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tv   Politics Nation  MSNBC  January 2, 2022 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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limitations would be basically that it focuses a lot on denial of climate change and i think we're at a point where a majority of people do believe manmade climate change is happening and what needs to be done about it, but we of what we need is build a political movement that actually realizes a need for change. >> zeeshan aleim, thank you, happy new year to you. that wraps it up for me, i will turn it over now to reverend al sharpton and politics nation. good evening, and welcome to politics nation. tonight's lead, new year, new beginnings and i'm ready for a
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fresh start. no, i'm not talking about sending any new years resolutions, but where we are in the nation. we could use a different approach. a year ago this week, many of us watched in horror as donald trump supporters stormed the capital to try to overturn the 2020 election. january 6 will forever leave a dark stain on the fabric of this country. it was an attack on our democracy, and it still has seen little to be done to hold those accountable. according to new abc poll, overwhelming majority, 72% of americans, believe the people involved in the attack on the capitol were threatening democracy. i worry where we are headed as a nation if we don't change course and hold those accountable for
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their action on january 6, including the former president who americans mostly agree is at least partially to blame. meanwhile, as the house select committee is investigating the attack on the capital which they plan to have public hearings this year, donald trump is threatening to hold a news conference at his malargo report on thursday, seeking to co-op the day and rewrite history. conversely, congressman jamal brown, urging to use his executive authority to recognize january 6 as a national day of healing. this goes beyond one day. right now, republicans at the state and local level are aggressively passing voter suppression legislation, all based on a lie. according to the brennan center
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so far, 19 states enacted 33 laws that make it harder for americans to vote and more are expected. so as 2022 commences, here's a plan we can all stick to -- make sure voter rights legislation gets passed. if we fail to act, there may not be another chance next year. joining me now, congresswoman debby dingle, democrat of michigan. first of all, congresswoman, we are days away from the one-year mark of the capitol hill insurrection. speaker nancy pelosi laid out a full program of events in announcement of the daily riot, what are your reflection that day, what will it mean to take part in the events hosted by the speaker? >> reverend sharpton, happy new year, first, and i'm really glad
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to talk to you about this because i am really worried about our democracy. i'm actually going to stay in michigan. i'll be following what my colleagues do in washington on january 6, but it was actually the michigan national guard that was in washington that were more than half of the national guard assigned to the capitol for two months and i spoke to many of those national guard members. i don't think people really comprehend that people came to the capitol that day to try to kill people. i'm worried about our democracy. i'm worried about the hate and fear in this country, the violence that we see too easy, and i'm hoping that on january 6 we can think about what we have in common because we're too focused on what divides us and people, not that i'll put a name on them, but there are people who are trying to undermine our confidence in the voting system
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and suppress votes and those that have vote, the fear of election that happened a year ago, people don't have confidence in. >> you know, i've known you a while and senator, you're saying, as many us saw with our own eyes, some people came with the intent to kill people. this is not something that is overblown when you say that. and with the intent of overthrowing an election. it was the day for the certification of the election. what is your reaction to new abc ipsos poll that shows overwhelming 70% of americans condemn what happened on january 6 but only 58% of americans believe trump bears responsibility. 78% of republicans still back
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donald trump's version of events. i mean what's your take on this? >> what i'm really worried about is what's happening to our democracy to be perfectly frank. i am glad to see that high number of people that were outraged at the violence of the day, but, you know, we got to lose some of these labels. i am an american first and foremost and that's what we all need to think about. i don't want to name -- i don't want to go after president trump r but too much namecalling in this, but i will tell you, he encouraged people to go to the capitol that day. he has continued to question the validity and creditability of an election that republicans and democrats have said was a fair and honest election. he's trying to undermine people's confidence in our democracy and that is what worries me. that is what bothers me.
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that is what threatens the fundamental pillars of our democracy. >> i want to turn to your state of washington. a redistricting commission set new plit boundaries for the next decade. one of the difficulties of this effort, you have to leave your hometown of michigan in order to keep serving in congress. i mean, what are the chances this new voting district map gets challenged. what are your plans, congresswoman? >> i'm not going to challenge t it was a nonpartisan commission, and the reason i'm moving, i mean i suspect i would win the election if i didn't move, but i believe in a voting rights act and i believe in representation, and i think our delegation, hfr only members, 70% picked in another district.
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70% -- i do believe in representation, i think there will be balance in the court. i don't think i'm the right person to think about it, had a nonpartisan, but i think those who do care about our democracy are paying attention. >> thank you, a little muffled with your mic but we got the message. thank you congresswoman dingle. let's continue this discussion with the one and only congresswoman from california, activist extraordinary, i could go on and on, congresswoman maxine, ms. chairperson maxine waters. let me start with what we've sin saying the mark for january 6 insurrection is thursday. you've always been a lightning rod for the right, been in the capitol when it was breached and a lot of us were wondering where
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is maxine because we knew you'd be a target. what were your feelings that day and what are your feelings a year on? >> thank you so very much, and let me say, happy new year to you and despite all we have encountered over the last year i'm optimistic and if there's anything we can do, it is encourage the democrats to learn how to fight and to deal with the issues at hand. you're absolutely right. in, you know, what was happening that day, i was there, in my office, and i could not believe what was taking place, because just a couple of days before that i had an hour long conversation with the police chief of the capitol and begged him not to allow the protesters on to the platform there around the capitol building, the plaza,
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told him he should have, you know, security on the top of the buildings because i reminded him that martin luther king and john kennedy both had been assassinated from the tops of buildings, et cetera.. i talked to him about the fact that the proud boys were in town and everybody knew it because they had already caused some disturbance downtown. and violated a church down there. i talk with him about q-anon, the oathkeepers and all the domestic terrorists, he boo booed it pretty much but told me they had it covered. he didn't know what i was worrying about, thought it was difficult to get on top of the building. said they couldn't get on top of the capitol building. so as i sat there and watched how they took over our capitol, how they were on top of that building.
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how they attacked the capitol police, i could not wonder, why didn't the chief of police and others know that we were in potential danger from the way these protesters were being organized, why didn't they have the intelligence they should have? and i understand they did have some intelligence. so the investigation we're doing with a special commission organized by nancy pelosi is especially important to get to the bottom of th identify the members of congress in the planning involved with the domestic terrorist and the president of the united states. i believe they have to be identified. what they did has to be documented and have to be accountable for what they have done and for, you know, anybody who understands that they
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challenged our democracy, better know that this president, in my estimation, was bent on not only challenging democracy, but staying in office the way dictators do it. so i think we're in danger. he's not going to stop. he does not believe that we are going to absolutely identify his participation in all of this, his leadership in all this and make him pay for what he has done, but we got to be determined. >> now the year after january 6, the gop seems to have learned nothing from the deadly day and firebrand scene seems to be emboldened although they occasionally face consequences. twitter has permanently suspended the account of georgia congresswoman marjorie taylor green over what the company says
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is violations of the covid-19 information policy and she immediately tried to drag you into the situation by mentioning your name at the top of a statement writing, quote, maxine waters can go to the streets and threaten violence on twitter. first of all, anybody who has known you for decades and i've worked with you on decades all over the country, never on twitter or anywhere else heard you say anything but call for justice, not even remotely call for violence, but how do you respond to, you always want to go two ways when they try to defend themselves for their misdeeds. >> let me say this, when you talk about congresswoman green, you're talking about the kind of extrenuous radical now in the house of representatives who is basically, you know, dangerous, because she doesn't believe in
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the constitution herself. she has been threatening other members of congress. they have been all over and in the face of aoc out of new york, following her around, trying to intimidate her, does not believe the children killed in school but, you know, a murdererer, invade their school, it actually happened. she denies it. so this woman is not only radical. i think that she does not have good sense, period. she has no business in the how's of representatives. she loves guns, she wants to bring her gun into the how's of representatives and i think if she stays around, she's going to create some really difficult problems for us who are trying to serve in the house. so i don't care what they say about me. you're absolutely right. i'm a target of the right. i called out this president.
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i warned this country that this man was dangerous and did not believe in the constitution. he did not care about the democracy. i-he was aligned with putin and kim jong un. he loves the way the dictators run their country and that's what he wants to do. i said it over and over again that he was a threat to our democracy. so some people are just catching up with that, but we better know if we don't stop him, it will continue, because his intent on overthrowing the constitutional government because he wants to rule like a dictator and that's not just hyperbole, this is absolutely what i think he has demonstrated, better know it, and instead about talking about getting people out on the street, our people need to be on the street now, going door to door, in the supermarkets, be in our malls, passing out
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literature, know this president and this vice president responded to this pandemic, the stimulus checks, money they received, ppe money for all the equipment we got together to make sure the nurses and doctors could do their work, all of this was done by this president. >> yeah, out there now. >> and -- >> out there now, i agree with you, and among the things, the time, i must say this, because i was just at the white house treasury department where you cited for the many of the things you done with financial services. many of the things you have got done that have not got a lot of coverage that helped people outside of being able to do business and those that have never been regulated, i think there's no more productive chair person in congress other than
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maxine waters. >> well thank you so very much, i appreciate your recognition of the work we do in financial services and the way we have created money and capital for small businesses and the way that we are continuing to do everything that we can to help build wealth in this country for people who have been denied, people of color, and i want to thank you for the work you do, the civil rights work you do and not being afraid of dealing with police in this country and those who do not respect that they have been hired to protect and save us from crime. thank you, and the lawyers you have brought in, to get us to the point where finally it looks like we're making believers out of them, getting some justice and got to keep going. >> perfectly said, got to bring
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in the chief attorney on that right after you today, ben kroms coming up with new questions how to police the police after yet another deadly shooting involving an officer that leaves a 10-year-old girl dead, turning general black america, joins politics nation next. first, my colleague darrel brown with other top news story. two people in colorado still missing and feared dead after devastating fires. one person declared missing since accounted for. recovery efforts made but massive snoel over a foot of snow in the area. in aspen, wind and snow in the airport, causeding passengers to nearly fall off the ramp on saturday, bad winter storms and coronavirus
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no reaction to the body cam video in the police shooting of a 14-year-old girl, killed by a straight bullet that went through a dressing room wall as officers fired at an assault suspect at a los angeles department store. police say the officer who fired the fatal shot is now an administrative leave which is a standard procedure. lapd police chief saying in part, the chaotic incident resulting in the death of an
2:24 pm
innocent child is tragic and devastating for everyone involved. my commitment is to conduct a thorough and complete investigation into the circumstances that led up to the tragedy. let's bring in civil rights attorney, attorney general for black america, benjamin croft representing the victim's family in this manner. attorney cromp, where are we in the investigation and police shooting of this 14-year-old and how do you feel it's going so far? >> right now, reverend the is still anxiously awaiting any word from lapd and city officials on how this tragedy occurred. they are also waiting for her body to be given to the funeral home from the city coroner so
2:25 pm
they can start making funeral plans as you know they are from chile and it is so heartbreak. this is one of the saddest cases. she had so many dreams. this was a young 14-year-old princess who was going to english-speaking only school, even though english wasn't her native tongue and made the honor role. she had a dream of becoming an engineer, working in technology, building robots to make the world a better place. she had dreams of going with her father to los angeles laker game to see lebron james and her most important dream, reverend al, was to become an maker opinion citizen, tragically, would never happen. >> now she was in the dressing room with her mother, there was altercation outside, a man doing
2:26 pm
whatever, and a ricochet bullet went through the door and i understand she died in her mother's arms. >> that's why i say, reverend al, this is one of the saddest ones we've dealt with. we've dealt with real heartbreaking cases but this one here, were doing exactly what burlington coat factory wants you to do, go in the store and shop, hear commotion, they were in the dressing room, trying on christmas dresses and they heard a commotion, dressing room door, her and her mother hugged each other and started praying together and tragically, they heard a loud commotion, she saw smoke, then saw her daughter start to convulse, her body went into convulsions and said she wouldn't wake up, and tragically, she was taken from this earth and it's just
2:27 pm
heartbreaking because you keep thinking it's two days before christmas, you know shoppers are in the shopping center, could there have been a more measured response to make sure that this, you know, 14-year-old girl wasn't collateral damage as a result of the police officer's engaging this suspect in this manner? >> now the los angeles police department released body cam footage on monday. what's your reaction to the video and what new details did you learn? >> we learned a lot, my could counsel, raul, and brian panesh we talked the fact you had other officers now ready to use not lethal weapons but were told, i got this, step back, so that's a good question. should they have gone with less intrusive, less fatal measures
2:28 pm
so you were sure there weren't innocent bistanders like 14-year-old valentina killed. the other thing that boggals the mind is just the simple fact that they have training for these type of procedures. there seems to be some, that los angeles police has had using bullets in public spacers where you know there's going to be bistanders. they say cross, cross, cross, to make sure they were safe. well should they have taken those measures to make sure innocent bistanders were not shot. so we're finding out a lot. i have to tell you this, reverend al. they watched when many of us led the call for justice for george
2:29 pm
floyd in their native country of chile and one of the things they're asking, when we do have the funeral, if you could come and officiate the funeral for 14-year-old valentina so everybody in the world can know her name as well because her life matters too. >> you can tell the family you and i will be there. we'll stand up for this young lady who only wanted to be an american citizen. i'd be honored to officiate with the services there in los angeles and stand for the attorney general, another year on duty. up next, shocking revelation about who has been paying the highest price during the covid-19 pandemic. i'll discuss the latest with our medical contributor, ahead.
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entering the new year with a spike in covid-19 cases cost the country. this latest wave is driven by the omicron variant. for the first day of the new year, we've seen 161,000 cases. however, the daily average over the last 14 days has increased by more than 200%. on top of this, new reporting shows americans with kidney disease have experienced shocking rates of death because of covid-19. joining me now is dr. kavita patel, former obama white house policy director and current physician and fellow at the brooks institution. she's also an msnbc medical contributor.
2:35 pm
now, doctor, let's start with the larger picture here. the centers for disease control and prevention say omicron now counts for the majority of the cases in the country. how do you see this playing out over the next few weeks. >> yeah, reverend, this is something that we're trying to get our hands on by looking at the experience of other countries for example south africa, other south african countries and european countries where they have peaked rather soon and that could indicate that the unix might peak in the next two to three weeks. that is good news because means after that should be a rapid decline, as fasts at cases rose up, could decline rapidly, but as you point out, comes with this just brutal reality, part of the economy being shut down, people being sick and i think as you're pointing out, we're missing that there's still a really vulnerable group that even if we vaccinate, they don't achieve the kind of immunity
2:36 pm
that many others can achieve and will always be vulnerable and we need to protect their ability to stay healthy. >> now the president has set out to give be 500 million free tests to americans but manufacturers say they'll have to wrap up prediction and likely won't be able to meet that demand for months. is the white house's response too little too late? >> no, it's never too little too late. it's disappointing that it's this late and took, especially, after we saw the experience with delta, had that summer of freedom, brief moment in july where we thought this is it, we're covering, with vaccines, had it's delta surge. that should have been our warning that this could continue on and on so it's not too little too late but disappointing and leaning a lot of americans towards chaos and confusion. no way to get a pcr test. every pharmacy i've gone to, big
2:37 pm
signs at the doors, no rapid tests available and got children starting school tomorrow all across the country. >> now a report out republica says light on the devastating role the virus had on americans with end stage kidney failure. these people rely on dialysis to stay alive earlier in the pandemic, hospitalized at 40 times the rate of the general population. before the pandemic, death rates had been going down. after the pandemic, there's a 20% increase in deaths among this group with 18,000 people dying in 2020 alone, can you explain why the virus is so deadly for this group? >> yeah, this is a really important group that is, by the way, across all ages, higher incidence rates, especially in black americans and we see in
2:38 pm
unfortunately, kind of the same story, rev, where we have many parts of the health system where we have barriers to access. so when covid hit, many dialysis centers were struggling to stay open so they could dialyse patients, you need dialysis several times a week in order to keep your body clean and healthy and some of the nutrients you need and take out west. so the reasons we're seeing such a vicious attack from covid-19 disease is what happens inside the kidneys and the body from the virus is just a general inflammatory response, it overwhelms an already-overwhelmed health system then also overwhelms the individual and you can't make up for that. and now, with the omicron surge, we're seeing same patients, kidney disease, not even end stage renal disease, they don't have the capacity to kind of
2:39 pm
deal with all the effects of the virus. so it's devastating across a number of age groups. >> dr. kavita patel, thank you very much for sharing with us tonight. coming up, my political panel looks ahead at what's next in this new year, with so much to look forward to and we'll hear their political predictions when it comes to midterms and much more. ♪ and something tells me they don't beat for me ♪ ♪ i love romance, but i got eggshells around me ♪ ♪ don't step on 'em, don't step on 'em ♪ ♪ don't step on 'em, don't step on me ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ he'd better not take the ring from me ♪ first psoriasis, then psoriatic arthritis. even walking was tough.
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with so many political stories in the news at the start of this new year, bring in my political panelist, strategist msnbc political strategist and host of podcast and cohost of democracy-ish podcast. susan, let's start with the one year mark of the capitol attack this thursday. former president trump is holding to plan a media event where he will, no doubt, try to spin his own narrative of what happened that day and continue to perpetuate his big lie about the 2020 election. is this helpful to a republican
2:44 pm
party? it seems poised to do well in the upcoming midterm elections this year. >> good evening, rev, and happy new year to you. as far as donald trump's address, he calls in a news conference. it probably won't be, meaning he probably won't take questions from reporters and my guess, it will be one of his typical rants. he has not been getting the crowds he was used to when he was president. he is becoming less effective in that manner, so will there be people who turn in? yeah, but will their minds be changed listening to other information or what happened on capitol hill, what's happening on january 6 a year later? no. so donald trump will rant and rave and do this is thing and it's naught we haven't heard before. it is not helpful for kevin mccarthy to have donald trump still trying to fight the 2020 election results. he wants to move on. he wants candidates who can talk more about issues than the past
2:45 pm
and looking towards the future. so this only goes to help one person and that's donald trump's ego. >> now danielle, the biden administration has done its part in terms of tracking down and prosecuting those who have breached the capitol on january 6th, but has largely left it to congress to investigate the political roots of what happened. do you think that approach has been effective? should president biden be saying or doing more? >> i mean, i have to be real, reverend. yes, i think this administration should be doing more. you know, it was in 2020 that germany celebrated the 75th anniversary of the noremburg trials. where are our trials here? recognizing that just because the first coup attempt didn't
2:46 pm
succeed doesn't mean there will be a second one and donald trump holding a media event on the anniversary of the insurrection is problematic because if we had an intelligence community that thought this was important, i thought we would have halled the members in, who had confrontations, conversations with insurrectionists and yet all who encouraged the insurrection, are free right now and i'm asking myself why? >> let me ask about a similar topic, susan. when we look at the mid-term elections, we mention congresswoman from georgia, congresswoman marjorie taylor green's suspension from twitter earlier in the show. what are your thoughts about the impact she and others like her have on the republican party and do you think her banishment from twitter will have effect?
2:47 pm
>> well, it will probably affect her fund raising and give her less of a voice. she'll still have her official how's of representatives twitter accounts so we'll see how long that stays up for, but i think it's a good thing, given the amount of dangerous misinformation on public health she's been spreading. but here's the thing, rev, when we start looking towards midterms have to first look at republican primaries and yes, marjorie taylor green seems like the right type of formula for republicans to win their primaries, be as extreme as possible, the only problem for republicans they don't win swing states with those candidate dtds, i think you'll see a lot of races that are closer than they typically would be because
2:48 pm
of the type of candidate dtds that are going up from the republican party. >> danielle, if democrats don't pass the john roost voting act, what does it mean for the party's ability to act and follow through on promises? >> the reality is if we don't act a voting rights legislation, we don't have a democracy. we will have the perception of one. we will have the pageantry of one but it won't be democracy about one vote and one voice, and frankly, to susan's earlier point about swing districts and marjorie taylor green, republicans don't care about swing districts when they're controlling the elections, when they put trumpers in place, when they have jerrymandered the
2:49 pm
electoral map. so the reality is here if manchin and sinema, don't get in line lock-step with the rest of the democrats and those who voted for biden and harris, this democracy is going up in smoke kind of like how the capitol did on 1/6. >> many are suppressing it, and you're right, we aren't taking our foots off the gas, getting voting rights. four final thoughts, stay with us. rights. four final thoughts, stay with us so when my windshield broke... >> woman: what?! >> vo: ...i searched for someone who really knew my car. i found the experts at safelite autoglass. with their exclusive technology, they fixed my windshield... then recalibrated the camera attached to my glass so my safety systems still work. who knew that was a thing?! >> woman: safelite has service i can trust. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ trelegy for copd.
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every morning before dawn i get up and work out. and i give a message to people on my instagram. of what i'm thinking of the day. and i started the day by saying that as i looked at some of the cases that we the conviction in the case of the murder of george floyd. and ahmaud arbery. and wright.
2:54 pm
we got some things done. in 2021. but there's much more work to do in 2022. like voting rights. and like george floyd justice and policing. and like making sure we do not allow these state rights movement and elections. we have to bring our communities to respecting each other and deal with gun violence. one of the most interesting plays on that this christmas subpoena, was when i saw a right wing congresswoman attack kwanzaa. kwanzaa is a celebration started in the african-american community. in the late 60s. i was around 12 years old. it is seven principles. that talks about unity and collective work and responsibility. and faith and purpose. anybody can look up the
2:55 pm
principles of kwanzaa. that is what we need to deal with violence and gang related activities. in our community. i have been leading kwanzaa ceremonies since i was a teenage preacher. someone sent me a "new york times" article from 1971 where 16 year-old reverend al sharpton conducted kwands. that's me. we need to stop attacking things that need to be lifted up. kwanzaa is one of them. talking about lifting up i want to say the lesson and legacy of the life of archbishop tutu. i was honored to have many conversations with him. here's where we were together at the inauguration of the black church alliance. with reverend franklin richardson. gracious man. and always said to me we must preach justice and redemption. and forgiveness. may he rest in peace and power.
2:56 pm
archbishop tutu. we'll be right back. mission control, we are go for launch. um, she's eating the rocket. ♪♪ lunchables! built to be eaten.
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protrump mob attempted to subvert democracy. on thursday, january 6, lawmakers will host a series of events including a prayer vigil to remember the deadly attack on the capitol. the fight for accountability continues. as trump tries to block the documents from that day. why he remained silent for three hours. as people ransacked the capitol in his name. he's what the chair of the 16 committee said today. on meet the press. >> have you been able to determine what president trump was doing while the capitol was under attack? how much clearer is that picture today than it was on january 6? >> it's about a 187 minutes. we have now determined he was in the white house. we have determined that a number of people made