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tv   American Voices With Alicia Menendez  MSNBC  November 13, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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or get our self-monitored solution starting at just $10 per month. that does it for me. thanks for watching. i will see you back here tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. eastern for another live hour of "politics nation." >> thank you, reverend sharpton.
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on trial this week, the american justice system. several key cases showing bias in and out of the courtroom. in georgia, a defense attorney asking to ban black pastors from praying with the arbury attorneys. >> we don't want any other black pastors, jesse jackson or whoever it was, sitting in here with the family. >> and then a judge making a joke about asian judge. and then saying they couldn't use the worth victims but could use rioters, looters or arsonists. >> all of this as the gop with
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such rhetoric its members are receiving unrest. and paul gosar showing a video appearing to kill alexandria ocasio cortez. there has been deafening silence from the gop. that's because president trump is setting the precedent -- listen to this recording. >> but the law is coming for trump and his associates showing
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how the justice sis system is meant to work. steve bannon is to turn himself in monday. if convicted, he could be jailed. mark meadows could be next as he failed to testify before the committee. >> what are you accusing rob rosenstein of? >> we have asked for documents for nine months. what we found is that not only subpoenas have been ignored, information has been hidden and efforts stone walled. for us it's about transparency so the american people can judge for themselves. they may be able to ignore congress, but they can't ignore the american people. >> that's what it is all about for them, transparency.
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i am joined now by these three msnbc contributors. this is a warning to others about the consequences of not cooperating with the january 6 committee. will it work? >> i hope so. i think that some of the people who are now facing subpoenas may realize the cost of actually ignoring those subpoenas. it's too late for mark meadows. he has already committed the crime. he didn't show up. that was the crime of contempt by not being there as subpoenaed. if it was a civil contempt he could cure it by coming in and testifying. but he has committed a crime. it is a warning to everybody else who may not be a martyr in the way that bannon is, and may not want to go to jail. they may want to cooperate or at
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least show up where they could claim some privilege, which might be the privilege against self-incrimination which seems to be the only one that applies. >> doj has argued this is a complicated case. talk about that and the judge that will be overseeing this. >> the fact that attorney general merrick garland had in the press release highlights it was a decision made at the highest levels of the department. and it was made on a much quicker timeline than i and other folks expected. i have been talking to people who have been making those decisions, and many of them said they thought it would take two up to six months for the justice department to decide what to do. but in this case we are seeing
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doj move more quickly than typical. something that not only will you be in legal trouble, but you won't necessarily have months and months of wiggle room to hang out in limbo and hope that the members of congress might change. that said, the next step is the criminal case as it unfolds. the judge handling it is judge carl nichols. he was appointed to the d.c. district court by trump. of all that they could have picked, he is one of the better one. it could have been one of the other ones. nichols being the judge is good news for bannon. it doesn't mean it's over, but they can slow down how quickly
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things play out. they can ask for free things, they could ask for things that could make it quite a long time before there would be a trial for bannon. first, this sends a message to everybody else, but second, they want to hear from bannon. the fact that this criminal case means it could take quite a long time for this process to play out is a bittersweet moment for the committee. it is unlikely they will get his testimony in time to include it in their report and in time to shape legislation. for congress, it's a big win, even though there are some signs it won't be good news for
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capitol hill. >> mark meadows said -- do you think a bannon indictment will hold sway? >> absolutely. i think the days of trump are coming to a close. as you look down the witness list who may not want to be a martyr like steve bannon, or may not have the resources he has. what trump was doing, what was he saying, what were the materials they were drafting and discussing throughout the attack on that day. i think it is only a matter of time because it's looking more and more clear that the january 6 committee's threats of more contempt charges have teeth. this may not lead to testimony
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from bannon, the threat hanging over folks like jeffrey clark may yield testimony that may be helpful as they move forward. i think this committee will wave that threat in front of anybody. >> what would it take to get a conviction and what kind of punishment could he face? understanding this is a very long road ahead. >> it shouldn't have to be such a long road for a simple case. i think the only reason it took as long as it did to indict him was that they were waiting for the u.s. attorney nominated by biden to be in office. he is the one who signed the indictment. he was sworn in days before and then there was a holiday monday. i don't think it was that much
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of a delay. he can go to jail and be fined. he can't cure his crime by testifying. he is stuck. he could try to negotiate by trying to reverse his course, but the executive privilege does not exist. first of all, he isn't an employee, wassen giving advice about the job of the president. he was talking about a coup, a crime. those are exempt. that's been clear for many years. the watergate case established you cannot impose any kind of executive privilege, even if you were the president. not only is trump not the president, he has no power to impose it. he can say what he wants, but it is up to the only president that this country has right now and that is president biden, so there is no executive privilege
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for crimes or for none policy advice to a president. it wouldn't apply even if trump were the president. >> of the 16 subpoenas we saw issued this week, anyone you are keeping an eye on? >> there is one of the key people is kayla mack nana. we know what the messaging was. kate mcnany can shed more light on the strategy they had in place, if they had goals. that's the yes that comes back to me when i look at everything that bannon and trump and their
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sordid allies had in mind. what did they think was going to happen. what were they hoping the outcome would be when they had that massive gathering on the mall and gave speeches that were incendiary. and another is john. it will be interesting whether he follows the same track that bannon is doing or whether he does the legal, lawful thing and complies with the committee. those are two central figures we will be monitoring much. >> betsy, we will rely on you. jill, you will be staying with us. controversial figures in two high profile trials. why they are wanting to be sure all defendants are treated fairly in the courtroom.
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inflation has become a top concern for many americans but there is a lot of misinformation. this week the labor department reported that prices across a range of products that consumers buy every day have raised more than in 30 years. the causes of inflation is wide ranging. but the global pandemic played a major role. internationally it caused bottlenecks in supply chains,
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something president biden has been working to correct. as they search for solutions, republicans see this as another thing to rile up the base and they have pounced. they hoped to celebrate the infrastructure package, but the gop think most will blame the pinch they feel at the pump or store on biden. the biden administration is hoping that the trillion infrastructure the president is signing into law will help ease inflation. what is their argument there? >> their argument is that by investing in our roads, bridges, transit, that will get a lot of people back to work, but will also build up the infrastructure
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that is needed to address some of the supply chain issues in america. the democrats are arguing you need to spend money in order to do the things that are needed to help support the economy and businesses. >> take a listen to what tucker carlson said recently on fox news and i want you to respond on the other side. >> inflation because the geniuses in charge have put too much money into circulation. it is that simple. the more u.s. dollars floating around, the less those dollars are worth. that's the whole story. anyone can understand it. >> it is not that simple, correct? >> no. he does have a point i will say. so basically business owners are basing this on a perfect storm. things are taking longer to bring into the country and they
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cost more and they have to pay employees far more just to get them to work. they are at the stage finally of raising prices. while they are being creative, they are being crafty how they are deploying raising the prices. right now they are able to do this because people tend to have a little more money in their pocket. to the extent that people do happen to have a little bit more in their savings account, which is actually true, they are able to pay the higher prices. but at some point they are going to reach a limit and that's a point where a lot of businesses are concerned. >> people are going into stores, feeling these prices, at the pump, feeling these prices. you hear the argument from the administration that a lot of these policies will begin to address these concerns. in the meanwhile, how do they need to be talking about the concerns that americans have and
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the experiences that are happening to them and their promise that help is on the way? >> the first thing democrats need to do is center this in the global pandemic which impacted the global supply chain which impacted everything we are seeing. that is the cream filling. and reminding people that no one planned for this, no individual or families planned for this. the impact globally that it has had. the second thing they need to do is talk about their real time action to alleviate these tensions. we heard a little bit about that from biden in baltimore. the bi partisan infrastructure
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plan will get things moving so people can have everything they need especially going into the holidays. the democrats have to get out front and tell people not only do we understand what you are doing, but we are going to fix it. it is critical. and democrats need to emphasize that more is coming in terms of cost cutting initiatives, way to combat inflation. delivering on their agenda is the only way peep will feel that immediate impact in their lives. this is what it comes down to. what are people feeling and experiencing to the mid terms that will impact their mood and lifestyle. if democrats can have an impact, that's the best thing they can do. >> how are they shaking up
3:23 pm
negotiations on the hill when it comes to manchin. >> there is concern that manchin and other democrats might get skittish, particularly when they hear from constituents back home that they are not just concerned about the money they are paying for services, but also are concerned that the government is spending too much money on these projects. that is the concern, not necessarily the reality. that is the fear that moderates have, that they are being asked to approve more government spending at a time when people are starting to be concerned, people who perhaps agree with tucker carlson that more government spending will put more cash in the economy and perhaps exacerbate inflation. that's something you are hearing a lot from republicans.
3:24 pm
that trickles down to constituents that influence moderate democrats who are vulnerable in the mid terp. >> on your last answer, businesses are largely making ends meet because customers are willing to pay. what happens this customers start feeling the crunch so much they are not willing to pay the prices? what do they do? >> everyone -- this is the worst nightmare what you are describing. businesses will do what they have always done, adapt. so they are probably already working on plan b, c, d. if they are not buying this, maybe they will buy this. it's a lower cost. some businesses will have to continue to pivot as they have during the pandemic. it will be more of the same.
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two high profile trials with racial bias. three white men are on trial for the death of a black man jogging in georgia when he was pursued and killed. what is known to be a racial charged case. the judge admitted there appears to be intention discrimination
3:30 pm
in the jury determination. but still it proceeded with one black jor. jury /* juror. >> the idea we will be bringing these people in to sit with the victim's family one after another, there are so many pastors they can have. there is pastoral sharpton, that's fine. but we don't want more black pastors, jesse jackson who was sitting with the family earlier this week. >> reverend sharpton was sitting with the family at the time. he said it was arrogant and insensitive. >> god reached out to me and my family. that's an insult to my family.
3:31 pm
think we can't have them there when these three white men killed my son. you are there for the right reason, to give us peace and prayer. it's terrible. i really can't explain it no more because it's just so terrible. >> at the same time self-proclaimed militia member kyle rittenhouse on trial for shoot killing two. the judge said they cannot be referred to as victims. and the judge made a joke about asian food. when rittenhouse was on the
3:32 pm
stand, he was in tears claiming it was self-defense. the judge called for a ten-minute recess. it was written -- i am joined now by the jill and juanita. will he apologize for his comments about black pastors? the damage is done. explain how behavior from a defense attorney like that is pretty unusual. >> it's horrendous and shows outright discrimination, bias, i
3:33 pm
am implicit and explicit. reverend al sharpton said 100 pastors will be in the courtroom as they should be. they have every right to comfort the family. there have been so many displays of bias in the trial. also you mentioned about the charlottesville trial where you have the defendants using the trial as a platform to recruit other white racist extremists. they are being allowed to do that by the judge. the judge struck all but one person of color from the jury. that should never happen. the law wouldn't let the prosecution do that and it shouldn't do it for the defense
3:34 pm
either where it hurts people of color sitting on the jury. it hurts the victim in this case who is a black man. there has been a lot of very terrible displays. i blame the judges in all of these cases. in the rittenhouse trial, the judge's phone ran twice and the ring tone is the donald trump rally song. is that a fair judge? >> there was the example of how rittenhouse was treated by police, and how blacks are treated by police. if there is someone who does not believe there is bias in the system, it has been on full display this week much. >> as i have watched all of this -- i have had to measure
3:35 pm
how much of the trial i watch because it is trauma trauma advertising from these judges. but the criminal justice is delivering justice to white people, not accountability. the judge unabashedly coddled someone who killed two people and injured another who crossed state lines with his mother with an assault level to insert himself in a protest. even in the trial in georgia, they have an almost exclusive white jury and the judge allowed it to proceed. and you have this statement from the defense counsel. it reaffirms in my mind as a
3:36 pm
viewer what the criminal justice system was set up to do. sadly, the piece you did earlier was right. no matter what happens in these trials, while people will see this and feel compelled to be vigilantes, attack people, kill people and they will likely not face any prison time or accountability for their actions. >> jill, that is the point, there will be some type of precedence is set at the end of the trial. that is building on what we have seen. do you take george zimmerman shooting martin in 2012. he was found new jersey. -- found not guilty. >> the martin case did have a unique law, a stand your ground
3:37 pm
law, absurd and ridiculous. in these cases, all three of them, where you have, for example, rittenhouse, a 17-year-old who came in claiming self-defense when he said he arrived going to try to offer medical help. then why did evan ar-15 rifle. it makes no sense. you mentioned he broke into tears. he broke into what i consider crocodile tears. i can do what he was doing. he has no tiers. he is putting on an act. i am seeing this as a former prosecutor and probably focused on the prosecution here, but it did seem to me that the prosecution. they made some mistakes, but they have established a case that would justify a conviction.
3:38 pm
the judge has taken very clear bias positions. his attack on the prosecutor for doing something that when the defense lawyer did it, he didn't respond at all. when we talk about bias, his bias towards the defense, in favor of the defense, makes this an unfair trial. as you said, the arbury judge, he is allowing the platform for recruiting white supremacists. this is not a good example of justice and something needs to be done. there is a case that needs amending. there is a supreme court case that says you cannot discriminate if you are the
3:39 pm
prosecutor. you can't do it if you are the defense lawyer, but it's happening anyway. i had a trial where all women were struck from the jury. the defense lawyers asked for extra peremptories to challenge all women because it was a boxing promoter and they thought they would be appalled. you can't do that. >> thank you. next, finally free. britney spears conservatorship terminated after 13 years. and hoping to make history. my conversation in nevada hoping to be the first trance politician to win a statewide race. o win a statewide race at t-mobile for business, unconventional thinking means we see things differently, so you can focus on what matters most.
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britney spears is celebrating a fee woman. this after a judge ended a conservatorship that lasted 13 years. she is thanking her fans who started a movement. >> the pop star did not speak in court friday, but on instagram called it the best day ever. fans erupting outside the courthouse when the judge ordered an immediate end to
3:44 pm
britney's conservatorship, both her person and estate. >> we have been wanting this so long. >> the 39-year-old star free to move on with her life as she pleases. >> she can make her professional decisions and most importantly, she can make her own personal decisions. >> she ignited a conversation around conservator ships in the u.s. >> congressman barry moore tweeted -- and britney's attorney applauded her courage. >> this is momentous for britney but helped shine a light on conservator ships and guardian ships coast-to-coast. >> jamie suspended as his role
3:45 pm
of conservator in september on a series of documentaries of him mishandling her money and him monitoring her every move. >> jamie previously denied any wrongdoing adding he encourages a full and transparent examination. >> britney is a free woman and independent woman. next, the director of the documentary britney versus spears joins me to talk about the power of the public and how britney's fans helped her win back her freedom. stay with us. ck her freedom stay with us ♪
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before nexium 24hr, anna could only imagine a comfortable night's sleep without frequent heartburn waking her up. now, that dream... . her reality. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts, for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn? a major victory for the free britney movement. fans helped britney spears find public support as she fought to regain her own voice. the new yorker says, quote -- joining me now to discuss is the
3:50 pm
director of britney versus spears. erin, talk me through what it has taken to get to this moment. >> when i started looking into this in may, if britney herself liked or disliked the conservatorship. so it has taken a monumental shift from her fans, from britney, from her changing lawyers, i mean so many things had to happen, for yesterday to happen, for britney to actually become free. and it is, i mean it's one of the most incredible things i've ever seen. >> right, i mean one of the reasons that i have stayed with this story, and find it so interesting, is because it's not just about britney spears, it's through the lens of britney spears, as a very powerful and wealthy person, that we have gotten a window into conservatorship laws in this country, i think about all of your films, erin, including this one, and one of the four questions that you grapple with,
3:51 pm
time and time again is about who has power and who doesn't. and what is the spears case specifically telling us more broadly about that core question? >> you know, i think about a love letter to journalists and lawyers and specifically, the subjects that have the courage to step out and speak about the trauma that has happened to them, and you know, for me, really into looking at this, britney had not been able to get a court-appointed lawyer for so long, she had to, you know, she wanted to get her own and pick her own and the court had appointed samuel ingham iii, and so me, having a lawyer, is a constitutional right, and for that to, you know, not happen, it was a huge deal. and when you think of people that are not britney spears that do not have access to the influence that britney spears has, i mean how many people are being told that, you know, you are deemed incapable and so your wishes cannot be looked at in the eyes of the court, and so
3:52 pm
you know, yesterday was a really different tool, and i think that, you know, in starting this, i wasn't really sure what the free britney movement was. they really knew what was going on, and that something seemed amiss with britney and they really have been the people that have challenged the system all along, and journalists have been incredible in, you know, in really picking this out and matthew rosenberg yesterday in his press conference said to journalists, you are a big reason why we're here today. and so it was just this, you know, everybody sort of working together, to figure out what was going on with britney spears, and now, it's about, is there going to be accountability? >> erin, as a film maker, you make so many small choices that add up to big choices around the way that this story is told, and you deliberately chose to not include pictures of britney at the height of her very public mental health battle. i both want to know why that is, and what you think we as
3:53 pm
journalists need to keep in mind as the story continues to unfold. >> yeah, i think, you know, i spoke, people, you know, we were able to get some great access over the course of two and a half years of reporting, and we heard time and time again, that brit n.i.h. does not want those images to be shown -- britney does not want those images to be shown, the worst periods of her life, incredibly traumatizing and there is a lot of footage of britney spears and you don't need to use it and what i learned in making this is sometimes that is a part of the story, but you can show those nights without showing britney in those exact moments, specifically because those images are ingrained in the public consciousness, but we really, you know, every single day i worked on it, seven days a week, many years, it was like how can i be not exploitative, how can i be not another person who sort of is trying to add to the industrial complex, and so that was a huge deal, because we wanted to do right by her and it also is, i'm lucky enough to
3:54 pm
continue making films, i want to continue to do right by the subjects that, for the stories that i'm working on. >> erin lee carr, my friend, thank you as always for your time. the top of the hour, the gop now targeting books, pushing libraries to get rid of certain titles. what is that fixation actually about? plus, what steven ban's indictment could mean for the very long list of others. the january 6th committee is expecting to talk to. and dads need to step it up in the fight for paid leave and i will ask about why it is needing to be talked about as an issue for the entire family and not just for moms. stay with us. family and not just for moms. stay with us hi mr. charles. we made you dinner. aww, thank you. ♪♪ ray loves vacations. but his diabetes never seemed to take one.
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it is a very busy day at 30 rockefeller plaza in new york city. first of all, taylor swift is the musical guest on "saturday night live" tonight, and it is probably not the last time. fans were lined up for days outside the building, hoping to be the lucky one and score tickets. her re-recorded album "red" dropped yesterday with a total of 30 tracks, everyone is listening to it this week, and maybe it's safe enough to play it at the white house now. we learned this week, that an aide to former vice president mike pence was once warned to turn taylor swift's music down at the white house, it turns out swift wasn't a fan of then president trump, and aides feared if the president heard her music playing, they would be
3:59 pm
fired. i will take penny for a thousand. and the 30 rock tree arrived this morning from maryland, so it is the very first night the tree is in place. this is the moment i knew the holiday season has officially begun. it will be lit on december 1st. the tree's arrival means one thing for anyone who has ever spent time in midtown manhattan during the holidays. we are watching the chaos begin again. those who work at 30 rock are seeing red, the commute is treacherous, but it is nothing new. some people's first instinct is to run, perhaps some tourists will stay, stay, stay at home. but we know this is holy ground for those who love the holidays. some see the whole charade as sad, beautiful, tragic, we know all too well it will be a busy few months for tourists and shoppers outside the stores in midtown manhattan. and the good news, it is not forever winter and we will
4:00 pm
return to a state of grace. and a new hour of "american voices" starts now. voices" starts now this hour, the republican party's culture wars turning to a score wered earth campaign. literally. pushing to burn books. they say it's about improving the education system, spoiler alert, it is not. plus, the bannon indictment, and the message it sends to other trump loyalists, who think it's okay to skirt congressional subpoenas. also tonight, calling all dads, the new push to get men on the front lines with women, joining the fight for paid family leave. we will meet nevada's kimmie cole, who is running to become lieutenant governor, which would make her nevada's first openly transgender state official. and let's begin this hour with the gop's new tactic to distract and to divide. this time, escalating the culture wars over classrooms. calling for modern daybook burning across america. here are headlines. coast


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