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tv   The 11th Hour With Brian Williams  MSNBC  November 23, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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our economy forward and reduce the cost of doing business. it's a very good bill. i helped negotiate it over eight months. it's good to see it get signed into law. now we'll be looking forward to seeing the projects hit the ground in montana. >> jon tester gets "the last word." "the 11th hour with brian williams" starts right now. good evening once again. day 308 of the biden administration. the january 6th committee has subpoenaed far right extremist groups. lawmakers have zeroed in on the proud boys. several members have already been indicted. also subpoenaed, the oath keepers and the first amendment
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praetorian. bennie thompson said in a statement, we believe these groups have relevant information on the leadup to the violent attack. yesterday, roger stone and alex jones were subpoenaed. not surprisingly, today we heard from both. >> the january 6th witch hunt committee makes joe mccarthy blush from his grave. it is a complete and absolute fishing expedition, trying to demonize populist americans. i'm probably going to declare the fifth. not because i've done anything wrong. but these people are political criminals with an ax to grind. >> i'm going to make a decision between now and december 17th, but it's very dangerous to go into this forum, because they're not honest. this is a partisan witch hunt. >> it's worth noting that the
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subpoena to roger stone says he reportedly used members of the oath keepers as private security while in washington before january 6th. today was the deadline for several people including steven miller, kayleigh mcenany, and others to turn over documents to the committee. john eastman, who outlined plans for mike pence to deny biden the presidency, was supposed to respond yesterday. tonight, we're learning the house committee also wants to know more about what law enforcement knew before the attack. including multiple warnings of possible violence that went unheeded by the fbi. and they're examiing the failures of various government agencies to recognize, share, and elevate critical warnings.
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meanwhile, a jury has found that those who were injured during the unite the right rally in 2017 in virginia are entitled to over $25 million in damages from the rally organizers. the event, organized by white supremacists, led to the death of heather heier. on another note, people across this country have been watching with alarm as gas prices have surged in recent weeks. today, the president announced plans to tap into our strategic petroleum reserve, to try to bring prices down. we'll have much more on that decision. that story, later in this hour. let's bring in our leadoff guests, peter baker, susan page,
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and malcolm nance. he recently testified before congress on the threat of domestic terrorism. that's precisely why i need to begin with you. what do you think the committee can learn with those would be army men in their camo? and what does the committee already know about them and their actions leading up to and including january 6th? >> very interesting about these three particular groups. first off, we all know the proud boys have a long history of protecting roger stone. and as we all know, roger stone years ago organized something called the brooks brothers riot in the 2000 election. the question is, did he conspire to create a massive national
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level brooks brothers riot, and did he use the organization of the proud boys, the oath keepers, and other groups like the 3% militia to effectively help coordinate this activity on capitol hill? we don't know that yet. that's a key question that needs to be asked. but in december 2020, these three groups held coordination meetings in washington, d.c., along with the 3% militia. and they worked from december 12th, right up to january 6th, together, to coordinate their actions on that day. they also protected all of the senior people who took place at, you know, who participated in the command conference at the willard hotel. the first amendment praetorians,
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led by an ex-special forces soldier, who protected many people, many of these senior people at numerous pro-trump rallies and conferences. so they actually sit around in the golf carts and listen to these people as they communicate and coordinated themselves. the question is, which one of these organizations worked up the chain of command to create the riot that we saw on january 6th? >> susan, let's talk about that chain of command. obviously there was a guy at the top. what are the core questions you think this committee is pursuing, either directly or indirectly related to donald trump himself? >> well, you know, i think the committee is being very methodical. now they've issued 40 subpoenas, and have interviewed 200 witnesses voluntarily. they're trying to follow the money and the organization. they're working their way up the
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chain of command and of course that will next include some sitting members of congress. but at the end, it will include donald trump, the president of the united states, at the top of the pyramid. they're going to be looking at what trump knew, when did he know it, and what was his involvement in fomenting this insurrection? and they need to do it fast, because if republicans win the house next year, this investigation will shut down immediately. >> peter, for those with some age on their side, this investigation will resemble the aftermath of 9/11 in the aspects of it where they're looking to see what government agents and agencies knew but failed to connect, failed to kick up the
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chain of command. i'm curious from you, how aware and focused is this administration on the threat from domestic terrorism? which, as we've learned and seen, can be an existential threat to democracy? >> i think you've heard attorney general garland and others talk about the threat from domestic terrorism and radical groups about one of the biggest threats facing america. we still think of overoverseas terrorism, but this administration understands there's just as much danger at this point to our democracy at home. so what we're seeing with the subpoenas to the extremist groups, it's drawn partly from the information received from the fbi and from other, you know, federal agencies about what they already knew or were
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discovering in the prosecutions of some of these people, in the aftermath of january 6th. they know things that they're trying to document and get further evidence about, it's not a fishing expedition. this is a wide-ranging inquiry. it's gone well beyond just the big names. the household names like mark meadows, roger stone, and steve bannon. it's going to the core of the, you know, militants who showed up on the capitol steps that day. how they got there, what the planning was, what was going on in advance of this. what connections they had to people around trump. and what kind of conclusions can we draw from that? >> as fraught as it is to play something spoken by an army veteran for a navy veteran, i want you to listen to this guest of nicolle wallace this
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afternoon. he goes after hate groups that particularly appeal to and in some cases prey on military veterans. we'll discuss on the other side. >> my goal and organizations like we the veterans and veterans for american ideals are to knock these people off-center. they've gone unopposed for years. we've all been talking about this violence out in the open, and nobody has done anything. now it's time to engage these people. and, you know, i'm not going to go out in the street with a weapon, dressing like i did in iraq because i'm not an idiot. i can do this from my home. and other veterans who are interested, i would encourage them to do the same. we want to make these groups so paranoid that they can't function. i've been pretty successful,
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taking down a couple of hate groups just by myself. i think it's going to be a great movement. vets protect democracy. the oath keepers are not keeping any oath. it's folks like me taking the oath seriously to the country, and serving democracy in a tangible way. >> that seems like a good approach to us civilians in the audience. what do you make of it? >> he's doing a very good job, for a very long time. certainly in the period of donald trump, there's been this equation where veteran equals right-wing conservative extremists, supporting all of these extremist behaviors. we saw in the organization of some of the people doing the most severest fighting, for every one veteran who is a policeman, you would get ten
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kyle rittenhouse-type people who see them as the centurion in the little legion, and rally around those people. we had special forces people doing training programs with guns and movement for many of these militia organizations. they see themselves as either the individuals who are going to be the key motivators to this extremism, and many people deferred to them just because they're veterans. we need to take that away from them. and i said this, you have to shame these people. the oath keepers was supposedly about not violating your oath to attack american citizens. they've turned into an armed militia to attack u.s. citizens and the u.s. government and democracy itself. we need to disentangle their
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honor, restore it, and get people these away from extremism. i don't know if that will ever be possible. but you have to make the effort. >> malcolm, i can only offer you 60 more seconds. but if i read you correctly on social media, you appear to be saying of late, we're in the middle of something as a country. >> yes. yeah. you might recall, last november 6th, i was on "real time with bill maher," and it became very apparent to me throughout the fall of 2020, we were moving into an insurgency. 62 days later, we had the ins insurrection. and now the political differences on capitol hill are
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enabling the street to become a paramilitary weapons system, or a ticking time bomb that can be exploded at any time. i don't even think we're midway. by mid-spring this year, it became clear, the republican party would quintuple down on this. we're going into an insurgency, and we may have multiple insurrections around the country. people thinking they can self defense themselves using the second amendment. we're in a sedition path that i don't think we'll be able to get out of. >> susan, that would sober up even the most jaded mind, even in washington, d.c. so a nation turns its lonely
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eyes to the 1/6 committee, the only group in town trying to track this down. and laurence tribe said, nearly a year has passed since the insurrection, not one person in power has been held accountable, and not one safeguard for democracy has been added. and some would say, the democrats just aren't killers. >> some people wish the democrats would be more aggressive. the committee, i think, has tried to address some of these concerns by, for instance, bringing contempt citations against steve bannon. the thing that has, i think, surprised many people since january 6th is the, what has happened on the other side. the unwillingness, the disinterest on the part of
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almost every republican on capitol hill in trying to figure out what happened on january 6th. who planned it? who paid for it? these were questions being entertained in the immediate aftermath by both parties. but either republican officials portray this as a witch hunt, or they don't discuss it at all. so democrats are the only game in town when it comes to trying to figure out what actually happened and what might be ahead. are we in a time of real peril for our democracy? is it fragile? we're not used to thinking of it that way. maybe that's the case right now. >> and peter baker, bring us up to present day. this petroleum reserve that the white house has decided to tap into. the non-emergency use, is it an
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indication, and we have a longer report on this later in the hour, is it an indication that the white house has dialed in to what we're all paying for gas? >> i think they're very concerned and aware of it. especially heading into a holiday weekend, they want to show they're concerned, on top of the issue, and trying to do something about it. 50 million barrels is a lot, and in the long term, it's not going to do much. it's meant to be a short-term reassurance to the public and to the markets that the government is on top of it. the problem for the biden administration is the longer term one, and it has a challenge in trying to square and reconcile its message, it's time to begin to think about a long term shift away from fossil fuels, as we're paying more at
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the pump. i think it shows that the administration recognizes a real pocketbook situation right now among a lot of voters, not just at the gas pump, but with inflation in general. look, we understand, we get it. you're heading into the holidays, we're with you, we're doing to do something about it. >> peter, susan, malcolm, great thanks to our starting line on this tuesday night. greatly appreciated. coming up, james carville and mike murphy talk to us about how critical the president's messaging is right now, as he takes on surging gas prices. and later, the new increase in virus cases in children. we'll talk to a pediatrician about vaccination for kids. all of it as "the 11th hour" is just getting under way, in sight of the washington monument, and beyond it, the u.s. capitol, on a tuesday night.
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while our combined actions will not solve the problem of high gas prices overnight, it will make a difference. it will take time, but before long, you should see the price of gas drop where you fill up your tank. and in the longer term, we will reduce our reliance on oil as we shift to clean energy. >> president biden trying to calm fears over high gas prices, rising inflation. but "the new york times" writes, as mr. biden it's approval ratings have sagged in recent weeks, some democrats have asked if the president has yielded too much control of the public narrative of his administration to others. it's a good night to have james carville, veteran democratic
8:23 pm
strategist, he's co-host of the politics war room podcast. and mike murphy, veteran republican strategist, he co-hosts the hacks on tap podcast. james, let's talk about messaging. we talk about it every time you come on. you and i gather 1,000 americans, either in st. louis or the san francisco bay area. we ask them, what is in the bill biden just signed? somebody will say a bridge, somebody will say an interstate. that's about it. how do you fix that? >> you get out and talk about it. the president has some really skilled cabinet people. anybody that has ever run for statewide office in his
8:24 pm
administration should keep flooding the zone. and there's a lot of stories to tell. oddly enough, it's good news that people don't know a lot about what is happening. because if we tell them, you can change perceptions. sell, sell, sell. for good reasons, they haven't been good and distracted. but they have to get out and sell these plans to people. get after it. i think i've been pretty vocal about it, and they're starting to do that. i think they're starting to see the value in just doing things is not enough. you have to tell people. they had the ceo of walmart talking about how the administration is helping with the supply chain issues today. but they have to tell people what is going on. >> mike, i know you came on
8:25 pm
tonight armed with data about people who voted for biden, and considered voting for youngkin in virginia. among your findings, democrats have no real brand among these swing voters, whose 2020 vote was first and foremost against trump. they were vaguely aware of the infrastructure bill in congress, and pieces they've heard are in the reconciliation bill. mike, that's a problem if you're a democrat. >> yeah, a big problem. it's the focus group by the president's pollster, and it was the focus done to take a look into what the hell went wrong in virginia to allow the suburbs to snap back to the republicans, despite the democrats screaming trump around the clock. it's very instructive.
8:26 pm
every democrat ought to read it. and the trump fixation is not working. and what james is talking about, nobody has any idea what their stuff is because they're only talking in terms of process. it's just a blur of congressional faces to the average voter. the democratic spending bill is like a quilt with 400 different patches. you can't even figure out what color it is. instead of narrowing it down, shouting about it, and having a fight with the people who say it's a bad program. they're having a hard knocks lesson right now, and in politics, there's always a reaction. i agree with james, i think they're shifting gears to try. and they do have an opportunity if this stuff is not defined very well. but they're learning the hard lesson that if you don't message
8:27 pm
effectively, the politics fall apart. and that's where they've been stuck. and biden has a problem, the defining voices in the democratic party in the last eight months have not been him. it's been the left wing and the woke police and all the stuff tangling up the democrats' ability to get swing voters. and biden looks weak. it's time for a big gear shift. i think they're starting to go out on the road and do events. but the numbers are grim, and the focus group report should scare the hell out of any democrat who reads it. >> don't forget members of the squad who voted against infrastructure seemingly without consequence. both of these gentlemen will stay with us through this break. coming up, trump seems to understand he's not going to be reinstated, exactly. but that means getting his old job back, which would require actual work.
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aside from a handful of rallies and fox news appearances, as recently as tonight, and let's not forget the rambling would be tweets issued as statements with grammatical errors, donald trump has largely remained out of the public eye since losing the election. but this is from politico, as
8:32 pm
donald trump builds out a presidential campaign in waiting, his team is focusing on an electoral strategy that includes recaptuing the five states lost to joe biden in 2020. keep in mind, this is a poll trump reportedly paid for, which shows him leading in all of them. and today is november 23rd of 2021. let's bring back james carville and mike murphy. here's the game, we tried to play this with tim miller last night. it's like fight club. the only rule is, in your answer, you're unable to use the name youngkin. can you name any republicans who have told trump to pound sand
8:33 pm
and been victorious? >> maryland governor hogan took a good shot at trump on twitter yesterday, saying he didn't want an endorsement. but fundamentally, if you have a republican primary right now, trump's a pretty big deal in your life, whether you like it or not. this poll, i think james and i get a laugh out of this, it's old consultant trick, you leak a poll showing your guy ahead to create a bunch of noise in the spin world. there's a bit of a trump bandwagon, mostly because biden is perceived as so weak. who knows what kind of trump we'll have in three years. but in the world of the republican primary, you have about 40% of the vote that will follow trump to the gates of hell. 15% of the vote that don't like trump, and want to get rid of him like me. and 45% that won't say a bad
8:34 pm
thing about him, but thinks it's time to move on. which is why you have all the senators out there thinking about it. though very few will take him on frontally, they're waiting to see what he turns into. but donald trump in a republican primary, he's quite powerful. >> james carville, who for my money and memory since we haven't seen each other during covid is a more of a 42 long, a learned man said many years ago, it's the economy, stupid. i'm curious to feel you out on the danger of inflation and sky-high gas prices, and the danger of a president labeled as out of touch. the last time that happened, you beat him. >> right. well, first of all, it's not a danger in soaring job numbers, or declining unemployment
8:35 pm
numbers. look, inflation, the bond market seems to be very unconcerned about it. a lot of people think it's going to recede. gas prices, it's a world market. we're only one-fifth of the market. but there's some really good economic news out there. if we want to go to, it's the economy stupid, i have a gospel of good news i can preach on that. and hopefully the inflation numbers will continue to improve over the next year, as will the gas prices, and there will be another success story to talk about here. but it's a pretty doggone good economy out there. and we could be in pretty good shape, i have some hope that the economic message can be pretty good for the democrats. >> james, are the democrats
8:36 pm
constitutionally able and equipped for another run against donald trump in 2024, should that happen? >> they had better be. we had better hang together, or we'll hang separately. i watched the first segment with malcolm and peter and them, they're exactly right. we're in frightening times in the united states. and i hope that my party can come together and deliver a cogent message and keep this thing going. but these are troubling times. i'm not going to try to gloss over that. >> and mike, these are not just troubling times for democrats, they're troubling times for republicans and all people who love this country. when are we going to hear a republican voice of authority say what james just said, say what malcolm nance said, that we're indeed in troubling times, we're witnessing a rolling close call for democracy? >> well, i think a few have.
8:37 pm
but that's the tragedy of it. there is so much more to be done. once you destroy institutions, the whole thing comes apart. it's a grim time now. but i'm an american optimist. and i have some hope or have a restoration. but our institutions are under attack. and it's something we have to take very, very seriously. and i wish more republicans would. but there are a group of us who are fighting, and i think the numbers are growing. >> your fight is noted here, as is wishing you both a happy thanksgiving with you and yours. we're grateful to james and mike for spending time with us again tonight. coming up, just as americans are about to gather around the table, beds in some hospitals are filling up again. one of our favorite doctors, with what we all need to know before the doorbell rings on thursday, before the turkey is in the oven, even before the lions game. cholesterol?
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the hospitals are full because of unvaccinated people with covid-19. they get admitted and they say for an extremely long time. you know, if we're waiting for the system to break, at least around here, it's broken. we're hanging on for dear life. >> you heard the man. that's dr. rob davidson in michigan, who has been a guest on this broadcast, describing the rapidly deteriorating situation in his state. there is concern about this recent increase in new cases as we head into the holidays. we've been saying it for nights on end now. pediatricians say infections among children are rising, increasing by 32% over the span of two weeks. it's a good time to have dr.
8:42 pm
irvin redlenner with us. he advises us on public health, and he's a professor at albert einstein college of medicine. how concerning is the increase among children as a subgroup. and my second part of my question, i thought this would be the safe thanksgiving. >> well, brian, this is really interesting and not totally safe. this is not 2018, when things were all just hunky dory, and it's not three or four years from now, when everything will be pretty much back to normal. we're seeing many more cases happening during this winter season. a massive outbreak and problems
8:43 pm
in europe, and we're a month or so behind them. and rising cases among children, hospitalizations in the northeast and midwest. and it's very unsettling. we have to be pretty careful as we celebrate and gather together to the extent that we can safely do that, and not put our friends and loved ones at risk right now. we have a lot to think about. >> all the time, we hear people and sometimes in the context of campaign ads, where democrats are attacking republicans, people who are not physicians say that this is really still, this deep in the pandemic, this really isn't that harmful to children. what happens within you when you hear that? >> well, there's a lot of wishful thinking and optimism, and people who are really sick of this whole pandemic. and are waiting to see much better days and hoping that we're done with this.
8:44 pm
except we're not. and i think we just have to be really careful and we have to really change the rules for our thanksgiving and later our other winter holidays. we need to take precautions. we have states and cities in the northeast and midwest, and in the west, and we have a lot of hospitals that are terrifyingly filled up. we're at capacity. and we're scaring the hell out of our health care systems and hospitals, and nurses, and everybody is who is trying to take care of people who are catching covid-19 at a very rapid rate. a couple of months ago, we thought we were nearing the end of this ongoing nightmare. >> let me read this to you. this is from bloomberg news. a boston emergency department doctor said he had to call 11 different hospitals to find room
8:45 pm
for two little old ladies who were probably having heart attacks. doctor, in new england, famously, the land of steady habits, where the vaccination rate was very high, if this is happening in new england, what does that portend? who needs to worry next? >> yeah, well, this is very interesting, what we sort of hang our hope on. we have, let's say, take vermont. about 625,000 or so people in the state. about 72.5% are actually vaccinated, and are resistant, hopefully, for the most part. that still leaves about 140,000 people just in vermont that aren't vaccinated, and are at high risk. and they're causing a big outbreak once again, people are getting admitted to the hospital.
8:46 pm
and this thing reported by bloomberg says what we were experiencing at a horrible level back in certain states a year ago, which is that, yeah, the hospital can be overloaded, not only in the ers and icus, but also knocking out opportunities to admit people who don't have covid, but do have heart attacks and strokes and other things that are lethal. so we have a crowding out of opportunity for really sick people because we're overrun with people with covid. so we have to keep pushing this absolute requirement of people to get the covid vaccination, brian. >> doctor, i hope your own family gathering is safe and wishing you and yours a happy thanksgiving. thank you very much for being our guest tonight and taking our medical questions as usual. another break for us. coming up, new reporting on when
8:47 pm
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as we mentioned, the president announced plans to tap into the nation's oil reserves to help drive down skyrocketing gas prices. that's the headline, but there's a lot more you should know about how, how soon, and for how long this might affect what we're paying for gas out there. we get our report from tom
8:51 pm
costello tonight. >> reporter: it's the largest release ever from the u.s. strategic patroleum reserve. 50 million barrels. but that's roughly the equivalent of what americans go through every 2 1/2 days. the spr is normally reserved for emergenies like wars or hurricanes that disrupt the national supply. this is the first release for a non-emergency. the u.s. partnering with india, japan, south korea, the united kingdom, and china to also release more oil. hoping to force opec to pump more to meet demand. critics say a move of this size is unlikely to help oil and gas prices in the long term.
8:52 pm
a year ago, it was $2.10. if you're driving 456 miles, a year ago, you would have paid $38 i gas. today, $62. the president accuses the oil and gas industry of price gouging americans, just as 48 million are driving over thanksgiving. meanwhile, across the country today, mostly clear skies and packed airports. the tsa screening more than 2 million people each day since friday. the highest since the pandemic began. sunday will bring the most passengers yet. and today, the tsa chief tells nbc news, 93% of screening officers are now vaccinated. those who are not will not face immediate termination. >> we're not going to pull
8:53 pm
unvaccinated people off the line. i expect no impact whatsoever for thanksgiving and the december holiday travel period. >> reporter: welcome news as many families gather for the first time in two years. how soon may we see any improvement at the pump? most expects say it will be modest improvements if anything for the coming weeks. until we see a dramatic increase in supply to meet global demand, prices won't budge that much. >> our thanks to tom for that report. one last break. when we come back, it fell to one man to expose the secrets of electronic signals beamed into your home by people like us. pe.
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no one can deliver your mom's homemade short ribs. for starters, your mom doesn't have a restaurant. if she did, it would be impossible to get in. she'd become famous overnight. she'd get talked into franchising everything. and at that point, they wouldn't really taste like your mom's short ribs.
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no one can deliver your mom's homemade short ribs. that's why instacart helps deliver the ingredients. last thing before we go tonight, we're checking in on the crazy so you won't have to. tonight, we introduce you to a young anti-vaxxer named jimmy levy. he's a pretty big deal in maga circles. as you'll hear, he knows some words, and tries to use them all at once. and as you'll hear, he kind of rips the lip off of the television business by giving away perhaps our most closely guarded secret. this may seem like a cable news broadcast, just minutes before midnight eastern time, but it's actually magic. don't take my word for it.
8:58 pm
here's jimmy. >> what do you attribute the cognitive dissonance to? >> they're under a spell, spiritual and psychological warfare. it's cast through hollywood, through the television, it's real magic. >> tell lie vision, right? >> it's right there in the word. every word in a spell. spelling. but they've been doing this to us for so long, they created all of our personalities, they create the divorces, the family matriarchs and children type they want to see. and all of our personalities, me and you are five to ten of our favorite movie characters. we're not living until we get to our whole soul connection. you're still unwinding from all the programming, from all the stuff you absorb through your
8:59 pm
neural networks. >> that was a lot. if anyone is asking, if we must be a collection of a minimum of five movie characters, i'll take hanks as private miller. two mcqueens, bullitt and the thomas crown affair. mostly, this segment was a public service to let you know that this is straight-up magic we're doing here. the truth about us is, we're a magic delivery system. we decide who gets divorced, who the good children are, we get our assignments every day from holywood on an all-media conference call in the morning. just a little bit surprised that it took this long to get found out. on that note, that's our broadcast on this tuesday night. with our thanks for being here
9:00 pm
with us where the magic happens, on behalf of our colleagues at the networks of nbc news, good night. here joining us live tonight. this is going to be my first chance to interview or since before the 2020 elections. i have a lot of stuff stored up to ask her. i also, have to tell you i ripped through the political thriller she just wrote with the great author luis penny. they co-wrote a political thriller. it's hillary clinton's first novel. i read everything luis penny writes anyway. honestly, i read their book so fast that was like somebody was timing me to get through it. so, we will talk a little bit about that with secretary clinton. we'll talk with her a lot about what's going on in the country ri


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