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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  November 30, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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tuesday evening. with our thanks for being here with us, on behalf of all of my colleagues at the networks of nbc news, good night. quick personal note before we start. tonight is my parents wedding anniversary. they have been married for 53 years. come on. we should all aspire to such greatness and such happiness. happy anniversary you crazy kids. 53 years. absolutely fantastic. all right, tonight in the news it is one of those nights that we're doing batting practice against like five different pitching machines all at, once and a lot of the stories are big and complex, interesting. the first one we were covering
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tonight is of course tragic and familiar. we've got a lot of mass shooting in a school this time in michigan. this time it's a 15-year-old student, they say that he shot and killed three other students, i'm shot and wounded eight other people including a teacher the boy was reportedly armed with a semi automatic handgun, again he himself survived the shooting and is in custody. three people are dead. at least two of those shot and wounded were in surgery as of this evening. just a terrible an ongoing situation in oakland, county michigan. today, we will let you know more as we are able to learn any more on that in this hour. today, in washington, in the d.c. federal appeals court. a panel of judges heard an appeal from former president trump who was trying to prevent his white house records from being handed over to the investigation in the attack via trump supporters attacking the
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capitol on january six. and you learn in this business, particularly if you're not a lawyer. you learn not to read too much into how the oral arguments go in any particular appeals court. but a lot of seasons observers who are watching the arguments are listening in and they seem to conclude that the former president is not on very solid ground. in terms of the legal effort to keep his records away from this investigation, if he doesn't fact lose at this appeals court, which is what most observers are predicting, he presumably will keep appealing up to the united states supreme court. and that, if nothing else, will succeed in further delaying the matter. and that is not incidental in this case. that in fact in prayers to be his only real gain at this point. he does not have any great legal argument to make for why his white house records should be handed over. that is why there was a decisive earlier federal ruling against him. that is why things went so poorly for him today, in the appeals court. the legal arguments on his side
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are gossamer. but if he can stretch out the legal proceedings to last as long as possible. hopefully through next year, then, maybe he'll get lucky and then republicans will win back control. which they will get fully back in line behind trump and they will shut the investigation down entirely. why would they want to investigate the january 6th attack? so his delays strategy is really his only strategy. every day he delays, every day this stays around in the court system another day, is another day he effectively wings. i think the courts would get wise to that and have a way to short-circuited. when somebody's full strategy is that, alas, the court soared to be deliberately blind to trump's legal strategy. with that being said, the
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january six investigation in congress is not itself just poking along. we heard from a member of that investigation, congressman last night. that more than 250 people have already sat for interviews with them. either because these witnesses said yes when they were asked politely or these witnesses did not have a choice because they were subpoenaed and they were legally obligated to respond to a subpoena. just tonight we learned that the latest person to suffer an interview was georgia republican secretary of state, brad raffensperger. he apparently was questioned by the investigators today for more than four hours. now, you'll recall that brad raffensperger was on the receiving end of a phone call with trump. a phone call we all heard because it was recorded and later released to the public. a phone call in which trump told him to change the election results in the state of georgia. in quote, find enough votes to make it look like trump won their, when in fact he had lost. that call to brad raffensperger and other forms of pressure that the trump in the trump
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white house put on other george officials, that pressure is already the subject of a criminal investigation in georgia. it is being carried out by fulton county prosecutor. among other things to know about that criminal investigation, my favorite fact about it is that he has hired an experience prosecutor to help lead that investigation into that pressure on georgia election officials. rico is the statue the use against that to organized crime. so hey, stick that in your stocking and call it christmas. but we don't know that the timeline for that criminal investigation in georgia, we did know something today the. today, if brad raffensperger had more than four hours in the chair in front of the investigation on capitol hill, it does seem clear that the georgia state criminal investigation of those matters is not stopping the congressional investigation from also covering that same territory. sometimes when you know that there is an ongoing criminal
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proceeding, an ongoing criminal investigation, congressional investigation, to stay clear of that, stay away. if brad raffensperger was in the chair for four hours, we know that they appear to be not staring clear of this part of the scandal that involves him. that is one thing that we learned. and i mean, broad strokes, we know that the investigation appears to be looking at the january 6th capitol attack itself as essentially just one part. the big public violent part of an extended complex effort by trump and those around him to try and keep him in power even after he lost the election. public reporting has shown that the key part of that effort was hatched by trump and a justice department official named jeff clark. he wanted to try to use the part of the u.s. justice system to essentially force or induce the states that trump laws to nevertheless give trump the electoral votes. jeff clark, that previously low profile former justice
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department official, he has refused to comply to subpoenas in this investigation. just like trump advisor, steve bannon has. bennett has you know has been hit with charges for rejecting those subpoenas. tonight, just before we got on the, at the january six investigation released its formal report on jeffrey clark rejecting the subpoenas. they are going to vote on this tomorrow at the end of the day. if past is prologue, that but will probably be overwhelming if not unanimous that jeff clark should be referred to as the u.s. justice department for potential prosecution. at they referred for steve bannon. we ultimately followed up, and brought out that indictment. here is part of what that report says about why jeff quite got subpoenaed by this investigation in the first place. it's at first, according to the documents and testimonies gathered by the select committee, in the weeks leading up to the january 6th attack to the u.s. capital, jeffrey bostick clark, participated in the delivered -- in the results of the 2020
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presidential election and the delay interruption of the peaceful transfer of power. the select committee believes that mr. clark had conversations with others in the federal government, including members of congress. regarding efforts to delegitimized, disrupt, or overturn the election results in the weeks leading up to january six. the select committee seeks documents and testimonies from mr. clock to obtain a complete understanding of the attempts to use the doj to disrupt the peaceful transfer of power, following the 2020 presidential race. and with whom he was collaborating inside and outside the government to advance these efforts. again the january six investigation we know as of an interview of the show last, night we know that they have had more than 250 people in the witness chair already. and as such, they may already have a pretty good idea as to who jeff clark was collaborating with. inside and outside the government on his alleged effort to use the power of the
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u.s. justice department to keep trump in power after he lost. but in this formal report that was just released a couple of hours ago, tonight, the fact that the investigation is willing to go out formally and say that among the people they believe he collaborated with were multiple members of congress, well that's news. we will see what we learn tomorrow when they are expected to vote to send mr. clark's case to the justice department for criminal prosecution. i hope that the criminal justice department will decide whether or not they're going to bring formal criminal proceedings against somebody who very recently was a senior official at that same department. that meeting tomorrow where the january six investigation is going to take the vote as to whether or not they're going to refer clock for prosecution, that meeting is going to be open to the public. so we will see what we can glean from that, we will be watching that closely. cnn was first to report today that trump white house chief of
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staff, mark meadows, appears to have diverted from what was otherwise looking like his own path to a criminal indictment. he has started to cooperate with the january six investigation. now, per statement from the committee's chairman, benny thompson, the chair of the investigation. we don't know how cooperative mark meadows is being. we don't know exactly what he has handed over to the investigation, or what he plans to hand over. and we don't know when exactly he will testify. but per congressman thompson, mark meadows apparently will testify. and, you know, put yourself in donald trump shoes for many seconds, there are smaller things. it can't be a good day for a former president trying to dock a major investigation. when one of your key accused coconspirators, jeff clark, is now less than 24 hours away from learning that he is about to come from if he is going to get prison time, if he persist
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to refuse in his refusal to talk. and on the same day you find out that you're chief of staff, your white house chief of staff, has agreed to talk. that cannot be a good day. but that was today. and beyond that, we are going to have a report, a wild report coming up in just a few minutes on how the pressure on this part of trump world over these issues is starting to lead to some pretty dramatic sort of publicly visible crack ups. the highest profile figures on the craziest edge of trump's claims that he is secretly still the president and the election results are going to be decertified, and he is going to be reinstated as president. the whole clown car full of crazy characters have been advancing those claims in his name, for whatever reason, they are right now all turning against each other. in a pretty dramatic fashion. i'm part of the way that they are turning around each other is that they are telling tales on each other about things that
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they previously know about these folks. so we have this concerning, mike flynn, that was a doozy, tonight the fracturing on the pro trump crazy rights seems to have sort of split apart even further. it seems like it is not going to end well for any of these folks, particularly if they all start telling the public what they knew about each other because everything we learn from them about each other is not good. we are going to have a lot of report coming up in just a moment again on how that part of the republican trump supporting world really does seem to be having a hard time with all of the pressure. that can be sort of entertaining to watch if you are rooting against those folks. if you want to see those conspiracy theories debunked. it can also be a very dangerous time for people have been sucked into those conspiracy theories. so it's interesting, volatile potentially dangerous. we will have more of that ahead. but we are also going to get
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some expert help here now. about the epic supreme court case that is going to be heard tomorrow. you are going to be able to listen live to the supreme court arguments when they happen tomorrow morning. we'll tell you how to do that. also, we'll tell you what to listen for. when the arguments have been against roe v. wade coming back up in a moment. depending on how it goes, it's potentially the biggest supreme court case indicates. it is a case that republicans in the conservative movement have been waiting for since 1973 when the supreme court first ruled that among the rights guaranteed to aspire constitution is the right of any woman in america to decide to get an abortion, if that is what she wants. for 48, years the conservative movement has focused on almost nothing as intently as we are focused on trying to eliminate that right. i mean, just a broad picture here for a second. i'm going to say this and people will argue with me, i
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realize that this is contested tory, but this is how we see it. i was for the same year roe v. wade. i was born in 1973. so this is the arc of american politics over the course of my natural life. and if, for that time period, you want to play my favorite game which is watch what they do, not what they say. judge them on their behavior, not on their rhetoric. well, what we have actually seen, the political right work on in this country in the past 40 50 years is a pretty narrow list. and a pretty consistent-less. and there are some sort of special interests things that they are devoted to. like making sure there are as many guns as possible on american streets. with no restrictions if at all possible. when the republicans have full control of the government intern urinary 2017, when they got control, one of the very first things needed. one of the very first acts of that republican their first
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days in control was that they repealed restrictions on gun ownership specifically for people who had officially been adjudicated to be mentally ill. i mean that's devotion to the cause. the first thing we do with power's move to make more guns available to people who are formerly certified to be using them. you might have a gun problem. they have worked on their gun thing for sure. they have also worked intently on removing has many protections of possible for the environment. in every way shape or form. they have worked as hard as they can, to make sure there is as much discrimination as possible against gay people, trans people, immigrants, muslims, minorities. they worked very hard on! that they also have this ongoing side hustle, making sure the military stuff to the gills in terms of financial resources. while simultaneously regressive
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lee resisting any accountability -- i will concede that they've got some interesting, concerted projects on special issues like that. you can see they work hard on overtime. if you ask me, to pick the big three. if you had to pick the three reasons for the reasons of the existence of the rights -- the three things they work on when there's nothing else to do. when they're out of power, when they are in power. when there's a majority of red states, minority blue states. the three things they boil themselves down to, the three projects. product ember one, is screw the economic system as much as possible. so it provides much to the people at the top as possible. instead of equality, feed the rich, feed the businesses in the business owners. make sure the people of the bottom get as little as possible, and the top get as much as possible. that is the consistent economic project of them.
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programmer too, is what i think of as the get away with it, part of their agenda. do everything you can, everywhere you can, to make sure that people of color, other minorities, poor people, immigrants and other people who are opposed to what you're doing do everything you can to make sure that those people cannot effectively use the democratic process, to vote against you. to get you out of power. that gives rise to a whole list of action item, it's based on restrictions. it's packing the courts with right-wing judges. it crusading against elections themselves and the manning that if you are truly patriotic in along the right, you will devote yourself to overturning the election results. not the like of the political parties. prodded number one is the
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economics, number two is getting away with it. so if you are really looking at what they're doing with these things, i think it's unavoidable that the third product they have been most devoted to as a pillar of why they exist in what they do. it's getting rid of abortion rights. even more so than the thing on guns, even more so than their work to promote discrimination, and environmental regulations. abortion, has driven everything they have done when it comes to -- a third branch of government i've judicial branch -- everything that happened in terms of political purge process that the developed as a part of a party. it started 1970s mostly, but accelerating into today! it's all built on their crusade to get rid of abortion rights. i mean there's a lot to be said
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about why that rises to that level of importance for the republican party. whatever else, abortion means in the world, it's key to self determination of women. if, when, and with whom a woman had a child. her being the decision-maker when it comes to what's gonna do to find herself in that situation. there just is no more determinative thing in terms of the woman's ability to write the story of her life. to set her own course on this earth. and there has been nothing that, the republican party has worked harder to take away. and that concerted effort by them, over nearly 50 years now, has brought us to now. this case tomorrow. this is the case they have to get up. this is what they have been working on. this is the court they have teed up. the supreme court nominations,
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this is the thing they wanted more than any other identifiable individual outcome in policy, in nearly five decades. tomorrow is the day they're finally gonna ban abortion in the united states, and let the government decide whether the pregnancies come to terms. let the government decide when women have children. let the government decide what you can do, even if your doctor tells you the baby won't survive. even if your pregnancy was a result of rape. even if your pregnancy was a result of incest. even if the pregnancy threatens your own health. the government will decide! all these things about the limitations of the power of u.s. government, why has one of the main things they spent the last decades working on, the last half century working on, making the government the deciding factor when you get pregnant. they want the government to describe what happens when that happens!
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-- this case tomorrow is about real effort. it's about the government making those decisions for you. it is technically about mississippi abortions. but it is about overturning the rate and getting into the american constitution. the lawyer tomorrow will be arguing for abortion rights at the supreme court. the lawyer will be arguing on behalf of those last remaining abortion clinic in mississippi. the senior director of litigation at the center for reproductive rights, joining us now is nancy lower them she's president and ceo of this. miss north and it's nice seeing you thank you very much for being here tonight. >> thank you for having me. >> am i seeing this in an overly dark tone. is this case what i described? is it would have been aiming at in terms of trying to undermine this rule once and for? all >> this case is exactly what you've been describing
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rachel. mississippi passed this 15-week ban and open defiance of the supreme court president. they passed this ban as a test case, to overturn most of weighing -- it easily shut down in the trial court in the court of appeals. because they want to get to the supreme court to make the arguments that they'll be making tomorrow. but we are very pleased, and excited to be here tomorrow to make the case that you've been talking about. that this is actually about individual liberties protecting the constitution. in fact the cordon south has said that the right to make a decision about one's body in respect to abortion is within the zone of liberty that the government cannot enter. that's what we are defending tomorrow, for five decades. >> what do you see realistically as the range of potential outcomes of this case? what are you preparing for? obviously they're sort of infinite possibilities were justice can rule however they
9:23 pm
want, and they can split however they want. in terms of what is realistically possible, what is the range of outcomes that union colleagues are prepared? for >> of course we are preparing for all outcomes. we understand the court that we are up in front of, really we are gonna may making the case that there is only one legitimate outcome here. under the rule of law. the court operates on the following decisions that have made, for their own president. and the supreme court hearings in the end we'll versus wade's president off top of precedent. what that means is, it's not just that they decide this case 49 years ago, but 30 years ago and planned parenthood versus casey. every arguing that in the city will be making tomorrow was made before the court 30 years ago, about overturning roe. the court said then, this fundamental liberty for women that has been a difference in
9:24 pm
gender equality. women that may be able to participate in the full scope of american political, social and economic life, because they have control reproduction. general qualities on the line, we are making that argument and really that is the only legitimate i'll come. to follow what they've been doing for the last 49 years. >> but i mean from the other side perspective, if you take an argument to the court 40 years ago in a fails. the only reason you take that exact same are going back to the court 30 years later is to get the gorgeous changed. whatever fell on deaf ears before, will now fall in a way that will be to your liking. the confidence in the right here is because of trump's judicial loss, because the three justices that were added during the trump era's. it is added to the strong anti-abortion rights, and the journey. is there any mystery there? either any justices, suspense on how they want to rule this?
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>> i think there is an opening here. and you are certainly correct that the state of mississippi would file for review of this case, when justice ginsburg was still in the court. in fact in their initial filing for asking, they didn't even talk about this. then when justice amy cohen we wear was in court, they filed their first case. they came roaring through asking full floated lee for road to be overturned. nevertheless, the supreme court justices know the importance of the institution and the integrity of the institution. for them, to overturn this, which is not only 49 year standing, but it's really well embedded in the fabric of our constitution and protections. for decisions about family and life, it goes back 50 years before roe, and 50 years after. you can just pull out rolling onto damage to the decisions on marriage equality, the peak you a quality. all of this is a part of a
9:26 pm
whole, it's gonna be on the line. tomorrow i think that something that we're thinking hard about in the legitimacy of the court, when they decide this case! nancy north of the president ceo of productive rights, the litigation counsel for senator rights will be arguing in court tomorrow -- on behalf of the last clinic lesson mississippi. nancy thank you for being here, tonight i know you're not gonna sleep tonight for the next few nights after this, so thank you for being here to help us understand! i will tell you though that one thing that works about tomorrow 's talk about it later we will have how to listen to the supreme court arguments while they're happening line. will be able to do on this case tomorrow, the other thing to watch for this tomorrow is we're expecting a ton of people to physically be there at the court. marches, rallies, we're expecting quite a lot of civil disobedience. there's gonna be a ton of people at the supreme court tomorrow morning, forward is the largest case in years.
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story of the apparent rift within the far right wing of trump supporting's. but who not only are presidency but claimed that the election should be overturned. he should be restored in power, even though he lost the election. specifically, that story was from inside the world of qanon. the masked allusion among trump supporters in which they say that the world is run by a cabal of blood drinking satanic, pedophiles, who will all be massacred in a public execution by donald trump when he is restored to power. and i know. it sounds like the sort of in frame, fringed, things that couldn't possibly play an actual role in our country's politics. but here we are. in fact a number of high-profile people have embraced it. in particular trump national
9:32 pm
security, mike flynn, among other things, twice pled guilty to felonies before trump pardon him. but flynn has spent this time since basically becoming qanon celebrity number one. he posted a video of himself and his family reciting a qanon oath. he launched a merchandise site featuring qanon products. he showed up at qanon conferences. he auctioned off qanon items. one of the things that we covered last night was that now another qanon celebrity a lawyer named linwood. who was named a name for himself, by propagating theories like donald trump is actually still president and the military is secretly following trump orders even today. linwood, that guy, has released what he claimed is a recording of a phone call he had with flynn, in which mike flynn calls qanon, total nonsense. i qanon celebrities secretly recording phone calls with another qanon celebrity accusing him now of being a phony. this is very entertaining.
9:33 pm
and i recognize that this sort of infighting on this part of the right is super appealing for those who are hoping for the demise and discrediting of qanon it really is a very dangerous mess allusion among trump supporters. but i am not covering it for its entertainment value while i recognize that. we are covering it because i think this type of infighting can itself also be dangerous. or it can be a volatile, unpredictable thing. there can be real world consequences for good or for ill, and it's good knowing that it's happening. and to that end, one of the other people who have been publicly feuding with, is the trump election lawyer, sydney powell. remember her? she filed all sorts of lawsuits claiming that the 2020 election was rigged. last week, in a telegram post, i believe it was, linwood said that the organization, sydney powell formed to raise funds for election, that organization
9:34 pm
was under federal criminal investigation. linwood saying that about sidney paul's organization. and it seemed like a while organization just from another wild character. but hey look. here's the washington post today reporting on an actual federal subpoena they have seen from the federal criminal investigation into sydney paul's fund raising organization. i guess linwood knew what he was talking about. because sidney paul does appear to be under investigation for, essentially, fraud. from what the washington post can take from the subpoena, sydney powell appears to have made this -- into legal. which would be defrauding her donor and potentially defrauding the government if she misrepresented her organization as a particular kind of nonprofit organization when it wasn't.
9:35 pm
and, things turning sour for these pro trump figures. these guys deciding to air each other's dirty laundry. expose each other's as frauds and drifters. it is kind of a theme in today's news. and we have mike flynn currently saying that qanon is nonsense. we have linwood, accurately, apparently, predicting that it would be shown that sydney falls under investigation. now we have wisconsin. a taxpayer funded review of the 2020 election results was ordered by republicans in the state legislature. they are getting a lot of bad press lately because it is turning out to be a nonsense machine. the former judge that they hired to run the election review who is, himself, stop the steal. he believes that trump won by 2020 election. he has shout out thousands of dollars to a guy who pledged last year that there would be no peaceful transition of power
9:36 pm
in this country unless there was a forensic audit of the forensic results in the state. he said it was statistically impossible for joe biden to have one. i am sure that guy's expertise is very welcome for this totally objective and aboveboard review in wisconsin. are you happy wisconsin taxpayer -- taxpayers? he has also met with a guy who was traveling around the country. meeting with local election officials trying to get them on board with the conspiracy theory about how the election was hijacked. that guy's meetings has precipitated at least two fbi agents thus far into two different states. including one that resulted in the fbi rating the home of right-wing colorado congresswoman, lowered boebert's campaign. i should mention that lauren boebert's, and her ex campaign manager, are now feeding themselves. as a legit investigation. like i said, couldn't have been to a nicer bunch. but anyway, not today to more
9:37 pm
bad revelations for this election review. that taxpayers are paying for in wisconsin. one, this supposedly objective fair minded review of the 2020 election result is apparently sharing an office with a law firm that has been at the fore front of trying to overturn the election results in wisconsin and beyond. but perhaps more importantly in terms of whether these efforts are sustainable, there is new divisions cropping up within the ranks of wisconsin republicans who have been pushing the stuff. and getting taxpayer money to get it paid for. newly-record shows that the audits build wisconsin taxpayers thousands of dollars, not just to talk to those cracked part guys we mentioned earlier. but to pay for a trip to arizona. so that they could observe the crazy pants cyber ninjas audit there. to learn how to import cyber ninjas circuits to wisconsin to. the problem is that republicans in the state legislature had
9:38 pm
promised taxpayers that they wouldn't have to pay for any trips like that. when they put taxpayers on the hook to before this audit, they said, i forgot. they hired people to go around the country, but he will pay for them himself. these records came out showing that the audit team billed taxpayers for the trip to go to the cyber ninjas thing, in arizona. so now the republicans in the state legislator who hired the guy are demanding that money back. quote, we are in the process of recovering those costs. so it is not going well. in wisconsin, it's leading to splits among those who are promoted and arranged for this stuff in wisconsin. and now next door, in michigan, there's another one of these fights brewing between all the various pro trump figures. you might remember that one of the characters who cropped up in the arizona audit, cyber ninjas, was a guy named javon pulitzer. his history, as he writes about treasure hunting, he is a
9:39 pm
filled inventor. i shouldn't say he writes books about treasure hunting. i should say that he right sort of fantasy books about how to find treasure. he also wrote a book about how to cut off your arm and eat your dog. i don't know. these folks, they have to land somewhere, right? devoun the game important in qanon circles with his claims that he could prove the 2020 election was stolen by examining physical ballots with this special supersecret technology that could detect fraud just by looking at the ballot closely enough. mr. pulitzer has attached himself to launch in arizona-style audit in the state of michigan. but, now, this is at the. very overdue, very new, inviting among the pro activist there. about who is to blame for the fact that michigan audit still haven't have been. pulitzer has approved the super trumpy coach era for the
9:40 pm
republican party. he is accused them of running a racket in which they are taking money from local candidates in exchange for getting them endorsements from donald trump. he says they are money that grift, paying for donald trump endorsements, instead of getting the audit going. she says that she is going to go tell donald trump what he is saying because trump is going to be so mad and chauvin will be sorry. . it could not happen to a nicer bunch. a more deserving bunch. but it does feel like the wheels are coming off a bit for these folks. in multiple states. and we don't know if this is the result of some grave external pressure being brought on that movement, right? if the pressure on the general six investment on trump himself panning out for these people, and potentially losing their law license. we don't know if that external pressure is what is driving this. this could all be driven by internal dynamics because they
9:41 pm
are all crazy people. they are all fighting with each other. this is how it works. but whatever the dynamics are driving this, it seems to be falling apart. which again, can be both a source of great entertainment for those who are running against them. but it can also be a dangerous moment. it can be an unpredictable, volatile, skits a magic moment. depending on what happens when these things continuingly keep fracturing. so we will keep covering it. watch this space. h this space lka seltzer plus. with 25% more concentrated power. alka-seltzer plus. ♪ oh, what a relief it is ♪ so fast! also try for cough, mucus & congestion. ever notice how stiff clothes can feel rough on your skin? it's because they rub against you creating friction. and your clothes rub against you all day. for softer clothes that are gentle on your skin, try downy free & gentle. just pour into the rinse dispenser and downy will soften your clothes without dyes or perfumes.
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9:46 pm
office of any kind before, but laura underwood in 2018 ran an amazing campaign for congress. we covered extensively here on the show at the time, she's just a stand out candidate. and she want! she iced that republican democrats who became our youngest african american democrat ever to serve in congress. she has ever since put that cte use. a few years back, one of lauren underwood from france from gone under school, a black woman died unexpectedly after she gave birth. chicago magazine did a big profile on laundered with the summer. the way underwood saw it, her friend had done everything right. she was a highly educated woman with excellent insurance who'd receive prenatal care from quality providers in the richest country in the world. her friends work in the violence prevention division of the cdc had given her intimate knowledge of the extra health risks for black women.
9:47 pm
according to that agencies data are up to four times more likely to die from complications related to pregnancy in child was childbirth and white woman. it was unimaginable, is what she said at the funeral. her baby was there, her mom was there, the directive the cdc was there, all of these other uniform public health officials were there and everybody was stunned. how could this happen? >> instead of accepting this horrible ongoing mortality rate among women of color in this country. as a congressman, congressman has set out to do what she could to change. it she put together a bill specifically designed to lower the mortality rate of mothers in this country. she called the packers of bill's, the mom knit us. you get it, it's like and -- we've been covering this for a few years now.
9:48 pm
the creation of the black maternal health -- she's incredibly in kabul is member of congress. you know what happened today? today president joe biden signed the first of the mom nimbus bills into law. it is called the protecting moms care program at the va congresswoman lauren were going to soon. stay with us. stay with us stay with us (♪ ♪) rybelsus® works differently than any other diabetes pill to lower blood sugar... in all 3 of these ways... increases insulin when you need it... decreases sugar... and slows food. the majority of people taking rybelsus® lowered their blood sugar and reached an a1c of less than 7. people taking rybelsus® lost up to 8 pounds. rybelsus® isn't for people with type 1 diabetes. don't take rybelsus® if you or your family
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the full benefits of turmeric. the brand i trust is qunol. >> man: what's my safelite story? my my livelihood. so when my windshield cracked... the experts at safelite autoglass came right to me... with service i could trust. right, girl? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ it's been sort of good news bad news in washington things since thanksgiving. the jobless numbers last week are the lowest they've ever been in more than 50 years. the lowest jobless numbers since the 1960s. the rumor on capitol hill also is optimistic that we have more cup this week that said there's still a clear path forward thanks to senator joe manchin is -- gonna get his build back better agenda passed. president biden did sign something in laws today that is
9:53 pm
important and interesting. if you look back at the bill signing, in the bright mask here in president biden's left shoulder. that is constant warms left -- who you have seen on the show several times. this is the first time she's ever attended one of these things. this is only her second term in congress. this is why it's so impressive that the bill president biden signing the law right there is her bill. joining us now is congressman lauren underwood, what she calls the momnibus on the health. it's the first and then came today. congratulations, great to see! >> thank you so much. rachel >> second time members of congress never get a bill passed. you got this bill passed, is part of this momnibus that you pursue from the very beginning. what's the secret to success? >> we're really focused on solving problems and making sure that in my time in congress, i could use this bill to help save lives in this
9:54 pm
country. black birthing people are 3 to 4 times more likely to die from pregnancy complications than white women. we have an opportunity to take action. to stop his maternal mortality crisis that we face in this country. >> now this bill today specifically focuses on moms who served. as the bill title perps puts it, specifically going to help moms who were getting maternal care through the va, is that right! ? i >> women of the fastest-growing veteran population in our country. right now we have about half 1 million women veterans under 40. meaning there reproductive age to be having babies. because of their service, they are at increased risk for maternal forbid, be deaf mortality. really severe complications as a result of pregnancy. you want to make sure as part of the world class care they receive at the va, they have eczema kurt turnable care as well --
9:55 pm
that's with this legislation has. it helps improve the maternal health care. >> now a lot of the rest of your momnibus agenda as i understand it, is included in the build back better package! which has been struggling, but it's passed the house and it's struggling all the way through. am i remembering right that you're opinion on momnibus the was similar to kamala harris's? has that been helpful? am i remembering that correctly? heaven help with the legislation. >> vice president has a long time champion for eternal equity. she has been just a wonderful partner for us in the black caucus. we teamed up to introduce the momnibus, a comprehensive package of 12 bills to end our nations mortality maternal with tally crisis. we have been so fortunate to work with president biden, and vice president harris, to get every 11 double provision of
9:56 pm
the momnibus included in the build back better act. meaning a billion dollars, to help moms and babies all across this country. what's so incredible is, it's paid for by the wealthiest americans and corporate tax evaders paid her shirt. we have an opportunity to share save lives and pay for them in the process. >> lauren underwood, democrat of illinois, i love that every time we check in with you you have something else practical and cystic all the talk about. through all the odds, getting things done. i really enjoy every time you have on the show. and i can we talk to back after this bill passes, thank you so much for helping us. >> thank you so much! >> we'll be right back, stay with us. , stay with us.
9:57 pm
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tomorrow the supreme court will hear the case that republicans have decided to overturn roe v. wade and make abortion criminal. the case starts at 10 am eastern. you can listen to it live on the supreme court's website. supreme court thought of. you just click on the button there labeled live audio. again this is a monumentally important case. 10 am, eastern tomorrow. we can all listen live as it happens. all right, i'll see you again tomorrow, now it's time for the last word with lawrence o'donnell. >> good evening rachel. big day at the court tomorrow. we are lucky tonight to have


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