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tv   Way Too Early With Jonathan Lemire  MSNBC  December 17, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PST

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you know what tonight is? friday eve. because tomorrow's friday. helpful reminder. i'll see you again tomorrow. "way too early" is up next. ♪♪ president biden goes on the record acknowledging his build back better plan won't pass before the start of the new year. with a push now toward voting rights, the question is do democrats have a plan to change the filibuster rule? plus, the latest on the covid-19 pandemic, the president warning of a winter of, quote, severe illness and death for the unvaccinated. when it comes to specific vaccines, the question is does the cdc now have preferences? and all 17 missionaries set
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free. what role did the u.s. play in this. it's "way too early" for this. good morning and welcome to "way too early," the show that's keeping a close eye on the fast-moving developments involving covid. please, everyone, stay safe this weekend. i'm jonathan lemire on this friday, december 17th. we'll start with the news. president biden says it could take weeks to approve his plan. according to a statement from the president, talks between the white house and senator joe manchin will continue next week. the statement reads in part this. we will, we must get build back better passed, even in the face of republican opposition. at the same time, we must also press forward on voting rights legislation and make progress on this as quickly as possible. democrats also lost their fight to have work permits for undocumented immigrants included in the bill. this is the third time the
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provision was rejected. senator dick durbin said the senate parliamentarian offered the same reasoning, quote, just too many rights extended, durbin said, adding, quote, we're not going to stop fighting for them. joining us now, white house reporter, josh wingrove. so much to get to. it seemed like for a while charles schumer thought it might pass. yesterday the president conceded it's not going to happen. talk to us about the timeline you do foresee, especially with so many parts of it getting rejected and joe manchin standing firm in his demands. >> yeah. white house officials have really avoided boxing themselves, jon. they're not out on the limb saying january is looking pretty good. one of the reasons is senator manchin is worried about inflation, and joe biden is worried about inflation for other reasons.
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but if he thinks inflation is going to be a fire that has a bunch of gas poured on it by passing the build back better package, he's going to pump the brakes. he's been signally he's going to pump the brakes. the one statement from president biden, senator joe manchin supports the plan overall. inessence he's saying joe manchin is still on board with something. whether that's the case or not remains to be seen, but officials have been pretty tight-lipped since that statement came out. this is a bellwether where biden sees this thing going. >> they're okay with this until early next year. the question is will they be able go get agreements on things like the child tax credit. but stand by. i also wanted to ask you something else, something i know you're following very closely. president biden, we heard him yesterday, warned americans not
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vaccinated against covid-19 could face a winter of, quote, severe illness and death. his message comes as the country sees a massive spike in cases and as the highly contagious omicron sweeps the nation. there were reported more than 18,000 cases in one day. new york city's rate doubled in just three days. president biden said the country's in a better position to deal with the new variant because of steps taken to limit travel and increase access to boosters. he noted that 57 million americans have gotten booster shots and encourage more to follow suit. >> omicron is here. it's going to start to spread much more rapidly at the beginning of the year. and the only real protection is to get your shots. for the unvaccinated, we're looking at a winter of severe illness and death if unvaccinated. for themselves, their families,
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and the hospitals, they'll soon overwhelm. but there's good news. if you're vaccinated, have your booster shot, you're protected from severe illness and death. and, josh, let's add anecdotally what the president said. it feels like the virus is everywhere. i know so many in the past few days who have tested positive, even though they're fully vaccinated and have had the booster. things are being canceled left and right. what are your takeaways from the president's comments there, and what's going to be the administration's overall response to what seems to be a massive surge on the horizon? >> anecdotally i'm hearing the same thing, you know, breakthrough cases, booster shots. it is what it is. but that's the president's most dire warning, jon. they've been ruling out, including a briefing earlier this week, they would do any kind of lockdown, downplaying, the rise in tide, saying the
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tools we have have worked, which is vaccination. but the fear of the public health experts the pool has run dry. with delta, we did see folks get shots because they kind of dismissed the severity of the virus before. delta changed their mind. one state official said yesterday, so far, not so much as to what, i think, joe biden is banking on, the boosters. remember, jon, the rule they're recommending is six months after you've had your second shot is when you should get your booster. all adults, not younger children quite yet for that. and if you get the johnson & johnson shot, two months. yesterday they called back the statement on johnson & johnson and said get the other ones if you can and that works better. >> bloomberg's josh wingrove. we appreciate your insight on all of this, and, please, come
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back soon. the january 6th committee subpoenaed the retiring colonel on how to overturn the 2020 election results. that's a statement released yesterday by chairman thompson. the subpoena requests phil waldron to appear for a january 17th meeting and supply documents by january 10th. former white house chief of staff mark meadows included a version of that powerpoint, infamous powerpoint in documents provided to the committee which the panel made public late last week. waldron also toast "the post" he visited the white house several times after the election and had met with meadows, quote, maybe eight to ten times in the run-up to the capitol insurrection. meanwhile brad parnell told the january 6th committee they
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subpoenaed his records from last year. he noticed it earlier in the day and, quote, just agreed. i had nothing to do with january 6th. i have zero to to hold. he says, all of this makes them think i will turn on him, him meaning donald trump. parscale was no longer with the campaign by election day after being demoted in 2020 over personality clashes and a personal issue in florida. the select committee did not respond to request for comment. still ahead, two months after being abducted by a gang in haiti, the last members of a kidnapped missionary group have been freed. plus, the air force, the navy, and now the u.s. marines are starting to discharge active
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the number of people reported missing in kentucky has dropped dramatically. that's more good news. but more national guard members are deployed as they begin their long recovery. nbc's gabe gutierrez has the story. >> reporter: we boarded a black hawk helicopter for a look at the exclusive damage. general dan hokkinson leads the national guard. >> it's utter devastation. the scope at this altitude, it's just terrible.
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>> reporter: what's truly remarkable to see from the air is how far it was on the ground, for more than two hours. the national weather service is still assessing the damage. but it's said to be the longest trek in american history. it was classified as an ef-4 with winds up to 190 miles an hour. the number of those missing has dropped dramatically from more than 100 -- >> the missing appears to now be 16. that's good news. >> reporter: on the ground, almost 700 air and army national guard members are searching through the debris for the missing. >> the dynamic is everybody knows everybody. some of our soldiers working right here know someone killed in the storm. >> reporter: it's a lot to take in. >> that's the remainder of where the candle factory was. >> reporter: a place where recovery will be measured for
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years, not months. >> our thanks to gabe gutierrez for that report. the 12 remaining members of the american missionary group who were kidnapped in haiti two months ago were freed. a convoy of at least a dozen vehicles brought the missionaries to port-au-prince airport from their headquarters. the group of 17 north american missionaries were kidnapped in october by a haitian gang who were demanding $1 million per hostage. we're unclear if the money was made. also detectives have now issued a search warrant for actor alec baldwin's cellphone. officials are looking to obtain messages, call logs, photos, and videos, as well as any private messages sent on social media
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platforms in relation to production of the film. they were authorized to access all text messages and photos on the actor's iphone as well as access to the cloud. the sheriff's department will also be able to obtain any deleted videos, messages on the phone that have to do with the movie. meanwhile baldwin's lawyer said they wanted a formal warrant for the actor's phone to protect baldwin's personal information. in a statement his lawyer said this. we're confident that the evidence will show that mr. baldwin is not responsible civilly or criminally for what occurred on 20c9 1st, and he continues to cooperate with authorities. the lawyer adds, a phone contains a person's entire life, and personal information needs to be protected. while they'll valuate the phone information, we hope the authorities continue to focus on how the live rounds got on the set in the first place. the warrant comes two months after questions were raised as to how the gun went off on set during the production of the
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film, killing the cinematographer and photographer. an army spokesperson tells politico two were kicked out. nearly 100 defied the order to get vaccinated. the navy and air force also have begun removing service members for refusing the vaccine. still ahead, the coronavirus pandemic isn't just impacting sports in the united states. we'll take a look at where things stand in other areas of the world. plus, tiger woods is set to return to golf this weekend after that terrible crash, and he's getting a little help from his 12-year-old son. sports will be next. his 12-year. sports will be next. are you tired of clean clothes that just don't smell clean? what if your clothes could stay fresh for weeks? now they can. downy unstopables in-wash scent boosters
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all-time chiefs touchdown catch list tonight. one catch shy of taylor. here is kelsey. still going. still going. kelsey! good night! touchdown! chiefs win it sclaf. >> that walk-off 34-yard touchdown lifts travis kelce to 199 receiving yards in last night's game. he caught two scores as well. the kansas city chiefs one 34-28 against the los angeles chargers. for those who have them on your playoff start, that includes me. at least for now the chiefs are the top team, but the new england patriots can retake the number one seed with a conference win tomorrow, saturday game against the indianapolis colts. but that's all the good news we've got from sports today.
2:21 am
with a spike in coronavirus across the league, the nfl has updated its protocols and is advocating for more booster shots. a among protocol changes, the league is requiring masks regardless of vaccination status and remote or outdoor meetings. it's stopping personal meals, prohibiting outside visitors during team travel and limiting the amount of people in the team weight room. things will be strengthened as the season goes on. meanwhile the nba players have agreed to additional protocols through the holidays including additional testing and return to mask wearing in almost all circumstances during team activities. the upgraded mask rules will be in place until agreed otherwise by the nba and the players
2:22 am
association. covid concerns hit college basketball with officials calling off a pair of top 25 men's game this weekend. tomorrow's los angeles matchup between michigan state -- ohio state and kentucky -- it would have been a good one. they're looking to find a possible replacement game. and seton hall has canceled tomorrow's game with iona in new york city. it's not just impacting sports played within the united states. last night's game between the flyers and canadiens was played to empty stands in montreal. officials requested no fans attend the game. the habs have obtained
2:23 am
permission to have partial capacity. there will be 50% tomorrow. the nhl will reintroduce enhanced covid protocols including daily testing and restrictions. the english premier league postponed another six soccer matches, two scheduled for yesterday and another four this weekend. only five remain on the top flight schedule. there could be more changes. a total of nine league fixtures have been so far called off this month. while this pandemic puts a lot of sports if question, at least fans can look forward to this this weekend. tiger woods is back. the golf letter tee off alongside his 12-year-old son charlie tomorrow morning in orlando for the start of the two-day pnc championship. the 15-time major winner is playing for the first time since the february car crash that threatened his life and severely
2:24 am
damaged his right leg. the duo finished seventh in the tournament a year ago, the last time woods played competitively. that will be nice to see. time now for the weather. let's go to meteorologist bill karins. bill, what's it looking like out there? >> not as warm as yesterday, jon, but we still have very non-december kind of weather out there, and then we'll return to normal december weather in the days ahead. we're worried about arkansas, worried about isolated severe storms. we still have that warm air in place. some areas did get hit last friday from severe weather. i do not expect the severe weather outbreak we had last friday. maybe an isolated tornado or two. you have oklahoma and a sliver of arkansas. you could see flash flooding.
2:25 am
today's forecast, we're still very warm on the eastern seaboard. 60 again in new york city, 62 in d.c. we had about 36 record-highs yesterday, especially in the northeast. we're definitely colder in the northern plains. look at billings, 12 degrees, minneapolis, 24. there's winter finally returning to where it should be. as we head into the weekend, a little bit of a snow convenient for you. not a lot, but a couple of inches through northern new england. great for ski country. we're going to deal with rain again in the southeast and deep south. by the time we get to sunday, the weather map quiets down, cooler in the northeast. a cooler storm in the northwest. jonathan, i think the word as we head toward christmas next week is kind of returning back to normal. it's going to be obviously finally feeling like december out there, but i don't have any big snowstorms for you. if you don't have snow on the ground, i don't think you're going to get a white christmas unfortunately. >> yeah. we are now just a week from christmas, hard to believe.
2:26 am
bill karins, thank you for that. still ahead, democrats are ramping up the push to pass voting rights before the end of the yearing but in the senate, some familiar obstacles could hinder those efforts. before we go to break, we want to know, why are you awake? email your reasons to or tweet me @jonlemire. we'll read some of our favorite answers later in the show. read answers later in the show. and ...home and more. you could save up to forty-five percent. (man) that's a whole lot of discounts. (burke) well, we offer coverage for a whole lot of things, and you could save a whole lot of something with farmers policy perks. (kid) sup, dad! (burke) seventeen-car garage you got there? ♪we are farmers♪ ♪bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum♪ ♪3, 4♪ ♪ ♪hey♪
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♪♪ welcome back to "way too early."
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it's a touch before 5:30 on the east coast, 2:30 out west. i'm jonathan lemire. senate democrats are making one final push to pass voting rights before the end of the year. party leaders are looking to make progress on the freedom to vote act and the john lewis voting rights amendment act. democrats are really feeling pressure from advocacy groups. they've been fighting to build momentum behind voting legislation for over a year, working overtime and organizing television ads and marches across the country. i'll add to that for a story i rote for today for politico, reverend al sharpton says that civil rights groups are targeting mlk day as the unofficial deadline for democrats to show they've made progress on voting rights legislation, and if they fail to do so, he suspects they'll start to lose the vote of black american voter, the same ones who gave joe biden the white
2:31 am
house last year. the activists are saying, you need to show us or we won't show up for you. but moderate senators joe manchin and kyrsten sinema, while they say they're in support of it thierk not in support of the change. without them, the voting rights act has very little chance of passing. relatedly, a democratic party from nevada says her own party is making a congressional mess in the state. in a meeting this wean, rep active dina titus unloaded. the new map move ascii part of titus's space, a hispanic community to another district in order to support two other swing districts. titus said. this you read that republicans are using gerrymandering to cut
2:32 am
out democratic seats. but they didn't have to in this state. we did it to ourselves. i totally got bleeped by the legislature on my district. i'm sorry to say that, but i don't know any other way to say it. for the record, she didn't say bleep. the justice department announced last week it's suing texas over its redistricting plans which attorney general merrick garland says discriminates against black and latino voters. joining us now is an msnbc analyst. democrats are turning back their righ plans to voting rights. are they more likely now than they've been at any point this year to make a one-time filibuster deal or carve-out? >> let me put it this way, jonathan. don't expect them to change their minds, and it's going to
2:33 am
be hail mary if they do. these are two senators, let's be real, had the bill modified after they made demanded publicly, and now they say they support them but they're not going to work on it to get it enacted. a bit of an oxymoron. as reverend al sharpton said thierk going to pull back support. i do think voters are absolutely right to stand on democrats and expect them to do something to the protect their base iks right to vote. the suppression bills are ravaging states like arizona and texas. i think the democrats can only expect this to ramp up after we've seen them put their bodies on the line. having these hunger strikes by people like joe madison and
2:34 am
students in arizona to raise atoning this issue to keep it at the forefront because it's been pushed aside this entire time. i will say that this urgency from democratic bill is very late after we've seen that activity and push all year long, but there's still time to get it done. it shouldn't come down to manchin and sinema. they should work harder to get their caucus in order, get democrats in order and-to-get this done. we all know what this means going into the midterms for our democracy that may not be able to survive another series of elections that are fair, are free, where everyone's rights to vote are affected. >> you made a key point. there are some on the left who say it should have been part of it all along. if they want to do the president's infrastructure bill and build back better first and then turn to voting rights. aides with bbb now put on the back burner, voting rights moved to the forefront.
2:35 am
there's a lot of questions about the president's use of the bully pulpit. we talked about the debate inside the white house about how to use the january 6th anniversary coming up one year since the insurrection. and there are a lot of aides who want to use that day to make a really forceful push for voting rights we know they met with democratic senators yesterday on a path forward. do you have a sense now? is the president going to step in front and really lead a charge on filibuster reform. they're not going to rule that out. they're wondering how effect irv it could be with manchin and sinema and others. >> look. it shouldn't be a question of how effective it is versus how he is prengt himself to show he's fighting for them. if anything, we know his voice is going to be critical and it's something advocates have been calling for this entire time. i also appreciate you naming
2:36 am
this false voice. there is a rye alt that we know that the president and congress can do multiple things at once, and while sequencing is critical, the false narrative out there and the choice that the white house presents, i think, is something that ultimately was making them fooind themselves on their heels at this moment. i assure you if president biden had been out front naming all of the options before the senate, then the public will be fully educated and applying even more pressure to the senators all year long. so he cannot miss this opportunity. the january th anniversary, i think, can be used multiple ways in terms of the select committee rolling out their findings, rolling out criminal charges for what now can be recognized as an organized coup attempt. but president biden should announce what he's doing to ensure our democracy can survive an attack like that. >> msnbc's juanita tolliver.
2:37 am
thanks so much for being on. have a great weekend. still ahead, apple delays its return of workers to the office while airline ceos cast doubt on wearing masks on planes. how businesses are responding when "way too early" comes right back. nding when "way too early" comes right back nyquil severe gives you powerful relief for your worst cold and flu symptoms, on sunday night and every night. nyquil severe.
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you may pay as little as $25 for a 3-month prescription. [music: "i swear"] jaycee tried gain flings for the first time the other day... and forgot where she was. you can always spot a first time gain flings user. ♪ time now for some of the business news you need to start your day. a bill to raise the debt ceiling has been signed into law, avoiding what would have been a first-ever default in the united states. president biden put his signature on legislation yesterday to increase the debt limit by $2.5 trillion after it passed the house and the senate earlier in the week. it came after a drawn out fight across the aisle which ended when republicans agreed to let democrats lift the barring limit without gop support. that bypassed the filibuster
2:41 am
with the vote. under the new bill they should be able to cover their obligations until 2023, delaying the battle until after the midyear elections. apple shared an email with employees from tim cook. he added each employee will each get $1,000 to help furnish their home offices. it comes amid a concern over covid-19 cases and the concern about the highly transmissible omicron varchlt they also issued a mask mandate of all u.s. stores regardless of rules and is reportedly closing some of them because of a rise in cases. many other silicon companies including google, amazon, and uber are pushing back their mandates, but the chief executive of two of the nation's largest airlines are casting doubt over mask wearing on planes. during a senate oversight
2:42 am
meeting this week, ceo gary kelly and american airlines ceo doug parker had this to say. >> very strong that masks don't add much if anything in the air cabin environment. >> i concur. the aircraft is the safest place you can be. it's true of all of our aircraft. >> those comments drew criticism. bastian said he doesn't agree with the remarks. of course, federal regulations require masks on airplanes. still ahead, the cdc's wreck men dags on which booster you should get. on this date in history, thewright brothers conducted their first successful flights
2:43 am
using their flyer. >> kitty hawk. >> we were here when the wright brothers mate their first flight. when they came down here, the people thought they were crazy. but when we saw the plane fly, it was the prettiest bird we ever saw. it was the prettiest bird we ever saw ♪ ♪ ♪ downy's been taking you back, since way back. with freshness and softness you never forget. feel the difference with downy. ♪ [laughing and giggling] (woman) hey dad. miss us?
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with covid cases spiking across america, more and more are waiting in light to get tested. cars are backed up for miles. already facing a wave of delta covid-19, hospitals are waiting on omicron with cases rapidly spreading around the world. as torch officials urge americans to get the booster shot, the cdc recommends pfizer and moderna as the preferred vaccine boosters over johnson & johnson. there's a rare and serious blood
2:47 am
clot with the j&j shot. 50% of women have been hospitalized. 36% have required intense irv care. nine have died. harvard university will require covid booster shots before students return in the spring. colleges across the country are taking extra precautions. many are starting to require booster shots, extend mask mandates, limit visits. joining us, dr. paul sax, doctor of medicine at harvard medical school. thanks for being there. i want to hit you with some quick questions to hopefully answer some of the inquiries that a lot of people watching today are worried about as the holidays approach. let's start there with the cdc recommendation that pfizer and moderna are preferred over the
2:48 am
j&j boosters. what's your reaction to that and walk us through the other treatments potentially like the covid pfizer pill. >> i think they look at the oefd the potentially severe side effect of the j&j and we're looking at it. are we getting more of an effect, and the answer is know. the data continues to come in showing that. as a result, i think if at all possible, we should get the mrna vaccines, the pfizer and moderna ones, rather than j&j. good move. >> so what we're seeing now, cases surging in washington, d.c., have the highest number of covid cases they've had than at any point in the pandemic dating all the way back to 20. is it your sense that the infections coming from the omicron variant are milder than what we've seen from delta and other ones? >> one reason that they appear to be milder is that a lot of new cases are actually reinfections. people have already had covid-19
2:49 am
and also breakthroughs. we know reinfections and breakthroughs in people who have been vaccinated tend to be on the milder side. this is one reason why vaccinations are so critical. a lot of cases, as i mentioned, are in people who have immunity already. what this means for people without a vaccine is that they're at incredibly high risk of getting covid-19, and there are some people who believe it's just a matter of time before everyone is going to get infected, and if you're going to get infected with the virus, you want it on top of a previous vaccine. >> as the holidays approach, what would your advice be for americans out there who don't know what to do. should we be gathering indoors with people who are not in our immediate family, and is that safe if people are vaccinated and boostered, or should people be limiting their gatherings
2:50 am
right now? >> there are a bunch of things we can do. one is keep the size relatively small. sort of a math problem. the larger the number of people who get together, the larger the crowd, someone is likely to have covid and spread to use rapid testing right before the event. some people think they may want to take the rapid test in the morning or day before. do it right before and you can find right away if you have contagious covid-19. it's not perfect but it's better than nothing. good ventilation in the room. if you are in the part of the country if you can have it outdoors, have it outdoors. people with weaken immune system, they should be very careful because omicron is extremely contagious. >> holiday parties are being cancelled left and right after a wave of infections sprung up
2:51 am
some of those indoor gatherings in the last week or so. what should people who are not eligible boosters do? that includes adults and kids ages 5 to 11 and younger than that have not had any at all. what should they do? >> the kids are low risk of getting severe covid. we don't have much evidence to the kids. the adults who have been more than four months not enough guidelines but i would say around the four months spot is when we see first two shots wear off. they should go and see if it's possible to get a vaccine. they should be aware that they may be in a vulnerable position. it would not surprise me going forward would change your vaccine recommendation that
2:52 am
fully vaccinated of three of these shots and we condense the time between the shots a person can get their booster four months after the shot. >> doctor, thank you and please come back soon. earlier in the show, we asked all of you this question, why are you awake? terry e-mails, i am up because my sister came from guatemala and we had way too much to talk about. >> dan, what do you got back there? >> we got super champ. warren sapp. congratulations to the entire sapp family. that's wonderful news. >> keeping the owl trend from yesterday. sarah shares this picture of all of the owls she's taken over the years, writing she comes back every winter. that's a gorgeous owl as i noted. my son flynn who's now seven is obsessed with owls. david e-mails, writers' block,
2:53 am
any ideas to get through in. >> the next couple months i have to finish my book. that's a question i would like to pose to all of you. let me know. i don't sleep much. why the gop is putting the bills for trump. we'll hear from secretary marty walsh how the administration is trying to address the shortages since the start of the pandemic. "morning joe" is a few moments away. a few moments away
2:54 am
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the republican party is agreeing the foot some of the bills. the gop agrees to pay some of the $1.6 million. the gop's commitment to pay trump's legal expenses should be more than 10 times higher than previously known. the rnc can pay more if it chooses. joining us now is anna palmer,
2:57 am
she's an msnbc's contributor. anna, i like the christmas tree. thank you so much for being here. paying trump's legal fees for issues that's related to his personal business is highly unusual. what do you make of it? >> it's highly unusual. there are two things you think about when you look at what the rnc is doing here. it shows you how important donald trump's reputation is of the party, they still see him as a de facto even though he's no longer in office. there is so much news happening in trump's world. there could be even more money that the rnc decides to put forth if they seem to be comfortable with that position. something we'll watch closely
2:58 am
until next disclosure comes out. >> the senate parliament ruled the house pass bill are ineligible in the build back better bill, what options does it leave for democrats? >> third time was not the charm for democrats. they try and try again to get some sort of provision. they don't have a lot of options here when it comes to bbb, activists were upset with the parliamentary ruling? there is very little where republicans and democrats are in agreement right now on immigration. >> anna, let's get your sense of all the developments yesterday. the president conceding build back better bill act is not
2:59 am
going to happen until 2022 or some doubts whether it will happen at all. give us a sense of that and vote rights legislation. >> the punch bowl news talks about the ugly end for 2021 for democrats. certainly the bbb, at the end of the year, the president and joe manchin continue to talk. there is not a lot of agreement here. it's hard to see if you get much further to january or february into 2022 and midterm election year that they'll be able to take on that massive prospect and voting rights also. there is no pathway for here. senator joe manchin and sinema is not interested in making changes for filibuster. senate republicans don't want to move forward with this package at all. they kind of ending this whole year really in a bad spot and
3:00 am
it's going to be interesting to watch how do they try to come forward. what's their strategy. do they try to do something around bbb with the state of union potentially or the other marker that we are looking at is february 18th. the deadline. >> the january 6th anniversary. a lot to happen early next year. anna palmer, thank you so much. read the newsletter. thanks to all of you waking up way too early. "morning joe" starts right now. ♪♪ >> good morning and welcome to "morning joe." happy friday. it's 6:00 a.m. friday, december 17th, i am going to start christmas shopping about a week from now. with


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