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tv   Way Too Early With Jonathan Lemire  MSNBC  November 18, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PST

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all right. that is going to do it for us tonight. we'll see you again tomorrow. "way too early" is up next. we're going to be building again. we're going to be moving again. and, folks, when you see these trucks starting in your hometowns, i want you to feel the way i feel, pride in what we can do when we're together as the united states of america, and it starts here in detroit. president biden returns to detroit for an infrastructure victory lap in gm's new electric hummer. there he is. but his next job is to land the social spending bill, and the question is will lawmakers start debate today. plus, the house votes to
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censure republican paul gosar after he submitted a tweet depicting a cartoon killing alexandria ocasio-cortez and threatening president biden. plus, a massive troop buildup under way. the question is what is vladimir putin's endgame? it's "way too early" for this. ♪♪ good morning. welcome to "way too early," the show that hopes there aren't supply chain issues with its thanksgiving pecan pie. i'm jonathan lemire on this thursday, november 18th. we'll start with the news. president biden gets a firsthand look at future with american automobiles touring general motors' factory zero in detroit, michigan. the infrastructure plan provides billions of funding to build a nationwide network of electric
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charging stations. the president even got behind the wheel and test drove one of gm's new electric hummer. it goes 0 to 60 in just three seconds, something the president appears to put to the test. it's also quiet. he also stressed the economic benefits of his plans. >> i just want to mention three pieces of good news today. first, through the leading rating agencies on wall street, they confirmed today the economic proposals we put forward for the nation, the infrastructure law we just signed in the build back better plan are being considered this week, and congress will not add inflationary pressures on the economy. >> we actually created 710,000 more jobs in the country than previously reported. on top of the 5.6 million we already created and have been counted. the walmart and target have made
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public today what they told me about a week ago, that they're stocked up for your the holiday season. their inventories are up and they'll have all the toys, food, and items that people are looking for for the holiday season. the 21st century, we led the world because we invested in our people, we invested in ourselves, but something went wrong along the way. we stopped. we risked losing our edge as a nation. and china and the rest of the world are catching up. well, we're about to turn that around in a big, big way. we're going to be building again. we're going to be moving again. and, folks, when you see these trucks starting in your hometowns, i want you to feel the way i feel, pride in what we can do when we're together as the united states of america. >> the house may start debating the second half of the president's agenda as early as today. the official house schedule
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released from majority leader steny hoyer indicates the florida debate on the social spending package will begin but does not specify a time. house speaker nancy pelosi has already warned lawmakers that they may have to delay their thanksgiving break to hold a vote on the build back better act. joining us now, white house reporter for "bloomberg news," my surprisingly tall friend, josh. in new hampshire earlier this week and then we just saw him in detroit looking gleeful. how do you think it's going? do you feel like the white house is generating public support for the bill and is that going to push lawmakers to push forward with the second part of his bill? >> good morning, jon. the writing was on the wall he was going to hop in the hummer the minute he scheduled that
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trip. he can't help himself. overall, they think they may have found, i guess, a bit of the floor when it comes to his polling. the gridlock in congress was driving that, so was covid. they want the passage of this to sort of drive a rebound. yeah, he's hitting the road. new hampshire, of course, a pretty crucial race in 2022. michigan, one of the states that helped deliver him the presidency. he was talking about the port gridlock. but there are things behind the scenes on inflation, on the economic pressure. a couple of examples he's talking about, walmart, walmart's earnings call is good despite the inflationary pressures that are coming. walmart is gearing up. they seem almost stoked to fight it, but it's not a 100% positive news story, and the inflationary
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pressure he was talking about, he was just saying the bills will reduce it. a bit of a change. overall they want him on the road. they want him talking about things. they think the reason people don't know what is in these bills is because they haven't been able to hear the president or congress talk about it, members of the cabinet. you're going to see them fan out all over the place. if you were wondering when biden's team might show up in your neighborhood, i wouldn't hold your breath all that long. >> i think you're right to note that inflation is the backdrop. how do you see those things being intertwined, josh, in terms of how will the terms of inflation impact the debate, and what sort of role do we anticipate the white house playing with what goes on on the other side of pennsylvania avenue? >> i think in terms of public opinion, the biden administration is hoping the gas
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prices is something that falls off. we're going to see stocked shelves more or less during the holidays that might ease fares for folks who think christmas gifts will be hard to find. now then, of course, he's got this fight over the build back better bill, the second half of the bill, which a lot of members of congress think voters are a little confused about. they think even maybe all these things are in one bill. the infrastructure bill passed. one of the flash points is going to come up today and that was the electric vehicle. they primed the pump for his meeting. they're complaining about the proposed incentives for buying union made, u.s. produced vehicles. it's a big flashpoint in this continental block. that will flare up today and we'll see if it makes the final cut. biden is certainly heading toward wanding some sort of
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passage in the next month, month and a half. you can see pelosi holding people hoss teenage for the thanksgiving holiday and maybe even christmas. >> certainly relations with canada and mexico under this president far warmer than his predecessor, but there certainly could be some points of tension today. >> the president will be naming a new fed chair, a story i know you'll be following. thanks, pal, for being here today. we'll see you again soon. the qanon shaman was handed down a sentence. the judge said what you did was obstruction of the functions of the government. what you did was terrible. you made yourself the epitome of the riot. the 34-year-old arizona man stood out among the january 6th rioters, showing up shirtless
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wearing a headdress and carrying a bullhorn. in a statement before the court, chansley said i admit to the world i was wrong. i have no excuses. my behavior was indefenseth. he went on to say he suffers a personality disorder and is on the a autism spectrum. he's been ordered to pay $206 restitution and serve three years of supervised release after his prison term. steve bannon, former senior adviser to president biden will appear at a virtual hearing today after filing a not guilty plea and waving formal arraignment. his attorney told cnbc it will help make the process more efficient. bannon has been indicted on two counts of contempt of congress, one, for refusing to appear for a deposition for the select committee investigating the capitol january 6th riot and for
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failing to produce requested documents. the committee said privilege does not apply to him because he was not working for the white house on january 6th. if convicted, bannon could face up to a year in prison. still ahead, they spent decades behind bars. now two of the men found guilty in the assassination of malcolm x are expected to have their convictions thrown out. plus, the latest from kenosha, wisconsin, where jurors in the kyle rirten house trial are preparing for a third day of deliberations as his lawyers make a new demand for a mistrial. those stories and a check on the weather when we come right back. e weather when we come right back.
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with cameras to home security monitored by the pros. *laughs* learn more about home security or get our self-monitored solution starting at just $10 per month. two of the men convicted in the assassination of malcolm x are expected to be exonerated today. he was killed in 1965 while
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delivering a speech at a ballroom. now their convictions will be thrown out. a third man was also convicted. he confessed to the murder but said aziz and islam were innocent. key evidence was withheld in the original trial. fbi documents that would have point aid way from aziz and islam were not revealed and they did not disclose reports that undercover officers were present at the time of the shooting. aziz is now 83 years old and was released from prisonen in 1985. islam died in 1989. the defense is asking for a mistrial in the case of kyle rittenhouse. gabe gutierrez has all the details from kenosha, wisconsin. >> reporter: the jurors in the kyle rittenhouse trial are
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apparently wrestling with video evidence. the first question -- >> do we view videos in private or in corporal. my nightmare has come true. >> reporter: they're looking at how best to replay the videos. one shows rittenhouse shooting and killing two men and injured a third. >> how crucial are the video is to this case? >> they are vital. the prosecution put their whole case on a drone video that seemingly appeared out of nowhere, out of thin air. >> reporter: the defense argues prosecutors did not share a high-resolution copy of this drone video until two days before closing arguments. the prosecution says it didn't realize it was a lower quality copy. >> whenever you request a mistrial, you're setting up for an appeal. >> reporter: judge schroeder
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answered questions about why he allowed the deft to select six alternate jurors. >> i think people feel bet when they have control. >> reporter: the judge also taking on public criticism of the attorneys in the case. >> i'm going to think long and hard about live trial television of a trial again next time. >> our thanks to gabe gutierrez. we'll note, live coverage allows for more transparency of the court proceedings. a script supervisor for the movie "rust" is suing producers on the set including alec baldwin. she alleges safety protocols were not followed that resulted in reckless behavior. >> i'll never forget what happened on the set of "rust" that day. i relive the shooting and explosion of the gun over and over. i'm depressed. i don't feel safe. i feel like at any moment
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anything could happen to me and those that i care about that are standing close to me. >> the lawsuit seeks compensation for the intentional infliction of emotional distress and deliberate infliction of harm among others. still ahead, the nfl updates its covid protocars, and a major tennis star is skipping the australian open. sports is up next. we'll do it all. sports is up next. we'll do it all. sports is up next. we'll do it all. ennis star is s australian open. sports is up next. we'll do it all. n. sports is up next. we'll do it all. some people have joint pain, plus have high blood pressure. they may not be able to take just anything for pain. that's why doctors recommend tylenol®. it won't raise blood pressure the way that advil® aleve® or motrin® sometimes can. for trusted relief, trust tylenol®. learning about our history with ancestrydna®, inspired us to learn more about our culture and where we come from. ...right here? ohhh my god.
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taking ozempic® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may increase low blood sugar risk. side effects like nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea may lead to dehydration, which may worsen kidney problems. looking to get back in your type 2 diabetes zone? ask your health care provider today about once-weekly ozempic®. oh, oh, oh, ozempic®! you may pay as little as $25 for a 3-month prescription. welcome back. time for sports. toronto blue jays rebonded from an abysmal season. he took a major pay cut throwing 240 stliecouts in 2021 and earned the a.l.'s top pitching prize. the milwaukee brewers player returned from a covid bought and edge out philadelphia zack wheeler for the cy young.
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burns drew 14 second places to his nine. the fewest for a cy young award winner a non-shortened season and led to a spirited debate among baseball writers and fans. meanwhile 2019 cy young award winner justin verlander who missed most of 2020 and all of 2021 is expected to return to the houston astros with player option for a second season. the 38-year-old had rejected houston's $18.4 million qualifying offer before agreeing to the deal. the yankees had rumored to be in on him, but verlander stays in houston. the nfl is intensifying its covid protocols. the team members are required to wear masks inside facility regardless of their vaccination status.
2:22 am
there will be cameras installed for enforcement. it comes as a result of increasing rates of infection across the country and the league. there were 34 cases among players. last week marking the highest caseload of the season so far. speaking of the nfl. tonight's thursday night game features the nfl and mine doing the patriots. you might remember when these two teams played in the super bowl. roger federer is speaking openly for the first time since undergoing a third right knee injury in august which caused him to withdraw from the u.s. open. the news sadly still not great. not only signals he'll miss the australian open upcoming in a couple of months but told a swiss paper, i'd be incredibly surprised to play wimbledon. he has not played on tour since the all england club in july.
2:23 am
in melbourne, federer won six of his titles incluing in 2018. the french open airs in may. i do fear this could be the end. he estimates he could return in 2022, which leaves the summer open as a poblts. fingers crossed. turning to the nba where the lakers are eagerly awaiting the return of lebron james after an abdominal strain. he hopes to be back for tomorrow night's game. with the king off the court, the lakers were no match for the defending champion milwaukee bucks last night. the lakers falling 8-8 on the season. that's a shame. time now for the weather. and let's go to meteorologist bill karins for the forecast. bill, today's the day you encourage we all wait.
2:24 am
here i am. my dedication, my work ethic has led me to be here today despite your peer pressure. what's it look like out there? >> maybe you'll get the afternoon, i'm sure. that's going to be it. we're only a week away from thanksgiving, so let's get right into this and take you through the next seven days. today's your day, probably the warmest day we're going to have maybe until march or april, so 75 today in wads. nearly 70 in d.c. boston has a chance of hitting 70 degrees. you see the cold air in minneapolis and chicago. that cold air will make it to the northeast as we head into your friday. here's your friday forecast, get away day. upstate new york, rain and snow in the northwest. as we go to saturday, it's a pretty quiet weather map. so if you're doing any pre-thanksgiving travel, getting to your destination early, there's not really any issues. on sunday, light rain, light
2:25 am
snow in minnesota and wisconsin, not a huge deal. that storm we track to the east coast. remember i said we could have a big storm possible monday and tuesday? it doesn't get strong off the coast. it will be cold about it will be windy, but i don't think we'll have horrible airport props, jonathan. we'll have minor problems with the rain and wind, but i don't think it will be the huge storm i was afraid of earlier this week. good news for holiday travel early next week. >> yeah, bill, that certainly is encouraging. i know officials believe there could be significant amounts of americans traveling this year. so many stays home a year ago during the height of the pandemic and there are concerns about virus cases picking up. but compared to a year ago, much better. and people want to see friends and family they missed. i know you'll keep an eye of the forecast for us. still ahead, the house votes to censure paul gosar. can we expect the gop to return the favor on a democrat before
2:26 am
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welcome back to "way too early." it's just about 5:30 on the east coast, 2:30 on the west coast. i'm jonathan lemire. for the first time in
2:30 am
history the congress voted to censure a colleague. paul gosar was censured and stripped of his positions on the committees. he aired a kartun killing alexandria ocasio-cortez and slashing president biden with a weapon. there's this response by ocasio-cortez. >> it's a sad day in which a member who lead as political party in the united states of america cannot bring themselves to say that issuing a depiction of murdering a member of congress is wrong. what is so hard about saying that this is wrong? this is not about me. this is not about representative
2:31 am
gosar. but this is about what we are willing to accept. >> following the vote to censure him, gosar issued his own defense, liking himself to one of the founding fathers. >> i do not espouse violence toward anyone. i never have. it was not my purpose to make anyone upset. >> if i must join alexander hamill tennessee, the first to be censured by this house, so be it. it is done. >> alexander hamilton, huh? just two republicans, liz cheney of wyoming and adam kinzinger broke from the republican party. >> throughout the entire history of the house of representatives, it's been an unwritten rule or norm of conduct that one party was not attempt to exercise a veto other the other party's committee assignments but his
2:32 am
behavior threatened that norm and threatened a new round of partisan punishment any time the majority changes hands. >> in their defense, democrats pointed to a look of action by house minority leader kevin mccarthy as to why they took it upon themselves to punish a member of the opposing party. >> i would have to agree with my learned colleague that these are unusual actions, but these are also unusual times. every time we've seen a new loi in conduct from our colleagues across the aisle, we get crickets or excuses from the republican party. >> joining us now, nbc news capitol correspondent leanne called well. caldwell. thank you for being here. what is so hard about saying this is wrong? it's powerful and struck a real chord with people, but what is happening on the other side of the aisle? what is mccarthy and rank-and-file republicans? how are they approaching gosar?
2:33 am
are they just going to turn the page. >> walk us through what became a pretty historic moment. >> good morning, jonathan. why it's so hard to say what's wrong with it is politics. leader mccarthy has planned and wanted to become speaker next year if the republicans take control of the house, and he knows if he comes down too hard on any of his members that that could threat chb his vote for speaker next year. you have to look at everything through the prism of that. but there is definitely a dissolution of comedy on capitol hill, the relationship of republicans and democrats is at the lowest point i've seen it ever, and it goes to -- there's direct lines to january 6th and that still lack of trust that democrats have of republicans. they're also saying this is just more examples of workplace
2:34 am
violence, workplace harassment, violence against women, and so democrats are united in their effort to censure gosar, which they succeeded at. but also with republicans threatened retaliation next year and perhaps censure of democratic members, this -- republicans tried to censure maxine waters earlier this year, and so republicans have used this tool before over and over again, so this is not some -- the fact that its path was unprecedented. the last time it happened was 2010 against charlie rangel over an ethics violation, but for a party to try to censure another member, republicans have done it as recently as april, jonathan. >> yeah. a little bit of hypocrisy there, leigh ann. remember the congresswoman felt she was being personally
2:35 am
targeted during the riot. i don't think we can blame her or other democrats to not trust republicans looking to insight more violence. shifting gears while we have you, the build back better act, that's happening this week. debate starts today. perhaps we also should know and hope you can figure us in when we'll get that cbo score, which a lot of members are looking to see before they let it impact their votes. tell us where we are right now on the state of play and the build back better act in the house. >> yeah. democrats hope to have that cbo score perhaps as early as today, most likely tomorrow. that's what the congressional budget office said, which i will add is quite quick for the cbo to come out with a score, a cost analysis on this massive piece of legislation. democrats are pressuring them to work really quickly. they want to pass this. jonathan, i will say the murmurings on capitol hill are much different than they were two weeks ago when you could tell that this legislation was
2:36 am
not going to pass. you're not hearing a lot of it. people are confident they have the support of that handful of moderates who want to see that cbo score, that regardless of what the cbo said, that they think that they have the votes, and they think that they're going to pass it this week. now, of course, if and when the house does pass it, it has to go to the senate where there's still going to be some hefty key bait including there's some bad news on the s.a.l.t. cap provision where it shows the wealthiest will get the biggest tax benefit, which breaks the democrats' promise where the wealthiest will not face a tax inkreechlts there are still questions if they pass it this week, jonathan. >> that vote may come as a little as saturday. i think the looming prospect of thanksgiving holiday will perhaps hasten things along. we'll come back to that. thanks for being here today.
2:37 am
still ahead, wheel go live to cnbc for an early look at the business headlines you need to start your day. "way too early" is coming right back. your day "way too early" is coming right back [music: "i swear"] jaycee tried gain flings for the first time the other day... and forgot where she was. you can always spot a first time gain flings user. ♪ ♪♪
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must be carried across all roads and all bridges. it's not magic that makes more holiday deliveries to homes in the us than anyone else, it's the hardworking people of the united states postal service. it's 40 past the hour. time for business. joining us, julianna tatelbaum. good to see you. inflation rises at a record pace. what impact in your analysis with the economists you talk to could president biden's spending plan have as an impact on the u.s. and maybe the global economy. >> the jury is still out, jonathan. you've got critics of the deals arguing that these spending plans from president biden could add to inflationary pressures that are already very prominent in the u.s. economy. on the other hand, you have proponents of the deals arguing that they are going to spur
2:41 am
longer-term economic growth, they're going to show longer productivity and take the edge off inflation. the jury is out as to what the actual impact will be. as to markets yesterday, we did see u.s. markets down lower. the dow jones pulled back 200 points and the s&p 500 and nasdaq ended lower. we've got a couple more earnings to look out for. applied materials and tjax. we're going to get into a look at the job market. >> so inflation isn't just taking a toll in the u.s., of course. the consumer price index in great brittain has risen more than 4%. what's driving the record-high numbers there? >> it's absolutely a global phenomenon, jonathan, that we're seeing. in the uk, inflation rising at its fastest pace in ten years in october. in terms of the drivers, we're seeing higher fuel and energy prices drive up that inflation
2:42 am
rate, also the cost of new cars and eating out. very strong inflationary pressures coming through. yesterday we saw the british pound rise versus the dollar as this raises the prospect of the bank of england, our central bank raising interest rates sooner rather than later. >> we know there are significant labor shortages here in the u.s. retailers, the big ones, walmart, target, they've been raising parks offering benefits and more work hours for employees to combat the shortages and also dealing with demand spikes. how do these measures impact investors and consumers? >> well, it sounds as though there are help wanted signs everywhere you look in the u.s. what we heard from walmart and target ceos interestingly this week when they delivered their earnings, they're not too worried about hiring. walmart hired 200,000 workers ahead of the holiday season. a number of jobs have come in
2:43 am
the supply chain area as they try to make sure they're not disrupted too much by the supply chain chances that could persist. the ceo also said the hiring situation changed fast. we saw people come back, he said, and in a matter of weeks we were back to being fully staffed. so it sounds like walmart is actually doing okay. meanwhile you are seeing the likes of macy's planning to raise hourly wages to $15, also begin to offer college tuition assistance to try to win workers. starbucks and costco raising the wages they are offering. so clearly there is steep competition for these workers. putting it all together, retailers will expected to hire between 500,000 to 665,000 compared to 486,000 that were hired in 2020, jonathan. >> so many interesting story lines to follow. cnbc's julianna tatelbaum live from london. thanks. still ahead, growing concerns that russia is planning
2:44 am
to invade ukraine. and as we go to break a look at this day in history. 45 years ago spain looked to establish democracy after 37 years of dictatorship. >> at the last minute tonight, the conservative faction withdrew its opposition to the reform bill and spain took its first big step toward democracy. >> a new parliament will be elected by the people within the next few months. spain has not had a free election in nearly 40 years. a fe election in nearly 40 years. 's w no7 pure retinol range. informed by 15 years of scientific research; to target the appearance of dark spots, wrinkles and boost radiance. and formulated to be gentler to skin. with age comes more... get more with neutrogena® retinol pro plus. a powerful .05% retinol that's also gentle on skin. for wrinkles results in one week. neutrogena®. for people with skin.
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russia could potentially invade ukraine. they say nearly 1,000 russian troops have gathered near the borders this week, sparking fears of a repeat of their invasion of crimea. u.s. officials warned the european counterparts about
2:48 am
potential military action. joining us now, brian klass. thank you so much for being here. you have a new book, "corruptible," and we'll come back to that. let's talk about what's going on between russia and ukraine at the border. can you give us a sense? how clear are these fears. >> we have a good reason to be worried. i think when you wonder why vladimir putin does anything, it comes back to a subject i know well, and that's power. what vladimir putin is thinking about right now is deflecting a crisis. i think that's what's happening here. i think there's also, you know, a real risk that ild could spill into an actual conflict through miscalculation. i think we should be worried. i think putin is trying to
2:49 am
consolidate power within russia and that's why he's cracking down on dissidences and ngos and people within russia trying to challenge putin. >> sticking with eastern europe, give us a breakdown of what's happening with belarusians at the border with poland and what role does moscow play in that? >> i've done research. one of things you have to understander alexander lukashenko he's largely to an extent, a puppet of moscow who's trying to weapon nice migrants as weapons against the european union and try to create a problem for the west. this comes after he has effectively tried to kip various dissidents and crack down on dissent because of mass protests. this is something i talk in my book which is when people who are power hungry face these threats internally, they find ways to deflect blame, deflect crisis and masquerade themselves
2:50 am
as a savior. what's common between lukashenko and putin is theyle foe meant fears to save themselves with the price of manufacturing. >> at least in terms of the countries we're discussing, dis think we may know the answer to this question you posed in your new book. do worse people get power, do they? >> i study dictators, this book goes much further than that. trying to understand why certain types of people are drawn to power than others. i interviewed 500 people, the majority of whom should not be anywhere near power. i combined it with insights of psychology and neuro science to figure out how power changes your brain and biology and etcetera, there are certain kinds of people who are drawn to power but the system we have
2:51 am
matters too. where you just talked about paul gosar, you think of how accountability and the lack there of draws certain types of people into politics. the problem we have to think about is what do we do when bad people seek power. the answer is we reward them or we give them a slap in the risk. >> i can't get off the image of vladimir putin sitting on the board of my homeowner association. the book is terrific, it's called "corruptible." thank you for being here. please come back soon. we ask you all this question, why are you awake? >> i am up way too early because i am too excited to sleep. my first grandchild comes today. congratulations that's something to look forward to.
2:52 am
dan, what do you have there? >> planning our first family trip to new york city. >> that's entirely too many. the transit authority's app is pretty good. google app gets it done. google maps, you will be find. michelle writes this. i am up way too early because today is my seventh graders embark on their study of the bill of rights. and nancy shares this photo, i am up way too early preparing may santa cam for my class. i am going to draw an inference here. the santa cam is met to be a realtime video to the north pole where santa is watching, therefore, kids need to behave if they want presents for christmas.
2:53 am
that's extremely effective. santa is watching. be good, right? up next, a look at the axios one big thing. coming up why todd young says china is afraid of this new bill. plus, our jason sudeikis joins us on the conversation and we'll look at his lineup of charity event and we'll talk about "ted lasso." "morning joe" is a few minutes away. joe" is a few minutes away but then ray went from no to know. with freestyle libre 2, now he knows his glucose levels when he needs to. and... when he wants to. so ray... can be ray. take the mystery out of your glucose levels, and lower your a1c. now you know. try it for free. visit
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joining us now, alayna treene, it's always great to see you. what is axios' one big thing? >> good morning. senator manchin made it clear he's not going to support paid
2:57 am
leave. some democrats are privately reaching out to republicans, trying to find a work around manchin to get this done. republicans see them amendable. a lot of republicans want a paid leave provision, they made clear to me and some of their aides told me they're not going agree with any sorts of deal. so senaor gillibrand has been reaching out to ten republicans trying to get them on board and having talk ws them and the hopes that if it does not passed in this massive social spending bill, they could get a bipartisan deal down the road. >> certainly an issues democrats wanting to push for a long time. in a moment that it does not have any bipartisanship as dem lawmakers look towards the
2:58 am
midterms, how legitimate concerns do they have for retaliation for gop leaders after yesterday's votes to sensor congressman gosar? >> it shows the polarization on politics on capitol hill and within the house of representatives ochlt it's really at a deeper pitch. republicans including leadership and kevin mccarthy have said that what they're seeing happens, paul gosar and marjorie taylor greene, they plan to have that retribution. if and when they take back the majority. we interviewed a ton of republicans about this. ilhan omar and congressman
2:59 am
swalwell think they should have the same type of sensor. it's a real possibility. we speak with pelosi, she says no democrats are threatening the lives of other members so she stops worrying about it. >> alayna treene, thank you so much. thank you to all ofl you for waking up way too early with us. "morning joe" is about to start. who's more handsome and charming, jason sudeikis or willie geist? >> here health providers have been told to give a booster shot to all who wants them. any chance we can expand to those adults who don't want them? because they're the problem. >> we'll talk to mayor de blasio
3:00 am
and ted lasso, jason sudeikis. steve bannon pleads not guilty on the attack. paul gosar is booted from his house assignments after posting a violent cartoon threatening his colleagues. can lawmakers finally get a grip after weeks left to deal with the debt limit and a possible shutdown. that's the question among many this morning. welcome, it's thursday, november 18th, with us here in washington, we have michael steel, ed


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