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tv   The Reid Out  MSNBC  January 5, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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good evening, everyone. we begin "the reidout" on the eve of the capitol insurrection anniversary. one year ago tonight, all the pieces were in place for donald trump to attempt something that has never been done in this country. for weeks after 81 million americans declined to reelect him, trump had been calling on his supporters to descend on washington promising it will be wild. and on january 5th. he praised the thousands pouring into d.c. and clogging up the
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hotels and airbnbs saying washington is being inundated with people who don't want to see an election victory stolen. our country has had enough. they won't take it anymore. we hear you and love you from the oval office. trump put a target scarily on mike pence's back claiming his vice president had the power to reject fraud chosen electors and we know where he was getting the wild idea. there were at least four memos circulating among trump's inner circle and all of them proposed a version of the same unprecedented scheme to pressure pence and get enough republican house and senate members to reject democratic votes all january 6th. certification day, that the election would have to be decided by congress where republicans held the upper hand instead of by the electoral college. these plots may have been
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dressed up in legal and sports metaphors but represented nothing less than a coup and based on the same false claim's trump's donald trump of justice headed by a hinchman william bar rejected. mike pence felt so much pressure to go along. he even consulted george h.w. bush's former vice president dan quail who rightfully confirmed that pence had zero power to overturn the election. and yet, trump and his allies used those dubious memos to recruit republican lawmakers to join in the scheme. by the eve of the insurrection, his top goones assembled a war room at d.c.'s willard hotel, so-called command center with the single mission ofelection. the same day bannon dropped this ominous warning. >> all hell is going to break loose tomorrow. just understand this. all hell is going to break loose
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tomorrow. it will be moving. it will be quick. i'll tell you this, it's not going to happen like you think it going to happen. okay? it's going to be quite extraordinarily different and all i can say is strap in. >> by the evening of january 5th with trump supports already in d.c. attending what could be described as a warmup rally for the events the following day, we now know many of the coup organizers were in touch with the white house directly. the fbi knew this nation's capitol was sitting on a powder keg warning extremists were traveling to washington to create violence and a war and the white house apparently knew something was about to jump off as well as we learned chief of staff mark meadows send an email on january 5th indicating that the national guard would be on stand by not to keep the peace but to quote protect protrump people. one more thing happened on january 5th that would light yet
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another fuse on the nutron bomb that went off on january 6th. despite trump having tweeted literally all day long for his people to get out and vote in georgia, this black man and white man would flip the senate from red to blue. all of this set the stage for the vents of january 6th but as we know now, the insurrection was more than just a failed coup, the big lie continues to threaten the very foundation of our democracy and that means that it's more important than ever to hold the perpetrators accountable. tomorrow when president biden addresses the nation, he'll portly make that case expected to call out trump's singular responsibility for the attack on our capitol. joining me now is former senator claire mccaskill and matthew dowd, author of "revelations on the river, healing a nation, healing ourselves." thank you both for being here. claire, i'll start with you, no
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less than a former president, jimmy carter wrote an op ed in which he is now joining the course of those of us like those on the panel and a lot of people watching the show who are afraid for our democracy. he wrote this. our great nation now teeters on the brink of a widening abias without immediate action we're at genuine risk of civil conflict and losing our precious democracy. americans must set aside differences and work together before it's too late. i'll ask each of you, is it too late? >> well, you're not going to get me to say it too late ever for america to come through this on the other side. i am just firmly rooted in the belief that there are enough people that rejected donald trump. we elected a different president from a different party and i believe there is still enough people if you take the folks out of the republican party that
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aren't blindly loyal to him and you put them with the rest of the country, that's still a majority. it's still who america is. it's not the minority of people that are still blindly loyal to him but am i worried? of course i'm worried. and am i particularly worried about respect and rule of law? think about it, joy, a year ago right now when these guys were swirling around and planning this big to do on the 5th with the violence on the 6th. they knew every court on the country had rejected their premise. they knew there was no evidence. they knew that law enforcement, doj had rejected their premise, that there was some big fraud so they were willing to do this knowing that our institutions, that the rule of law had rejected them and they didn't
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care. that's the scariest part of this whole thing. >> you know, and it's also scary, matthew is that the big lie has been so effective at changing the reality that many republicans live in that it is very hard to find a republican elected official who is even willing to admit that joe biden won the election. they went out and they couldn't get republican lawmakers to admit. mike pence who these thugs brought a noose to hang him is hiding information. he doesn't want the photos leased of himself having literally been threatened with death and he was locked sort of trapped in his basement. he's trying to restrict the photos. even he doesn't seem to want to see this all brought out into the open. so what worries me is there is an entire political party that is all working together to suppress the truth about what happened on january 6th and
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they're not stopping no matter what the threat to democracy. your thoughts? >> well, i mean, i think that you've touched on what i think is really one of the fundamental problems, we have one of the main legacy parties of our country is prooccupied by an autocrat movement. we have now one political party that is fully occupied but the vast majority of republicans don't believe joe biden is the legitimate president believe the big lie and believe the stuff donald trump -- you take everything whether they don't believe in covid, they believe in taking horse dewormer, whatever else they believe. i go back to your original question is about is it too late? most of the time we never know it too late until it's too late. most of the times in history when you ask people a point of history, i think it will be too late depending on what happens
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in 2022 and 2024. if the republicans take the congress back and the senate in 2022 and we have a presidential election unfold, then i think we are at the point where our democracy is failed. one of the problems that i have with what has happened over the last five years is that our democracy has gone under a stress test. think about it like the human body. we've gone under a stress test and we thought we were okay and even though we had a lot of miles on us and a lot of years on us, we thought we were healthy. we're put under a stress test and realize that we weren't, that there was a disease that had taken over the body politics and my concern is every single solution that has been proposed so far and done so far even though there are certain elements that have been successful has been like giving aspirin to the body without fundamentally dealing with the real problem that exists in america today. and that's -- and until we do that, there is going to be tumors, there is going to be all
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kinds of disease. there is going to be failing parts of us. all of that because right now we're giving cold compresses telling the country not to lift too much heavy weight and take your tylenol and that's what it seems to be and until we really understand the bones and structure are democracy are breaking. we have to get deeper into that to fix it. >> yeah. i mean, i totally agree with you. tomorrow president biden is going to speak. there is a question of whether or not he actually can change this, or he can alter it at all because unbelievably, he has become for republicans as much as a sort of figure of hatred, made object as president obama was. you know, the black president like he was vice president, maybe that's part of it. i don't know what it is. this is the norm core democrat. there is nothing outrageous about him but they have cast him
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in sort of demonic character. this is what jen psaki says he will say targeting donald trump. >> i note president biden has been clear eyed about the threat the former president represents to our democracy. i expect president biden will layout the significance what happened at the capitol and the singular responsibility president trump has for the chaos and carnage we saw and forcibly push back on the lies spread by the former president in an attempt to mislead the american people and his own supporters as well as district from his role and what happened. >> is there a way, claire, in your view to even get people in this republican cult to even listen to what he's going to say? >> it's very hard. i mean, i'm from a state, i pretty much lived this. i lived it in '18 when i ran for reelection and lived it every day since. i just was visiting with people about a week ago and they are convinced that donald trump won the election and even though i
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go through it all with them, they say well, that's all just being made up. he is the most dangerous leader our country has had in our lifetime for sure and maybe ever because he doesn't respect facts or truth. he doesn't care about being aspirational or having integrity. he just cares about playing to people's grievances. and this is how bad guys get power and keep it. and all of these folks i've talked to, a lot of them feel grievance they have worked as hard as they know how and can't afford to retire and pretty sure everyone else is getting free stuff but them and they can't afford to send their kids to college. they can't afford to pay off their homes. they are frustrated and donald trump main lined that grievance and continues to this day and until we have a leader in the republican party leading to stand up to that evil, we are going to continue to be on the
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brink of something very dangerous for this country. >> speaking of, this is the top republican in the country, mitch mcconnell who on january 6th said this was outrageous. he said exactly what he ought to have said as an american but this is what he's saying now. literally calling out anyone who would try to link what happened on january 6th to what republicans like him have done with that tragedy. here is mitch mcconnell. >> no party that would trash the senate legislative traditions can be trusted to seize control over election models all across america. nobody who is this desperate to take over our democracy on a one-party basis can be allowed to do it. finally, it is beyond distasteful to some of our colleagues to invoke the january 6th the anniversary to advance these aims.
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>> your thoughts, matthew? >> well, mitch mcconnell as we've -- as anybody and claire knows probably better than anybody is only consumed in my view with power, with power and any ability to get power in whatever he has to say. that's why i think today we'll have the year anniversary of january 6th, we're worse today than a year ago because what happened a year ago, there was all what happened thanks is gone. now they're actually celebrating as it was some patriotic protest and it's gotten worse and worse and worse and worse and until that we've held those folks accountable, not just 700 people that showed up. many of which are people that you and i and all of us meet at starbucks or mcdonald's or whatever we meet that showed up and became part of a riot and protest and terrorist movement but the people that fcile
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taltedded. until that happens, they will keep pushing the edge and pushing the edge. thank god joe biden is president of the united states and not donald trump. thank god he is but i think joe biden has been slow to understand the threat america faces. i'm glad he's giving a speech tomorrow. i think he's been too slow in understanding the threat and what the republican party is today. >> yeah, i think what he doesn't understand is that people like mitch mcconnell thought the january 6th insurrection was a terrible thing until they figured out what they could do with it, that it was useful to them to be able to seize power permanently and now they're like oh, actually, january 6th was useful for us. we're with it. former senator claire mccaskill, matthew dowd, thank you. up next on "the reidout". >> must be held accountable. and there is no higher priority for us at the department of justice. yes, merrick the mile. is merrick garland doing enough
4:16 pm
to bring the coup plotters, not just the insurrection mob to justice? plus, the fight over how to send students back to school safety boils over in chicago, no the just chicago. parents and teachers need answers now. ben frasier, the jacksonville activist who was put in handcuffs for the heinous crime of trying to listen to a ron desantis news conference. frasier joins me live and while desantis could be the absolute worst, pretty much any night, we have found a group of people who deserve it more on the eve of january 6th. "the reidout" continues after this. "the reidout" continues after this how did panera come up with the idea to combine their famous mac and cheese with their iconic grilled cheese? by saying yes. yes to new inventions! yes to clean and fresh ingredients! and yes to living life to the flavor-fullest. panera. live your yes. now $1 delivery. ♪ ♪ ♪ "how bizarre" by omc ♪ no annual fee on any discover card.
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importance of prosecuting the bad guys. the thing is merrick garland's speech today was about the one-year anniversary of a litter -- literal unprecedented attack on american democracy and still putting americans and democracy at risk. as of today, so we no longer live in a world where we can calmly talk about the whole some job of the doj or stabtty of american democracy. never did. garland thought the need to speak out on the anniversary of the one-year mark after getting criticized for the doj not doing enough to hold the insurrectionists accountable. and he threw those critic as tiny bone saying the department would go after perpetrators on all levels. >> the actions we have taken thus far will not be our last. the justice department remains committed to holding all january 6th perpetrators at any level
4:22 pm
accountable under law whether they were present that day or were otherwise criminally responsible for the assault on our democracy. we will follow the facts wherever they lead. >> garland also described some of the grizzly threats lawmakers from both party received by used the specific examples to literally both sides the problem of political violence. >> a member of congress was threatened in a gruesome voice mail that asked if she had ever seen what a .50 caliber shell does to a human head. another member of congress, an iraq war veteran and purple heart recipient received threats that left her terrified for her family. these acts and threats of violence are not associated with any one set of partisan or ideological views.
4:23 pm
>> i mean, oh, there is nothing partisan and ideological about the threats that this democracy faces today? really? really, merrick? after a literal maga crowd threatened to hang mike pence? really? i'm joined by justice correspondent for "the nation" and al franken from minnesota and host of the "al franken podcast" and scary, elie, i was on twitter reading what you're tweeting and you posted one thing he threw a bone to say he'll investigate. i said maybe i should be hopeful and then he said that line, that line he said there is nothing ideological or partisan about it. the speech was about one partisan side and people that support one party literally having an insurrection in the capitol. that was the point of the speed. your thoughts? >> look, if merrick garland needed a mall cop to stop the kids from stealing
4:24 pm
constitutional democracy out of the hot topic, he would be doing great but we need something more than that and that's where i have issues with his prosecution. look, there is something here, if merrick garland defenders will think this is a compliment but if merrick garland has a secret plan to one day hold the terrorists accountable for attacking the capitol, this is what his investigation would look like. they have a point. there is -- he needs more time. he could be building a case. the problem is that if merrick garland was just going to let, you know, just going to fire at the low hanging fruit and get a couple of qanon and not actually go after the people who aided and abetted this insurrection, the powerful political connected people in congress who helped these people, this is also exactly what his investigation would look like. so it really coming down to whether or not you trust merrick garland and i don't know about
4:25 pm
you, joy, but i remember, i've got too many scars from other great white hopes. i remember what robert mueller would put everything right. i don't have a lot left to trust. >> let me play another one, senator franken. there is another one. where we hired that guy, we're paying him. our tax dollars are paying merrick garland to deal with these threats to our democracy but here is who he said is responsible for fixing this. here is merrick garland again. >> the justice department cannot do it alone. the responsibility to bring an end to violence and threats of violence against those who serve the public is one that all americans share. we are all americans. we must protect each other. the responsibility to preserve democracy and to maintain faith in the legitimacy of the
4:26 pm
essential processes, lies with every elected official and with every american. >> okay. yeah, everybody should be nice to each other. this would be like if there is a fire and you called 911 and the fire department said, you know, all of your neighbors, every neighbor, you know is responsibility together. no, you've been hired to fight fires. you fight the fire. it doesn't sound like he's taking all the responsibility to do anything about this mess. your thoughts? >> i kind of disagree with you on this. i was heartened by what he's talking about. he was -- he said anybody at any level, i mean, right now i've been hearing the evidence and most guilty person that i can see right now is donald trump and i actually -- everything we've been hearing, all the evidence we've been hearing points that way and basically what i think what he was saying
4:27 pm
is there is a process to do this and if he don't follow it and i don't think -- i'm sure he's saying look, we're doing this. we just don't talk about it. and if you don't follow this -- the right process, it can be overturned. so he's going to make sure the sticks, neal was hardened by this speech, as well i was told and this was a serious speech and yes, he was talking an aspirational thing for the american people which is we all have to, you know, try to as a society disparage people that are being violent and get a handle on that but it didn't contradict to me what i heard. >> but here is my challenge and i'll ask you elie and ask both of you. this is not consistently the case, though.
4:28 pm
i still am old enough to remember james comey did talk about it 11 days before an election, he decided to talk about what they were doing vis-a-vis hillary clinton and some emails and such. >> that was wrong. >> and three days before the election did it again. this is asymmetric war fair. >> i yelled at him. i yelled at him in the skiff. >> but what i'm saying -- >> he came to talk -- >> yeah. go ahead. no. go ahead. >> he came to talk to our caucus about some fbi stuff and the skiff and i yelled at him because what he did was kind of a vanity moral vanity i thought. he broke department policies but raising something, that was the disgrace and also cost hillary the election along with other stuff, as well but no, that was awful. this is very, very, very
4:29 pm
different. >> but it is. it is obviously very different. let me play one more piece of sound. this is ruben making comments about what he thinks of merrick garland and the way he's conducted things so far. >> i think merrick garland has been extremely weak and there should be more of the organizers of january 6th that should be arrested by now. the problem that we have right now is that we have a very obstruction republican party that should be part of helping us decide how to save democracy instead of trying to cover up for their crimes and you have again, an attorney general who is, you know, feckless and not helping preserve democracy. >> my problem and i think in theory what al franken said is true but the problem is it's asemimet tick. if donald's last name was clinton and he was democrat, i would have no doubt he would have already been prostituted
4:30 pm
and so much legal action thrown at him. i think that he's sort of in this bubble of -- i don't know. i'll let you talk. go ahead. >> yeah, look, i'll put it this way. this doesn't happen if the perpetrators are black and i think we all kind of know that, right? because we don't have to just go on our feelings about merrick garland. we have actual numbers, right? we have stats. 71 people so far have been sentenced behind january 6th and we see the vast majority of then have gotten very light sentences, no jail time at all for most of them. 56 people have been convicted for picketing, parading inside a capitol building. 56 people. is it too much to ask those 56 people get at least what a person in northeast d.c. would get for having an ounce of crack cocaine? is that too much to ask? because it seems like it shouldn't be. it seems like if you go into the capitol with the intent to go
4:31 pm
search for mike pence and other members of congress who yell and intimidate them into stealing an election, you should at least get as much as the crack head. and that's -- >> there have been more -- >> he spoke to that. >> -- much more consequences. it is unbelievable that this is appearing they will get away with it. sorry, go ahead. >> no, no, no, no. he spoke to that. he said that he's getting those people to cooperate. and what he wants to do is get the organizers and the way you do that, this is how you do prosecutions and that's no mystery. and so he -- that was the beginning of his speech. he talked about that exactly. >> we shall see. >> the closest thing, we haven't seen any of this come to pass so if you want to say like with mueller we should trust the process, okay, but we have been
4:32 pm
down this road. >> and it's urgent. it urgent. our democracy is under tremendous stress now, not a year from now. elie, al franken, i'm sorry, out of time. appreciate you both. happy new year. chicago public schools are the latest battle ground in the fight against and about covid as teachers vote to return to remote learning calling classroom conditions unsafe and squaring off with chicago's mayor. more next, stay with us. h chica mayor. more next, stay with u s. people everywhere living with type 2 diabetes are waking up to what's possible... with rybelsus®. the majority of people taking rybelsus® lowered their blood sugar and reached an a1c of less than 7. rybelsus® isn't for people with type 1 diabetes. don't take rybelsus® if you or your family ever had medullary thyroid cancer or have multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2, or if allergic to it. stop rybelsus® and get medical help right away if you get a lump or swelling in your neck,
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. it's the question that plagued administrators, teachers and parents, how do we keep kids safe during a pandemic as there are shortages in covid tests and staff as teachers continue to call in sick and reached a boiling point in chicago with the teachers union voted to temporarily transition to remote learning a move that prompted officials to cancel classes for today insisting students need to return to classrooms. this is what parents and teacher haves to say about the deadlock. >> when you have engaged parents, the distance learning isn't that bad. we don't want it forever by any means but i also don't want my kids' teacher to die. >> all we're asking is that we work in safe and fair
4:37 pm
conditions. how dare you put on the airways in the news media that we're trying to cancel schools before a vote was even taken? that's a slap until the face. >> we don't feel safe. we don't feel that the students are safe. i myself have several underlying conditions. >> joining me now is jasmine certa, parent, mentor and organizer and stacy davis gates, the executive vice president of the illinois federation of teachers. thank you both for being here. let me start with you, ms. davis-gates. let me play for you quickly what the mayor had to say on tuesday about schools needing to be open. here is what she said. >> we can't forget about how disruptive that remote process so to individual parents who have to work, who can't afford the luxury of staying home and being with their kids, not because they don't love their
4:38 pm
kids, not because they don't want the best for their kids but they need to provide a living for their families and that means going to work. >> ms. davis-gates, what is your response to that? >> well, as a mother of three chicago public school students i understand what this has felt like at a very personal level. and i would say that president biden sent 2 billion here to chicago to mitigate the harm of covid-19. we have not seen those mitigations in our school communities. in fact, testing is a debacle. vaccination efforts have failed on behalf of the mayor and what we need is safety. 25,000, more than 25,000 of our members have said clearly they do not see safety in the school communities. on monday and children, many of the children were warehoused in auditoriums, cafeterias, gymnasiums because staff wasn't
4:39 pm
in place. we have a substitute shortage. we need to see the mitigations in place. we need to see staffing in place. by in large, we need to see the federal crimes allocated in a way that makes us safe and keeps our school communities open. >> you know, i want to go to you ms. certa. for a parent, it's difficult. if your able to home school and work from home and have that leisure, that's one thing. if you can't and have to go to work, it's another thing. parents are all at different levels of access even to be able to teach from home. what do you think of what is happening now and where do you fall on the idea whether or not kids should be back in school? >> sure. well, i represent my community, my black and brown community and i'm a parent myself so i do believe that it could be
4:40 pm
drastic. it could be a drastic change for those that we are in person and now we need remote learning and remote learning option, however, the -- it's possible we have to put billions of dollars in our hands and laurie and mayor light foot hands that could be implemented for programs like resources like daycare for adults, families who cannot take a day off for their children. there is plenty of demands that have been laid out. we have come together with different community partner organization and worked with parents and students to plan a platform of plans like the one i'm talking about so in cases like this we have a plan b and not just wondering what is next? what is next?
4:41 pm
the solutions can be taken and should because that money was given to the people and for the people and should be used for that matter and nothing else. >> both of you mentioned the mayor. there is a chicago teacher's union tweet saying they are indicated with teachers trying to log into platforms and trying to teach remotely and being locked out by lori lightfoot. ms. davis-gates, do you blame the mayor for this standoff and whating to happen next or tomorrow? >> the mayor failed to implement and administrate $2 billion worth of federal funds appropriately in our community of color where covid ravaged, where it is orphaned our children and been most profound. she has used their impact of the trama as a shield to push
4:42 pm
against what you're asking for instead of using the money to make sure that we have social workers and counselors and other social, emotional supports in our school system. we don't have those there. beyond that, the bay your has to figure out how to become a collaborative leader in chicago. the fights with the governor city council members a senate president, all of those people do not help us in this moment. we need leadership. >> i thank both of you for taking the time to be here tonight. it's a complicated issue and complex. thank you. thank you both very much. wishing you both the very, very best for yourselves and your children. tonight's absolute worst is still ahead but ben frasier was denied his right to peaceably assemble arrested ahead of a press conference by trump want to be ron desantis. mr. frasier joins us next. be right back. ntis mr. frasier joins us next. be right back.
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it is quite the contrast over in europe, emanuel macron is taking an aggressive stance against the unvaccinated saying he wants to piss them off and make life difficult and here we have a governor doing the opposite, the free state of florida. he again reiterated his less testing mantra today. >> if you're somebody who is a very low risk, know health problems, no symptoms, just testing over and over again is not really clinically proven to be very much of a value. again, you're free to do it. >> ah, yes, freedom. it would seem desantis wants to make the state free for covid to thrive and make life as easy as possible for the unvaccinated and gone to war with the cruise industry and biden administration and tried to lure unvaxed first responders with
4:48 pm
cash. but weirdly enough that freedom comes with less freedom like barring schools from teaching lessons on race right wingers call critical race theory and monitoring view points of professors and blocking private employers and schools from mandating vaccines or masks and desantis signed an anti riot law to crack down on police brutality protests and protect drivers who hit protesters with their cars. the federal judge blocked enforcement of that law but if there is one thing you're really not free to do in ron desantis's free state of florida, it's criticize the governor. ben frasier was handcuffed on tuesday as he tried to attend the governor's press conference. >> the governor can meet with the people. he's an enemy of the people. he's an enemy of the people. eop. he's an enemy of the people. >> ben frasier, former
4:49 pm
journalist and founder of "north side collision of jacksonville" joins me now. thanks for being here. tell us what happened as you came into that space to try to attend the press conference, then you were hauled off in handcuffs and then what happened? give us the story of what occurred. >> the bottom line is this governor does what he does best. he sets down anybody against him speaking to him from a different school of thought. he tries to shut people down. he's done the same thing with that hb 1 law that you just mentioned. we're suing the governor because we recognize that the right to peacefully protest, joy, is part of who we are as a nation. protests are indispensable part of the democracy. public expression, in fact, critical to a functioning democracy. so we went into that meeting with the thought that we would confront the governor, talk to him about issues that he's been
4:50 pm
avoiding. issues like racial disparities and economics and housing and business. we wanted to confront him because he never talks about these issues and as you know, he's been running and hiding for the past 17days. using his immune compromised wife as an excuse not to show up and talk about the people. i'm telling you right now that we're 2,000% in terms of the people with the disease in the state of florida. he's an example of poor leadership. this governor has been playing loose and easy, going through saying things that are against the controls of the citizens of the cdc, i should say, as well as the world health organization. he's acting like he's a doctor, and he's not. he's making poor decisions. he's playing politics with the pandemic and doing a damn poor
4:51 pm
job of it. >> let me let you listen to the surgeon general of florida, because he was on fox news last night reiterating that he really doesn't seem to believe in getting people vaccinated or doing much testing. here he is. >> the vaccine passports, you know, this requirement to get tested, to go to school or to get on a plane, i mean, it's just ridiculous. this idea that, you know, you could stop this with vaccines was unrealistic. >> where you live, there's been a 365% increase in new covid cases in the last seven days. a 360% in new hospitalizations. what do you make of this surgeon general and the governor that he serves? >> well, the surgeon general is obviously the governor's yes man. we want to be perfectly clear, however, joy, that this goes beyond partisan politics, goes beyond race. what this talks about is
4:52 pm
jeopardizing people's lives. moms and fathers and cousins and aunts and uncles, and this governor is playing with their lives. we say he's an enemy of the people. he needs to consider stepping down. >> and i'm going to put up this tweet you did yesterday. you said the fight for civil rights continues in jacksonville, florida. not just a moment, it's a movement. and you talked about all the support you have gotten. and last question i'll avyou, were you actually charged with a crime for having been at this public press conference? >> yes, i was in charged with trespassing after warning. we're calling on everyone to join us in jacksonville to continue the fight for civil rights. we need your help down here in jacksonville, florida. contact us at northside coalition of >> ben, thank you for being with me. best of luck in all you're doing. stick around for tonight's
4:53 pm
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4:57 pm
old president, that is until his advisers told him it might not be a good idea. i guess the who called himself a genius needed a note from the obvious. on to plan b. instead of holding his event, he's running to arizona on martin luther king jr.'s actual birthday, no less, to hold one of his maga tent revivals. arizona has become the front line for 2020 denialism. it's clear to everyone that republicans are unwilling to ever accept defeat in an election. but don't tell that to the one republican that is willing to acknowledge that reality, one mitchell mcconnell iii. >> why would any legislature in america want to overturn the counting of votes? there's a notion that some state legislature would be crazy enough to say to their own voters, we're not going to honor the results of the election is ridiculous on its face.
4:58 pm
>> mitch, please. denial ain't just a river in egypt. if he poked his head out of his shell for longer than 30 seconds, he would see republicans are already trying to do just that. in michigan, they're replacing election board members with people who want to block the approval of elections. in wisconsin and pennsylvania, republicans want to hold open-ended reviews of the 2020 election. far more disturbing, npr found this year's secretary of state races across the country, at least 15 republican candidates question whether president joe biden is even the legitimate president. these are the people who have the responsibility to carry out election laws or at least they used to. this is what democracy experts are calling a slow motion insurrection with a higher probability of success. you need more proof? supporters are lining up to run for governor and senate. just look at carrie lake in arizona, josh mandel in ohio, eric greitens in arizona, and herschel walker in georgia.
4:59 pm
they all support trump's big lie because that's the only ticket in gop land. these folks would join the rest of the 147 members of the seditious party on capitol hill. which includes winners like the most despised man in america, ted cruz. fist pumping, receding chin activist josh hawley, and folks like the margie lady who's no longer on twitter, and matt gaetz. it should come as no surprise the majority of those cowards refuse to state for the record that president joe biden was duly-elected. the huffington post tried. if you need to get another reminder of how spineless these politicians are, politico is reporting that the party will just pretend like january 6th isn't even a thing tomorrow. what insurrection? enter margie q and matt the creeper. those bottom feeders will host their own press conference tomorrow. and personally, i won't be watching. i would rather get a root canal without novocain, so provo to the sedition party, formerly known as the gop, for showing your complete lack of courage when it comes to defending
5:00 pm
american democracy. you are the absolute worst. and will remain so until you grow a spine. and that's tonight's reid out. all in with chris hayes starts now. >> tonight, on "all in." >> january 6th committee wants to talk to mike pence. >> i would hope that he would do the right thing and come forward and voluntarily talk to the committee. >> tonight, new insight into how trump's coup nearly worked and how his vice president got in the way. >> he did not want our adversaries across the globe to see them fleeing the capitol. >> then capitol police officer harry dunn on seeking the full truth of what happened one year after january 6th. plus, the daily beast's matt fuller on his front row see to the riot and why he says nothing has changed, and the big picture of where we stand on investigations as the attorney


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