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tv   Yasmin Vossoughian Reports  MSNBC  November 13, 2021 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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witnesses. >> important message to future folks that are subpoenaed. you may not like it or think nothing wrong was done but you're not able to avoid it. >> in a few minutes, i'll get reaction to the bannon news from congresswoman debbie dingell and one of the most chilling moments from january 6th. >> hang mike pence! hang mike pence! >> hang mike pents. i heard that and it was no joke. to pence's boss, donald trump, it was apparently no big deal. >> were you worried about him during that siege? were you worried about his
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safety? >> no, i thought he was well protected and i had heard that he was in good shape. no. because i had heard he was in very good shape. but, but, no, i think -- >> you heard the chants, that was terrible. >> he could have, well, the people were very angry. >> they were saying hang mike pence. >> it's common sense, jon. it's common sense that you're supposed to protect. how can you, if you know the vote is fraudulent, right, how can you pass on a fraudulent vote to congress? >> the fallout from that kind of toxic attitude from the top is being seen right now on capitol hill from the republicans most loyal to the president threatening their fellow party members over an infrastructure bill. in one case, sending out a shocking meme aimed at democratic congresswoman aoc, a threat met with silence from republican leadership in the house. plus, soaring prices on store shelves. the inflation reality that threatens president biden's
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economic agenda. millions more americans leaving the job market as the great resignation continues. coming up, i'm going to talk to mr. wonderful, the shark tank kevin o'leary who has reassuring words on both of those fronts. let's hope it's wonderful news. that's coming up. that's a terrible joke, by the way. we'll begin with steve bannon. msnbc daily and former federal prosecutor and msnbc legal analyst. welcome to my panel, guys. great to see you this afternoon. bannon expected to turn himself in on monday. what more can you tell us about the charges that he is facing? >> he refused to comply with the subpoena issued by congress to turn over documents and also to speak with them. so this is actually an unprecedented move that we're seeing in terms of the indictment. he invoked executive privilege or his lawyer did saying
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president trump was telling his close associates around him not to comply with these requests and so this is actually never happened before where somebody exerted executive privilege in this way refusing to turn over documents. it's interesting because he left the white house back in 2017, long before the events of january 6th played out last year. so this is an interesting time and monday will be an interesting day to see what happens when he's expected to turn himself in. >> so at this point, what i'm hearing from you is there's really nobody else or no other situation that really, we can compare this to to predict what could feasibly take place. >> that's right. now, if he is convicted and it would have to go to a trial if he doesn't plead guilty, he could face up to a year in jail and a fine. it's interesting to me because after he left the white house, he sort of went away, went to europe, was traveling across
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from country to country, the right and trying to get the right base in various countries to stand up against immigration of refugees and that was his thing and then he came back and started this radio show. so this is all about comments that he made the day before january 6th talking about something's going to go down and congress wanted to know, what did he know, and he's not complying. >> gwen, mark meadows didn't show up. he's seen what's taken place when it comes to steve bannon. is this going to compel folks like mark meadows, for instance, and/or jeffrey clark to testify to provide the information they've been asked for? >> only if they want to stay out of jail. you know, this is why we call it atmospheric precedent. it's not a legal precedent. you can't say, well, this person has been indicted so another person similarly situated will also be indicted.
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but it's an atmospheric precedent. think about this, yasmin. on the very day a federal grand jury in washington, dc indicted steve bannon for two counts of contempt of congress. one for violating a subpoena for documents and a second for violating a subpoena for testimony on the very same day he's indicted, mark meadows commits the identical crime. he fails to appear for testimony. that crime is complete. i have to tell you, his lawyers might be urging him to try to call and make amends with the house select committee for failing to appear, but you can't undo that crime once it's been committed. now, that doesn't necessarily mean he will be voted in contempt, referred for prosecution and indicted but given this atmospheric precedent, that's what should happen next to mark meadows. >> i was speaking to david henderson in the last hour, gwen, and i asked him
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point-blank, do you think steven bannon will end up behind bars? and he said likely no. how do you see this thing playing out? how does bannon get out of this is this. >> so i'm going to say likely, yes, though neither one of us can predict with any certainty but here's the thing. when you look at the sentencing scheme for contempt of congress charges, it carries a punishment of no less than one month and not more than one year and if he goes to trial and is convicted, he'll be convicted of two charges. so that will expose him to no less than two months, and no more than two years. so if he is convicted, unless he strikes a plea agreement with the prosecutors and that will probably happen, at least the plea negotiations will happen once he's presented in court on monday. he could say, listen, you got me. i agree to testify. if you will agree to a reduced sentence for me. i think it's unlikely. steve bannon likes the idea of
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being a martyr and protecting donald trump but i'm going to go with he likely will end up doing some time in prison. >> you write about kind of these bigger fish that have been subpoenaed. folks like kayleigh mcenany but versus folks like stephen miller and kayleigh mcenany. >> i think that's what we saw from this last round of subpoenas from the january 6th committee. it was interesting because like you said, stephen miller, kayleigh mcenany, they are the ones people know. people are gravitating towards, like, they're the party inner circle. they know a lot. but what's interesting about these subpoenas is they also went for the subordinates of the big fish and molly michael, an aid to trump and ben williamson,
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the chief of staff for mark meadows and these are the kind of people who will find it harder to raise the kind of funds that we saw from some of the bigger names who have been fundraising for legal funds, to bite back against these cases and fight back against congress, et cetera. they'll find it harder to raise funds but less likely to want to go to jail for donald trump or become a martyr like stephen bannon, and i feel like they know as much about the situation behind the scenes as their bosses do. that's what's part of a lot of these people's jobs. add digital paper trail around january 6th. about what trump wanted other people to be reading, what was on mark meadows' agenda and handling emails. these are documents they have access to that their bosses would have. they would have known a lot of
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information they could provide. i think it will be more whether they comply than watching for, oh, will stephen miller turn up and testify? >> is it normal to go for big fish first? >> no, ordinarily, the way we investigate gang cases or cases with multiple perpetrators, we're going to go for the lower fish first. we're going to try to flip them against the bigger fish and we're going to work our way up the criminal organization, but sometimes you have to do what you have to do. and if you can't sort of protect and promote the sanctity of the criminal justice system and of the subpoena power, that, yasmin, is foundational. if you don't go after people who thumb their noses at congressional subpoenas, then you really can't go about doing the hard work of investigating what happened on january 6th. >> does the committee, glen, need to subpoena the former president, especially after what we heard from the jonathan carlo
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interview? >> i may be an outier but i would say it's futile to subpoena the president. bob muller ended up, i believe, trying to subpoena the president but the muller report said, listen, if you subpoena him, he's got to fit up against incrimination which you cannot overcome unless you grant him immunity and that wasn't going to happen. i think the same is true here. donald trump is the big fish. donald trump is the one who appears to have incited the insurrection. he absolutely has a fifth amendment right against self-incrimination and that trumps, sorry, the subpoena power. all you have to do is invoke the fifth and the subpoena goes away. i think it would be a fruitless exercise. >> is there an appetite to subpoena trump? any talk of this? >> that's a great question. my reporting doesn't indicate
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that, but i'm sure yasmin, we can talk to some colleagues and figure that out. i think there's a political will. the fact they are going after bannon for refusing to comply. they want to have symbolic impact here with that. so i think subpoenaing former president trump would be symbolic and there's video of him day of, there certainly are questions to ask him. he was there up on a pulpit making a speech in the hours before this mob that you were right there in the heart of, stormed the capitol. there's certainly very good questions to ask. >> anna schechter, hays brown, i'll see you later on in the show so thanks for sticking with us. for more on this, i want to bring in representative debbie dingell, democrat of michigan. representative dingell, thank
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you for joining us on this. give me your reaction to the indictment of steve bannon. >> well, you know, i wish he had just willingly come and testified and participated. i am someone who believes that congress has a very serious responsibility for oversight. we have a responsibility to what happened on january 6th. not just thumb your nose of responsibility for the authority that congress has. so the indictment, there are consequences. >> do you think his indictment will compel bannon to testify? that the committee will get the information that they want and need? >>. >> i think i agree with some of the panelists a couple of minutes ago, this is a guy that likes to thumb his nose at everybody but as a matter of fact, a lot of us in the world we live in, don't like to thumb
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our nose at people but doesn't mean you don't have to respect the rule of law that we have in this country. he knows what the consequences are. he'll be held accountable as a rule of law. >> representative dingell, let's talk reconciliation here for a moment and with that, i want you to look at this headline. obviously, there are inflation worries at this point. we know, senator joe manchin has talked a lot about inflation over the last couple of weeks wanting to get the congressional budget office report worried about the economy right now. one of the reasons he cites for not being necessarily fully on board when it comes to reconciliation, are you worried this is going to slow down reconciliation negotiations or the passage of the soft infrastructure bill? >> i think it's critical that we do believe in the house of representatives, we'll pass build back better next week.
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we've heard from economists and expert to admire on the show telling people that, first of all, experts, even larry summers, the build back better, and more people in the work to create more jobs. i hope in the next few months. >> let's expand on that a little bit, because if you go in the grocery store, you see the prices going up. you see what the price of meat is right now and it's troubling to a lot of especially lower income americans that are worried about being able to put food on the table right now. what do you say to those americans who think, hmm, are democrats not taking this
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seriously enough with the passage of these massive bills and with inflation the way that it is? where it is right now? >> first of all, i take inflation very seriously and i know my other colleagues do and it's not just, you know, i'm going back, when i got elected to congress, i used to post the cost of coke, eggs, meat. the cost of gasoline going up but it started going up when covid hit this country. reminded people of what it was like a year ago at thanksgiving. able to spend time with the family and friends. 3 or 4 million women had to leave the workforce because there isn't any child care. and by the way, a lot of other
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things that contribute to this inflation. so getting the build back won't be the normal to take to do anything. it's going to contribute to making things better but take a lot of work and effort. i hope to go down in minutes or months. >> representative debbie dingell, great to see you on this saturday afternoon. thank you so much. my next guest shark tank kevin o'leary with us after the break on why he's optimistic about the economy even as many americans are cutting back their shopping lists. and later on, conservatives push to ban and even burn some school library books. why this may cause long-term issues with children's development. don't go anywhere. ith children's development. don't go anywhere.
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breaking news from the nfl. the green bay packers just moments ago activating quarterback aaron rodgers off the covid reserve list and he is expected to start against the seattle seahawks. of course, he had missed last week's game against kansas city after testing positive for covid and revealing he had not been vaccinated against the virus. also new numbers from the bureau of labor statistics that point to a continued shift in the american a labor force. 4.4 million americans quit their jobs in september alone. that's the population of kentucky and part of new zealand. what's called the great resignation and the u.s. has never seen anything quite like this with prices and basic necessities going up, that leaves some big questions about where the economy is headed as inflation surges. joining us to give his unique
1:22 pm
perspective, venture capitalist straight from the "shark tank," kevin o'leary, with quite a background. we appreciate the beach in the distance with all this grim economic news, but you say it's not so grim. so talk to me, kevin, about inflation right now. it wasn't good news for the economy this week when you took a look at inflation, higher than expected. how long is this going to last? >> well, this was, since we last talked, some concerning data. when i talked, it was about supply side that cost from bicycles to gym equipment, started sourcing parts of materials domestically, about 30% at the highest cost and rose their prices 7%, 9%, 10%. that's considered temporary. when we get the supply side working again from other countries and our ports are open again, those subside but what we
1:23 pm
saw this week is real inflation. and it shows up in the price of eggs and bacon and bread, in the essentials people buy and services they use and this is a result, and i'm not sure everybody is that surprised, i'm poring over $3 trillion in the economy in just 24 months and this is going to have some very challenging issues to face policy makers now because if you're contemplating another stimulus package on top of this one with inflation numbers like this, i think that costs you something politically. people are getting really nervous. when you go out to buy eggs and they cost you 20% more than they did just 18 months ago, that's not good if you're a politician. >> so you're saying this is a result of the american rescue plan. it's not just a result of the supply chain issue and the pandemic in general. this is a result of the legislation that folks in dc have put in place. the money surge that has happened in our economy over the
1:24 pm
last two years. >> yeah, if you look at every hard asset, i don't care if it's a car, watch, wine, pens, collectibles, nfts, cryptocurrencies. they're exploding in an inflationary price rise because currency, the dollar, we've printed over $3 trillion. that's never, ever, ever been done in any economy anywhere ever on the planet earth, and we shouldn't be surprised it shows up in inflating all of these asset classes. unfortunately, it's also inflating the price of gasoline and food necessities. so i think what's going to happen, and this is a prediction i wouldn't have said ten days ago, build back better, i don't think so. i don't think you can pour another $3 trillion into this economy without exploding inflation in a major way. >> you think that's not legislation to be passed despite the fact democrats tout how much it's going to help working class
1:25 pm
families when it comes to women wanting to get back to work and you have the child tax credit, you have child care as well. i mean, paid family leave, four weeks of paid family leave. you think they've got to look at the big picture. >> unfortunately, too much for too long has really started. because here's the thing about inflation. when it hits, it really hits. and i think what we saw this week, in 30 years, we haven't had inflation numbers like this, it's really concerning. so i would guess at this point within the democratic party and all politicians, regardless of what side of the aisle you're on, look at the break on this money printing otherwise, late '70s, '80s hyperinflation with 16%, 17%, 18%. this is a big problem for people who own homes and mortgages.
1:26 pm
you don't want that to happen but it's going to evaporate quickly. i don't want to be partisan, but that bill is dead. that bill is dead. >> wow. that's big, kevin o'leary, considering how much democrats are depending on getting the passage of that. talk to me about the great resignation. >> i think you'll find within the democratic party multiple voices are going to look at this data, wait for more reports, the next cycle of inflation reporting and i think it will be scary what happens. there's too much liquidity in the market and that's the basis of over $3.5 trillion of cash for 24 months. >> but kevin, don't americans have more money in their pockets right now? more money in their bank accounts? aren't we saving more than ever before, because of things like the american rescue plan? so aren't they in some ways, a
1:27 pm
better financial position before this pandemic because of some of this aid? >> they are. and as a result, the economy is on fire and we have hyperinflation in all kinds of asset classes. pretty well anything a hard asset found geometrically but it didn't affect basic necessities until the last couple of months. there's nothing to destroy political agendas and policies like inflation does because everybody feels it every day, every moment. when you're putting that gas in your car to say, wait a second, this is costing me 22% more than it did just three weeks ago. that's when you really have a hard time proposing more stimulus. this economy is getting overstimulated. it doesn't need more stimulus. don't shoot the messenger. i'm sure it will be debated on both sides of the aisles but i'm going to guess this passage of
1:28 pm
this bill, i don't think so. >> yeah, well, we'll be watching this over the coming weeks to see what happens with it. kevin o'leary, thank you. great to see you this afternoon. violence is never the answer, except 30% of republicans according to a new study that say violence may be necessary to solve our country's issues. the toxic culture and dangerous threats plaguing washington. where does it go from here? that's coming up next. it go fre that's coming nupext. ♪♪ hi mr. charles. we made you dinner. aww, thank you. ♪♪
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were you worried about him during that siege? >> no, i thought he was well protected and i heard he was in good shape. because i had heard he was in very good shape. but, no. >> you heard those chants, that was terrible. >> he could have, well, the people were very angry. >> they were saying hang. >> it's common sense, it's common sense that you're supposed to protect. how can you, if you know a vote
1:33 pm
is fraudulent, right, how can you pass on a fraudulent vote to congress? >> you know who that was, that was former president donald trump. defending the chance of hang mike pence during the january 6th riots. part of a march interview with abc's jonathan carl from upcoming book, betrayal. may have sent the toxic political tone and other republicans are ramping it up even further. going so far as to attack their own. just a few examples from this past week, michigan republican congressman fred upton received multiple death threats, mostly coming from outside of his district after he voted in favor of the bipartisan infrastructure bill. and then arizona republican congressman with a disturbing anime cartoon video depicting him killing alexandria ocasio-cortez. killing her. the video unsurprisingly has now been deleted.
1:34 pm
bringing in our panel, democratic strategist and former senior aide on the biden/harris campaign and republican strategist and msnbc political analyst. both of them. adrian, let me start with you and to go back to trump's argument there. when asked whether or not he was worried about his vice president when hearing the chants of hang mike pence, and the former president's defense is, well, they were angry. >> yeah, there are no words. it's unbelievable that this is where the republican party is these days and it almost seems like it's a competition among some members of congress to see who can be the craziest, who can make the most outlandish statements. who can post the most dangerous provoking video. i've never seen anything like it. i worked on the hill for ten years. i've worked in government, in and out of government for 25 years. i've never seen anything like
1:35 pm
this and look, yasmin, this is the future of the republican party. as long as they allowed trump to influence the party the way he is, as long as they sort of look at him as their de facto leader, this is what the republican party is going to be all about. and, you know, i know that we don't see trump on twitter every day, we don't see him on facebook, he's not on social media, but the danger that he can provoke still exists. we don't always think about it or see it, but the very threat of trump becoming president again or taking some sort of significant office looms. it's there. and we have to remember these things and be mindful of them when we vote in 2022 and when we vote in 2024. >> susan, essentially, you've got minority leader kevin mccarthy silent on this, all of it. and in a way, silence seems like complicity. >> it is. if you're not speaking out
1:36 pm
against it, you are supporting it. there's no doubt about it. that's why a lot of people question if kevin mccarthy will even stay majority leader but when we talk about this violence, i think it's important to realize that some of these people have gone further than donald trump even. yes, donald trump is horrible. yes, he has invoked violent words and violent actions before. but now, this is an uncontrollable mob. i don't think donald trump can even control what some of these people are doing and how extreme they are. these are domestic terrorists. this is, right now, the republican party is all about, as you mentioned before, or as adrianne mentioned before, who can be the most extreme? this will end up, no question, almost no question there will be an attempt at some sort of political assassination on
1:37 pm
members. i mean, we don't even know if things have been toiled but this is where we are heading. look at michigan. they are four people because they wanted to kidnap and kill the governor of michigan two years ago. this is so frightening and i really hope doj is clamping down because, again, i think this is moving way past donald trump which is even scarier. >> so let's try and dial it down. let's try to figure out a solution to dialing it down with the three of us here. adrienne, and with that, i want to read for you a piece from the "new york times" talking about, kind of this increase in violence we've been seeing from inside the republican party. from congressional offices to community meeting rooms, threats of violence are becoming common place among a significant segment of the republican party. ten months after rioters attacked the united states capitol on january 6th, and after four years of a president who often spoke in violent terms
1:38 pm
about his adversaadversaries, right-wing republicans talk more openly and frequently about use of force as justifiable in opposition to those who dislodged him from power. aside from censuring like gosser of him in the cartoon killing alexandria ocasio-cortez, what needs to be done to tamp down on this aggressive engagement having in washington right now? >> well, i think, you know, look, censoring is one thing. that's a slap on the wrist. i mean, i think these members need to be removed from their committees, and i think there should be a consideration of criminal charges, depending on what the violation is. with twitter and with social media becoming more and more prevalent, members of congress use those tools sometimes effectively, but of course, as you just mentioned what congressman gosar did in a very
1:39 pm
dangerous derogatory manner, it is simply unfathomable, yasmin, that a member of congress could tweet a video like that threatening to kill someone that he essentially, and he gets a slap on the wrist. it's absolutely insane. i remember back in the day when republicans and democrats sit down together, they would have dinner. they would come up with bipartisan solutions to problems. that is still happening but we're not seeing enough of that. instead, we're seeing, especially among the republican party, this going in the opposite direction to become more and more dangerous and toxic in congress. >> susan, can you explain to me death threats over the voting on a bipartisan infrastructure bill? what is that about? >> well, there were some members of the republican party that in the house who called the 13 republicans that voted for infrastructure traitors. and then published their phone numbers. and said call them and used, i wouldn't say violent rhetoric
1:40 pm
but certainly disturbing rhetoric, a traitor to the country, to the party. what does that even mean? i looked at someone like nicole from staten island. her district needs infrastructure like nobody else. staten island and brooklyn, new york, and yet, when her name was invoked at a local republican meeting, she got booed. i just, there is no explaining how this is tolerated, but i think what we have to see is not just the members of congress who wear it as a badge of honor, unfortunately, but at the local level, calling out these people these horrible things at school board meetings and in the state legislature, and letting, going to their families. like really going after them and call them out on it and see if there is any room for discussion. >> susan, adrienne, thank you
1:41 pm
both, ladies. appreciate it. after the break, everybody, an outrageous courtroom moment is my head scratcher of the week. we'll be right back. my head sc week we'll be right back. [music: sung by craig robinson] ♪ i'm a ganiac, ganiac, check my drawers ♪ [sfx: sniffs / long exhale] ♪ and my clothes smell so much fresher than before ♪ ♪ yeah, yeah ♪ ♪ i'm a ganiac, ganiac, check my drawers ♪ ♪ it's a freshness like i've never smelled before ♪ one sniff of gain flings and you'll be a gainiac too! the only detergent with oxiboost and febreze.
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hmm, that would go good with... seriously? i didn't even get to finish. ugh, see you next commerc... welcome back. my head scratcher of the week. i could call it my jaw dropper of the week because it was such an outrageous moment. an attorney for one of three men on trial of ahmaud arbery objecting to reverend al sharpton's presence in the courtroom saying it could intimidate the jury. >> the idea that we're going to be serially bringing the people in to sit with the victim's family one after the other. obviously, only so many pastors they can have. their pastor al sharpton right now, but that's it. we don't want any more black pastors or jesse jackson, whoever was here earlier this week sitting with the family to influence the jury in the case.
1:45 pm
if they came on with colonel sanders in the back, that would be -- >> i don't -- >> that moment happened outside the presence of a jury and the judge did not support the lawyer's request as sharpton of the national network and his attendance at the invitation of the arbery family was in no way disrupted and said the lawyer's request underscores a disregard for human life and insensitivity to a grieving family. i'm sure reverend al will have more to say on "politics nation" at the top of the hour. a very different kind of story. a farm in utah taking advantage of that old advertising truism. you've probably heard it a million times. if you want to sell christmas trees, you have to sell the sexy. peterson tree found tiktok fame with this dance routine advertising product in an unusual way.
1:46 pm
>> so they originally posted last year to see all their trees in just 11 days that received a few thousand views but few getting more than 3 million views and counting ahead of the company's november 22nd tree lot opening in what is shaping up as a very merry christmas for them, including my high five of the week. we'll be right back. g my high f week we'll be right back. what makes new salonpas arthritis gel so good for arthritis pain? salonpas contains the most prescribed topical pain relief ingredient. it's clinically proven, reduces inflammation and comes in original prescription strength. salonpas. it's good medicine. deon, hand it over. now how does that make you feel? like a part of me is missing. gabrielle? this old spice fiji hand and body lotion has me smoother than ever.
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welcome back. conservatives across the country are fighting to ban books they deem inappropriate from schools and kansas, one school district, decided to remove 30 books from their libraries after one parent complained about offensive language. the school district reversed the
1:51 pm
decision after massive backlash. in texas, governor abbott ordered a criminal probe of pornography and other obscene content in school books. and then in virginia, one school board member in spotsylvania county wants to go beyond just banning certain books. >> i think those books, i don't want to even see them. like i think they should be thrown in a fire. >> new msnbc op-ed makes the argument these efforts to ban books to help students as they put it actually hurts students. back with me is the contributor and editor for msnbc daily. let me read from your op-ed on this. however, the truth is the books under examination are rarely too difficult for students to hand him. it is their parents who struggle. these parents' attempts to block access to these works is as limiting as it is insulting to the teenagers they are supposedly protecting. talk to me about why you feel as
1:52 pm
if these types of books, the exact books, the parents want banned are the books these kids should be reading? >> first of all, i will make something clear. that are muddled up. these are not books taught in classes. these are books available to students to check out in school libraries that's drawing all of this fuss right now. which is wild to me. no one is forcing anyone to read these books. these books are available for students to read and more power to them. and the fact that parents are actively looking for things to criticize in a lot of these cases is what is so fascinating and terrible about all this to me. i mean these books by and large have teams that focus on lgtq or race and that is making people uncomfortable right now to the point they are going to their school books and saying these books should be taken out of
1:53 pm
schools entirely or as they say in spotsylvania county to members of the school board, actively burned. none of the parents read these books or if they had did as in the case of orlando, florida, one parent went and told her children to check out a minimum wire gender clear, to take it to the school board to say this needs to be banned. they are doing this because of this morele panic and hysteria. they are pushing back on the idea kids should have access on books on race and feature queer characters and themes, to protect them when a lot of times these kids need that him they have kids that need someone and the language of what they are going through, what are they feeling. a lot of these books are written for young adults. >> these efforts are coming from mostly conservatives and republicans mostly. it is coupled with the
1:54 pm
controversy over teachings of critical race theory which aren't even taught in schools why do you think this has become such a focus in education right now? >> so hoarse the thing. i don't think it is a focus in education. i think it's become folded into the idea of education that is in a way that is really connecting with a lot of people because let's be real, being a parent is scary. sending your kids off to school all day, where they're out of your control, where you have no real impact on what they're being taught during those hours, it must be scary to a lot of people. but this reactionary push to then say no student should have access to make them feel uncomfortable in their own skins in their own lives is a reaction i can't really connect with. these parents are saying, no, my child should not be exposed to this. should not have to deal with, you know, the idea that white
1:55 pm
people did back things in the past. but these are for the most part high school students who are able to handle these issues, to think critically about these issues and the parents are doing them a disservice. >> thank you so much. appreciate it. >> we'll be right back everybody with breaking news out of glasgow where the climate summit just wrapped up. stay with us. coming up tonight on ayman, kal penn and his new memoir. you can't be serious. we will talk about what his life has been like after he announced he has engaged his partner. we will tune in here on msnbc for ayman. n msnbc for ayman. never settle for 25%. always go for 100. bring out the bold™ we're getting destroyed out there. we need a plan! right now, at t-mobile, customers on magenta max can get the new iphone 13 pro...
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some breaking news out of glasgow, everybody, the cop26 climate summit has reached a deal of two weeks of negotiations, on agreement on how to keep global temperatures from rising was reached a short time ago. the talks went past the deadline when less developed countries wanted assurances they would be paid for the damage industrial nation's have caused. another sticking point worked out, how soon to phase out coal-powered plants. and beside the rockefeller season, the christmas tree is up. this year's tree comes from maryland and arrived this morning, the lighting of the tree will come on wednesday, december 1st. that wraps up the hour. i'll be back here tomorrow 3:00
2:00 pm
p.m. eastern, reverend paul sharpton starts right now. good evening, and welcome to politics nation. tonight's lead, bracing for the storm. right now, we are sifting through the dust, after the first major domino appears to have come down in the congressional investigation into trump world's role in the january 6th attacks. attorneys for former trump white house adviser steve bannon were quiet today. one day after their client's federal indictment over his refusal to comply with congressional subpoenas over the events of january 6th. mr. bannon is certainly complying now, slated to turn himself into federal authorities on monday.


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