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tv   Alex Witt Reports  MSNBC  November 21, 2021 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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and a very good day to all of you from msnbc world headquarters here in new york. welcome to "alex witt reports." we begin in washington where president biden's build back better act is headed to the senate and it's sure to face an uphill battle, as moderates and progressives remain split. today, democrats are seemingly confident they can come together while republicans are railing
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against the price tag. >> i'm very confident. i'm the overwhelming member of provisions in the bill are supported by all of our caucus. and really, this is about putting people first. i do believe this will be mostly or overwhelmingly in tact. >> so look, more programs and all of that sound good, but end, they have to be paid for and they have to be sustainable, because these aren't programs that we're just going to do for a couple of years. this is one-time money, but now it has to get built into a budget. washington doesn't seem to understand the concept of a budget, but somebody has to pay for this. >> it comes as the senate is gearing up for quite a busy holiday season. not only do they want to get that bill across the finish line, but they also have to prevent a government shutdown, raise the debt ceiling, and avoid a default, approve a military policy bill, as well as take up voting rights legislation, all of this within the next couple of weeks. meanwhile, new reaction today from maxine waters on kyle
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rittenhouse's acquittal. the california democrat slamming the judge. >> he was absolutely outrageous in the way that he conducted himself. and everybody saw that. he was the talk of the country. the way that he conducted himself. and he was brazen, he was bold, he was on the side of the defendant, and i don't think justice has been served. >> and it all comes as the supreme court could rule as soon as tomorrow on the controversial texas abortion law. it is the most restrictive in this nation. let's go in depth now with nbc's julie sirken at the capitol. i'm going to start with you, julie. what are you hearing this weekend as the senate is preparing to take up build back better in the coming weeks. where's it all going to begin? >> reporter: what we're hearing from democrats today is they're pretty united in their message in getting this across the finish line. none of the democrats that have arizona or west virginia next to their names, but they're on the
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same page. they want to get this across the finish line, but when they come back from thanksgiving, the reality is there are going to have to be a lot of changes made to the house-passed build back better act in order for this to get to president biden's desk. you have a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. that's something a group of senate democrats are working on right now. you have medicaid expansion, only money for hearing aids is in the bill. well, senator bernie sanders has once said it's a red line for him if dental and vision isn't a part of that, too. you also have tax revenues. the finance committee, i'm told, currently working on those, right to hammer out some ways to raise revenue without crossing senator sinema's line of raising rate changes for individuals and corporations, because remember, the bill is not fully paid for now. it currently adds more than $367 billion to the debt, according to the nonpartisan congressional budget office, so there are a lot of changes that i just ticked through, and another one of those, paid family leave. right now in the house bill, you have four weeks of that. well, senator kyrsten
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gillibrand, she's been really on the forefront of this. she's been going back and forth with senator joe manchin, who opposes this policy for multiple reasons. one of those is because he doesn't believe in funding new social programs, until taking care of ones and fully funding those that already exist like social security, for example. let's take a listen to what kyrsten gillibrand, though, senator from new york, had to say on cbs this morning. take a listen. >> joe manchin has come a long way on paid leave. he really wants it to be an earned benefit, something that's self-sustaining, and so do i. and he really want something that can last for generations. i'm optimistic that senator manchin and i can continue to talk about ways we can put paid leave into this bill. long-term, he wants it to be something that's bipartisan. >> reporter: a couple of weeks back, i spot senator gillibrand hudding with senator joe manchin and she was selling him on all the reasons why this needs to be a bill. the u.s., one of the only u.s.
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major industrialized policies that doesn't have this kind of policy in place. but even if she and the advocates, pressing and pushing for this policy to get senator joe manchin to support something, it's not going to include medical leave, and it will add to the cost of this bill, which is already about $150 billion over the line that he initially put out there this summer. but i've got told you, democrats are also getting tired of him and they want him to start compromising with them. alex? >> well, no time like the present to start doing that. and piece by piece, looks like something is happening. okay, julie tsirkin on capitol hill, thank you so much, julie. let's go to mike memoli in wilmington, delaware. what are we hearing, mike, from the white house, as bbb is entering this next phase in the senate? >> it's really been a long, legislative grind for this white house. first to get the infrastructure bill passed. the president, of course, just signing that into law last monday. and now with the build back better act, now passed the
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house, it's sort of like the seventh inning stretch. there's a little bit of a break this week. the president, he'll be taking off from here in wilmington, back to washington. just this hour, in fact, now, the senate isn't in session, so we don't expect to have too much in the way of in-person meetings with senators to try to resolve the many, many outstanding issues that julie just laid out. but you can expect that top white house officials and the president himself are remaining in touch by phone with some of the key lawmakers, especially senator joe manchin. it's really clear, with all the issues, that the biggest political headwind that this administration still faces, and you see it in all the polling is concerns about inflation and concerns about the deficit. that's also been the biggest concern raised by joe manchin, as it relates to his concern with the build back better act. and that's why you see and hear from the white house these days, they're talking a lot about how this is -- in their view, is a way to cut costs for most americans. we heard that from the national economic council director earlier today. here's his case, as he made it
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earlier. >> experts across the board have looked at it and have concluded that it won't increase inflation, because it's paid for. when you pay for investments, you don't actually add aggregate demand to the economy. but what it will do is it will lower costs. this bill is going to be the biggest cost-cutting bill for working class and americans families in decades in this country. and it's going to go at costs that are persistent problems for the american people and their lives. >> so you heard brian deese there. it's a bill that costs a lot, but in his view, cuts costs for so many americans. we also heard from transportation secretary pete buttigieg, who's been one of the main messengers for the administration, especially on the infrastructure bill. he was on "meet the press" today and he said that the vast majority of this legislation is cooked, as he put it. maybe a good analogy for this thanksgiving week. but there are some outstanding differences, but as buttigieg said, he's confident that the president will be able to iron them out, as well. >> on the heels of that, my friend, i'll wish you a happy
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thanksgiving. thank you so much, mike memoli. good to see you, as always. joining me now is michigan congresswoman, debbie dingell, co-chair of the house democratic policy and communications committee, and a frequent guest with us. so we're happy to have you back here. are you confident that all 50 democratic senators are going to sign off on this bill? and if so, how much might the bill have to change to get to that point? >> it's good to see you, alex. and almost happy thanksgiving. i do believe that we will get this bill passed into the present, hopefully by the end of the year. i think there's some fine tuning. i think a lot of the tough negotiations have been before it passed the house, because many of the members did not want to vote on a bill that was going to dramatically change in the senate. there are some points that are going to need to be tweaked and there maybe one or two points that are dropped. you've even heard senator manchin in recent days say that he was willing to get this bill passed by the end of the year,
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and i think that's the goal of democrats across the board. >> which benefits do you first sell to your constituents there in michigan? which ones impact them the most? >> you know, there's so many pieces in this bill, it's really -- i mean, let's start with, i'm a car girl. my state put the world on wheels decades ago and now, as we deal and grapple with climate change and st it's very real, we need to go from the internal combustion engine to electric vehicles. this bill is really going to have to support that conversion and create american jobs and keep jobs here in america and bring the supply chain back. but then when you talk about early childhood education, when you talk about how many millions of women who have had to leave the workforce, just simply because they can't find child care, quite frankly, i'm really proud of the fact that my bill
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to deal with long-term care in this country, more than a million people on waiting lists to be able to try to stay in their own home as they grow older, it's in this bill, and i'm very proud of the fact that i've worked for it, since i came to congress. >> yeah, you should be proud of that. democrats have scored a pretty big victory with infrastructure. now we have the build back better legislation. that's getting closer to a win. so how does the democratic party take these huge legislative accomplishments, turn them into political wins next november? what do you think the key is to getting the messaging right and hold on to the majority? >> these bills are so significant. people don't know what's in it. we've got cute little sound bites and people don't understand that this bill is paid for, as you start to see prices come -- inflation is real. we've got -- it's real right now. quite frankly caused by europe covid more than any contributing factor. but i think you're going to start to see prices go down in the new year, for many product,
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not all product. and we have to tell people what's in this bill. there are so many things that's in this bill, we in the house, the democratic house of communications, are trying to get a thousand events done by mid-january. i remember doing five events at least to tell people how it's going to impact them in their district. we've got to stay on it and keep doing it. people have forgotten already what was in the american recovery plan. i found myself writing about it this morning, as we were going into thanksgiving. and these thanksgiving -- remember last year, we were alone. the american recovery bill helped people be able to spend time with their families and friends this year. we can't forget that. >> yeah, but you're getting really granular with this saying, hey, every lawmaker, you've got to spend at least five events with your constituents. it's a really good point you're making there, but there's something else that's going to have to be dealt with, and that is redistricting. it has well been underway across this nation since the census results.
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so let's take a look at a breakdown. it comes from politico. as of now, in states with finalized maps, there will be 28-stropg biden districts, 19 competitive districts, and 68 strong trump districts. how are democrats looking at this? is keeping majority in the house already an uphill battle based on redistricting alone? how much can enacting the president's agenda, no matter how large and great it is, help combat this? >> first of all, i'm going to say, every candidate has got to run from their district and they've got to be the strongest candidate there can be. and i have gone into many elections both ways, where people have said, this is a slam dunk for one or the other party. we've got to take this seriously, we've got to work hard. but i believe that i'm not one of those people that thinks that the house is gone. i think we have a very strong competitive chance of keeping the house, if we tell the story of what we've actually done. remind people of where we were when president biden took over
11:13 am
the january. how far we've gotten and where we are next november. it's going to be tough, but if we take it seriously, people under -- they don't give us enough confidence of how much we're going to do. we're not going to take these elections for granted. we'll work like blank to get them and we can't stop until election day is over. >> congresswoman debbie dingell, wish you a happy thanksgiving and be well and we'll talk to you soon. thank you very much. lots of "what ifs" have been asked since the acquittal of kyle rittenhouse. you've heard a lot of them already, but there's one you probably have not. it is this. what if the judge had not tossed out a misdemeanor charge of illegal possession of the military-style semiautomatic rifle rittenhouse used to kill two people. some answers with chris brown of brady, next. some answers wh itcf brady, next. polar depression. it made me feel like i was trapped in a fog. this is art inspired by real stories of people living with bipolar depression. i just couldn't find my way out of it.
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so we have some breaking news on the seeming disappearance of chinese tennis
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star, peng shuai. the international olympic committee has issued a statement that says that its president spoke with peng earlier today in a video call. peng reportedly told the president she's doing fine and just wants her privacy. peng had not been heard from since going on social media to accuse a chinese politician of sexually assaulting her. we're going to bring you a lot more on this in just a few minutes. meantime, closing arguments are expected to begin monday in a trial that has spotlighted race, self-defense and guns in the u.s. justice system. a nearly all-white jury will consider murder charges against these three men who were seen on video shooting ahmaud arbery while he was running through a neighborhood in georgia last year. the culmination of that trial comes after a verdict in the kyle rittenhouse case on friday, which sparked protests across the country. that 18-year-old was acquitted of shooting three men and killing two of them during a protest in kenosha, wisconsin, last summer. rittenhouse claims self-defense and was found not guilty on all counts. so for more on what we can
11:19 am
expect as the arbery trial comes to a close, i'm joined by nbc's stephanie stanton in brunswick. stephanie, what should we be watching for this week? >> reporter: well, good afternoon to you again, alex. you should be watching for a potential verdict. that depends on the timing of everything. that is because closing arguments are set to begin tomorrow, depending on how that goes, the jury could have the case in their hands maybe by the afternoon. we'll have to see how it goes. but the mood here in georgia, very different from what we are seeing in kenosha. however, race, as you mentioned, still very much at the forefront of this case. let's talk a little bit about what we saw last week, first of all. there was some pretty dramatic moments when one of the primary defendants, travis mcmichael, took the stand. he says he wanted to tell in his own words what happened. he along with his father, gregory, and another man, william brian, of course, shot and killed ahmaud arbery, who was an unarmed black man. and here you have race again
11:20 am
coming into this case, because you have three white men who essentially shot and killed an unarmed black man. as for the jury makeup, you talked about that. there is only one black person on this entire jury. that to some creates a big problem. earlier this morning on msnbc, human rights expert henderson talked about the makeup of the jury and why that could be problematic going forward. take a listen. >> the prosecutors should have done more about that. i know that historically, all you have to do is give a race-neutral reason, but in 2019, in mississippi, the supreme court said you can do more than that and you need to challenge some of these old existing laws in jury in light of that decision. but that jury makeup is an indication that you might end up with a hung jury in that case. >> reporter: again, the defendants in this case,
11:21 am
specifically travis mcmichael who took the stand in his own defense, claiming self-defense, but the prosecutor was able to poke holes in a lot of travis mcmichael's assertions. after that, we saw ahmaud arbery's mother came out. she addressed a crowd of supporters and said she feels confident that there will be a conviction in this case. so the question now is, is that -- are her words about her confidence helping to quell any potential unrest that we may see with regards to this case and how the public perceives the outcome to be? >> we have to wait and see, but we now know that closing arguments are set to begin tomorrow, alex. >> okay. thank you for covering it so closely for us, stephanie stanton. joining me right now is the president of brady, united against gun violence. it's always good to see you in though holiday season, although what we usually talk about is
11:22 am
pretty serious stuff. but you're also an attorney. i want to get your reaction to the defense's strategy in the arbery case. do you think the kyle rittenhouse acquittal will help that defense of self-defense. there's so much publicity about kyle rittenhouse, it can't help be be something that could be taken into context, even though they're not supposed to. >> potentially, yes, alex. i mean, it's chilling to hear, obviously, the recitation of facts and i watched like so many americans the prosecutor take through the individual who's on the stand, who shot in cold blood ahmaud arbery, and the idea in any respect that someone would claim that they felt a threat by someone who was jogging through a neighborhood, and it's uncontested, alex, he was unarmed. when asked what he was doing, he said he was jogging. what's deeply troubling about the juxtaposition is ahmaud
11:23 am
arbery was an individual black man who went for a run. he was hunted down, shot in cold blood, and the idea that a jury would let his killers off while at the same time kyle rittenhouse, who illegally obtained the gun, the ar-15 that he used, could kill people, in cold blood, and use self-defense is deeply troubling. >> okay, but that illegal gun part, four days before kyle rittenhouse was acquitted, the judge threw out the illegal gun possession charge. what did you make of that decision? >> i thought it was a very bad decision alex. i was completely perplexed by it. the defense had briefed that particular issue, very early on in the case, and the judge -- it was supposed to be something that went to the jury at trial. at the very last minute, it was
11:24 am
unexpected by both sides. he moved to dismiss that charge before it went to the jury, and the most troubling thing, alex, is, it's uncontested that kyle rittenhouse did not lawfully possess that gun. that gun was bought by someone else, on his behalf. he's a minor, and therefore we could not purchase that gun. so the idea that the judge took that away from the jury to decide, when clearly it appears that that was something that he would have been convicted on is hugely troubling. >> yeah. you've got "the new york times," chris, that is pointing out, while there's a stalemate in gun control legislation, something we talk about a lot, weapons purchases are at record levels. and there is a run on ammunition, it is so bad that gun shops are turning away hunters during big game season. i mean, how does this get turned around? >> well, i think we have to really look at the facts and understand what's happening
11:25 am
right here. we have a pandemic that has worsened the gun violence epidemic. we had a 64% increase against the backdrop of the pandemic in firearm sales. look, alex, people are afraid and the nra preys on people's fears. the problem that we have, however, is that gun and guns in the home are much likely to kill family members, individuals who are visiting, and out in public squares, which is what is at stake right now, with this written case -- rittenhouse case, and also with the case before the supreme court right now, we have to understand that lax gun laws when combined with vigilanteism, mean that none of us are safe in public squares. our first amendment lights, our right to assembly are put at risk by what we're seeing right now. so i would encourage all americans, we need to lift up our voice around these issues. the only way that we are going
11:26 am
to change these things is by focusing on these issues in elections and making sure that we understand that our fundamental right, our fundamental right to live, to exist in public squares, is what's at stake with these cases. >> let me ask you quickly, because you brought it up. the supreme court that will be making the first major ruling in the battle over gun control in over a decade, it will determine if this new york law that imposes strict limits on carrying guns outside the home, if that violates the second amendment. quickly, the significance of this and the precedence it sets, if the judges strike down that law is what? >> it's a huge, huge potential precedent here, alex. we have never had a riot that has been recognized in the constitution to carry a gun anywhere, at any time, for any reason. this case, the question before this case is whether the supreme court will overturn new york's permitting system and basically overturn many state's permitting systems that are similar, that
11:27 am
says, no, no one can -- you can't just carry a gun anywhere at any time, in times square in a crowd. and that's the issue. can anyone carry a gun into a public space or are there rules and restrictions that allow us to exist without being afraid of being shot in these public space? >> chris fram, i cannot tell you how grateful i am for you. coming up next, how new pictures are creating more questions about missing chinese tennis player, peng shuai. t mis tennis player, peng shuai. -had enough? -no... arthritis. here. new aspercreme arthritis. full prescription-strength? reduces inflammation? thank the gods. don't thank them too soon. kick pain in the aspercreme.
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back now with breaking news on the seeming disappearance of chinese tennis star peng shuai. in a dramatic development just this last hour, thomas bach, president of the international olympic committee, released this photo and said he spoke with peng in a video call earlier today. you can see her smiling today.
11:32 am
my colleague, richard lui, is joining me with the very latest. there have been people around the world concerned with her safety recently, richard. >> and that statement from the ioc doesn't necessarily answer the question, is she okay? because there's been a lot of questions today. for context here, peng shuai is like one of the williams sisters, but of china, as some folks describe her. in fact, peng and the williams all held various number one titles and played the doubles in olympic circuits together over the last decade. that might be why serena williams and the tennis community is now worried after peng went missing from the public eye for almost three weeks. serena saying this, i am devastated and shocked to hear about the news of my peer, peng shuai. i hope she is safe and found as soon as possible, from serena williams. just to give you a sense of the timeline right now. peng has had a long and successful career. over 20 tour-level titles, dating back to 2014 and before. but then, take us forward. november 2nd, peng posts on
11:33 am
social media about being forced to have sex. she alleges china's former senior vice premiere, that's the equivalent of a u.s. vice president, for instance, she accuses him of being the perpetrator. that she sexually assaulted her and that she had an affair with him. that's him right there. this is just a portion of a longer social media post, one that all of china got to see for about 20 minutes, and then it got deleted. she said in a translation from cnn, referring to some of the alleged incidents here, "that afternoon, i did not agree at first and was crying all the time." she also says, "why did you have to come back to me, took me to your home, to force me to have sex with you?". she also says, "i could not describe how disgusted i was and how many times i asked myself, am i still a human. i feel like a walking corpse. every day, i was acting, which person is the real me?"
11:34 am
after that post, we're not sure what happened, only that peng was not seen in public for two weeks. two weeks after that post from peng, the women's tennis association said, we will pull out of china if we do not get answers. they wanted an investigation, a move that was supported by lots of folks, by the biggest names in sports. take a listen. >> unless this is resolved, i support it 100%. it's important, because this is horrifying. i mean, a person is missing. >> novak djokovic there. the white house press secretary also saying friday, we join in the calls for prc authorities to provide independent, verifiable, key word here, proof of her whereabouts and that she is safe. a chinese foreign ministry spokesperson said to that matter that this was not a diplomatic question. also saying, i'm not aware of this situation. but then this post on november 17th, just several days ago, on
11:35 am
twitter, from china's state-run media. an email that says, that was sent by peng. they said it was sent by her, to the wta head, saying that she is safe and the sexual assault claims are no true, in this email, supposedly, from peng. lots of questions when you take a closer look here. why did peng herself put it on her own social channels. why did it go through state-run media. another question, why is it addressed to everyone if it's supposedly to the president? and then if you really look in closely here, i don't know if you can zoom in, on this little thing right here -- come on. this is the cursor. why is there a cursor on an email that's supposedly blinking? was it a third person that wrote this and not peng? finally, alex, to add to the confusion, i know there's a lot here, another release from state-related media, on twitter again, not common, reportedly a public appearance at a tennis tournament from today, though
11:36 am
nbc news cannot verify its authenticity. and here is that still of that video. she smiles and claps in this 37-second video. until that ioc statement from last hour that you were talking about, we have not seen reports outside direct correspondents from peng. so the questions remain, is she okay? the one thing, according to the ioc, an outside direct report, is that she is alive. >> okay, so me too. that has been a huge movement here throughout the west. is this seen as part of that in china? has there been any discussion of that since she posted this? >> she's already a giant by tennis standards, but by speaking out in china, she's even the double china, if you will. the me too movement in china did start in 2018, right after it did in the west. but to give you an example of the response that the state-run -- that the state gave to her coming out and to the me too movement, you can't even
11:37 am
find a hashtag on social media in china. and only one of the 25 cabinet members, for instance, are women. so there's a lot of progress seen to be happening there in the country. >> and real quickly, the fact that the ioc put out this statement today. i mean, it can't be lost on us that beijing is hosting the winter olympics in like three months. >> big, big point that you're making there, alex. because they could lose that. they don't want to lose that. they don't want to see countries pull out. and so far, the ioc has nod said they're going to do anything. there are going to be no penalties, but that certainly shows, potentially, uncommon for china, that they may be reacting to international pressure. >> okay. richard lui, that was a great report. you put this whole thing into context and gave us so much. thank you so much, my friend. appreciate it. so the not-so-great holiday getaway. one of the new reasons why the crowds could be worse, and that would start tomorrow. could be would start tomorrow maggie grond knows how to handle dry weather... ...and dry, cracked skin. new gold bond advanced healing ointment.
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today, millions of americans are hitting the road and the skies to get a head start on holiday travel. air travel levels this week are expected to break pandemic records. and look at this right now, that's how many planes are in the air at this minute. it comes as tomorrow, a vaccine mandate takes effect for tsa workers, and that's causing concerns for even longer security lines. so let's go to nbc's scott cohn, who's joining me once again from san francisco international airport. how is it looking there, scott, at sfo? >> reporter: you know, it's definitely busy, alex, and it's
11:42 am
busy in a way that we really haven't seen it in quite some time. they started setting post-pandemic travel records beginning on friday, and that's likely continue to accelerate as we get close to the thanksgiving holiday. the forecast from aaa says that 53.5 million americans are expected to travel during this holiday period. that's up 13% from a year ago in general. it's up 80% as far as air travel is concerned. but remember, last year at this time, we didn't have a vaccine, we still have a lot of places enforcing travel restrictions. that's all gone now and people are looking forward to getting back to their families and getting back to some of these traditions. now, the concern about the tsa comes out of numbers that came out about a month ago, that said that only about 60% of tsa workers were vaccinated and there were comments then from the union representing those workers that if that vaccine mandate that goes into effect tomorrow was enforced, they would have trouble staffing the holiday weekend.
11:43 am
well, those numbers seemed to have improved considerably, according to transportation secretary pete buttigieg, who was on "meet the press" earlier today. he says not to worry. >> i have seen no indication that vaccine requirements are going to impact travel in any way, certainly in terms of our ability as a federal administration to provide the services that are needed. i can tell you, my agency has seen numbers approaching 99% of people have gotten in their information, per the requirements. >> there's a little bit of a wait to get through tsa here at sfo. that's about 28 minutes, last we checked. so it's up there. it has a little bit, i'm sure, to do with the increased traffic. but there are lower waits elsewhere, about 12 minutes at atlanta. notable because of that security incident yesterday. if you are planning to travel and if you haven't traveled in a while, some things to keep in mind. there is social distancing being enforced at the airports. they've put down 15,000 stickers here at sfo to remind you to
11:44 am
keep your distance. the parking garages are likely to be more crowded than they've been in the past, because a lot of people are deciding to drive themselves from the airport and don't forget your mask. it's federal law in the terminal, on the plane, until you get to your destination. >> all good advice and reminders. thank you so much. safe travels to you, scott, if you're doing so this thanksgiving. the other big concern for flyers and drivers is the weather. the forecast is set to improve for the holiday, we hope. let's see if we can confirm that with meteorologist janessa webb. is it going to be nice at least on thanksgiving day? >> i can promise you that. across the forecast, this forecast is ideal. next two days, we have this large storm system that is quickly making its way across the ohio valley into the northeast. the latest forecast has reduced the snow amounts, and the rainfall amounts. so the great news is that it
11:45 am
will be a quick mover, but if you have early travel plans to start your monday, you'll be definitely dealing with the showers from detroit, greater cleveland area, new york city to d.c. this front makes its way through, but it's the stronger winds that could have the possible delays across this area. we're talking about wind gusts at least 25 to 30 miles per hour, and then we start to deal with some lake enhancement across detroit all the way into the higher elevations of new york. lake-enhanced snow, the forecast, about 8 inches. those areas really going to be watching for those delays. so cleveland, currently on our radar, all the way into the boston area, with some possible cancellations for your monday and tuesday. minor delays from new york city all the way down to cincinnati. i do want to mention, if you're in the deep south, louisiana to atlanta, dealing with some minor rainfall, but no flood watches or advisories currently in place. hitting the roadways, we have millions of people doing that from boston to buffalo.
11:46 am
you're going to be tracking through the snow. new york to the cleveland area across i-95 corridor, you will contend with some rain for at least next 36 hours. i'm really concerned about the winds. everybody is talking about the macy's day parade. will the balloons go up? yes, the winds start to die down wednesday to thursday. it's tomorrow evening. you really start to see them pick up from minneapolis to buffalo. we could potentially see wind gusts up to 40 miles per hour. if you're not a cold weather fan, with these series of fronts that we're dealing with, look at some of these windchills. st. louis, when you factor in the air temperature plus winds, the feel-like temperature on your skin, 22 degrees. single digits for minneapolis. and that stays in place through much of the week. so i do think for the macy's day parade, everyone's just happy to be back in new york city. we're going to see the balloons fly, mostly sunny conditions, cool weather.
11:47 am
temperatures will be in the mid-40s. for the rest of the country, it's the deep south, we'll watch just for a few rain showers, for your early morning hours. and then our next system really doesn't enter the pacific northwest until about friday, but most of the country, i think this is an ideal forecast. it's just the start of your travel week. >> okay, that's good. can i just say, i'm as much of a fan as ronald mcdonald as everybody else, but i think that graphic was a little bit creepy. just flies right at you. anyway,janessa, thank you so much. safe travels. why those concerned about the new abortion law in texas will be watching the supreme court closer than ever tomorrow. will be watching the supreme court closer than ever tomorrow. will help you create a comprehensive wealth plan for your full financial picture. with the right balance of risk and reward. so you can enjoy more of...this. this is the planning effect.
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this supreme court could rule as soon as tomorrow on the controversial texas abortion law. the near abortion ban is most restrictive in this nation banning all abortions once a fetal heart beat is detected.
11:52 am
i'm joined by attorney katie fang. katie, the court is considering a portion of the law and it's the part that deputizes private citizens to sue clinics, doctors and someone that drove a woman to an abortion clinic. some have compared this to bounty hunting. how did the court respond to this when they heard this case? >> yeah. so alex, that's a good point. i want to put everybody at ease. the life and death of roe v. wade will not be determined tomorrow. there's a concern that roe v. wade will be overturned tomorrow why that won't happen even if the supreme court issues a ruling tomorrow. on november 1 the supreme court heard oral arguments about sb 8, a law in texas. line you just mentioned it bans abortion when fetal cardiac
11:53 am
activity is detected. that law flies in the face of precedent from the supreme court banning abortions after 24 weeks which is viability. the unusual legislative scheme that came out of texas and the anti-abortion legislators was the following. normally as a private citizen you can go to court, the constitutionality of the law is determined. sb 8 is unusual. it says to state officials in texas you are not allowed to enforce this law. instead private laws enforce the law. that means thus far there's two pending lawsuits in the state courts. one from a guy in arkansas and one from a guy in illinois. you don't have to live in texas to sue an abortion provider. so while those state court cases are pending, the supreme court is going to decide who can sue.
11:54 am
can you actually sue or is it wrong? and you know, it is interesting because on november 1 even brett kavanaugh said i could see this as a bounty where if you're an anti-gun state you could put in a bounty against anybody that selling an ar-15. they have disbelief of the loophole in texas and getting a ruling tomorrow will be who has what we call standing. what has the ability to sue over the types of laws. >> if texas maintains the ability to do it, if the supreme court rules in favor of texas, is there a potential domino
11:55 am
effect with states across the country? >> sure. if the supreme court says it is okay to allow private citizens and i don't think that will happen but in the immediate sense i think what you will find is abortion providers will sue and then set up an ultimate battle royale at the supreme court level as to the constitutionality about this particular law. all the states will be watching carefully to see does the law survive eventually. meantime on december 1 there is an equally as restrictive but not as restrictive law in mississippi that will be dealt with december 1 in oral argue. . at least that mississippi law has exceptions. exemptions for severe fetal abnormalities and the law in texas doesn't have exceptions for rape and incest. everybody will be looking to see what happens with the
11:56 am
mississippi case. you have two major cases in front of the supreme court and all watching carefully. like i said at the beginning of the segment you won't get the death knell or the overturning of roe v. wade tomorrow. >> i'm glad you explained that for us. we'll follow the cases. really carefully with your help. happy thanksgiving. >> sure. >> talk to you. that's going to do it for me. i hope you all have a great thanksgiving. i'll see you knicks saturday at noon eastern. in a moment yasmin vossoughian continues the coverage here on msnbc.
11:57 am
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hi, everybody. i'm yasmin vossoughian from msnbc world headquarters. in the two hours ahead, i'll take you through that breaking news on the missing chinese tennis player. olympics officials said they have talked to her and seen her. a live report on that coming up. a story just out from nbc news. unreported news on the shocking rise in threats to members of congress. much is


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