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tv   Hallie Jackson Reports  MSNBC  November 18, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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part of a leadup to this afternoon's big summit with the two of them and the canadian prime minister. big issues at play at a key time from covid and immigration to the supply chain to competition with china. over in the house, building behind me, closely watched budget score on president biden's climate and social spending plan should drop sometime this afternoon. it is obviously afternoon right now. at least on the east coast. we're on alert for that. since it's about to set emotion into fast-moving developments with the house ready for a possible vote soon. plus, latest from the two high-profile verdict watch. jury watch, the man who shot ahmaud arbery wraps up his testimony in georgia. and new reporting. instagram apparently now investigated by a handful of states. reporter with that scoop just posted hopping in front of the camera and joins us live in a minute. i'm hallie jackson in washington along with msnbc's ammad at the
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white house. what about this critical feeding between president biden and the mexican leader and timing. thought it would go down sooner than it actually is. >> reporter: hallie, why would you believe that? delaying its timing. why we're here. the briefing is still going on. this meeting upcoming with mexican president obrador is likely to be shifted later into your hour but we'll keep an eye on that. comes on an important day for the white house where they wanted to have individual meetings first with the two closest neighbors to the united states, canada and mexico. earlier the president met with the prime minister, justin trudeau and the next few minutes will gather with the mexican leader to discuss, of course, all of these issues of economic cooperation, the pandemic, and then, of course, at the top of the agenda, also stemming the flow of migration from central america and up through mexico into the united states.
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you know, that is supposed to be a major topic of conversation between these two leaders. and then later this afternoon, all three of them will come together in the first north american leaders summit since 2016. the reason that's significant is because those events were halted in the trump administration essentially because of tensions with those two countries. so the white house aim here today is to really restore those relationships. we know they've had meetings, have met at different summits. remember, the vice president went to mexico earlier this year to have all of these important discussions. so this is about mending and repairing that, but there are a lot of thorny issues and a lot on the table. canada in particular is not pleased about something that would be in the build back better bill if it does pass in its current form, which is these tax credits for electric people. a lot discussed with more to come on the mexican side in a little bit. >> i would be remiss as a human being, monica, if i didn't ask you what was happening behind you.
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only because it is, like, couldn't be more perfectly positioned over your shoulder in what appears to be a receiving line at a wedding with a lot of photographs happening. is there core media here? >> reporter: absolutely. canadian and mexican press corps is here, triple the size we normally have. a gorgeous 70-degree day here in washington and class is held outside and many photographs taken. >> thank you so much. appreciate your reporting. thanks for being with us from the white house north lawn. monica will stand by and we'll bring you more when we start to see the discussions from president biden maybe this hour, maybe next hour, but also this hour, following the latest from the two big trials happening in wisconsin and georgia. in kenosha, the jury in day three of deliberations in the double homicide trial against kyle rittenhouse with the defense's multiple requests for a mistrial still hanging in the ball. further south in brunswick, georgia, the man accused firing the fatal shot that killed ahmaud arbery taking a real grilling from the prosecution.
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i bring in the folks covering these trials for us. shaq brewster in kenosha, ron allen in brunswick and former prosecutor and msnbc legal analyst kristen gibbons. shaq, start with you in kenosha. feels like from reporting i've seen from you and our team on the ground, things are getting tense. right? temp is frigid but heat is on a little bit. what's the sense of things that you're getting from there, and then what about this ruling on those mistrial motions? any idea had we might get those from the judge? >> reporter: hallie, start with figuring outside of the court. you hear demonstrators behind me, tell you, yes. people are anticipating this verdict. the sense of anticipation is growing. you have demonstrators out on the courthouse steps. they've been there despite the temperatures, despite the lack of updates we've gotten from inside the courtroom. now, we also saw the county sheriff come over and give some of the people outside cookies. he had warm treats for them.
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warm drinks for them. they're trying to reduce the tension making sure people are okay. that's happening out the courtroom. we are extended beyond 20eliberg deliberationing. haven't heard anything from yesterday when they asked to see more video. we know the video is crucial to the case. the judge provided them a computer to see that and let them come down in the courtroom. cleared the courtroom so they could watch some video exhibits in this trial. now, while we haven't heard from the jury and while they have been tucked away in their deliberations we heard from the judge address a separate matter. addressing the matter heard from the kenosha police department last night when they said that they suspected a member of the media was following a juror and detained this member of the media. named nbc news and msnbc news and banned msnbc personnel from
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entering the courthouse. said he's taking this matter extremely seriously. i do want to read a statement from nbc news. a spokesperson from the organization that says, last night a freelancer received a traffic citation while the traffic violation took place near the jury van, the freelancer never contacted or intended to contact the jurors during deliberations and never photographed or intended to photograph them. we regret the incident and will fully cooperate with authorities on any investigation, and hallie, just add a little context to what you see there. we heard the judge yesterday kind of go after members of the media broadly and saying that he would consider and reconsider next time whether or not he wants to have the cameras in the courtroom. >> right. >> reporter: you know he's been under a lot of scrutiny. had a lot of attention even by kyle rittenhouse the defendant, plucked out some members and went through stories in local media saying he was troubled by
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some of the speculation around this case. one of the pieces of speculation he took issue with was his decision not to rule on that mistrial motion from the defense. something that they filed earlier in the week. the judge said yesterday morning he hadn't read it yet. we know he has since read that mistrial motion and wanted to give the prosecution a chance to respond to that but he knows the attention. feels the attention on this case and feels the eyes on this case and taking that seriously. you can tell definitely something that a lot of people are anticipating as the jury continues to be locked away in their deliberation, hallie. >> ron, turn to you about the other trial, of course, following. the mcmichael/bryan trial. a chance to cross-examine travis mcmichael who fired the gun. of course on trial for murder here and a couple key moments i think people really are looking at as relates to that cross-examination. talk us through it. >> reporter: well, first, hallie, there was a big crowd of people here today that didn't go
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unnoticed. you remember those comments that defense attorney made about black pasters being in the courtroom in support of the arbery family, and today dozens or more of black pastors showed up from across the region here to support the arbery family and in direct response to that, those calls to exclude them from the courtroom. a motion that, again that defense attorney kevin gough made again this morning. the judge denied it. now, on the cross-examination issue, yes. the defense -- the prosecution has been trying to basically challenge travis mcmichael's version of the events, that he was acting in self-defense. that arbery was attacking him. here's a bit of the back and forth. take a listen. . >> didn't threaten you in anyway? >> no. >> didn't verbally threaten you? >> not verbally. >> yell at you? >> not verbally, no.
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>> didn't swear. >> no. >> didn't say anything? >> no. >> he didn't pull out a gun. >> he did not pull out gun. >> turned around and ran away? >> reporter: that was the message prosecutors were trying to get across to the jury that arbery was not armed, that he did not attack the defendants, that he was just running down the street, and they also have been trying to tell the jury that whatever was going on before, what we see on the videotape, doesn't matter. the times that the defense has been focussing on these images of him in a neighborhood house in the days and weeks leading up to this fatal encounter. the prosecution insists none of that matters. what matters is what happened that day between the defendants and arbery. defense moved on. hearing from residents of the neighborhood where this all happened and basically the defense is calling them to talk about experiences they've had with crime. with cars broken into. with being afraid of suspicious people coming in and out of the house under construction that was owned by a man named larry
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english we've heard about through the trial where arbery was spotted in the weeks leading up to the fatal encounter. the defense is trying to portray this neighborhood as a place on edge, worried about robberies and burglaries and the defendants, mcmichaels especially, acted as responsible citizens out trying to chase someone who they thought was suspicious and might have been behind some of those crimes. that's what their argument is and they say they were trying to make a citizen's arrest or detain arbery until police could get there. the prosecution on cross-examination really tried to just beat down that explanation by the defendants, and today, again, the cross-examination ended. unclear where that all stands right now. unclear what the other defendants will testify, take the stand in their own defense. that's unclear. at this moment the defense case continues to play out with an effort by the defense to highlight all of this happened in a very dangerous neighborhood on edge.
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>> also this -- stand by one second. a tense moment from the trial this afternoon leading to the defense to call for basically admonishment of the prosecution and i think in front of the jury. play that and then talk about it with you. >> do you believe that someone stealing is deserving of the death penalty -- >> objection. rel verngs your honor. >> i'll withdraw the question, judge. >> a motion to make at this point. >> what was the strategy? do you think? behind that? >> you know, whenever you ask a question, particularly on cross-examination, your goal is to ask the question. you want the jury to hear the question. sometimes you don't really care about the answer. right? and to basically say, your whole theory of the case to the jury, once you ring that bell, it didn't really get unrung, even if the judge admonishes you in front of the jury. she asked, do you think this man
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deserved to die, without saying -- said it more artfully and, though, yes, it's inappropriate, right? that particular witness's opinion as to the mcmichael's action is not on trial here. right? we're looking at whether or not the mcmichaels and bryan killed arbery and really that witness' opinion whether or not he should have died as an alleged theft or burghleys is irrelevant. inappropriate question but strategy ring the bell and it was wrong. >> quickly here, i know you've had a chance to talk over the course of the trial with members of ahmaud arbery's family. i wonder are there updates how they're doing and feeling about things as of this afternoon? >> reporter: they're feeling very good that all of these black pastors and other supporters are here. hundreds of people literally have come here today. the arbery family has said all along that they welcome the support. remember, this happened almost
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two years ago. in february of 2020. and for a long time there was not a lot of attention paid to it, because that was just the beginning of the covid pandemic. so things went very quiet. the family said during that time they felt very much alone and never knew if they would get to this day a trial and opportunity for justice for their son. so to see big crowds here today and hear the support and for this to be on the national agenda for them they're feeling hopeful that they will get justice. but, of course, like everyone else here, like so many others here, concerned about just what this jury, how this jury will see the case. hallie? >> ron allen, shaq brewster, kristy, thank you for being with us leading us off on the show. appreciate it. as we mentioned, a bunch of breaking news juggling or about to juggle this hour, because we expect at some point on capitol hill the budget office is officially expected to score as
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it's called the cost of the democrats big spending package. not because we love nerdy stuff buck make or break for the bill which could get a vote soon. and breaking news from silicon valley. instagram under investigation reportedly for its effects on kids. in oklahoma hours before scheduled execution the governor is stepping in stopping it at the last minute. we're live with that story, next. for severe eosinophilic asthma. nucala reduces eosinophils, a key cause of severe asthma. nucala is not for sudden breathing problems. allergic reactions can occur. get help right away for swelling of face, mouth, tongue or trouble breathing. infections that can cause shingles have occurred. don't stop steroids unless told by your doctor. tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection. may cause headache, injection site reactions, back pain, and fatigue. ask your doctor about nucala. find your nunormal with nucala. (kids chatter) pnc bank believes that if your phone can help you track your pizza
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want to get to breaking news on something we've talked about a lot on this network. you've probably talked about it a lot. effect of social media on younger kids. right? specifically instagram. the "wall street journal report"ing a bipartisan coalition of states attorney general investigating how instagram recruits and affects young people. those attorney generals from eight states investigating meta, formerly facebook, violated
12:19 pm
consumer protection laws putting the public at risk. with me the reporter who broke that story. "wall street journal's" jeff horowitz. jeff, thrilled to have you with us. tip of the spear on the great reporting the "journal" has been doing on the facebook files. this obviously comes after a lot of coverage as relates to capitol hill, on congress' role in stepping in, and, of course, those really high-profile hearings with francis halligan, the facebook whistle-blower. how does that add to the questions facing not facebook but meta now? >> sure. this has been, interest from the states' ag wrote a letter to instagram asking for the company to put plans for a children's service on hold, which is something that instagram did do after a lot of public attention. >> right. >> to the step that we were all talking about that frances halligan brought forward. and this seems like an
12:20 pm
escalation of that. obviously i think there is bipartisan sort of concern about the way instagram was first pursuing its children's products, but also more generally how it affects kids and their mental health, and seems like an area where both members of congress and state a.g.s seem to think there is perhaps common ground to dig in on. >> bipartisan a.g.s here. right, jeff? >> absolutely. yeah. so massachusetts and nebraska are both, you know, both taking lead roles in this. coordinating group of eight states includes florida, new jersey, california. tennessee. a pretty wide range of politics among the enemies who seem to this this is something worth digging in on. >> just to remind people, when we talk about the impact of insta groome that this research shows brought forward by
12:21 pm
halligan, talking about, for example, body image issues. i know you've done a lot of talking with meta, with facebook, with instagram about this. we also talked to officials saying it's taken out of context. we do a lot to protect younger users. heard any from meta on this new investigation? >> we haven't gotten comments beyond this. i'm not expecting anything totally different from the idea, look, doing our best and things are not proven. that's kind of true. certainly there is no causely demonstrated here, but that said, the work we did shows that it is the company's best understanding that its own products can be very harmful, particularly to teenage girls in relation to body image issues. >> last question. timing. do we know how long the investigation by these states might take? >> we do not. i think these things tend to take a good, long while, and sounds like they are really planning on investigating this pretty broadly. so exactly what the theory is,
12:22 pm
it wasn't stated today. but they are looking into both the effects on children and also ways in which meta might have sought to make its products stickier and keep attention of young people. it's not in their interest to be on the platform quite so much. >> wait. i said last question. one more. do they even -- what kind of power to compel meta to turn over documents aiding them in this investigation? >> there is the no subpoenas or anything of that nature, that have been discussed at this point. certainly state a.g.s have historically been fairly effective at getting documents out of companies moving back to things like tobacco litigation. a long history there of state a.g.s sort of being the, the front edge of a larger effort. so, you know, i think it's a little premature to is a exactly what they'd be asking for and their odds of getting it, but the fact they are publicly stating they're going in on this
12:23 pm
issue, seems hard to imagine that's going to be the last we'll hear of this i. hear you. thank you for, for going with my premature questions. from the "wall street journal" great to have you on. thank you. great reporting. glad to share it here. appreciate it. more breaking news coming out of the state of oklahoma. where there is some news for julius jones. his sentence commuted just hours, hours, before he was set to be executed. jones was convicted of killing paul howl in 1999. at the time jones was 19. a lot of protests throughout the state, because compelling evidence suggested jones did not actually commit this crime. more than 6.5 million people signed a petition to try to exonerate jones. celebriies like kim kardashian-west and now news in today the governor has, in fact, given jones that commutation. vaughn hill is with us. covering this quite a while.
12:24 pm
reaction. jubilation the execution won't happen but he may still spend the rest of his life in prison? >> reporter: exactly. three hours prior to being slated to die by lethal injex. for 22 years continually claimed innocence. 19 years old when a man, paul howl, murdered in this driveway with two kids in the back seat of his vehicle. for those 22 years, julius jones has maintained that he was set up by another man who was actually the gunman in this case, ultimately, though, convicted of this murder. sentenced to the death penalty. that's what brings us here to 2021. what you have seen is the folks around this investigation say that he maintained innocence, and questions about that investigation. the governor made this decision, deciding to commute his sentence to life in prison without parole. now, i want to let everybody
12:25 pm
look at the statement here from julius jones' attorney. what they hoped the commutation would be for ultimately a chance of parole. that statement saying in part, we hoped the governor would adopt the board's recommendation commuting julius' sentence to life with possibility of parole in light of the overwhelming evidence of julius'sinnocence, grateful the governor prevented an irreparable mistake. >> millions sent out to sign the petition. high-profile stars, sports stars, enterstatement stars. it shine as bigger spotlight on this days r case, but who knows. the governor didn't have to make the decision that he did? >> reporter: ended up going down to grass roots level. walking to the capitol chanting
12:26 pm
"free julius jones." kim kardashian was key elevating this to national recognition. met with him last year and went on a series of tweets earlier in the week. one in part saying, "this is the cold machinery of the death petht in america in just over two weeks an innocent man could be put to death. my heart breaks for julius and many others who suffered from a misjustice." oklahoma first time in years a couple years ago went through with their first lethal injection, hallie, in six years after the supreme court put a halt to lethal injections in oklahoma, because of those repeated botched attempts in 2014 and 2015. ultimately the governor deciding to spare julius jones of his life this afternoon. >> vaughn hilliard, breaking news this afternoon. thank you for being with us. next up, over could capitol hill. plus breaking news in new york.
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manhattan's d.a. officially exoneraing two men officially convicted of killing malcolm x. that story, next. . ♪♪ hi mr. charles. we made you dinner. aww, thank you.
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during an emergency. breaking news from capitol hill. straight to ali vitali,
12:31 pm
congress' correspondent standing by. an interesting things we've followed, many deadlines for congress is december 15th when the treasury secretary suggested that's when it's going to be tough to deal with the debt limit. that's the date she put on it. not do or die. i understand senate lieders are meeting? talk us through it. >> reporter: the x date you talk about here on capitol hill. when the u.s. line of credit could run out. it's not hard and fast but does mean there's a lot of pressure for the middle of december at least that's the deadline for these congressional leaders to figure out how they will overt this debt crisis. to be clear, the u.s. has never defaulted on its debt. we just learned from a source familiar, though, that senate minority leader mitch mcconnell met with senate majority leader chuck schumer on this talking about a range of year-end issues. certainly the dead limit came up. remember, this is something mcconnell previously went to democrats on and folded. they made a move to temporarily push this debt ceiling battle
12:32 pm
off into the middle of december. consternation among senate republicans because mcconnell made that move but the international minority leader said since he thinks democrats should do it alone through the reconciliation process. democrats don't want to do that. moving to reconciliation on the larger spending package. could use that to actually raise the debt ceiling. doesn't like like that's what they're going to do at this point. no details if anything was decided but they're talking about it, which when you look at month of december, december 3rd government funding runs out. a looming shutdown crisis on top of it, debt ceiling and of course all the other agenda items democrats are trying to tick through. >> not to mentionening mbna. a lot going on. climate spending bill, nerds on this show. love you. feel that's fair. we talk about things the
12:33 pm
congressional budget office, normal beings might say who cares. this is important, budget office came out today saying today, this afternoon, we are in the afternoon, release estimates, right, for the cost of that bill. that's really important, and i want to explain why that's important and actually going to let speaker pelosi explain why she thinks it's important. listen. >> as soon as we get the scrub information we can proceed with the managers amendment to proceed to a vote. on the new rules, the amendment, and then we will vote on the rule and then on the bill. those votes hopefully will take place later this afternoon. >> bottom line there, right? need to hear from the cbo then the votes can move forward according to the speaker. we still expect that to happen. right? far as we flow, 3:30, 3:00, the operating time? >> reporter: yes. and checking your phone seeing
12:34 pm
if you get the finished cbo score for the various committees. as we sat here talking one more score for the judiciary committee. apartment this point waiting for house ways and means committee that houses things like the child tax credit. we're start getting the pieces together here and head of the cbo said once you see the last committee's cbo report come in you will get the full holistic report. we're still on that timeline. they said preventionly these numbers would come by friday. obviously sitting here thursday afternoon, they seem like they're ahead of that schedule. it's an open question, though, now, how quickly the house will then be able to move on this. we heard from speaker pelosi earlier as she said hopefully there's a vote today. technically the house wasn't supposed to be in and vote tomorrow. of course, they could do that. pelosi said you're not leaving with thanksgiving without finishing it and sending to the senate. whether that means a vote late tonight, maybe this afternoon,
12:35 pm
potentially posh maybe even saturday is on the table. they wanted to get this over to the senate before thanksgiving. >> loose on timing. seems like the times is loose. >> reporter: it is. >> live from the hill. appreciate you. last hour, manhattan the district attorney cy vance vonnerating the two men convicted of killing malcolm x. these two spent decades in a maximum security prison in upstate new york. eventually got out, their reputations tarnished because always known at x's killers. bringing in msnbc's chief legal correspondent and host of "the beat" right here on msnbc. ari melber making a special late afternoon appearance. getting ready for his show. thank you for coming on to talk us through this. explain why cy vance exonerated these men. what evidence to support this decision? >> that's the big question. right? how could something this important related to such a prominent assassination of a
12:36 pm
civil rights leader take this long to get it right? the answer is, basically, external factors like pressure on the d.a.'s office and the evidence that was always there. starting with the evidence, the individual who did originally confess to this murder and also served and whose conviction is not vacated said on the trial he de it and the other two didn't. as far as the courts and american justice system has been concerned, a lot of this information and evidence was there. second, it was other evidence that would have helped these men now finally having their names cleared that prosecutors and the fbi withheld. that's wrong nap could even be technically illegal depending on details. some of that exculpatory information was withheld. finally, hallie, the reason this is happening in part has to do with journalism and's documentary filmmaking. there was a netflix documentary worked on, coming out and established that as well as other external criticism put the
12:37 pm
pressure on. a potential positive amidst this long and tough story at least public officials in government more concerned nowadays getting it right than covering it up. because of that, this is the outcome. >> what about the families of these men? a hard question to answer, ari, but is this justice or just accountability at this point to them? >> a hard question. i don't think most people directly involved would consider it justice. reading in the "new york times" a quote from the one living man exonerated saying, finally. but i think when you look at lives ruined, reputations, you said no your report, crushed. this is a small step. it is better than nothing. it was important for the justice and historical record. given the lives it affected, a small step this laid out. >> fair to say more tonight at 6:00 p.m. on this? >> yes. watching your coverage. a lot of legal stories going on
12:38 pm
and special reporting continuing on the halting of that execution in oklahoma. >> a lot of folks looking forward to that. ari melber, thank you. appreciate it. coming up, more news here on the show including developments out of the department of justice. who the fed dischaergdischarged voting campaign for allegedly sending tens of thousands of democrats asking them to switch parties and vote for former president trump. ote for former president trump. griddle grate for steakhouse style searing. now with a flat top barbecue griddle, you can cook foods other grills can't. it even air fries. ninja foodi, be proud of what you make. [coins clinking in jar] ♪ you can get it if you really want it, by jimmy cliff ♪ [suitcase closing] [gusts of wind] [ding] i just heard something amazing! now for the first time one medication
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new developments in the fight against covid. potentially coming as soon as this afternoon with the fda seeming ready to maybe today request or green light, i should say, pfizer the request for boosters for all adults. every american over the age of 18. right? moderna resubmitting for that go ahead from the fda more and more questions now about the possibility of a so-called
12:43 pm
trindemic. the flu combined with covid. cases up 60% from a couple weeks ago. bringing in a pulmonologist dr. gupta. thanks for being on and good afternoon. >> good afternoon. great to be with you, hallie. >> start with this booster thing. right? seems like we may, this is the guy -- listened interviewed dr. fauci on my streaming show. talked about timing's he expects this soon. green light on boosters for all americans. do you think it will come by end of the week? seems to be guidance on the pfizer piece for all american adults, essentially? >> i do, hallie. important, actually. because for, as you know, states across the country are already pursuing a booster for any, for all adults who have already gotten two shots. already pursuing that. so doctors are prescribing boosters for many patients. to do so outside regulations
12:44 pm
from the fda is actually not legal. so this is going to, actually going to be essential from a regulatory standpoint and also to help with messaging. there's been a lot of confusion, frankly, who is and is not high risk. who should get the booster. who may get the booster. this will clear a lot of that up. >> also this news, talked about it on tris twindemic front. may be in a tricky situation with flu and covid. dr. fauci says there's a flu shot. there's a covid shot. people should be getting the vaccines and the public, right, people, can then control whether we hit tris twindemic or not. is that an effective message on this? >> i do. however, engagement is really important. people wondering, college students, university of michigan, for example, you may have seen. they had a massive outbreak of flu amongst largely unvaccinated college students. one of the questions i get from
12:45 pm
college-age students, doc, can i get the flu shot the same time or soon after i got my initial series of covid shots or the covid booster. they got boosted. yes, get them on the exact same visit. people worry about side effects. increased risk if you double up. great, large studies now in our best medical journals suggesting that is not a concern. really important for everybody to know that. because in the state of michigan, the uptick rate in the county the university of michigan is located, dr. fauci is right. flu shot exists. not enough taking it up. in part because they have answerable questions, hallie. >> to your point. go to the doctor, flu shot one arm covid shot in the other. right? >> absolutely. entirely safe. eight weeks ago we didn't actually -- i should say, advice from acip, high evidence advisory committees recommended
12:46 pm
a two-week interval between doses. that's since changed in the last few months. and why people have natural questions we just need to be able to answer them and be accessible. >> doctor ben gupta. great to you have on the show and talking about news happening today and still yet to develop. organizing a cyber campaign to try to intimidate and influence voters in this country during the 2020 election. doj saying these allegation as "illustrate how foreign disinformation campaigns operate and seek to influence the american public." joining us now is nbc news ken dilanian. ken, walk us through these charges. what are the accusations specifically against these two men? >> reporter: hallie, baaing in october 2020 democrats in florida began getting emails that appeared to be from the far right group the proud boys threatening them with violence unless they changed party affiliation and voted for donald
12:47 pm
trump. u.s. intelligence sounded alarms saying the emails are part of an iranian effort to influence the election. today the justice department unveiled charges against two 20-something hackers in connection with the scheme. it's much more extensive than we realized at the tide. they went to tens of thousands of floridians and trying to hack 11 state-related websites and got into one and obtained 100,000 voter registration records, documents say. two iranians accused of trying to hack a news media company. that didn't work. charged with conspiracy, computer fraud and voter disinformation, hallie. >> this case, ken, seems to speak to the larger threat, right? as us say, misinformation, disinformation in u.s. eselections. threat of foreigner from that perspective. you and i many years, ken irk talked about various white houses, this one, previous one,
12:48 pm
doing to try to stop this. talk about where we are at this moment here. a year ahead of midterms importantly a few years ahead of that 2024 election? >> reporter: an ongoing problem. one way we're dealing with it, expose the conduct and pressure those involved. that's what today's indictment is designed to do. even though these iranian hackers will probably never seen the inside of an american courtroom, charges hamper travel outside iran, for example. treasury department wapged in with sanctions on those and othes involved and reward for up to $10 million ar their activities. intelligence officials also are responding in ways we cannot see. >> that is cryptic intriguing as always. ken dilanian, thank you for joining us. appreciate it. next urp, the latest twist in the sudden and disturbing disappearance of a star athlete in china who hasn't been seen in public since making allegations of sexual assault against one of china's top leader. a report from china, coming up.
12:49 pm
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12:53 pm
who has been missing for weeks after accusing a top chinese official of sexual saul. serena williams tweeting i am devastated and shocked to hear about the news of my peer. calling for an investigation. this of course is after we heard from chinese officials from a questionable statement about peng. nbc nows janis mackey fryer has more. >> reporter: there are deep concerns about the well-being of peng shuai, a tennis star here who hasn't been seen or publicly heard from since early november. an email that showed up on state media is raising more questions about where she is and whether she's okay. this morning the deepening mystery around chinese tennis star peng shuai the former world number one doubles champion hasn't been seep or heard from in weeks since accusing a former top official of china's communist party of sexual assault. and now this. chinese state media showed what it said was an email from peng to the women's tennis
12:54 pm
association. apparently, recanting the allegations and saying everything's fine. the head of the wta doesn't believe peng actually wrote it. >> we definitely want to speak to her directly, make sure that she's okay. she knows that we are here to support her. >> reporter: peng's disappearance and the wide scale censorship of it here have stunned the tennis world. she won at wimbledon in 2013 and the french open the year after. >> it is shocking that she's missing. >> >>. >> reporter: anomie osaka adding i hope peng shuai and her family are safe and okay. i am in shock at the current situation and i am sending love and light her way. with the hashtag, where is peng shuai, that has become a rallying cry on social media that questions that gripped china since november 2nd when a letter was posted to peng's verified social media account that detailed an alleged affair described as largely conceptual with gaoli, a former vice
12:55 pm
premier, and included a claim that he forced her into sex. he retired in 2018 and could not be reached for comment. within minutes, that post vanished and peng dropped from public view she is one of china's biggest sports stars but her on line presence has been largely scrubbed. like when you search for her accounts there is nothing there. the chinese tennis association wasn't comment. china's foreign ministry won't address peng or the allegations telling nbc news it is not a question about diplomacy. >> this is an issue of right and wrong, and we have to stand behind this and insist on an investigation. >> reporter: peng is a former olympian w thousands of athletes expected at beijing's winter games, pressure is now mounting here to find answers and to find peng shuai. the wta has 11 tournaments and a long term deal to do final here yet it is threatening to boycott
12:56 pm
china if there isn't an investigation into peng's allegations or the censorship that all but erased her from the internet. there are trip wires and challenging china can carry consequences. but on this, the wta seems firm. s that claim of assault made by one of its players. and if there isn't transparenty the tour says it will consider walking away from china. >> janis mackey frayer reporting there. that does it for us for this hour of hallie jackson reports. great to be with you, as always. find us on twitter. and i am over on our streaming channel for hallie jackson now at 5:00 eastern. "deadline: white house" starts after the break. "deadline: white house" starts after the break. olay body wash hydrates to improve skin 3x better, from dry and dull to firm and radiant. with olay body, i feel fearless in my skin.
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just think, he'll be driving for real soon. every new chevy equinox comes standard with chevy safety assist, including automatic emergency braking. find new peace of mind. find new roads. chevrolet. hi there, everyone. it's 4:00 in new york. the permission structure, you know, in terms of what is politically viable and politically acceptable for each of the two political parties in the united states of america has never ever diverged so dramatically. on the right there is a green light now from the most senior republican leader in the house to widely circulate violent content depicting the murder of a democratic colleague. also on the right, there is severe punishment now for the crime of governing. other on the left a


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