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tv   Way Too Early With Jonathan Lemire  MSNBC  November 30, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PST

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that is going to do it for us tonight. i have run into the last words real estate, which means i owe them one. i'll see you tomorrow. "way too early" is up next. the third thing i'm going to be putting forward in detailed strategy with how to deal with this new variant, and that is not shut down or lockdowns but more widespread vaccination and more boosters, testing, and more. >> president biden on what he will and will not do to protect the emerges from the omicron strain of covid, but with little information on the variant, the question is how quick will le be able to adapt? plus, senator joe manchin hits the brakes to get the
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massive spending package through the senate by christmas. the question is would manchin support it even the holidays. >> and the guardrails held barely as donald trump tried to cling to power. now there's new reporting on efforts to loosen the infrastructure. the question is will it work? it's "way too early" for this. ♪♪ good morning and welcome to "way too early," the show that hopes that your giving tuesday is just as good as your cyber monday. i'm jonathan lemire on this tuesday. we'll start with the news. as new cases of omicron pop up in countries around the world, president biden speaks. >> this is a cause for concern, not a cause for panic. a year ago america was floundering against the first variant of covid. we bead beet that variant significantly arcnd then we got
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hit by a far more powerful threat, the delta variant, but we took action, and now we're seeing deaths from delta come down. look, we're going to fight and beat this new variant as well. >> in remarks yesterday, the president said that although no cases of the new variant have been reported in the u.s., its arrival here is inevitable, but unlike when the first covid-19 strain arrived, the president stressed, we now have the tools to protect emerges from the virus. >> the best protection against this new variant or any of the variants out there, but the ones we've been dealing with already, is getting fully vaccinated and getting a booster shot. do not wait. go get your booster if it's time for you to do so. and if you are not vaccinated, now's the time to get vaccinated and take your children to be vaccinated. on thursday i'll be putting forward a detailed strategy outlining how we're going the fight covid this winter, not
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with shutdowns and lockdowns but with more widespread vaccinations, boosters, testing, and more. >> as i report this morning for politico, this is the latest example how the white house can't shake covid. president biden was elected more than anything else to effectively manage the pandemic and after early successes with the vaccination drive t white house was caught off guard this summer, they admit now, by the delta variant, slowing the economic recovery and overshadowing the president's legislative agenda, and just now as biden and the white house try to pivot to the second part of his massive program, the build back better act, once more they face a highly transmissible variant that aides fear could reset the economic recovery, overshadow the president's agenda. the white house also, as i report, are struggling to figure out who the best messenger for this would be, the president himself, dr. anthony fauci who has become so polarized by the right, or others, dr. francis
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collins, retiring, less of an option. they realize they're in a bind. we're going to hear more from the president on thursday about the new plans to combat the new variant. joining me to talk about this is my friend, josh wingrove. good morning. thank you so much for being here. we just heard from the president. he e tried to calm nerves yesterday about the new covid variant. there's a lot we don't know in terms of what this strain of the virus means. what are you hearing? i know you've covered the pandemic so closely from the beginning. what is the white house strategy to tackle the situation? how can the president ensure more people get vaccinated and get their boosters? >> yeah, good morning, john. i mean we spent yesterday on the phone with, you know, all types of medical officials who are looking at this, and the core message really is we simply do not have the data yet, in particular on the big question, which is how these changes, these mutations in this virus will affect vaccination protection. in other words, can they get
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around the shield of those vaccinated. that's a big one. this is a mutation that has something like 30 changes to it. that's sort of the most number of mutations of any of the variants we've seen so far. it really looks more transmissible. we just don't know yet how more dangerous it is for those who get it. so that is the question right now. so joe biden really can't say anything other than we've got to wait and see. in the meantime, most people including dr. fauci are confident the vaccine will provide some protection against this variant. we just don't know really how much protection it will be. and, remember, heading into this, things weren't looking great. the president is talking about it in the clip you played. we're seeing very high case levels. michigan has been seeing it in nearly one in ten cases of the national total. it's very bad there. that was by outbreaks in schools, according to state
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officials. vaccinations for those under 18 is still pretty low. until they get more shots in arms, booster shots, there is a lot of confusion who is eligible. essentially all adults are eligible if it's within six months of your second shot or two months if you got the johnson & johnson, and they're trying to get the first shot in arms in particular on those kids under 18. >> josh, you're right to underscore how much we don't know. i talk with health experts yesterday. even those who are calm, level-headed, allowed for the possibility that this strain could get around at least some of the immunity provided by the virus. josh, stay with me as we talk about this o'story. the president is ramping up the push to ease shopping restrictions. the business leaders discussed the challenges the country has
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faced in getting back to normal. >> we've got a lot more like the ones we had in the past. consumer spending has recovered to where it was headed before the pandemic. early estimates are black friday sales are up a third from last year and in-store sales are up by even more than that. >> josh, give me your assessment of the president's discussions with the ceos yesterday. can we expect any relief for emerges any time soon in terms of facing these supply chain crunches? >> the message coming from the retailers and from the u.s. chamber is that, you know, christmas will be kind of okay. the shelves will be full. you might not get one particular product here or there, but you're not going to see a barren wasteland situation, but retailers are soujding the alarm about the medium or long-term
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things. the problems will still be here at christmas. some of the stuff president biden is doing is slowly taking effect. for instance, they talked about lower fees for truck drivers who pick up containers at ports overnight. in the ports of long beach, california, sometimes the threat is spurring change. for instance, they're delaying the fee for container dwelling, which is sort of like a fee if you have late pickup at day care. if you wait too long, you pay more. they're seeing the threat of it getting moving. the message by joe biden is this will not go away overnight. these problems are going to be with him until 2022 for sure. >> may there are major political problems and now the new variant complicating things. thanks for joining us. the january 6th house select
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committee will meet tomorrow to decide whether to indict jeffrey clark for criminal contempt of congress and whether to prosecute him. he refused to answer questions about former president trump's efforts to use the department to help overturn the 2020 election. it made no mention whether mark meadows would be charged with contempt. meanwhile the committee has a full slate of depositions scheduled this week, including from former white house press secretary kayleigh mcenany. it's unclear how many trump officials will comply with their subpoenas. and there's this, new reporting from "the washington post," which claims allies of trump are trying to remove some of the guardrails that prevented him from overturning last year's election. according to "the post," trump is pushing the plan to place loyalists to key election posts. the trump supporters seeking
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office claim they just want to secure the system. the newspaper says a spokesperson for the former president did not respond to requests for comment. we will be staying on that. still ahead, lawmakers are back at work in washington, and senate majority leader chuck schumer wants to pass the president's social spending bill by christmas, but senator joe manchin is not so sure about that timeline. plus, the new york attorney general releases video from the investigation into sexual harassment allegations against the state's former governor, andrew cuomo. what we're learning from those tapes. those stories and a check on the weather when we come right back.
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get started with xfinity internet and ask about wifi speed fast than a gig. click, call or visit a store today. the man charged in the deadly wisconsin christmas parade crash earlier this month now faces an additional count of first-degree intentional homicide. six people were kill and more than 40 others injured when
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dallas-ft. worths say darrell brooks crashed into a crowd at a parade with his suv. at the time they said they would consider a sixth charge after a young boy succumbed to his injuries. police say he was fleeing a domestic disturbance when the crash happened. the new york attorney general's office released transcripts in sexual allegations against former governor cuomo. video shows cuomo being questioned about the allegations. nbc's correspondent anne thompson has those details. >> questions under oath about allegations of sexual harassment. >> if somebody were to sit on my lap, you know, i wouldn't push them off, you know, but as a general rule, no. >> reporter: then new york governor andrew cuomo was at times testy with investigators.
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>> do you understand what girlfriend means? >> girlfriend means different things to different people. >> reporter: denying that he asked lindsey boylan to play strip poker. never happened. >> reporter: disputing that he made an unwanted advance against anna at a wedding, posted in "the new york times." >> do you remember asking on any occasion, can i kiss you? may i kiss you? >> no, i don't remember that. >> reporter: video of cuomo and six of his accusers released by the new york attorney general's office. cuomo will be arraigned in january for allegedly groping an aide's breast at the executive's mansion in 2020. the story mirrors that of executive assistant brittany commisso. >> i remember his hand sliding right up my blouse. >> reporter: cuomo insists that never happened. >> it would be an act of insanity to touch a woman's breast and make myself
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vulnerable to a woman for such an accusation. >> our thanks to anne thompson for that report. the newly released documents show that cuomo rely odd an group of allies including his younger brother, cnn anchor chris cuomo in an effort to avoid the charges. that includes using his media contacts to keep tabs on those reporting the story. chris cuomo was in touch with his top aide at that time, melissa derosa. chris cuomo texted derosa writing this, i have a lead on the wedding girl. another tweet, quote, rumor
2:17 am
going around politico. one or two people coming out tomorrow. can you check your sources, to which the cnn anchor responds, on it. quote, we will be having conversations and seeking additional clarity about their significance as they relate to cnn over the next several days. still ahead, tiger woods gives his first in-depth interview since his car crash in february. what he's saying about his future and his hope to return to competitive golf. sports right after this. competitive golf sports right after this. being tired. i've never slept like this before. i've never woken up like this before. crafted with clinically studied plant-based ingredients that work naturally with your body. for restorative sleep like never before. ♪ ♪ ♪day to night to morning,♪ ♪keep with me in the moment♪ ♪i'd let you had i known it, why don't you say so?♪ ♪didn't even notice, no punches left to roll with♪
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recovers the ball, and takes it to the end zone for two points and nfl history. he's the first to block and score as the league allowed for the possibility of those types of extra points back in 2015. but it's one of the only bright spots for the seahawks in last night's watch. the football team was carried to an eight-point lead in the fourth quart owner a pair of touchdowns scored by running back jd mckissic before he was carted off the field. russell wilson would lead the seahawks on a final touchdown drive. there's the score. but his pass on the tying two-point conversion is intercepted. washington hangs on for the 17-15 win, its third straight victory as seattle drops its third game in the row, the longest skid for wilson as the seahawks start jeer turning now to the college gridiron, in a stunning move on the coaching carousel. brian kelly is expected to leave
2:22 am
notre dame to become the next football coach at lsu. kelly in his 12th season at notre dame, became the winningest coach in history before completing an 11-1 win for the irish on saturday. here's a piece of trisha. no previous notre dame coach has left to take a job at another school. his exit could be finalized as early as today. he will be heading out as part of a coaching carousel we're seeing throughout the league. the last irish coach to leave for another college job, edward mccurver, 1944, when he went to cornell. that follows lincoln riley let's move and napier leaving for florida on sunday. now to mlb free agency for three-time award winner max scherzer. he's reportedly agreed the a three year, $130 million contract with the -- wait for it -- new york mets.
2:23 am
yeah, the mets. that's an average salary of $43 million per year, shattering the previous record set by gerrit cole who signed a nine-year, $324 million contract with the yankees before the 2020 season. scherzer is set to join two-time cy winner jacob degrom in the mets starting rotation that could be the start of a new era for the franchise. meanwhile the seattle mariners are reporting a five-year, $115 million contract with robbie ray. and the texas rangers have put together the best infield money can buy. they've added corey seager one day after signing second baseman marcus semien. as the golf world celebrates the life and mourns the loss of lee elder, tiger woods speaks for the first time since the car crash last february that left him hospitalized and needing
2:24 am
multiple surgeries. the good news, woods is walking again and believes he'll be able to play golf again. the bad news, his golf days are over. >> i still can't continue to play golf. as far as climbing the mountain to get all the way to the top, i don't think that's a realistic expectation of me. but i think something that is realistic is playing the tour one day. never full time. pick a few events and play around that. that's how i'm going to have to play from now on. it's an unfortunate reality, but it's my reality, and i understand it and i accept it. >> losing tiger full-time on the tour, would, of course b a lorks bill karins. but seeing him out there -- we saw a clip of him teeing off a week or so ago, it's great to
2:25 am
see that. there was talk of amputation when he had that terrible accident last february, so this is certainly a step in the right direction. what do you think, bill? i know you're a bit of a golf guy. seeing tiger back out there has got to be heartening, right? >> yeah. the first thing is he can play golf with his sochblt son. his son is a very good golfer. he could play in a father/son event, which is huge. and the last masters, no one thought he could do that again. at least he had that great, great moment. yeah, now he'll be an ambassador and be ryder cup captain and whatever else. i'm glad he can be around the game of golf and bring all his fans with him. yeah. let's get into the forecast today. if you were looking outside the window "early today" or heading to your car in detroit or pittsburgh, there's a little sugar on the windshield. there was light snow overnight.
2:26 am
that's moving through western new york, central pennsylvania, and ee wii'll -- we'll have snow around baltimore. the only accumulating snow is if you're driving through pennsylvania on the turnpike or state college, a little bit of snow. otherwise it will be nuisance flakes. the big story continues to be the warmth. it's so mild from oklahoma city to san antonio. 70s once again today. there is a rain threat returning to the northwest. the flood threat only really in washington state. and then wednesday, the first day of december s also going to be pretty mild, and some of that mild air is heading to the east coast. jonathan, today, you know, here we are preparing for the holidays, but today is the last day of hurricane season. in all we had 21 named storms. the average is 14. we had seven hurricanes which is the average. ida hitting the u.s. we have four major hurricanes
2:27 am
out there, but once again, this was the sixth consecutive above average season, and for only the third time, we used up all of the names in our hurricane alphabet. good-bye hurricane season. it's always kind of a happy day in my household when we can wash our handing of it. >> i know there was a quiet finish to the season, but as you point out, a busy one on a whole and this recent trend certainly seems underscored by climate change. still ahead, stock futures are down amid the new challenges of the new covid-19. we'll have the latest from wall street. but before we go to break, we want to know, why are you awake? email your reasons to or #jonlemire. we want to know. #jonlemire we want to know. ♪ in wash-scent booster
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welcome back to "way too early." it's 5:30 on the east coast, 2:30 on the west coast. i'm jonathan lemire. senate majority leader chuck schumer in his first address on the senate floor since the thanksgiving break doubled down on his plans to pass the build back better act next month. joe manchin, however, he's not so sure. >> as i've said repeatedly, once this necessary work is completed with the parliamentarian, i will bring the president's build back better legislation to the floor so we can pass it as soon as possible and send it to the
2:32 am
president's desk. our goal continues to be to get this done before christmas. >> senator schumer said on the floor he will pass the build back better bill by christmas. are you proposed to vote on this bill? >> i think what we need to do is look at the bill that came from the house. the thing i said before back when i said a extra teat image policy was necessary in terms of finding out the unknown. the unknown is great right now and gets greater. inflation is now more than transitory. we found out it's not transitory. and on top of that, you have this new strain of covid they're very much concerned about, no one knows what effect it's going to have and you have inflation on top. all of these things give you pause. there he goes again. joining us from "the washington
2:33 am
post," good morning. are there still parts of the build back better act that she senator sinema opposes? and walk us back. what are some of the roadblocks democrats face as they try to pass the bill? >> yeah, you know, only a couple of weeks until christmas, and many more things that congress has to tackle before the build back better, but, you know, it's been pretty common throughout the process for joe manchin to say, hey, we should take a pause, take a breath, and see how this bill is going to go. you've heard him say. that we haven't heard much from senator kyrsten sinema and exactly what she wants. she's done a very good job of negotiating behind the scenes directly with the white house, also talking with members of the house, the chamber that she used to represent arizona in. and that has more or less been her style so far. it's probably what we should
2:34 am
expect also going forward in the next couple of weeks, not to mention the fact that she has also previously said she budget going to opine or comment way too much until the house passed the bill, so maybe we'll hear more about what she's looking for publicly. but of what we know, she does have some issues already with the price tag, of course. that price tag has been estimated to be around 1.75. some others estimate it could be up to$2 trillion, which man chin and sinema have said it's not okay with them. when it comes to policies tucked into the house bill, he's against paid family leave. he's repeatedly said it's not something he wants contained in the legislation and that it's a bipartisan issue, and democrats saying, of course, we don't trust republicans, so why can't we put this in this bill.
2:35 am
you have immigration. you heard senator schumer say it's something the parliamentarian is going through right now and something they think may not survive. >> you mentioned paid family leave. manchin wants republicans to get involved. just walk us through. you opened up rightly by saying the senate has a lot on its calendar the next few weeks. what's first? take us through what they have to get done this week. >> for sure. so to answer your first question, there hasn't been at least publicly paid family leave. that gets me to your second question. we also saw yesterday the senate coming back after thanksgiving. and one of the first things they want to do is pass the ndaa, national defense authorization bill that happens every year in
2:36 am
a bipartisan way, and it's one of those bills that really never hits a snag. but minority leader mitch mcconnell said he would vote to make it move forward, and it did, in fact, move forward, not necessarily in the final vote but all of the procedure annual hurdles you have to get through in the senate. i really want to process this. we should go through and read. but republicans, of course, their intent is to try and staal the process. they have that. they have to start talking about the debt limit. >> december's going to be a long run on capitol hill. thank you so much. please come back june still ahead, the omicron variant continues to spook investors. we'll go live to cnbc for what's driving on wall street. "way too early" will be right back. all street "way too early" will be right
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a good sign for the airline industry coming out of the holiday weekend. they screened close to 2.5 million people at security checkpoints across the country on sunday, making it the busiest day for air travel since the pandemic. a lot of people went home for thanksgiving. in all, tsa screened more than 14 million people last week, more than double the people who flew home for the holiday last year. the busiest travel day in tsa's history remains the sunday after thanksgiving in 2019. time now for more of the business news that you need to start your day. for that, let's bring in cnbc's julianna tatelbaum live from london. good to see you. hope you had a nice holiday. there was relief on wall street after a major selloff on friday, but things seem a little mixed with the new covid variant on
2:41 am
alert. give us a sense on this tuesday how the global market is responding. >> jonathan, good morning. so volatility is really the name of the game this week. as you mentioned, yesterday we saw a robust rebound on wall street, here in europe, and also in other parts of the world. today equity markets are retracing those gains, and you're seeing european equities turn lower this morning, asian markets turn lower, and u.s. futures pointing a negative on wall street. it seems it's spooked investors a little bit. he essentially said there's no world where the effectiveness of the vaccine is the same level as the omicron as the delta variant. it has caused jitters in the market this morning. >> certainly. that is the great question we're all asking ourselves right now about the potency of the new strain. the federal reserve chair, jerome powell, nominated for a second term, and treasury
2:42 am
secretary janet yellen are expected to testify today. what can we expect? >> well, we got a view into what we're going to hear from jerome powell today in some pre-released remarks. the fed chair believes the new covid variant and a rise in cases pose a threat to the u.s. economy and worries might cause people to prefer to work from home rather than work in person. so that could slow progress in the labor market, and in turn it could intensify supply chain challenges. but interestingly he did note economists and forecasters at the federal reserve continue to predict inflation will move down significantly over the next year. in addition to these repaired remarks, investors are going to be watching the q and a from jerome powell and janet yellen, who's due to speak beside him as you mentioned. and news here, jack dorsey
2:43 am
is stepping down from the social giant. what more can you say about his departure? you do not need to comment on his beard. >> i'll leave that to you and viewers to comment on. jack dorsey said he thinks the company is ready to move on from its founder, so effective immediately, the chief financial officer paraag ag wall will be taking over. we appreciate as always. still ahead t biden administration bets on boosters to beat the omicron variant. as we go to break, this date in history. president bill clinton signed the brady bill which required a background check on potential buyers. >> after he was shot, jim brady
2:44 am
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amid new concerns over the omicron variant, the cdc is recommending all adults get a covid booster as soon as they're eligible. in a statement the cdc director reiterated anyone age 18 or older should get a booster shot six months after their initial pfizer or moderna series. anyone who got the single-dose johnson & johnson vaccine would qualify for a booster after just two months. we're also learning pfizer is expected to apply for a booster shot for 16-year-olds and 17-year-olds this week. if approved, it would be the first booster available for those under 18. joining us now, yasmeen an
2:48 am
tull la. thank you so much for being with us this morning. we really appreciate it. health officials keep an eye out for cases with the covid variant. none reported in the u.s., but it's just a matter of time. how much time does the administration have about the efficacy of the booster itself and the new variant. we just heard from one of the heads of moderna who suggests it might not be quite as effective. >> there really isn't a lot of information how effective the vaccines are going to be against the variant. the benefit by having more neutralizing antibodies can only be a good things even if there's a lower level efficacy from the
2:49 am
vaccine. it's going to to offer more protection than whatever level of immunity it's waning to over the last several months. >> yasmeen, your latest reporting is on the criticism on pushing emerges when elsewhere they're struggling to get a first dose. what is the biden team saying in response to the criticism and what are other nations asking for in terms of vaccination assistance? >> so this is a pretty complicated issue because, of course, there's this massive vaccine equity across the globe. one of the things we found in our reporting is that while there may not necessarily be supply issues in south africa and a couple other south african countries on the u.s. travel ban list right now, there are issues of access and infrastructure
2:50 am
issues and getting doses into arms on the ground. there are low vaccination rates in south africa and other nations. they offered additional doses to south africa and they said they don't need it. the picture on the ground is much more complicated. there are many african countries, not necessarily south africa, there are issues with storing vaccines like pfizer's, which needs to be stored in ultra-cold conditions. they have these big sort of logistical efforts. so while they may say they have enough supply or they're not able to use all the supply, they need quite a bit of help to make sure people can actually get the vaccines.
2:51 am
>> "the washington post's" yasmeen abutaleb. we appreciate you being here. thanks again. earlier in the show we asked why are you awake? one viewer shares this photo of a morning stretch, waking up to watch "way too early." okay. that is ten out of ten. dan, anything on your end. >> yeah. katherine took a screen map of bill karins's weather map writing ski resorts opened up over the weekend and it could be gun. >> that sounds good. deborah is getting ready for cataract surgery and she'll be listening ontown radio the next few days until she's back up to speed. deborah, first of all, good luck with the surgery. i always thought i had a face for radio, so you're not missing much. coming up on "morning joe," where the nation stands in the face of the omicron variant as president biden tries to calm fears about its inevitable
2:52 am
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joining us now, political reporter alexi mcammond. good morning. what's the one big thing today? >> good morning, jonathan. as the year is wrapping up and we look at the voting rights, we've done a roundup where in the country folks have made it easier to vote and where it's harder. the data has shown us while 25 states have expanded voting rights across the country, 19 have made it more difficult. the big reason is these laws as you know aren't created equal.
2:56 am
it really is going to depend on where you live, your ability to vote. >> certainly it would seem that two of the driving forces for changes, whether voting is made more easy or difficult, the pandemic and the fallout from if 2020 election and president trump's false claims of voter fraud. talk us through how those things impacted how emerges are going to be able to vote going forward. >> as you know well, the pandemic completely changed the way we participate in elections. a number of states implemented mail-in balloting. at least eight states have made it permanent to continue beyond the pandemic. but those states especially those run by republicans and state lawmakers looking at the 2020 election as something that was rigged and fraud leblt as they eave claimed without evidence have moved to make it more difficult. they've done things to add stricter voting laws, gotten rid
2:57 am
of the ability to vote early without excuses, which is another thing that was implemented during the pandemic. we're really seeing the country divided in two, those who want to expand access and those concerned with preventing fraud. >> alexi, is there anything at all to push federal legislation to make it easier to vote? we know how busy this december is going to be for congress, a bunch of deadlines beyond, of course, the build back better act, which president and majority leader schumer hope to get through this month, any sense that once it's cleared there might be an effort there, or will it be blocked by the lack of filibuster reform? >> you know, i like to be optimistic about congress's ability to get things done into next year, but as you've seen with infrastructure and build back better, those two things are taking up a lot of time to members i talked with on the democratic side of the aisle.
2:58 am
they say it's up to filibuster reform in the senate because there's not a lot of hope that it will pass the senate because of the tight margins and the tie between the two parties. it might comdon to filibuster reform. as you know, that's not something that's likely to happen next year. switching gears, axios is also reporting this morning on nuclear deals, a discussion with iran. what is the white house expecting from the new iranian president? >> according to officials, our new reporting shows these folks are really worried about iran's nuclear development program and that is rooted in the simple fact that scientists can't unlearn the knowledge that they've already have once they've gotten to the point that they have, so there's a concern that iran with a new president won't necessarily want to go back to the new deal or old deal we had in 2015 and want to make a new deem in his name that's similar to that deal with us
2:59 am
this time around, but officials are, you know, charging toward the goal we've always had, which is curbing iran's ability to create nuclear weapons and ultimately use thoerks but there are a lot of negotiations that will happen. of course, you have the new president,biden, and the new president of iran. >> thank you very much. we have been talking about the new question, when omicron arrives. president biden's team had looked to turn the page on their social services agenda. the president heads to minnesota today and this will overshadow his agenda. he knows and his aides know that once more, their ability to manage the pandemic will dictate their ability to get the rest of their agenda going forward. thank you for being with us "way too early."
3:00 am
"morning joe" starts right now. >> i want to take a few moments to talk about the new covid variant first identified last week in southern africa. it's called omicron. travel restrictions can slow the speed of omicron. the delta variants and now the omicron, and we move forward now in the face of the omicron. >> so even before omicron -- >> this morning i provided an update on the omicron variant. >> yay. he got it right there. it's kind of a hard word to say at first. president biden is urging emerges to remain calm as the world learns more about the omicron covid variant. we'll speak with dr. na heeb bedelia about what we need to know to keep the holidays safe. we'll also talk about the continues efforts by a number of


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