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tv   Kendis Gibson and Lindsey Reiser Report  MSNBC  November 21, 2021 4:00am-5:00am PST

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all right. we're going to begin a new hour of msnbc right now. and first up on msnbc, panic at the busiest airport in the u.s., as the holiday travel season begins. the suspect accused of causing all of this chaos and the accidental discharge of a weapon, still on the run, while passengers recover from these moments of panic. >> we all just ran outside this door right here and made our way across to the side of the airport. and just -- it was organized chaos. >> we could be just days away from another verdict in a race-fueled trial. looking ahead in the case of ahmaud arbery's accused killers, as the nation is still coming to grips with kyle rittenhouse's acquittal. a young man with a pellet gun and his hands in the air shot and killed by pennsylvania law enforcement.
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>> his hands were up. he never once pointed that gun at a single police officer. this is why we need that independent investigation. >> the heartbreaking interview with his parents, as they push elected officials for answers. and scientists discover an increasing number of asteroids flying close to earth. whose job is it to protect the planet? the answer might surprise you, as we say good morning. it is sunday, november 21st. i'm kendis gibson. >> and i'm lindsey reiser. take a live look right now at several airports. we are tracking, of course, a busy travel weekend. >> i'm sure you can guess. which one is this? that was newark. >> i think -- >> i think this is l.a.x.. >> all right. >> i didn't know there was going to be a pop quiz at 7:40. >> and of course, washington, d.c., it's going to be a busy, busy travel week ahead, busier
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than it was obviously last year, because of the pandemic. >> everybody wants to get out and see their families. we're going to be tracking everything. we have a team of reporters and analysts following the latest right now, and we are going to go ahead and begin with the chaos out of atlanta, where a passenger's gun discharged at one of the busiest airports. >> the firearm accidentally went off in a security screening area at hartsfield-jackson international airport, creating mas panic, as you can see there, from some of these videos. and delayed dozens of flights. now police are searching for the suspected gun owner, who escaped the scene in the middle of the chaos. >> nbc's kathy park is following this story from laguardia airport in new york. kathy, what do we know about what happened in atlanta? what's the latest on the search for this person? >> reporter: hey, guys. good morning. well, certainly, a much different scene this morning at atlanta's airport. things actually returned to normal operations about two hours after the incident played out, but officials say that it all happened around 1:30
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yesterday afternoon. a passenger was going through security, but was flagged for having a prohibited item inside his bag. and security went and proceeded to check this bag, but apparently, the passenger lunged toward the bag and the firearm discharged. and officials say that the man ran out of the airport with the gun in hand, and the individual has been identified as 42-year-old kenny wells, and there are several warrants out for his arrest. meanwhile, at the airport, it was just sheer panic. hundreds of passengers were inside when they heard the gunshot. and people were scrambling. some people were ducking for cover bicep caught up with one traveler. take a listen. >> people just came flying through and just were like, run, run, run! and then people were just running. and we all just ran outside this door right here.
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and made our way across to the side of the airport. and just -- it was organized chaos. >> reporter: of course, people quickly took to social media, posting their reactions, as well as videos of what was happening inside. we know three people were injured, but it's unclear if they sustained those injuries amid the chaos, but officials say that no one was injured where the gunshot rang out. the fda did issue a temporary ground stop and this had a ripple effect. there were dozens of flights that were delayed. and this happened during one of the busiest travel weeks of the year. the tsa said on fire alone, they screened more than 2 million passengers and now until the end of next weekend, they expect
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more passengers. >> a pandemic record so far. kathy parks joining us from laguardia. and joining us right now with reaction is sarah nelson, the president of the association of flight attendants, cwa. great to see you. thank you for joining us. what have you heard about this particular incident in atlanta and how common is it for tsa agents to find guns in carry-on luggage? >> this has been much more common this past year. we have 4,500 incidents across the country and 450 incidents in atlanta. this is incredibly disrupting, obviously. this shutdown operations for a couple of hours, and made a lot of people really terrified here. and it's something that the transportation security officers have to deal with in their workplace. that's why we really encourage people, as you're packing for your holiday travel, to start packing from an empty bag, so you don't inadvertently bring something that's a prohibited item. >> that's good advice. >> and on that note, you mentioned the actual number, but
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according to the tsa, officers detected a record number of firearms at airport security checkpoints this year. a 20-year record with, by the way, three months still remaining in the calendar year. also, we saw fewer passengers because of the pandemic. when we think about people who are going to be going on flights, that is obviously worst-case scenario situation. a lot of flights delayed, ground stops, et cetera. is there anything other than making sure that we are packing an empty bag, other than making sure we don't bring anything prohibited, is there anything else we can do or do we have to be prepared for anything. >> this is chaos at the airport, because many people have forgotten how to travel. and everyone has questions. and so when you do this, when you don't take care of your own requirements for your travel and make sure that you are meeting all of the rules, you're slowing things down for yourself and everyone else around you. there are people who have missed flights because the security lines have been so backed up, because the transportation and
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security officers are doing their job. and they're having to stop the whole security process to address a prohibited item, deal with that, make sure there's not a larger threat, and so people need to be aware. but i would also really encourage people to come early, so you're not feeling that rush and getting anxious yourselves. >> and sarah, you know, lyndsey kind of hinted to it, to many of these incidents and getting tip of what exactly to do. you mentioned it, more than 4,000 unruly passengers this year alone. we still have another month to go. you see the numbers are -- last year was down, but the numbers are up significantly from last year. you've mentioned some key tips, but i have also spoken with you many times before, and when i've had some incidents i've observed on an airplane, you said, reach out to the faa. what should a passenger do if they see something happening untoward? >> we really encourage passengers to be good witnesses, so if you immediately get involved in conflict, you may
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inadvertently give rise to that conflict and add to it. so make sure that you're getting in touch with airport staff in the airport and on the plane, get in touch with a flight attendant as soon as possible. we're really good at de-escalating issues and making sure that any incident on the plane doesn't make in evening news and delay your flight and everyone else around you. so make sure that you're alerting us as soon as possible. now that may mean ringing your flight attend call button, if you're right next to the problem, we really encourage other problems to be looking around and be aware, be a good witness. only get involved if there is imminent threat of someone getting hurt. and otherwise, wait for crew instructions. >> i mean, you guys are good at de-escalating. unfortunately, many of these incidents that flight attendants have to de-escalate are preventable to begin with. before i let you go, i want to talk about a vaccine mandate going into effect for the tsa. 95% are vaccinated, but how much disruption could this cause in
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airports if they do end up losing 10% of their workers? >> i think the administrator is looking at this very closely and the union suggesting that they move the date back to match federal contractors to january 18th. that will give people time to get vaccinated over the holidays, talk with their families about that, too. and we think that that is probably a good move. we think that's still possible. but at 90% vaccination, that is a fairly manageable number. and so we just encourage the government to look at this very closely and make sure that we're not inadvertently creating additional problems. >> our thanks to sarah nelson joining us, really appreciate it. safe travels this week. >> thank you. happy thanksgiving to you. >> happy thanksgiving to you, as well. let's get to some good news for anyone who is planning to travel the next few days. >> yeah, the storm system that was expected to dampen the holiday, some changes have been made to that. msnbc meteorologist michelle grossman has the very latest on
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that forecast. michelle? >> reporter: hi, guys. so happy to bring you an updated forecast. about a week ago, we saw weather modeling indicating a strong thanksgiving travel storm, but much better. still, we'll see some problems in some spots. let's show you what's happening today, though. we're looking at radar and looking at some snow showers in the upper midwest, looking at rain showers in the ohio valley, even some snow showers too in the northeast, but heavy rain falling in florida today. that will continue throughout the day. so this is what will happen over the next several days. we have a long cold front that's going to sweep through the ohio valley, into the northeast. a low pressure system. that's going to bring a line of showers from new york to louisiana. that will push through tomorrow, as well. so your monday morning commute in new york city along the i-95 corridor from philly to d.c., you're going to see some rain. but that's going to move out of here. and behind it, you'll see some very strong, blustery wind that will bring in some cold, cold air. that will be your biggest change on monday. it's also going to really ramp up that lake-effect snow machine. so you can see those blue
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streamers coming off lake ontario, lake erie. and we could see up to 8 inches of snow downwind of those lakes. and we could see some rain in the northeast. generally showers, but the state of maine you'll see the most rain. your peak wind forecast, this is for sunday into monday, we could see winds gusting near 26 miles per hour in new york city. 36 miles per hour in chicago, and 34 in minneapolis. and that could cause some flight delays. so let's look at some airport impacts. we're looking at boston. you're in the red through tuesday. cleveland and cincinnati as well. but look and new york and washington. you could see some slowdowns, as well. and we want to talk about the roadways. again, we're talking about some showers. that's not going to slow you up too much, but we could see slow travels from washington, d.c. to bangor, boston to buffalo in i-80 and i-90. and we are looking at really good thanksgiving day forecast. mostly sunny and cool. it will be breezy, but shouldn't be a problem for those balloons to fly. temperatures in the mid-40s, which by the way i think is
4:12 am
pretty perfect with a hot chocolate or whatever you want to put in that cup at the parade, looking really good. as far as everyone else on thanksgiving day, we're looking at nice conditions in the southeast and showers and storms in the southern plains. that's going to be the spot where we could see some severe storms, as well, on thanksgiving. back you guys. >> shaping up to be a beautiful thanksgiving week weather wise. our thanks to michelle grossman joining us this morning. thank you. all right. so raising the stakes. how kyle rittenhouse's acquittal has many really concerned this morning that it could mark -- it could actually make a mark on the ahmaud arbery trial, as closing arguments are set to begin tomorrow. are set to begin tomorrow
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well, we could be just days away from a verdict in another trial that is tangled up in racial issues. tomorrow, we expect to hear closing arguments in the case of the three white men accused of shooting and killing ahmaud arbery. a black man who was out running.
4:17 am
those men claim they suspected him of burglary and were trying to make a citizen's arrest, but on the stand, one of them here, travis mcmichael admitted that arbery did not pose a threat. >> all of this on a weekend filled with protests across the country after kyle rittenhouse's acquittal. people took their outrage to the streets in chicago, minneapolis, and tampa as well as several other cities. let's get to the latest on both of these cases right now. nbc news correspondent stephanie stanton is in brunswick, georgia. and correspondent liz mclaughlin is in kenosha, wisconsin. stephanie, we're going to start with you. what do we know about the timeline for the end of this trial? >> reporter: good morning, kendis. we understand that closing arguments are set to begin tomorrow. and depending on how that all plays out, the jury could get this case in their hands as early as tomorrow afternoon. last week, we saw some pretty dramatic testimony here at the courthouse in georgia by travis
4:18 am
mcmichael. he of course, is one of those three defendants on trial for murder. during his testimony, he was attempting to explain why he was following ahmaud arbery. he along with his father, greg, and another man, william brian, following ahmaud arbery, because they believe that he was responsible for at least one burglary in their neighborhood. but upon, when they came upon him, mcmichael claimed that he ended up opening fire in self-defense. well, during some pretty intense cross-examination, the prosecutor was able to poke holes in that assertion. we also saw some testimony regarding the citizen's arrest, because as you may know, these defendants claim that they were trying to make a citizen's arrest on arbery, but according to testimony that we saw in open court, they never told ahmaud that they were doing that. and take a look at some of how that exchange between the prosecutor and travis mcmichael went down. >> you never told the police that you said to mr. arbery,
4:19 am
you're under arrest, correct? >> i did not. >> okay. in fact, you never did tell mr. arbery, "you're under arrest for the crime of fill in the blank." >> i didn't have time. i was still trying to get him to stop. >> reporter: now, the mood here in georgia does appear to be quite different than what we were seeing in kenosha. last week, after we saw that testimony here outside the courthouse, wanda cooper jones, she is the mother of ahmaud arbery, she came out, spoke to the crowd, and she said she feels confident that there will be a conviction in this case. so perhaps her words helping to maybe quell some of the nervousness or some of the emotion that people here are feeling about this very racially charged case. kendis, lindsay? >> liz, let's get to you in kenosha and the fallout over this controversial verdict continuing. >> lindsay, to say that this case has been political would be an understatement. and the reaction that we're seeing is pretty divided along
4:20 am
party lines. on the right, they're heralding kyle rittenhouse as a hero. this verdict seen as a victory for gun rights and self-defense. now, some republican congressmen are even offering kyle rittenhouse internships, include including madison cawthorne, mark richards, one attorney for the defense attorney for kyle rittenhouse said that he is disgusted by those trying to capitalize on the teen's newfound celebrity. now, democratic lawmakers are expressing their outrage and some are even calling for federal charges against rittenhouse. representative jerry nadler tweeted, this heartbreaking verdict is a miscarriage of justice and sets a dangerous precedent which justifies federal review by the department of justice. justices cannot tolerate armed persons crossing state lines, looking for trouble, while people engage in first amendment
4:21 am
protected protest. it should be noted that kyle rittenhouse didn't cross state lines while he was armed, but that gun was illegally obtained. federal prosecutors could seek charges against rittenhouse for seeking the civil rights of the three men who were shot, but some legal scholars say the doj may not be able to do much because of the federal statutes. going for a civil trial here. and the burden of proof is much lower in civil trials than was in this criminal case. it's a preponderance of evidence, as opposed to beyond a reasonable doubt and activists are seeking law reform right now with these protests. we saw nearby cities, milwaukee and chicago protests, and then rallies will be underway today in some southern cities. new orleans, charleston, and in wilmington, north carolina. >> stephanie, liz mclaughlin,
4:22 am
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we're back now with some of the other headlines that we're following this morning. tomorrow, we could get the supreme court ruling on the texas abortion ban after six weeks. a court will issue at least one opinion monday. the first of its new term. the case reignited, of course, the abortion rights debate across the country. for now, the texas law remains in effect, banning any abortion past six weeks, when many women don't even know they're pregnant and it makes no exception for
4:27 am
rape. a bizarre crime in the california barrier. 25 cars blocked the street in front of a nordstrom's storm in walnut creek. that's about 30 minutes east of san francisco. dozens of people jumped out, grabbed all the merchandise they could, and took off. it all happened in under a minute. so far, police have arrested three people, but many of them got away. so depending on your perspective, this will either be the most exciting or depressing thing that you've seen or heard of all day. that's half a million pounds of pot confiscated by cops. law enforcement found it when they were searching five industrial warehouses. the operation took two full days. the street value of that pot, about half a billion -- >> a billion?! >> half a billion dollars. they were going to get it done quicker, but they walked in there, and, you know -- >> we get it. >> the aura -- like, wait, what was i going to do again?
4:28 am
i forget. >> you just forgot your sentence. we'll switch gears now to a pretty serious story out of china, where a new video of tennis star peng shuai is fueling concerns about her safety and whereabouts. state media released these images, supposedly showing her at a youth tennis match in beijing today. we're just showing you screen grabs, because nbc news has not been able to verify that video. >> shuai has been unreachable for three weeks after she accused a former top chinese official of sexual misconduct in a now-deleted social media post. raf sanchez is following us. how is the international community reacting to these new imag images? >> reporter: good morning. the world is reacting with skepticism, frankly. we have not seen or heard from peng shuai in three weeks. as you said, her social media presence has disappeared. and all of a sudden in the last 24 hours, we get these series of videos from chinese state media
4:29 am
which allegedly show that she's well and free. i've watched these videos with our mandarin-speaking colleagues at nbc news and there's a couple of unusual things about them. for starters, we see peng shuai, but we don't hear from her. she doesn't speak to the cameras or the people around her. she certainly does not say that everything is okay at any point. also, in the video published last night, which allegedly shows her at a restaurant in beijing, several of the people at the table with peng shuai make repeated references to the day's date, in a way that's pretty unnatural. and it feels like they are trying to establish for the viewers' benefit, that this video was definitely filmed on saturday. now, this is not convincing the women's tennis association, which has taken a very strong stance on peng shuai's disappearance. their ceo is saying in a statement, while it is positive to see her, it remains unclear if she is free and able to make
4:30 am
decisions and take actions on her own without coercion or external interference. this video alone is insufficient. and the statement goes on to say, our relationship with china is at a cross roads. now, that is a reference to this threat made by the wta, that they are prepared to pull out of china altogether. a decision that would cost them millions of dollars if they do no get reassurances about peng shuai's safety. now, this week, both the biden administration and the united nations have joined in calls, demanding to know where peng shuai is and how she is. and so, guys, it looks like this case is not going away anytime soon. >> no, it is not. with each day, we get these new images coming from china. our thanks to raf sanchez. back here at home, a new video painting a different picture of a pennsylvania police shooting.
4:31 am
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the parents of christian hall, a teenager, shot and killed by police in west virginia are calling for an investigation. >> this comes after new video contradicts the official police account. nbc's vaughn hillyard with the latest. >> reporter: new video released showing pennsylvania state police fatally shooting a chinese american teenager, who had his hands in the air, holding a pellet gun when troopers opened fire. the video is recorded by the state police on december 30th, 2020, shows christian hall, who had been diagnosed with depression, standing on the ledge of a highway overpass in northeastern pennsylvania, when troopers arrived. >> can you step down and talk to us? you're not in any trouble. you're not in any trouble. >> reporter: in the video, the troopers back away after seeing what they believe to be a gun in hall's hands. it was later determined to be a realistic pellet gun. authorities are then seen attempting to persuade hall to step off the ledge, with hall
4:36 am
repeatedly ignoring their request to drop the gun for about 90 minutes, troopers firing warning shots at the concrete barrier next to hall. >> put it down! >> the original video released by the monroe county district attorney blurs the final seconds of the encounter, obscuring hall raising his hands in the air with the gun in one hand. the state police's initial press release said that hall pointed the gun at officers before they fired, but the new video via the hall family lawyer's subpoena shows hall kept his hands above his head for 14 seconds in all, including when the two troopers fired at him. >> he called 911, he was looking for help. you don't call 911 and expect that you'd be shot. you call 911 for help. he knows that. and then he ended up dead.
4:37 am
>> reporter: they said the lives of the troopers on scene were in danger. >> it was a classic suicide by cop scenario. mr. hall would not the deterred. >> reporter: the pennsylvania state police and the district attorney's office declined nbc news's request for interviews. >> it's really a matter of, of do you believe the police were justified in shooting him, simply because he had what they believed to be a gun, even though his hands were in the air. >> reporter: the family hopeful the district attorney will ultimately hand the case over to the state's attorney general to determine whether the use of force was warranted. >> it's simply inexplicable how you can fire several rounds at an individual who is standing in a universal stance of surrender. >> reporter: hall's mother, emotional, remembering her son. >> i want to remember him the way i remember him, full of life. no one should be shot at like
4:38 am
that. like his life was not valuable. like that was not a life, like bullets will not take a life. >> that was vaughn hillyard reporting. so you heard the assistant district attorney say it was a classi suicide-my-cop scenario, but here's what his dad told our yasmin vassoughian yesterday. >> christian was full of life and he was wronged of the opportunity to live it. i mean, here's the bottom line, i forced myself to watch that video. christian had his hands up the entire time. his hands were up. he never once pointed that gun at a single police officer. >> joining us right now, eric guster, civil and criminal defense attorney and sarah
4:39 am
acedario. thank you for joining us on this. the family sued in february. now that they have this version of the video, does that change the narrative here, eric? >> it does. oftentimes, the cover-up is worse than the crime. and this is one of those issues where the police officers told them that christian's hands were pointed towards him and the gun was pointed towards him. and you see it's not. this is a very tough scenario, when we look at it. because he was on the edge of the bridge, he was threatening to jump, he had what appeared to be a gun and it's tough to see whether it's a pellet gun or a real gun, in the police officer's eyes. however, when they said that he pointed the gun at them and that's not true, that's the big problem and that's why the public does not necessarily trust police officers with the information that they give. >> sarah, i want to play a little more from the family's lawyer. watch this. >> the pennsylvania state police issued a false statement about a fatal shooting that they were involved in. they were granted the privilege
4:40 am
to use deadly force in appropriate circumstances, but they don't have to show how it happened, they don't have to say who did it. and apparently in pennsylvania, they're also allowed to lie about what happened. >> sarah, do you agree? and how could this impact the case? >> yeah, lindsey, this is such a horrible case. and i always say, these cases are case by case. there's no blanket analysis, but here you have police officers that apparently paul called for help, and then they arrive. of course, they see the pellet gun, let's give them the benefit of the doubt, they didn't know whether it was a real gun or a bb gun, but police officers can use lethal force in two circumstances, when they have probable cause to believe a suspect poses an imminent threat of serious bodily harm or when a dangerous suspect is fleeing from the commission of a crime. neither of these hold true here. in fact, they tell hall, you're not any trouble, you're not in any trouble. and again, to eric's point, you
4:41 am
know, the cover-up is horrible here. if you've done nothing wrong, why would you cover it up? just tell the truth. i think they shot out of frustration. that's what it seems to me like happened here. and then they tried to cover up and pretend like they did the right thing and they were justified. i don't think they are. >> eric, the family is asking the fbi, the justice department, the pennsylvania attorney general to investigate. no comment from these agencies, but do you see them getting involved? >> absolutely. they have to get involved in this case. especially when you know that what the police officer's statement was is not true. when you bring in other agencies who don't have a dog in the fight, who don't know these people, who are only going to look at the facts and determine if they were wrong, whether it's on the criminal side or both, they can make a determination of where the fault lies. this is where federal money is needed to train officers and make sure that they have the resources to determine if someone is a dangerous suspect or not, when they get social
4:42 am
workers out there to try to talk people off ledges, and not just some cops who write tickets and arrest people. they need these resources to save people, unlike what they did with this young man. >> sarah, the police officers are still on the job, reportedly. what do you think this means, this video, particularly, and these new revelations mean for their futures? >> i think it's terrible for them, lindsey, because, you know, this will open up an internal investigation, now that there's other agencies involved, you know, independent agencies involved. and they should at least be put on leave until a final disposition is reached, you know, determination is reached. and if i just may add one more thing. you know, this type of police misconduct further stigmatizes mental illness. the idea that you roll up on a situation where you're supposed to save somebody's life who's mentally ill, but you're taking action, as though they're posing a danger or a threat. what kind of message because that send that mentally ill
4:43 am
people are dangerous. they pose a danger? this is just horrible on all kinds of levels. >> eric, sarah, thank you both for your time. get ready to roll up your sleeve. major pharmacies like cvs and walgreens are now administering boosters for all adults. but there are questions this morning about the risk of skipping that extra dose. e risk skipping that extra dose ♪♪♪ ♪♪it's a most unusual day♪♪ ♪♪feel like throwing my worries away♪♪ ♪♪as an old native-born californian would say♪♪ ♪♪it's a most unusual day♪♪ ♪♪it's a most unusual sky♪♪ ♪♪not a sign of a cloud passing by♪♪ ♪♪if my heart won't behave in the usual way♪♪ experience the power of sanctuary at the lincoln wish list event. ♪ limu emu... & doug ♪ ♪ superpowers from a spider bite? i could use some help showing the world how
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well, you can now get your covid booster shot at major pharmacies like cvs and walgreens. they actually started administering third doses just one day after the fda and cdc approved them for all adults. >> but lingering questions remain, including the risks of not getting one, ahead of in-person holiday gatherings. nbc news correspondent catie beck has more. >> reporter: days before thanksgiving, americans are rolling up their sleeves again to get a boost. >> i'm super excited to get the booster. >> reporter: friday, the fda and
4:48 am
cdc greenlighting booster shots for all fully vaccinated adults over the age of 18. plus, recommending adults over 50 years old should have one. right now, only about 17% of vaccinated americans have received a booster. officials hope opening the door wider will encourage millions more. >> with the holidays coming up, i do feel it's really important to take an extra step. >> reporter: and stop eligibility confusion. one study found four in ten vaccinated adults were unsure if they could get a booster. still, many questions remain, as many head indoors and to crowded gatherings. >> so if you get it today, are you more protected on thanksgiving? >> you're definitely more protected on thanksgiving than you were before you got the booster. >> reporter: while it takes about seven days for the booster to be fully effective, doctors say they see antibody response within just 48 hours. how effective is this booster shot? >> at least as effective as the
4:49 am
initial two-dose series, and maybe even a little bit more. >> reporter: in fact, pfizer's data shows 95% efficacy against covid after the booster. important as real-world studies indicate immunity drops off after six months. >> how much does your immunity wane? >> the good news is that you still have significant protection. but we know that a booster can help to return that to at least the immunity that you had after your second dose. >> reporter: doctors say no time to waste, as covid cases are on the rise in 17 states. >> we're trying to make sure that we can do everything that we can so we can all be together and enjoy the holidays. >> our thanks to catie beck reporting there. a question for you, why is nasa getting ready to crash a spacecraft into an asteroid that's more than 6 million miles away from us? m us
4:50 am
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thank god our graphics have gotten a lot better since then. it's been nearly 25 years since the movie "armageddon" showed us what saving the world from an
4:54 am
asteroid could look like. that wasn't the scene of it saving it right there. and this wednesday, nasa plans to test it out in real life, launching a spacecraft on a 16,000-mile-an-hour collision course with a nearby asteroid to rye to nudge it just a little bit off-course. but it raises the question, whose job is it to prevent an armageddon? joining us right now is brian bender, a senior national political correspondent at politico, whose new article explores exactly that. i love that their bosses came to you and said, hey, i've got a big scoop that i need you to work on. it's about this asteroid. brian, this is a first-ever planetary defense test mission. what's it -- how is it going to play out? >> this is called the double asteroid re-direction test. the acronym is d.a.r.t. and basically, what nasa is going to try to do is send a spacecraft millions of miles away to this binary asteroid, it's two of them, actually,
4:55 am
orbiting each other, and it's going to target the smaller one. and it's literally going to slam into it and rye and nudge it, ever so slightly, off its orbit. even just by a fraction. and the idea here is to see if, indeed, there was an asteroid, a large one, a very potentially cataclysmic one headed towards earth, and we had enough notice, could we push it off-course, just slightly enough so that it didn't hit the earth, so that its orbit was changed, just, like, you know, a fraction. so this is the first time they've ever tried to do this. it will take about a year to get there. so we won't really know if it works until about a year from now. >> all right. well, god speed to that rocket. nasa says that actually, we likely won't see a large space rock hit earth in the next century, but back in 2013, when that meteor exploded over russia
4:56 am
and could have caused catastrophic damage, we didn't see this one coming either. it could have caused death if it had hit the city center. do we have any current protections against impacts and how many, how many of the near-earth asteroids are we even aware of right now? >> well, this nasa test has certainly sparked kind of a new debate over this issue. are we ready? could one of these asteroids hit the earth? and the truth is, we don't really know because they're finding new -- what they call near-earth asteroids virtually every day. they've discovered about 2,700 just this year in 2021. and again, none of them appear to be threatening anytime soon, but again, nasa says we've only found maybe about 40% of them. and so the effort is underway to create sort of a google maps for
4:57 am
space, so we know what's out there, what could be headed our way and when. >> that means they haven't found 60% of them. pretty scary. vice president kamala harris is holding the first ever space counsel meeting on december 1st. they haven't said whether planetary defense would be one of the policy priorities. china has made that distinction. could we see another space race instead of everyone banding together at this point? >> well, i think that's one of the big questions, which is, if, indeed, this becomes more of an urgent issue, in other words, it looks like, well, you know, this is not science fiction, this could happen, then, you know, the question is, who's job is it to plan to mitigate this? is it nasa? is it the u.s. military? most people i've talked to seem to think that this needs to be an international effort. it can't just be one country. you know, this is not about sovereign borders.
4:58 am
this is about saving, you know, the planet. we don't know where it would hit. so anybody could be at risk. so i think, you'll hear more and more, i think, as they're finding more of these asteroids and getting a better sense of what is out is there. more discussion about some international effort, so that if we get noticed, you know, ten years from now, this thing is coming, we can start getting together and preparing and having a real plan. >> and what level of concern is there that this rocket that we're sending, d.a.r.t., could end up nudging this asteroid towards more of an impact with earth? >> you know, i've seen references to that on twitter, you know, people raising that prospect. you know, nasa asserts that, you know, that's not a potential here at all. this thing is far enough away that it's not ever going to come anywhere close to planet earth. that's why they chose this one, i think. but i think it's a good test case where it's big enough that
4:59 am
if it were headed this way, you know, it would be a real threat, and so they're hoping that this is -- they call this a technology demonstration. this is just to show that this is possible to do, if indeed we need to do. but i don't think there's any real concern that we're going to somehow send it on course instead of off-course. >> all right. we're going the leave it there with politico's brian bender. thank you so much for being here. and the good news is, we don't have to send bruce willis or billy bob thornton to space to save us all. >> billy bob couldn't go, remember? >> that's right! spoiler. >> i know. all right, everybody. we hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving holiday. thank you for watching msnbc reports. i'm lindsey reiser. >> and i'm kendis gibson. have a great holiday. "velshi" starts right now. today on "velshi," president
5:00 am
biden signed a $1 trillion infrastructure deal on monday, launched his second signature spending bill over a big hurdle on friday, celebrated his 79th birthday on saturday, and now he's repeatedly telling allies he will run for re-election in three years. we're going to have the latest on the biden agenda and the path ahead for embattled democrats. plus, while kyle rittenhouse's attorney is calling some of his client's republican supporters disgusting. and then, how at least two attempted breaches of county election systems are connected to donald trump's favorite foam pillow ceo. the man who spent millions of dollars pushing the disgraced ex-president's big election lie. and why only one in three americans believe that the supreme court is acting to uphold the rule of law. "velshi" starts now. good morning to you. it is sunday, november


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