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tv   The Reid Out  MSNBC  December 3, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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thank you for being here. >> this was an enjoyable segment, indeed. >> i feel like it's not real but it is real. that does it for "the beat." i wish everyone a greet weak end. "the reedout" with joy reid is on now. keep it locked on msnbc. hi, joy. >> how are you doing, ari? have a wonderful weekend and thank you very much. good evening. we begin "the reidout" with a fugitive manhunt in michigan that continues as i speak to you tonight. james and jennifer crumbly were set to be arraigned this afternoon on charges related to their son's shooting rampage at oxford high school on tuesday. they never showed up. their failure to appear triggered a statewide manhunt with officials working with the fbi and federal marshalls to try to track them down. the couple's lawyers told reporters that they had left town on the night of the shooting but would be returning to be arraigned. oakland prosecutor karen mcdonald announced her office
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would be charging both parents with four counts of involuntarily manslaughter. >> while the shooter was the one who entered the high school and pulled the trigger, there are other individuals that contributed to the events on november 30th and it's my intention to hold them accountable. gun ownership is a right and with that right comes great responsibility. based on the information and evidence i've received today i'm announcing charges against the shooter's parents. >> mcdonald proceeded to layout disturbing details about the days leading up to the mass murder and the role both parents played in facilitating it. james crumbly purchased a .9 for his son, the 15-year-old gunman last friday. then on monday, the day before the shooting, a teacher caught the teen searching on his phone for information about
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ammunition. here is what happened next. >> jennifer crumbly was contacted via voice mail by school personnel about the internet search and followed up with an email but received no response from either parent. thereafter jennifer crumbly exchanged text messages about the incident with her son on that day stating quote, lol i'm not mad at you, you have to learn not to get caught end quote. >> then on tuesday, the morning of the shooting, mcdonald said the teen's teacher discovered an alarming note on his desk with a drawing of a semiautomatic handgun pointing at the words the thoughts won't stop. help me. she said it also contained a drawing of a bullet with the words blood everywhere and a drawing of a person who appeared to be shot and bleeding. his parents were immediately, immediately summoned to the school for a meeting with officials. >> at the meeting, james and
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jennifer crumbly were shown the drawing and advised they were required to get their son into counseling within 48 hours. both james and jennifer crumbly failed to ask their son if he had his gun with him or where his gun was located and failed to inspect his backpack for the presence of the gun, which he had with him. james and jennifer crumbly resisted the idea of then leaving the school at that time, of their son leaving the school at that time. instead, games and jennifer crumbly left the high school without their son. he was returned to the classroom. >> the gun that he received was an early christmas gift stored unlock in a drawer in his parents' bedroom. as news broke of the shooting at oxford high school, jennifer crumbly texted her son don't do it. the school has come under intense scrutiny after reports surfaced chat parents had been summoned to the school to discuss their son the morning of
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the shooting. today's briefing confirmed that. >> i'm not going to give you a political answer and cover for anybody and i'm going to say what i think and that is of course, he shouldn't have gone back to that classroom. of course he shouldn't have. >> even crumbly was charged with four counts of first-degree murder, terrorism and other crimes. meanwhile, the oxford community, which is 30 miles north of detroit has been left reeling by the murders of the four students. hanna st. julian that, madison baldwin and justin shilling and tonight the family of justin shilling who made the decision to donate his organs together with hospital staff will line the halls of the hospital as his body is wheeled to the operating suite where he'll make one final gift to others, life. joining me is ralph godby, former chief of police for the city of detroit and the detroit public school's community
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district. frank, former assistant director for counter intelligence for the fbi and shaquille brewster live in michigan. shaq, i'll start with you. what's the mood in the town this evening? the mood earlier today i understand was pretty much anger. >> right now it's grief. there is a prayer vigil happening in downtown oxford has you have members of the community coming together to pray and reflect on the four students who were lost and then those who were injured, some still in the hospital fighting. they're improving according to the prosecutor but still fighting to preserve their life in the hospital at this point. you have a tone of grief now but you have a tone of accountability coming from the prosecutor earlier today when she filed these charges, these four charges of involuntarily manslaughter against the parents and right now there is tension, as well, because those parents are still on the loose there is
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still a very active manhunt for the parents despite the conflicting messages we've been hearing. it was about 12:00 p.m. when authorities started looking for these parents. they knew there would be charges. they just heard the press conference. they started looking to arrest these parents and at 12:00 p.m. that search started but despite some previous contact between the attorneys and sheriff's department, they don't know where they are right now. that manhunt continues. it involves the u.s. marshal and involves the fbi. they're looking for the parents to bring them in. that 4:00 p.m. arraignment never happened. >> that's pretty amazing. let me go to chief godby. everything seems to have gone wrong here. since columbine, we understand all the shootings, we have a gun culture. my kids did active shooting drills going back to third grade. they're in their 20s.
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all their lives they've done active shooter drills. everyone knows the signs, isolated kid, issues of presenting with violent imagery. this kid did everything possible to wave the red flag. clearly, his parents didn't get it because they bought him a sig sawyer. this kid did seem to be showing all the signs i thought we had been taught to look for when it comes to preventing school shootings. >> joy, you make profound points and i would say i think the school administration definitely failed those young people and they failed the shooter because things like this don't happen in a vacuum and one thing that really concerns me is the number of children that allegedly did not show up for school that day, that had had appreciation for the fact they knew something horrible was going to happen and
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then for administrators not to immediately get that child some help, to send him to class, they had more than a reasonable suspicion to search the backpack, to call police, to have him committed for 72 hours for observation for mental reasons. they had so many tools in their tool box they didn't take advantage of. they may not be criminally liable but certainly there has got to be some civil liability from the school administration standpoint. >> the thing, too, shaq for a moment, on that very point, are you hearing from people in the community from parents that there was an inkling something bad was going to happen and this kid might be something dangerous? did any of the parents report -- are they reporting they had a sense something was wrong? >> you know, there were definite ly early reports from students, some said they didn't go to school because they had something or heard something or
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heart about some threat. the county sheriff since the day after the shooting when he was asked about this, he says no reports have made it to the police department. he says this student, this 15-year-old student now suspect was not on law enforcement's radar and the superintendent said there was no disciplinary record for the student despite the flags and red flags we saw in the 48-hour period before the shooting occurred. so one thing the sheriff said is that there were threats that were made and investigated last month in the middle of last month but he said once he investigated them, he realized it had nothing to do with the school and it was a school that didn't reside or wasn't even in the state of michigan. so he believes there is mixing up of threats in previous situations, but yes, there is definitely something there and there is something that is definitely a sentiment you hear from parents and students there was a concern there and that's by the way why you have the prosecutor filing these charges. she said it was the parents and the parents only who knew there was concern about the student,
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who knew that he thought about shooting people and then who knew he had access to a gun. and they say prosecutors saying that because they knew those factors, the parents are criminally liable for the shooting. >> frank, let's talk about the search for the parents. the fbi is involved in trying to track them down. we know they have roads in florida. there are dui records in the state of florida previously. how does the fbi then go about trying to track these people down? >> so, the fbi partnered up with the u.s. marshals who do fugitive work almost full-time. they're great at it. you're really going to see the high tech environment at work here combined with the crowd sourcing of crime solving. by that i mean, they're going to appeal as they have already to the general public and put the car description out and a photo of the car. they're going to be looking at license plate readers at toll booths. there is high technology that
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some of which i don't even want to go into because it could cause people to destroy that ability for access to law enforcement but rest assured, i don't think these parents are equipped to actually disappear and evade the fbi and u.s. marshals. i don't think this will go on long. i'm not sure i'm buying the story the attorney is giving because he may not know the true intentions of his clients. they may or may not becoming in on their own time. at this point they have to be declared fugitives. where is the federal nexus. this is a local shooting. good question. the moment you think there is fleeing interstate, her come the marshals, unlawful flight to avoid prosecution and custody. marshals, fbi and now you have a federal charge of interstate flight if indeed, they have gone interstate. >> it's hard to imagine this, buying that level of weapon for a child, hard to imagine that.
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hard to imagine lol-ing if your son gets caught searching for ammunition in school and your answer is to try to be their buddy, lol, don't get caught next time and hard to imagine your son is drawing pictures that look like murder and the parents saying no, leave the kid in school. it's fine and walking away and realizing my son -- all of it is hard to imagine. they are being charged with all of that seeming negligence. explain how they wind up with legal liability. >> well, you're absolutely right, joy, which is part of why the prosecutor in this case had said this is an unusual case. some people said well wait, are parents always going to be liable if their kids, you know, get a gun and go shoot someone? is this going to open the door for mass amounts of manslaughter charges against parents? her response was essentially no, it's because of the facts of this particular case being so
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egregious. let me give you an example from michigan where a mother was charged and convicted of reckless manslaughter because she locked all her kids up in their bedroom as a punishment and then went to work. house caught fire, burnt down. did she intend to her kill children? no. did she light the fire? no. but it was so reckless, it was so dangerous that she was criminally liable and in a sense, even though this is a very different kind of case, it's that same kind of recklessness. parents have a responsibility to -- and it's a legal responsibility for the well being of their child so really what you're saying is they violated their legal obligations and this is how and the consequences went beyond their child and they're liable for that. >> the idea after doing that, i'll go to you chief goodwin, after doing that to flee the scene and allow your child and
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committed these horrible acts to deal with it on his own. you're running to save yourselves. i wonder a little bit, too, about the politics here a little bit. the mother at least posted this lengthy letter in favor of donald trump when he was elected saying she voted for him because of the second amendment and she's a realtor and said things about the gross comment he made about grab them by the x and said she was okay with that, she'd rather that than lose her right to bear arms. does that -- if you have parents like that that are so pro gun or into guns they would give their kid this as a christmas present, which i still can't imagine. i wonder if as a school administrator you start thinking if the kid of somebody who has those kind of politics is acting a little off, i don't know, is it even possible for schools to
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even understand that and make those kinds of connections? it's not necessarily a connection. what do you think? >> it's somewhat difficult from that perspective. however, i will say joy, the climate and culture of a school, a school administration will tell you this, you can walk the halls. you can tell by the social media posts. you can tell a number of things of how in control or out of control a school environment is and just from hearing reports of what's been reported publicly, there is a climate culture issue at oxford high school and administration did not seem to have a real handle on some very significantly disturbing acts and i beg to differ with the county sheriff just a bit. even though some of the other events did not have a direct nexus to the shooting, the climate and culture will have an effect especially when you're dealing with a young person with potentially some mental health
4:16 pm
issues but certainly very disturbed and not good parenting at all. >> frank, when the fbi is sort of trying to figure out where somebody might flee to, do they take that kind of thing into account? do they sort of look at their sort of, i don't know, the sort of ideological attitudes they have, does that factor into how you might be able to figure out where somebody might go? >> oh, you bet. part of any successful fugitive investigation is understanding the person you're looking for. family, sentiment, ideology, where are they likely to head maybe because they feel there may be some affinity, some support there. so yeah, it does play a role of course successful fugitive hunters get inside. let's check the records. let's go right now. i'm sure search warrants have been issued for their social media. all of that is being scrubbed now.
4:17 pm
where are the indicators where are these folks headed? >> we'll stay on top of this. shaq, hholler. send us up the bat signal if you get information and welcome back. i have to say a gun is not a toy. it's a very serious, you know, piece of equipment that has one purpose, to kill people and kill things and that is not a toy to give to a child who is troubled. shocking all of this but, you know, you need to be with your kid if your kid is in trouble. that's where you need to be, with your child. just my own personal opinion. thank you maya wiley, ralph godby and shaq. we will absolutely bring new developments to you during this hour. next up on "the reidout" the strange world of ron desantis deploys his force and issuing confidential executive orders. he's america's post trump
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authoritarian and as kevin mccarthy lies about an apology from lauren boebert, five caucus chairs calls for her to be stripped from her assignment. the party that claims to be pro life says time and time again they're anything but. "the reidout" continues after this. reidout" continues after this new gold bond advanced healing ointment. restore healthy skin, with no sticky feeling. gold bond. champion your skin. oh yeah, we gotta take off. you downloaded the td ameritrade with nmobile app?eling. yeah, actually i'm taking one last look at my dashboard before we board... and you have thinkorswim mobile- -so i can finish analyzing the risk on this position. you two are all set. choose the app that fits your investing style. ♪♪ align. fast acting biotic gummies helps soothes occasional abdominal discomfort, gas, and bloating and it works fast. in as little as 7 days try fast acting biotic gummies from align. the #1 doctor recommended probiotic brand.
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something off about ron desantis from the moment he put his son in a onesie to kiss the ring of donald and got weirder when he signed a bill making it harder for felons to regain voting rights after people of florida passed an amendment over throwing the rights or signed an anti riot
4:23 pm
-- a judge wound up blocking that law bedesantis filed an appeal in federal court because blocking critical race theory wasn't enough, he mandated public universities survey so-called view point diversity on campus, aka inquire into how liberal their views are and he is still extremely devoted to his dear leader or pandering to his dear leader's base announcing plans to create a state office to investigate so-called election fraud despite the fact that trump won florida. so all that is why his latest action creating a civilian military force under his control is alarming. 2 other states and puerto rico have national guard but there is something about the way desantis talks about by passing the federal government that is worth paying attention to. here he is yesterday with that same child who wore the
4:24 pm
maga onesie along for the ride. >> we also want to make sure that we have the flexibility and the ability needed to respond to events in our state in the most effective way possible and some of that will require us to be able to have access and be able to use support in ways that are not incumbered by the federal government or don't require federal governments. >> joining me now is consumer services nicky freed also running for governor of florida and democratic pollster and strategists and my pal. you and i reacted to the image first of all with the child standing there, which definitely had some fidel to it was weird but also just the fact -- we had exactly the same reaction this morning. i want to let you to react for the rest of us when you saw this announcement your thoughts were what? >> my thoughts were this is what
4:25 pm
my parents and grandparents and great grandparents were warning me about if we saw these types of moves in the united states we need to be on high alert. we have this governor openly defying the federal government and saying i want to have a private militia force that i assemble that is accountable only to me, not to the pentagon outside the chain of command. let's be clear here, joy. i'm upset with the folks in the media saying there is precedent for this in 23 other states. florida hasn't had to mobilize this function since the world war ii period. it was expanded precisely because it was only needed for troops assisting in the duties of the state. what is happening is this is a series of actions by a want to be authoritarian in ron desantis, someone who made it very clear he has a callous
4:26 pm
attitude towards life where we've seen 60,000 floridians pay with their lives because of this policies. you've seen here in the sunshine state where law demands every public document be made public he's had to be sued because he doesn't want to give public information. you'll hear the cabinet official nicky freed said in a second he cancelled cabinet meetings. this is man acting and telling us in clear language give him control and give him power and he will do everything in his power to keep it at all costs and i think it's a chilling moment for america and the republican party and those of us in florida, reason for genuine concern. >> and the thing is because it's the accumulation of everything together. this is a guy who is saying you can run over protesters with your car and be in the streets and protest but it's illegal to protest if i don't like what you're protesting about. if you're on my side, you're fine. this guy has secret executive orders. that isn't normal. florida law has a weird thing --
4:27 pm
florida law has a sunshine law to get information from your government. this guy passed more executive orders than any other governor, georgia 505 with the most executive orders, georgia, florida, california, rhode island and new mexico. he's number two in five. but he is passing executive orders that you can't get that people have to sue him for and then there is this other thing i wonder if this might be part of why he's making this secret military of his own. the defense secretary of the united states lloyd austin has ordered the national guard they have to get vaccinated or they'll lose pay. the governor of florida made noises about unvaccinated police saying they should feel free to move to florida. do you think it has something to do to create i don't know a vaccine free force? i can't get to the bottom of it but what do you think? >> this is horrifying. you know, that was my first reaction. joy, when you are going through
4:28 pm
all of those headlines, each one individually is scary enough and see the last action forming his own army but an army asking the legislature for $100 million. this is a time when families are struggling. parents are trying to make the hard decisions of whether to put gas in their tank or buy another loaf of bread. so yeah, i do i think that one of these issues is he's asking for these individuals to come down from new york unvaccinated and he's going to employ that here in the state of florida. so this should be an alarming not just people of our state but the entire country that the governor who is unhinged who is going out of his way to show that he's an authoritarian dictator in the united states
4:29 pm
believes he's above the law and doesn't listen to the legislature and doesn't communicate with the legislator. just cancelled almost all of our cabinet meetings and doesn't believe he's accountable to the cabinet or people. this is an individual that believes he's running for president in 2024 so he's taking his eye off the ball and what is happening in the state. the issues impacting our state and now, his last move, if we didn't say it before and the people of our state haven't been listening already, this should be the most alarming action and scary action he's taken thus far in this administration. >> this is a guy who labeled a democratic national committee member whose name thomas kennedy labeled him a known agitator. is he envest gating his political enemies. if he'd do that. he gets a police or military force like there is almost nothing he can't do. he is running for reelection. nicky freed is running against
4:30 pm
him. should we expect that the reaction if he doesn't win to be similar to the reaction that trump had when he didn't win? >> well, not only should we expect it, he may well have his private militia ready to enforce whatever he interprets as the law. he convened a special session joy this past month of november to basically reinterpret and relitigate what federal law on vaccine mandates were. you talk about what he did with kennedy, he's also declared that war his office has on the free media and press. you have reporters like grant stern being physically removed and accosted attending his press conferences. you've seen him in his office and pit bull trolls go after the associated press and basically allow folks in his office that are being paid with taxpayer funds to spend their day demonizing members of the press and sending digital mobs after him. these are not an innocent good
4:31 pm
fifth actor to help fortify the state in a time of need. this is a want to be dictator literally taking a page out of the dictator's playbook, which is putting together a para military militia accountable only to him. >> this is a time when the media needs to see what we see take history into account. what he's doing is not normal. it's not what 20 other states are doing, it's different. he's setting up something down there that ain't right and people need to pay attention to it. appreciate both of you for being here. we'll stay on this story, as well. still ahead, house democrats demand lauren boebert be stripped of her assignments. raise your hand if you think little kevin mccarthy would consider agreeing to that? me neither. be right back. g to that? me neither be right back. its innovation organic ingredients and fermentation. fermentation? yes, formulated to help your body
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[suitcase closing] [gusts of wind] [gusts of wind] [ding] i think when somebody does
4:36 pm
something that is wrong they apologize. lauren boebert apologized publicly and picked up the phone and called congresswoman omar and says i want to personally apologize to you. that's what she did. >> nope. no, she didn't. little kevin, you got that wrong. she didn't apologize publicly and didn't do it privately, either. she did tweet that she apologized to anyone in the muslim community that might have been offended by her copper thefts -- comments by implyingmy implying omar is a terrorist. the congresswoman continued to attack omar during a maga media tour trying to build up her
4:37 pm
credit among the orange-haired followers. congresswoman omar request a public apology be made to her but that seems to be too much for lauren boebert and for lil kevin, this is an example of the leader you would be because rather than using this moment to condemn those comments you lil kevin have shown your caucus and the public there really are no consequences that your members do or say or sending out videos depicting the killing of democrats. joining me now, chair of the congressional progressive caucus. i want you to dream with me for a moment, maybe nightmare. a future in that guy kevin mccarthy who essentially, i can't call him spineless. he's a bucket of goop. you can't pick it up. there is nothing there. he doesn't have any ability to stand up to these people, this peanut galley who are now literally putting representative omar's life in danger.
4:38 pm
what would it be like with him as speaker? >> no, it's intolerable and it cannot happen and that's why in our statement that several of us chairs of the different caucuses, the black caucus, the progressive caucus, hispanic caucus, asian-american caucus put out, we said kevin mccarthy is either unwilling or unable to control his caucus and that shows that he cannot be in leadership of his caucus much less in leadership of the house of representatives. joy, it goes to the fundamental brokeness of the republican party today. they do not even have basic decency, they can't even have a conversation about what is right and wrong. it is wrong to call a member of congress a suicide bomber. it is wrong to joke about that
4:39 pm
publicly. it endangers their lives and the muslims that work on capitol hill because there are so many people that can't tell the difference unfortunately. they see a woman in a hijob and i think it's omar because people hear this coming from members of congress and they suddenly decide they will do the same thing in their communities and, you know, issue death threats or go out and enact violence. i got my start after 9/11 protecting muslim americans and i'm sad to say, joy, we're unfortunately in the same place but this time it is being stoked, promoted, encouraged and condoned by the leader of the house republicans when he says absolutely noting or he sticks up for these people and says
4:40 pm
he's going to reinstate them on committees, the ones that we've taken off of committees already. >> and the thing is that he's now essentially made it clear that it's not a bridge too far to have been in league with the people that attacked our capitol, besieged our capitol, defecated in our capitol and defecated on our democracy. that's okay. it's not too far to do a gunshot add, it's not okay to make a fake anime video that depicts you killing alexandria ocasio-cortez and launching knives -- isn't that because for him to get to the speaker ship he needs their votes and their votes could keep him from being speaker. isn't it more likely one of these members of this peanut gallery and freshman will end up in leadership if he becomes
4:41 pm
speaker? >> that will happen because obviously has to promise more and more and more to get their votes and let's just be clear that anyone -- if kevin mccarthy and these people are in leadership, what will they be doing, joy? they won't do what democrat haves done? we brought down unemployment by two points. we created under president biden's leadership 6 million new jobs in ten months and child poverty in half and we are now going to provide universal prek child care all of these things. what are republicans promising you? the big lie, the tiniest wealthiest people in this country. i think that's a depressing day, though, where certain days or
4:42 pm
years depressing reality going into congress and be safe in our workplace. >> yeah. >> that we can't even have somebody that will call right from wrong. she gave a half hearted apology without saying she was sorry to the person she called a suicide bomber and joked about. very difficult to watch those videos because she's joking about it and actually taking this violent rhetoric, anti muslim rhetoric and turning it into a fund raising machine that is funny for her. >> she thinks it's funny. if they get in leadership, that's all they will do, troll and troll and troll. they don't have another agenda. congresswoman -- and spreading hate. thank you. don't go anywhere, we have a special extended edition of the absolute worst straight ahead with a deep dive into
4:43 pm
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4:47 pm
welcome. right here women are not welcome, women who exist as vessels for a fetus is not welcome here the u.s. supreme court heard about reversing abortion rights since the modern movement to ban abortions began. one justice amy coney barrett that seemed to suggestion adoption could relief the need for adoptions because safe haven laws allow women to choose not to be a parent. >> it's always focused on the consequences of parenting and obligations of motherhood that flow from pregnancy. why don't the safe haven laws
4:48 pm
take care of that? it focuses the burden much more narrowly. it doesn't seem to me to follow that pregnancy and parenthood are part of the same burden. >> safe haven laws aim to protect abandoned newborns but justice barrett fails to address women would still be forced to endure unwanted childbirth and full pregnancy terms, pregnancy which many of the men in the republican party may not realize does come with risks. the u.s. has a high maternal mortality rate, one of the highest among developed nations and black women are more than three times more likely to have a maternal death than white women. pregnancy and the common complications that arise could be difficult for any woman but especially for those without health care, family support or an employer that offers sick leave which brings us back to gilead. republicans love to say they're pro-life but the more accurate term is they're probirth. because once that baby sborn,
4:49 pm
they stop caring and depending on the color of your skin, they may not see you as fully human. if they did care about children after they're born they would be supporting universal health care and fully funding education and gun reform so kids don't have to do mass shooter drills. they would support the build back better agenda to invest in housing and the environment and affordable health care in a decade. at least, not one republican vote for the that bill but pro-life, really? the more appropriate slogan in my humble opinion is anti choice as this same party passes regressive policies that harm women, family and children by taking choices away from them or prodeath as this party does nothing about kidding getting massacred in classrooms while siding with a virus that mutates and has killed nearly 800,000 americans. many of them children. you don't get to be a death cult
4:50 pm
while waving the pro-life flag especially when the flag was never about abortion to begin with or orchestrating it was only about orchestrating a rallying cry to politicize evangelicals which is why the pro-life lie but a death cult te worst. up next, a guest who knows how the anti-abortion movement really started because he was there. [music: "i swear"] jaycee tried gain flings for the first time the other day... and forgot where she was. you can always spot a first time gain flings user. ♪ nurse mariyam sabo knows a moment this pure... ...demands a lotion this pure. new gold bond pure moisture lotion. 24-hour hydration. no parabens, dyes, or fragrances. gold bond. champion your skin. hi, i'm steve and i live in austin, texas. i work as a personal assistant no parabens, dyes, or fragrances. to the owner of a large manufacturing firm.
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♪ i remember when you were here ♪ that's mommy! ♪ and all the fun we had last year ♪ watch the full story at gop is with hypocrisy. one is the pro-life stance while women and children are dying of covid in red states. it was never about life but another rallying cry turned up by the fake outrage machine to win elections. joining me is frank schaffer. it's always great to talk with you. you were around at the beginning
4:55 pm
of the creation of this what's now called the pro-life movement. it really wasn't about abortion. initially, can you walk us through -- the far right, the christian right didn't care about abortion. they cared about desegregated schools, about their segregated academies not getting funding and then they shifted. how did the shift happen? >> sadly, it happened in large measure because of work that my father and i and dr. coop who became surgeon general for ronald reagan did in bringing a film series that i wrote and directed based on a book that was written called whatever happened to the human race to millions and millions of evangelicals. what will surprise you and many viewers is to understand that when we took that series out, many evangelicals were pro-choice. in fact, dr. reverend billy
4:56 pm
graham, dr. criswall. these men refused to participate in our seminars when they had opinion avid followers of my dad and our work before that. i was dad's neptistic sidekick. after that came out i spent the last six years writing an apology to women and families in america that we damaged called fall in love, have children, stay put, save the planet, be happy. the reason i have done that is that my family unleashed the rabid religious right on when when evangelicals were pro-choice. up with of the lies the republican party tells is somehow that part of evangelical theology, the editors of christianity today magazine who also in those days were
4:57 pm
pro-choice has always been like the catholic church on this issue. it's not been. the first lie is evangelicals as i point out in my book was that evangelicals were pro-life. they weren't. they were like other americans. many shocked by women having to go to back alley abortions. a lot of people like dr. graham, for instance, who told me, i was in the meeting at the mayo clinic with my dad and we met in billy's room and he said i can't preach to women and tell them what to do about this. men don't get pregnant. how dare i do that? he was reasonable on it. the first lie, joy, is that we come from a place where we have acted as if this is part of christian theology. it's not. the second thing is that my family, sadly, as i talk about in the book went out of its way not to stop abortion but to put
4:58 pm
women back in their place. this was a mysioginistic movement. i'll tell you something, you cannot be pro-family unless you pro-choice. if women are treated like nothing more than incubating vessels, second class citizens, and this horrible burden that nature and evolution or god or whoever puts an women, if this is not balanced by the right to choose, question not have an equal society. women cannot have careers, lives. i'm so sorry for the part i played. i'm so sorry on behalf of my father for the part we played. we were not pro-life. >> my version of pro-life was horribly unfair. the prow-life juggernaut would
4:59 pm
become as it linked arms with far-right misogynists. this movement is not just for abortion. they are coming for birth control and other ways to prevent pregnancy. they also don't say anything about child poverty, the lack of health care, the lack of education. mississippi is 50th in almost every category for caring for children. that's the state that's deciding they want to end abortion but why isn't pro-life about keeping people alive once they are born in. >> because pro-life has been about containing women. i was brought up in a household reform fundamentalist christian household that believed and taught me to really be jerk by divine right. you're in charge of women and they're supposed to obey you. there's still women and men in this country that believe that. one of things i talk about in fall in love, have children is this view of women almost
5:00 pm
splashed my marriage. my wife and i have been married 52 years. we were a teenage pregnancy as i describe and the fact is, that my learning curve is the learning kerve that the evangelicals have refused to take. they are not pro-life. they are anti-women. >> indeed. i wish we had more time. thank you so much and thank you for writing that apology. we appreciate you. that's tonight's reid out. tonight on "all in." >> a teacher observed ethan searching ammunition on his cell phone during class. >> jaw dropping allegations in the michigan school shooting. >> jennifer crumbly exchanged messages statsing, quote, lol, i'm not mad at you. you have to learn not to get caught. >> tonight


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