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tv   The 11th Hour With Brian Williams  MSNBC  December 9, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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the january six committee is once again closer to getting donald trump's white house documents and electronic records related to january six. today, trump lost his fight to hide those records from the committee. one of federals appeal court said his claim of executive privilege does not outweigh president biden's decision that congress has a legitimate need to see the material. trump is all but certain to head to the supreme court for legal relief here and today's judges hold on their own ruling to give them time to file an appeal. it comes as the select committee heard from four important witnesses today. that would be john eastman, author of the memo used to try and convince mike pence to toss out the election results. that would be former trump cybersecurity, chris krebs, who worked for the trump administration, who publicly disputed the big lie. famously said at the time, that our presidential election had been free and fair. former pentagon official, kash patel, also ali alexander who
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organized stop the steal rallies after the 2020 election. he happened to meet with the committee today for eight hours. >> it was really just important to me, as a man of faith, and a man of peace, to come here and say stop the steal and held 500 rallies in all states and the union. i'm not one turned violent. >> alexander also denies that he had anything to do with the violence at the capitol. the committee vice chair, liz cheney said that the committees approaching 300 witnesses interview. and that the investigation is currently, as she put it, firing on all cylinders. today, democratic congresswoman jamie raskin, who also sits on that committee, offered new clues about their progress. >> everything is moving in our direction at this point. we are getting a really fine grained image on what is taking place. and the muddy that is being raised, the money that is being
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spent, the coordination on the different elements, the interaction on the violent insurrection with the attempt to course mike pence, to reject the electoral cause, is all becoming clear to us. meanwhile, mark meadows is getting closer to being held in contempt, the committee meets monday to vote on that. we have also learned that longtime trump in pfizer, jason miller was scheduled to be deposed tomorrow. that has not been postponed. meanwhile, nbc news reporting new york attorney general of the state attorney general, letitia james, is looking to depose donald trump as part of her civil tax fraud investigation on to the overall trump organization. this news first reported by the washington post, trump's lawyers called the move, quote, clearly political and, wait for it, a witch hunt. with that, let's bring in three of the original friends of this broadcast who make up our starting line tonight. and here's a hint. one of them hasn't been up this
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late since new years eve of 1996. i am not going to say which one she is. philip rucker, pulitzer prize-winning senior washington correspondent for the washington post. coauthor along with the new york times bestseller, i alone can fix it. we nicolle wallace, anchor of deadline white house weekdays, a two hour shift every day from four to 6 pm eastern time on this very network. she happen to have been white house communications director for president george w. bush. and senior aide to john mccain 's presidential effort. and our friend eugene robinson, pulitzer prize-winning columnist for the washington post. good evening and welcome to you all. nicole, we're all business here as we start off tonight. so here is the lead question for you. given your experience as white house communications director and insider inside the west wing and entirely different air, give us some idea of the scope and context, what kind of comes
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would've come out on a day like one six? written, dictated, electronic records? what kind of things to put in another way, does trump not want the committee to see? >> i hate to say, in a normal white house, because any sentence that starts that way is usually really revealed by phil record or one of the other journalists to have not happened in this white house. white house records is automated by design. every email that you sent is the seed to an address that is records at w. h. o. so, anything that anyone wrote to anyone else or into anyone in the white house, if it falls into the scope of what the committee had asked for it passed the test that the biden white house reviewed and said this is not going to be protected by executive privilege. that would be part of the switch of the first three
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launches that would go to the committee. and it's vast. it could also include visitor logs. it could include phone records. we don't know how will ultimately make its way to the committee. but i think when you relay this ruling on the process that all of the documents will make their way to the committee, over the fact that all of the witnesses are inside we. they didn't subpoena any career folks who weren't aware of what the trump team was doing, or on the trump team themself. there is the closest people to donald trump in the white house. the people running his campaign, and the people who organized his event that he had on january six. but the committee keep saying publicly that they have lots of -- list cheney called them exceptional documents from mark meadows who is about to be held in criminal content. what a bizarre legal strategy that he has undertaken.
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but they have so much already. and the idea that these documents are sort of coming in like water and filling in the cracks and the gaps, is one hot stick keep the drama tonight. >> phil rucker, it is a bizarre choice as we nicolle wallace put it. for so many of these people who have a public career to choose to have contempt of congress as an effect the last line in the resume. and in fact, the first line in their obituaries. but speaking of the deposed team trump in florida and washington and elsewhere, what is your reporting on how they are viewing their fight against this committee? >> well bryan, they seem to be losing almost every day against this committee. as liz cheney put it today, more than 300 witnesses have participated with this committee. you know, it was a slow start for this investigation but there appears to be really clear momentum the last few
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weeks. and now we are learning that all of these text messages from mark meadows on january six are now on the committees hand, that is important for a lot of reasons. so one by one, trump's most loyal allies and advisers are cooperating because they know they have to. they don't want to be held in contempt of congress. they are trying to cooperate to some degree. it's unclear if they're cooperating fully, but they are providing some information to this committee and in doing so, frankly, they are certifying with the committee what they are doing. they are making this official acts. trump wants them to dismiss this committee as a partisan witch hunt and have nothing to do with it. but they're not willing to play that game. even as they're unwilling to publicly fully cross the former president. >> eugene robinson, your latest is headlined the january six committee needs to get louder. much louder. it made me think of the good trouble from the late great
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congressman, john lewis. eugene, they have been previewing more. they have been telling us publicly what they got in hand already. what their plans are, there will be televised tearing. is that what you are talking about or something way more aggressive? >> it's not before time. i think that there should be hearings. i think that they should be making more noise. and they have started to do that. they have started to tell us more. for many americans we are not playing close attention. this isn't registering the way it should. and this is so important. it is so important to get to the bottom of january 6th. and i think everyone on the committee understands that. so say it loud. bring in the television cameras. make it impossible not to pay
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attention. because this was a rupture in our democracy. in the likes of which we have never seen before. and there has to be accountability. and people have to pay attention. nicolle wallace, you covered this committee more than we do, you've got a two hour shift every day, we just do one. i don't need to remind anyone that the clock is ticking. i don't need to remind anyone that the clock runs out on these hearings in these committees affecting the midterm elections. let's talk about consequences though, other than the foot soldiers who breached our capitol on that day, the plotters and planters, the big names, the senior folks that are the staff of our broadcast, no consequences as of the ethnic group. do you think that they can hear as loudly as we can the ticking clock? >> you played that great
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interview just on the fly, they talked about people who have wiggled off the hook. and the idea that steve bannon wiggling off anything is too much for me. no one has gone in a way there are folks that they have in said in terms of what they know and what they saw. but i think that the decision today, by this appeals court, and in 68 pages, a lot of it is about how extraordinarily important it is. they are making a legal argument that i think at least some of our legal friends think would be pretty difficult for our supreme court to go in a different direction. just on the legal ground. but i think that this idea that a ticking clock is very much on all of their minds. and what we don't see shouldn't worry us, but it does. it is clear that what they already know, shaping the subpoenas is becoming more
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clear. if you thought, though, that i was going to stay up and put lipstick on at 11:00 just to talk about the committee, you have another thing coming. i think i can safely say, i speak for all three of, us in saying that to be on this last broadcast disobeyed or street. it was extraordinary. it's the new state that made you want to throw something against the wall. the idea that you would not be helping this broadcast anymore, i know that that doesn't mean you won't be talking us through these times, but your contribution are too many to number. especially to all of us. so on behalf of everyone that i have seen tweeting, i know rachel pointed everyone to this moment. and to say that all of us are missing something already, even though you're still very much right there on the air would be an understatement. >> bless you for saying that. you were present at the
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creation. you and i were anchor partners when this idea came to the boss. and we split off and went our separate ways, separate parts of the schedule. will i miss being the only friend of mine wearing makeup at 11:00 at night? no. but i will miss all of you and aspects of this. phil rucker, what you are watching is an anchor trying to get control of the rudder again. let me ask you a noose question while i spread the love to my friend, nicolle wallace, who has been incredibly gracious in ways that i can never repay. we bannon and meadows are playing beat the clock. it is very clear. is there a scenario, philip rucker, where the committee accused so much material on them that their testimony, and it may include two and not limited to, less important.
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>> sure. every day the committee gets more information and the testimony, the word to steve bannon and mark meadows are less important simply because the holes are being filled by outside testimonies. by documents, by other information that the committee is gathering. that being said, there are certain questions that they have that steve bannon will only be able to answer. and there's probably even more questions that mark meadows will be able to answer. remember, meadows, the white house chief of staff was physically at the former president side throughout the day of january six and in all of those days leading up to january six. and according to our reporting, he was really playing both sides of the argument. telling pence one thing. telling trump another thing. he is such a central figure. so his testimony will be invaluable. and yet the committee, with all of this other work, will be able to piece a lot of the narrative. ryan, i'm just going to take a moment of personal privilege to also add to what we nicolle
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wallace said. and to say that this is such a turbulent, for all of us in the country for all of us in journalism we have been, and yet this has been such an hour of calm and that is because of the integrity and frankly the with and grace you bring to the news every night and we are sure going to miss it. well bless you we'll get for that, thank you phil, and i feel the same way about you as i said before and got until the day i die. the stars of the show are the people we invite on here. again, including but not limited to my friend with the pulitzer prize, eugene robinson, eugene you are one of the founding fathers of this. you and i have shared so many late nights, sometimes resulting and understandable votes. absolutely right, listen, let me just throw it off the rails yet again because i just have to take this opportunity to thank you. thank you for the opportunity of working with you, on this
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broadcast on election nights where you given us all step ian banquets a bad food. on the big occasions. you have created and you're great producers have created on 11 hour a show that's really about the human comedy in a way that embodies the phrase all of life and all the commotion and all of what we're doing. you have this unique ability, to see, not just the tragedy and events but also the comedy. also the sardonic committee. it's a broadcasts that leaves viewers knowing a lot more about their nation and their world. and feeling a bit better, a bit more prepared to face the coming day. that's a tremendous achievement.
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to have been even a small part of it i just say thank you my friend. >> well, thank you so much. it's your brains and words we've been borrowing this whole time. here's the difference a pulitzer prize makes, where i'm front, youth around words like balls that you're gonna get thrown out of wherever you are in. that's just a fact of life. to these three friends, whom i will continue to see in the real world, but i will miss most of all in this form. my ever loving thanks to phil rucker, nicole wallace, eugene robinson, thank you all for coming on these many many years and many late nights. coming up, another friend of ours, james carville is here to talk about what's next for the biden presidency. and the democratic party as we near the end of joe biden's first year in office. later, celebrated historians, michael beschloss, john meacham, together on the state of our
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or get started with internet and voice for $64.99 per month with a 2-year price guarantee. give your business the gift of savings today. help mama and myself an armed comcast business. powering possibilities. rebellion against the government the notion that republicans are going to take control of the house and we are gonna hold hands in the warm spring rain at the governments and legislate is ludicrous. that's when you add up in the democratic national committee, and it seems that the republican narrator is fine
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with that portrayal of him and his party. matt gaetz posted this request on social media in fact, quote, run this ad in the florida congressional district one. back with us, tonight, is an old friend james carville. veteran democratic strategist who wrote national fame with the clinton presidential campaign. he is now the cohost of the politics war room podcast, james it's good to see. at another time we will talk about her issues. but that did to notre dame. what a story. anyway, back to politics. is this better that the party is getting more aggressive? as you and i have discussed, the toughest ads on behalf of the democrats have all been made by laps republicans. >> matt gaetz, will probably be in a penitentiary by the time the election comes around. he's up to two amass a federal investigation. about having sex with an underage female. where he goes there's a good chance he will be.
11:22 pm
they have to hit hard, but anytime that jim jordan opens's mouth it should go under the well of the house and read all of the ohio state athletes who said he knew that there would be molested by the coach. when lauren boebert, opens her mouth, someone should go to the well and read a story out of the north posts which is owned by rupert murdoch by adjourned st. john's in the vine about high lauren boebert and her husband met. and read that into the congressional record. we've got to stop this now be plan b senses somebody will take the committee away. just calling people out for their. >> why aren't they doing, that james? why aren't they as aggressive as you just laid out? why are days a aggressive as all the we are free to read on social media but all the people you just mentioned? >> because, the democratic coaching is well the human battle, you know, they now who are less than a year ago between the elections. they got to start hitting and hitting hard.
11:23 pm
start telling the truth, about these people. how did, matt gaetz, stand up there and criticize anybody with the trump that he is in. paul gosar, has five siblings are also people to go against them. breed when your siblings say, into the congressional record. be upfront. i have the equivalent of a ph.d. in white trash-ology, and marjorie taylor greene, and they can be the subject of dissertation. i'm serious. we gotta start calling these people hold them accountable. >> james, new polling out today, 41% of americans support build back better. notably, one quarter, of those asked don't have an opinion. i tried to breed as much as i can i'm not sure what's in it, with the picks for this kind of thing. >> we're starting to see a little bit of it. people are thinking that this economy is really good. people are start to talk about
11:24 pm
what's in the bill, only 10% of people knew was in the bill. that was the case a month ago i'm surprised you have 25% are unsure. you can get to the 2% of that 25, if they knew it was in their, and if the communication just got to be hard-hitting, it's got to be streamlined, there has to be better strategies. that is what constitutes, real good communications. i think, that people are starting to see this, and communicate in the democratic party. but we have to be a lot more proactive and a lot more hard-hitting in our communications. because, this is been, politically, a rough year. accomplishments and legislatively 2021 has been one of the better years that we have had. you would ignore from reading the press but it has been. we've got to start telling people that. >> james, you and i were fused over years of political coverage we were fused in the aftermath of karine, katrina, which lay waste to your home and the area of the country that i love.
11:25 pm
we were also fused by being on the air the moment you knew, the moment it occurred to you, that hillary clinton had lost and the next president was going to be, donald trump. which was, an incredible moment to witness. in realtime. whatever the after effects were that we're still talking about and dealing with now. what is your message as, you will forgive me, but we're within a couple years of party elder to the up and comers, to the progressive on the less, to the moderates on the middle, and a good many democrats still insist where a center right country? >> well, first of all, i love the country and your most of them do. then communicate directly in simple plain english. and when you do something good, take credit for it. when they do something bad, blame them for it. it just really isn't that much more complicated, but you have to do it directly, you have to
11:26 pm
do it plainly, and clearly. so that people hear you. the biden administration, has an incredible story to tell. i can't wait for them to get out there and start telling it. i think, when people start hearing it, that they can be a change. i gotta start telling our stories better, we gotta be better storytellers, that's essentially what communications is. there's just storytelling. we just got to get better at it and quick. >> james, just a gets on my part, do you do christmas pretty big in your house? >> oh yeah, i love christmas. are you kidding me? i went and got this redshirt just for the show tonight. it's a great time of year, my kids are going to be home, who are gonna go to my sisters and it's just great. it's a wonderful time of the. -- yeah. so i just won't do something, toast to, --
11:27 pm
the best way i know do it is to get a bottle of champagne and chose to and put a great time of that. you know if you were to move here i can't wait to see what's next for, brian williams. >> bless you for that. thank you. all the best back to you. have america's miss, you when the family, will try to do the same. our guest tonight has been, james carville, unique among political analysts. coming up, there we go, will continue our examination of the perilous state of our democracy with two of the great historians of our time. of our time my hygienist cleans with a round head. so does my oral-b my hygienist personalizes my cleaning. so does my oral-b oral-b delivers the wow of a professional clean feel every day.
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and ask your doctor if biktarvy is right for you. accident. we have to renew it, with each generation. and this is an urgent matter on all our parts. because the data we are seeing is largely pointing in the wrong direction. >> it's a troubling trend all over our world and most are all here in the united states. so who better to talk about the preservation of our democracy then to renowned celebrated decorated historians who off camera, our best friends. and i will be forever grateful that i get to hang out with them both on rare occasions. back with us tonight, celebrated author, presidential historian michael beschloss. his latest work in a bookshelf full of works. his presidents of war. and pulitzer prize-winning author, the rogers chair in the
11:32 pm
american presidency at vanderbilt university. he occasionally adviser this president on historical matters, jon meacham we. gentlemen, good evening to you both. we flipped a coin, i'm going to start with the same question to both of you. john your first. as long as we have all been alive, in my memory, our presidents have started the state of the union address, my fellow americans in the state of our union is strong. can we say that right about now? >> i don't think so. that's the problem of the age. democracy is very counterintuitive. this is a human undertaking. we are all fall, and were all frail, we're all fallible. and what is a democracy but to some of its parts. the world means the rural. and the role of the many can lead to complications, chaos and the remarkable thing about
11:33 pm
the united states, i think and that all three of us have talked about is that we've lasted this long. and i think that our mutual friend, ben bradley used to say, that if something happened that he didn't think was a big deal. when the history of the world is right, and this isn't going to be in it. the fall of the american republic said that will be it. and we are 11 months and two days away from the most significant physical assault on our democracy. that didn't even happened during the civil war. the electoral count got to the troops, on the 13th of february. 1861. to make sure secessionist didn't interfere with the electoral count. but nobody got into the capital. well it did have been, this time. and we have to do everything we can in what's michael beschloss has said in a long time.
11:34 pm
that this is a genuine national emergency. michael beschloss, same question. >> it is. but the genuine national emergency is that brian williams is leading the 11th hour. so let me just say my piece and then will get on to democracy. two subjects are connected. brian, as historians, we know tonight you found it astounding 28 years on nbc news, very difficult to believe. that's more than a quarter of the history of the nbc national broadcasting company. more than a third of the length of serious tv news. so this is a large monument to what you do my friend. and viewers who are watching, we've all watched brian for all these years, intelligence, wisdom, the kindness. the more than sense of humor. and especially these last five years on the 11th hour in a time of horrible troubles and
11:35 pm
nightmares often time for our country. ryan, you've made this country better in a time that we all needed it. every single night, this has been of course in civics, democracy. and in some cases for people who didn't really know how precious and how fragile it was. every single night you spoke truth to power in the most democratic position. now everybody knows how much brian loves history. certainly jon meacham, and i do. you may not know that he collects historical artifacts and letters. anyone who has watched this program or watch him not only for 28 years, but he was doing other things before he came to nbc. knows that brian loves the history. loves the history of cars. and loves the history of important anniversaries. now someone may have noticed that the week he chose to end his run here at the 11th hour in nbc is the 80th anniversary
11:36 pm
of pearl harbor. i'm sure completely by coincidence. but my good for you tonight, i thought i would look for something appropriate. presidents, cars, anniversaries. i am sending it tomorrow, this exact scale model of franklin roosevelt's limousine, 1938. as you can see, the hood opens, the doors open. this is pretty exact, even the seats go up and down. you'll be getting it from me soon. as an addition to, i know, your excellent collection. all i can say is before we get to this series, the talks about democracy and the troubles were having. thank you from all of us grateful americans. and i know i speak for jon meacham when saying we cannot wait to watch our next chapter as it now opens. >> bless you for that michael beschloss. thank you very much. it was far too generous. all i can say is, i have never
11:37 pm
forgotten that these are the cheap seats. my name is on none of the books on the bookshelf in my house. you two gentlemen are well representative. and that is the difference. i am going to keep these guys in their chairs just over a break. largely because they have no other plans on a thursday night, will continue with the discussion right after this. ussion right after this. hey hun hey, get your own vapors relax with vicks vapobath or with vicks vaposhower. take a soothing vicks vapo moment wherever you chose.
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when you really need to sleep you reach for the really good stuff. new zzzquil ultra helps you sleep better and longer when you need it most. it's non habit forming and powered by the makers of nyquil. new zzzquil ultra. when you really really need to sleep. we are back, our guest michael beschloss and jon meacham. i sort of got if you mention my name, i'm going to kill your mic and drive down to your house. i happen to know that this week and someone who would enjoy our conversation because he loved a good laugh. this week we've been remembering bob dole. who's wishing life kind of came true lying in state in the capital today. he always wanted friends from
11:41 pm
both sides of the aisle and hear this man from russell kansas attracted the most powerful republicans and democrats to his casket in the rotunda of the u.s. capital. genuine consensus american hero, i fear that we will never see his likelihood again. >> we'll never strong but goodness gracious. look at what's he represents. not that he's a perfect guy, but he put the country first. and that's the power of example here. because it's a lot easier, blessedly, to learn from sinners then from saints. which is good, giving the relative proportion of the two of the population. dole was somebody who understood the game, played the game. but when it came down to, it when there was a decision to be made for the good of the many, for the good of the country,
11:42 pm
kids have school lunches because of bob dole. and he governed the disabilities act. the last time i saw him was in the college station. in the 75th anniversary of the pearl harbor. and by the way, we michael beschloss, as never given me a car. so i want to mention -- and the fact that he has that right at hand, is really concerning. but thankfully, brian, you have a little time off so that we could do the intervention. so this will be good. everybody involved. we have these very much concerns that we are not stopping him from doing it. in college station, it was like adams and jefferson to some extent. here are these two rivals, bush and dull. they're part of a double helix. and there they were, they were
11:43 pm
both in wheelchairs. the 75th anniversary of the war that changed both their lives. change the country, change the world. and there was a kind of commonality. see us lewis want said that we picture lover's face to face. but friends side by side. their eyes look ahead. and there's something to hold them together. and dole understood that. and you can cut my mic but you've been a gift to the country, to continue to be a gift to the country. i will say, i thought that deal was the only big funeral of the week. i didn't know that this was going to be one too. you know, brian williams. but you need to save these because the eulogies will not be as good, i suspect. but you've been fantastic and continue to be fantastic. >> those thoughts have occurred to me this week. i ought to take notes right now, write the stuff down, because it's never going to get any
11:44 pm
better. >> it's a little bit like journalism. just use. it >> let me use the remainder of my time to thank you. another great quote from contemporary american politics. let me use the remainder of my time to thank you both for your friendship, mostly for letting us borrow your brains. regularly on this broadcast, we are going to have a weekend together with our significant others at our place. i don't know whether the history or will come here to shoot it but it will be a documentary. jon meacham, michael beschloss, my friends my but there's. thank you, friends forever. coming up here, something that i am not allowed to know about. followed by some words i was able to successfully string together this afternoon. this afternoon. [♪♪] did you know, you no longer need to visit a dermatologist
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lucky enough to be one of the first gets on the very first element hour. it is my privilege to get to share some of the most memorable moments from the last five years. >> good evening and welcome from our headquarters here in new york. where we heard that music before. 20 days, until the first presidential debate, 63 days or 62 depending on how you count until the election, and while it may not be the 11 clock our where you are watching we are rapidly nearing the 11th hour for this presidential campaign. >> it's not a campaign overhaul they need, they need to take
11:49 pm
this away from the candidate. >> do you, chris christie, think donald trump should release his tax returns. >> he released them when the audit is over. >> that's a big difference to use the expression, likely indictment, when all the reporting is to the contrary. >> find, it just doesn't change what's in voters minds right down. >> tonight, as we come on the air, if the election of donald trump and a driving protesters out into the streets of several american cities. >> your organization sir, go ahead -- >> it was hiring television the first time around, it's just harrowing to see it again, tonight isn't it. donald trump, today, became our 45th president. completing the most unusual and unlikely rise in the history of the presidency. a showdown between the president and the justice department, we have never had a president give nazis the benefit of the doubt. the president, today, has
11:50 pm
praised the leader of north korea. he sided with putin over the home soon when given the chance. we are now at the start of the third government shutdown of this presidency. the democrats have just become, the czech, on this president. donald trump, just the third american president to be impeached. the world health organization declares the coronavirus a pandemic. the protests that erupted in minneapolis following the death of, george floyd, at the hands of police now of course a nationwide movement. the death tonight of supreme justice, ruth bader ginsburg,. president the united states has tested positive for covid-19. today it finally indeed became official, they are now president elect and vice president elect. day 1448 of the trump administration, was disgraceful and dark and said and him elating. because an angry mob, took over, the u.s. capital with seeming
11:51 pm
ease. a lot to take, and we have the very best in the business standing by to consider our conversation. this is a biden, biden movement. >> fascism didn't rives an the 30 because it was strong, but because democracy was weak. >> what happened on january 6th, what's happening with the virus, those are facts that are going to be looked at, with great disfavor by historians many many years from now. >> i don't know you do this every night, brian, thank keep your subtle but amazing human intact. >> it got physical at nato with what we love to call the montenegro eisman. today's white house easter egg roll that's him on the left. >> think trump protesters, i think these are the people that are probably planned this. >> as i would say, we paid extra to have those translator from the original russian. >> that's the men's roomy icon, steve bannon,. on his podcast today >> that is,
11:52 pm
obviously, we have rolled the wrong clip air. i thought this is going to be of the mccarthy and trump meeting. -- perhaps you remember your first edible. he's just a boy, standing in front of new hampshire, asking them to love him. 11th hour is way bigger than anyone man or woman, the truth is, our secret is always been it's always about our guests. that will never change. >> i know that they're someone the lap and some of the right there losing faith in the common american future. because our fragile unity is the source of anything good and noble and our nation. we march four, died for it, fought for it. we can't casually abandon it. we can't casually abandon it.
11:53 pm
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try to keep this before. after 28 years of peacock logos on much of what i own. it is now my choice to jump without it into the great unknown. as i do, for the first time in my 62 years, my biggest worry is for my country. the truth is, i'm not a liberal or a conservative, i'm an institutionalist. i believe in this place and in my love of country i used to know one. but the darkness on the edge of town, has spread to the main roads and highways, and neighborhoods, it's not the local bar. it's at the bowling alley, at the school board, and the grocery stores. it must be acknowledged and answered for. grown men and women, who swore an oath to our constitution, elected by their constituents possess the kind of college degrees i can only dream of have decided to join the mob and become something they are
11:57 pm
not. while hoping, we somehow forget who they were. they've decided to burn it all down with us inside. that should scare you to know and, as much as it scares an aging volunteer fireman. to my coworkers, my love and thanks. i say again, to everyone i've worked with, has made me better out but i do. to my family, love and thanks doesn't begin to cover it but now i have the time to better express it. my friends know who they are no one's been blessed with better friends. to the guest on this broadcast as you've heard the nice man say a few months ago, it's always been about you. otherwise i'd be staring into the camera for an hour five nights a week and nobody wants to see that. you are at the 11th hour and we will continue to be the 11th hour. this is where i thank you, however, for being so great for explaining these last five years. as a proud new jersey native, this is where i get to say, regrets.
11:58 pm
i've had a few. then again, too cute to mention. what a ride it's been? where else, how else, with a kid like me going to meet presidents and kings and the occasional rock star? these lovely testimonials that i've never truly repaid. make me i per aware that it has been, and remains, a wonderful life. it's as if i'm going to wake up tomorrow morning and bed furred falls. the reality is i will wake up tomorrow in the america of the year 2021. a nation, unrecognizable to those who came before us and fought to protect it. which is what you must do now. my colleagues will take it from here. i will probably find it impossible to be silent and stay away from you and lights and cameras. after i experiment with relaxation and find out what have missed and what's out there. every week night for decades now i have said some version of the same thing. thank you for being here with
11:59 pm
us. us, meaning the people who produce this broadcast for you. you, while without you, there is no us. i'll show myself out, until we meet again, that is our broadcast for this thursday night. thank you for being here with us. and for all my colleagues at the networks of nbc's news. goodnight. goodnight. tonight on all in, donald trump's case to keep this presidential records tonight on all a secret, in his case to keep loses in court. as the this presidential records secret current president rallies democracies around the globe. >> this is the defining challenge of our time. democracy. more alarming new signs of democratic erosion in america. that congressman adam shift on
12:00 am
the stringing court law -- what is next from the supreme court on the january six development. plus, >> to me, we have the strongest economy that i have ever seen. great news for workers as the american recovery wars, when all in starts right now. >> good evening from new york, i'm chris hayes, tonight just a few hours ago, d.c. circuit court ruled against the ex president. in his case to stop the january six committee from getting their hands on his presidential records. it's a big decision, it's got broad indications, and the judgment just came down and now, donald trump has two weeks to petition the supreme court. we are going to be discussing on that in just a, bit we will be joined by congressman adam schiff, who of course sits on that committee to discuss what the ruling means further investigation. also, what it all means for our country, as we try to understand what happened on january six. in the effort to


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