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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  December 20, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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us for tonight, we will see you again tomorrow. when the days start getting longer in the night start getting shorter, right? we're here. now it's time for the last word with lawrence o'donnell, good evening lawrence. >> you had one of my favorite segments, on one of my favorite rachel segments. it's the pessimist versus the optimist, when primala jayapal comes on your show, it's my favorite thing. you answer this segment, i may be projecting, but you answer this sub segment in a dark space. that's not what you're saying, but i sort of feel it. and then, you shows optimist-in-chief, congressman jayapal, actually presents an optimistic view of what's next. she actually does.
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it and it's real, i listen to. i sit there with all my experience trying to tear it apart, and no, it's real, it's legitimate, and i have to say, she's brilliant at it. diplomatically. in her presentation of it. but it's just my favorite thing, to watch those words of optimism, just washing over you. and you just, let them get into your heart, and go on with life that way. >> it is like a recurring bit on the show, you are completely right. i bring congresswoman jayapal on, and i, say looks to me like nothing can happen. looks to me like it's all over. and she says oh, every single time, i hear you rachel, but actually, and then she's got something to say. but it's not pie in the sky. and it's not like they'll be better days ahead. she always have some constructive thing that can happen. in some little based in reality thing, that i'm not factoring
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into my little dark cloud. she, i mean, to be the chair of the progressive caucus, is by design, to always be asking for things, that you are mostly not going to get. but she has a gift of asking for things, and presenting a case for, things in a way that is both reasonable and makes it seem likely that she is going to get, at least a lot of what she's asking for. and that is, it works even on me, i am the original dark cloud. but it works even on me. >> and the chair of the progressive congresswoman in the house, i believe in the job description, the word frustration is in the first. the remarkable thing about her. and she has taken the job. and i've been watching very closely. she has never once shown frustration. never once hit the frustration wall. never once. that makes her almost alone among many of her colleagues. i have been watching over the last 24 hours. and the democrats, it's one of
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those moments, the democrats are like a football team, they had some setbacks in the game, and that's all they talk about after the game. it's like, on the local news, all they want to do is re-run the fumble play. all day. instead of the other plays where they actually did reasonably well. it's an odd team trait to have. but congresswoman general paul never falls into that. she never lets trash this person, let's trash another. she actually had a conversation with joe manchin, after, this morning i guess, after all of the flare-ups. and a lot of other people, are just out there trashing joe manchin. she's on the phone with him. she's on the phone trying to figure out where do we go? >> and she's not putting a happy face on something that doesn't deserve it she said on our air, mister senator manchin, is a good person.
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he's a nice person, she's personally complimentary to, him but she's also saying that he's broken his word. and you're only as good as your word in this, town and he has betrayed the president, and betrayed his own word. and essentially not argued in good, faith not negotiated in good faith. she's not a pushover. she's not like, it's not like she's being irresponsible or a kind of a squish on these things at all. she's just willing to keep having the conversation. in willing to find a way forward. it will be interesting to me. it's interesting from me to hear you say right now, what she's proposing is very doable to. you're the biden administration, and biden white house specifically, may have to decide quickly whether some of these things, that she and her colleagues say can be done by executive action, they're going to have to decide whether she is right. whether they want to do it, and i think that's going to have to happen in short order. >> the other thing i think is going to happen, i think senator schumer turned over his card today, in his letter to the democrats, this is something that chairman sanders
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was saying. bernie sanders was saying, look. let's just bring it to the floor. and vote on it. and then senator sanders goes on to say. let's watch joe manchin voted down the child tax credit, which joe manchin might do. but what chairman sanders is describing, is exactly the way it needs to work. he didn't have the whole -- before you brought it to the floor, you brought it out onto the floor, knowing that the child tax credit is in danger. because of mansions attitude toward it. and you just waited. for the amendment. someone will bring up an amendment, to a republican, to strike the child tax credit. in will joe manchin vote yes or no. and you go with what's left of that bill at the end of that process. that's the way it always was, wiring the whole thing of head of time, that's a 21st century invention. >> is that preordained because
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of the reconciliation process, is that the reconciliation process that forces? that >> no, no. the way reconciliation used to work, if you do the best job you could with the bill, you bring out onto the floor, and see what happens. in fact, our first guest tonight. is the joe manchin of 1993. i don't want to go back, but this is the last time we saw the first year of a democratic president, with his major agenda items on the senate floor. and it all coming down to one senator. to craft that 50th for, so al gore could cast the 51st vote, and that senator was mr. carey. he's been there and done that. in the 50th vote, we will talk about what we're seeing in the dynamics of it today. when that bill went to the floor, we did not know how he was going to vote. we didn't know how a few other people were going to vote. and then they reveal themself
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as time went, on and we got to a point where we knew, okay we are one vote away. the bill is on the floor, being voted on at that time. that's what i think senator sanders is saying he wants to happen in january. and senator schumer seems to say that's what he's going to do. >> i think that's right. if you can get former senator who you're about to speak, due to go down to the marina. and a half on the senator manchin's house boat. you have a conversation with him in those terms, i will buy you lunch for a year. >> i can only do what i can do, in my humble corner here. by the way rachel. more episodes, a pessimist versus the optimist, whenever you can. >> i will do. thank you lawrence. >> thank you rachel. well, as you heard, congresswoman jayapal say to
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rachael maddow, it's not over. it is not over. president biden's legislative gender was declared dead yesterday, after senator joe manchin said quote, this is a no, on this legislation. that was his exact sentence. this is a no on this legislation, president joe biden knows that a statement like, that simply means, that if you change something in that legislation. then the no can become a yes. so, last night, joe biden and joe manchin, spent some time on the phone together. and now we know, that this, morning joe manchin, and congresswoman jayapal spent time on the phone together. washington post reports this on the presidents college oh mansion, it was cordial in both men signaled they would try to work on a new deal next year, according to two people with knowledge of the call, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, to discuss private conversation. the washington post is also
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reporting that joe manchin filed a counter offer, to joe biden. it was a 1.8 trillion dollar version of the bill. but did not include an extension of the child tax credit, but did include the largest amount of climate related spending in history. and other biden priorities, joe manchin's illusionist starting point was 1.5 trillion, so that is up from his original starting point. the white house, was considering, how to respond to the mansion 1.8 trillion dollar offer over the weekend, when joe manchin reportedly shocked the white house by saying his version of no, on television. now, joe manchin is saying that if you can't go home and explain to the people of west virginia, that he can't vote for. what he did not explain to people of west virginia yesterday, is why he is opposed to helping west virginians, and people in the rest of the country. to live above the poverty line. with the help of the child tax credit. senate majority leader chuck schumer, today in a letter to
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democratic senators, who have all left washington for the christmas recess, hero, senator should be aware, he, said we will in fact consider the build back better act very early in the new year. so that every member of this body, has the opportunity to make their position known, on the senate floor. not just on television. that could mean, that senator schumer will bring it to the senate floor, and let the amendment process decide the final shape of that bill. which is, the traditional way of handling legislation. while he was that, it senator schumer promised a vote, and voting rights, which might include senator schumer's suggestion, changing the rules of the senate to have that vote. senator schumer indicated that would be the very first thing, voting rights would be the very first thing that the senate does in january. we will have more on that later in this hour. it's only the 21st century, i
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was just talking to rachel about this. it's only in the 21st century that we have seen senator leadership on both sides, writing legislation, but then goes to the senate floor, so that in a form that cannot be changed, so that the party, the majority party agrees basically to vote down every event. it's only a recent development. and that empowers each senator. in trying to reach that agreement among all the democratic senators. it exploded yesterday, in the outrage, that one man, elected by 290,510 people, can decide the fate of a nation of 330 million people. the people who are expressing their outrage yesterday, did not express that same outrage when one man, who is elected by 1,359,267 people, decided the fate of the nation on the
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senate floor, at 1:29 am. that was one man, deciding the fate of the nation. in the people who are objecting to that concept this weekend, we are very much in favor of john mccain, casting that one vote. in fact, the design of this government, often allows one man or one woman to decide the fate of the nation. in front of the people, who have that power, there were not voted into office by anyone. like members of the supreme court, every supreme court decision, is the product of one person. having the power, to decide the fate of the nation. joe manchin did not invent the power he has, the power of one man or one woman in the senate or house of representatives are supreme court, to decide the fate of the nation has been with us since the constitution was written. so what is it like? what is it like to have that
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power? we saw this once before. with character dynamics that were the stuff of a great screenplay, a democratic prices signature legislation, is in front of the senate, democrats have a majority of 56 senators, both six senators, six democratic senators are opposed, to the democratic presidents legislation. 49 senators are in favor, in one democratic senator is undecided, in the undecided senator rand against the president, for the democratic presidential nomination. the year before the vote. this is 1993, bill clinton is in the white house. he has, what was then considered a massive budget reconciliation bill, that his failed through the house of representatives, and is now stuck in the senate, it's on the floor of the senate. but there's only 49 votes, and he needs a 50 if. oh a 50th democratic, vote will allow the vice president al gore, to cast the tie breaking
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vote, in bill clinton will get to sign his first major piece of legislation into law. bob kerry of nebraska, is the undecided senator, he went into new hampshire the year before, looking like the most stable democratic candidate for president, while the clinton campaign appeared to be drowning in scandal, but bill clinton became the comeback kid in new hampshire, and went on to win the presidency. they fouled carry wherever they went for the weeks of the summer of 1993. as he decided how to make up his mind, on a budget reconciliation bill. that was significantly different from what he would have offered that year, if he were president of the united states we're trying to get attention in any way. he didn't need any attention. he had been a big star in washington from his first day. he arrived as a vietnam combat veteran who had won the medal of honor for contact engagement
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in which he lost his lead in vietnam. and his first book about the clinton presidency, bob woodward reported on the day by day tension leading up to that vote on the senate floor. including a phone call just like joe biden and joe manchin had last night. but this was a phone call between president clinton and senator kerry. clinton again pleaded with carried that he needed his vote. my presidency is going to go down, he said sharply, by now shouting. i do not like the argument that i'm bringing the presidency down carry shouted back, getting fed up. clinton shouted that the defeat would do precisely that. carrie could not flee from his responsibility. i really resent the argument that i'm somehow all i'm responsible for your presidency surviving, carry bellowed. nephew clinton yelled.
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and finally, on the night of the vote, bob kerry entered the senate chamber and everyone in the senate and everyone at the white house held their breath. >> mister president i see the extinct gauche senator of nebraska has arrived in the chamber. and i asked the senator how much time he'll require. >> 15 minutes. >> mister president i yield 15 minutes to was stay in the senator of nebraska, mr.. >> senator, you'll recognize -- >> mister president i've taken too long i'm afraid to reach this decision. my head --
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i do not trust my colleagues on the other side of the aisle will do if i say no. >> senator kerry than spoke to the republicans in the chamber. in language that seems written for today. >> you have locked yourselves together into the idea of opposition. opposition, not to an idea but to a man. a man that came to this town green and inexperienced in our ways and wants america to do better, to be better and to continue to believe in the invincibility of ideas of courage and action. >> and after announcing he was going to vote yes, he then spoke directly to the man who told him he was holding the presidency in his hands. >> president clinton if you're watching now as i suspect you are, i tell you this. i could not and should not cast a vote that brings down your
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presidency. you have made mistakes and go and far better than i. but you do not deserve an american that cannot afford to have you in the next 60 days crippling over whether or not we should have this cut or this tax increase. >> if joe manchin could find his way to the kind of compromise with the president that bob kerry. joe manchin could have a moment on the senate floor or the 15 minutes on the senate floor as robert kerrey did. and deliver a speech that everyone who side could never forget. and to get the same reaction from the senate that robert kerrey got. >> but the challenge for us, and too much is at stake for us to ever consider the possibility of failure, is for us to end this distress and to put this to partisan debate behind us. and for the sake of our place in history we rise to the high
10:20 pm
roads. the occasion requires. [inaudible] >> leading off our discussion tonight is former democratic senator bob kerrey of nebraska. he served in the united states senate from 1988 to 2001. and senator bob kerrey i am sorry that our editing cut off the huge applause you got in the senate after that speech because the tension that you put us all through for those weeks was greatly relieved in that moment. tell us what it is like to be inside that 58 vote pressure? and to have that power that we see joe manchin to apparently have? >> first of all, my advice is to don't be the 50th vote. it is exceptionally difficult when you are in that position. we said earlier, no one accused me of grandstanding. there were quite of people who did. because i certainly gave that appearance.
10:21 pm
but it just happened that the six democrats who decided to vote no decided in a press conference and all of a sudden i was the last one. and it was exactly as i said. that is the same thing going on now. lawrence, you've got all this attention on joe biden but the real tension should be focused on the 50 republican senators who are saying no. and saying no to a piece of legislation taking a giant step to addressing climate change and to give us a really competitive edge. and to create great jobs in the united states. saying no to this piece of legislation that is going to reduce the cost of pharmaceuticals, reduce the cost of childcare. what is their argument against it? and while they are out there giving speeches against cancel culture they are canceling a debate. they are filibustering motions to proceed to have the great debate about this. it isn't just about the joe biden -- excuse me joe manchin voting. no it is susan calling's voting no.
10:22 pm
it is the entire states being decimated by the votes. and they are begging for federal money to cover the damages. anyways, i think the attention needs to focus on the 50 republican senators who are saying no. they are not going to participate in trying to make this a better bill and vote for something in the. and it is very much comparable to what is going on in 1993. >> the way the media covers this, which is understandable, i get white happens. it is because the two joes, the two big characters in it, joe biden, joe manchin, it looks like that is the only thing that matters. and we are constantly leaving out the 50 people that it takes, which is to say the 50 republicans it takes, to put joe manchin in this position. they are all going to get off. if this bill goes down, it will all be blamed on joe manchin and no one is going to say
10:23 pm
[inaudible] , well how did you let this happen? >> it's exactly like a magic trick. they let this happen in a substantial proportion to blame this thing on joe manchin. not the 50 republican senators who are refusing to participate in the discussion in what the legislation should be. this, in a lot of ways to, lawrence, this bill is much bigger than 93. the potential impact on our capacity to move beyond. the challenge that is applying good green progressive. to address prescription drugs, health care, college education, all of these things are in this bill. and in a lot of ways, it effective in almost every conceivable way, it does more than 93 bill. all we did was reduce the deficit. so they need to answer the question, why are you doing this? what is your argument against this? and what they come back with is cancel culture language. anyone who wants to evaluate the american economic system is
10:24 pm
accused of being an american. it is cancel culture. these guys are also talking about the dangers of counsel culture and no one is more guilty than them at the moment. >> let me give you a final question. what would you say to joe manchin based on your experience, with that question. that thing that bill clinton put in your lap. and he wasn't the only one saying it to you. other people were telling you that the clinton presidency is in your hands with this vote. you know, we know you disagree with a bunch of these policies and we know it is not all the way over to where you wanted. you made a decision to not harm the clinton presidency with your vote. what would you say to joe manchin about how he should weigh the biden presidency in this decision where you can't get everything you want? how do you weigh the presidency in it? >> first of all, senator manchin needs to know that, people like me appreciative. we are glad he's a democrat.
10:25 pm
i consider myself a moderate conservative democrat just as much as he is. it is not easy to hold that stance. i don't want to walk in mitch mcconnell's office and changed parties. he is a very good an important part of the democratic party. and all those people trying to assassinate him on twitter, are sitting in their living room saying that he ought to switch parties. they don't know what they're talking about. so i would just say, i know it's a difficult vote. i do trust and nobody wanted. he's been negotiating it with good faith. my prediction is that they'll get a bill. they'll get something with the president signature. >> bob kerrey, been there done that. that's why we needed to hear from you tonight. thank you very much for joining us tonight. really appreciate it. >> you're welcome. >> thank you. and today chuck schumer promised a vote on the voting rights. as the very first thing the senate will do in january. that is next. that is next the real honey you love...
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it now open to sounds, like joe changing the manchin, senate rules to is now open to check allow the senate to vote on voting rights are you open to. changing the rules, or the structure of the filibuster to do that? >> well, first of all, voting, just voting is the bedrock of democracy. if you can make the senate work better, the rules are something we changed over the years, there's been rule changes. but there's never been a change with the filibuster, the rights for the minority. i make no commitments or promises on. that i'm working on trying to make the senate work better, bringing bills to the, floor amending, them having debates, understanding, being transparent to the public. >> joining us now, comments for the washington post and senior fellow at the brookings institute, and jean robinson
10:30 pm
socialist at -- washington, he's an msnbc political analyst. dj, joe manchin said different responses yesterday, about the 60 vote threshold. he puts in things that aren't true, about the history of a here and there. but he keeps suggesting, that a rule change is possible, depending on which sentence you listen to. >> no that's right. i think it was really significant that on the big no-show, on fox news, where he was concerned, build back better was concerned, he did not say no, to changing the rules on voting rights. a group of senators, who had been skeptical of changing the rules, like from maine, or jon castor from montana, or virginia. they've been working with manchin, trying to get to a point where you could change the rules and enough, to get
10:31 pm
both the voting rights bill, and the help americans vote act, to the floor of the senate, for a vote, i think manchin is critical, not only on build back better, but in allowing for this rules change. i think that before we settle build back better, we are going to have to fight over voting rights, and i think there's a better than equal chance, that voting rights are going to prevail. >> jeanne, we heard president biden, a couple of months ago, in response to a question about voting rights, say, listen, if i tried to change the rules, he said if i try to change the rules of the senate now to pass voting rights, i would lose two votes. on build back better. meaning he would lose sinema and manchin. they are so far down the road now, on both of these, that there's so much more clarity,
10:32 pm
that joe biden it seems, and chuck schumer, are ready to just come out in the first week, in january in the senate, and say, okay, this is what we have to, do to get voting rights through, and now it's time to have a vote on a senate rules change, which, it's a complicated process, but that only requires a majority vote. right, lawrence, i think that's right. that certainly the way president biden sounded, on friday. i went down to my hometown of south carolina where he gave a speech. at the ceremony a south carolina state university. he's very strong on voting rights, that was a major theme of his speech. and he sounded very serious. he sounded ready to move on it. and, let me also bring in, that last point that former senator kerry was making, in the context of the budget bills.
10:33 pm
you make the same point in the context of voting rights. the whole reason we are talking about the filibuster rules, is there are 50 republicans that are not willing to even consider, voting rights protections. that they have supported in the past. the john lewis voting rights act, acts sensuality consists of the provisions of the 65 voting rights acts, that every single republican voted for, in 2004 2000. five the time before that, in 1982, even the segregation senator from my home state of south carolina, voted to reauthorize the provisions, that today's republicans refuse, even to debate. and that is astonishing. i keep writing it over and over again, and thank senator carey
10:34 pm
for saying. but it's not just joe manchin and kyrsten sinema, it's the 50 republicans who refused to participate. >> he, jay as we sit here tonight near the end of the year. joe biden, has accomplished more with a 50/50 senate, than any president in the history, since basically almost none of them ever had, a 50/50 senate. right, i mean you passed that enormous bill to keep the economy moving at the beginning of the administration. but we finally had a big infrastructure bill, so he has a lot going, he's done a lot already. i also think that what you and senator kerry talked about, and bless jean for that point and 50 republicans, one or two could come over for goodness sake. on voting rights? and maybe murkowski will, but it shouldn't be like this. it's absolutely true, that he
10:35 pm
put a lot on the build back better plan, if nothing happens, it will be real defeat for him. and that's why i still think, something will happen. i think something is going to pass in the end. >> jeanne robertson, aj, thank you both for joining. as i really appreciate. >> thanks lawrence. >> we have some breaking news, the house select committee's investigation in the capital as finally reached into the house republicans themselves, the first member of the house, who's been asked to give testimony to the committee. and he might not be the last. congressman eric scold well will join us next. join us next. liberty. liberty. ♪ only in theaters december 17th. want your clothes to smell freshly washed all day without heavy perfumes? now they can! with downy light in-wash freshness boosters.
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investigating the january 6th attack on the capitol, is, for the first time requesting testimony from a member of congress. asking him to voluntarily submit to an interview, about
10:40 pm
one of the other, things trying to install jeffrey clark's acting attorney general. we have received evidence from multiple witnesses, that you have an important role in the efforts to install mr. clark's acting attorney general. acting attorney general rosen, and acadie -- have provided evidence regarding these issues. and we have received evidence that others worked with mr. clark, we're aware of these plans. scott perry, introduced jeffrey clark, to former president, to donald, trump according to a report released in october by this judiciary committee. the committees chairman bennie thompson, his letter to congressman perry also states, we are aware, that you have multiple text and other communication with president trump's former chief of staff. regarding mr. clark. and we also have evidence indicating that in that timeframe, use and communications to the former chief of, staff using the
10:41 pm
encrypted signal app. yesterday, republican member of the select committee, congressman adam king zinger, said this about his republican colleagues. >> do you think, that some of your republican colleagues, bear direct responsibility, for that riot? >> it's possible, i'm not ready to kind of go to that point. yeah i want to let the facts dictate it. but i will tell you, after there are more text we have not released. >> congressman king zinger was asked about the possibility of a subpoena, for donald trump's testimony. >> nobody, a member of congress, former president, nobody in america is above the law. so a subpoena for former president trump, i know the committee is not made a decision. but do you think that will happen? >> here's what i'll say. if we need, it yes. nobody should be above the law, we recognize we can get the
10:42 pm
information without him at this point. and obviously, when you subpoena the former president, that comes with a whole kind of circus environment. but if we need to will do it. >> joining us, now democratic congressman eric caldwell, -- in the second impeachment trial, of donald trump, thank you very much for joining us tonight. that impeachment trial, that you worked on, is covering covered much of the same ground that the committee is now covering, but they have resources now that you did not have. these text from mark meadows. it turns out, he seems to be the central crossroads, everyone was texting to. so if you are like congressman perry, someone who is texting to mark meadows, you know, that the committee knows which he did. >> we were flying in the blind lawrence. this was just a couple weeks after the insurrection. we had no cooperative witnesses.
10:43 pm
we had very few republicans that wanted to work with us. and thank god, we stood up to the january six commission, and they have the luxury of time, the luxury of being able to subpoena third-party records. they are getting self on, records even if they don't have contacts, they are getting the metadata, who called who, when did each person text one another. what time did they text one another. and they're piecing it altogether. so to protect the investigative equities, they are not revealing all of, it's because as they bring witnesses in, they do not witnesses to know what they have. because they may try and tailor their testimony around it, but boy, it is starting to look like there's a lot of republican colleagues, who are willing to abuse every level of power, military, department of justice, the white house. to try to overturn an election. and overturn the will of the american people. i suspect they'll be much more to come, as far as members of congress.
10:44 pm
>> let's listen to more of what congressman had to say, this time about kevin mccarthy. >> kevin mccarthy on the other hand, has not said a word about anything. except for, that donald trump is probably the greatest president to ever exist, and kevin mccarthy himself, i think. made donald trump relevant again, when two weeks after january six or, so he went back down to mar-a-lago, and brought him back to political life, by putting his arm around him, taking that picture. and basically sending a signal to the rest of the republicans who are pretty quiet at the, moment that we have to get back on the trump train. he bears responsibility for. that history books will not be kind to him. >> we do know that kevin mccarthy was in some communication with the white house, at this point we on january six, we don't know whether it was text, or voice, the boys communication will be harder to get an accurate reading on. >> kevin mccarthy was a very
10:45 pm
effective start bursts order for donald trump. not so effective when it comes to showing integrity or honor. but we do know from impeachment number two, that kevin mccarthy relayed to a republican from washington, the conversation he had with donald trump. where donald trump was upset with mccarthy, that he wasn't showing the same type of anger, that those were showing, they were inside the capitol. i think he's a relevant witness, he talked about donald trump as the insurrection was taking place, he knows the state of mind of donald, trump and if the commission seeks to avoid having trump testify, or if trump himself takes the fifth and does not come, in the new you are going to need these peripheral witnesses. who talk to trump, and his state of mind, so you have an accurate account of what happened. congressman thank you for coming with. us we obviously interrupted you right. now >> that. so >> thank you very much for joining us tonight. coming up, donald trump has
10:46 pm
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only in theaters december 17th. because donald trump is not a member of the house of representatives, he will not be losing any committee assignments because of the way he talks about jewish people. >> people in this country that are jewish no longer love israel. i'll tell you, the evangelical christian soul of israel more than the jews in this country. it used to be that israel had absolute power over congress and today i think it's the exact opposite. and i think that obama and biden did that. and yet in the election, they still get a lot of votes from jewish people which tells you that the jewish people, and i've said this for a long time, the jewish people in the united states either don't like israel or don't care about israel.
10:51 pm
i mean, you look at the new york times, the new york times hates israel. hates them. and the jewish people that run the new york times, i mean the souls burger family. >> joining us now contributing writer at the atlanta, molly jong-fast. and foreign affairs columnist. he is host of the deep state radio podcast. and this is one of those segments where i believe the audience would be best served if i get out of the way and let you speak among yourselves. molly jong-fast look, please start your reaction to what you heard donald trump say. >> it is amazing because it is like a nose to jewish people. of monica and jarred. led to jarred, israel is a big issue. so he sort of mystified the idea that other people might not be jewish and might not [inaudible] >> and it's funny because the more he talks the more
10:52 pm
antisemitic he seems. he has this kind of superficial relationship with the idea of judaism. it's really interesting. >> what david, your reaction? >> it is really something for some of us. it's apparent that let some people's families fled the holocaust and to help the country's most notorious definitive of nazis and white supremacists like that he knows what is best for us. which is [inaudible] and it's the most toxic form of hopes for. >> molly jong-fast, this is a guy who knows about things he knows about the italians, the blacks, the jews. and of course when he gets around to jewish people, he is going to sound like this.
10:53 pm
we >> yes, it is amazing. the best part of it is that he said the salt burgers were jews because they have this name that sounds a little like. it and it is just a kind of amazing trumpy thing. he doesn't have a lot of knowledge. he is very superficial and he feels like he is entitled to jews because orthodox do support him. and so he can say whatever he wants and get our votes. >> david rothkopf, talk about the kind of anti-semitic isn't that this implicit in the way that donald trump categorizes the entire population of jews in america. who >> the fact that he thinks that he can say he knows what's best for us with is antisemitic. we he is looking down on us. he is doubting our motives, i
10:54 pm
think a statement that israel controls the congress and connecting the juice to israel in that way is part of this dual loyalty argument about the jews. which has always been out there among anti semis. but i think it also reveals that this is not a guy that supported israel because he thought it was good for the juice. he supported israel because he thought it was good for his evangelical base who saw israel as important to their whole future story. which by the way doesn't turn out to all for the juice. [laughs] >> yes, in fact their view of it is in and times views in which israel becomes the center of a world war. that is what they need. for israel to remain in its current form for that insane prophesy to take place.
10:55 pm
let >> u.s. and you have mike pompeo's who believe in this notion. at that moment all of the good christians will be called up to heaven and their cars will drive into the juice and others will be left behind. >> molly jong-fast, donald trump gets even more relaxed in this madness when he is out of office. this is one of those moments where you get to see how he is protected by the presidency. because he has unlimited amount of this venom and stupidity to spew. but in the after life of his presidency is when we are really going to get to see it apparently. >> if you traffic an anti-semitic [inaudible] >> you may be an anti send my. if he talks like an antisemite walks like an antisemite, he is
10:56 pm
an anti-semi. >> molly jong-fast, gets the last word on this. one david rothkopf thank you so much for joining us on this one. we'll be right back. l be right back. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ with downy infusions, let the scent set the mood. feel the difference with downy.
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only in theaters december 17th.
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>> all your christmas gifts can be solved right there. that is tonight's last word. the 11th hour, starts now. data good evening once again, i'm ali. day 335 of the biden administration. at the white house is grappling with soaring 30 omicron 19 cases. we start tonight with the breaking news that omicron is now officially the dominant covid strain in the united states. the associated press with this reporting. the cdc numbers shot nearly a