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tv   The Reid Out  MSNBC  December 28, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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digital, i have a tip for you to hear all of your msnbc shows online from rachel maddow to joe reid to the beat and this works even if you're away from the tv. go to tune 2021. tune 2021. this is a program that allows you to hear any of these shows any time, anywhere on any device. "the reidout" is up next with tiffany in for joy. hi, tiffany. >> hi, ari. i was sitting here thinking who is my classic artist and the first album i ever got, salt and pepper, hot, cold, vicious. i don't know if that fits your classic artists because i missed the video but that's my artist and i'm sticking with it. >> all the good things and bad things that may be.
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>> thanks, ari. have a good evening. >> see you. good evening, i'm tiffany cross in for joy reid this evening and we begin "the reidout" with new revelation about january 6th. trump's allies were trying to overturn joe biden's victory. this is from peter navarro and this plot they dubbed the green base leap. get this, together they corralled republican members of congress to reject the certifying on january 6th. navarro said we spent a lot of timelining up 100 congressmen, including senators. it started perfectly. paul gosar and ted cruz did what was expected of them. their goal was to turn a routine proceeding into a forum for
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baseless claims and over throwing the will of the people to get us 24 hours of televised hearings navarro admitted. they intended to put the maximum pressure on mike pence hoping that he would eventually give into their demand to send the electoral votes back to six states. this is one of several plots implemented by trump's allies uncovered in recent months and comes as we learn more about the next steps in the investigation of january th. now, "the washington post" is reporting that the select committee's rough timeline includes public hearings starting this winter and spring followed by a report this summer. according to the committee, those hearings will be a dramatic presentation of the behind the scenes maneuvering by trump, his allies and anyone involved in the attack or the attempt to overturn the election results. the post revealed that the committee has five investigative teams pursuing separate avenues of inquiry related to the january 6th investigation and
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just begun to merge the findings. the committee intends to investigate a phone call trump made to his so-called war room at the willard hotel hours before the insurrection. that investigation is more urgent than ever given that republicans would not hesitate to shut down if they could retake the majority during midterms and the hostility towards the select committee is another sign how toxic congress has become since january 6th. the wall street journal reports according to interviews with more than 4 dozen lawmakers and congressional aides, the house is a deeply unpleasant place to work with a series of ugly incidents remaining bipartisan ties. not to mention the threats of violence have risen against both parties in the house and senate. a lot to talk about.
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joining me is dean and don callaway and strategists and founder of the national voter protection action fund and cynthia, former federal prosecutor and msnbc analyst. these revelations are not surprising at all. i hate when i hear people say i'm shocked. we're not shocked. these are things playing out long before trump took office but this green base sweep as they call it, it does not sound like it was illegal, certainly unpatriotic but doesn't sound illegal and the lies of the law, what can be helpful to compel the doj to pursue charges against high ranking folks? >> well, i mean, the committee it's a pickle right now because i have to tell you i'm pretty worried. the attorney general of the quite decided to take a backseat and let the january 6th committee go forward first and
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then we have to hope that their reporting is comprehensive enough that they can do a criminal referral, which will spur him to action and he is a good, honest and descent man with a lot of very good instincts but at the same time, he's a cautious person. he's more of an appellate judge and i'm concerned that the political difficulty of this because everybody wants to kind of on some level move on and wish it wasn't going to be as bad as it is and doesn't want the political rat's nest it is, that that's affecting his decision making. we have to do this for our democracy and look at this seriously. it surprising to me he would take such a backseat. when i was a prosecutor, nobody would have been putting sending out to some congress man to find out. i'm very concerned our whole
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quality of investigating but it is the department of justice's job and they're not doing it. >> yeah, i think your point and this drives me crazy because cynthia made the point garland is cautious and bill barr doesn't care how he came across. he made the attorney general especially donald trump's public defender and personal attorney. i feel like do democrats need to play the same dirty game that republicans played so at least restore some sense of democracy and then everybody goes back to play by the clean rules. what is your take on that? >> we're never going back but we don't need any of us on the left to have merrick garland to do anything but the right thing. with democratic leaders, they don't want to call for the prosecution of donald trump for obvious crimes.
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it is not partisan to call for someone to be prosecuted for a coup and terrorist attack january 6th. it is patriotic my fellow democrats, it is time we call for and the stories will look back and say merrick garland does not prosecute donald trump for obvious crimes, obvious crimes led the downfall of our republic as we know it. it's wrong what bill barr did. you shouldn't politically prosecute someone or defer a prosecution for political reasons. that's just as wrong. so here we are. somebody said january 6th we're doing a great job but the doj should be doing this. we need proof with merrick garland because he has to step up, our republic is on the line. >> our republic is on the line. democracy is on the line and it really damages america's standing in the global community, as well when we see fail, essentially. don, listen, you worked a lot of campaigns.
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we had a lot of conversations over the years should republicans take back control of congress? i want to remind our viewers this is what happened on that day. take a look at the violence. you see these people fighting law enforcement shouting deplorable things, behaving deplorably and remind people five people actually died on this day. understanding that, now i want you to take a look at the folks defending the actions that took place on that day. >> i knew those are people that love this country, that truly respect law enforcement, would never do anything to break a law. >> you didn't know the tv footage was a video from january
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6th, you would actually think it was a normal tourist visit. >> the question of whether or not the fbi animated some of the criminal conduct is one that is far more great. >> they're going to dress up in red maga trump things to blend in and cause problem. >> they are harassing peaceful patriots across the country. >> the reason they're taking political prisoners is they're trying to make an example. >> the people that breached the capitol on january 6th are being abused. >> we have in this city political prisoners held hostage by their own government. >> this is very concerning because these folks want company. they plan to expand ranks and may not have resistance considering the crucial
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excruciating voter suppression and the proud boys have a comprehensive plan to seek elected office from the local, state and federal levels. is there a way to stop and what role do the think the committee's work will play during the midterms? >> well, good grief. season's greetings to you, too, tiffany. i would never have made you silt through a monotaj like that. >> i'm sorry, my friend. america had to sit through that in realtime. disgusting to see, i know. >> it's important we be exposed to the real truth. i disagree with my friends here is i think there is a parallel track. doj has to do it's thing and congress has to as well because part of congress' thing is being public and bringing it into sunlight and having the proceedings during the day because the doj conducts legal proceedings that are not always certainly for the public to consume. congress has to have a role in making the role and the evidence public in terms of what exactly happened. when we talk about 1/6, we have to talk about it in the proper
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terms which is this is an authoritarian coup with the objective and goals of not only obstructing but taking over the proper elected capacity of government. so when we look at that going forward electorally, i think that means very, very clearly the on reason that the coup did not succeed is because the tyrants didn't control either chamber of the united states government. except for the executive, of course, which was a lame duck at that point. let's be clear about this. if republicans win the house or senate in 2022 in the midterms, they will not certify a proper democratic victory in 2024 and they don't have to if in fact a democratic department of justice does not hold accountable the insurrectionists some of whom are in congress from january 6th. so if they were not held accountable for an actual coup, what will stop them when they choose not to certify when they have the authoritarian to
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absolutely not certify what happens after 2024? so we're in for a very, very bleak time. we have not passed the freedom to vote act, which has something to do with curtailing the massive amount of voter suppression activity we've seen and we're in very, very serious trouble as you point out. >> listen, don, you're saying they haven't been held accountable. the low rank and file insurrectionists, some of them have been held accountable but the american people want to see, you know, will we ever see donald trump himself be accountable? will we see his children, sitting members of congress? dean, this brings me back to you. this interim report that they're going to reveal this summer, i get the point this has to happen before midterms. the committee wants to show and remind the electret but the masses of people across the country may not pay attention to the things that are happening. after the mueller report came out, it was to much fanfare,
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people clutching their pearls and produced quite a bit of damming evidence but nothing happened and so i wonder if this report will have the same impact that people have just kind of lost faith in the system that any of these folks will truly be held accountable or that democracy will be set back on the right course. >> the one difference is now that doj is under democratic control. it shouldn't be partisan and quick thing, i agree with don. there should be two tracks. the january 6th track which looks at why there was a security failure and how to prevent that and the criminal prosecution track and you showed the videos, tiffany, of republicans defending the january 6th terrorist attack. donald trump is going to have a press conference on january 6th in a week from now. that is literally like bin laden one year after 9/11 having a press conference to defend9/11.
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watching the people on the right that demonize my community for being soft on terrorism and knowing what the terrorists are, defending the terrorists that attacked our capitol on january 6th makes my blood boil and i have to fight screaming because of what they did to my community that led to hate crimes and attacks on our community. these people are terrorists. you're either with us or with the terrorists and right now numerous gop members should have consequences. >> most of the republican members of congress have chosen the sides of terrorists. these are right wing people. cynthia, take a listen to this voice mail that congresswoman debbie dingell played for america this week. take a listen. >> you're as old and ugly as
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biden. you ought to get the [ bleep ] off the planet you [ bleep ] foul [ bleep ]. they are going to [ bleep ] try you for treason every one of you and your scum bag friends. i hope your family dies in front of you. i pray to god if you have children they die in your face. >> my question, cynthia is this reminds me obviously of the voice mail that congresswoman ilhan omar received, you know, this kind of thing is out there but there is certainly a reasonable concern that this could lead to actual physical violence. the same way that we had the wide net to old other people accountable, is there a way to hold republican members of congress accountable should something else violent happen to any of these members who had their lives threatened? >> well, the first thing that has to happen is the person that made that call has to be prosecuted. that's job one. and job two is to continue to
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bring forth the truth and let people understand what is really happening. i mean, it's hard to believe but a majority of people in the republican party think obama was born in kenya. a majority of people in the republican party think the election was stolen and all we can do is continue to tell the truth and all we can do is to let the january 6th committee do their work and make sure the people understand about the conspiracy. today you started the show with navarro. navarro needs to be -- he needs a subpoena after what he said today. they had a conspiracy to try to overturn the election and a little cute name for it and had bannon who was evacuate it and when the vice president didn't go along, they referred to him as if he's the person that stabbed cesar. so we have to go forward on that because the truth is the only solution to what we're going through right now.
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we have to go through it as a country and begin to believe once again in the truth to support our democracy or it's over. it's not going to be a democracy anymore. but job one is to prosecute the people who are making these calls and these threats. >> yeah, we'll see if any of them are prosecuted and happy you made the point the republican party believe president obama was born in kenya because this doesn't begin with trump. this is the only republican party i've known and not the first time right wing extremists have occupied capitol hill, that's a truthful conversation we're not ready for yet but having it nonetheless. thank you. up next on "the reidout" the long lines for covid testing. the backlash against the new cdc quarantine guidelines and the big surge in covid cases among young children is devastating. plus, this is one of the ugliest chapters in race history. the tulsa race massacres happened one century ago and
4:18 pm
three survivors are still living and still fight for justice and now, there are new developments in the fight. you don't want to miss that. that's next. the sports world is reeling as covid forces the cancellation of bowl games. and sends hundreds of players to the side lives. meanwhile, some of the sports world's biggest stars are under fire for what they're saying about covid. "the reidout" continues right after this. covid "the reidout" continues right after this want video content to engage your audience? fiverr gives you direct access to specialty freelancer skills, like video editing, with great value at any price point. head to today and get something started. clerk: hello, how can i? sore throat pain? ♪honey lemon♪ try vicks vapocool drops. in honey lemon chill. for fast-acting sore throat relief. wooo vaporize sore throat pain with vicks vapocool drops. - [narrator] this is steve. he used to have gum problems. now, he uses therabreath healthy gums oral rinse
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we're proud to be 100% employee owned with local workers as diverse as san francisco. we built the city's recycling system from the ground up, helping to make san francisco the greenest big city in america but we couldn't do it without you. thank you, san francisco. gracias, san francisco. -thank you. -[ speaks native language ] let's keep making a difference together. long lines at testing sites, the mad scramble for masks and flight cancellations as omicron thins crews and cruise ships without breaks among crews and passengers. many of us are vaccinated but the terrible sinking feeling of the early days of the pandemic are back. d.c. seen nearly a ten-fold increase in cases, which surged
4:23 pm
987% the past two weeks. this is as hospitals across the nation grapple with how to reign in the spread of omicron. it seems like kids weren't as impacted and we have the numbers to prove it. pediatric covid hospitalizations are growing. new york state health officials revealed the number of covid hospitalizations among children increased four fold in new york city. that's approximately half of the admissions of these kids are under the age of 5. these are babies. as the nation wrestles with the new cdc guidelines that shorten isolation periods and as the unvaccinated remain defiant, we must ask again, are we a country that truly cares about our children or quite simply, are we not? the folks who call themselves pro-life, the anti choice folks would have us believe we are.
4:24 pm
joining me is dr. blackstock and the founder and ceo of advancing health equality. doctor, so happy to have you with me today. i have so many questions for you and i want your thoughts on the updated cdc guidance for quarantine, i know you tweeted about it suggesting that you thought the guidance perhaps was premature given that everybody doesn't even have access to high quality masks. say more about that. >> thank you for having me. i was surprised at the updated guidelines. the request of the cdc last week and within days they updated guidelines. the optics of that sending the message profits over people, there is still so much we don't know about omicron. we don't know how long people stay contagious meaning how long
4:25 pm
they have the ability to infect others and so if we're saying you have five days you're infected and then just put on a mask, there is a possibility we could be sending people back to work still sick, still have the ability to infect other people and then this idea of telling people to wear a mask for five days, we still are not ensuring that every american has access to a high quality mask. that's an n 95 or similar mask and also, we know rapid testing is a debacle. people don't even have access and that's not included in the guidelines. a rapid test would be important for someone to do to ensure they're no longer contagious. essentially sending people back out to that could be contagious and infect co-workers or the public. i think we need to think about worker safety first and make sure they have financial and food support for isolation and quarantine and have access to personal protective equipment
4:26 pm
first before shortening their isolation period. >> yeah, i asked dr. fauci about this and he assured our viewers that this was a decision the cdc made based on medicine but i have to say, it sounds like economics certainly played a role here. just to make the point about face masks, you're right doctors are saying these cloth masks are face decoration. it's not preventing the virus from transmitting so i hope our viewers take note of that. i want to talk about these babies. this is heartbreaking. for all the people who are not vaccinated who are indifferent to the health and well being of their neighbors and folks next of them, do you not care about the sweetest innocent most innocent of our society and rising numbers of pediatric cases are increasing. as a result around 300 schools in maryland, new jersey, new york as you know, new mexico
4:27 pm
will remain closed. how would a centralized mask mandate in schools impact these numbers? >> yeah, i actually think it's not just an indoor mask mandate. we need a -- >> not mask mandate, my apologies, doctor, vaccine mandate. >> exactly. i think vaccine mandate could be incredibly important and not just one for staff but students, as well. i think there is narrative we've seen and heard at the beginning of the pandemic children are not that affected by covid-19 but as you mentioned, we're seeing even in this surge we're seeing hospitalizations here in new york city increase up to four times and then we're not holiday period, children are going to be returning to school, right, and schools are not inherently safer. they are safe if we have a multi layered strategy in schools and that includes masks as you mention but also getting everyone vaccinated as many people as possible and so we
4:28 pm
really need to really push out with that out reach and messages around getting vaccinated is important even for our small els, you know, and our youngest children as long as they're eligible in order to create a safer environment but i also think that air filtration, ventilation, that's another issue that schools need to work on and need support working on. they need air purifiers and other resources in order to make the air safer. we can make the learning environment safer but omicron is causing an increase in cases so we really need to be aware of how covid can affect young children and aspandemic, it's my affected black and hispanic children with higher hospitalizations and represented more of the covid-19 deaths among children. >> that's devastating. a majority of the children that are hospitalized according to
4:29 pm
the reporting are unvaccinated. i want to talk about the booster. one more thing on schools, we have to consider education support professionals, people that work in the cafeteria, eds -- educators. oh want to get to the booster. there is reporting that the booster's efficacy tends to wane around ten weeks. i know you feel like a fourth booster could cause basically immune system fatigue i don't know what to do about this because if we have to get boosted every ten weeks. >> i think we're learning something every day so some of the data out of israel is showing there may be waning immunity against infection after about ten weeks after the third
4:30 pm
dose but still holding up against the worst outcome so severe disease, hospitalizations and death. israel decided to give this fourth dose to health care workers, elderly people as well as people who are immune compromised so high risk people. so again, they are still studying the effectiveness of the fourth dose so we have to see if that will be something considered here in the u.s. i'm sure we'll closely watch that, as well. >> there are so many questions about this. you have to come back, thank you so much. >> thank you. still ahead, the justice for greenwood foundation is asking to conduct a formal investigation into the 1921 tulsa massacre. this is a story i've been following closely and the foundation's executive director joins me next. stay with us. joins me next. stay with us hi, i'm debra. i'm from colorado.
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many of you know this story by now, 100 years ago a mob of white people bombs, burned and looted the greenwood neighborhood in tulsa, oklahoma known as black wall street. greenwood was burned to the ground with as many as 300 people slaughtered. survivors reported seeing boies tossed into mass graves into the arkansas river or loaded on to trucks or trains making a true tally of the death toll difficult. and the tulsa massacre others like it remain largely unknown because it was covered up and not a single person was held accountable. the quest for justice for the three known survivors and he's
4:36 pm
100 years old. mother randall is 107 and viola ford fletcher 107 are suing them and six entities saying they must be compensated and the city of tulsa enriching and appropriating and a lawyer for the survivor requesting a federal investigation into the massacre. for the last three remaining survivors descendants of the victims and investigation identifying individuals and entities that engaged in the racially motivated murder, assault and looting of their property and the mass graves associated with the massacre is a crucial component. indeed it is.
4:37 pm
emario joins me now. i'm so happy you're here with me this evening. you and i have been having these conversations for quite awhile. at this point what does justice look like for the descendents and survivors? >> thank you for having me on the show. justice looks like a lot but for this department of justice, justice looks like an investigation to come in and figure out where are the mass graves? as you stated, there were hundreds of people that we know were killed. there are thousands of people we never heard from again. these were uncles and brothers and fathers and mothers of my clients and all of the hundreds and hundreds of descendants that we work with. justice will be reparations and compensation from what happened but as it relates to the department of justice, we're asking for the department of justice to come in and investigate what was the largest crime scene in u.s. history, 40
4:38 pm
square blocks. this crime happened on federal land. this crime destroyed federal property. and we need the president and the vice president whoever met with my clients back in may and june that stated that the federal government would not forget tulsa. we're looking for the department of justice to remember those words and we must have closure. we must get this absolutely investigated and stow those people who perpetrated the masker to name those individuals. >> i think that is important, too. let's name those individuals and let's name the thing that allowed them to allow these individuals to be so violent. you talk about reparations. i want you to take a listen to a conversation i had with the tulsa mayor about his own families connection to what happened in tulsa. take a listen and i'll ask you a question on the other side.
4:39 pm
>> with you specifically, the family as i'm sure you know enslaved nearly 1,000 people. and you inherited that wealth from the family where the african americans here in the community had their wealth taken from them so when you say no cash payouts, i think people look at it and say well wow, you inherited wealth. you inherited your position in life because of enslaving people who look like me. how do you reconcile saying yeah, but that was then and we don't owe you anything for that now? >> because you're asking me about reparations for an event that was a criminal act 100 years ago. >> he never quite answered my question, demario. the audacity of it all, the last we spoke you were going before a judge. judge caroline wall. she was going to decide if this case can move forward or
4:40 pm
dismiss it. where does that stand? >> we had a december 28th, 90 days later and don't have a decision. you know, for our three living survivors you highlighted before i started talking, each and every day i try to figure out if they will have an opportunity to move forward and prove that this case deserves justice in a tulsa city county district court and we have not had that opportunity yet. and we're still waiting and it's been over 90 days and how much longer do these people have to wait for justice? it's just sad we heard the mayor who is on record many times saying he's against reparations and against complication and -- compensation and justice for greenwood. his family owned enslaved africans but have been in power in tulsa for over 100 years. his great grandfather was the mayor of tulsa around the turn of the country and '60s and '70s
4:41 pm
and his uncle was the mayor in the 2000s. not only did he inherit wealth from his alleged slave holding relatives, he's inherited wealth and power in tulsa right on the backs of those who were destroyed during the massacre. so as you stated it is without the height of hypocrisy for a person in that position not to support reparations, restoration and repair for the people that suffered the massacre. >> the height of hypocrisy but not surprising. i want to shoutout to nehemiah frank that uncovered the history about his family. and i think it's important we recognize. the systemic oppression of black people, there is no federal judge in tulsa. the judge is a constitutional conservative she calls herself a christian family lawyer. and it's just disappointing. i think out of this the most
4:42 pm
important thing that i care about is how is mother fletcher, mother randall and uncle red? >> you know, these people are amazing. mother fletcher and uncle red was just recognized last week at the oklahoma city thunder versus lakers game. they sat courtside and met players and gave out interviews and autographs themselves and mother randall is doing just fine. she doesn't travel as much as those two, the brother and sister, ellis and fletcher but doing fantastic. they're really wanting justice. they tell me and their family tell me look, they're over 100 years old. they want to see justice for themselves but it's more important that justice happens for their families and their entire greenwood community. as you stated, joy, greenwood was the black wall street of america. it disbursed people throughout the nation. we represent and represent hundreds of families.
4:43 pm
we have over 125 families in our network that we're fighting for each and every day and we hope to get a decision soon from judge wall and we hope to get a decision soon from the department of justice but they will move forward utilizing the emmet teal act that gives them the authority to move forward in the investigation that they've been waiting for for 100 years. >> that's right. i'm happy they're all doing well. they travel a lot and i told you to give a message to them when they wereing to ghana and i said be careful. she said i survived white supremacy, i can survive a trip to africa. thank you for giving us an update, we'll be in touch. up next, the sports world is not immune from the pandemic. covid is reeking havoc with players and coaches testing positive. health and safety guidelines in constant flux. demonte jones will join me
4:44 pm
next to break this all down. stay with us. next to break this all down. stay with us mission control, we are go for launch. um, she's eating the rocket. ♪♪ lunchables! built to be eaten.
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>>. okay. for all your sports fans, the runup to college football but with omicron tearing through the country, it ain't looking good. with hours until kick off, tonight's holiday bowl was cancelled because of ucla's covid issues making it five bowl games cancelled because of covid. on monday boise state backed out and central michigan jumped to a different one replacing the university of miami which had to bow out of the sun bowl again all of this because of covid. a game scheduled for christmas eve was already scrapped and two others cancelled after boston college and university of virginia pulled out because of their outbreaks on their
4:49 pm
rosters. now despite all of that, the upcoming college football play-off games are still on. they will not be rescheduled and organizers rolled out a new policy for if one of the four teams has to forfeit due to covid. it's another sign of the pandemic up ending the sports world after a year of mixed success, especially now that the omicron variant is surging. the nfl has been hit hard more than 100 players are on covid reserve after a record 106 players tested post tifr on -- positive on monday. the nba also has a surge. more than 100 of their players are in covid protocols and although on monday, the league shortened the isolation period for those who test positive. the nba postponed nine games because of covid. college basketball that's taken a big hit this season with hundreds of men's and women's games postponed or flatout
4:50 pm
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all right. some sad news, tonight the nfl announced the passing of a football legend on multiple fronts. john madden, hall of fame coach and longtime broadcaster passed away at the age of 85. while he may be known to young fans for lending his name to the popular madden video games, madden coached the oakland raiders to a super bowl victory before retiring prematurely some might argue at the age of 42 to become a giant in sports broadcasting. joining me now is another giant in sports broadcasting and that's amani jones, the right time with amani jones and the
4:55 pm
upcoming hbo show game theory which i'm so excited about, game theory with amani jones. i am just so curious, your thoughts about him. i obviously, as you know, not the best sports enthusiast here, but i knew him for his comments like boom and doink and i what are you thoughts on losing such a legend. >> the way we all know him is humanity, right? what is difficult for young people is that they don't all look like slicked back, and he seemed like a regular dude and then he moved into broadcasting where he was such an excellent talker and so good at explaining football to people and again, like a rg person. that was the running theme with him is how touchable he seemed to be and how tangible he seemed to be.
4:56 pm
there are three generations of sports fans that look at him as a legend in three different ways. >> it's quite the end of an era. his name was synonymous with one of the more popular video games out there. so our thoughts and condolences with his family this evening. a life well lived indeed. i want to chat about some of these games being canceled because i went through a whole list of all of the college games being cancelled and rose bowl, though, is still happening. it's just down the road from where the super bowl will be played. what do you think the impact will be? because in these stadiums, you know, they're packed and people are getting close. i have not seen any protocols for what it takes there. obviously the super bowl is going to happen. it's an economic juggernaut, but what are your thoughts on how it will be impacted? >> the impact is a difficult thing to gauge because a lot of these games will be cancelled and there will be financial ramifications and what we will
4:57 pm
see across the board everywhere is they will do whatever it takes to get these games played. any game that you see that has been canceled, i can assure you they tried everything possible to find a way to get people out there to play that game. the sun bowl, for example, when the team backed out. they basically went being looking around for people looking for a game and central michigan went to el paso and they would put that game on television. i don't know what it means in terms of fans and transmission and i don't know what the transmission numbers have been for people that have attended games up until this point, but what you're seeing in sports is the same as you're seeing everywhere is the primary concern with omicron and the people in charge seems to be staffing and they'll make the moves to make sure that people can come to work. >> well, let's talk nba because for anyone who knows you, you take covid very seriously and i want your thoughts on kiery
4:58 pm
irving's return, and your neck of the woods and he'll be a part-time player which i don't quite understand. what's your take on that. >> i thought when they first made a decision you couldn't be a part-time player, either you were on the squad or you're not on the squad, but they're down bodies and they were losingy is many people to covid that the team basically made the decision that if kevin durant was okay with him playing and they can get him to play games on the road then they almost doesn't have any other choice other than to do it. so, like, this isn't to me a change too much around the protocols that have existed because new york hasn't changed its laws and he's not going to be able to play in new york, but i can understand why the team would bend on the other way, and you have to bend, and they'll take a quarter way to get the games played. >> what is your take on the meme that lebron james posted.
4:59 pm
sometimes we put more on athletes, and sometimes perhaps warranted. he posted this meme that mocks people and the vaccine. you see it there on the screen. does he have the responsibility to encourage people to get the vaccine and if he doesn't should he be flippant with a meme like this? >> he's responsibility is to g -- i don't understand what he was trying to convey there. a dude that's worth that much money and so concerned with everything that he generally says i wouldn't think this would be the time to be ambiguous. he's not in a place where he is allowed to back up and be, like, i was just messing around on instagram. you're a little bit too big for that. with the responsibility thing, i do think that for lebron because he's put so much of the emphasis
5:00 pm
on the idea that he himself is a leader and that he is a person that stands up in these times and speaks for other people, i can't believe he's handled this vaccine situation the way he has. >> yeah. it's quite baffling to see. i want to tell you something that i'm very excited about. bomani jones, please come back and talk about it the week it premieres. you will be so dope and amazing and we're cheering you on. >> i appreciate it. >> game theory, look out for it. >> that's right. thank you so much, bomani and that's today's reidout. "all in with chris hayes" starts right now. tonight on "all in." republicans against democracy and the insurrection, the senator from kentucky, the position of the party is clear. only certain type of people's votes should count. we'll talk to the secretary of state trying to protect elections from republican siege and the jan 6


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