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tv   All In With Chris Hayes  MSNBC  December 1, 2021 12:00am-1:00am PST

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>> before you get to that analysis, one of the critical need of analysis. stop, please stop. >> the former president's executive privilege claims get their day in court. >> the court didn't listen [inaudible] to determine that -- >> tonight big news in the january six committee, mark meadows is cooperating. jeffrey clark is not. and what we learned in today's important hearing of today's white house. >> and no other respect that we're aware of, the former president had the ability to block something with the current president wants to do. >> and ominous new reporting on the placement of local election officials across the country. plus how the troll caucus found the and you personally want to cancel today. the latest school shooting in michigan, and how america chooses to let this happen.
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all in starts right now! ♪ ♪ ♪ good evening from new york and the bipartisan committee investigating the january 6th insurrection just released a report in the last hour, recommending that former department of justice official jeffrey clark, be held in contempt over his refusal to cooperate with dhs subpoena. caucus had lengthily career, a kind of archetypal in -- the government he worked with the prestigious law firm kirkland analysis. which is perfectly fine for judges and lawyers. he also worked for the george w. bush administration. honestly, kind of nondescript bureaucrat -- political appointee -- not a household name. washington ones on the people, more that. except this guy this under the radar guy, this man and we showed you on the screen, he's the single person when except for anyone other than donald trump himself comes closest to
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come polling off an actual coup this year. jeffrey clark. he served as the acting head of the civil division of donald trump, of positioning fell backwards into a people left. it was in that position that he hatched a plot to oust then acting attorney general rosen. but coming at him himself with trump support, but then with the full using the full power of justice to question the legitimacy of 2020 election. had he succeeded if he had gone off, it almost certainly would've thrown the country into a full blown constitutional crisis! and the committee puts it in that report, quote, according to the documents and testimony gathered by the select committee, in the weeks leading up to the january attacks jeffrey bowser clark participated in efforts to delegitimized the results of the 2020 presidential election and delay or interrupt the peaceful transfer of power. after numerous court throughout
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the united states had resoundingly rejected alleged voter fraud challenges to the election results by the trump campaign and after all states certified in the election results, mr. clark propose that the department of justice sent a letter to officials to the state of georgia and other states suggesting that they call a special legislature sessions to investigate allegations of voter fraud and consider pointing new slate of electors. mister clerk also met with white house officials, including then president trump, to discuss efforts to the legitimize, disruptor overturn election results. the select committee believe that mr. clark had conversations with others in the federal government, including members of congress, regarding efforts to delegitimized disrupt overturn the election results in the weeks leading at the january 6th. now clark stonewall that subpoena request. he showed up, he can just blow them off like that, he showed up and just refused to answer
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those questions -- now the select committee is going in front of contempt of congress. it is worth noting unless -- clark actually has a more plausible claim to legitimate executive privilege. he at least was on the payroll, and actually work for than president donald trump at the time. he was advising him in some coffee official capacity. although other committee can points out the laws clear that executive privilege is not extended discussions related to non governmental business. it appears as though trump's blanket privilege in locations, maybe falling apart in realtime. today, and an appeals court in washington, he had an argument with his lawyer. about those exact same claims, the documents that the one six committee requested. the judges say that they were to the least skeptical of the
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idea that a formal president can claim privilege when the current president has waved it. -- wreckage from former president nixon's time in office could be turned over to the national archives, despite his claim to privilege. >> you have two steps prior to that the court needs to review, before you get to that analysis. one is a critical need analysis. >> please stop please stop, because here's where we are at this argument. former president and the executive -- and the incumbent president wins that debate under the nixon versus gsa, right? gets to make that call under nixon versus gsa. the former president just isn't in a position to do that. and then you say well are you okay to do this? >> why should the former president be the want to make that determination? if we are looking at this as we who decide kind of question, is there a circumstance in which the former president ever gets
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to make this chemical? and why should he? you can hear the skepticism here. >> in the articulations of the judges receive again the former president arguments. it appears there are some progress being made, from what donald trump and his former coup prevalence are up to. despite all their efforts and desire to high they're communications leading up to the deadly search. just today the guardian published an article about alleged folk all that then president trump made to this or cold war room. which is pushing his election fraud just hours before the insurrection himself. where he reportedly stressed to his allies that he wanted the latest-ification by the house of commons. it should know that it has not been confirmed by any sources. i don't know if that's gonna bear out or not, but the question of whether it is true?
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or what extent trump was talking about? it's exactly the purpose of this other undertaking. the congressional oversight of this attempt cues so important. and it's why the information has been brought to life, to be confirmed and brought to the public's attention. because the threats not going away. trump is likely to run for president again 2024. and the american probably get deserves to know exactly how close he came to pulling it off! to dismantling the american democracy in his last days in power! that's why just wants the not political should be covering the developments is january 6th, she's part of the investigation. she joins me now! betsy can give me a little background i guess on the clark situation? a little different from bannon for a few different reasons, a more colorful claim to privilege, and he didn't show up. he didn't just blow them off. what can you tell us about the
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divinities -- arriving at his recommendation? >> the biggest problem for clark, which is a problem bannon actually didn't have. even though trump would've had a firm ground to assert executive privilege, as it relates to clark. trump didn't actually do that. trump ghosted clark. the last communication that trump's legal team said to jeffrey clark, according to clark himself, was on august 2nd of this year. in cajun, trump said he would not go to court to block clark from talking to congressional investigators. that's forward to mid october, the select committee issues a subpoena saying clark has to top the investigators. clark gets no word from trump. the fast forward a couple weeks, clark goes into the deposition, still radio silence from trump and his lawyer. trump couldn't be bothered to
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take five minutes to type out an email saying i believe, jeffrey clark would violate my executive privilege if he talks the congress. jeffrey clark i don't think you should go in. trump has not done that! we know trump has not done that because the transcript of clark deposition, quote on quote deposition -- where he refused to answer questions. in that that position, they confirmed that they hadn't heard from trump in months. trump is not helping him. if you are a prosecutor in the department of justice, and you're trying to decide whether or not someone has a like to stand on when it comes to citing executive privilege, and the person who owns that privilege arguably, the former executive, isn't even trying to assert it in this case! how do not bring charges for this? in clark's case, i think he may
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be on thinner ice for that specific reason. trump is not helping him! >> that's a great point, and an important one. there's another development as well as i understand it, in respect the former chief mark meadows. who have been in a kind of middle -- of noncooperation subsequent now to the ban an indictment. now that he's indicted, it appears a meadows is cooperating is that correct? >> that's right. there's a wide range of activity, and i'd use that word it can range from all the way to providing unlimited amount of documents and text messages -- all the way up to a sworn that position. our understanding right now is that meadows is at least cooperating with the committee on the smaller end of that collaboration spectrum. we know he's turnover tons and tons of emails and other written communications. we know we don't know the contents of those emails and
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communications. we are also hearing different things from metals, and from the committee itself from the actual verbal interview. the question the answer session that knows it's gonna do with the committee. members of the select committee is gonna come in next week, and use the term deposition. that means he'll be under oath. that means meadows will be liable for prosecution in the justice department. meadows and his lawyers signaled that they don't actually want to do a sworn that position. there's a gap there between what they're doing or they're using. what we do know for sure is that in the end of days meadow has essentially flipped from the state farm committee to engaging and trying to be helpful. presumably the reason for that is because he doesn't want to get the ban in treatment. he doesn't want to get charged, he's trying to somehow meet the committee in the middle and be helpful. there's no question that that has the potential to be a breakthrough for investigators. >> all right, thank you very
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much. that was illuminating. thank you wanna bring in more mcquade, professor them university of michigan -- on this question of privilege, barbara, i want to read to you the headline. we should say, questions in arguments don't always coral relate to the opinions. the right of today, appeals court judges poised to reject trump's efforts to withhold jansing documents. if you listen to the audio it sure sounded like it, how did it sound like to you? >> i agree with it. skepticism on the states, the degree to which they seem downright hostile to this committee. we played a clip there of the judge cutting off president trump -- who not only was against losing arguments. but we are also trying to stall, they were saying things like this courts look at these individual documents by
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documents. and they said whoa we're not looking at these individual documents which will take months and months. what she said was, the question -- is who gets to the side? is it the current president, or former president? she very skeptical from the idea that the v of the side -- also suggesting that even the court shouldn't be deciding in this case. simply conferring to this case. >> they kept side there is no conflict in the branch of this case. to the extent of the quarters that are adjudicated governmental inter branch of conflicts. both branches agree, president congress to your point about -- this there's one point were trump's lawyers raise a sort of bizarre notion to me -- that a judge themselves to go through documents! and review then? it seems like a strange proposal for a bunch of reasons, here's williams responding to that. we can reach the question before we get to that, take a listen! >> i don't see anything --
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i'm sorry counselor. there's nothing in the statute that says the privilege of termination has remade on a document by document basis. will we have in our president and, the court didn't listen to the tapes before being determined that privilege had been waived in nixon. didn't have to listen to the tapes of determine whether -- there was a privilege or the privilege was overcome. they knew basically what was the subject matter discussed in the tapes. we knew with the legislative or the purpose was for the grand jury to had the tapes and made the call. >> so that will can sort of laying out that sort of argument. what did you make of that proposal by trump lawyers? it seems to be a bizarre situation. >> i really struck me as i flat out effort to stop. if the court has a methodically go through each and every one of these documents, it's gonna
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take a very long time. sometimes it happens when we have the attorney client privilege where there are some questions to where -- we saw that before's executed michael cohen's law. this the entire judge was appointed to be the special master. this is a very different matter, this is a separation of powers. we've got as you said, a legislative branch in the executive branch agreeing to the former president. trying to intervene and tell the president to do. that i think is why it's document by docking review -- the question is who really gets to make that decision? >> i guess the real question you know there's a law and then there's whether you can count to five in the supreme court, which is another way of saying the law, not to be overly cynical, or realist on this. but it just seems to me that transparently, the play here by the trump attorney's, get to the supreme court where they think they can count to five. meaning they can get five
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justice to go along with them. and ignore delay along as possible. >> yes, i think delay is the first part of the tactic here. because there is a real clock ticking here, and that is the midterm election. if the republicans should take control of the house, then they can shut down this whole investigation. so, i think that is the real stall tactic. and there is some hope that the supreme court has this conservative for majority, might be friendly to president trump. maybe those who got their seats because of president trump, but i am not quite that cynical yet. and i think that the justices of the supreme court who take this really broad view of executive power, they should be backing up president biden when he says that he wants to waive executive privilege. because he thinks it's in the best interest of the country. if they really mean what they say, when they talk about the broad executive power, then that means they should be supporting the view of president biden. >> all right, barb mcquade, that was really really clarifying. thank you very much. >> thanks chris. >> coming up, how the next
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insurrection is already underway. only this time it doesn't involve hairspray or smashing through the halls of the capitol. instead, it is happening quietly, efficiently, in the election office across the country. a slow motion insurrection that could dismantle the guard rails of democracy, after this. ter this s vaposhower. take a soothing vicks vapo moment wherever you chose. so, i started listening to audible about two years ago. a friend of mine recommended a book to me,
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democracy, the most extensions threat to the peaceful transfer of power arguably since the civil war. and how many people are focused on the investigation to that day. but while that is happening there is of course a parallel story of what continues to happen in a slow motion insurrection being carried out by republicans in suits, ties, and states all across the country. it is, at the very least, an attempt to make the next insurrection easier. if it comes to that. and it's largely a local push that is successful. it could make it so that there is no need for all of this stuff that you have seen. storming the capital the next time around. no need to rely on someone like mike pence to snatch away the result. because the people they need to help deliver the election will be right there on the front lines while the voting is happening, to do that for them. the new quote in the washington post found that supporters of the big lie, the election was stolen, are quietly working their way into key elections positions across the country. and states like michigan, local republicans are appointing state canvassing more members
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can, quote, express sympathy for former president trump's claims, the 2020 votes were rigged. in pennsylvania, quote, candidate to embrace elections fraud allegations won races this months to become a local voting judges and inspectors. and in colorado, where 2020 election skeptics are urging their followers on conservative social media platform to apply for jobs and election offices. because we administer our elections locally in the united states, folks on the frontline, like this, will be well positioned to mess around with stuff. to attempt to subvert the election result the next time around. it is all becoming so ominous to state election officials are now sounding the alarm. and in colorado, the senator said that the attacks right now are no longer about 2020. they are about 2022 and 2024. it's about chipping away at confidence and chipping away at the reality of safe and secure elections. the next time there is a close election, it will be easier to
12:23 am
achieve their goal, that is what this is all about. janet griswold, secretary of state, joins me now. it is good to have you. can you explain a little more about what you mean by that? in a point by point way what that means. because i think the plumbing of american election is basically hidden behind the wall. and we don't really know how it works. we have to look at it getting exposed in that period between the election of january six and there is a lot of people going to work on that plumbing right now. so what is your fear? what do you see happening? >> well, chris, thanks for having me on. i wish it was on a brighter topic than this. but what i mean is that the misinformation, the lies have fueled real action. we are seeing a three part attack on elections. first and foremost, misinformation. election lies, the big lies have led to voter suppression. over 500 bills considered
12:24 am
across the nation over 30 adopted to make it harder for americans to have their voices heard. but on top of that, the same conspiracy theories are also leading to an attack on confidence. so voters are less likely to believe their elections were safe and secure. and also, incentivizes election officials or people who work in election offices to become insider threats. to try and destroy the system inside. and so, what i mean is that, in 2022 and 2024, we are likely to see in many states it's harder for americans to cast a ballot. you are likely to see increase in cyber threats. we're either county clerks, secretary of state, or other election officials are trying to undermine the process from within. and the next time we have a january six, it won't be as many good people to stand up and to stop it and uphold the willed of the people. >> there is an example of this. this happened in your state, in
12:25 am
bc county, county clerk. they have been accused of sneaking someone into the county election offices to copy the hard drives of dominion voting machines. again, this is after the election actually happened, that they did this. but this is someone who appeared to believe the big lie and who was in administrator of election who is of now i believe, facing charges. i am curious of having that happen in your state has done to how you think about this? >> i think it should really be alarmed for the entire country. because colorado is considered the best state in which to cast a ballot, with the best cyber security. and luckily our security is so good that we were able to get in front of this issue. when the county clerk decided to embrace that big lie and compromise the voting to try and prove conspiracies, i was there to decertify the election and ask the judge to marker. but since then, just this year,
12:26 am
we have seen two other insider threats already very likely to be spread across the country. at this point, over 700 republicans are running for office including 500 at the state level who are voicing the big lie. so we are likely to have more insider threats and i think that it is just paramount for states to very quickly pardon their cybersecurity to race summit cider threat. but also, just as equally important to elect the people who oversee state election. secretaries of state. to elect people who believe in democracy. that is going to be crucial in 2022. going to be crucial there is kic riddle at the core of this for paradox, right? which is to say that if there is a free and fair election in the state, that alexa people who believes in the big lie, then that person is infused with the democratic legitimacy to overstate the election. which they in some deep sense can't be trusted in a normative
12:27 am
sense to wield. but that is what will happen. and in a state like arizona that is taking a real possibility. >> i think that joanna lin gaye trust the united states and in the best. electing people who are trying to chip away at democracy as a secretary of state is like electing or putting in place an arsonist to oversee a fire department. it is crucial that choosing happening very quickly. number one, to ensure that the voter suppression attempts to chip away at democracy are pushed back against. but also, americans have the ability to safeguard democracy. and that is why paying special attention to 2022. to ensure that people who are elected the secretaries of state and county election officials believe that that will uphold the will of the people. even if they don't like the outcomes. >> jenna griswold, secretary of the state of colorado, thank you very much. >> thank you.
12:28 am
>> up next, the sales numbers for chris christie's guidebook to redeeming the republican party, we'll let you guess how that turned out. and totally unrelated news, marjorie taylor greene, trying to destroy one of the republican colleagues forcing bigotry is bad. we'll be right back. we'll be right back.
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because even though they grow up, they'll always be your baby. covered california. this way to health insurance. enroll by december 31st at publish a book, a high early recommend hiring people to help you publish it from chris christie. he's got incredible amount of media tension on nearly every network on his new book called, rescuing the republican party. >> chris christie is calling on the gop against acts -- >> i love the title of your book. >> it's plain language, is not lower language. >> all i'm saying this book is, we have to stop looking backwards. >> that's the point of the book. that's the message of the book. >> the whole center part of the book is all these conspiracy
12:33 am
theories. >> qanon and pizzagate, and birtherism, and the election stuff! >> that's with the book tries to start to do, put the past behind us. we need to get back to thinking about how you win. stop republican on republican violence. that's a lot about what the book is about, we gotta look forward and then go after joe biden. >> now not all the -- mid-gone so well you may have caught his parents and deadline. with my colleague nicole loss. the >> book is called, it's about conspiracies and lies -- you really don't take on fox news. why not? >> the book, -- >> are you aware of what he does? truth tonight's conspiracy theories on the cover. and then utah an msnbc -- >> i don't attack them as conspiracy theories or truth deniers. i talk about bias!
12:34 am
>> is that worse than conspiracy theorists? >> but that's the third question of the. book >> i don't think you can talk about this without talking about fox news. >> i'm not trying to rescue the republican party! >> as the saying goes any prices good press. and chris christie was getting all of it! the problem for christie's no matter how many times book argument -- i really know how you call it. it's not explicitly authoritarian undemocratic version of republicanism. there is no market for. the >> senior publishing source the access to the internet -- told media reporter that christie's work rescue soldiers 200,000 copies in his first week in stores. it constitutes of the plot colossal publishing flop in comparison to carl's new book betrayal, so 2000 the same week
12:35 am
as the crystal. -- the republican party there sadly is the market for is bigotry and nastiness. and bad racist comedy routines from people like lauren boebert. that is the new randall party. dr. stewart stevens about that, next. that next next ing your face. ♪♪ well, would ya look at that! it was an accident. i was— speaking of accidents, we accidentally left you off the insurance policy during enrollment, and you're not covered. not even a little bit? mm-mmm. no insurance. no. when employees can't enter and manage their own benefits enrollment information, it can be a real pain. not even— nope! with paycom, employees enter and manage their own hr data in a single, easy-to-use software. visit and schedule a demo today.
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and olay retinol 24 brightens and smooths the skin while you sleep. for dermatologist-recommended ingredients at an affordable price, try olay skincare. today we have yet another term of republican congresswoman lauren boebert bigoted comments about omar or. it the piers that boebert making up a story about omar is not an isolated incident. bob are called congresswoman omar, jihad squad. and he says vile false stories and sensing about a story in an elevator. i can play short bit of it. >> i look to my left, and there she is. bottle more, and i say well she doesn't have a backpack, we should be fine!
12:40 am
[laughs] >> so you get it there, right? this ingestion is that she's a terrorist, but she and she's gonna blow him all up, but because you have a backpack it's gonna be okay. -- it's a part of routine of overdoes, here's another one on staten island his temper. >> one of my staffers, on his first day with me got into an elevator, in the capital. in an elevator we were joined by your han or more. [inaudible] well it was just lost three in there and i looked over and i said, we look at there is the jihad squad! he [noise] -- >> same racist stories toby 40s replacing the officer with the staffer.
12:41 am
republican house leadership is doing closer nothing about this so republicans and spoken up. and it's not going well for them. following congresswoman nancy mason carolina is a did it from a district that is historically conservative. she came out and condemn their comments, colleagues -- in the gop conference and said it is not conservative she's pro abort. and suggesting that they may escort go hang with a real gal pals, with the jihad squad. and then she responded quote, i'm a pro-life issue conservatives who attacked by the left all weekend. the thing is congresswoman mazes sort of an interesting character. she is trying to straddle would i call the kings inter line. she is trying to be a member of the republican party who is not in the never trump part of candy march a. but is also, against open
12:42 am
disgusted racism and bigotry. there's just not a lot of ground there. that place where it's not a lot throw iran ethics fillers following members of congress. stuart stevens worked on a political campaign for most of -- author of the book it was all a lie. he joins me now. i guess first the infraction here, what's really challenging to me about the boebert stuff is that this is a rehearsed line. and that it south, in the room, which is why i keep telling it. >> i don't think they should come as a surprise, the republican party nominated a guy who called for a complete ban on muslims entering the country in december of 2015. which of the republican parties poses take anything that the constitution that clearly is against the constitution. that's religious by bias, how do you know? you have that with the religion
12:43 am
is. and that the party they just went along with it. when i was active in the party, we said we didn't negotiate with terrorism. which is simply whiff saying we don't negotiate with. evil this is evil, you can't reason with it. you can't meet it halfway. it's straight-up evil! and that is permeated in the republican party! trying to end in a position of power which is with all the elections are about, is evil! you have to call that out. >> that is, such a good point about the muslims. that was real to me, that was the moment of that campaign where we had entered into a new world. it was just obviously the case, that if we replace muslims and the religious group, a candidate for american president and not a single jew should set foot in this country. >> sure. >> obviously despicable measure, and completely disqualifying from all public life. and trump says i would muslims
12:44 am
and it's not just qualifying. the die was cast then, but the straddling thing with kevin mccarthy is trying, what you get in just a lot of science about. this people are just gonna sort of let it go, because speaking up like nancy means did it is gonna put you in a worse position, a weaker position politically. >> yeah i mean look, how often have we seen people in the face of evil? -- particularly these politicians that think they can manifest it. this is 1930s term, south africa had truth and reconciliation. so people republican party have reconciliation about truth. it doesn't work! you have to call this out! you have to say i will not be a part of the party, that mocks other religions. that is a fundamental and constitutional effort for hypocrisy in america. you just can't do it! and that is why i say you have
12:45 am
to burn the party to the ground! you have to start over. there's no conservative philosophy here, anybody in american can say that the republican party stand for something -- insects there's no logic here, is not can here and there's no coherent form of government. that's why they don't participate in this. they are just in the business of electing democrats, which is what a cartel is really not a party. >> will republicans, in the case of chris christie, and nancy pace. these are different -- you occasionally watch different politicians come up with some sort of -- for lack of better word third way. there are folks like yourself, and kinzinger and cheney who are consider themselves republicans and conservatives who are close to trump. and cheney and kinzinger haven't, and then there's been times by christy --
12:46 am
and then middle ground and trump adjacent in certain ways certain ways and there is -- market in the general population and the general's face and itself and demand essentially? no the party is a general trump party. this is some times that i think we make the mistake of looking at a republican party and saying how did they go wrong here? how did they take this wrong turn or something, how did they get hijacked? none of that happens. this is what the republican party wants to be. this is why i was really forced when i confronted this myself. which was not a pleasant experience to call this all a lie. because i don't know any other way to reconcile this. you don't abandon -- in a few years. and listen, chris, i love the guy, he's a fighter. i think he should fight and go straight at donald trump.
12:47 am
and you can't say that we're just going to ignore the pass. it doesn't work. it never works. >> that is a perfect example of what i am talking about. this idea of my proposal is not to talk about the central defining questions facing the party of american democracy and focus on, we don't like inflation, or joe biden, that's not going to cut it. >> it's not the world that we live in. it is a world that i'd like to live in i think. i'd like to have two parties that had opposing philosophies of government so that we can get back to talking about these differences. but that is not what we have right now. we have one party for democracy, we have one party that is for [inaudible] . and all the rest is just noise. all the ads that we made about capital gain tactics, none of that matters. the central truth is that american democracy is going to survive. >> stuart stevens, great to
12:48 am
have you on, thank you. when we come back, the latest on the deadly shooting in a michigan high school. we'll talk to senator chris murphy about why he says congress has become part of america's gun violence problem. >> this only happens in the united states of america. there is no other nation in the high income world in which kids were about being shot. it happens here in america because we choose to let it happen. happen ♪♪ dad, why didn't you answer your phone? ♪♪ your mother loved this park. ♪♪ she did. ♪♪ my hygienist cleans with a round head. so does my oral-b my hygienist personalizes my cleaning. so does my oral-b
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oral-b delivers the wow of a professional clean feel every day. do you struggle to fall asleep and stay asleep? qunol sleep formula combines 5 key nutrients that can help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake up refreshed. the brand i trust is qunol. this afternoon, a 15-year-old
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12:51 am
12:52 am
student at oxford high school in suburban detroit, opened fire on his classmates with a semi automatic handgun, killing three people and wounding a more. the suspected shooter surrendered himself to police. he has been taken into custody. this evening, the governor of michigan, addressed the stark reality and very emotional terms. >> this is a uniquely american problem that we need to address. and for this juncture i think
12:53 am
we need to focus on the community, the families, supporting all the first responders, including the incredible people at our hospitals that are working so hard to save the lives of those who are fighting for their lives right now. >> -- you are human being, you would be affected by this problem. >> i think that this is every parent's worst nightmare. >> it is an american problem. shootings like this have been, if not frequently, at least regularly. more regularly than they should across the country. which is why senator chris murphy whose home state of connecticut was inside of the horrific shooting in 2012, took to the senate force visibly angry. >> do not lecture us about the sanctity, the importance of life. when 100 people, every single day are losing their lives to guns. when kids go to school fearful that they won't return home because a classmate will turn a gun on them. when it is an are control whether this happens. you care about life? this only happens in the united
12:54 am
states of america. there is no other nation in the high income world in which kids worried about being shot. it happens here in america because we choose to let it happen. we are not unlucky. this is purposeful. this is a choice made by the united states senate to sit on our hands and do nothing while kids die. >> and joining us now is senator chris murphy a democrat from candidate. >> where were you when you heard about this and decided to take to the floor? >> i think that i was in my office on my way to preside over the senate. we take turns sitting in the presiding chair. i was there this evening to listen to republicans lecture the body on the sanctity of life given the abortion case before the supreme court tomorrow, morning republicans were coming down. they were here to talk about the importance of protecting
12:55 am
and defending life. and on my drive home i just became furious. sort of thinking about how their concern for life ends at birth and doesn't extend to the kids that are showing up to elementary and school, fearing for their lives. so i turned around my, car went to the senate floor this evening, and talked about the fact that there are 100 people dying every day from guns. there are millions of kids that go to school, every single day, fearing for their lives. on top of the trauma of covid we are now layering on top of children, once again, the fear that they won't emerge from their day in the classroom alive. and i am just at woodson about why they aren't concerned. when the choices that we can make to protect our kids are so obvious, so politically popular. are so possible. >> and what i liked about your speech and the book actually, you wrote on, this you wrote a book on violence, it's quite good. is that the subsection of
12:56 am
school shootings which are the most horrific conceivable instead ca shun of this kind of violence. but that is part of a broader phenomenon which we don't necessarily cover on the show every night. it happens across the country, day in and day out. of hundreds of people being shot by guns. and it happens at a level that doesn't happen anywhere else as you said in wealthy democracies. a and it's happening at a rate, chris, right now that we have not seen in decades. 2020 was the deadliest year in our lifetime. we saw 40% increase in gun murders which was not coincidental to a 25% increase in gun sales. so we are flooding the market firearms, we choose not to regulate, opposite of the way every other nation does. we have republican parties we talked about early in the show
12:57 am
that is engaged in the celebration and fantasize the shin of violence. and we have a president, a prior president, who has spent four years making us fearful of each other. making us think that we have to arm ourselves in order to protect ourselves from the others. it is a toxic combination that has led to the highest rates of gun violence in our lifetime. and at this time that we refused to accept it. it is time that we do something about it. >> do you know what is truly am profoundly bizarre, you say that the statistics are a polarization of the problem or the question depending on how it is freeze. republicans would love to talk here off about crime. that crime is going up. crime is a problem. if you say gun violence it's like, well -- but that is the most severe form of crime. the thing that we should be most worried about is when people take up arms against each other. when they kill each other. and the main way they do that
12:58 am
is with guns. and yet, for some reason, if you freeze it that way it's like if that is not really a political problem. like shoplifting in san francisco, that's a political problem. but people shooting each other, is not. >> i mean there is something fundamentally different about violence done with a gun. in that it often is the last violence that is ever done to you. your life ends. there is the story that i tell in the book about the moment when american violence rates depart from the rest of the world where we become a global outlier. and it's when the handgun was invented. america says not to regulate the handgun, other countries in europe to. and all of a sudden, in this country, disputes that used to end up in a fistfight, or a shoving match and up in a homicide. and that is the difference. in this country when kids start having their brains working, they have an assault weapon,
12:59 am
they could turn on their classmates. in other countries, kids rain still break, but they don't have access to military style weapons. and may some kids may get hurt, it is by a punch in the face. not at the end of a gun. >> yes, i have to say also as we prepare for those arguments in the supreme court, the spectacle of the collective shrug by the party continued staggering unfathomable toll of the pandemic is the most morally shocking thing that i have lived there in my adult professional life. it continues to be. and it really renders the sanctity of life talk exceedingly thin. senator chris murphy, of the state of connecticut, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> that is all in, the rachel maddow show starts right now, good evening rachel. >> good evening chris, thanks my friend, much appreciated. and then here at home for joining us this hour, really happy to have you here. quick personal note before we start. tonight is my parents wedding
1:00 am
anniversary, they have been married for 53 years. come on. we should all aspire to such greatness and such happiness. happy anniversary you crazy kids. 53 years. absolutely fantastic. personal tonight, in the news, it is one of those nights where it feels like we're doing batting practice against five different pitching machines all at once. and a lot of the stories are big and complex and interesting. the first one we are covering tonight is, of course, tragic, and familiar. we had another mass shooting at a school today. this time in michigan. this time, police say it was a 15-year-old student who is now in custody. police say he shot and killed three other students and shot and wounded eight other people, including a teacher. the boy was reportedly armed with a semiautomatic handgun. again, he himself survived the shooting and is in custody. three people are dead. at least two of those shot and wounded were in surgery as of this evening.