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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  November 16, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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we are does the time go? [laughs] there's a lot going on, makes the news go fast. i'll see you tomorrow night but now it's time for the last word with lawrence o'donnell, good evening lawrence. >> good evening, and today it's going to be -- we could see what is the
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longest sense yet on the attack on the capitol. and we will see what happens to paul gosar on the floor of the house. >> accountability days only come around once in a blue moon. maybe we will have one tomorrow. >> well, paul goes our sister was on this program complaining that no one has taken action against him. she is finally going to see that action taken tomorrow. she will join us tomorrow night after that. so i will be interested in seeing what she has to say. >> that's very smart booking. i'm jealous. but i will also say, we are also getting into, with this class of members of congress in this trump era -- this will be the pro trump republican member of congress stripped of their committee assignments, this happened to marjorie taylor greene. now it's going to happen to gosar, presumably more will join. it could be cause for a new caucus in the house. those of us stripped from
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committee assignments because of our associations with violence and white supremacy. >> the committees will not miss them. [laughs] >> there are enough. >> thank, you rachel, thank you. well house speaker nancy pelosi gave kevin mccarthy a week to do something about paul gosar, the speaker gave kevin mccarthy a week to discipline gosar for tweeting the animated video in which paul gosar stabs alexandria ocasio-cortez to death, assassinate sir. in that same video, after assassinating her, paul gosar then threatens to kill president biden with the same long as he used to assassinate alexandra ocasio-cortez. he claims the activity of his congressional staff, paid by the american taxpayer, for
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helping him create that homicidal video. today, alexandra ocasio-cortez says it's been well over week. he not only has not apologized, he not only has not made any sort of contact or outreach, neither he nor the republican leader of the party -- he has also doubled down. today, paul goes are said that the video is, quote, funny and completely harmless. with kevin mccarthy clinging to his cowardly silence about the video and doing nothing about paul gosar, nancy pelosi decided to do it herself. speaker pelosi is going to bring a censure vote against fall gosar to the house floor tomorrow. tonight the house rules committee voted along party lines to send a resolution for the vote tomorrow. it will strip gosar of his committee assignments in the house and he will be removed from the house oversight committee, we are alexandra ocasio-cortez is also a member. he will also be removed from the house natural resources
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committee. to republicans, adam kinzinger and liz cheney, support censoring gosar. if the house does vote to censure paul gosar tomorrow, he must stand in the wall of the house wiley's ensure motion is read aloud to the house of representatives and to the world. if that happens tomorrow on the house floor, you will be seeing that video tomorrow night on this program. former republican house member mark meadows, who served as trump's last white house chief of staff, continues to defy house subpoenas for documents and testimony investigating the january 6th attack. -- do not have the same legal delaying a tactics but the friends of donald trump are using. today, danny rodriguez, the trump supporter who confessed to the fbi that he used a taser to deliver electric shots to
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police officer michael for known, made it pretrial appearance in federal court where he tried to have his confession thrown out, claiming he wasn't properly advised of his rights. judge amy berman jackson, agreed to -- that preceded his miranda morning but the important elements of his confession all came after. he was clearly advised of his miranda writes. enough post, it was reported that after being told he had a right to remain silent and get an attorney, and signing a form to acknowledge his rights, rodriguez went on to confess to electric shocking fanone, who suffered a heart attack. i really don't know why exactly i taste him, he said. i mean, when i taste him, i really, you know, like, when you do something, you are like, god damn it, why did i do that? i just -- i had i got caught up in the moment and i didn't really think. i didn't think about him and his family and what was going to happen to him.
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and that is why. and that is why the trump or shipping danny rodriguez gave michael for known a heart attack by hitting him with electroshock's. because he got caught up in the moment. and he then asked himself, got damage, why did i do that? >> i was grabbed, beaten, tased, all while being called a traitor to my country. i was at risk of being stripped of and killed with my own firearm. as i heard chance of kill him with his own gun. i can still hear those words in my head today. i was electrocuted. again and again and again. with a taser. i'm sure i was screaming but i don't think i could hear my own voice. during those moments i remember thinking there was a very good chance i would be torn apart or shot to death with my own weapon. i thought of my four daughters who might lose their dad.
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>> danny rodriguez, in a burst of self awareness, accurately described himself as stupid. uses that word stupid repeatedly in his confession to the fbi. ryan reilly reports that a tearful rodriguez called himself so stupid, and a bleep piece of crap during the fbi interview, and worried that his mom is going to find out what he did. rodriguez told the fbi, he was just following orders. trump called us. trump called us to d.c.. if he's the commander in chief and the leader of our country, and he's calling for help -- i thought he was calling for help. trump called us to d.c.. he thought he was doing it for donald trump. in his confession, danny rodriguez said, we thought we were going to hit it like a civil war. there was going to be a big battle. i thought there was going to be fighting, for some reason, and different cities and i thought that the main fight, the main battle, was going to be in d.c. because trump called everyone there. we felt that they stole this
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country, that it's gone, it's wiped out. america is over, it's destroyed now. we thought we were being used as a part of a plan to save the country, to save america, save the constitution, and the election, the integrity. are we all that stupid that we thought we were going to go do this and save the country and it was all going to be fine after? we really thought that. that's so stupid, right? it's very stupid and ignorant. and i see that it's a big joke, in that we thought that we were going to save this country. >> danny rodriguez is right. everyone who attacked the capitol was and is stupid. stupid and dangerous. and now they are headed for prison, while donald trump's -- continue to defy subpoenas. heading off our discussion, is ryan jay reynolds, reporter for huff post, who attended the hearing on rodriguez. thank you for your coverage,
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ryan, without you it would be hard to keep track of what is happening there and it looks like the rodriguez confession with the piece removed prior to his rumor under warnings, it's probably going to survive this legal process. >> it does, and i really hope we get to see the video, a very likely scenario, i think, in a few weeks after we get a little time to process. i think we will get to see this video. because what you will see is that they do give him a warning, about his rights. and despite that warning he goes and makes this confession. i think if you step back for a moment it is sort of crazy when you think about this, he is a supporter of donald trump. while he was a sitting president, he spoke in front of police officers and basically said police brutality is okay. if you are arresting someone, knock their head against the doors as you go in. that didn't happen with rodriguez. he was arrested that morning,
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it was a pretty, obviously, traumatic experience, as his lawyers describe it, as you would expect for someone who was accused of tasing a police officer. and has to be arrested in their homes. so the use flash bang grenades in the morning when they arrested him. but then they brought him to a separate location, where they went through the process and they advised him of his rights. danny rodriguez even talks about the fact that, oh, lawyers have told him in the past that he shouldn't say anything without a lawyer. but despite all that he signed the form and then he just starts talking. and they talk all about january 6th, and eventually he places himself right in front of the capitol on the scaffolding, and there's a point where he hesitates and doesn't want to talk about the actual assault. but with one more question, suddenly, the floodgates open and he acknowledges what happens. >> what is the status of his case? is there any discussion over a plea deal for him? >> it's interesting, because
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it's the one case that we haven't seen where they've actually acknowledged a plea deal. it's sort of in this difficult realm. rodriguez is not in a good position to be a defendant. obviously, he's dead to rights, he's on the video, there's no doubt about what he did. he has his confession. and the confession is going to come into play when you talk about the afterwards and the punishment, what punishment he ultimately receives. but there's not a lot of leverage that he can really bring. we saw one of his sort of codefendants from california, who he knew from these trump rallies, gina, she was actually the salon owner. she made a deal with the feds, actually. she pled guilty under seal a few months ago. and all the information she was able to bring the pledge, and identify a lot of this sort of california group that he came in -- came into with, she's been able to take advantage of that.
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but rodriguez, because we have this information already, and a lot of his contacts already, it's not clear what sort of leverage he can really have or give them. obviously, he almost killed for mike fanone, so they are not going to be giving him a generous plea deal here. if anything, if he is going to reach a plea deal it's going to be a significant amount of time he is going to be in prison for. -- >> obviously, if it goes to trial, officer fanone would be a witness. but if there is a plea deal, would officer fanone be given an opportunity to address the court before sentencing? opportuni>> he would, at sentey have victim impact statements, an opportunity for him to come forward. other victims of the attack could also have their presentation. we've seen this in cases where there is a statement brought to the court about -- you know, in the case of this new jersey gym owner, a few weeks ago, we saw a statement
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entered into the record when he was sentenced, the officer punched in the helmet that day. and the fear and anxiety he was feeling as he was surrounded by the pro trump mob. so there is an opportunity that mike fanone could have. but these are cases where, a lot of these more misdemeanor cases, the doj just has to process those. there's just such an overwhelming number that they have to get these through the system. but i think they are willing to take their time with rodriguez, because this is one of the worst cases of violence that we saw on january six and they've got him just dead to rights. there is no doubt about what he did that day. >> ryan j. reilly, your reporting on this is invaluable, thank you for starting us off tonight. >> thanks so much for having me. >> joining us now is brandon royal of pennsylvania. i want to get your reaction to pelosi scheduling the censure vote, on the gosar rules
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committee. and that tonight. >> good, i will be supporting it. voting in favor of it. i'm not sure what my attitude would have been to this sort of video before january 6th, but i know what it is after january 6th. we cannot have tolerance for those who are in elective office or otherwise who encourage or incite political violence. we have seen this even after january 6th, whether it is directed at those who faithfully served in school boards, those who serve in elections in administrations. we have had a record number of people quitting those positions because of the violent threats they are under. so it may be no tolerance. i will be voting in favor of this resolution. representative kinzinger tweeted tonight, so let me understand, gosar's creepy anime of murder and such is okay, but john katko is the
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center for negotiating and voting for infrastructure? the gop leader has once again advocated his leadership to the insane asylum. what is your reaction to that? >> kevin mccarthy is a coward. he will do whatever it takes to be speaker. it's almost pathetic. he just wants to pacify everyone within his caucus, whether it's the 13 who bravely voted with us on the bipartisan infrastructure bill, whether it's marjorie taylor greene or lauren boebert or even paul gosar, he knows that his path to being speaker, having been denied once five years ago, is that his path is needing every single republican vote. so he will do absolutely whatever it takes until he gets that brass ring, sadly. >> what are you hearing from your constituents, both about the bipartisan infrastructure
10:16 pm
bill and what they understand, to expect from it, and what else are you hearing as you go out there in your town halls? >> you know, i was really struck last night. i had a virtual town hall, i had some 8000 constituents on the line. and i've been doing this -- i've been a total member of congress for a total of 13 years. i've never feel this many questions about whether or not our democracy will survive. and on what we were doing to protect it. i was blown away because typically the questions that i get our meat and potatoes issues, about the every day, kitchen table concerns that my constituents have. so this was quite unusual, last night. there is clearly real concern, at least in my district, but i suspect throughout the country, about the state of our democracy and itself.
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it's pretty obvious that we are in a democracy recession worldwide. and unfortunately, that includes the united states. >> congressman brendan boyle, thank you very much for joining us tonight. >> thank you. >> and coming up, bipartisanship was on display when president biden went to new hampshire today and was greeted by the republican governor, who last week announced he would not run for senate because he didn't want to work in mitch mcconnell's republican senate. biden building bridges in new hampshire is next. hampshire is next. les in-wash scent boosters keep your laundry smelling fresh way longer than detergent alone. if you want laundry to smell fresh for weeks, make sure you have downy unstopables in-wash scent boosters. bipolar depression. it made me feel like i was trapped in a fog. this is art inspired by real stories of people living with bipolar depression. i just couldn't find my way out of it. the lows of bipolar depression can take you to a dark place...
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this is elodia. she's a recording artist. and pay as little as $0 1 of 10 million people that comcast has connected to affordable internet in the last 10 years. and this is emmanuel, a future recording artist, and one of the millions of students we're connecting throughout the next 10. through projectup, comcast is committing $1 billion so millions more students, past... and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities. the day after signing the
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largest infrastructure bill in history, president biden went to woodstock. no, not that would stop. woodstock, new hampshire, where he used a local bridge to explain what the bipartisan infrastructure bill is going to mean for the people of new hampshire. >> this may not seem like a big bridge but it saves lives and solve problems. let me tell you why. businesses depend on it, like the local propane company or logging trucks, public services depend on it. school buses, wastewater trucks. use it every day. it's essential to the woodstock
10:22 pm
fire station a quarter mile away. as i said earlier, it's a ten mile detour just to get to the other side. >> the bipartisan spirit of the bill was personified today by the republican governor of new hampshire. he is the most popular republican politician in new hampshire and he recently made an announcement of his refusal -- he wanted no part of mitch mcconnell's senate. ch my responsibility is not to the gridlock of washington. it's to the citizens of new hampshire. i'd rather push myself 120 miles an hour for new hampshire then slow down and work for washington producing partisan results. -- >> the bipartisan infrastructure bill deliver 7.5
10:23 pm
billion dollars to build charging stations for electric cars throughout the country. those charging stations will help the sales of general motors electric cars and the sales of other electric car manufacturers. there is more federal support for the sales of electric cars in part two of the bill, with speaker pelosi saying that there will be a vote this week. that bill establishes a 7500 dollar tax credit for electric vehicles through 2026. similar subsidies for electric vehicles may test of the most successful vehicle company in the world. joining us now is victoria sheen, of the department of transportation. thank you for joining us, coming stitch she in, did you get a chance to speak with president biden tonight? >> yes, i had a chance to speak with him at the delegation about the importance of this bill. >> how long will it take for
10:24 pm
people in new hampshire to see infrastructure projects actually happen? >> within a year. this bill provides an increase in funding for roads and bridges as well as investment in airports and public transportation. we have a ten-year plan so we already have products projects but we can now accelerate based on the availability of the additional dollars. >> the bridge that the president appeared at today, what is the timetable for a repair on something like that? >> that's a bridge that was scheduled for construction in 2024, we hope to extend that by a full year. the department has been working hard to keep it in service but it was down close to several years ago and blocked human traffic. -- rotation of that structure sooner [inaudible] we're turn it to its original
10:25 pm
use for traffic and all sides vehicles. >> so of course, new hampshire, you already have hope for certain kinds of infrastructure developments and repair. what this tells you is, the money is coming. we can start the work. >> yes. we are very excited for these projects. they are ranging in size and scale, small projects that -- >> safety for -- safety, replacing bridges such as the one we were on today. these are critical projects to the communities that they serve. we are also trying to address multi modal accommodations as we rehabilitate and restore this infrastructure. and the communities have been waiting a long time for some of this investments and are excited to partner with us to deliver this quickly. >> commissioner victoria
10:26 pm
sheehan, thank you very much for joining us from new hampshire tonight, we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> joining us now is david plouffe, former adviser to president barack obama. he's an msnbc political analysts. we are at an interesting stage in the infrastructure bill that has already become law. that is, i am fine to get much easier to describe it now that it has passed and become law. and we actually have practical applications of it out there. >> no question, lawrence. the language that president biden used today, about the types of trucks that went over the bridge, why it was important, the more real and granular it is, the more i think -- until there are shovels in the ground -- it will not be -- it was great to see american flags and bridges and a really vivid description of who would benefit from this. this is important for the country importantly, but also important politically.
10:27 pm
the most important for democrats to hold on to congress, -- if people feel better about the economy, this infrastructure bill will be a piece of that, as well as the build back better bill as well. that and getting covid in our we're view mirror will give us confidence about the economy and improve joe biden standing. >> commissioner sheehan just made a point that, i think, speeds up some peoples timetables of what they are expecting here. and obviously in all 50 states, there are people who are planning infrastructure projects and they have wish lists. all they need is the money. and here comes the money, and that's why she is able to say, people in new hampshire and other states are actually going to see results in a year. >> it's so critical, lawrence. the specificity with which you can talk about this, it goes
10:28 pm
down to every community. the commissioner mentioned the intersection improvements. and of course, with targeting and data, you know, you can deliver really, really surgical measures to people about how this bill is helping not just their county, maybe not just their town, but their actual neighborhood. so yeah, i think this has to be, most importantly, executed well, the substance of this. so people feel like the money is spent properly and they are seeing results. they see people being employed by these projects. by the storytelling in bringing people along is going to be critical. you can down do this down to the zip code level. >> when he goes to detroit tomorrow and focuses on the electrical vehicle support that is in both of these bills, the tax provisions that are in the bill that they have not voted on yet -- that is really powerful. some of the tax credits go up to over $12,000 for electric
10:29 pm
vehicles made by new yorkers in other states. and so that kind of other support for the electric vehicle industry now becomes very clear, and it pulls the discussions here, out of that, when are they going to vote in the bill, who's negotiating with who -- this is when we actually, in effect, get to read the text of it through the real application of it. >> yeah, through visuals, lawrence. which is the way we can communicate message today. you can't do it in a picture -- you might even try. so, that's the beauty of it. and the election electrical vehicle, that's interesting in the entire investment there in both these fields, because it cannot be seen as simply as important as it is, an effort to combat climate change where it's gonna help people in my city, san francisco, driving around and tesla. you pointed out, people need to make these vehicles. people have to put the charging stations all around the country. and joe biden talked about this
10:30 pm
winter past, i think he did something very smart, which is so much of this bill, the infrastructure bill, and so much of the build back better bill are gonna really benefit, non-college graduates. people who are who make things with their hands, people who build this country. so, you can tell a holistic story about the electrical vehicle investments, and the charging investments, that really will capture everybody. >> yeah, it's -- when you think about the number of charging stations alone to be built and then sold around the country, the number of jobs and all of the states, that that creates is very -- that's gonna happen very quickly. >> well, sure. and we also need to see the adoption of electrical vehicles, which is already quite strong, accelerate. and we know from research that one of the barriers is people are worried, what can't win if i can't find a charging station, what if i can have a long trip? well when people see them all over the country, all over their state, all over their
10:31 pm
county, i think it's gonna was accelerate the adoption. so, it's a really smart long term policy play, but i also think there should be short term benefits because people will see people working on those projects and will be curious about what that is. oh, i didn't expect to see a charging station in my community. maybe i will think more seriously about buying an electric vehicle. >> david bluff, thank you for joining us tonight, really appreciate it. >> and coming up, nazis are on trial in a federal courtroom in charlottesville and they are not trying to hide their voice in his beliefs. donny left-wing will join us next. donny left-wing will join us next next from unitedhealthcare. like $0 copays on preventive dental care. ♪ wow! ♪ ♪ uh-huh. ♪ so go ahead. take advantage now. ♪ wow! ♪ ebenezer. take advantage now. ebenezer. ha ha ha ha. marley?
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at vanguard, you're more than just an investor, you're an owner with access to financial advice, tools and a personalized plan that helps you build a future for those you love. vanguard. become an owner. >> i love politics, i had no
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intention of running again, until i really got upset when i saw those folks coming out of those field in virginia carrying swastikas and torches and white supremacists. >> the event that joe biden describes as his reason for running for president is now
10:36 pm
the subject of a federal civil rights ross, in charlottesville. we're -- antisemitic rally in charlottesville, virginia, in 2017 are being sued for money damages by nine plaintiffs. who claim the rally violated their civil rights. the 14 individual defendants in the case are mostly judgment proof, meaning they have no money or assets. and so, a financial judgment against them cannot really be the enforced. one of the defendants, has been convicted of federal crimes and is serving a federal sentence. representing himself in court has become a game for him, that actually allows him to spread his hateful message to his followers. the washington post reports on any given day, this trial sounds like an open spigot of hate. defendants have dropped the edward, admired adolf hitler, joke about the holocaust and traffic in racist pseudoscience. when one defendant was being questioned on friday, he called himself, quote, a white
10:37 pm
supremacist, a racist, and antisemite, a homophobe, a xenophobic, an islamophobia, and any other sort of foam that benefits my people. so help me god. joining us now is dalia -- 's legal correspondent for a, and host of the podcast i'm a kiss. elsa with us tyler howell, the courts crime -- public safety reporter at the daily -- in charlottesville. dahlia, these defendants are turning this courtroom into a place for their poisonous performance art. >> well, yes and no, lawrence. i certainly -- everything you've just said is true, and they never missed an opportunity to miss an opportunity, they say the and word, they cite mein kampf, i mean no question that it's despicable. at the same time, it's starting to work against them. we really saw that today as
10:38 pm
they tried to mount their own defense. where just explaining at great length, with spencer tried to do, and chris campbell tried to do, just how much they hate jews and people of color, seems to not necessarily be the best trial strategy in the world. tyler howell, are they trying to win this case, legally in court? >> i mean, i have to assume that's the and outcome they want. but certainly there are efforts call that into question. i mean cantwell in particular has mounted a perplexing the legal defense that really does more as a performance than anything and attorney would do. >> and so, dahlia, if they are not trying to defend themselves, and of course, just to remind the audience is a civil case, no one's gonna go to prison or jail for what happens in this courtroom. worst-case scenario, they get hit with a large financial
10:39 pm
judgment that they can never pay. what are their objectives other than winning the case? >> i think attention. i think that in attention economy, for a lot of them who have been deplatformed from all sorts of different places that they used to spread their hate. this is a really golden opportunity to make a lot of noise and get a lot of eyeballs, i get a lot of peers. and certainly, it is true as the washington post pointed out last week, that for some of them this is a golden opportunity to go on one another's podcast and say hateful things. but i think the question is, if at the end of the day you just kind of look like a loser, who's lost all of your money and is trying to crowds horse funding, while you podcast from your parents basement, have you really scored and secured the kind of attention you want? >> tyler, what about that?
10:40 pm
are they trying to use this as a recruitment opportunity? >> that certainly seems like a possibility, i mean, their legal defenses are perplexing but this is probably the largest audience any of them have had in a really long time. certainly since the rally. and many of them they don't have any money to begin with, so it's kind of a no lose situation. >> and dahlia, what are you seeing in the way the judge has had to handle this case? it's a very difficult thing for judges when defendants are representing themselves as is happening in this courtroom. >> you know, lawrence, initially i think the wrap was that the judge was bending over backwards to be fair. he was allowing all sorts of things because they are pro say that they may not have allowed otherwise, there was some sense that he was trying very, very hard to look as though he wanted to level the playing field. i will say there was a moment
10:41 pm
today where some of the defendants trying to sort of file this rule, 20 motion, to get themselves out of the case. and judge moon just sort of lay down the hammer and explained conspiracy law and said i've explained this a bunch of time, you don't have to agree, if y'all showed up with hate in your heart and wanted to see violence, that suffices for conspiracy. it was kind of a pivotal moment where it became really clear he's been tracking, and clocking every second of this, and he knows that although they keep asserting, we didn't know each other, we didn't plan this, nobody shook hands and agreed, he knows exactly what conspiracy law is and he knows that they're trying to evade it. >> tyler, are there some of the defendants who are represented by attorneys? are they actually trying to mount a serious defense? >> i oh, absolutely.
10:42 pm
-- particularly jason kessler, quite a significant defense. it's definitely a stark contrast to the pro-state defendants, watching these actual attorneys argue against the frankly just staggering amount of evidence against them. i don't know how they're gonna do it, but that's where they've been trying. >> and dahlia, the evidence against them includes now defendants own testimony. >> right, there was this amazing moment, lawrence, where richard spencer, the person who spa invented the term alt-right was questioning jason kessler who was this sort of local leader of the 2017 rally. and they got into this kind of slap fight about who hated each other more. and who said more heart hateful things, and who was a bigger psychopath, and you have to think, they are working out there are huge egos and their own issues, and their own
10:43 pm
pseudo-fame. but at one another's expense. and it really has this kind of scorpions in a bottle vibe, where nobody emerges unscathed, they just can't help themselves. >> dalio lift quick, and tyler hamilton, thank you very both for joining us, we appreciate it. thank you >> thank you. >> coming up, florida's republican governors is trying to pile regulation on top of regulation for businesses in florida that are trying to survive the covid pandemic. the same republicans who claim that government regulation is socialism, now just can't get enough of it. that's next. ge enough of it that's next. that's next. actual neuroscientist. and i love the science behind neuriva plus. unlike ordinary memory supplements, neuriva plus fuels six key indicators of brain performance. more brain performance? yes, please! neuriva. think bigger. ♪ it wasn't me by shaggy ♪
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10:48 pm
has called for the republican legislature to be back in session to have them vote on new ways for florida businesses that require their employees to be vaccinated. he wants to find businesses $50,000 if the employee is not offered five different ways to opt out of being vaccinated. the new law would allow a worker to opt out by wearing a mask. so the governor, who is opposed to masks, is now saying that employees must wear masks if they are opposed to vaccination. the proposed florida law -- laws are in conflict with federal regulations now and there is no guidance for increasingly burdened florida businesses who would need to sort out the contradictions between state and federal requirements. joining us now is democratic florida state senator, jason
10:49 pm
pizzo, who represents parts of miami. thank you for joining us tonight. what is going to happen with these new laws that the governor is trying to push through the legislature? >> lawrence, thank you for having me on. it's been a very long day of trying to sort through and reconcile a completely circular argument, as you mentioned in your opening statement. all the tenets of conservatism are into contradiction right now. the governor seeks to add another layer of regulation with a state osha plan in one form of the bill that we have. large parts are not attached to any itemized schedule for companies with benchmarks or deadlines. and as you mentioned, large, sizable fines, $10,000 for those under 100 employees, $50,000 for those over 100 employees. and really just a special
10:50 pm
section session, to ensure that extraordinary measures continue? it's more platitudes. this is a lost opportunity that creates added layers and confusion. to your point, and one of the things we have been trusting over the last days, is how do you disseminate this? these small businesses? who were they supposed to follow? they listen to the state government, the federal government? the laws that are discombobulated? and are really just not rinses -able? >> those fines, they're $50,000 per employee who, presumably, brings some kind of complaint. does the legislation indicate how an employee who feels their rights haven't been honored by the business, where they somehow file one of these complaints? >> it's vague. as it relates to -- the major bill, the senate bill, that we are discussing, is two parts. the first relates to private employers and employees, and
10:51 pm
how to file a complaint with the department of legal affairs, an extension of the attorney generals office. the second is about prohibiting mask mandates among students, which is now moot. because the last major three school districts, including miami-dade, have done away with it. so that is moot. but they pat would file a complaint -- and this is in the minutiae of the bill. this added layers and layers of confusion to that question, to the point that you don't find out as a small business that you have been in violation until you receive a notice of violation, which is not acting in good faith to the small business owner. give them proper notice that the complaint has been filed. and perhaps it can be remedied or cured. this is in the -- and mode. >> this increased cost on the small businesses, and legal
10:52 pm
fees, who have to deal with new regulatory burdens. >> there is a scheme being devised, with no attendant cost associated with it. today i asked what the cost was per investigation. they didn't answer, they didn't know. one -- is unanticipated pregnancy. that will be defined after the bill is written. so we don't know if this is per day, per eight-hour shift. so it's beyond vague. it's really an insult and an attack to business. if i told you it was a 5 million dollar slush fund, we know that's for the attorney general who does this with every case, whether it's opioid manufacturers, telecommunications, outsource it to a large trial, they will build several hundred dollars an hour, that's how the money gets enough and it's the worst kept secret that money will be used to go and try to fight and challenge and litigate probably,
10:53 pm
yet another senseless lawsuit against the federal government. >> florida state senator jason pizzo, thank you very much for joining us tonight, really appreciate it. >> tonight's last word is next. 's last word is next this is art inspired by real stories of people living with bipolar depression. i just couldn't find my way out of it. the lows of bipolar depression can take you to a dark place... ...and be hard to manage. latuda could make a real difference in your symptoms. latuda was proven to significantly reduce bipolar depression symptoms and in clinical studies, had no substantial impact on weight. this is where i want to be. latuda is not for everyone. call your doctor about unusual mood changes, behaviors, or suicidal thoughts. antidepressants can increase these in children, teens, and young adults. elderly dementia patients on latuda have an increased risk of death or stroke. call your doctor about fever, stiff muscles, and confusion, as these may be life threatening... ...or uncontrollable muscle movements, as these may be permanent.
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it's network management redefined. every day in business is a big day. we'll keep you ready for what's next. as i leave office now, as mayor, comcast business powering possibilities. i feel good knowing that you share my love and my passion for boston. i'm confident that you will lead our city with integrity and that you will center equity in all that you do. i know that boston is in good hands and i am so proud to call you madam mayor. [applause] >> that was boston's first woman mayor today at city hall, handing over the office too boston's first elected will
10:58 pm
black women mayor -- kim janey ran in the election this year i -- today, michelle wu became boston's first asian american mayor. the first time i set foot in boston city hall, i felt invisible. swallowed up by the maze of echoing concrete hallways, intimidated by the checkpoints and looming government counters. reminded on why my immigrant family tried to -- in paces like this. today i know hallways -- today city hall a special. we are the level closest to the people so we must be the big in the small. every streetlight, every pothole, every park, every classroom lays the foundation for greater change. our charge is to see every person and listen. to meet people where they are.
10:59 pm
to give hope and to deliver on it. to find joy, in the words of the amazing kim janey, and spread it. let history know not just who she was in his office, but what you got and what she will continue to do for our city. >> [applause] the first time i set foot in city hall i felt invisible. but today i see what is possible in this building. i see all the public servants raising us up. frontline workers, first responders, teachers, bus drivers, building inspectors, city workers. i am deeply honored to work alongside you and i ask everyone to join me in expressing our gratitude for your service. [applause] we have so much work
11:00 pm
to do. and it will take all of us to get it done. so let's get to work. [applause] >> the honorable michelle wu gets night last word. and a programming note. you can hear the latest news and updates from all your favorite msnbc house and the time anywhere with tune in, go to tune in dot com slash msnbc 2021 to listen, commercial free with tune in premium. the 11th hour with brian williams starts now. lliams starts now. >> well, good evening once again day 301 of the biden administration, and the one six committee is sending an unmistakable signal that a critical witness in their investigation will be to show up to testify or face the consequences, which if we're being honest are unclear.