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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  December 15, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PST

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and a dedicated trade desk of expert-level support. that will push you to be even better. and just might change how you trade—forever. because once you experience thinkorswim® by td ameritrade ♪♪♪ there's no going back. good day, everyone. this is andrea mitchell reports in new york today. president biden is in kentucky getting a firsthand look of a tour across the state. the president will be visiting two pounds hit hardest by the tornadoes. mayfield and then dawson springs where he will be delivering remarks on the state and federal response this afternoon. the coronavirus pan determine sick raging with the omicron
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spreading and getting at an unprecedented rate. and cornell university is going virtual after reportinger inly 1,000 new cases on campus. >> the message remains clear. if you are fully vaccinated get your booster shot. >> and democrats chris mat deadline to pass their sweeping spending panel is better, but president biden does not sound on mystic today. >> it's going to be close. while build back better is in
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legislative limbo is causing action on voting reform instead. >> they are future fighters, and we have to pass the john louis voting rights act. joning me now is kristin welker, co-host of "weekend today" and garrett haake. we have more reporting on what we expect senator shooum tore do. >> yeah, bottom line here is that there is a new concern
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about it coming down to two fairly simple problems. they don't have a finished bill yet. the paid leave portion, the tax reduction portion, they don't have a finished bill or the votes, joeman -- manchin continues, and there is just not enough days left, so democrats are now conceding that build back better will happen next year. whether or not there can be another legislate i item, perhaps a voting rights push, is another question, but it won't be build back better. >> and we heard what the president said this morning, it didn't sound very confident about that christmas deadline,
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what are you hearing? >> i think you're right, andrea. the fact that we heard a very measured tone being echoed with sources saying their skeptical that build back better can pass before the new year. there is skepticism that that can pass, and garrett just outlined it so well. so what is the strategy moving forward. there will be a focus on twisting arms. i think woe would not be surprised to see him have another conversation in the coming days, and a real focus on getting build back better passed in the new year. with each passing day it gets more difficult because of the all-important midterm elections. it is a key part of the biden
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agenda and a lot of the campaign promises encapsulated in the sweeping piece of legislation. if he were to over see congress gettingings this passed, the margins are very narrow. democrats being able to hold on to both chambers and the time is now. people who are working on this to get something down now or in the new year at the very latest because it is a difficult time. >> a real loss of momentum there. thank you for all of your reporting. mark warner, what do you think is the chance for voting rights that has to go into the phil
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buster waiver. it was done for the debt ceiling. >> listen, i think it is a great point. you can't change the rules, you can't change the rules, we're about to drive over the cliff on a debt ceiling. we could have thrown the whole economy into chaos and we changed the rules. when we see the dramatic change taking place that democracy is replacing independent commissions that count and certify the vote with partisan bodies. that would be a disaster. that would be a disaster as we know it. and we're seeing it in republican states right now.
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if that is the norm you could see it on the other side as well. we need to come in and find a way through this process and frankly i want to point out that we had a 25% increase over 2017. so this early voting does not favor one party other the other. that is hard to convince my republican colleagues. so how do we get it done? i think there is a way that you could do a once a year appropriate amendment process where we actually maintain the filibuster. i thought when i first came here 12 years ago that if you want to phil buster something you had to stand up and talk. that's not the rule right now. maintaining the requirement once a year for a talking filibuster, and you have to show up with 40 colleagues to hold the line.
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that preserves the idea of the filibuster to give us a path to make sure that we provide that fire truck and firefighters. he has talked about it in the past. >> joe and i are really good friends. we spent a lot of time and it was joe's effort. ahong with eight others that put together the bipartisan infrastructure bill. it is an investment from roads, to bridges, to broadband. so i worked with joe, we're in those kerkss right now, and time
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will tell. >> there is not much time, can you do it by chris? >> we need to make sure that next year no matter what team you support that every vote will be counted and reported accurately. >> i was thinking, i know you don't focus on the house side, but in the house side some of the recent texts that have been released and in their debate yesterday, and in the hearing the day yesterday, there was support and text communications back and forth. about nullifying the election. where joe biden won by 80,000
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voting, but changing the outcome of elections could that add to the impetition of this. >> i think we have become immune to things that at any other time is using front page news. but when you have members of of congress, how can you overthrow the democratic results of the people's choice. if that doesn't care you, if we need to make sure on a going forward basis that no group from either party can overrule the votes from americans that ought to be the top priority. that is what the senator has laid out and someone that wanted to make sure, department want our county troy go over the cliff on a debt ceiling.
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smnt we do the same for democracy? >> turning back to the social pending bill that we were talking about, it is very clear they're going to have to pull it down. there is no way they can get a pass by christmas. how big of a set back is this for democrats? >> i'm not sure putting deadlines sometimes forcing mechanisms, sometimes they don't work. in my conversations he always said he wanted to see the final bill birdie he made his although decision. and the truth is, we still don't have the final bill. some of that is because there are one or two issues that need to be resolved. but without getting into the arcane reconciliation there is a
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scrub and a bath, sounds like an intimate bathing procedure. they have not finished all of those things. we don't have a bill because it has not gone through the krub and the bath. >> they just reported at the top of the show, the steps have to be taken. i don't know about it, but -- all i want for my birthday and christmas, one present, protecting democracy in this country, not too much to ask, i don't think. >> mr. jefferson of virginia would be proud. >> thank you so much. >> the great common reality of
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virginia. >> 100 residents are still missing following the devastating tornadoes. mike memoli is in dawson springs. the president will be very affected by what we have seen. he is trying to connect with local officials that have been praising the federal response, right? >> that is right. up to this point, i have been like you watching the great coverage, trying to capture the enormity of the devastation here. it takes your breath away and that is the specious that the president is having right now. there is one of several stops here. they want to see what they have done to these communities. it is a moment when the
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president can play that role. we have been hearing about some of the federal resources sent to kentucky and other parts of the region here that have been affected more than 130,000 liters of water. when they talk about this and the impact on people's lyes, he talks about the kind of personal momentos that are tangible to people. it is so soon after a disaster, and they don't want to be disruptive of some of the recovery efforts, but coming here and talking to folks on the ground so to send a message that the federal government is responsive, that it is there to rebuild and to work with the local officials, but to hear for
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himself as well. they are dealing with these disasters. and it is likely we will hear about hem coming from the weeks and months. trying to make sure the recovery is a smooth one. >> so heartbreaking even as they try to begin clearing the area. but it may never be the same. they can't recove erg lost, but they have so much resilience. thank you they are charges against their former colleague. plus, the latest on the investigation. this is andrea mitchell reports. .
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get help managing your money for the life -- and years -- ahead. with fidelity income planning, we'll look at what you've saved, what you'll need, and help you build a flexible plan for cash flow designed to last. so you can go from saving... to living. former trump chief of staff mark meadows is now in the hands of the justice department. before the final content vote, members of the january 6th committee took to the house floor to reveal more stening text mess ans from meadows during the riot.
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>> a member of this body said here is an aggress i strategy one day after after the election. other republican controlled state houses declare this is bs where conflicts and election not called that night and just send their own electors to vote and have it go to the supreme court of the united states. how did this influence them. chuck rosenburg is joining me. and so is phil rucker. what is happening now? >> the house voted yesterday by
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a vote of 222-208 to hold mark meadows in contempt. nearly all democrats, and liz cheney and kinzinger. now the committee is continuing with it's work in the meantime yesterday. keith kellogg, the former national security advisor to then vice president trump downplayed that and said nothing has been reported. tlood are several figures scheduled to testify. jennifer lawrence, not that one, an activist that helped put together the rally that lead to the capital attack. two others have had them postponed. based on the fact that if you refer them for criminal charges day don't have to cooperate. they can do the time and the committee won't get the information from them.
9:22 am
there is big names that are scheduled to appear including jeffrey clark who is knee deep in the effort to get doj to stop the certification of the result all in the next few days. we'll see if and when they show up and what they say. >> let's talk about the similarities as they review the meadows referral and the steve bannon referral. >> i think it is far more difficult for two reasons. he stonewalled the committee, meadows produced thousands of documents, and they provided the
9:23 am
testimony, and he was a former chief of staff. i don't think it is going to hold up ultimately, but never the less, it is trump, the department of justice, prosecuting meadows for criminal on tempt when they have litigated a question that has not been fully resolved. >> so if you were a betting man, which you're not, certainly not when it comes in the courts, would they put this in front of a grand jury? >> they may try to collect additional evidence. if you mean collect the evidence, get testimony, use that to make a better decision about meadows? sure. if they charge him, if i was a betting man, and you're right
9:24 am
i'm not, i would think this comes down on a decision not to prosecute. but also, you know, in the interim he could change his mind or it could resolve the executive privilege question. and the text messages show why that is so important, maybe meadows doesn't get prosecuted again. >> phil, how is all of this being processed by the former president, his closest advisors and others exposed by those text messages? >> this has not been a good week in terms of january 6th investigations for the former president. because of the criminal contempt charge, also by the text mess ans that was coming out earlier.
9:25 am
they created a lot of complications for some of the more conservative right-wing hosts. there is advisors with president trump because we saw that they were trying to back channel with mark meadows to try to persuade the president to call off the rioters. this is all a complicated problem for these figures because if the one hand their trying to discredit january 6th, trying to whitewash history, but the text messages tell you something very different. >> when you look at the legal impetus from this committee, they produce a lot of information, hundreds of witness that's aing and they seem to be
9:26 am
quietly revealing some of the details, so it's not just the riot, it's clearly the conspiracy to nullify the election? >> absolutely. both aspects of that are crucially important. we need to hold accountable the folks that assaults aurss, damaged property, and also the contours of what you justerered to, the largest conspiracy. so two very important aspects of one investigation as you know. >> fill, another problem for the president and you have been covering this intensively. the federal judge now has thrown out the challenge from the former presidents, blocking the ways and means committee from his tax returns. he will bring this up, but if he loses in the long run, what will that mean?
9:27 am
>>. >> that is something that former president trump has been trying to prevent happening for years now, trying to stop access to his tax returns. it is something that they have been trying to investigation for some time to build that financial architecture. and whether or not there is any fraud at hand here if appears that the courts are clearing the way for congress to get this and keep in mind some of the other investigators have obtaied the documents. that is not something that the president wants to happen but it appears he is increasingly losing when it comes to his finances. >> they are all looking into some issues. thank you so much to all of you. sahil and chuck, and of course phil rucker. and havana syndrome
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anthony blinken is headed back early from asia days earlier than plan skipping an important meeting in thai lapd after a member of the traveling press pool tested positive for covid-19. that is a group of 12 or 13 reporters on his plane. he spoke by phone to the foreign minister of thailand and expressed his deep regret for canc canceling. they have all been tested and it has come back negative. they have been in asia for a week now. the administration is scrambling to meet the needs of 200 diplomats and intelligence officers because of what is being called the havana
9:33 am
syndrome. medical experts found evidence of permanent brain damage in some cases. a recent review said there is no agreement on the cause or who could be blind the attacks. a leadinger this i have microwaved directed energy. russia denied any involvement. williams burns on a trip to moscow warned that the u.s. would take swift action. in october i spoke exclusive sloi several of the original victims that reported hearing a advantage sound related to their symptoms. >> it was a lot worse earlier. it was persistent, kind of at the same level all of the time. very, very loud. on our right was another embassy family and the people on our
9:34 am
left and across the street from us were both canadian embassy employees. all four households were diagnosed. >> joining me now is jeanne shaheen who has lead the effort to make sure they get compensated and proper medical care. part of what you're doing is the defense authorization bill, correct? >> that is correct, what we want is a coordinator not just in the various agencies where they had personnel attacked, but someone that can coordinate the entire bill. we want to know exactly what is going on so that we can respond if is very troubling that this happened years ago and we don't
9:35 am
know who is responsible, we don't know the cause or who is doing it. >> fei years they have been suffering and we don't know what is causing this. some people are still questioning their reported symptoms, what is your explanation for who is involved in this. >> i think it is, as you indicated microwave directed attacks. we know several countries that have the ability to do that. they also have the global footprint that would allow them to have people working in countries where we have seen attacks on our personnel. every continent except antarctica. it is important for us to keep a focus on this, not just to make
9:36 am
sure the people attacked get the help they need, but to also find out who is responsible, who is doing it, and put an end to it. >> the state department says they're doing everything that can, are you satisfied with what they have done so far? >> i think the state department improved significantly. they have two former ambassadors working with those people that have been attacked. they are making sure that people are getting the health care they need, so i think that they're making significant progress. i think it is important for us to continue to pay attention to what is happening. that's why part of the lack wage and the amendment in the defense will that will hopefully pass today requires reporting so we know what is being done and what more we can do to make sure that people are being heard and getting the help they need. >> i want to also ask you about
9:37 am
afghanistan. i know you met with angelina jolie today. you have been championings them. is there more that the u.s. can do to try to get more people, more women out, activists, who are all being targeted but don't have a direct connection to the u.s. military and don't have the rights that citizens and others have to get flights out? >> well, i was pleased to see her interest. she has been passionate about what is happening in afghanistan. she has a school there she continues to support and we talked about several things. number one about raising the concerns that we're hearing from women and girls in afghanistan so they know they're heard about what is happening to them and about our opposition to the
9:38 am
taliban and fact that what they're doing is not acceptable. also to ensure that there is humanitarian assistance to millions of afghan that's are facing a difficult winter. women and children are always the most impacted. so we need to find ways to work through so we can make sure they get food to survive this winter. >> let me ask you quickly. it seems like build back better will not be done by christmas. i was just talking to senator warner who believes that we should, you guys, should just use the remaining days to try to get a phil filibuster waiver. >> we certainly need voting rights to get done. it's the most core part of our democracy, and in protecting our
9:39 am
democracy we saw on january 6th of this year the threat that we're facing. we're seeing it in multiple state legislatures across the country where voting rights are under attack even in my home state of new hampshire. >> i want to ask you about the spread of the coronavirus. what do you think is going on? >> that is very troubling. we have more optizations and deaths at this time than any time since january. and while we're working to get people vaccinated, we don't have as good of a record as everyone, so we need to encourage people to continue to get boostered, to continue to wear facemasks, and
9:40 am
do all of the things that work in this pandemic. until we defeat covid we'll never get our lives back to normal or see our economy works the way we want to. the ability of families to enjoy, and especially for this holiday season we want people to enjoy their families, get rest, and not have to worry about covid. >> thanks so much, senator, former governor of new hampshire. good to see you and happy holidays to you. >> same to you, thank you. >> the rapid spread that we were just talking about. the highly contagious omicron variant means that hospitals could be facing a very long winter. that is up next. g winter that is up next.
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9:45 am
bashear. telling them we're here for thinking in a you need is the important message today. they are announcing cases of the highly transmissible omicron variant is being detected and millions of americans are getting ready to travel for the holidays. so how concerned are you with the rapid surge of positive cases that we have seen some 1,000 cases there, they're shutting down the campus and going virtual. >> yeah, there is a few things. he is torically, but with alpha and delta we had a four to six week lag period, but it looks
9:46 am
leek it is happening faster, ordinarily i would have predicted it is bigger by january. but it looks leek it will hit us harder over the holidays, and this is really escalating very quickly. this is about 10% to 13% of the virus isolates, and that's where you get, you know, you'll be in for a tough time over the christmas holidays. >> what do we see with all of these travelers, this could potentially make it that much worse. >> that's right and potentially expose travelers more than usual, families are haves discussions, maybe cut back a
9:47 am
little on ambitious plans over the holidays. i think the big worry that i'm seeing now is on the health systems and the hospitals. we're seeing a lot of breakthrough infections among people, certainly if they have only two doses of the vaccine, but even some that got three doses, breakthrough infegss, and my concern is among the hospital personnel and the staff. we will have a lot of people calling out sick when there is a big surge. so i expect a big strain as we move into the holidays. >> do you think this is still delta, not omicron? we're seeing a fred now, and 33 states have omicron? >> no problem, they are gaining faster than i would have
9:48 am
thought. a couple weeks ago i would have said omicron is a distant problem, let's focus on delta and now i think we're really seeing this rapid rise and i think we're starting to reproduce now what is happening in the u.k. i think it will be on us faster than a number of us originally thought. >> we're just starting to see the thanksgiving numbers. covid cases are up 58%. and this is new york, of course, where i am today and we're, you know, expecting a hog day surge in new york and new jersey. >> yeah, the big talking opponents is the surchlgs. i'm concerned about hospital staff calling in sec because of breakthrough covid, and the last piece of this is we're starting
9:49 am
at south frek where -- frek where a lot of kids got sick. >> the health care workers the real heros here as all of you are. thank you dr. peter hotez, have a good holiday to you. >> on defense, former police officer kim potter could soon take the stand in minneapolis. we'll have a live report, next. t it's the easiest because it's the cheesiest. kraft. for the win win. imagine having someone else do your books for you. as your quickbooks live bookkeeper, i'll categorize expenses, reconcile accounts, and close your books. cool. yep. know where your business stands. intuit quickbooks live bookkeeping. hi sabrina! hi jen! hi. so you're the scientist here.
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9:53 am
civil rights attorney. yesterday focusing on the training kim potter had as a veteran police officer. the many differences and the weight between a gun and a taser. how do they explain the defense, try to explain, i guess, how she got it confused. >> i'll get into the arguments we're hearing from the defense. but the use of force expert hired by the team and he just testified that the force that officer potter used was inappropriate and excessive. now, again, this is a state witness. this is someone that they've hired but right now there's actually a break in the trial as there's a side bar at the defense raising some objections to his testimony. but you mentioned what we have been hearing earlier today and both yesterday. it was the focus on the use of a taser and the training that officers have received with that taser. of course, a gun was used in this instance rather than the taser, but the prosecution is
9:54 am
trying to underscore the importance that even a taser wouldn't have been appropriately used in the situation in which the gun was ultimately used. the defense is firing back and instead of talking about the differences between the taser and the weweapon, they're talki about the two devices and you're hearing that play out back and forth in the courtroom. >> it's clear she's going to testify. police officers carry great weight, usually, before a jury. but is it a good idea to have her testify? >> andrea, in this case, i think you have to have her testify and this isn't strictly analysis. part of what happens in a court ks any time it involves a killing, they almost have to take the stand and express remorse. we've seen that from her already in the body cam. she focuses on her fear of going to prison more than her concern
9:55 am
that she killed daunte. they'll get to a crittal can issue that we only marginally covered in this trial and that is whether or not she acted with criminal intent, which is what the case will turn on and also expect to see what we've seen already in terms of daunte being blamed for the outcome of this case which is dangerous for the defense. but i still expect to hear from her on the stand. >> david henderson and shaq brewster. when do we think she might testify? >> we don't know the exact timing yet. but when you compare the prosecution's witness list, they're reaching the end of opportunities and options to call other witnesses. so as soon as they wrap up their case, it will go over to the defense. the defense attorneys say she will testify and we just don't know if she will be the first to do so or later in their presentation, andrea. >> and, david, is there any, you know, legal impact of this? you know, this kind of case? is this to establish a precedence or is this just a terrible tragedy on all sides?
9:56 am
>> this case is a terrible tragedy, andrea. but it is going to have an impact in the broader reform because what police officers will claim is it represents the circumstance where you're convicting an officer or attempting to for making a mistake on the job. one of the interesting things on how the facts developed in this case. confusing a gun with a taser and acknowledge that is the mistake she made. that will play out in a broader context. >> indeed. thanks to both of you. thanks so much for being with us today. that does it for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports." follow the show online and on twitter. garrett haake picks up our coverage right after this. ld rin . a surgery that takes as little as 45 minutes and your act of love can change a child's life forever. please call or visit now.
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looking good start with bounce wrinkleguard, the megasheet designed to prevent wrinkles in the dryer. breaking on msnbc right now president biden is on the ground in kentucky offering all the help he can to the communities devastated by the weekend's storms. >> there's no red tornadoes and blue tornadoes. no red states or blue states when this stuff starts to happen. >> this as more life threatening weather that could produce more tornadoes targets another part of the central u.s. plus, the fate of mark meadows is now in the hands of the department of justice after a late-night house vote. >> mr. meadows has left us no


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