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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  November 17, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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all right that is going to do sibilities. it for us tonight. we will see you again tomorrow. now it's time for the last word with lawrence o'donnell, good evening lawrence. >> good evening rachel, i just want to stress this point about paul gosar. how rare censored is. you were just talking about, it it's only been 24. that's 24 in the entire history of the house of representatives. that is over 11,000 members of the house of representatives. it is really really hard to get sensors. it's really hard thing to do. >> yes. and they have other options, right? they have other things that they can do if you do something that is not quite the sped. i mean, you can be sure from your communities without being censored. you can be stripped from your leadership job, you can be reprimanded in some way, right? you have the house ethics committee say something mean
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about you. there's also of things that can happen. to be censored puts you really out there on the end of the number line in terms of how your behavior compares to, as you say, the 11,000 other people who got this job since the beginning of the country. >> yes, and whenever we cover ethics scandals in washington or something like this, there's this thing in the air about how it's always happening. it just isn't -- you can work an entire career in the house of representatives and never see a sensor vote. most, 99% of the members of the house in the senate have never come close to being accused of an ethics violation in the ethics committee. they live very far away from the line. they don't walk up to the line. that is the overwhelming more than the majority. we are talking up in the 99% area. >> the defense on congressman
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gosar's behalf today from his fellow republicans, given that rarity that you are talking about, i thought was ill conceived. essentially their defense was not about the dignity of the house, it was not about the history of the moment. not about the institution. not about some procedural argument that they could've. made their argument was that they don't think it's that big of a deal. relax. oh ladies, calm down. your cuter when you smile. and that attitude that's behavior, posting a fantasy about killing a fellow member, just as an rise to the level of this -- they missed a moment. i think there's arguments that you can make about these punishments and when they should be used. the we don't care about what he did here was a bad argument. >> yes, and i'm not even sure that we can call what they said a defense. i didn't really hear anybody defending him. i didn't hear anybody saying, i would've done, that in fact, there were a few republicans
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who said, i would've done that. some said it was stupid. some said it was very bad judgment. but, they were saying that it doesn't rise to this level. but he really didn't get people standing up there. actively defending what he did. >> no, it was definitely like oh girls relax, take it easy, can't you take a joke. that was the defense here and i just think that there is a lot of people in this country that are really going to be rubbing the cat in the wrong direction. it just, a motion ali, doesn't go over. well to the extent that there was a defense that the defense was, like anybody who's offended is the problem. and i just think that was the wrong note. i don't know, that's why i'm not a republican member of congress i suppose. >> well paul gosar's sister has been waiting for the state for a long time. the last time that she was on this program she said, won't someone do anything. she was talking about this instance. she was asking why wouldn't anyone do anything, she called
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on speaker pelosi to do something. that something has finally happened. jennifer gosar it is going to start us off tonight. we're going to get her reaction to what happened that day. >> excellent, can't wait, thank you lawrence. >> well at 4:30 pm, today, republican gosar became the 24th person in the history of the house representative to be censored by the. house there have, been over 11,000 members of the house representatives, and only 24 have found themselves standing where paul gosar was ordered to stand today. by speaker nancy pelosi, when she ordered him to stand in the well of the house and listen to the censure's resolution that just passed the house with republican kinzinger. joining to censor paul gosar. >> representative gosar
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presented himself in the wall. by its adoption of the house resolution, seven 80, nine the house has resolved that representative paul gosar of arizona be censured. that representative gosar did was put himself in the world the, house be the pronounced and dissent shirt. that representative paul gosar be censured with the public reason of this resolution by the speaker. and that representative paul gosar did will be, and is hereby removed from the committee on national resources and the committee on oversight. >> before the house voted, republican house leader kevin mccarthy read a ten minute speech written by his staff in which he did not explicitly defend paul co-starred. but suggested that the video that paul gosar tweeted showing, him assassinating congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez, and threatening the life of those was not worse than some of the
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things that he's heard democratic members of the house say in years past. congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez, the target of paul gosar's homicidal video responded to what kevin mccarthy had to say. >> in response to republican leaders remarks when he says that this action was unprecedented, would i believe is unprecedented is for a member of house leadership of either party to be unable to condemn incitement of violence against a member of this body. it is sad. it is a sad day in which a member who leads a political party in the united states in america cannot bring themselves to say that issuing a depiction of murdering a member of
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congress is wrong and instead decides to venture. off into a tangent about gas prices and inflation. what is so hard? what is so hard about saying that this is wrong? not just the republican leader. but i have seen other members of this party advance the argument, including representative gosar himself the illusion that this was just a joke. that what we say and what we do, doesn't matter so long as we claim a lack of meaning. now this nihilism runs deep dish and it conveys and betrays a certain contempt for the meaning and importance of our work here. do you find, does anyone in
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this chamber, find this behavior acceptable? what will you allow depictions of violence against women, against colleagues? would you allow that in your home? do you think that they should have been on a school board? in the city council? in a church? and if it's not acceptable there, why should it be accepted here? lastly, when the republican leader rose to talk about how there are all of these double standards and list of litany of all of these different things. not once did he list an example of a member of congress threatening the life of another. if you believe that this behavior is acceptable, go ahead. vote no who. but if you believe that this
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behavior should not be accepted, then vote yes. it's really that simple, thank you and i yield back. >> our first guest tonight is jennifer gosar, paul gosar's sister. thank you very much for joining us again tonight. the last time you were on this program it was after this video emerged and you were begging for something to happen in the congress, asking nancy pelosi to do something. she finally did do something today. what were you feeling as you watched this today? >> you know, at some level of acknowledgment i want to say vindication. because this is just the first step, lawrence. and to be honest with you, it is about time. this is not the first time that my brother has threatened the life of representative alexandria ocasio-cortez. in 2016, he tweeted another animated video, the death no, this is reported by the a senior, and i do remember this
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actually from the time. once i recalled reading, it it was like yes, i do remember the press report about. this so, he tweeted that he was a hero again. and he listed joe biden, any listed alexandria ocasio-cortez among others. and here is escalating. and we have been pointed out about that killing on the animated videos that is to stir and bone-chilling. they slice their spinal cord with two summits rice cords moving in opposite directions. i found that absolutely bone-chilling. so for him to say that he didn't know that somehow it was a joke, and for members of the house not to step up is really, for me, would've been despicable. if they did, i would absolutely honor that they took away his assignments, and honored representative in putting that motion forward. but this is not the end. this is the first step. and again, i'm looking forward to attorney general merrick
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garland's charges against my brother. >> when your brother did speak to day, he did not apologize. and he did blame his staff. let's listen to what he had to say, today. >> i do not in spells violence among anyone. i've never have. it was not my purpose to make anyone upset. i voluntarily took the cartoon down, not because it was itself a, threat but because some thought it was. out of compassion for those who genuinely felt offense, i felt censored. last, week my staff posted a video, depicting a policy battle regarding amnesty for tens of millions of illegal aliens. this is an enemy that speaks to young voters who are too often overlooked. and the threat was intended by my stuff. normally what >> was your reaction to that? >> it's absolute garbage, lawrence. and in fact, he re-tweeted it today. today.
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after that sensor quote. my brother re-tweeted that same animated video that was copied to him by another. so honestly, really, do you believe it? do you think that with some hubby sincere? i absolutely don't. and in fact he was, boasting about a, staff were great talent they have. i wouldn't imagine. it but again, this is what they settled for, and this is how they do. >> you have seen this coming. you have said publicly that his behavior is worse and will get worse. what do you see coming now that he has been liberated from any pretense of having duties in committee work? >> he is free to continue just direct fund raising with his -- fans. i'm seeing representative not step down on her attacks for other members, in her tweeting phone numbers and then calling them death threats on her fellow republican caucus members. so i don't expect less from my
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brother, unfortunately. and honestly, again, the case has been made more than clear. there is evidence to expel him from this body and to criminally charge him for conspiracy with a coup against the united states of the america. >> jennifer gosar, thank you so much for joining us tonight, and i just want to, say if there's anything else you would like to say, any last words you'd like to say about this that i have not guided you to my questions, please do. >> the one thing i would say, is thank you to the people in the public. there have been people across the country that have reached out to, me and said that they were suffering with the same. and i just wanted to say thank you for your support. keep strong, listen to your voice of integrity, stand up to fascism, never back down. and i also want to think representative alexandria ocasio-cortez for continuing to be the amazing representative that she is for all of us. >> jennifer gosar, thank you
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very much for joining us again tonight. we really appreciate it. >> thank you, i really appreciated to. >> thank you, and joining us now is democratic congressman eric swalwell of california. he cosponsored the resolution, and served of the house impeachment manager of donald trump. and john heilemann he is an msnbc news national affairs analysts executive, and host of the podcast. representative eric swalwell, you've got the center moving by cosponsoring it. what was your reaction to the way the day went today? >> accountability prevails, again lawrence. and we're seeing that was steve bannon. we're seeing them with donald trump in the court, we're seeing it in the house of representatives. it is hard to watch jennifer gosar frankly. to see any family member lose a brother, these are people that grew up together with the same parents, live in the same house, and she's condemning her brother on national television.
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i don't take that lightly. her brother was radicalized by donald trump, he was never condemned by kevin mccarthy. he has been unleashed on the congress and, you know, lawrence you could rightfully say why do we care what paul gosar puts on the internet? there are 5000 minutes posted every week second on youtube. so if weird stuff goes out there, and paul gosar wants to fly around with swords out there, who cares? while we care because paul gosar is a member of congress. and millions of people watched that video. and the temperature in washington it's quite hot. it's quite volatile right here. many of us spend hours as rioters were attacking police officers as we kick back to the floor. so, when he has a fantasy about beheading one of my colleagues, it is not a fantasy thing that this could be a call to action for people who watched online. >> why john heilemann, do i get
10:16 pm
the feeling from congressman gosar that the location of his parking space in the basement garage is probably more important to him thank committee assignments? >> because he doesn't do any actual work, lawrence. the thing about the animated video, congressman eric swalwell is right of course. in the atmosphere of the, week we clearly see, in the country, not just in the congress, that the obviously incited violence. and that needed to be denounced, reprimanded, and taken to accountability. i still think that the congressman knew, who pointed out in office, -- if you made a video like that or one of your colleagues to be fired. i think it's not just about congress it's about common standards of decency. but lawrence, to your point, congressman gosar is not a congressman. he exists only to lead, to be
10:17 pm
part of insurrection's, to be part of mobs, to be part of a right-wing sedition's caucus who wants to overturn the normalcy of our government. wants to overturn the representation of our government. once install got donald trump as president. even though he lost the vote in decisively in the electoral vote. and there is no proof among everything else. we all know the story. right but he doesn't take his job as congressman seriously. he doesn't even, he mocks the oath that he took to office when he took office. he exist to try and undermine institutions and to try and own the [inaudible] . just in on social media and put things that will pursue his [inaudible] aims. i have no idea what is attendance record is in the hearings. but when you, series not thinking of doing the work of the, people the work of the congress couldn't.
10:18 pm
careless >> congressman eric swalwell, john heilemann, has refrained my thinking on this in an instance here which is that he is not a congressman. so you cannot penalize him in any real way with congressional penalties. he can't care about that. >> yes, you have to show others who may care that there will be penalties. and look, paul gosar, as john mentioned, he represents chaos. and americans like chaos, they like law and order. and if we have a country led by those who are unleashing chaos, then we are lost. and so that's why was important today to say that we are going to keep stopping the chaos where we see. it >> john heilemann, you have to think of it the way that traffic patrols think of it, which is that we are not going to catch a respeaker. but when some speeders see us pull people, over they are going to slow down.
10:19 pm
we >> which eric swalwell is 100 percent white. the purpose of this is an example for those who might care. who might be afraid of being stripped from their committee assignments. and there are republicans who do care about. that there are republicans who care to the extent it lisa being part of committee work may bring back some federal funds to their district. federal funds that, if the, ever part of bills can denounce as we've already seen with this infrastructure. bill republicans who voted against it are not going back to their districts and bragging about the money that they're bringing home. but there are republicans up, there who played that, and who were not as much cynical us in right-wing, as right representative gosar. -- and i do think that to the extent that if there were stiffer penalty that the congress had that was remotely applicable to this, action i think for that purpose it would've been worth considering that penalty to bring against
10:20 pm
congressman gosar and, an applicable penalty, a reasonable penalty. the strongest penalty possible. because you must send messages to the other republican members, and any member. who wants to think about doing something again. -- you'd be fired instantly. >> john heilemann and congressman eric swalwell, thank you very much for joining us tonight. >> thank you. >> and coming up, the man who prosecutors called the public face of the capitol riot was sentenced today. his lawyer claimed, he was suffering from mental illness, but he actually told the judge that he had no excuse for what he did when he entered the capitol, that's next. tol, that's next its innovation organic ingredients and fermentation. fermentation? yes, formulated to help your body really truly absorb the natural goodness. new chapter. wellness well done. bipolar depression. it made me feel like i was trapped in a fog.
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those are the two explanations we have now heard two days in a row in federal court for why the trump mob attacked the capital. streaming their desire to kill
10:25 pm
mike pence on january six. yesterday, in federal court in washington was quoted repeatedly saying in this confession to the fbi that he was stupid. he also confessed to delivering multiple electoral shocks to police officer, michael fanone. he then suffered a heart attack. today, the attorney for the man who prosecutors call the public face of the capitol riot, said that his client suffered from mental illness and that it's the fault of the united states navy for not properly treating jacob anthony chansley, 15 years ago for that mental illness. after his lawyers preposterous presentation, jacob anthony chansley, himself, address the court for 30 minutes. he thanked the judge for making sure that he has been provided with organic food during his 317 days that he has already served in jail. jacob anthony chansley said, i was wrong for entering the capital, i have no excuse, no
10:26 pm
excuse whatsoever. i am not an insurrectionist, i am certainly not a domestic terrorist. i am a good man who broke the law. i will never re-offend ever again. and i will always, from here on forward, think of the ramifications of what i do. federal prosecutors asked for a 51 month sentence saying that although jacob anthony chansley was not show on video committing any acts of physical violence against any person, he was carrying a threatening spear through the capital that could be used as a deadly weapon. and, he left this handwritten note for mike pence when he was sitting in the vice president's chair in the senate chamber. it says, it's only a matter of time justice is coming. he wrote that note while the mob in the right of the capital was chanting hang mike pence. judge royce lambert, who was appointed by president ronald reagan in 1987 said he was impressed with the honesty of
10:27 pm
jacob anthony chansley remarks today, and was complete acceptance of his guilt. the judge sentenced jacob anthony chansley to 41 months with credit for the time that he has already served. jacob will be out of prison and serving three years of probation the next time the electoral votes is counted in the congress. leading off our discussion tonight, is what ryan j. reilly, senior for huffington post. ryan j. reilly i was following as best as i could on twitter because there is no cameras in the federal court, of course. it seems like the judge was impressed with jacob chansley's 30-minute presentation. >> yes, you know jacob chansley has been alive the same number of time the same time that jim lambert has been on the bench. and what he said was that he's going to visit one of the most impressive policies that he had heard from the defendant in all of that time. and it was sort of remarkable.
10:28 pm
he was sometimes rambling, very long speech, it was probably the longest speech that i have seen from a defendant to date. it sort of got of topic pretty frequently. they had certain lines in there that certain of been cleared by an attorney, had been embedded. and that was what the attorney investigation said. this wasn't something that he abetted. this was something he just sort of wanted to save from the heart, to say what he wanted to say. >> the prosecutors made the point that chansley did have that spear. he was part of ahmaud that was violent, even though it didn't show him at any point to be physically violent towards anyone. what was -- what did the judge say in his evaluation in how to formulate the sentence? yes, so essentially the guideline called for 21 to 41 months. and the reason why it was called for that was because the
10:29 pm
originally obstruction of the justice charge, that had an added component to it. so, because he let that threatening know for vice president when mike pence, that wasn't a great on his sentencing charge. that gives him a higher category. so that means he would serve a longer amount of time. what the judge did here was basically decided to do a guideline sentence, by the very bottom of what that guy sentence would-be. it was a similar thing that he did with scott fairlamb, who punched that cop in the less it was the same sort of sentence 41 months and i, think that that is going to do, as we go forward. he sort of a guideline for where some more of these lower end of the violent charges come in, i think for a lot of the higher and ones will be a little vicious assault, we are going to be going through a whole different category. but, i think it gives us a sense of where these more serious felony charges that aren't the most serious ones are going to play, in between
10:30 pm
that 41 and 51 months perhaps. depending on some of the individual components in criminal history of the defendants as well. ryan jay riley, thank you very much for your time tonight. we always appreciate it. >> thank you so much for having me. >> thank you. joining us now is democratic congressman pete aguilar of california, he's a member of the january six committee and he is vice chair of the house democratic caucus. congressman, i want to start with this censure vote most members of congress never cast a center vote against a member of the house of representatives. you cast that vote today. what was your feeling at the end of the process today? >> most of my colleagues including myself we don't take a lot of pride in that vote but we have a big obligation to want to protect the institution, to want to protect our colleagues, all of whom are serving under that dome, and to make sure that their safety is
10:31 pm
for most of our mind. that's how i came to the decision to cast this vote, and clearly, this is something i wish the republican conference would have dealt with but kevin mccarthy has a problem with extremism in his caucus and he -- refuses to deal with it. >> the threat in that video was specifically to representative ocasio-cortez and to president biden, but was that threat filled by other members of congress in a personal kind of way? >> someone who threatens one of us is threatening all of us. that is how we feel and that is how i feel if it were to happen to one of my republican colleagues. those of us who serve know how difficult the job is and we don't talk about it often and that's fine we are chosen by our constituents to do this work and we do not apologize for that. but we want to protect each other and make sure that at the end of the day everybody can go
10:32 pm
back home saying that they served and that they did the very best that they could and unfortunately, that type of behavior that paul gosar puts forward really puts a stain on the entire institution. >> in that same federal court building where the jf chan lee was sentenced to 41 months, steve bannon was scheduled to appear tomorrow for arraignment and plea. he's already submitted an guilty plea in writing tonight but there will be a status meeting anyway on his case as of tomorrow. this is the subpoena case that you and the january six committee are pursuing in federal court, why a steve bannon, at this point, the only one who is facing a criminal contempt charge when mark meadows has basically done the same thing that steve bannon has done? >> well, we will deal with some of those other cases and we
10:33 pm
have some options and tools and clearly the public saw to exercise those with mr. bannon. he is someone who has total contempt for the court system, for congress, and for the presidency. that is the difficult part of what the public is seeing though is that there is consequences to the actions that these individuals are taking and we would hope that anyone would follow a lawful subpoena, but clearly, in this individual in some of them are incapable of doing that and that was the first. it doesn't necessarily mean the last, but we will make sure that we are doing everything we can to continue to follow the truth and to chase the facts of what happened on january 6th and the lead up to that. who funded the attack on democracy? would happen on january 5th and sixth? those are the questions that we want asked. >> it seems there are two kinds of witnesses that you are interested in, witnesses who don't need subpoena, some of
10:34 pm
them who have been very helpful, including people who were in the justice department, the trump justice department in the final days. then, those who need subpoenas, who must be subpoenaed in order to testify. so far, none of them have testified. the subpoenaed group seems to be in a position to just defy with this committee wants. >> i don't think that's accurate. i think there are individuals who received subpoenas who continue to engage and have dialogue with us. some folks just want -- they don't want to subpoena. others are uncooperative without one. those are -- our job and cast is to continue to ask those questions in whatever manner we can, to try to get to the truth and so you saw the committee put forward 16 subpoenas last week, and there may be others in the future. we will continue to do everything we can but if someone is willingly going to come in and cooperate, we will
10:35 pm
give them that opportunity. we know that, because we've had over 200 witnesses come forward. we will continue to build the case and find out the information that we need. >> congressman pete aguilar, thank you for joining us tonight. >> thank you, lawrence. >> coming up, we will give congresswoman val demings reaction to the center of paul gosar. that's next. that's next. ♪ when you have nausea, ♪ ♪ heartburn, ingestion, upset stomach... ♪ ♪ diarrheaaaa.♪ try pepto bismol with a powerful coating action. for fast and soothing relief. pepto bismol for fast relief when you need it most.
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gosar, commercial pin -- woman jackie saar said this. >> 23 members of the house in the history of this country have been censored. four accidents including insulting the speaker, or using on parliamentary language. certainly, conduct by a member depicting murdering another member of the house, deserves censure. let me be clear. if a democrat did the same thing, i would introduce the same resolution. >> joining us now is democratic
10:40 pm
congresswoman val demings of florida. she's a member of the house judiciary committee and is running for united states senate in florida. thank you very much for joining us tonight. i wanted to get your view of what happened in the house today, and in what sense does it matter. paul gosar is not gonna change his behavior in any way, what else was at stake today? >> lawrence, great to be back with you. let me just say this for the record, paul gosar has absolutely no business being in congress. i think he is a disgrace to the institution. with that being said, as a former police chief, i am extremely concerned about the violent rhetoric that we are hearing, not just from unfortunately, sadly from members of congress, but also from people all over the country.
10:41 pm
when it is sanctioned though by people in leadership positions -- look, when leaders fail, bad things can happen. we have seen the gop leadership do absolutely nothing, but have a lackluster response which is absolutely shameful. not having paul gosar be able to serve on his committees and continue to spread like a cancer throughout other areas of congress, is a decent start. i do believe that holding him accountable stances an example for those who may still be trying to do the right thing. lawrence, we had to do something, so i was glad to be one of those who voted in favor of censoring him today. >> let's listen to more of what congresswoman a corps eo cortez had to say today. >> our work here matters. our example matters. there is meaning in our service.
10:42 pm
as leaders in this country, one we incite violence month depictions against our colleagues, that trickles down into violence in this country. that is where we must draw the line independent of party identity or belief. it is about a core recognition of human dignity and value and worth. >> one of the benefits for representative alexandria ocasio-cortez going forward areas, she serves in the house oversight committee. congressman gosar was on that committee, now he's no longer on the committee. she will not have to endure his presence in that committee room. >> which, you know, lawrence, congresswoman spears said it best --
10:43 pm
if a democratic member who had promoted violence against another member of the house of representatives and certainly against the president of the united states, they should be held accountable. the difference in what you see on the democratic side of the aisle and the republican side of the aisle, is that the republicans -- i don't know what spell they are under but it doesn't matter where -- whether it's right or wrong, it's about holding bad behavior accountable. that is exactly what we did today, regardless of who the member of congress is. >> the 50 republican members of the senate have had nothing to say about this threat. they are as much a party to this as the house members are. >> well, look, lawrence, when leadership fails bad things
10:44 pm
happen, and certainly, i am running against one of those members in the senate who avoids any type of what they consider controversial issues that may unfortunately for him affect his political ambitions and career. when we look at all of the challenges that we currently have in this nation right now, we need the american people, american families, floridians need real leadership. what we currently have, they deserve better. >> congresswoman val demings, thank you very much for joining us tonight. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> coming up, congresswoman debbie dingell was president biden and a general motors electrical plant in detroit. she will join us next. join us next. so i onfor what i need. how about a throwback?
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again. we are gonna be building and moving again. folks, when you see these projects starting in your hometown, i want you to feel the way i do, pride and what we can do when we are together as the united states of america. and starts here in detroit. >> now is president biden at general motors factory zero electric vehicle assembly plant in detroit. the president delivered the good work to the workers there today, that the bipartisan infrastructure bill that he just signed into law, provides 7.5 billion dollars in funding for electric vehicle charging stations all over the country. this charging stations are absolutely essential to the consumer appeal and utility of the product that those general motors workers are building, and hoping to sell to electric vehicle buyers. president biden is famously a car guy, and today, he was a
10:50 pm
hummer guy test driving general motors new electric hummer. part two of the biden infrastructure plan which the house is scheduled to begin debating tomorrow, contains even stronger support for the manufacturer -- manufacture and sale of the -- it establishes a federal tax credit of $75,000 to the buyers of electric vehicles through 2026 and, that tax credit increases to at least $12,500 to the virus of electric vehicles that are produced by union workers like the union workers at general motors. joining us now is debbie dingell of michigan. she's the senior democratic -- thank you for joining us tonight. what was it like to have the president back in michigan again, and this time, with real support for the electric
10:51 pm
vehicle industry there? >> you know, it's great. it's always great to welcome the president. i am a car girl and he is a car guy. when you see him behind the wheel of anything, he is a very happy man. i like when i see joe biden happy. also, he is here with the message this is an industry that has got to lead the world on mobility. we put the world on wheels, now we are leading it in my ability and going to the combustion engine to the electric vehicle. >> the tesla became the most successful automobile coal company in the world largely through government subsidies, the tax credits like this 7500 that you can still now get for tesla purchases. because they are not a unionized company, the much higher tax subsidy would apply to the general motors electric company and other companies
10:52 pm
produced by union workers. >> part of what's the president doing, he came here earlier this year and was behind the f-1:50 truck. three things that make electric vehicles successful, one, they have to be affordable. the tesla has not been affordable and a lot of people think it is a luxury car. the president, when he's going to these michigan plans, these are real products that people want and have performance and utility. they are real. they are electric vehicles but have performance that people want and being made affordable by tax credits. two, we will be investing in battery research so it has put confidence in the range. three, they have to know they will be able to charge the vehicles when they are on the road and we have to upgrade the power grid. we get those three buckets denim filled, we will convert to an all electric vehicle fleet and we are well on the way to doing that. >> how important is the charger
10:53 pm
component of this in terms of what it will mean for jobs around the country in getting those things installed? >> it will be creating jobs, hot start there. e creating jobs, hot start there. protect american jobs, create american jobs with good paying wages. people need to have confidence that they are going to be able to charge their vehicle. we have filling stations, now we need to be able to see that they can charge their vehicles. i spoke to someone in a tesla and couldn't find any tesla charging area and talked about a weekend that was a nightmare. people need to know when they are on the road they will be able to fill their vehicle. it will cost a lot last to run the electric vehicle on that charge, versus gasoline prices we are seeing right now and we have seen in the past. >> what do you know about the voting schedule in the house at
10:54 pm
this point, on part two of this bill? >> we will not leave washington d.c.. i've not gone back yet. i will go back tomorrow, without voting on build back better. i don't think it could come as late tomorrow night, i am someone who thinks it's more likely to be on friday, saturday at the latest. we will not leave washington until the house passes the build back better. >> congresswoman debbie dingell, thank you very much for joining us tonight. >> thanks, good seeing you, lawrence. >> thank you. >> tonight's last word is next.
10:55 pm
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50 days for us to reach 10% of adults with one shot. when the polio vaccine was first rolled out for kids in the 1950's, it took about three months to cross two and a half million shots in arms. >> today, moderna, formally asked the fda to expand the emergency vaccination to include boosters for all adults 18 and older and the fda is expected to grant that same emergency youth -- making boosters available for all adults ages 18 and older, sometime later this week throughout the country. [inaudible] >> available in some places already. that is tonight's last word. -- [inaudible]
11:00 pm