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tv   Way Too Early With Jonathan Lemire  MSNBC  November 15, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PST

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we're heading into a busy day of news. former trump adviser steve bannon is expected to appear today after being indicted on two counts by congress. will we see him in court? plus, president biden will sign the bipartisan infrastructure bill into law. kyle rittenhouse, was he forced to act in a defensive way? what will the jury decide? it's "way too early" for this. ♪♪
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good morning and welcome to "way too early," the show that is going to have a week. i'm jonathan lemire on this monday, november 15th. we've got a lot of news. let's get started. a law enforcement official tells nbc news former trump adviser steve bannon is expected to surrender today and appear in court this afternoon. a federal grand jury indicted bannon on friday, charging him with two counts of contempt of congress, one, failing to appear for a deposition and the other is for failure to produce documents. nbc news reports this indictment is a first. no one who has ever exerted executive privilege has ever been prosecuted for contempt before. if convicted, he could face up to a year behind bars and a fine of up to $5,000, but a conviction cannot force him to
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testify. liz cheney described the indictment as a warner to other trump officials who are attempting to stonewall the committee, adding, quote, no one is above the law. former president trump responded to the indictment this way. the statement, this country has perhaps never done to anyone what they've done to steve bannon. bannon's case is assigned to a judge by former president trump. "the post" reports many gop leaders are using the indictment to contend democrats are, quote, weaponizing the justice department, warning democrats they will go after biden aides for unspecified reasons if they take back the house majority in next year's midterm elections. stefanik of new york has
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described the democrats' efforts as a, quote, soviet-style prosecution of political opponents. jim jordan named white house chief of staff ron klain and jake sullivan as biden officials to be called before the republican house. impossible retaliation. mark meadows will soon face contempt charges after failing to appear before the house committee getting the events of january 6th. here's what committee member congressman adam schiff had to say on "meet the press" yesterday. >> we have been moving very quickly to make these decisions, and i'm confident we'll move very quickly with respect to mr. meadows also, but we want to make sure we have the strongest possible case to present to the justice department and for the justice department to present to a grand jury. when ultimately witnesses decide as meadows has that they're not going to even bother showing up, that they have that much
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contempt for the law, then it pretty much forces our hand, and we'll move quickly. >> joining us now, congressional reporter for politico, nicholas wu. slow day. nothing going on. let's talk about steve bannon first. do we expect that he will surrender, and if so, what will that look like both in the moments and in the politics around it? >> well, a source familiar with the situation told us, yes, he's expected to surrender to law enforcement and expect to have his first court appearance in the afternoon. it's not actually entirely clear what it looks like right now. there are still a lot of factors at play. we haven't heard that much from bannon himself or his lawyers about how they're feeling about this case, you know, and how exactly he's going to plead here. you know, this is certainly a major step, though, in the committee's investigation. this indictment of him is a very
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rare thing, and although it rarely leads to a conviction, they're hoping it compels other witnesses to comply, chiefly former chief of staff mark meadows who so far has refused to comply with the select committee. it appears they're moving closer to contempt of congress for him, but there's still some hope that this indictment will force him to change his mind. >> people that i talk to close to bannon a few weeks ago were sort of celebrating that he was in the crosshairs if you will, that he wanted to be a maga martyr. granted that was before charges were actually fired. we'll see if his thinking has changed. you talked about how this may have an impact on others, meadows in particular. you just heard meadows could be charged for contempt. meadows and bannon have become the bold-faced names in the
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investigation. there are a lot of trump officials who have been called before the select committee. do we have a sense of who else is cooperating and if there are others who could face charges down the road? >> when i asked for meadows, all of this ended up escalating last week after his lawyers went back and forth with the committee saying he wouldn't cooperate at all because the former president decided to seek executive privilege. this led to an escalating tit for tat for the committee. they had scheduled a deposition for him, he entirely failed to show up, and we are where we are now. they are looking at criminal contempt for him. as for the broader picture of this investigation, it's a huge sprawling thing. committee members have said that they've already interviewed over 150 witnesses, you know, many of whom who have appeared to come in voluntarily and talk with the committee. it's unclear exactly to what degree any of these interviews have yielded a lot of this useful information. you know, former trump justice
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department official jeffrey clark, for example, did actually come in under subpoena for a deposition with the select committee. it was thought he might be able to shed some light on all of the trump justice department's attempts to interfere in the 2020 election, but he entirely refused to answer any questions from the subcommittee during his deposition and that brings us to where we are now where we have a lot of these witnesses who are becoming more hostile to the investigation. >> and, of course, the clock is ticking for this committee, knowing that the midterms next year could change the makeup of the house and potentially make this all go away. politico's nicholas wu, thank you very much. we'll be watching for steve bannon's surrender. meanwhile the wisconsin national guard is on standby ahead of a possible verdict in the heated kyle rittenhouse trial. this comes as jurors are expected to begin deliberations today after closing arguments. rittenhouse's mother recently sat down with nbc news
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correspondent gabe gutierrez. take a listen. >> reporter: with lawyers preparing closing arguments in the kyle rittenhouse trial, we sat down with his mother, wendy rittenhouse. >> when you saw your son on the witness stand, what went through your head? >> fear, overwhelmed. i was a nervous wreck. my stomach was in knots. kyle did a good job. when he broke down, i broke down. >> knowing what he knows now, knowing that it was that chaotic situation, do you think he should have -- do you think he would have gone down there again. >> probably not. >> reporter: the now 18-year-old faces six charges related to the night he shot three people, killing two, following a protest of a police shooting involving a black man in kenosha, wisconsin. the most serious charge, intentional homicide. if convicted, he could spend
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life in prison. the judge said he'll allow some lesser charges. >> the prosecutor asking for lesser included charges may signal they're not feeling that confident about their first-degree or potential homicide charges. >> reporter: the governor has asked for national guard troops in case locals need help. americans are divided either seeing rittenhouse as a vigilante looking for trouble or a patriot protecting people from rioters. >> what do you say to people who look at this case and think this teenager had no business bringing a military-style weapon to this chaotic scene. >> a lot of people shouldn't have been there, you know, and he brung that begun for protection. and to this day, if he didn't have that gun, my son would have
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been dead. >> are you anticipating looking forward to dreading the verdict? how would you describe what your feelings are going into this? >> i'm scared. >> our thanks to gabe gutierrez for that report. the prosecution and defense will deliver closing statements today. then 12 jurors from the 18 who heard the case will be chosen to begin deliberations. >> still ahead, high inflation is eating into the budgets of many american households, but what's really causing prices to soar? we'll talk to an economist about that. plus, former national security adviser michael flynn speaks about religion. those stories and a check on the weather when we come right back, looking at a predawn washington, d.c. washingt, ond.c.
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president biden will tackle u.s./china relations in a virtual summit today. they'll speak amid growing tensions between the two superpowers. the u.s. has been critical of china in their handling of muslims, the swank with hong kong, and failing to cooperate with negotiations. they're still looking for an in-person meeting with xi jinping hopefully sometime next year. michael flynn is calling for a single religion in merge. speaking to a crowd on saturday flynn said in part, quote, if we're going to have one nation under god, which we must, we have to have one religion. his comments triggered a wave of backlash including from minnesota congresswomaelam. let's be clear. the first words of the first
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amendment of the constitution, bar congress from establishing one religion or abstaining from any belief system. president biden's covid vaccine mandate fails to face an uphill batter. they upheld its previous order to temporarily block the mandate that all large employers require their workers to get vaccinated or submit to weekly testing. in its ruling it arguing they face severe financial risk if they fail to comply and threatens to decimate their work forces. in his new book, former governor chris christie describes a call he had with then president trump last year when they were both hospitalized with coronavirus.
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according to "the new york times," christie got a call from the former president who had one main concern, are you going to say you got it from me. christie was one of roughly three dozen people diagnosed in the wake of a smoem of amy coney barrett. chris christie will be a guest tomorrow morning on "morning joe." you won't want to miss that. still ahead t highlights of week ten of the nfl season, including aaron wilson returning after his remarks about the covid vaccine. we'll be right back with all that and more. e. we'll be right back with all that and more. o imbruvica (man 2 vo) i'm living longer. (vo) imbruvica is a prescription medicine for adults with cll or chronic lymphocytic leukemia. imbruvica is not chemotherapy- it's the #1 prescribed oral therapy for cll, proven to help people live longer. imbruvica can cause serious side effects, which may lead to death. bleeding problems are common
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kansas city quarterback patrick mahomes connecting for a touchdown, his fourth of five touchdown passes in las vegas last night. i think folks are a little quick to bury the chiefs. they dominate the raiders 41-14 and take the lead atop the afc west. kansas city was the only one to post a win yesterday. the chargers lost to the vikings, the broncos blown out by the eagles. that was vintage mahomes. good catch too. on to green bay. quarterback aaron rodgers returned from the covid list. also russell wilson was back for seattle after a three-game absence with a finger injury. rodgers mired in controversy over misleading the public about his vaccination status walked off a winner. running back a.j. dylan rushed for two fourth quarter touchdowns. packers win, 17-0.
2:21 am
wilson looked very rusty. in pittsburgh, the steelers played without quarterback ben roethlisberger who was sidelines after a covid breakout. the detroit lions did not win. this nearly four-hour really ugly marathon game ended in a brutal 16-16 tie. to landover, maryland, buccaneers' quarterback tom brady, picked off twice in his first six passes in yesterday's game against washington, and while brady looked good in the second half and managed two t.d. passes, the football team took over for a 19-play scoring drive that ate up nearly 10.5 minutes and left brady no time for con take it. the buccaneers could not get
2:22 am
washington off the field. they drop to 6-3 on the year. washington wins, 29-19. in arizona, cam newton, he's back. he made his second debut as quarterback for the panthers, visiting the cardinals yesterday. the 2015 nfl sms mvp who signed with klein last week made his presence felt on his first play of the game, entering on third down running for a touchdown yelling, i'm back. newton also passed for a score. the panthers beat up the shorthanded cardinals, 34-10. patriots won big on the browns. also my faenlts team just needs ten points tonight from matt stafford and dell beckham jr.
2:23 am
bill karins, how is your team doing? >> up and down, kind of like the weekend. the storms that rolled through the northeast were pretty incredible on saturday for november of all days. we had some tonights reported in places that never had tornadoes reported in the month of november. in all we had five tornado reports, significant damage, no injuries, no fatalities. we're talking about a huge red oak right there that came down. luckily that didn't fall on the house or anyone down. for brantford connecticut, near long island, the scene was pretty much the same, 80 to 100 miles an hour and trees were the biggest issue. pretty incredible. five confirmed tornadoes in november, in new york and also connecticut. after the storms moved through t cold air moved in. we've had a blustery windy cold start to the day. we're going to have a little
2:24 am
more snow. we didn't get crazy amounts of snow over the weekend. but if you're driving near the higher elevations, a little bit of snow. but it's a chilly start. it's the coldest morning of the season. we're 38 in montgomery, alabama. that's definitely a cold air mass. 40 in charlotte, 40 in new york. it's much colder in chicago right now. 31 degrees. this doesn't take into account the breeze some of the windchill in some areas is in the 20s. so for today, we're kind of split across the country. notice how warm and beautiful it is from oklahoma to dallas, antonio, phoenix. the chill remains in the midwest and northeast. we will see some rain showers especially this morning early around new york city. grab that umbrella if you're heading out during the rush hour. tuesday, we slowly begin to warm it up in the northeast and great lakes. 70s return. oklahoma and st. louis. jonathan, if you want to take
2:25 am
one day off on the east coast, it's thursday. we're going to have one brief day in the 60s, maybe 70 degrees, and it gets colder next weekend. that's my words of advice. >> thanks, bill. i appreciate that. bill karins, thanks so much. still ahead, despite more than two dozen republicans voting for the bipartisan infrastructure bill, few gop lawmakers will be at today's bill-signing ceremony at the white house. we'll talk about that and joe biden's spending black. before we go to break whierks are you awake? i'm your reasons to or tweet me @jonlemire. use the #waytooearly, and we'll read our favorite answers later in the show. d we'll read our favorite answers later in the show. with downy light in-wash freshness boosters. just pour a capful of beads into your washing machine before each load. to give your laundry a light scent
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welcome back to "way too early." it's coming up on 5:30 on the east coast, 2:30 out west. i'm jonathan lemire. president biden will sign the bipartisan infrastructure bill into law today. 19 republican senators and 13 republican members of the house backed the plan. despite their votes, however, many plan to steer clear of today's event. minority leader mitch mcconnell of kentucky is among those saying he will not attend. meanwhile several republican lawmakers have seen serious backlash for supporting the bill. as "the wall street journal" reports, new york police arrested a man and charged him with aggravated harassment in the second degree for allegedly making a death threat to
2:30 am
congressman andrew garbarino on monday. hi will not be attending the event. only a few will attend the signing including lisa murkowski of alaska and susan collins from maine. former president trump mocked mitch mcconnell saying he won't be present despite being a key figure in the signing. trump wrote this. based on the fact that the old crow convinced many republican senators to vote for the bill, greatly jep dazing their chance of winning re-election and that he led the way, he should go to the signing and put up with the scorn from great republicans. the former president has also promised to support challengers of the 13 house republicans who voted for the bill, writing, quote, saving america starting by saving the gop from rinos, sellouts, and known losers. joining us now, known
2:31 am
winner, ali vitali. this has been a long time in the making. president biden finally gets to have the signing ceremony for the bill, and certainly this will give democrats and a few republicans something to tout the public left. 's hear how will the president sell this bill and what are democrats going to do in the days and weeks ahead? >> well, the selling is the critical part at this point, jon, because they've gone through a lot of process here in washington, and, of course, all of us have focused on how this bill finally entered into this moment where it gets its rose garden signing ceremony. but now the president takes to the road. we've seen him touting the better points of both this bipartisan infrastructure plan as well as the larger social spending package, but now he actually gets a chance to tell people what's going to happen now that this is a bill that's become law or is about to. we're going to see him on the road in new hampshire talking about strengthening bridges that have fallen into disrepair.
2:32 am
we're going to see him go to detroit where he's going to go to an electric vehicle plant, touting the fact that tere are going to be electric charging facilities. this is the key for the president, selling this to the american public. but what we're also going to see because this has always been on a dual track with the larger social spending package, that build back better agenda, that's still in the interim in the house. we expect them t house to vote on the bill at some point this week. you know they were waiting on a congressional budget office score to move forward on that with the score of moderates, which is badly needed in order to do this. then it goes over to the senate. we're going to see several more weeks there, because they need to wait on their own scoring as well as the politics of this from key senators. >> right. as much as so many of those in the democrats' house and senate would love to see this happen quickly, simply they're not going to. i em glad you made that clear
2:33 am
here. the republicans you just talked about, they have faced the wrath of president trump for supporting this measure and we discussed threats and violence from the general public. where do we see this going from here? you know, we know this is sort of -- two things are happening at once. republicans are facing backlash about both condemning steve bannon but also now this and the bipartisan infrastructure bill. what do you think happens as the caucus? we're a year from the midterms. >> look. on the bannon front, it's not surprising that the base would look at that with ire, but many of those republicans who i've spoken to voted to uphold the bannon contempt referral because they want to strengthen their own s&p power if and when republicans retake the majority. for them, this was a matter of bolstering the president of the congressional subpoena. nevertheless, the base angry
2:34 am
about it because of the base of the people. on the other side of this, republicans who voted for the bipartisan infrastructure bill, think about what they voted for, roads, bridges, tunnels. everyone drives on those. it's a stunning inflection point in american politics we know that the part sanship and tribalism are worse than they've ever been. at the same time, you and i go on the road and we hear from americans who say, i just want to see congress get things done, why can't people work together. this is actually an instance. infrastructure has long been that bipartisan white whale that people could actually come together on. they did in washington. republicans in the senate, republicans in the house, whether or not they want to go to the white house and tout that they did that as republicans in a democratic presidency, that's a whole other matter of politics, but the fact we regularly hear from americans who say they want to see people work together, in this instance, they did, and now republicans are getting death threats for it all because they voted for roads, bridges, and tunnels.
2:35 am
again, i don't think we can underscore that enough. but it also speaks to the larger moment in american politics where no good deed goes unpunished no matter what deed you're going for. >> it shows you how polarizing it is. voting for their constituents in the name of loyalty to team redd. ali vitali, thank you. confidence in the president continues to dip amid the inflation and supply chain problems how can biden turn those things around. "way too early" will dig into that when we come right back. hey, look. the tree's going up just outside. the tree's going up just outside.
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now you know. before discovering nexium 24hr to treat her frequent heartburn... claire could only imagine enjoying chocolate cake. now, she can have her cake and eat it too. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn? o man, that's a whole lot of wrinkly at least my shoes look good! looking good start with bounce wrinkleguard, the megasheet designed to prevent wrinkles in the dryer. despite major support for his infrastructure bill, president biden's support continuings to drop.
2:39 am
41% approve compared to 53% who disapprove. his approval rating has fallen 14 points among democrats since the poll was conducted in june. still the majority of americans support the entirety of the president's infrastructure agenda. 63% say they support the bipartisan bill while 58% support the social spending bill. joining us now, professor of public policy at the university of michigan, let's start with a little economics 101. econ 101. tell us why inflation has hit a high in every facet of their everyday life and something we haven't seen in a long time. we have soaring energy in consumer prices. tell us why this is happening. great. first of all, i realize a 30-year high sounds like a terrifying number, but realize
2:40 am
this is 30 years after 30 years of a low and inflation. inflation is at a painful point, but that's not the sort of number that has historically caused alarm bells to ring. what's driving inflation, it's really three stories and three different stories. the first is energy prices. there's not a lot we can do about it. most of it is offshore, a little bit of it is bad luck. what we'll see is energy prices have risen higher. inflation is when prices keep rising. when energy prices stop rising, they'll stop contributing to inflation. the second part, goods prices. we're not doing personal interaksz, so we're spending less on services and more on goods. more people try to buy more goods. we're buying more goods than at any point in history, and that's where the supply chain snafus are coming in. the third thing is the u.s. is largely a service-based economy about and the good news here is
2:41 am
at this point, going to the doctor and the like, they're not really rising. that's the thing to watch. when inflation is going to become entrenched, everything will go up. at the moment only some of them are. >> what can the president do here. there's only a limit of what they can do. tell us possible things they can do, and as a part two of that, you see joe manchin and others delaying the bigger social services spending bill, fearful it would put too much money in the economy. what's the impact there as well? >> great. remember i said inflation is coming in three stories. one is energy prices. there's not much we can do apart from being patient. they're going to stop rising at some point. they'll stop contributing to inflation. the second was goods prices and the third was services. what's happened here is basically the pandemic has led us to change our spending patterns dramatically. in-person services, people are
2:42 am
doing fewer of them. we're spending less on services, more on goodsgoods. you might think we might get people to spend more on services and less on goods and that would reverse things. that's right. but you don't want to push that too quick. if and when we can beat the pandemic -- and i think the president needs all the chips across the table on this. if we bead the pandemic, people are going to return to restaurants, nightclubs, bars, and that's going to take pressure off the goods sector because they'll spend less time renovating their houses and more time out with friends and that will reduce inflation. that's the most important thing. when we talk about supply issues, to be clear, an asian factory, say a few people come in with covid, they're forced to shut the factory due to a public health factor. you have a shortage of chips. cars need chips. there are fewer cars produced.
2:43 am
that pushes car prices up. that's absolutely critical. so the answer there is we need to be a big part of vaccinating the world. it may seem like it's not obvious, but a big part of our problems are still about the pandemic in the rest of the world. and the third thing is if you want an economy that's robust to shocks like this, we need infrastructure, we need ports and bridges and broadband in a way that helps us turn this ship around quickly when we need to. >> so it sounds like -- >> you mentioned joe manchin. >> keep going. >> i was going to say. you mentioned joe manchin who's got real concerns about inflation. i think most economists share his concerns. he's holding it up as a reason not to pass more spending out of washington. the thing to realize is washington doesn't do anything quickly, and so extra spending that congress is debating, that extra spending is not going to hit the economy in the next year or two, which is to say very little of it will hit at a time we think it might end up being
2:44 am
inflationary. i think manchin is right to be concerned but wrong that fiscal policy is at the core of the problem. >> professor wolfers, ten-second answer, how long you do think we'll be dealing with inflation? i know that's a short one in a tricky time. >> my hope is in two years' time we'll look back and see that all the bugs have worked their way out of the system and we'll see this year as much to do about nothing. >> professor wolfers, we appreciate the explain eric and it sounds like you believe the spending bill is one that will help this economy. so how does what we just talked about impact the global economy? an early look at business straight ahead. onomy? an early look at business straight ahe ad before nexium 24hr, anna could only imagine a comfortable night's sleep without frequent heartburn waking her up. now, that dream... . her reality. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts, for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn? wow... that's so nice! the gift of ancestry®... is a walk through your history. do you remember who this is?
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time now for business. for that, let's bring in julia tatelbaum from london. the major averages are in green.
2:48 am
what can we expect from wall street this week. >> that's right. u.s. markets did close out last week on a positive note, but it wasn't enough to erase the losses earlier in the week. the dow jones, s&p 500, nasdaq all broke the five-year win streak. u.s. outperformed others. french and german markets did end at fresh all-time highs. in terms of the week ahead, it's a quieter when. investors will continue to focus on the question of who might be appointed next fed chair. we're also following the virtual meeting of president xi in china and president biden taking place later today, and we'll get fresh inflation takes including numbers from the uk. at this point, jonathan, u.s. futures indicate a positive start to the trading sessions in the u.s. breaking up appears to be the new thing.
2:49 am
johnson & johnson and others. why are they splitting? >> at one point being the biggest you could, having the most diverse model you could is what investors wanted to see, but increasingly shareholders are urging corporate leaders, ceos to go in the other direction and slim down and become more focused, which they think can make them more nimble, agile, and special. we've seen johnson & johnson and g.e. to name a few. we heard from an economics professor who said inflation may be relatively short-lived. is that to be blamed for the consumer sentiment crashing to a ten-year low? >> well, policy makers insist it's going to be short-lived and
2:50 am
consumers are worried. consumer confidence has hit a ten-year low in november, and the reasons cited is inflation and the growing belief among consumers that no effective policies have yet the survey indicated one and four consumer reduced their daily standards due to the inflation. >> live from london, we appreciate you being here. >> we asked you all this question earlier in the show. veronica e-mails, i always have the news on for the hotel guests who wake up in the morning. dan, what do you got. >> i got one for you, i love
2:51 am
waking up for the show, i wonder why you didn't mention the bills. >> staying on the football message, we are up way too early as our grandson a.j. is coming over to spend the day celebrating the pats' big win yesterday. this note comes in from my uncle ed. a.j. is my cousin's kid. my friend, their kid is up early adjusting today light saving times. up next is a look at axios one big thing. next, we'll hear from karine-jean-pierre and jonathan karl joins us with his bomb shell book on the final act of
2:52 am
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joining us now hans nichols. good morning, what's the one big thing today in. >> we are looking at the schedule, how difficult it will be for the biden administration for chuck schumer and nancy pelosi. this is the week that we discover whether biden's strategy are doing transportation separate from the social spending and climate agenda if it works. the plan as we know going to sign that by the president today then later on the week, saturday, you could have a house vote on the build back better bill agenda.
2:56 am
progressives are nervous, there is not a lot of trusts between progressives and centrists. the real enemy here is time. we got inflation that came out on thursday, no one knows what joe manchin is going to say about it. manchin may killed it entirely. it's a crowded agenda and it will be an interesting few days. >> chris christie got a book out. . he's pushing back on donald trump and had some tough words for 2024 hopefuls. here is what he had to say on axios on hbo. let's watch together. >> those people who say they'll defer to donald trump have disqualified themselves from being president because if you are not willing the stand up to someone then how could you be
2:57 am
stapding up for everyone if you are president. if you believe that you have to talent the ability of skills to be president of the united states, you should not defer it to anyone if you believe you are the best person. >> the governor on "morning joe" tomorrow. christie is a possible 2024 run himself. how do you think these comments will position him among gop voters? >> he's clearly running. the intro you had there was he had a new book out. what he's doing is laying the predicate for the presidential campaign. we think mike pence may also be in. at least if you are going to be for donald trump. what you see christie is trying to do here is make sure that anyone who does not get in or make a decision before donald trump is decision is almost a win. so you are kind of seeing
2:58 am
christie assumes a trumpian mantel. that's the argument he's trying to make. not the first but the second question. jonathan. >> we'll be sure to tee it up. it was trump end up taking christie's lane. last one for you hans, president biden, he has a big day ahead. we talked about the bill signing, he has this long anticipated virtual meeting with china, xi jinping this evening. tell us what we can expect? >> well, there is a lot of build up and you can expect more and briefings throughout the day about this phone call. let's be clear this is a phone
2:59 am
call. they talked about this being a virtual summit. this is a phone call. this is two leaders after their last conversation, they have not met in person, they have a range of issues to discuss, human rights and taiwan, we'll see whether or not there is an offer to come to the olympics for president biden, how does he carry that. big agenda, i think a lot of thorny issues. you read enough of these read out after the facts. the read out tells you virtually nothing. the two leaders pledged to agree and continue conversations and have a good fruit full dialogue. >> you look at that and you ask yourself how can you write the story. what actually happens in the meeting and how much progress or lack of progress was made inside the phone call. i am not going to call it a virtual summit >> of course xi jinping has not
3:00 am
left china in more than two years. biden has as we have been reporting all year privately been frustrated of these virtual meeting, he loves the face-to-face interaction. one of this things that could come up is some of the trade tensions between two countries, tell us what you think where things stand there. >> well, with the biden administration have done, they adopted the trump administration deal approach and they're using to hit the chinese, you are not agreeing and abiding by this agreement that you signed that has to do with agriculture purposes to a whole host of issues. what you see the white house do is lying down some of the other tar rirs that the trump administration imposed on europe and what's going to happen in japan and south korea and steel and al.


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