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tv   Yasmin Vossoughian Reports  MSNBC  November 21, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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hi, everybody. i'm yasmin vossoughian from msnbc world headquarters. in the two hours ahead, i'll take you through that breaking news on the missing chinese tennis player. olympics officials said they have talked to her and seen her. a live report on that coming up. a story just out from nbc news. unreported news on the shocking rise in threats to members of congress. much is fueled by a trump
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supporters. new reporting from "the washington post." why president biden felt the need to reach out to allies to tell him that he plans to run again in 2024. we'll talk about that we are just hours away from closing arguments in the trial for the killing of ahmaud arbery. with the issue self defense front and center. as the fallout from the kyle rittenhouse case continues i'll talk to a lawyer for one of his victims. after a scene of chaos we'll look at the travel scene at the holiday. and then in our next hour, run, beto, run. i'll talk live to beto o'rourke from the campaign trail kicking off the race for texas governor. all of that is coming up. we start with the breaking news on peng shuai who has been missing for three weeks now.
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a short time ago the international olympic committee releasing a statement saying the president had a video call with her. we want to bring in raf sanchez. what more do we know? >> reporter: yasmin, this is a call that may raise more questions than answers. the ioc says that today its president thomas bach had a 30-minute video call with peng shuai. that is significant because this is the first known call that peng has had with anybody outside of china in the last three weeks since she disappeared from view after making the sexual assault allegations against a former member of the communist leadership. now the statement from the ioc based on the readout seems to basically accept the line that has been put out by chinese
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state media that peng is fine and nothing to see her. peng shuai thanked theioc for its concern. she is safe and well and would like to have her privacy respected at this time. the first thing is that president bach was not alone on the call with peng shuai. also on the line is the vice president of the chinese olympics commit tee. viewers at home can make their minds about how free peng shuai may have felt to speak out given a senior chinese official on the line and this statement makes no reference at all to those sexual assault allegations. that's a very different line than the one taken by the
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women's tennis association. finally we got to remember the winter olympics in beijing are just a couple weeks away so the ioc and chinese government is working hand in glove to get the games off the ground. they may have an incentive. this is coming where voices around the world from the white house to the united nations to the tennis community have been calling for answers about what has happened to peng shuai and not at all clear that this call with the ioc puts that to rest. >> thank you. richard lue is joining me in the 4:00 p.m. hour, as well. for now, thank you. want to get to the breaking news. the new information that shows
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in chilling detail the sheer number of threats made against public servants who have challenged donald trump. want to go to nbc's julie on the hill with more. this report shows the thousands of threats leveled against public servants. walk us through what we know about this and the ifr us the of this. the whys return the police is expected to log 3,000 threats this year alone. that's three times in 2017 and tensions hardly cooled since january 6. this week the mood was somber. that's because two days prior there was a vote to censure arizona republican paul gosar for a video he tweeted depicting
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him murdering ocasio-cortez in that video. this report details new cases. congressman goose was a former impeachment manager in former president trump's second impeachment trial after the january 6 riot. he received a suspicious letter at the home in colorado reported to the capitol police thereafter and the guys on the force are really overworked and overwhelmed with the amount of security threats to keep up with. obviously number one job is to protect lawmakers in the capitol. i speak with several regularly who say it's overwhelming. they have upped the officers that guard them but i want to read you a part of this article from henry. it reads in part nbc news in requests to nearly 70 state and local enforcement agencies
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sought records to 37 public officials. most agencies reported no relevant documents or cited legal exemptions that prevent the disclosure of public officials's concerns. >> chilling anecdote by schiff it is hard to sit next to an open window with the threats out there. i do want to pivot to build back better, something you mentioned in the reporting. we know this is not weighed until after the thanksgiving break. talk us through the things that may be weighed. right? the things that may stay, may be taken out, paid family leave. joe manchin is not necessarily for that in the build back better act and what the process will look like. >> reporter: yasmin, the house passed the verse that contains
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good things that progressives especially fight for but nearly $2 trillion less than the original framework proposed by senator bernie sanders who championed this bill from the start. it is not just manchin and sinema with concerns with the bill. bernie sanders has problems with medicaid expansion. there's money only for hearing in the bill. he wants vision and dental and said it's a red line for him and problems with the tax revenue. the cbo estimated that this bill will add over $360 billion to the deficit. something that's not going to fly with the moderates and something called the salt tax which benefits mostly blue states like new jersey and new york but the way it is structured it ends tax breaks to
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millionaires. senator bernie sanders told me this week it's absurd but leader schumer said this morning he thinks it will pass by christmas and hopes to have all 50 democrats on board. >> for now thank you. coming up in the next hour reports on the threats with alma adams and the thoughts on the build back better fate in the senate. we are also watching new developments from the white house. "the washington post" reporting that president biden is act i havely assuring the allies to run for re-election 2024 with encouragement and skepticism from democrats. mike memoli is following this for us. you got some allies expressing surprise at the president's assurances and others not surprised at all. nonetheless seeing this in "the washington post" i think surprising to all, of course for
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someone within the first year of the presidency. walk us through what we know. >> reporter: i got to say as somebody that lived through and reporting on the will he or won't he about a biden campaign in 2016 when the answer is no and then again for 2020 when the answer was ultimately yes, it does feel early to be engaged already in the conversation whether the president will seek re-election. we know the reasons why. the first is what biden talked about in 2020 describing himself as a transitional figure and a bridge to the next generation of democrats. sounded to people that he was thinking ant being a one-term president and then the age. the president's birthday yesterday, turned 79. he would be 82 in 2024 asking for four more years in the white house and people think this is not a decision he'll make but i think the real reason is two reasons.
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it has to do with both the approval ratings dipping for president biden, as well as for vice president harris and speculation of that natural in the white house. so you can understand why these white house officials and allies are making sure they're saying to democrats privately what the president has said publicly. that as long as he feels healthy and the medical report from the president's physician on friday indicated he is fit to serve. he does plan to run for re-election. this is going to be a conversation to promise to have more than a few times between now and 2024. >> memoli, i believe you. i believe you on that. you are usually normally right on subjects like this. thank you. georgia, closing arguments is it to begin tomorrow in the case of the killing of ahmaud
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arbery. stephanie, good to see you. talk me through the atmosphere there in brunswick and what to expect with closing arguments beginning. >> reporter: yasmin, the mood here in georgia is very different from what we see in kenosha but the racial issues with the trial at the forefront. let's break down the testimony last week when travis mcmichael took the stand to tell his side of the story and talked about how he alongside his father and another man saw ahmaud arbery and they believed that he was responsible for burglarizing at least one home in the neighborhood. so they claim that they wanted to make a citizen's arrest. however, they never mentioned that to ahmaud arbery and we learned that during the
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testimony. when we talked act this testimony, there are a lot of opinions about this case and about some of the racial undertones of it. we heard that dramatic testimony and then saw ahmaud arbery's mom wanda cooper jones and came out here and talked to some of her supporters and talked about how she does believe that there will be a conviction in this case. take a listen. >> didn't threaten you in any way? >> no. >> didn't verbal threaten you? >> not veeshlly. >> didn't swear at you. >> didn't swear. >> didn't say anything? >> did not. >> didn't pull out a gun? >> no. >> turned and ran away. >> reporter: we did have the sound from wanda cooper jones talking about the reaction to the testimony there from travis mcmichael.
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yasmin, closing arguments set to begin tomorrow and the defendants face life in prison. >> thank you for that. a civil rights probe in south lake. the texas town that's the epicenter of the phantom fight over critical race theory and now the subject of three investigations. the parents turn the sights on blocking mental health programs for children. we'll be right back. ht back. men. ...demands a lotion this pure. new gold bond pure moisture lotion. 24-hour hydration. no parabens, dyes, or fragrances. gold bond. champion your skin. we're getting destroyed out there. we need a plan! i have a plan— right now at t-mobile, customers on magenta max can get the new iphone 13 pro— and t-mobile will pay for it! it has the most advanced iphone camera ever! i'm talking new customers! i'm talking about existing customers like ronald! the new iphone on t-mobile— let's do it!
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welcome back. the supreme court could deliver a ruling on the texas abortion tomorrow. and also marking three weeks since the court heard oral arguments against the restrictive abortion law in the nation. as of right now the abortion law in effect banning abortions past six weeks of pregnancy and gives no exceptions for rape. texas school right now the target of three separate investigations just opened up by the civil rights of the department of education. allegations of discrimination based on race, national or vin and gender. here's what a mother told nbc news about the children's experience. >> they were discriminated against because they were black and for the color of the skin. discriminated against because i
12:19 pm
was a single parent, became a widow. it is left them scarred. to hear them now say orr post on social media i bear the scars from this place. you think it's not a big deal. it wasn't that bad. it was bad. it was bad and it made them have issues with their self esteem, self doubt. just a lot of issues and hurt. >> so nbc news has done extensive reporting on this school district. a six-part podcast how it's an epicenter of the fight over critical race theory. parents are looking at mental host. the cohost of south lake joining me now. mike, thank you for joining us on this. before this new reporting on mental health and education surrounding mental health, talk about the federal probes. walk us through what we know so
12:20 pm
far. >> we know that first the important context is this is a school district outside of dallas that has been fighting for years over a plan drafted by the school district and community volunteers to address complaints of that mother discussed. incidents of racial harassment. harassment against students based on sexuality and gender and as unveiling that plan conservative parents banded together to resist it. it's left the district in a spot of fights for the past year whether or not they will implement the plan. after conservatives won seats on the school board it looked like that wasn't going to happen but as we know an advocacy group in town filed this complaint on behalf of three students saying they were discriminated against.
12:21 pm
and that the department of education civil rights division looked at this. found the complaints credible and factual and now opened an investigation that could take mortgages or more than a year. and could end up forcing the district to make some changes that this community has resisted. >> now let's pivot to this idea of social emotional learning being the target. as school districts struggle to address accusations, the same parents making claims have begun targeting school initiatives centered on mental health and emotional well-being. walk me through the problem with it. >> my colleague tyler and i have
12:22 pm
been covering this issue all year and in south lake and across the country parents that come out arguing against programs that have been branded as critical race theory come against mental health programs. a philosophy of education to help stuptds cope with their emotions, to be emphathetic to others. conservative parents say that the lessons sometime introduce kids to conversations about racism and a trojan for critical race theory and some parents have taken it further to go after programs to prevent suicide. arguing as a mom did in south lake that counselors teaching anti-suicide programs is akin to advertising suicide.
12:23 pm
some said kids don't struggle with mental health which is untrue and appears to be the next front in this continuing fight over education. >> i got to tell you on a personal level my 5-year-old has some emotional and social learning. every morning he walks in and there's a chart to say how they're feeling and in the red chart or the green chart, right, sad or mad, they sit him down and talk him through it. why he feels the way he does and when he's happy they are and it's incredible to get in touch with your feelings and a surprising development in the reporting of your just thank you. coming up, texas governor candidate beto o'rourke will
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welcome back. happening right now, a manhunt in the greater atlanta man accused of accidentally firing a gun yesterday. he was awaiting a bag search at security and reached in for the weapon and went off causing panic and a brief shutdown. the 42-year-old ran out and has not been seen since. police say he faces several charges. we're also learning that at least three people were hurt in the chaos. a person fell from a atrium.
12:29 pm
want to turn to scott cohn live at san francisco international airport. talk to us. we saw some effects of that shutdown at hartsfield yesterday. are we seeing them today? >> reporter: no. that's the short answer. it's about what you would normally expect. here at sfo it is busier than in a while and officials here referred security questions to the tsa. they're not saying anything is out of the ordinary and wait times are fairly normal. takes 12 minutes to get through security here at sfo. 20 minutes in atlanta. 15 at chicago o'hare. it is wort noting finding guns
12:30 pm
at tsa check points is increasingly common. in fact, they're seeing a record number. 4500 in the first 9 mochtss of year and air age with more than 5,000 incidents this year. the fact is that there are some stresses involved, particularly for people that haven't done this in a while. >> i was shocked by the number of guns that are found at tsa check points. troubling for folks traveling. with that take a turn and talk about what's ahead over the next couple of days. you mentioned it seems lines at security are pretty good but not the case in a couple of days. how are things looking and the .
12:31 pm
transportation secretary pete buttigieg said the staffing concerns should be fine and will see people traveling. aaa expects some -- more than 50 million americans to travel in the holiday period and air travel up 80%. last year there was no vaccine. airport officials are saying above all plan ahead. >> give yourself extra time, plenty of time to get through the process and understand what terminal you go to. this can save headaches at the beginning of the experience. know what airline and terminal they operate in so if you're dropped off you are dropped off in the right place and can save you 20 minutes by going where the airline is. >> reporter: here's something also to keep in mind that maybe
12:32 pm
you haven't thought of. more people drive themselves to the airport and officials say that means that parking garages are filling up so allow extra time for that, as well. >> great point. scott cohn, thank you. graets to see you. adding of course to the travel woes rough weather in parts of the country. nbc meteorologist janessa webb is talking about the weather. >> i have been watching this forecast all week and concerned 24 hours ago. today the forecast has changed and will be a quick moving system causing delays. great every cleveland area into the northeast why if you are in d.c. new york city to the boston area dealing with widespread rain. the great news is by tomorrow morning this is out of here but the winds behind the front and
12:33 pm
lake-effect snow is causing a problem. look at the delays that we can continue to see across boston to the syracuse aefr yeah. it's going to be cleveland, snow and wind for your early morning commute tomorrow. an early flight going to be dealing with cancelations. boston with the rain and wind. the rest of the area from snaetd, nashville, d.c. shower just hitting the roadways still a little bit dicey for the higher elevations into northern new england from boston to buffalo. travels across i-95 early morning commute could be dicey and then clear. we are watching a series of fronts and going to be the problem going into your wednesday. that will make its way across-sections of the midwest to the ohio valley. some accumulations on the isolated side. some spotss could be dealing
12:34 pm
with eight inches of snow and watching that as squalls persist in the area. this is the big problem. widespread chill. it is a problem. this is some of the coldest air of the season so far. we'll look at daytime highs in most spots. in the single digits for the upper midwest. look at minneapolis. that hurts quour feelings. factor in the air temperature and winds, 7 degrees. yasmin? >> come on! >> sorry. >> that's all you can say. sorry. >> sorry. >> thank you. a second night we are talking about violence overseas over covid restrictions. several rioters damaged after police fire warning shot just the mayor describing it an an orgy of violence. the latest covid wave has been hitting europe with a vengeance
12:35 pm
sparking restrictions and lockdowns. lrt. despite the controversial acquittal the legal woes for kyle rourns may not be over. plus the laws and legal loopholes that factored into this verdict. is it time to reexamine what it means to claim self defense? we'll be right back. so you can enjoy more of...this. this is the planning effect. ♪ limu emu... & doug ♪ ♪ superpowers from a spider bite? i could use some help showing the world how liberty mutual customizes their car insurance so they only pay for what they need. (gasps) ♪
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12:39 pm
when he gave his testimony i didn't see a glimmer of remorse. i saw someone who got caught. that's scary to me. >> anthony huber was one of two men shot and killed by rittenhouse who injured a third. his family attorney quinn roll lynns joins me now. appreciate you joining us. how's the family coping after the verdict? >> thanks for having me. the family's i'd say devastated and determined. devastated because of what happened to their son. thanksgiving is coming up. he won't be at that dinner table. christmas and hanukkah and the holidays are coming up and their son won't there to exchange gifts to say i love you. i say determined because james baldwin said you will not fix what you will not face. they face the failures of the
12:40 pm
criminal legal system and however a jury decided the guy that went into the streets with an assault rifle killed their son was not found guilty but they also face forward with the civil rights lawsuit to finally bring justice to what happened to their son and other victims. >> i want to get into a civil rights lawsuit in a moment. but i do want to ask before we did, was the family surprised by the verdict the way in which they saw the trial going and the prosecution presenting their case? >> well, they were shocked. but i wouldn't say fully surprised. today is sunday. every church, every black pastor in america led a discussion this morning. i know because i attend one and there are three questions that america continues to think
12:41 pm
about. as how first this black man is shot seven times. how a white militia takes up arms against peaceful protesters and how can this man be acquitted? it's a rhetorical question and that's because anthony's family and america knows there's a pattern and practice of racist behavior by law enforcement often in conjunction with private actors and there's a pattern and practice of happening in the criminal justice system. >> talk to me about a civil suit going forward and the family's plan. >> yeah. so this criminal trial is about accountability for kyle rittenhouse. our federal civil rights lawsuit is against law enforcement who we believe were the ringmasters of this circus.
12:42 pm
we believe they were aware that a white militia was armed and did nothing to stop it. in fact, we believe they condoned and encouraged it and that's why people around the world are so emotional right now because they know that law enforcement allowed rittenhouse and the militia to play by different rules. there's also different legal claims. i don't want to get into too much legal jargon but a different burden of proof in a criminal case. we have a different legal burden for our claims in a civil suit and prove a claim by the preponderance of the evidence. >> quinn rollins, i appreciate your time. thank you. joining me now is legal analyst maya wily.
12:43 pm
you heard the attorney for the family there saying this was a breakdown, a failure of the criminal legal system. and there have been many pieces written since the verdict has come out about this wisconsin law coming to self defense and also about the color of kyle rittenhouse's skin. and politico kind of draws this picture of how that was -- in self defense in general is a litmus test. most states including wisconsin place a limit on self defense. you cannot hide if you created the situation. the criminal defense attorneys portrayed the victim as a scared teenager trying to defend himself against an angry mob. every person who was shot was attacking kyle. what about the fact that this
12:44 pm
law in wisconsin needs to change when it comes to self defense first and foremost, addressing that going forward as they did in georgia with ahmaud arbery? >> absolutely right. yasmin, look. really this case came down to whether or not, one, i think the attorney for the family said whether the police had done their job in the first instance coming across kyle rittenhouse with a semiautomatic rifle breaking curfew and handing him a bottle of water saying thank you. i think that's the first breakdown rather than saying are you legally able to carry that gun here? the way it really started in this history of the country was supposed to be starting as it did in england where you had a duty to run away first. right? to say, i'm not going to stand
12:45 pm
my grounds and why you're not supposed to provoke the incident where you say i was defending myself. this is what the prosecution did. if you provoke the situation that causes you say you had a right to shoot the gun you didn't. that's what we have seen the breakdown and a historic breakdown and happened in many states and that's why in the ahmaud arbery trial we see the prosecution have to deal with the fact that the citizens' arrest laws and came up as a result of the end of slavery to try to keep black people on the plantations in swlaif ri. first passed in 1863 and used to deny the constitutional rights of black people after slavery and see a long practice here why yes. i did break down critical race
12:46 pm
theory for you. all too often if you are white and you are the one asserting the self defense you get off. especially if the victim is black. if you're black you don't get the same privilege. >> the next question is had kyle rittenhouse had a different color skin, do you think this trial would have ended the way it did? >> if kyle rittenhouse had a different color skin the police would have put him in handcuffs when they saw him with a rifle walking the streets after curfew with no permit for the begin. kyle rittenhouse would have not been in a situation to wield that rifle. after the fact if it was him pointing a gun at someone who was white and he was not i think we know what the outcome would be and not an acquittal.
12:47 pm
>> maya, great to see you. thank you. we'll be right back. thank you. we'll be right back. don't settle for silver. #1 for diabetic dry skin #1 for psoriasis symptom relief and #1 for eczema symptom relief. gold bond. champion your skin. ♪♪ thousands of women with metastatic breast cancer are living in the moment and taking ibrance. ibrance with an aromatase inhibitor is for postmenopausal women or for men with hr+, her2- metastatic breast cancer as the first hormonal based therapy. ibrance plus letrozole significantly delayed disease progression versus letrozole. ibrance may cause low white blood cell counts that may lead to serious infections. ibrance may cause severe inflammation of the lungs. both of these can lead to death. tell your doctor if you have new or worsening chest pain, cough, or trouble breathing. before taking ibrance, tell your doctor if you have fever, chills, or other signs of infection,
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unleash the freshness... [upbeat music]. still fresh ♪ in wash-scent booster ♪ downy unstopables ( ♪♪ ) what a pain in the... alice? if it's "let's wrap this up" season, it's walgreens season. welcome back. we are days away from thanksgiving. one of if not the biggest day of the year for home crocking across the country and while there are countless articles, videos and recipes out there my next guest says we are out of practice given the times and time to go back to basics.
12:51 pm
>> if you do nothing else, if you know nothing else about turkey, if you cook it a first time or a million times there's two things that you need to take away about cooking a turkey. one is you don't want to undercook it because that's really bad. a food safety issue. you don't want to overcook your turkey. it might be dry and chewy and jerky. don't want to undercook or overcook it. if you are new to thanksgiving dinners or feel overwhelmed or you just kind of feel like you don't know you are doing and winging it and whatever, first thing to know is you got this so it's going to be fine. mistakes will be made. food will be eaten. jokes will be shared. arguments will happen. it's all part of the deal. right? but it is going to turn out fine. >> joining me is the host roger
12:52 pm
anderson. great to see you and talk to you. i got to say i'm not sure it's always fun. first time i made the thanksgiving turkey a decade ago i left the plastic stuff inside. >> it happens. >> it happens. i was told it tasted pretty good and embarrassing. give me your best advice. we're all out of practice. we have been in this pandemic and cooped up in the homes with our nuclear family and now we are hanging with extended family and cooking up a storm once again. what is your advice? >> look. thanksgiving is as complicated as it comes coming to food and cooking. this is the big deal for a lot of home cooks and pressure added on to just the fact to get into a kitchen and cook a meal. i say keep it simple and i mean you have to understand the
12:53 pm
capabilities as a cook and work within them and single best advice is plan. we're a few days away from thanksgiving. plan out the menu so you know what to buy and write up a production schedule for what to make and when on the big day and takes pressure off the cook. you can't just wake up on thanksgiving and say what will we cook today? >> some buffalo sabres advice is prepare beforehand. cut up the vegetables. the things that you can do beforehand to make sure that's out of the way. >> yeah. you don't need to be cutting the carrots three minutes before cooking them while making the side dishes and traditional side
12:54 pm
dishes like mac n cheese or green bean casserole or mashed potatoes can be made before. so you can just repeat and don't worry about cooking from scratch. >> and gravy. how do you do that? >> you know what? gravy is easy. people like turkey gravy with the drippings in the pan and make yourself a great flour and fat based gravy with chicken or turkey stock a day or two before and trying to put it together in the heat of the moment add the pan drippings into the premade gravy as you heat it up. >> what are the biggest mistakes people make? >> look. there's a million technical mistakes you can make on thanksgiving. >> leaving plastic in the turkey. >> that's part out fun of
12:55 pm
thanksgiving. a mistake that i'm guilty of and people make is they don't make the preparation of thanksgiving dinner a shared effort. when they offer take them up on it. i think some of the real joy of thanksgiving comes when you're working together to prepare that meal with the family and friends why that's what i remember about thanksgiving. i can't tell you about many thanksgiving tables but every thanksgiving i have cooked for. >> i am hosts my husband's family. i have to work as well and delegating. made up the menu. the in-laws making pies and vegetables. i added that. you got to make pies. we have kind of farmed it out to sit back and make a little bit and have a glass of wine and then enjoy. that's great advice. you have a great podcast. thank you.
12:56 pm
appreciate it. >> thank you. >> tune in where you get your podcasts. coming up, texas candidate for governor beto o'rourke in dallas. librarians unite. the soldiers in a fight against an effort to ban books in schools across the country. we'll be right back. bipolar depression. it made me feel like i was trapped in a fog.
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welcome, everybody. i'm yasmin vossoughian. if you're still with us, thank you for sticking around. beto o'rourke will join me from the campaign trail kicking off the attempt to what no democrat has done in 30 years. win the texas governor's race. the dangerous precedent of the kyle rittenhouse verdict. will not guilty be seen as a green light for other armed vigilantes in this country? that's coming up. and then over to capitol hill. the quiet before the storm. the pause in the battle over president biden's build back better bill. the house is waiting for the senate to act. >> i'm very confident. i'm the overwhelmingly member of provisions in the


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