuring food arrives as fresh as when it departs... being first on the scene when every second counts... or teaching biology without a lab.
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here's a look at some of the other top stories we're talking about. overnight chris daughtry postpones upcoming tour after his 25-year-old stepdaughter was found dead in her home yesterday. he soared into skies in space aboard a blue origin rocket with the actor william shatner by his side, but this morning he's dead. he crashed a single-engine plane in new jersey. the ntsb is investigating the crash. and take a look at this. an ongoing weather system
3:38 am
causing torrential downpours in washington state and prompting a dramatic river rescue yesterday. crews pulled two people from the rising waters and they're still working to figure out how these people ended up this this situation and whether they suffered any injuries, but forecasters do expect this wet weather and the flood warnings to continue throughout the day. as the contentious jury trial of ahmaud arbery wraps up, a defense attorney is apologizing after saying this. >> we don't want any more black pastors coming in or jesse jackson or whoever was in earlier this week sitting with the victim's family trying to influence the jurors in the case.
3:39 am
>> reporter: they also said it could be an attempt to influence the jury. the attorney said he'll issue a more specific motion on monday. joining us now is nbc correspondent lis mclaughlin in new brunswick, georgia, with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, lindsey, kendis. the lawyer who made the comment s is the lawyer for william roddie bryan. rubin went so far as to say the comments were inineasinine. >> the judge said there are rules in place for who can be inside the courtroom, set cetera. but none of those rules were broken. they say there wasn't a
3:40 am
distraction so it really was a bit of a cringeworthy moment in some people's minds to ban attendees who are there to comfort the victim. the attorney did apologize the day after making these comments, that he spoke too broadly and didn't mean to offend anyone. here's how arbery's mother wanda cooper-jones responded. >> apology accepted, but he shouldn't have said it. it was very rude and very insensitive. i mean my family and i are going through a lot, and for him to come out and say that, it was just unreal. >> did you think the apology was sincere. >> no. >> reporter: and al sharpton also responded saying those comments were insulting to the family of the victim and he likened it to pouring sault into their wounds.
3:41 am
lynn zi, kendis? >> thank you. battle of the books. conservatives in eight states successfully fought to ban a book by a black career writer. that writer is here to talk with us to talk about their book, "all boys aren't blue" and why republicans are so scared of it. republicans are so scared of it. e exposed dentin to help repair sensitive teeth. my patients are able to have that quality of life back. i recommend sensodyne repair and protect with deep repair. healthy habits come in all sizes. like little walks. and, getting screened for colon cancer. that's big because when caught in early stages, it's more treatable. hey, cologuard! hi. i'm noninvasive and i detect altered dna in your stool to find 92% of colon cancers, even in early stages. early stages! yep, it's for people 45 plus at average risk for colon cancer, not high risk. false positive and negative results may occur. ask your provider if cologuard is right for you. count me in! me too!
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when my son showed me his reading assignment, my heart sunk. >> that was one of glenn youngkin's major political strategies. the book-banning playbook appears to stay and a new increasing number of communities across the country and elected officials are banning books. >> the american library association says book challenges are up about 60% this year, and one school board member in
3:46 am
spotsylvania, virginia, took it a step further. >> i think those books -- i don't want to even see them. i think they should be thrown in the fire. >> all right. you heard right. he suggested burning books. one of the biggest controversies this week also happening in texas, specifically godard, a suburb of wichita, and the school district there decided to take 27 books out of circulation, but then after national backlash, the school district reversed its decision. >> and in the kansas city area, students are fighting back after the pulling of two books. one of those books, "all boys aren't blue." it's been removed in eight states. >> it's optioned to be a tv show by gabrielle union. we're joined by george johnson.
3:47 am
he has a new book out called "we are not broken." thanks for joining us. i know we have late-breaking details, a new development. what can you tell us? >> yeah. a criminal complaint was filed by a school board member in florida. she filed a criminal complaint against "all boys aren't blue," submitting the evidence in to the sheriff's office saying my book itself is a crime to be in a public high school library and it violates laws and she's requesting a complete investigation is done against the book as well as the library and the librarian in flagler county, florida. >> your book is a crime to some folks. interesting there. i do want to read a quote from you about that decision that was reversed, though, in the goddard, kansas, case in particular. it says the majority of books on goedert's lists are written by
3:48 am
people of color, characters with diverse backgrounds. many deal with race, gender, sexuality. what do you make of it? >> yeah. you know, we live in the united states of america, but the usa has always had a problem with erasure of stories that come from communities of people who are non-white, specifically communities that are marginalized or deal with oppression such as black queer communities. the united states has always had a problem with stories that tell a truth. my book specifically tells the truth as are many of the other books on that list. they talk about issues and topics of sexuality, identity, gender, and race, and we know the introduction of those topics in classrooms has always been seen as something that's destruction active to the innocence of white children specifically, and so what you are seeing realistically is this attack against books from people
3:49 am
of color and black and queer people. >> you told the advocate in part, quote, at the end of the day, they do not have the right to deny me my truth, they do not have the right to deny anyone their true story, and you go on to say, there will be more stories that need to be told. can you wrap your mind around the fact that people aren't giv. we're not even talking about the book being removed from a list but from libraries. >> yeah. it's interesting. you have parents saying, well, this book is obscene and this book shouldn't be here and my child shouldn't read it, and at the same time thinking that their opinion of a book means that no other child has the right to read this book at all. >> yeah. >> what it really is the destruction of, you know, freedom of speech, but it is also the destruction of kids who -- and youths who really have never been seen or heard within the pages of books.
3:50 am
when i grew up, i only got to read about white characters in books. so now these books that introduce other diverse characters are trying to be taken away from the shelves. >> yeah. and i have like ten seconds here, attacked like this. >> yeah, it was a necessary truth that i needed to put into the world. i always say i'm not the first person that has my story. i'm just the first person that was allowed to tell it and so i'm going to continue to write stories for the current youth as well as stories that my ancestors have always had but never been able to get to tell. >> thank you, really appreciate your being here, george, the book is number one on amazon lately after being out there for
3:51 am
several months. such a thing as good publicity after all. thank you. >> thanks, george. >> thank you for having me. we'll find out today aaron rodgers will play tomorrow following his vaccination saga. coming up, if you thought treating covid with a horse dewormer was questionable, the latest disinformation campaign making the rounds on tiktok may actually make you laugh out loud if it weren't so sad. what people are being told to do to detox from the vaccine, something that's not even possible. p better and longer when you need it most. it's non habit forming and powered by the makers of nyquil. new zzzquil ultra. when you really really need to sleep. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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aaron rodgers' time off caused grief for packer fans, especially when they lost to the chiefs last weekend. they find out if he will play in tomorrow's game against seattle. since then he's lost a partnership with the wisconsin health provider and was fined by the nfl for breaking mask protocols. that fine is about $14,000. this year he's making more than $22 million. he did slightly walk back comments in that first interview, admitting his comments in august, saying he was immunized may have misled people. kaleyn cay lor has been all over this story. why is today such a big day for rodgers' timeline and playing status?
3:56 am
>> it's a huge day for him because he's eligible to return to the facility. it's been ten days since his positive test which means per the protocol that the league agreed upon he can return to the facility but it's not as easy as just returning to the facility for him to play tomorrow. there's one more hurdle he has to clear which is being cleared by the team doctor medically. aaron even left the possibility open he may not be able to play on sunday just because of the physical level here. he left the door open. he said there's a small possibility because basically his cardiostrength, his physical conditioning needs to be at a level where the team doctor feels comfortable clearing him. >> he said he was doing yoga and was going to work on harder conditioning closer to the game. i mentioned rodgers is only facing a $14,000 fine here. are you surprised it wasn't more? a lot of people have pointed out, for example, cowboys wide receiver cd lamb has been fined more than $20,000 for untucked jerseys.
3:57 am
>> yeah, it's honestly ridiculous that he wasn't fined for more than one infraction. i've detailed a few different instances i just found on his own either personal instagram or packers players, his teammates' instagram accounts where he has been breaking the rules outside of the facility gathering in groups of more than three players, you know, not wearing a mask at indoor bars or restaurants. things that are specifically outlined in the protocol that unvaccinated players are not supposed to be doing and he was only fined once for the halloween party that the packers players had. so that, to me, when you compare to cd lamb, and cd talked about it and said the same thing, he's like, i don't understand how the nfl is deciding these fines. so it's a bit ridiculous, and in the evidence for aaron is right out there literally on social media. so to me it's sort of demonstrates the nfl didn't do their due diligence here in looking into the packers and looking into aaron rodgers personally and what he has violated in the protocol. >> i think the next time cd gets
3:58 am
fined for something like that it will be up to like $45,000 or something astronomical. >> right. >> does this hurt aaron rodgers' image at all with football fans? does image matter to players? >> it does. and i think for him, i think that's the reason why he originally misled everybody and the media and the fan base and when he originally said that he was immunized. i think that's why because he is a player who does care a lot about his image. he is very well spoken typically and he chooses his words very carefully. he's always been very thoughtful, and very, very concerned about the way he presents himself to his fan base, to the nfl as a whole. so i think that's why he originally misled everyone. and to sort of save face and he said himself he didn't want to be the face of an anti-vaccine movement. he just didn't want to deal with this at all and just kind of go on. so i do think there is an impact to his image for sure, and i think it's kind of split people down the middle.
3:59 am
some people really agree with him and are rallying around his stance as like a freedom hero. and other people are, you know, very disappointed in him. >> impact to image and endorsements. kaylyn, we'll have to leave it there. thanks for being with us. >> thanks for having me. >> it would have been less in cd used his untucked shirt and used it as a mask, then -- >> we'll never know. >> then he would have gotten away from it. meantime, aaron's fiance is defending him, basically saying she's slamming the media at what she says grasping at straws over the disparage of aaron rodgers for all of this. >> right, of course she's defending him. we'll begin a new hour of msnbc right now. it is a new hour, and first up on msnbc, steve bannon getting ready to surrender to
4:00 am
authorities. the historic grand jury indictment and what it means for the january 6th investigation going forward. >> minority leader kevin mccarthy in the spotlight as the republican congressman takes heat for violent video involving democrats. >> this is a party now where it's not condemned by kevin mccarthy, but rather they prefer, and they're more comfortable with violence than they are with voting and we just can't let that stand. >> jake sherman from punch bowl news is here to talk about the soul of the republican party. as covid cases increase and more than a dozen states. misinformation hits a new level. the wild concoction some people are bathing in to try to remove or counteract the vaccine. >> and britney spears is finally free, new reaction from fans and the pop star. this morning, as the conservatorship that's controlled her life for more than a decade finally comes to an end. >>


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