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tv   The Reid Out  MSNBC  December 6, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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good evening, everyone. we begin "the reidout" with scenes from washington d.c. this weekend. you're looking at more than 100 white supremacists that marched around the lincoln memorial on saturday night. their goal to reclaim america on behalf of their white ancestors and they openly define themselves as factious. if they seem familiar they were
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among the unite the right rally in charlottesville, virginia though they changed their name after one of their members murdered heather heyer with his car. of course, their extremist views and ridiculous plastic shields earn them lots and lots of mockery this weekend when several were awkwardly left stranded at the arlington memorial bridge because their u haul wasn't large enough to carry them all home. they look really stupid and it easy to laugh at them, but to do so is to under estimate them and millions like them whose radical ideas are on the asent in this country. let not forget, the many that laughed at donald trump back in 2016 and even after he was elected, thanks to four years of trump, this is a backsliding democracy thanks to an international think tank. that's no joke. the truth is this country doesn't have a great track record of recognizing authoritarians for what they
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are, at least not until its too late. a darling of the american press and american papers credited italian fascism with saving italy from the far left and revitalizing the economy. similarly adolph hitler was dismissed as a joke a nonsensical stretcher of wild words according to "news week" at the him and predicted hitler would be out played by traditional politicians or more moderate. in other words, they got it wrong, badly wrong. fast forward to the current day and we're seeing similar pattern emerge when it comes to the threat of trump's big lie. as warned in "the atlantic" they have been building a apparatus of election threat under our very noses and know if the plot succeeds, the ballots cast by american voters won't decide the presidency in 2024. thousands will be thrown away or millions to produce the required
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effect. the winner will be declared the loser, the loser will be certified president elect. that will be the end of democracy as we know it. this american experiment with multi racial democracy will be over and yet, for much of the media in this country it been business as usual despite that threat. as written in the washington post too many journalist are caught in a neutrality between democracy and fact and fiction. it's time to take a stand. for his column, milbank hired a data analytics company to measure and compare media sentiment towards president biden and toward donald trump. he found that biden's press for the last four months has been as bad as and for a time even worse than the coverage that trump received for the same four months of 2020. not only that, but trump got roughly twice as much coverage in 2020 as biden received in all
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of 2021 so far. milbank notes the country is in a struggle of self-governance and we in the news media collectively have given equal if not more favorable treatment to the authoritarians. dana and jason johnson join me and host of the slate podcast a word with jason johnson with nancy mcclean with democracy and change, the deep history of the radical right, stealth plan for america. dana, i'll start with you. i notice the response to many media beltway media people to your piece was to fight with you about being mean this their media. people yelling at you saying you said mean things to politico. i felt you keep trying to make the point about saying mean
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things about one media outlet's coverage. you wrote biden is attempting to salve vague democratic norms. people are using factious tools of deception and voter disenfranchisement, neutrality in the struggle is not a possibility. i high-fived you on twitter. i want to let you go. talk about the inside what this media is doing inside your view helping authoritarian thrive. >> i didn't mean to suggest it's a problem of outlet, this one is better than that. sure, some are better than others. that's not the point. this is -- i mean, think about it. comparing the last four months of 2020 when donald trump was threatening to not honor the results of a free and fair election and didn't honor them he was embracing the proud boys
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and qanon and sabotaging the post office. at that period of time he got similar to more favorable coverage than biden gets today. that's astonishing. look, people in my business and i support this notion that we like conflict, we're combative but we're in a different game here and it not democrats against republicans but democrats against authoritarians and as you noted in the beginning in many ways we're losing the struggle. i agree with reporters not being partisan but we should be partisan when it comes to democracy. we should be part sin when it comes to the facts and that's where we need to take a stand. >> jason, i've long said the media's only real bias is towards change and conflict, right? donald trump was entertaining
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for beltway journalist and open and gave lots of leaks, his administration gave data and conflict driven content. he was a content creator and so there was -- whereas what i remember barack obama was in the media generally disliked the obama administration even though they were not doing anything dangerous, he couldn't wear a tan suit. the media would go ballistic because he wasn't accessible and seen as cold and not really accessible. there was no access. my challenge here and this goes back to the way the media operated in the '20s is that the media under plays the danger when a political party is out of step with democratic norms and over state the horror when a democrat generally or somebody who is more of a normal politician does anything that makes them annoyed or irritates elite journalist. i'm worried that tendency will help the trumps of the world and always hurt the bidens. and that's not good for our democracy. >> joy, you're exactly -- no,
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it's not. and dana, you're under selling yourself. no, thank you. thank you for being someone that actually said this and quite frankly, there is a racialized element to this as well i'm happy you're the individual that said this because this is something that black journalists have been streaming about since donald trump got into office. when the man ran basically saying i'll clear out this country of anybody not white and straight, it took three years for large numbers of media outlets and i'll say the names, not everyone at these particular outlets but the hill, "the new york times" did this. we talked about this for years. it took almost three years for most of the main stream press to say this guy is an actual threat to democracy and people that talked about it, especially journalist of color were called alarmists told they were being extreme and took a man trying to over throw an election and send terrorists to try to over throw the results in january for a lot of folks to realize it. it is a problem. it is a danger. is it entirely the fault of the
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media? no, it's not. it is in part the fault we don't hold each other accountable and when people want to get angry out messenger instead of taking responsibility for the messages they are spewing. this is one of the most important articles i've seen in a long time. i'm happy we're bringing this to the floor. as we bring this in 2022 and a lot of things manifest themselves. when you see in georgia and oklahoma and different in texas where large swaths of votes get thrown out the window. if we point them out we will have stolen elections and 2024 will already be done. >> nancy, i don't know if you can pull back up this picture. you had a group of white supremacists who admit to being factious march at the lincoln memorial, this does not become an alarmed story of crisis whereas hillary clinton's emails about her rosoto were the
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absolute obsession of the media and again, i don't want to pick on one particular outlet but "the new york times" literally ran an excerpt of the book written by steve bannon's partner and ran that like huge breaking news with alleged wrongdoing from the clinton foundation that wasn't even real but there is this sense that democrats get held to this sort of normal standard and they get just attacked for any little deviation, a tan suit, emails that you don't give the media access to, whereas this latitude that we, you know, and again, not every outlet are giving republicans includes trafficking and fascism and anti muslim attacks that could get a litter l member of congress killed. the latitude is so wide. can you try to help us understand why that is happening? >> yes, and i want to thank dana, too. that was an incredible article and so important and needs to be read by everyone because many of
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us said what is going on. the attacks by the biden administration and saying democrats are divided, no, they were legislaing and trying to get things done for the american people and i think so many in the media, main stream media, joy, you're a breath of fresh air seem not to have a sense of history of political science of what we need in this moment so we know from the work of a scholar who have studied how democracy slides into authoritarian this doesn't come with clanging armored tanks and generals strutting around in most modern countries. it comes when the rules of democracy are shifted and rigged in order to ensure the try jump of a particular party and we know that authoritarians do things like reject the democratic rules of the game.
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they deny the legitimacy of the other side and encourage or tolerate violence and they show a willingness to curtail the civil liberties of their ocho -- opponents. all four of characteristics not only of donald trump but the modern republican party. we're in a situation in which we have to remember this. there are only two republicans who supported, you know, the looking into the impeachment of -- i mean, into the attempted coup on january 6th, only two republicans who voted to sensor representative gosar when he promoted violence against alexandria ocasio-cortez and we could go through other things. as jason was saying, too, they are systematically trying to get control of election administration in almost every state they control so they can
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rig the election, possibly as early as 2022 but certainly in 2024 and in those circumstances, as dana has suggested and as you're all suggesting to act as though, you know, normal media norms of neutrality is to participate in the destruction of democracy before our eyes. >> let me read a little bit from martin who you should read this piece, all of you great readers out there. he says trump and his party convinced a dauntingly large number of americans the essential workings of democracy are corrupt and violence is a legitimate response. dana, i think you were getting at that, as well. here is the challenge, the republican parties are directing that message at a specific group of white americans to terrify them into thinking their country is being stolen by people who look like me and jason, and that
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in order to stop that anything is okay. my challenge is, we as the media have got to point out, that is not normal republican politics. my father loved republicans. that is not normal republican politics. it's something else. why do you think that we -- is it because the media is terrified by the right calling us liberal media? is it fear? do you think is holding people back from telling the truth about it? >> some of it may be fear and some may be returning to the previous business as usual that was sort of the default position before. it just no longer works now and the piece by bart i think is terrific. it's because of the big lie. it's not -- it's not those clowns marching in washington with their captain america shields. they're clowns. there are tens of millions of people who are no longer on board with the democratic experiment. there are at least ten states
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including arizona, texas, georgia and florida that was just referenced have given politicians essentially the ability to overrule the vote of the people. this could happen in 2024. there are signs that this is exactly what is going to happen. we can't sit there and say oh, that's bad on the one hand but well, it's just as bad that joe biden can't pass his social infrastructure bill. they're not at all on the same equation. >> it's on the one hand on the other hand. nancy, just because you wrote a whole book on this, i'll give you the last word. it feels like on one hand, on the other hand. they don't want to be at war are republicans and donald trump. the media doesn't want that smoke. there is something else they want but not that. is that going to allow us to wake up on january 2025 without our democracy and wonder what happened? >> yes, absolutely.
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if both sides continues, we are in absolutely dire straights and i personally, you know, as you point out, you know, i've written about this and researched this. this is not about liberals versus conservatives. this is not even about republicans versus democrats. the republican party has been captured by dark money donors and who have fed red meat to that white base for so long now that people have left the factual universe. you know, we saw today from npr that the death rate from covid is now three times higher in states that voted for donald trump and the more they voted for donald trump, the higher the death rate. these are people who have left the rails of science, of constitutional democracy and all the incentives and this is important to understand, too. all the incentives in their world pushed for continued behavior. the more outrageous these members of congress get the more their social media ratings go up. so we have to got to find other
4:17 pm
ways of sounding the alarm and traditional media could be that vehicle but to do so, they're going to need a hard looking inward of the kind that dana has so rightly suggested is well over due. >> absolutely. that will be a difficult turn. so glad to have you on to talk about this. thank you for writing that piece and fighting the good fight. nancy mcclain, thank you. jason johnson is sticking around. up next, stepping up for voting rights taking texas to court over just absolutely egregious redistricting map. today's talking points include catching covid is good and cancer apparently is contagious. plus, for republican politicians, more examples of how the term pro-life only applies before birth. and tonight's absolute worst is so incredibly insensitive. you actually have to see it to believe it. "the reidout" continues after this. believe it "the reidout" contins ueafter this
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today the justice department filed suit against texas for violating section two of the voting rights act. texas violated section two by creating redistricting plans that deny or bridge the rights of latino and black voters to vote on account of their race, color or membership in a majority group. >> the department of justice is suing the state of texas over redistricting maps that discriminate against latino and block voters despite minorities making up 98% of the growth, the suit notes texas designed the two new congressional seats to have anglo voting majorities. the suit also asserts that texas intentionally eliminated a latino electoral opportunity in west texas and failed to draw seat encompassing a seat including harris county. dallas might be the easiest to
4:23 pm
visualize. texas surgically excised minority comuiies from the core of dallas by attaching them to rural counties some more than so 0 miles away. does this like like a fairly drawn map to you? this comes at a time when republicans are do everything they can to make sure democrats won't win more elections. in ohio they are hiring lawyers to work with a north carolinaen on what a court called one of the largest racial gerrymanderings ever encountered and in wisconsin a group tied to donald trump is trying to figure out how to by pass the state's democratic governor and how to change how elections are run. i'm joined by co-founder of black voters matter and jason johnson is with me. it say blatant now with the voting act on death's door, republicans are doing this
4:24 pm
openly. you're in the position of encouraging black people to vote. how does this change the context? because if they're just going to steal the elections, how do we encourage people to sign up and be part of the process at all? >> i think that's an excellent question. i think that's why we have to do more, that yes, while we're going to organize, we think clear from the beginning with this administration and with congress that we can't out organize what is happening to us right now. right? that it is going to take federal legislation. we're going to have to put pressure on federal legislation. i think it's quite ironic the president is hosting a democracy summit with rural leaders right in his own backyard what we're seeing is we're seeing efforts to actually undermine and marginalize black voters and brown voters all across this country. so we want to talk about democracy as my grandmotherchar >> white voters account for 40% of the population and get 60% of
4:25 pm
the district. hispanic voters get 18%. black voters are 12% and get none. they have a new district. jason, it's not subtle. >> no, no, it not subtle and i mean, these districts are pieces here and there for whatever republicans want and the concern is and she points out being in georgia, the concern is even if you can organize the legislation that is being passed on a lot of these states has basically said the state can step in and throw out whatever the results are. >> exactly. >> if you don't like them. this is an emergency. i know this is something that hasn't been done in 56 years but you know what happened when the federal government said hey, brown versus board of education, we got to integrate schools? they sent troops. they sent federal officials to places and said you will let black children into school. this administration can say we have concerns about how elections are being conducted in this particular state. we're going to send officials
4:26 pm
down there. we're going to send election observers. if we think people's civil rights are being violated, we'll do a federal takeover. i know lots of people will scream about this. this is what the federal government is supposed to do. if states are violating people's civil rights, you're supposed to step in and we know perfectly well the courts alone won't be good enough for this because by the time this gets to the people hiding in the supreme court, they will say what texas is doing is fine. for this government, for the biden administration to save next year's elections, they're going to have to get aggressive and have to get creative about protecting people's rights. let's be clear, just because you pass legislation doesn't guarantee democrats win but it guarantees people have a right to vote and that's something everyone should be allowed to do. >> go back and get eric holder. a lot of this is personal in georgia. you're in georgia lalatosha.
4:27 pm
david perdue is running again. he wants to run for governor against brian kemp who trump is mad at for not fixing the election. here he is making it personal about why he's running. >> to fight back we simply have to be united. unfortunately, today we're divided and brian kemp and brad are to blame. it's simple. he's failed us and can't win in november. think how different if kemp fought abrarms first instead of fighting trump. >> i'm david purdue. i'm running for governor to make sure stacy abrarms aren't be governor. abrarms will smile, lie and cheat to make this more like california or new york. let me be very clear, over my dead body will we ever give stacey abrams control of our
4:28 pm
election again. >> latosha, that is very personal but clear that it isn't just david purdue. fulton county, georgia is what they're talking about. they delivered two senators for the democrats and if stacy arams gets through the hoops and wins the popular vote in georgia, it's the current people that could simply reverse the election in fulton county and hand it over to that guy. your thoughts? >> absolutely. that's part of the reason why we were fighting sb 202. right now i have actually less voting protection in the state of georgia than i did a year ago. right? so we're looking and doing that already. we're lookingurdue and it amazing how they mastered lying, that the fact of the matter you start off with unifying but i'm going to take on the incumbent government. that's a lot of unity. what we're seeing is the
4:29 pm
republican party is imploding. it's imploding in georgia. i think it is going to be an uphill battle because they weaponized administrative process but i want to remind people 2018, the democrats have actually captured two congressional seats, two senate seats, three state senate seats and 12 house of representative seats. i'm saying that to the extent that the state is becoming more diverse and progressive and i don't know whether he's planning a funeral or not but need to figure out how he going to do this over his dead body. >> the thing is georgia looks like california and new york. hollywood is in atlanta. they're shooting more movies in atlanta than they might be shooting in new york and california. when he says look like california and new york. he doesn't mean he doesn't want that money, jason. he means the people of color. it a pretty open dog whistle because what else do you mean by look like california? your thoughts? >> i mean, at this point it's a
4:30 pm
really terrible commercial because if you're trying to try orange late, i don't like brian kemp so i'll stop stacey abrams. you're talking about a smaller piece of the population. metro atlanta is growing at like 1500 people every two weeks for three years now. people coming to that state like stacey abrams, she's remained one of the most popular politicians in america by being dedicated to her state, never being a sore loser and being focused on something crazy and generally politically neutral like allowing people to have access to the vote. purdue is an absolute idiot if he thinks running his entire campaign on hating stacey abrams will win it for him. i hate to break it, someone that moved won't hate stacey abrams. when you see that campaigning, it shows not only that the republican party is bankrupt but think the only way they can win is by stoking racial fears in cheating because that ain't
4:31 pm
policy, that's a personal district and didn't make sense. >>latosha, the work you've done, georgia is very registered. that is not -- that wasn't the case when stacey abrams ran the first time. can you talk to -- you spoke a little bit about the president but the biden administration told y'all and has been very mild about the threat here because i think they're assuming that stacey abrams' popularity, the things jason just said about people liking her is enough and that you're going to go out there and fix this, your organization will fix this at the ballot box that they don't have to do anything about it in terms of the law. >> you know, a challenge if i were to think about sports. who wants to play a sports game when the referees will go cheat? the bottom line is the people in charge of the process have already openly said that they want to cheat. right? you have the cheater in chief saying why aren't you cheating in georgia and then what you saw
4:32 pm
right after that is you saw legislation that actually legalized what it is he was asking for so i think it's really important, i agree when we look at the biden administration, right now, we're talking about it's not like the democrats don't have a tooth. this attachment to the filibuster is creating harm across this country not just for black voters but actually is a part of supporting i think when you talk about political corruption that any time people are punished because of who they voted for or how they voted itself is the definition of corruption. we're talking about preserving democracy or any element of democracy in this country. we should be responding when we're looking at the drawing of maps not just in texas but georgia where republicans have drawn in such a way they have an advantage but 100% of the population growth in the state of people of color. >> listen, doj has to do more than have a wild press conference. there has to be action. joe madison is on a hunger strike.
4:33 pm
he's 72 years old. he shouldn't have to be on a hunger strike. thank you both very much. still up on "the reidout" new york city launches a preemptive strike against a winter resurging of covid with the most far reaching vaccine mandates yet. this as the republican death cult doubles down on spreading dangerous vaccine misinformation. we'll be right back. s vaccine misinformation we'll beig rht back. ♪ ♪ 'tis the season to break tradition in a cadillac. don't just put on a light show—be the light show. make your nights anything but silent. and ride in a sleigh that really slays. because in a cadillac, tradition is yours to define. so visit a cadillac showroom, and start celebrating today. ♪ ♪ when you really need to sleep you reach for the really good celebrating today. new zzzquil ultra helps you sleep better and longer when you need it most. it's non habit forming and powered by the makers of nyquil.
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4:38 pm
comments tweeting today it's the strongest immunity on earth. evidently, mother nature can't prevent stupid. marjorie taylor greene is saying we never closed schools because of cancer as though cancer somehow is contagious following up on ron desantis' quest for immunity. the florida department of health is allowing workers to opt out of vaccine requirements while new york city's mayor announced today all private sector employees will be subject to the mandate. the delta variant is the biggest threat in the united states while public health officials monitor the spread of the omicron variant with cases confirmed in 18 states. joining me is miami vascular cardiologist for the committee to protect health care. doctor, my friend, appreciate you being here. we have talked about this before offline because there are people, even people i know that insist that the only immunity you need is getting covid. like, if you just get covid, you'll be fine.
4:39 pm
please explain is that true? >> so good evening, joy, and how is it going? >> what's up? >> so basically, you know, we need to understand that this pandemic is unprecedented. this is a first time in our lifetime we've ever dealt with anything like this. so this is a once in a generation event and information is coming in quickly. now, what we're seeing is that we have multiple variants that have come out and are circulating. when you think about your immunity, you have to think how do you shield yourself from severe disease or dying? not only is vaccination our most effective tool at preventing
4:40 pm
people from dying but what we don't talk about enough is you've been infected enough with the virus and you've gotten the vaccine, you have hybrid immunity which gives you more protection particularly against the circulating variants and eventually we'll all have the immunity. we'll get exposed at some point in our lifetime because this isn't going anywhere. it will be here for the rest of our life. >> if we don't get a sufficient number of people vaccinated, i sort of liken it to a football game where you only have half the offensive line and half the defensive line so instead of all 11 guys on each of the sides, you have like six and you're doing it with like not a full team on offense or defense, right? like if we don't get enough people vaccinated, aren't we just going to keep on going until we get to the omega variant? >> that is correct. and a little known fact once we run out of greek letters, the plan is to go to galaxies and
4:41 pm
stars so pretty cool. aside from that, yes, variants are an issue but we can't talk about the issue of variants in the u.s. context. with the worldwide vaccine inequities, it's clear variants will be here to stay. africa is pretty much getting boxed out of the vaccines and it's all the result of greed. i mean, let's be clear. to the point where it's hurting us americans and it's pretty sickening but speaking of sickening, we have to talk about our governor of florida. the florida man, right? and his puppet surgeon general. the omicron variant was discovered november 24th and we have yet to hear a word from dr. lad ladapo and it's unfortunate because we predicted this. everyone could tell he was a puppet and low and behold, he's a puppet. again, there is a lot of
4:42 pm
information going around about the omicron variant but it's his job for the general to clear up a lot of misinformation, disinformation and conflicting information. he hasn't said a word and that's a part of his duties. >> because it seems to me that it's pretty obvious that he wants to do natural herd immunity. that's what it seems like. do you have any evidence to the contrary that he's -- is he trying to run a natural herd ill -- immunity experiment in the state of florida? >> actions speak louder than words. as you may or may not know. he's a member of the front line doctors, right? >> yeah. >> that is a very suspect group who has been advocating treatment options and saying things about the pandemic that are ludicrous and not based on science and actually some are losing their license as a result of it. we have to basically, you know, read the tea leaves or look at
4:43 pm
actions and it pretty clear that, you know, that's what america is on, herd immunity. >> see what we're seeing. dr. bernard ashby thank you. mississippi's anti abortion governor tate reeves is concerned about unborn children in his state. once they're born, however, not so much. stay with us. born, however, no so much. stay with us imagine having someone else do your books for you. as your quickbooks live bookkeeper, i'll categorize expenses, reconcile accounts, and close your books. cool. yep. know where your business stands. intuit quickbooks live bookkeeping.
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the anti choice crusade to control the wombs of women and girls made its way to the sunday shows this weekend featuring republican men whose bodies don't have wombs and who therefore cannot get pregnant and will never have to face the traumas of an unwanted pregnancy or the risk of serious illness, injury or even death due to complications of which there are many. bodily harm and death will increase if safe and legal abortions go away, something the anti choice party show
4:48 pm
indifference to. >> if the child in the mother's womb is a child is not unborn but children. >> so do you acknowledge that this step will result in some women and almost certainly getting seriously hurt, some even dying? >> well, i certainly would hope that that would not be the case. >> yeah, we certainly would hope. joining me is jennifer. you write about that incident and some of the other interviews we saw in a pose everyone should read. you're watching your opt ed. in that same interview, jake tapper pointed out to governor reeve some of the statistics about mississippi which is basically the most dangerous place to be pregnant in america. highest infant mortality rate, ranked 50th out of 50 in terms
4:49 pm
of economic wealth and well being and 28% of the kids live in poverty versus 17% in the u.s. he could not answer the question of do they care about children once they're born? you argue they do not. >> they really don't. they show no evidence. he also opposes for example medicaid extension that goes to help the poor and help addicts. he also of course comes in exactly as the chart showed very low in the infant and the maternal mortality 75 times more likely to die of pregnancy in the state of mississippi than a previable pregnancy. he believes the unborn are in his words children. that's his religious belief and women should be put at risk and forced, compelled to have a
4:50 pm
child to determine if they're raped or a result of insist and must be forced to give birth. this would be, imaine a man dragged off the street and told, you know, you're an organ match for this wonderful person over here. and we're going have you donate a kidney. the person says but you can't take my kidney. oh, yes, it's for a very good reason. we're going to take your kidney. you don't have any right to body integrity. you don't have any right to self-determination. that's the attitude that they have taken towards women. as you say, they seem to impose a burden on women that they would never impose upon themselves, that they would never dream of. and the result of this is that you have this complete incongruencesy between all these steps they're willing to do to women for an unborn child, but for as soon as they're born,
4:51 pm
you're on your own in that state and women are on their own, throughout pregnancy and in childbirth they're on their own. so spare me the talk about being pro-life. these the same people of course who would not inconvenience themselves by putting on a mask that would save people. >> right. >> nor would they have background checks on guns that could arguably save people. so their definition of pro-life is very peculiar, not one that i'm familiar with. >> yeah. >> and it's incumbent upon democrats to start having this debate. because republicans are really ill prepared to visit. and their answers are quite stunning, are quite shocking, as we saw on the sunday shows. democrats should not shy away from this fight. >> no, 100%. it was very humina, humina, humina. somehow trying to weasel his way out of the comparison of why vaccine mandates are too much of an intrusion, but making a woman carry a pregnancy to term is not. here is tate reeves again. oh, let me just read it.
4:52 pm
this is not from the sunday show. this is a description of what happened. he deflected questions about how he squares his desire to restrict abortion with his calls for personal freedom in opposition to covid-19 mandates. the difference between mandates and abortions is vaccines allow you to protect yourself. abortions actually go in and kill other american babies. your thoughts. >> again, this is the worst kind of invasive control of women. he is entitled to whatever religious view he wants of the born or the unborn, but the fact that he would never mandate vaccines on anyone because it's their body, their choice, but he would subject women to one of the most grueling physical ordeals is just sheer hypocrisy. and you reference senator braun. when he was asked, well, isn't there a weird equivalence between your aversion to mask mandates and your stance on
4:53 pm
abortion? he said, well, don't bother me with that equivalence. that's just going to inflame us. that's just going to divide us. we should just agree with senator braun and be done with it. so seem not to have any practice in making a cogent argument for their position. and i think we're going to see just the sea change in american law and i think a tsunami of reaction when this actually goes into force. >> yeah, and i think democrats as you said should not be shy about pushing back. because when you make them answer it, they actually don't have an answer. they cannot explain the inconsistencies and incoherencesies in their positions. they really cannot. jennifer rubin, thank you for writing that column, and thank you for being here tonight. we'll be right back.
4:54 pm
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on saturday, madisyn baldwin was laid to rest.
4:58 pm
she was one of the four students murdered last week at michigan's oxford high school. flags were lowered to half-staff throughout that community as a steady stream of visitors came to support the family and pay their final respects. that same day, jeanine pirro was placing all the blame for the murders on, wait 40, liberal educators. >> then there's oxford, michigan with ethan crumbley, who shot and killed four students and injured seven others, including a teacher. for no reason because liberal school personnel should have known crumbley had a gun, or at least had access to one, but never bothered to ask. >> ah, yes, that's right. former judge and current trump sycophant is blaming on liberals. not the parents who gave their child access to a deadly firearm. it's an open question if or when conservatives will ever utter a word of criticism against the crumbleys, the parents of the michigan school shooter, giving their praise to people like
4:59 pm
george zimmerman, mark and patricia mccloskey who waved guns at black lives matter patter by. because people who wave guns and shoot people seem to be their chosen heroes. tomorrow, tate myre will also be laid to rest. but that didn't stop thomas massie from posting this image on his twitter page, a family portrait with everyone holding a firearm. a number of those guns are ar-15s. variations of that weapon have been used to kill people at a boulder, colorado supermarkets, a pittsburgh synagogue, a texas church, a las vegas concert, at parkland high school and at sandy hook elementary. so it's been nearly a week since the shootings at oxford high school. and that is what a member of congress thinks passes for a thoughtful holiday greeting. i mean, who cares about the pain and anguish of those poor families that they're feeling as they're still burying their children. who cares. it's all about the love of guns and the display of them, like
5:00 pm
jewelry. so tonight, representative massey and judge pirro, with your poor taste and poor judgment, both of you, both of you are tonight's absolute, absolute worst. have some compassion for a change. happy holidays. and that's tonight's "the reidout." "all in with chris hayes" starts now. tonight on "all in" -- >> what are we going to do here, folks? i only need 11,000 votes. fellows, i need 11,000 votes. give me a break. >> donald trump finds a new candidate in his quest for republicans who held the line for democracy. >> think about how different it would be today if kemp had fought abrams first instead of fighting trump. >> tonight the high stakes in georgia and why the department of justice is now suing texas. then the former national guard official now calling two generals, quote, absolute liars regarding the pentagon's delayed


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