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tv   Yasmin Vossoughian Reports  MSNBC  November 28, 2021 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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tom we will see the start of a u.s. ban on travel from countries in southern africa in the wake of a new covid variant. >> when you diminish or stop or block travel it is to give you time to do thing, to get us better prepared, to rev up on the vac nation, to be really ready for something for something that may not actually be a big deal. but we want to make sure that we are prepared for the worst. >> tomorrow will also see the senate back in session, beginning a sprint to the finish on a number of items including the debt ceiling, and of course the centerpiece of the president's economic agenda, the build back better bill. >> i believe we are going to get build back better done by christmas. we need to get it done. it will make a difference in so many american lives. >> making things more affordable for families, that means bringing down the cost of prescription drugs. to me, that's what we do about
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the problem right in front of us, which is to have the backs of the american people. >> in the supreme court this week, a hearing that could change america's history on abortion rights. roe v wade under direct attack in a battle over a mississippi law. >> if you read the constitution, there is nowhere in the constitution that prohibits individual states, states like mississippi, to limit access to abortion. in a moment i am going to be talking to nina totenberg and planned parenthood president alex his mcgill johnson about the high court showdown. if that is not enough for one week, donald trump's lawyers will be back in court on tuesday fighting to keep key documents away from the january 6th committee that is increasingly focused on what he knew, and when he knew it. >> among the most important questions that we are investigating is the complete role of the former president. that is, what did he know in advance about the propensity for
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violence that day? the most -- the broadest category of unknowns are those surrounding the former president. and we are determined to get answers. but at this point, i am not in a position to indicate what we know yet. >> by the way, that shouldn't be the former president's only concern. charges could come at any time from the outgoing manhattan d.a. and trump's former fixer has a word of warning for his old friend. >> they are going after donald. they are going after don jr., eric, ivanka, a whole slew of individuals. family -- you know, family as well. >>. we begin with what could turn out to be the most historically consequential even this busy week, that landmark case before the supreme court. days away now, the implications, haj, life changing for so many. on wednesday, oral arguments in the dobbs versus jackson women's
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health organization, mississippi's last remaining abortion clinic is going toll begin. it would ban most abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy. this will be the first time the supreme court will rule on the the constitutionality of a free viability ban since roe v wade 48 years ago. joining me now, nina totenberg, legal affairs corresponds 79 at npr. great the see you. thank you for joining us on this hugely consequential supreme court case to be heard in just a couple of days' time. a lot of eyes are going to be on this thing. can we just go back to basics. talk to me about why this is the first challenge to roe. >> it's not the first challenge to roe. i mean, we've had multiple challenges to roe over the years. but at every turn, the supreme court has reaffirmed roe and the
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subsequent major opinion, the casey opinion, which was in 1991 or '92. i can't quite remember at the moment. i think if you take the sole panoply of both decisions and refusal to even reconsider cases is probably in the dozens. but this time, it's different, because this time we have the most conservative supreme court in decades, probably since the 1930s, with many of its members having established records opposing the right to abortion. >> let's talk about some of those supreme court justices and their established records. who are you going to be watching? which justices specifically are you going to be watching? i assume one of the justices you are talking about is justice thomas, who has said outright
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that he opposes roe versus wade. >> he does, and has been part of, up until now, a minority of justice who is have made that point over and over and over again. and he's called for its reversal in perhaps the most explicit language of anybody on the court. so there's justice thomas, who is the most senior member of the court. the chief justice, who, as a justice department in the sclitor general's office and outside the solicitor general's office as well led the fight to challenge roe during the reagan administration. this is -- there are the three trump nominees, all of whom have, to one extent or another, established records in
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opposition to abortion. some of them are expressed personally. some of the opinions have been expressed on the bench. there is justice amy coney barrett, the most recent nominee, who signed a letter when she was -- just a few years ago, when she was a professor at notre dame, saying that it should -- that roe should be overturned, that life begins at the moment of conception, and essentially, abortion is murder. she doesn't have much of a record on -- as a lower court judge, but that's because she was only a lower court judge for about a year and a half before being moved to the supreme court. then there is justice gorsuch and justice kavanaugh, neither of whom has a definitive record, but both of whom who have been in either dissenting opinions or
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expressions on the speaking circuit indicated pretty clear opposition, at least personally, to abortion. we don't know what they will do, but both of them have very established records as very conservative. i'm using the word "very" a lot because they are very conservative members of the court. so there should be at least five, and potentially six justices, at least in play, to overturn roe. they don't have to do it this time. they could do some sort of mysterious thing short of that and simply leave roe up in the air. or they could say, we are not overturning roe, we are just saying that 15 weeks is. but you know, when 24 weeks was the barrier a minute before, it's hard to say that's not overturning roe, whether you say that explicitly or not.
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so we can't be certain what's going to happen. but this is the time, i would say, that, for the first time since roe, that the likelihood is much stronger than the other way around, that roe will be dismantled in some very significant way. >> wow. all right, nina totenberg, we appreciate you talking us through all of that on this sunday afternoon. thank you so much. we will look for your expertise throughout the week as we watch this thing unfold. thank you. i want to bring in my next guest to talk about what is at stake and the cumulative effect the ruling in dobbs could have for millions of women's across this country. joining me, alexis johnson of planned parenthood. it is going to be a tough week ahead for you and your organization, for women across
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this country. you just heard from nina talking about the possibility of what may happen here. from your perspective, if in, fact, the high court rules in favor of dobbs, what could that mean for planned parenthood and for women? >> thank you, yasmin. honestly, there is no middle grounds here. the fact that the supreme court is willing to revisit 50 years of press didn't by taking up this case, this abortion fwhan mississippi that puts the right to abortion at revving like never before, as nina said, is incrediby alarming. this isn't about planned parenthood. it is about the providers, planned parenthood providers, independent providers, 36 million people living in the 26 states that could see an abortion ban similar to what is happening in mississippi, and
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trankly, similar to what's happening in texas right now. we don't have to look too far to understand that in a state like texas right now, roe has basically been rendered meaningless. so we have, essentially, an understanding of what that impact looks like right now for people in this country. >> i want to talk a little bit about fetal liability here because that's some of what this case is really about. or that's what they are making it about. whether it is actually about that in a larger scope is i think part of discussion that we should have. they are argumenting that fetal liability is more at 15 weeks. scientifically, though, they have argued it is at 24 weeks, hence why roe is where it is. if you look at percentage of abortions that are performed around 24 -- excuse me -- before 15 weeks, it's around 95% or so. right? so what is this really about to you, this case? >> look, i think we have to be clear this. isn't about viability.
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this is about the fact that politicians have decided that they can make better decisions than us on our health care than, you know -- that's essentially what this argument is about. it's about control. it's about making decisions about our bodies in ways that, you know, again, 50 years of precedent has guaranteed us this constitutional right. this is about the fact that these kinds of policies and bans are going to disproportionately impact and harm black and brown, latino, indigenous communities, you know, all across the south and midwest. this is about the impact on those people who right now, literally right now are driving thousands of miles outside of their states n some ways terrified to even ask for help because of the kinds of cruel and strange restrictions that have been put on them in states like texas. so what is happening in mississippi, again, is a continuation of the years in making of politicians who have decided that they can make these
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decisions better than we can. and that's what we are up against. that's the fight that we have to have. >> are you worried about this being a slippery slope, if they rule in favor of does dodds, what will then happen next? >> of course. i think everyone in this country should be worried about it. there have been 600 restrictions that have been introduced in this last year alone in 47 states. so i have been clear that this fight is at all of our door steps. this is the case that could absolutely overturn or essentially render roe meaningless. and that is what this fight is about. it's about understanding that our ability to make decisions about our own bodies is at stake right now. >> alexis miguel johnson, thank you so much. we will be watching this case as it unfolds over the next couple of days. i appreciate your time today. all right. still ahead, everybody. the new omicron covid variant
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the white house, where president biden is receiving a briefing this afternoon from dr. anthony fauci and members of his covid response team as the new omicron variant is prompting travel bans and new travel restrictions across europe and africa. we will of course bring you new information about the administration's response to the new variant as we get it. medical experts are raising the alarm on the omicron variant's potential resistance to vaccines. one reasons doctors are so worried about this variant is the high level of mutation including on the spike protein, the part of the virus that works to infect humans. it is also the part that many
1:18 pm
vaccines target. this strain could have some 30 mutations alone. we have more from tampa, florida, on this. tell us more about this highly mutated strain of covid especially as parts of the u.s. are already seeing cases surge. >> yasmin, you talked about it. you talked about the potential there, according to health experts for these multiple mutations. that is the fear w the mutation has the vaccines that we currently have in existence right now may not be as effective. again, there is no evidence of that but that is something they are definitely looking at. we are here on the ground in florida. this is one of the states that right now is enjoying one of the lowest covid case rates in the nation, if not the lowest. we are seeing about six cases per 100,000 people. but this is all coming as concern for the omicron variant continues to grow ask. we are also seeing some pretty
1:19 pm
heavy outbreaks of covid in other parts of the country, namely the upper midwest and michigan. now, i want to suppress that officials say that this variant has not made it to u.s. soil yet. but dr. anthony fauci has been speaking out about this. and he says it's just a matter of time. take a listen. >> as we all know, when you have a virus that has already gone to multiple countries, inevitably, it will be here. the question is, will we be prepared for it. and the preparation that we have ongoing for what we are doing now with the delta variant just needs to be revved up. and that's the bottom line of that, is the preparation by getting more and more people vaccinated. >> several countries in europe already have confirmed cases of omicron. also, israel doing a very strict 14-day lockdown n a sense, for any non-citizen visitors. they are not allowing anyone inis role who is not a citizen.
1:20 pm
and also, as we know, the biden administration is halting travel from south africa. that is beginning tomorrow. all non-citizens or residents will not be allowed to travel back home from south africa. that's causing a lot of people to scramble and get their travel plans in place immediately so they can back home if they are in south africa. here in florida, i spoke to people on the ground. right now a lot of them say they are not really concerned about this new variant, at least not yet. >> all right, stephanie stanton, thank you. appreciate it. lawmakers heading back to the hill tomorrow after the holiday. they need to hit the ground running. after the break, florida congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz joins me live with a preview of the big week in congress. we'll be right back. the big wen congress we'll be right back. the experts at safelite autoglass came right to me... with service i could trust.
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welcome back, everybody. as the senate heads facebook
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capitol hill tomorrow, their agenda is stacked, from extending government funding and raising the debt ceiling, to passing military spending, and of course, the president's build back better better. the social spending bill is subject to changes from moderate democrats like senator joe manchin are negotiations are continuing but most democrats are optimistic about its chances. >> are you confident it will get done before christmas? >> i am. and senator manchin is still at the negotiating table. >> 95% of the bill has been cooked and negotiated. it was -- that's why it took so long to get both of these bills. >> i believe we are going to get build back better done by christmas. we need to get it done. it will make a difference in so many american lives. >> joining me now, democratic congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz of florida, also chair of the democratic national committee. thank you for joining us on this happy post thanksgiving holiday. good to see you. >> you, too.
1:26 pm
>> do you share your colleagues' optimism? >> i do, actually. i'm confident because, no thanks to republicans, democrats are all committed on making sure that we can pass legislation that is going to build on the infrastructure bill that was historic by itself that we just passed that is going to help get your economy moving and jobs created. thousand we are going to follow up on the human spending bill where we can make sure that we can provide home care for our elderly, child care that's affordable for nine out of ten children, for example, in my home state of florida, making sure that we can fund universal pre-k because we know that the brain research shows us that early learning is important at the earliest stages of life. and we are going to do that without republican help. i am trying to figure out, do republicans not care about their elderly? do they not care approximate their children? it's -- they continue to worship the altar of donald trump and hug that right wing extremism.
1:27 pm
and what they are going to do is hug the people who need our help the most and help them reach the middle class and remain in the middle class. that's going to be the contrast we are going to have lieu the end of the year and all through next year as well. >> let's talk about some of the provisions, congresswoman, that could feesbly in danger of being cut from build back better. we are talking four weeks of paid ed leave, already parred down because of opposition from joe manchin who already voiced opposition that it is still included in the bill. immigration legal status, salt deductions and education credits. what do you think are must haves here? >> let me be clear. all those things, as well as the other thing in the bill are important. no matter what we pass, whatever comes back, it is going to be more than republicans would have
1:28 pm
ever passed. they would do none of this. when we fought hard for a public option in the infrastructure bill, i was going to vote for as much health care reform that would establish quality affordable health care on barack obama's desk as i could. that's what we are going do with the build back better when we send it after it comes back from the senate to joe biden's desk. whether it is closing the gap, paid leave, funding home health care -- florida has the highest percentage of elderly in the country. making sure people can remain in their homes, in the place they are most comfortable, cared for by loved ones, that's out of reach for most elderly. making sure that provision remains in the bill, which i am confident it will, is essential and republicans again are going to do absolutely nothing to help us. >> can i just get, while i have
1:29 pm
you, your comments in reaction to lauren boneert's islamophobic comments to ilhan omar, the fallout from all of that, and what needs to happen in order to hold her accountable? >> lauren boneert is an absolutely revolting human being. i just cannot believe that those words could come out of her mouth. but that's actually what's sitting in her heart. you know, apparently, she made up the whole story to begin with. but it's absolutely disgusting. no matter whether you are hurling epithets and criticism at someone because they are muslim or jewish or african-american or hispanic, the racism and the bigotry and the anti-semitism that infects the republican party reasons deep. she is essentially representing
1:30 pm
the pus that bubbled to the top. i think she should be held accountable. i don't expect mccarthy to do anything and i don't take her apoll jooi gee with anything more than a mountain of salt. >> democratic congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz of florida. thank you. good to see you on this sunday afternoon. appreciate it. i want to bring in my panel, emily tisch cessman, also terra -- tara set myer. welcome to both you ladies. thank you for joining us. tara, let me start with you. with that i am going to play off a little bit of what we just heard from the congresswoman from florida reacting to boneert's islamophobic comments towards ilhan omar. i want to couple it with sound we heard earlier today from republican governor asa
1:31 pm
hutchinson on cnn this morning, reacting to boneert's comments. >> do you think mccarthy should be publicly condemning this kind of behavior? >> i do. i think whenever -- even in our own caucus, our own members, if they go the wrong direction, i mean, it has to be called out. it has to be dealt with. >> asa hutchinson saying, listen it has to be dealt with, not with a lot of, i should say -- not with a lot of enthusiasm in saying it, but he said it nonetheless. you heard mccarthy's statements yesterday, not even condemning bow bert's comments, saying i had a conversation with her and she has since apologized. what do you make of it tara? >> kevin mccarthy is a political coward. he demonstrated that more than
1:32 pm
once. he demonstrated that he wasn't able to stands up to donald trump during his four years. he demonstrated that when he wasn't able to stand up against the big lie. we he voted against certifying the duly elected -- duly elected of joe biden after an armed insurrection just attacked the capitol. he dmoon straighted that when it was time to discipline not only paul gosar, we saw that disgusting display last week, but also when it came to disciplining morgery taylor green who is the de facto head of the republican caucus in the house of representatives. now you have lauren bobert. how many times do we have to see these members of congress disgrace their offices, at in this juvenile, very offensive, against everything conservatives are supposed to stand for, never mind what a decent human being would stand for -- we have seen them do this over and over again where 24e all they did is go up
1:33 pm
to capitol hill to raise money offer performative politics catering to a rapid group that. kevin mccarthy needs to grow a pair. i am from new jersey, i am happy to let him borrow mine if he thinks it with help him. why is he doing this? because he thinks he is going to be speaker next year if republicans win? he is never going to sniff the gavel. his actions reveal he is beholden to the radical end of the republican party who is now the mainstream republican party. kevin mccarthy, this is on you. how dare you? how shameful of you. you know better than this. we are watching him debase himself every day in feelty to
1:34 pm
donald trump and the trump wing of the republican party which now dominates it, which will be for naught. >> emily, i don't know how you follow up on that one. i am going to give you the opportunity to do so. with it, kind of expand on how do you combat the growing extremism? we saw with gosar being censured, essentially a happened slap. they could strip her of committee assignments, censure her but at the end of the day there is a growing extremism within the republican party and lot of folks are shaking their heads asking how do you stop it? what do we do at this point. >> i would like to co-sign everything just said. it has become performative politics to both get approval of trump because they are a party beholden to him as a personality and a deep reddit means, how
1:35 pm
they rise money to go. but that is exactly why democrats have to be laser focused on passing policies, because there is really not a lot to be gained -- look, if you are into these bobert deep reddit memes these are -- midterm elections are often a referendum on the party as a whole. so the more that these extreme republicans are out there making offensive comments and then kind of apologizing, obviously don't care, and we can see where mccarthy and the party leadership is, they are just barely a slap on the wrist -- but democrats have to be out and vocal and show they are being effective, they are passing thing like infrastructure, and they can pass things like build back better. you know, we can take paid leave as the example. if democrats don't keep paid lead one of the most popular pieces of the legislation in the program they are going to get
1:36 pm
drowned out by this republican noise. it is going to turn republicans from the main treatment off of the republican party but they are not going to be energized for democrats. democrats have to be laser focused on actually tackling legislation. >> let's jump off from there and run with it. there is a reality that kevin mccarthy could become speaker, a reality that bobert and marjorie taylor green could be in the majority after the next election. and there is the reality that democrats need to pass as much legislation as possible. i had molly jung fast on my show yesterday. she says she doesn't think americans are going to vote because of legislation. if democrats are selling build back better, talking about the fact they passed legislature, voters are not going to be
1:37 pm
inspired. instead they need could jump on board with something else, maybe common enemy. >> during the november off year elections i said democrats cannot win next year, bringing a policy pen to a political warfare fight. that's great. they do need to pass something, which is what they did with infrastructure, which should have happened two months prior so they had something strong and didn't use their political capital all those months during the november election trying to get something passed instead of trying to get control. now for the mid terms, you don't think republicans are going to make a spectacle of themselves with the culture war, the critical race theory? they are not interested in actually governing. they are interested in manufacturing outrage. yes, the common enemy here for democrats needs to be do you want to go back to the four
1:38 pm
years of what trump did to this country? you voted him out of office but trump itch still exists and now you have more and more people wrapping themselves in the malignancy of trumpism and how dangerous it is to our way of life as americans. if people don't go hard after that and give them the contrast, it is going america or trump itch, then they are going lose to you. >> emily, final word. >> i believe it is legislation and marketing. democrats have to be able to talk about the fact that -- about the fact of all the things that they passed that impacted people's lives. it can't just be pushing back against trump. that's not going to be enough. >> thank you both, ladies, great the see you on this sunday, appreciate it. santa shortage, where you are naughty or nice, why you may have a hard time finding jolly old st. nick this holiday season. >> tomorrow morning, 10:00 a.m., santa is coming to town.
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welcome back. the covid pandemic has fueled a lot of the global supply chain issues that we have been seeing recently. those supply issues aren't sparing the holidays. christmas trees, and santas are in short supply with more than 1,000 open santa jobs across the country. to make matters worse it could be harder to find a tree with shortages stemming not only from environmental factors but if you can believe it, the 2008 recession. liz mclaughlin has more from raleigh. talk us through the supply chain issues when it comes to christmas, and the impact of the 2008 recession. >> why is mean, it takes ten years or more for christmas trees to grow to their full size that we want to take home to our living rooms. when farmers planted less seedlings in 2008 we just
1:43 pm
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for your private party, you needed to book two months ago. they are slammed. demand for santa claus entertainers is up 121%. but there are 15% entertainers available. that's because we lost some to covid-19 or they may have retired early other taken a few years off because of the pandemic. we actually caught up with santa this morning. he's a hard man to peg down. a very busy man. we had to meet him early in the morning because he had four or five events to go to. >> in the past, friday, saturday, sunday, were your days. you might have an event in the week. i don't have anything left from now to christmas eve. i am working as early as i can
1:45 pm
and as late as i. there is no time left. matter of fact i am probably 50% booked for next year. >> you may be able to get mrs. claus or an elf. santa gave me this coin that says i'm on the nice list. i hope you are, too, yasmin. >> i worked hard. i am on the nice list. but i am already using threats with my children literally multiple times a day telling them time going to tell santa if they do something bad. we will see how long that lasts. new information about exactly what the january 6th commission is focusing in on in relation to the former president. that plus trump's efforts to block investigators from betting their hands on hundreds of documents. first, the run. the extremism within the gop and the danger it represents. stay with us.
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the latest story telling from lauren bobert was especially disturbing to me. i have been on the other side of a taunt, called a terrorist that i don't belong. but kids learned this behavior from somewhere, likely from their parents, parents that told stories like lauren bobert. it is astounding to me how little self awareness people have, how cruel they can be,
1:50 pm
expollutionary and that they don't think how it affects others. how would stories like that one that enabled people to spread hate and fear we spend a lot of time talking about bullying in schools, children as a result of being bullied online. even the former president, the bully-in-chief, his wife championing anti-bullying efforts, which is ironic. for some reason it seems okay to bully non-white and non-straight individuals and guess where the bullies learn their behavior from? their parents. guess how many kids lauren boebert has? four. she even said she had one of them in the back of a truck and went right back to work. she should know better. they should all know better. attack each other all you want over policy differences. let the lesson to your children be, we live in this amazing country and we can have different opinions.
1:51 pm
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welcome back. president trump this week -- excuse me, president biden this week released what he clearly thought would be a warning -- no, president trump. what he clearly thought would be a warning to would-be republican challengers in 2024 but it's raising more questions than
1:55 pm
answers. the trump super pac was heralding results of polls in five key battleground states he lost in 2020, showing the former president leading joe biden, every single one. but experts are raising questions about the polls since the pollster would not share the actual results or reveal the methodology of the poll. we are continuing to follow new developments in the january 6th investigation. donald trump's legal team is headed back to court on tuesday as the former president tries his luck one more time to keep the january 6th committee from getting their hands on hundreds of pages of documents from his archives. we have new insight today from congressman adam schiff on what his select committee is looking for that trump may be trying to hide. >> was this essentially the backup plan for the failed litigation around the country? was this something that was anticipated? how was it funded? what do the funders know about what was likely to happen that
1:56 pm
day? and what was the president's response as the attack was going on, as his own vice president was being threatened? >> kyle cheney is a senior legal affairs reporter for politico and join us now for more on what is coming up this week. kyle, good to see you. thanks for joining us. lawyers are first going to have to prove that the court has the legal authority to hear the dispute. so what does it go? >> so we're now in the appeals court. this is the most important moment for the january 6th committee because the appeals court is going to decide whether, again, these hundreds of pages you referenced will go from the national archives where they're housed to congressional investigators. these are things like memos that chief of staff mark meadows was sending on january 6th about january 6th. it will be the clearest look inside donald trump's head or at least the people who know the most about his thinking, what they were saying and doing around him as this was all unfolding. >> let's talk subpoenas here.
1:57 pm
ten new subpoenas handed out over the last week. steve bannon is not cooperating, as we have seen, obviously. mark meadows also not going to cooperate at this point. jeffrey clark, former department of justice official, seems not to be cooperating. what will happen? >> so this is a big week for the committee because they're going to decide probably whether or not to hold mark meadows, the former chief of staff, in contempt of congress like they did to steve bannon. steve bannon was charged by the justice department for contempt of congress. meadows would be a different category because he was at trump's side in the white house on january 6th. so it's a much different legal case than the one against bannon. but if the committee decides that meadows is resisting them beyond the point of what's legally allowed, they may try to go the same route and it puts him in a different sort of peril than he's been in so far, and it will suggest how serious the committee is, thinking they can
1:58 pm
hold people like meadows accountable just like steve bannon. >> can you take me through this document you posted? it was a picture of a document a lawyer for two of the oath keepers and one of the proud boys has filed. it made a lot of false claims. i was quite curious and confused as to whether or not this was even written by a lawyer, considering how it was phrased and what was in it. >> i selectively chose one page to highlight there. these were a series of filings over the last few days and over the last few weeks, even more, from one particular lawyer for one of the oath keepers, one of the proud boys, who made some very strange and kind of nonsensical arguments about what went on on january 6th. they don't pass the common sense test, let alone the legal test. so i'm trying to discern what the strategy is here, because the judge in these cases, in particular in the oath keepers case, is not going to stand for this kind of nonsense, this sort
1:59 pm
of anti-legal stuff that doesn't make any sense. so i don't know where this goes. but there's going to be some hearings coming up this week in front of that judge. he may let us know that he's not taking too kindly to the sort of frivolous arguments we're seeing from this particular attorney. >> while i have you, i want to quickly add you about an odd twist, a "jesus christ superstar" actor who is also a michael jackson impersonator being charged. >> one of the weirdest cases i've seen in this entire episode. he was one of the oath keepers that went into the so-called stack in the capitol. he was not visible, he was masked that day, but over the months and extensive investigation, he is an actor who place judas in "jesus christ superstar" on broadway.
2:00 pm
he's maybe the strangest of this crew. that wraps up the hour, everybody. i'm yasmin vossoughian. i'm going to turn it over to reverend al sharpton and "politicsnation." good evening and welcome to "politicsnation." tonight's lead, now or never. right now i hope that democrats can finally committee all of their resources, because with the fight over the bipartisan infrastructure plan finished, and with democrats in the senate hopefully ready to strike a deal on the build back better act, it's time for the party to use that momentum to counter the national push from republican state lawmakers to restrict the


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