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tv   Ayman  MSNBC  November 28, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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here and northern france and the british coast are treacherous. they are busy. and at this time of the year, they very cold. we have had near misses before. a bad accident was predictable, but this loss of life is clearly terrible. now a criminal investigation has started, a number of suspected people smul lers have been arrested. but a question is, how will this disaster change the debate of how france and the uk should manage cross-channel migration? britain has long claimed the french should do more to stop these boats leaving. last month we filmed these people running down a beach with their boat heading for the uk and watched by the french police, who did not intervene. but now political debate has coincided with tragedy. one of the first people to reach the scene in the middle of the channel was this life both man.
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>> translator: it was really dramatic. there were floating bodies. it was really very shocking. we recovered all the people we saw on boats. we recovered six people. >> translator: all dead? >> translator: all dead, yes. there was a woman who was pregnantment, a man was 18 to 20 years old. the rest were men. >> reporter: this area of northern france is dotted with groups of people desperate to each the uk, ready to pay thousands to smugglers, and also willing to accept great risks. now those risks have come true. >> that was sky news's adam parsons reporting, an incredible eye-opening report there. coming up, congress is back in session monday with a laundrie list of things to get done. we will look at what's on tap for a deadline-filled december. then, few cultural mainstays
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were more impacted by the pandemic than sports. the new variant raises questions about what comes next. plus, when was the last time you have been to a movie theater. my sunday panel is here to look at the future of the movie business. all right. so congress returns next week. and there is no shortage of work to be done. perhaps no item is more pressing than cornerstone of biden's legislation rch legislative agenda, the build back better. thanksgiving also marks the official beginning of the holiday season. we thought in that spirit, here's where things stand. it was the session before christmas, and all through the senate, not a creature was stirring, not even michael bennett. the bills were stacked on schumer's desk with care in hopes that joe manchin wouldn't keep them there.
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the children were nestled all snug in their beds while visions of paid family leave danced in their heads. and ma in her kerr chief and eye in my cap with hopes that this bill might close the wage gap. when out on the lawn there arose a wail, the gop who wants nothing more than this bill to gale. voters want this to pass. when, what to my wondering eyes should appear, approval ratings down for joe from delaware. with mid trls approaching, that most heated scrum, i knew if not now, the bill will never come. more rapid than eagles joe's surrogates, they came, he whistled and tweeted and called them by name. my psaki, granholm, pelosi and claim, on cam lamb go on and explain to moderates and libs and suburbs and rural, that will
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bill will help them, now that i am sure of. he advantage sprang to his desk, the his team gave a call, and away they all flew to the press briefings halls. and i heard him exclaim from the podium with delight, let's get this bill passed, to an end to this fight. well, we'll see if it works out that way. if you can't tell, my team is very excited about the holiday season. as you can see from what we just did did. we are even more excited about the prospect of a political wheeling and dealing as the senate takes up the version of president biden's build back better spending plan that passed the house. at the center of those negotiations is of course none other than senator joe manchin. what will it take to get him on board with this plan? and will democrats be able to sell this plan to the american people as next year's midterm elections loom large? so much the talk about. i have got the perfect group of people to do that with. joining me now, jonathan allen
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of nbc news digital. comedian julie gold, the host of the kill me now podcast and the author of yes, i can say that. and ka immediata davidson, a sports and culture writing for the athletic and the author of loving sports when they don't love you. judy,ic the title of your podcast issant for the situation i am in. kill pea now, having to read that amazing introduction we just did there to kick off the holiday season. jonathan, i begin with you, the version of the build back better that makes it out of the senate, if it does, it is like low to end up looking different than the one that went in. we know that for a fact. what changes do we expect to see when it comes up in these negotiations? >> let me just say i am impressed with your versatility, and the democrats could certainly use that as they try to get this done. not only a nighttime tv host but
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also a future poet laureate of the united states. >> let me say, we have an amazing team of writers 678 i don't want to take all the credit, actually. it belongs to our producers who came up with this amazing idea. you go see they are much more into the holiday spirit an i am at this moment. >> two our question, ayman. this is the bottom line. i mean, number one, the senate is going to do what they call is bird bath to make sure that the house bill is in line with senate rules for reconciliation bills. of course those rules are important because reconciliation is done with only 50 votes. it is an expedited way to gettet done. they have special rules. they have to check that. i think the immigration provisions are going to be difficult to get through there. the bigger question is what does joe manchin sign off on, as you alluded to in that poem. >> who do you expect to be the major players in the negotiations? the democrats can't afford the use people like joe manchin and
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kristen sinema. but who is going to be working with them to make sure they actually get on board? is there something they are skr for that may alienate shb like a senator sanders. >>. it is interesting. sinema played her cards close to the vest in terms of what we actually wants. that doesn't mean she's not talking to the white house or to congress. she just doesn't negotiate for the media. and you saw her signing off on several of the items as it was moving through the house. manchin articulated his concern is basically the economy and his concern this bill is going to worsen inflation and make things harder for some of the americans it is trying to help. i know most of the democrats disagree with him on that, but he is the one with the vote that's so pivotal. on any of the given issues, the state and local tax deduction being raised to $80,000 to $10,000 to the immigration provisions or others, there are any number of democrats who
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haven't raised a red flag because they have joe manchin doing night judy f we are going to carry our christmas analogy a little bit further. bear with me. if we talk about joe manchin here, does that make him -- i mean he obviously said he does not support paid family leave. does that make him the grinch in all of this. >> i am going to go with yes on that. i don't understand. if your constituents support this, why do you vote against it? i have never understood that. you are an elected official, and you represent people. and you don't vote in their interests? i know this is not professional. i am so sick of joe marchin and kristen sinema. it is 24/7. they have so much power. i can't listen to them anymore.
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>> ayman, may i say something. >> go ahead, jonathan. >> joe manchin may be the only person in the senate for whom coal in his stocking is a good thing. >> by the way, your writers are awesome. i thought it was brilliant. kudos. >> no stealing the writers on this show. they are all happily employed here. i can speak for them on that front. i wanted to ask you about the democrats here. they have taking a beating throughout these negotiations. people described it as infighting amongst themselves. it is not to give republicans a pass here. they are completely awol. they don't want to have anything to do with this, they don't want to touch this. that's why people are focusing on how do the democrats get this across the finish line? it is messily because of the party infighting. politico reported on a democratic group that ran focus groups in virginia and found that voters could not articulate what democrats stand for. they also could not say what her
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doing in washington besides this infighting. do you think any of that will change if and when biden's build back better actually passes? >> i think the hope is that it will. but i think that that says a lot, right? any of us who spoke to any of our relatives or friends who are not maybe from the city that we live in over the holidays really were able to speak to people who said, we don't know what democrats are standing for right now. it really is that infighting that is causing a lot of this turmoil. it is distressing to see because so many of the things that they are fighting for, universal pre-k, and climate protections and things like that, are fairly popular. and if they can't get this done, i don't know what they are actually trying to to here. >> i was going to say, these are popular items, jonathan. i am curious to get your thoughts on this. do you think democrats are starting to realize that infrastructure alone is not going to be enough for them to keep control of congress? will they adjust their strategy? what message do they need to be hammering home with voters who actually, as kavita was saying
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want the see these items passed but at the same time are still feeling anxious about the state of the country? >> it depends which democrat you talk to. there are certainly those who believe that doing less may be better for them come mid-term time. but tate are willing to vote for it because they think it is important, they think they will be able to sell it to their 20s, even if they don't, they would have liked to have done that while they were in congress. that said, you know, there is going to be that sort of buttressing against that position, you know, from the manchins. mane maybe sinema and a couple of others on particular issues where they look at it and say, look, we are good going out and selling infrastructure. it is not such a good thing to go out and sell -- whether it is family leave, which is popular when it polls alone, or some of the other items in the bill. we have to see. it is interesting, there is a christmas deadline you about it's not a real deadline like
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december 3rd is for the appropriations bills or december 10th for the sent dealing are hard deadlines. >> they have been forced to negotiate amongst themselves over these months. the republicans have sat back no done nothing. how are they not getting some or all of the blam for dysfunction in washington? i know a lot of it begins with the media and how the media covers the republicans. but the republicans are awol. they don't want to do anything. we are forced to talk about who is actually getting things done. should more of the blame, if in the all the blame, be on the republicans who will not even sit at the table to negotiate these things? >> absolutely. the democrats need your writers. we are so bad at messaging -- the fact that people don't understand what is in these bills, the fact that we cannot
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come up with -- i mean, build back better, it's fine. it's not make america great again. so we -- we gotta get some good writers here to be able to translate in an entertaining way. we love entertainment. in a way that it's easy for people to understand what -- what is in these bills, and how it helps them. and to be able to say it succinctly so that it sticks. you know? and we are really bad at messaging. >> i can see judy making the hard sell to my producers and writers to leave the show and go work for the democrats. guys, i am going to ask you to stick around. we have a lot more to discuss. we are just getting started with our fireside chat here. still ahead, reboots are all the rage this year when it comes the movies. and some of us are actually saying, no thanks. i will going to ask my sunday night panel what they think about reboots.
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plus, the long awaited of jis lane maxwell is set to begin on monday. we will break down what you can expect from opening arguments. richard lui first has the headlines. >> i like the barca lounger. stories i am watching a 26-year-old man from guatemala stowed away in a plane's landing gear bay. he survived the two-hour flight. the faa says that could have included temperatures 0 below disagree. lack of oxygen, not being crushed by equipment and not falling when the gear landed. a earthquake in were you today. it was felt as for south as aqua door. it destroyed homes and left provinces without electricity. vigil abloh passed away after a silent two-year battle with cardiac sarcoma, a form of
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all right. just like falling leaves signal the start of autumn, turkey leftovers usually means one thing, holiday movie season is finally upon us. one classic of the genre, of course we all love it, "home alone". >> this is my house. i have to defend it. >> from john hughes. >> i have got a feeling this is going to be your best christmas ever. >> a family comedy, without the family. "home alone". >> it's hard to believe it has been 31 years since the original film was released, enough time for the hugely popular franchise to bring in a whopping nearly half a billion dollars. since hollywood is serving up a heaping platter of reboots and remakes this year, we probably should have expected it to make a comeback.
4:20 pm
but with at least one significant change. i want to see if you can smot -- spot the difference. watch this. >> my mom and dad have gone to tokyo. i'm totally on my own. this is my house, i have to defend it. orange stripe, center pocket. oh, that did not sound great. >> all right. i am not sure if you could pick up the settle difference in that. we are joined by nikki novak of fan damageo, judy gold and kavita davidson are also back with us. >> i want to get your thoughts on so much to do with box office. disney's encanto was available only in theaters, not on streaming services, which has been a departure over the past year. it has been two years into this pandemic. how is business in hollywood adapting? are the studios managing to
4:21 pm
convince audiences to get off of their couches and return to the theaters? if so, how are they doing it? >> business is the no just back. it is back in a big way. we have seen over the past several months, you know, even three or four months ago you had movies not opening against each other. but like you said, encanto opened this past weekends against house of gucci. they are all putting up impressive numbers. you see movies like song chi, eternals open at $90 million, which is as big if not bigger than prepandemic numbers. i am predicting in december you are going to have your first post pandemic $100 million opening spriderman, no way home. the business is back. >> last year this time, hbo max was releasing big movies on only the streaming services. are studios still committed to that? are they now going back to this
4:22 pm
hybrid model of both streaming, or just like it was prepandemic, only theaters and then later we go to streaming services? >> you are correct. hbo max released all of their warner brothers films on the same day for all of 2021. they are committed to that up until the end of 2021. i think what you are going to see moving forward is mostly a release just in theaters only. but you know, it's really going to depend on the kinds of movie it is, the kinds of box office kit bring in. a lot of them are going to be simultaneous. some will just open at home. really depending on the film. for the most part you are going the see more and more films going back to just a theatrical release. >> i was going to say, the way i approach this in my family. i have two young kids. if we are going to the movies, you are talking about a baby-sitter, additional costs plus the tickets. if a movie theater is going to cost me $100 to go out to watch it and i stay home and pay $30
4:23 pm
to watch it witness time. it is a mathematical equation, and it is simple, i watch it in the comfort of my own home. kavita would you go back to the theaters, or would you prefer to stay home and watch movies released at home? >> i have not been back to a movie theater. it is not out of not having the desire. the calls includes you mentioned is part of it. it's really expensive to go to a movie. in the same way that we argue that the performing arts on stage, opera and broadway are so important, every artist who works in hollywood will tell you that it is important to go and watch a movie in a theater. that is the medium by which it was meant to be consumed. june is one of those movies i want to see in a theater. house of gucci for sure as well. >> definitely the big blockbusters, nothing beats the movie experience like bond or fast and furious, the action
4:24 pm
movies. judy, where do you come down on this? do you prefer watching from the comfort of your own home? have you been back to a movie theater yet? >> i also have not been to the movie theater yet. but the whole experience of going to the movies is, in itself, you know, why you spend a little bit more money. that being said, popcorn is about $50. >> yeah. >> for a little -- you know? . it's ridiculous. and then -- first of all, when i went to the movies as a kid -- it is like a 64-ounce soda. i don't understand it. but you know, that is really where all my money goes. but, yes, being in a theater. and now they have those really comfortable seats in the theaters. >> yes. >> where you can fall asleep and you think you are at home. >> they made the chairs so comfortable that you fall asleep and miss the movie. what is worse, you pay 2:30 to
4:25 pm
sleep in somebody else's chair when you could stay home and sleep on your own couch for free. >> exactly. it is the experience. and it is kinds of fun. >> the experiences are what it's all about. nikki, i want to ask you about director ridley scott. he got grief after he blamed millennials and their bleeping cell phones forrer the failure of his last film the last duel. talk about that controversy. was he appropriate to point finger at an athletic millennial audiences. >> i feel like he got a bad rap. if you look at what he said he talked about how millennials are driving the box office these days, a lot of them go to see the movies, but didn't go to see his film. this said i where he is coming from, the last dual is one of the best movies of the year and was one of the biggest box office flops. he did better this weekend with the house of gucci. but he continues to make great films. i think he sort of said he doesn't pay attention to the
4:26 pm
critics. he doesn't pay attention to the box office. as long as he continues to make good movies, i think people will continue to see them. i think the last duel will actually do really well at home on streaming because it is a film people will want to see. they just don't necessarily want the see it on the big screen like they want to see a super othero move or a fast 9. >> let's talk about some of the reboots. we started with home alone there, nikki. 2021 has featured a whole lot of these remakes. this is just a partial list. we will put it up on the screen for our viewers. what should we make of that? is it only profitability that is making studios want to make this? is there a sense of nostalgia? what is it about reboots and remakes that is especially when talking about a movie like home alone was that was made 31 years ago. i can't explain to my 4-year-old how excited this movie made me
4:27 pm
and how i still get when i see it on tv. >> the key words are build-in fan base. it is like a warm fuzzy blanket in a sense. look at ghost busters that opened a couple weekends ago. what they did really well is they strung in the younger generation because their leads are younger and then brought back the ogs which made you happy, bill murray and dan ackroyd. and there were a lot of fan services, wound to twinkies in the new movies that were a fan service to the original viewers. i think it is as difficult as making a new property. because of the fact that fans are so unforgiving about their beloved franchises and the fact that there is so many ways for people to get reviews before
4:28 pm
they go to see it. there is social media. fans know what they are getting into before they see a film. >> the fans in some ways outway the critics. they look at rotten tomatoes and see the score more importantly than two thumbs-up. west side story is coming up. it features lyrics by the late and great steven son him who died on friday. how cathartic will that film be for you. >> i think it's important that it did have his blessing. you know, there is so much that he did that -- you talk about reboots as far as films are concerned. but then you thee about reboots as far as theater is concerned. i mean, so many plays are done, you know, many years apart with different actors. but it is a different art form. so i feel like -- i do think that people are going to --
4:29 pm
because of sound him's unfortunately and untimely death, i think that people are going to be interested, especially since it is steven spielberg. but you know, like we are saying, west side story was perfect before. but it has his -- it has him in it, it has him being a part of it. i think it will do very well. but i mean his -- he had such an impact on so many people. and the thing -- >> yeah. >> -- that is so fascinating. you look on social media, you see everyone quoting lyrics that -- his lyrics that meant something to them personally. and he is -- he's a huge loss. he was just incredible. >> yeah. it certainly was. we were remembering his life last night. kavita i have got to ask you, do you have a favorite holiday movie you watch every year no matter how many times you have seen it? >> my go-to is the classic, the
4:30 pm
peanuts christmas special. i have the tiny little pathetic christmas tree. i want to jump in and say one quick thick about sound him. i was lucky to be conducted by him in high school. it was a huge loss when he passed. he had such an impact on me. to see a revival like that -- i am not a huge revival person but to see a revival brings sound him to generations who don't have the musical education i was lucky enough to have. i think it is so important. >> what an incredible story. how lucky are you to have experienced that greatness. thanks for sharing that with us. judy and kavita stay with us. we have a lot more to talk about. still ahead, victims of jeffrey epstein are hoping for closure as the trial of his long time companion begins tomorrow. what you can expect, next. s tomw
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trial of jeffrey epstein's confidant jill lane maxwell begins tomorrow. this comes more than two years after epstein's death by apparent suicide which left his alleged victims without a full chance at justice. but prosecutors say mackwell played a pivotal role in helping the convicted sex offender recruit and abuse girls as young as 14 years old. maxwell has repeatedly denied the allegations against her. here's nbc's emily ikeda. >> reporter: in just hours, opening statements set to begin in jill lane maxwell's trial steps from where jepts died in an apparent suicide. epstein's death makes this case really the only opportunity to hold him and jill lane accountable. >> reporter: maxwell faces sex trafficking charges that could
4:36 pm
land her in prison for the rest of her life, she is paint ads a key figure in bringing a stream of girls as young as 14 to epstein's estates for sexual abuse. >> she might have been equally as bad. >> reporter: jennifer was 15 when epstein raped her. she won't be one those to testify. will maxwell testify? >> i don't know. there is a risk of testifying. but i think they will make a gameday decision based on how they believe the government's case has gone in. >> maxwell insist she's innocent, awaiting her trial from behind bars. she described it as a living hell telling the daily mailing i am weak. i am frail, her little bitlings pleading with the to get her out calling the detention unprecedented discrimination. >> she's treated as guilty. she banged up 500 days and they
4:37 pm
are hoping no doult, the authorities that they are going to be able to be to hut her away for 20, 30, 40, 50, 80 years. well, let justice decide how that's going to be. >> reporter: the trial is expected to span six weeks but will likely leave a lot of unanswered question around her and epstein's relationships with big names such as prince andrew, bill clinton, and donald trump. nbc news. coming up, just when you thought the sports world was starting to get back to normal, the omicron variant is threatening to derail things again. my panel is back after the break to discuss. woman: i have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. now, there's skyrizi. with skyrizi, 3 out of 4 people achieved 90% clearer skin at 4 months after just two doses. skyrizi may increase your risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. before treatment, your doctor should check you for infections and tuberculosis. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms, such as fevers, sweats, chills, muscle aches, or coughs or if you plan to or recently received a vaccine.
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at its worst, the pandemic was devastate asking deadly. it has also ban major disruption to our way of life. and it has fundamentally changed the way we approach some of our
4:41 pm
favorite past times. nowhere has it been more obvious than in the world of sports. when the coronavirus first hit in 2020, we saw seasons postpone asked the introduction of bubble games, and empty stadiums. 2021 marked the return of sports, but just as we thought we were getting back to normal, then you had the delta variant, and sports leagues powered through that despite the increased risk with some precautions that were put in place. and after being postponed for a year, you had the summer olympics that were held in tokyo, but without fans in the stands. you had vaccine hesitancy among some of the world's biggest stars leading them to miss games. what will 2022 look like, especially as the new omicron variant is beginning to spread? back with me, my panel. kivita, how did the sports world adapt to covid in 2021? yes, certain players have been forced to miss games, but for
4:42 pm
most of the league's -- well over 95% of the lesion have powered through by getting their players vaccinated, and their athletes vaccinated. do you think it has been successful? would you have liked to see more caution from the leagues? >> i think you can paint me as somebody who would have liked to see more caution, particularly by the nfl and college football. at the same time, these leagues have been fairly successful. it is really kind of undeniable. that we haven't had major outbreaks causing major suspensions of seasons. we did just have the new york islanders postpone two games because of eight players entering covid protocols. but for the most part it has been successful. the wnba led the way quietly getting 96% of its league vaccinated. along the way we have seen similar numbers. do i think there are positive things out here. i think there are a lot of questions going into 2022, especially with omicron on the horizon. >> jonathan, you are a big sports fan.
4:43 pm
i know a lot of us missed sports for a while when they were shut down in 2022. it wasn't the same watching the nba finals with those fans on the zoom screens there in the bubble at the time. how important is having sports leagues back in our lives for our mental well-being and being able to participate. i know you watch the games are the vip box when you go to the stadiums, so you are not among the crowds but what is it like to be up there in the rarified a? >> i watched the last national's game from the bleachers. i can't overstate the degree to which sports are a huge thing for our society in terms of people's mental happiness. i mean, you know, if we are not obsessed with a sports team, or a program or something, but in particular sports, they bring people together. in addition it gives them something to root for, something
4:44 pm
to be hopeful about, unless you are rooting for the lion who is are winless so far in the nfl season. you have got something to root for. and even detroit gets the number one draft pick next year. it is a big deal. it is hard to overstate the difference between having empty reins and seeing fans in those arenas. last year so many of the sports didn't have fans. this year i know baseball protocols at the beginning of the year they had like 5,000 people in the stadium, then 10,000, 15,000, 20,000. if you look at the university of michigan win over ohio state yesterday. over 500,000 people there. >> a game they are not going to forget for a long time. judy, speaking of fans, they are back in the fans n sporting events. new york here, broadway is back in action. you talked about that in our earlier segment. as a perform e what has it been like for you to have the energy,
4:45 pm
to have the crowds back again? are you worried about getting covid when you step out there on the stage? or there bang outbreaks is a cause of concern for your performance at all when you are performing? >> such the good question. as you were talking about sports i was thinking about being in a comedy club which is usually smaller than a stadium. >> intimate. >> yeah. it is very intimate. people are on top of each other. we are spitting. the -- it's -- it was -- first of all, they shut them all down. we were doing them veeo zoom, which was hell, especially unmuted people screaming at their spouses in the middle of your set. but being -- hearing laughter live was the most amazing thing. but we didn't hear it until may. and they are very vigilant at the comedy clubs, especially in new york. you have to show a vax card and an id. there are no masks but there
4:46 pm
were for quite some time. it is really fun to to crowd work when you can't see someone's face or tell if they are laughing or smiling. i have to say the energy from a live audience -- it's just like sports. my son plays college basketball. it is just being there and feeding off of that energy. it is just so important. and those fake people in the stadiums. i couldn't watch the games. what was that j with the card board people in the seats what is that? like everyone was -- that drove me crazy. >> it is the first time that we have gone through a pandemic in the modern era. we are still trying to figure this out as we go along. >> true. >> hopefully we won't go back to that. i have to ask really quickly about the olympics. all eyes are turning to the winter olympics. for many of us, i mean we could barely just -- we were just getting over the summer games because of the fact that they
4:47 pm
were delayed. how do you think the winter olympics are going to go? do you think omicron could be a problem? >> i mean, i think that everybody is concerned with the pandemic ongoing with the variants that are coming out as well. i think the major concern with the winter olympics in beijing is china frankly, the humanitarian crisis we are seeing there. we have a tennis player who we don't know if she is properly safe even though she has been photographed and videoed and things like that. joe biden has threatened the possibility of a diplomatic boycott of these games. i think more so than the pandemic risk is the humanitarian risk that comes from supporting an olympics in beijing. >> certainly a valid point as well. to my panelists, thank you for joining us. judy, stick around for one more
4:48 pm
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and get up to $800 when you switch. because everyone, everyone, everyone deserves better. carl is saving big, holiday shopping at amazon. so now, he's free to become... choirmaster carl. >> you're not sure if jews know how to celebrate christmas? the holiday that gets jammed down our throats? i can't even buy a cup of coffee that doesn't look like it fell out of santa's -- trust me.
4:52 pm
jews know how christmas works. it is not like we're going to walk into your christmas party and say oh, my god. it's a tree. indoors. call a lumber jack! i don't want a holiday movie where a jewish person learns about christmas. i want a movie where a christian has to learn about hanukah. on night one we get socks. night two, a notebook. night three, a pen and pencil set. it's a back-to-school holiday. [ laughter ] >> all right. so we started this hour with the night before christmas but we're heeding louis black's warning there and not forgetting about hanukah this year marks the first night of hanukah. jews lit the first candle tonight at sun down. this year it didn't share the spotlight with christmas but it was nearly thanksgiving somewhere in between there. coming just three days after thanksgiving, we welcome back to the show judy gold to mark the
4:53 pm
celebration i should note. just walk us through this. how are you celebrating hanukah this year? >> well, i will light the menorah. i didn't do it at sun down. you know, you are supposed to do it at sun down. i do it a little after because i get my kids on face time. >> nice. >> but we're going to -- the story is it is really a military victory and they rededicated the temple in jerusalem and the macabees fought the battle and won and there was only enough oil for one day in the candelabra but it lasted eight days while they went and got more oil. naturally, the jews think how can we incorporate this into our food? so we eat potato pan cakes fried in oil. we eat oily foods which is fantastic because there are so many doctors who are jews. and we have, you know, it is
4:54 pm
ridiculous. we eat jelly donuts and latkas. they are so fattening i can't even tell you. it is a fun holiday. >> you can't go wrong with either one of those with the fried potatoes or jelly donuts. i have to ask you because hanukah obviously moves from time to time based on the calendar. it is often caught up with christmas. this year it is a little bit closer to thanksgiving. do you have a preference when hanukah is near christmas or thanksgiving? >> the facts, near thanksgiving, i'm not into that but can we just discuss that jews love christmas? we wrote all the good christmas songs. hello. every one of them written by jews. okay? but it is not a major holiday. and the reason it is major is because it is like oh, they feel left out. let's make this a big holiday around christmas. i don't really care.
4:55 pm
people say happy hanukah all the way through christmas. when it's over, it was right after thanksgiving. okay? >> what did you think of louis black's take there "the daily show," you know, he got into our american obsession of christmas and his perspective. >> right. >> and general ignorance of hanukah. what are people missing? >> you know, it is a story and, yes. we are upset. i love louis black. he is a gem of the comedy world. >> national treasure. >> beyond. what i think, you know, people don't understand, they think hanukah is like oh, the jewish version of christmas. it is not. we don't have a christmas. that is the whole point. we don't celebrate christmas. but it is a story about miracles and light and a very positive holiday and it is kind of beautiful when the menorah is all lit up.
4:56 pm
so, you know? >> we could all use a little bit of miracles these days with everything that is going on. >> you're not kidding. >> judy gold, thank you so much for your time. happy hanukah to you and your entire family. >> thank you for having me. >> i should note judy is doing a live taping of her podcast "kill me now" with colin quin this thursday at the 92nd street "y" right here in new york city. thank you again, judy. greatly appreciate it. thank you at home for making time for us. next week we'll be back to our regular schedule of programming. catch ayman every friday. i'll be back here saturday at #8:00 and sunday at 9:00. follow us on twitter and tiktok @aymanmsnbc. until we meet again i'm ayman. good night.
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