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tv   Yasmin Vossoughian Reports  MSNBC  December 5, 2021 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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despite troubling signs of behavior issues all with tragic results. >> i want to be really clear that these charges to intended to hold the individuals accountable and also send a message. that gun owners have a responsibility. when they fail to uphold that responsibility there are serious and criminal consequences. >> in a moment i'll talk to legal analyst danny cevallos looking at the legal case that may mark a turning point. a republican congressman under attack. the latest controversy from what some call the republican extremist caucus. >> mccarthy is a liar and a coward. he doesn't have the ability to
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condemn the kind of big gotted rhetoric that are being trafficked by a member of -- >> why doesn't he have the ability to do this? >> this is who they are. >> in the gop conference they consider conservatives the fringe. this town thinks conservatives are the fringe. we have the base of the party which is about 70% of republican vote everies. >> more. >> this all comes as the senate in a race to the finish in a long list of to-dos including the center piece of the biden economic agenda. i'll talk to a guest who's ready to fight and supreme court justice raising eyebrows in the hearing over a mississippi law why what she said about adoption that has many concerned.
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we begin with the investigation into the deadly shooting in michigan broadening. aside from the alleged shooter and parents there's a possibility of an accomplice to help the parents allegedly hide from law enforcement. we're learning new individuals about that individual. a resident of andre sikora. he hired an attorney. a short time ago his attorney released a statement in part saying he has not been charged with hi crime. and is fully cooperating with law enforcement to assist in their investigation. a big question. why ethan crumbley allowed back into the classroom after the alleged disturbing behavior. the superintendent calling for an independent investigation. but a short time ago on msnbc
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michigan's attorney general said why go to a third party? >> we send out an email to the attorney that represents the oxford community schools and not heard back so far but if they publicly say we'd like a third party to look into this i want to let them know we're here, ready, willing and able to perform this function. >> let's bring in danny cevallos. >> the michigan penal code absolutely has crimes that address people who help people who they know has a warrant out for arrest. if he aided them what did he know when he was aiding them? if they asked can you loan us a key to the warehouse? if he didn't know about it
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there's less culpability. if he had knowledge that the authorities were looking for the parents there are crimes in the michigan penal code to address that conduct. >> school shooters usually use guns that belong to the parents. if children as young as 6 didn't have access to guns well more than half of the school shootings since 1999 would not have happened and out of 145 school shootings police found the weapon source in 105 times but the adult owners charged 4 times. why are the prosecutions so rare? >> any time you have a school shooting, a killing, the law considers that an independent act that cuts the chain of causation. but in the case of parental
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liability, increasingly courts accept the theories of responsibility. the michigan court of appeals in 2018 upheld a theory of involuntarily man slaughter where a father left a shotgun within reach of minor children with tragic results and the prosecutor in this case has a method of obtaining a conviction. the next question is whether she can marshal the evidence to prove they were negligent and obvious this would have happened if they let the gun lying around. >> you say it may start a trend. can you tell us why? >> it's an interesting thing that prosecutors if they are successful in holding parents liable that may be an incentive and may find that and i say this as a native mish ganders and knows people in that state for whom it's a part of the culture.
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you will find that folks that own guns responsibly would be all in favor of prosecuting parents that let children that should not have firearms have firearms. i think you might find support from both sides on that. folks that want stricter measures and gun owners that take the children hunts. michigan in the midwest the law and the legislature expect that minors will handle firearms with parents when they go hunting in the upper peninsula or wherever the deer are and will do so responsibly and that's why the prosecutor in this case mentioned responsible gun ownership several times. she knows the constituencies and the vote everies and draw a sharp line between children who have guns responsibly and don't have them responsibly. >> all right.
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thank you so much. the michigan school shooting happened a few days but a republican lawmaker is touting his second amendment rights. there's this photo of his family with firearms. this was posted to twitter yesterday with the caption merry christmas. ps santa, please bring ammo. the republican from kentucky gotten major backlash. fellow gop congressman adam kinzinger tweeting i'm pro second amendment. this is a gun fetish. want to bring in the panel. charlie sykes, steve bannon and basil smychael. good afternoon to all of you. charlie, i first want to get your thoughts on the congressman's photo. he had to know it was going to
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get this kind of reaction. >> he intended to get this kind of reaction. i want to underline what danny said. i'm in wisconsin where i think the vast majority of gun owners take safety seriously and the responsible handling of guns seriously and what makes thomas massie's picture so on scene. look. that is not the spirit of christmas. nothing about christmas there. it is also not about responsible gun ownership and in terms of the second amendment that's the equivalent of a dick pics for gun extremists. adam is right. >> sorry, everybody. charlie? >> i'm just saying he is trying to show off. trying to get reaction and not designed to make a serious
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argument and doesn't take the gravity of what happened seriously. it is designed to again show off in this fetish way and this isn't -- seems to be a growing culture on the right. remember ted cruz was cooking bacon on the barrel of a machine gun? you have marjorie taylor greene and again the vast majority of gun owners want to take it seefr sli with gravity and spoirmt and not seeing that there. >> i apologize to the families listening. basil, i hope you keep it cleaner. i asked a parent of a woman that lost her daughter in the parkland shooting for her reaction. >> we should not be glorifying
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guns but looking to ways to make change and take action to fix this problem and make our schools safer. >> do you agree? this is glorifying violence? >> it is. i agree. to echo what charlie said is right. this is a fetishizing guns. we absolutely have a gun culture in this country. more guns than people in this country and far exceeds what most other countries on this earth have. i was incredibly surprised that michigan went as far as they did to charge the parents and maybe that's what needs to happen next. we used to have a policy window where when something like a tragedy happens we see congress move to action very quickly. i feel that as we have more extreme positions in this
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country where you do have this fetishizing of guns in the way we have seen that window shrinks and less time at the federal level to get something done and less interest and maybe at the state level is where we need to focus much more attention and maybe similar to what we saw in michigan. i'm glad that the parents are held responsible. maybe it's a chilling affect for others who attempt to buy and have and share the guns without really thinking about the consequences. it's a tremendously sad day and it's a pale orr the country and the system that we can't get strong measures to curb gun violence down. >> republicans once again blocked a gun reform bill just after the shooting.
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you say in part the relative silence reflected the apathy with knowing that the current politics makes changes in this area impossible. this is the background noise of our lives and sounds will persist until the politics changes. can you elaborate? >> sure. we look back and seen too many instances in which there's mass shootings in school and every time there's a public conversation. people look to policy makers. what can be done to prevent the next mass shooting and the number of tragedies and doesn't produce real results. there's broad public support of polling and saw republicans block that immediately. it was a reminder to us at the
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time that policy making in this area is stuck. the politics will need to change or otherwise it is stuck indefinitely and see mass tragedy after mass tragedy and will continue because we see so little action at the federal level. >> charlie, we have seen the profiles of certain lawmakers rise and greene and others. their extreme tactics seem to work for them, does it not? >> exactly. the structure in american politics is more outrageous the more clicks to get and the more money to raise from the grass roots and when marjorie taylor greene says we are the base she is not wrong and why kevin mccarthy is unable to do anything about it. he understands there's a deplorable base out there. he needs the votes and wants the
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votes and driven to be speaker more than anything else and unwilling and unable to offend them by holding them accountable meaning that the behavior is more reckless and extreme and the chances the republicans take any action i think will remain absolutely zero. >> on that note, we did hear from congressman ilhan omar this morning on cnn. let's listen. >> mccarthy is a liar and a coward. he doesn't have the ability to condemn the kind of bigoted rhetoric that are being trafficked by a member of -- >> why doesn't he have the ability to do this? >> this is who they are. and we have to be able to stand up to them. >> is this a preview of how mccarthy would handle extreme i feel if republicans take back
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control? >> absolutely. you had a member of congress rebuked for sharing or resharing a cartoon of aoc being killed. if that is the norm, in the country, i don't see how any enablers that allowed this to happen over time can pull it back. it doesn't turn on a dime. what happened and i tell my students it doesn't happen in a vacuum. when you add to it or layer on top the gerrymandering we have been reading about and take place since the census across the country and particularly texas and others, when you see that the conservative -- not conservatives but extremes within the conservative wing of our politics, when you see them not only engage in this kind of behavior in congress and cultivating that kind of belief system and behavior in the next
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generation that's scary because this is an intergenerational problem that cannot be fixed overnight but the small steps is to get good people to run for office. make sure that there's equally about the issues and contest in every single seat so that you don't let these voices go unchecked. >> steve, how blurry is the line between extreme and fringe in the gop? >> that line is erased. there is a time, we have been talking about bob dole and the great legacy. he was a member of a governing party and now it is what i call a postpolicy party. we see extremists like greene and others taking on the dominant role in the party and the leadership is so weak or scared to do anything about it. >> thank you.
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the possibility of a post roe america seems more real this week after the line of questioning from the sket judges. during a hearing challenging the precedent of nearly 50 years ago some newer justices raised eyebrows. let's listen. >> forced parenting.
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forced motherhood would hinder women's access to the workplace. however, it doesn't seem to me to follow that pregnancy and then parenthood are all part of the same burden. so it seems to me the choice more focused would be between say the ability to get an abortion at 23 weeks the state requiring the woman to go 15, 16 weeks more and then terminate parental rights at the conclusion. >> that was the supreme court's newest justice amy coney-barrett. joining me now is susan matthews who wrote about this in "slate." what did you gather from the questions? what light did it shed on how she feels about this case? >> hi. i think there were two things that came across in her comments and the first one was that she's really trying to undermine the effect that pregnancy can have
1:23 pm
on a woman's body. we know that abortion is very safe procedure and pregnancy and going through birth is much more dangerous and the second thing that i thought is interesting to frame adoption is that she acted as if giving a child up for adoption is an easy choice and solution and i think that's just not true. we have a lot of research and information about what that was like before roe v. wade and the effect on women because they didn't have another option and it is not the easy option that amy coney-barrett is making it sound like. >> the lawyer for jackson women's health organization had obviouses ones. were you surprised the hearing took this turn? >> i was surprised. i think people listening were listening in particular to what amy coney-barrett on the court was going to say and she started
1:24 pm
talking about it and the framing, the way she talked about it as being easy did strike me. i'm reading "the women who got away" about the girls mostly teenage carrying babies to term between 14945 and 1973 when roe went into effect and sent to maternity homes and gave up the children with no option and following the lives and the trauma because of getting rid of -- giving up the babies and the thing that strikes me is giving birth doesn't mean you're not a parent. that choice has been made for you and you live with it even if you're not tasked with raising the child yourself. >> and coney-barrett said there's an infringement on bodily autonomy like vaccines
1:25 pm
why what did she mean there? >> i'm curious because i think that this infringement depends on how consistent she is going to be. can women be able to say i don't want to carry a pregnancy to term? the real question is what's the consistency going to be there? if you compare the effects of taking a vaccine versus carrying a child through birth i think that's a huge question to see where she lands on that and whether the policy is consistent. >> all right. thank you. some breaking news to tell you about. long time republican senator bob dole passed away at 98. we'll look back at the life and legacy of the world war ii veteran coming up. also, can democrats push through the rest of their big
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according to the calendar this week is the last week congress is supposed to be in session before the holidays but with the amount of items on the to-do list all indications are that lawmakers might be hanging around capitol hill longer. the debt limit needs to be increased. senate democrats want to pass the build back better bill by christmas. so can it all realistically get done? joining me now democrat congresswoman bonnie watson coleman. good afternoon. is everything going to get checked off? >> as long as we have the will to do it we can get it all done, absolutely. i know that there are some aspects of it that are still
1:31 pm
optimistic with some issues with regard to build back better that we need to iron out even among democrats but funding the government is essential. we have got to do that. the debt limit we did it. we have got to pass that build back better act because it means so much to the families who will benefit. the elderly, the children, the women, the mothers that need to get back to work and had to pass the nsdaa, as well. congress confronted the issues before and worked on short timelines. now do we stay in past the 11th or 12th of december? to the 15th? maybe so. we have to get things done and my perspective we need to get the build back better bill on the desk of the president to sign it and recognize the help coming to them.
1:32 pm
>> as someone from a high tax state are you concerned about the change to state tax count dropped? >> that's in the bill. now, my understanding is that there's negotiations between my senator and senator sanders about the range of income that an individual or family can earn. i think there's a differential to $150,000 but the issue is that's an important issue for high tax paying states so it is in the bill. we just have to come to agreement about what is going to be and how much to be. the same thing with paid family leave. same thing with reducing drug costs and the issues that the parliamentarian has to address. those issues can be addressed if we have the will to do it. >> what are the red lines for you? is it the salt tax or paid
1:33 pm
family leave? what has to stay? >> i want to see us move aggressively as possible on the areas. i don't want to say that i have any red line because i think there's so much in the build back better agenda that's transformative in the lives from the elderly and the expansion of health care to the youngest to making sure that the families get child tax credits and they don't pay an exorbitant amount for housing or child care. there's just so much in this bill including its commitment to fixing the pollution and dealing with even environmental injustice that i don't want to say i have a red line because i think that there is so much that can accomplished. we need to stake it out. we need to go as far as we can to move forward in the future.
1:34 pm
>> senator sinema wants to make sure that it doesn't impact inflation. does build back better do that? >> yes. it will pay for itself and more than pay for itself in terms of the economy turning around, women getting back to work and families stronger and the elderly taken care of. dealing with infrastructure and climate for the future. there is no reason not to support this agenda and this piece of legislation and so i am certain that when the senate does the full consideration that those votes that need to be there will be there. >> democratic pollster is warning that democrats have a national branding problem right now saying there's a focus on social issues and should be on the economy. is that a fair criticism? >> i don't think that they're
1:35 pm
mutually exclusive. when you talk about child tax credits and the help for child care, when you talk about home health care aid, talk about increasing the wages for people working in those jobs and creating jobs that creates a healthier economy. it gives people money in the pockets and predictability. they have money and spend money because they're not part of the wealthy sending the money to a remote island. people, every day families spend the money on the things they need, general rate business, jobs, opportunities and gets the economy cranking. >> all right. thank you for your time. >> thank you for having me. want to go to breaking news. former republican senator and presidential candidate bob dole died this morning at 98.
1:36 pm
condolences continue to pour in. president biden called dole a true friend and an american statesman. senior white house correspondent kelly o'donnell has a look back on his life. >> reporter: bob dole has humility and dry humor. >> i want to thank the voters that said kind words about me. they're probably not true but they were nice. >> reporter: respect earned and capped with a congressional gold medal in 2018. dole's storied career brought congress together in a rare vote to pay tribute to this world war ii veteran and son of kansas who achieved so much. impaired by war but never deterred. in his 90s dole returned to kst cans to visit every county one last time. >> one time i can say to you
1:37 pm
that i don't want your money. >> reporter: from the roots in russell, kansas, dole joined the army in world war ii. gravely injured in italy, dole gave credit to the people of kansas for putting the dait in him. >> i was in the 10th mountain division. >> i'll be darned. >> reporter: elected to congress in 1960 and the senate in 1968. fared to daughter robin from the first marriage. in 1975 he married elizabeth. his partner in life and politics. on the ticket as ford's running mate sought the office of president himself three times. and faced incumbent bill clinton in 1996. describing himself then as a fighter again at age 73. >> tonight i stand before you tested by adversity. made sensetive by hardship. a fighter by principle and the most optimistic man in america!
1:38 pm
>> reporter: after politics his service turned to causes close to his heart. leading fund raising for the national world war ii memorial in washington. >> in tribute to the physical and moral courage that makes heroes out of farm and city boys. >> reporter: his bond with warriors endured and emotional dole stood before the casket of fellow veteran president george herbert walker bush knowing physical challenges made him a credible champion of the americans with disabilities act. >> the disability community is not large. but it's important. >> reporter: ambitious yet also self effacing. in victory and defeat. >> i leave you all tonight with a full heart and a fervent prayer that we'll meet again. >> reporter: dole's commitment to country tested and lifted by
1:39 pm
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front marched in washington, d.c. to the lincoln memorial with shields, upside down american flags and signs with reclaim america. we are not airing the obscenities to cameras and slogans. our head scratcher of the week. a comment on fox news with yet to elicit an apology and an appearance on fox prime time fox nation host laura logan said that people across the world saying that dr. fauci doesn't represent science but instead represents nazi dr. mengele. the auschwitz museum denounced the comparison and american jewish committee calling it shameful. dr. hayes gave dr. fauci a chance to respond. >> not only is she being slanderous and disrespectful, to
1:44 pm
so many people killed in the concentration camps by dr. mengele but no idea what she is talking about. she is completely incorrect in everything she says. what i find striking is how she gets no discipline what was from the fox network. how they can let her say that with no comment and no disciplinary action. i'm astounded by that. >> still today no apology from either logan or fox nation. let's go to the high five of the week. a massachusetts man with quite a thanksgiving. he was recovering from open heart surgery. a scratch off puzzle and the first letters said his initials. more excited and probably not the best thing for someone in his condition and realized a winner for $1 million.
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welcome back. a new platform is poised to take online learning to another level. it is called assemble featuring lessons taught by black and brown leaders showing kids how to reach success. a leader is maurice brown. here's a sample. >> there's no short cuts to success. if there was trust me i would know about it. ♪♪ my name is maurice "mobetta" brown. you have heard me on a few tracks.
1:50 pm
maybe anderson of free nationals. i play with my band and other bands. film scoring. video game music. basically when people need me they want me to come make mobetta. >> looks like masterclass. i don't know if they comparison or do they like it, but we're happy to be joined by the two co-founders of assemble. cortez, tell us what made you want to do this, and what's your goal? >> oh, man. you know, it was just about giving back. you know, we've had a problem, especially in communities like i grew up poor in new orleans, you know, with the lack of exposure to different fields, you know. so it was about delivering that. we still have that problem. we want to solve that to put black and brown kids on equal playing fields. >> courtney, you've got comedian tiffany haddish, angie brown,
1:51 pm
radio personality and entrepreneur angela yee. global makeup artist sir john. you're covering a lot of different topics with some really big names. how important is it for kids to see leaders who look like them? >> i mean, yeah, i think we've created a dynamic roster of talent, you know, which includes those people. and it's very important. representation matters, and it's very hard sometimes to be what you can't see. so by showing people examples and allowing, you know, our instructors to come in with a place of humility and to really share those hard lessons that they learned, i think it makes all the difference in the world. >> you know, cortez, the last two years have been really hard for a lot of kids who have had to stay home and learn online. a lot was made about the disparent and inequality of education that came out of it. but harvard released a study that said online learning didn't create an inequality.
1:52 pm
it was always there. most people just hadn't noticed. what's your thoughts on that. >> that's fact. it's the reason why we created assemble. harvard, you're right. that's why we're trying to solve the problem. there's been inequalities, especially in the public school systems, you know, and we're here to give these kids representation and be in every household from different career industries to let them know they can achieve and have visualization of people that kind of looks like them. >> cortney, you guys launched on black friday. how has the reception been so far? >> so far the response has been great. we're gaining thousands of customers. we have interests in a lot of fortune 500 companies and many individuals reaching out wanting to teach. so this week when we released everything, we were looking forward to just the impact it makes first and foremost and the response. hopefully it goes in the same
1:53 pm
direction that it's going, but the feedback has been phenomenal, and it's actually motivating to us, the team, you know, as well as all of our partners. >> cortez, what's next for you guys? >> oh, man. we're getting ready to launch the full classes from the instructors that we have next week, you know. everyone will be able to get a trial and get these courses for free. so, you know, we want everyone to try to tune in and learn, and we plan on building it, you know, getting a lot more great instructors from all different type of career paths, you know, and growing this thing out so that we see representation from all over the place. >> thank you both so much. more news after the break. ♪ superpowers from a spider bite? i could use some help showing the world how liberty mutual customizes their car insurance so they only pay for what they need. (gasps)
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it's the end of the line for chris cuomo at cnn, but the questions about what he may have done to help his brother may not be over. nbc's raf sanchez fills us in. >> cnn anchor chris cuomo out of a job, fired after an internal probe as to whether he used his position to help defend his brother, former new york governor andrew cuomo, from sexual harassment claims by multiple women. cnn saying, we retained a respected law firm to conduct the review and have terminated him effective immediately. while in the process of that review, additional information has come to light. records released by new york's attorney general show cuomo
1:58 pm
admitting he asked other journalists about allegations against his brother. business as usual, he call it. but it undermines claims he made on-air at cnn. >> i never made calls to the press about my brother's situation. >> reporter: andrew cuomo resigned under pressure and now faces a misdemeanor sex charge. he denies wrongdoing. chris cuomo saying last night, this is not how i want my time at cnn to end, but i have already told you why and how i helped my brother. so let me now say as disappointing as this is, i could not be more proud of the team at "cuomo prime time". the show often the most watched on all of cnn. but some eyebrows raised by jokey interviews between the cuomo brothers after covid gripped new york. >> you know, this is the regular swab. this is what we're told disappeared in the governor's nose. >> reporter: two sons of one of america's most prominent political families, both brought down by their actions in a single sprawling scandal.
1:59 pm
raf sanchez, nbc news. a deadly volcano eruption overseas has left more than a dozen people dead and several others missing. indonesia's highest volcano erupted on the island of java. flows of searing gas and lava traveled up to 800 meters and ash spewed more than 40,000 feet, blanketing homes and cars throughout several villages. in hawaii, a rare blizzard warning in effect on the big island this weekend. take a look at this time lapse from the summit of mauna kea. this is at 13,000 feet. more than a foot of snow and winds over 100 miles an hour were expected at the highest spots. the weather also prompted flash flood warning at lower elevations. that wraps it up for me this hour. i'm lindsey reiser in for yasmin vas ugian. now i turn it over to al sharpton and "politics nation."
2:00 pm
good evening and welcome to "politics nation." tonight's lead, the struggle continues. 2021 opened on a hopeful note for black americans as we flexed our electoral muscle might like never before, ending the rein of donald trump and tipping the scales of power on capitol hill by electing the first african american senator from the state of georgia. but throughout this long year, our greatest victories have been closely followed by trials and tribulations, sandwiched between surprise senate upsets in georgia and the inauguration of the first black female vice president, with a violence insurrection at the capitol aimed at overturning those


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