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tv   Dateline  MSNBC  January 16, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PST

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took that away from me. our whole family is not complete without her. >> there will always be an empty chair at the family table. only images of the smile, and memories remain. >> that's all for this edition of dateline. i'm natalie morales, thanks for watching. fo watching i'm craig melvin, and i'm natalie morales. and this is dateline. she was a wife, she was a mother. she was the most amazing woman i had ever met in my life >> and then suddenly one day she was gone. poisoned by carbon monoxide. >> he was like, i couldn't get a pulse. i couldn't get a pulse. >> her husband blamed of faulty water heater. police blamed him. >> you don't think this is an accident?
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>> no. >> there was just one problem, and it was a big one. no one could figure out how he would've done it. >> he was announced nearly all adjust. >> murder. >> did you kill your wife? >> hello and welcome to dateline. thousands of americans die from accidental carbon monoxide poisoning. but they say one of those deaths wasn't an accident in ohio, it was a murder. and if anyone knew how to use a deadly gas to murder someone, it was their prime suspect. here's someone with deadly exposure. >> he's come back to where it all began. to the town, and the streets,
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he knew so well. remembering the old times when life was simple. and the future held so much promise. taking time to reflect on how it happened. a few days from now, it will all be over. one way or another. >> my carbon monoxide detector going off, and my wife is having a seizure. >> our story begins in ohio, on a frantic predawn morning september 4th, 2006. doctor mark wrangler says he woke to the sound of an alarm. >> what kind of alarm? >> just allowed, piercing noises. and they determined that it was a carbon monoxide, iran to check on kathy. >> kathy was -- and most of her life suffered from epilepsy. she was sleeping upstairs. >> i went in, shook her, called out to, her scream that.
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or she was not responsive. i called 9-1-1. >> and you tell them that she is having a seizure. >> yeah. >> is she breathing? >> no i think she still breathing! >> okay sir can you check for me? >> no she is not breathing! >> does she have a harvey? >> do you remember doing cpr? >> yes i remember doing cpr. >> next door neighbor, diane stupor, saw the squad at their home. >> so i went by, and i said to mark, did she have another seizure? >> he said, i couldn't get a pulse. i couldn't get a pulse. >> the emts took kathy to run the rim moral hospital. mark went along, and die in super was close by. the news came in a matter of minutes. cathy was dead of acute carbon monoxide poisoning. >> do you remember when they
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told you that she had passed? >> no i do not. >> why do you think you don't remember any of that? >> i was poisoned with carbon monoxide. >> it's an older, -less tasteless, colorless gas. but mark says he knew he had been poisoned with carbon monoxide because his head hurt, and he felt that disoriented. >> marianne says she knows how he took the news of her death. >> he sought like a baby. tears were rolling down his cheeks. and he was like -- he couldn't believe it happened. >> i wanted to see kathy's face, i wanted to see kathy. >> yeah, it was tough. >> kathy's family members join him at the memorial. they only had been told that she had an accident. >> they told us in the room, and it was a hard moment. it's hard -- >> a man, turn around and call
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your brothers and sisters after hearing that. >> mark wrangler called his two sons nathan, an aaron. aaron was in his second year of college. >> i remember screaming, and crying. it was horrible. >> the brothers rushed home to their father in -- law >> i remember holding my brother, we were all just sobbing and crying. i was shaking from crying so hard. >> thousands of people are accidentally poisoned with carbon monoxide every year. it usually happens when something like a space heater, furness, or water heater malfunctions. investigators wanted to find out what went wrong at the home. so they came to see mark here at the hospital. >> the county sheriff, sam chris, ran the detective bureau back then. he said dr. wrangler mentioned the water heater.
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>> doctor wrangler made a comment that they had problems with the water heater the past few weeks. he felt that that was the problem, due to the carbon monoxide detector going off. >> diane steube or remembers her husband worried about the heater to. saying the exhaust on the roof was not place there directly. could that have caused the backup in the house? >> and mark said he was scared of it. >> it sounds like mark wrangler happen -- and kathy just happened to be upstairs that night. mark was downstairs. it seemed like a sad, but explainable accident. but as it turns out, it was not so simple. >> coming up. growing suspicions that something was missing. do >> we walked around the house, we looked at the water heater, we looked at the other appliances and could not find the source for carbon monoxide.
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can't top this skin shop now at welcome back to dateline, i'm natalie morales. kathy wagner was found dead in her home. the cause? carbon monoxide poisoning. it seemed like an open and shut case. an accidental death. copies has been told the police they had a faulty water heater, but the police were not convinced he told all he knew. once again, with deadly exposure. >> 48-year-old kathleen wag
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glare had a personality that filled the room, but now she was gone. killed by carbon monoxide. for her family and friends it was a terrible loss. for her sons, nathan erin, it was devastating. they told us they adored their mother. >> she was amazing. the most amazing moment i ever met in my life. did everything for everyone. always put ourselves last. was the number one priority. >> and she was not gonna be defined by her epilepsy. it started when she was a little girl, but medication kept it under control. kathy was 15 when she met mark. >> -- in the middle of the state, down here in ohio -- it had about 1200 people. >> what was that like? >> i enjoyed it. i liked growing up in a small town. played softball in the
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backyard. you know your neighbors, you know everyone in town. my dad owned a hardware store. >> that's where mark met kathy's grandmother. a customer at the store. one day when she dropped by for a visit, he met kathy. a couple of months later -- >> the kids go, marks here! i said mark who. >> he -- he sat in the back of his vehicle and he was -- singing to gabby. >> serenading her? >> yes. >> they started dating. a few years later in 1977, they got married. he was 21. she was 18. they held their wedding in a catholic church. but by then, they had umbrage and evangelical faith. and it turns out the quiet
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young man had big ambitions. he wanted to be a doctor. kathy worked to put mark through meds school. things were tight. >> were you happy in those years? >> definitely. >> you had two boys? >> that is correct. >> nathan and aaron were born right as mark was beginning his practice. >> we were the family you would give hugs and kisses every morning and when you went to bed. when you left school. or when you are going out with your friends. we were always kissing them, we were close family. >> they moved to lima in 1990. by then, the christian faith had become very important to mark. they joined a church. >> what was it about this particular church that you both thought was -- >> two things, one of them was that the people there were friendly. the other thing was that the pastor was correctly preaching
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god's word. and they had a very active children's program, or youth program. >> mark and kathy in the boys -- >> at the time, mark's practice was great. after those early years of doing without. the family was now well off. they took the boys on vacations, camping, europe. kathy went back to school. did some substitute teaching. life seemed to be going well for them. the next door neighbor was fond of both of them. >> mark was more reserved. very patient and caring person. would help you out and do everything for you. he had his little peculiar weighs about him. he was a little dorky. and he looked a little different from other people. until you get to know him, and then he is the most wonderful person you would ever meet. kathy was a lot of fun to be around, she was bubbly. she had an amazing laugh.
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she loved life. just, a lot of fun. >> but, now, after 25 years of marriage. two boys, a prosperous life, kathy wang's life had ended, in one terrible morning. how did it happen? mark told investigators, he thought it was probably the water heater. so, they check that out. the allen county prosecutor was concerned by what they didn't discover. prosecutor, jurgen wall dick, -- unexplained deaths and allen county. >> we walked around the house, we looked the water heater, we looked at the other appliances, the gas furnace, the gas logs. the garage. also, the bedroom. we're kathleen wynne who died. >> they couldn't find a problem with any of the appliances. >> we just couldn't find a source. >> for the carbon monoxide? >> right. because the appliances, at that point, appeared to be working properly. >> investigators now had a
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mystery on their hands. they return to the winger house to do some rechecking. and then, in december 2006, three months after kathy's death, mark wrangler says investigators told him, they have looked at everything. they still didn't know what had happened, he said. but, they were satisfied that it was an accident. they were settled? >> that's when i was told. >> mark was slowly trying to build a new life. but, some members of kathy's family weren't ready to move on. they were still asking questions. they thought that the answers just might lie with mark wang. >> coming up, i said, we have so many questions. nothing is being answered. >> what did kathy's family know, that made them so suspicious? >> she got in the car, your boys got in the car, mark was hanging out the side of the car, and kathy was driving away, yelling at him. >> when dateline continues.
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certificate said the cause was carbon monoxide poisoning. but, what was the source? by december, 2006, three months after kathy's death, that question had grown more urgent, in the minds of her family members, and sister, diana wanted answers.
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>> it was kind of like the white elephant in the do. none of us really want to talk about it. it -- the police weren't calling us. i felt as if nothing was getting done. >> so diana decided that she had enough. >> i actually called mom, and she actually called, the sheriff's department. >> i said, we have so many questions, and nothing is being answered. >> it wasn't just questions that kathy's family had, they also had suspicions about mark. because, they knew something. the way angler marriage was a disaster. they wanted police to know the problems went back years. >> kathy had told me, basically, mark had an affair. >> that couldn't have been easy for you sister. >> she could never forgive him for that. >> they managed to carry on, but over the years, kathy's family remembers severing tensions, that could erupt into open warfare. they say, mark thought kathy gain too much weight. she wouldn't clean the house. she's been huge amounts of
2:22 am
money. kathy got mad at mark a lot. diana recalls what happened right after they took this family portrait. mark and kathy were fighting, again. >> she got in the car, the boys got in the car, mark was hanging on the side of the car, and kathy was driving away, yelling at him. at one point, one of the boys jumped out. there was a lot of yelling in kathy left with the boys. >> mark wrangler admits that things did go downhill, after the boys love for college. he says, kathy would get deeply depressed. >> with the boys being gone, she kind of lost her purpose in life, i would say. >> were you working on it? were you trying -- >> we were in counseling. >> and then, she was gone. kathy's family knew she had been sleeping upstairs, while he was downstairs. but, then they heard when mark had told investigators. the collective alarm went off. mark said, he was sleeping with
2:23 am
a towel under the bedroom door, a fan blowing, and a bathroom window open. that was because the toilet in the master -- mark said he wanted to keep the smell out of the rest of the house. kathy's family knew about the problem with the toilet, but they figured, there was a different explanation for the towel, the fan in, the open window. they believed mark knew there was carbon monoxide in the house, because he had somehow put it there. and he was protecting himself from poisoning. >> how did you respond to that? the suspicion that was placed on you. >> i was devastated. >> five months after kathy died, her case file landed on the desk of a veteran detective, clyde bright again. >> what's your instinct? >> in reading the reports, i was sure that the water heater, the furness, and the vent, and fireplace were not the source of the carbon monoxide. so, you have to think, okay, what else in that house could
2:24 am
produce carbon monoxide? it was a generator in the garage, there were two cars in the garage, there was a snow blower in the garage. those all produce carbon oxide. >> but, of course, all those things need someone to turn them on. you don't think this is an accident? >> no. >> still, if it wasn't an accident, how could somebody pull that off? fill an absurd bedroom within our carbon monoxide to kill. detective breitigan knew it's an improbable, but he kept thinking about the logic of the other detective. chirac homes. >> it was a matter of just eliminating the impossible things. at the end, you're stuck with the improbable. >> there is another clue breitigan an allen county prosecutor couldn't ignore. doctor mark when we had a specialty. >> he's an expert in gases, he's an anesthesiologist. >> that's right, an anesthesiologist. a doctor who knows exactly how to put people to sleep. did he use his expertise to kill his wife?
2:25 am
in april of 2007, seven months after kathy's death, detective breitigan got a search warrant for the when you are home. he had a videotape running, his officer sees the computer, papers, and mark's journals. detective breitigan says the journals really caught his attention. >> you have to read the whole thing. i cannot explain that, i wish i could. he was at the end of his rope. i think he felt trapped. >> but, now, all these months later, marco anglers life was on the upswing. he had reconnecting with an old friend, who shared his fate, esther van dine. a romance blossomed. you ended up getting married, i think about a year after kathy's death? >> 14 months, correct. >> some people might think that's pretty fast to bounce back. >> we've heard that. >> the wedding bells had barely stopped ringing, when detective breitigan got a second search
2:26 am
warrant. by now, he had come to believe that mark weiner was a killer. breitigan thought that when we use the engine of some sort, a portable generator, or maybe the vehicles, to put carbon monoxide into the heating system of his home. killing his wife. the detective wanted somebody to take a closer look inside the heating ducts, from the wing or home. >> we went in, and dismantled the duct work. we took carpet samples, and the registers out of the house. >> investigators found a lab -- from an internal combustion engine could be fined inside the heating ducts. it would be months before they got results. do you have any idea that, as you were living this -- investigators were still trying to put a case together? >> we really didn't hear anything for a long time. >> we don't hear anything. >> so you plan a trip to zambia, why did you end up? they're >> one of the churches
2:27 am
in town, a good friend of mine, had gone to zambia with several people from his church. >> they learned that people and zambia were in dire need of freshwater, so march and esther join a church machine to dig wells there. >> after three weeks, it was time to go home. >> you land in atlanta, and your son calls -- >> he says, do you know some guy named breitigan, he's banging on the door. that's >> a detective? >> yeah. >> so you knew then? >> so we knew then. and the atlanta airport that there must have been an indictment, and they were at the door to rest mark. >> the lab results were in, on that duct work. >> coming up, the prosecution's case, motive. >> we have some theories that are pretty dark, that kind of lay out with the state of the marriage was. >> and means. >> can you tell the jury of anything you notice in that bedroom? >> i observe such like marking
2:28 am
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here's what's happening, a three judge panel as designed -- to stay in australia. he's unvaccinated, that means he will not be able to play in this year's australian open, which starts tomorrow. djokovic says, he is extremely disappointed with the decision. also, a nearly 12-hour hostage standoff, in a synagogue in eastern texas has ended. >> americans are making more officials say all the money than they were a year hostages are safe, ago. but the suspect is that's the good news. dead. he had the bad news, when the demanded the release numbers are adjusted for of a convict inflation, workers are known as, lady al-qaeda. actually making less, now, back to more than two percent less, on average. dateline the reason is simple. . wages went up, but the cost of living went up more. i want to bring in stacey vanek smith for a deeper dive into this. >> died of carbon stacey is
2:32 am
cohost of npr's monoxide poisoning, daily economics podcast, the indicator, she's also a correspondent for planet money. stacy, good to have you on the show. you've been reporting on something economists call "the money illusion". tell us more about what you found. >> thank you so much for having me. the money illusion basically is that, the illusion of having more money. your paycheck gets bigger, there's a larger number in your bank account, but that money is buying less. so it's the illusion of having more money, but that money isn't buying as much as it used to, mainly because it's not keeping up with inflation. >> so tell us how that translates to real life finance for people who may be making more money than they were a couple of years ago, or for people who really haven't seen a rise in their paychecks. >> well, we know that the average hourly wage in the u. s. is up roughly five percent, a little less. that's s pretty substantial raise for across the country.
2:33 am
this is across industries. inflation, though, is up about seven percent, so that's higher. what that means is that although our paychecks are going up, on average, across the u.s., we are able to buy less with that money. and so it can create kind of an illusion situation because your paycheck looks bigger but a illusion situation because so, -- the defendant was deeply
2:34 am
obsessed with religion, and a divorce would cause him to lose his standing and reputation in the church. if mark and kathy were stuck with each other, and fighting all the time, his journals painted even bleaker picture. >> the man who wrote them, wasn't just unhappy, he was depressed. according to prosecutors, desperate enough to kill. detective breitigan took the jury through each painful entry. >> i am tired of her lies and hiding a huge amount of money from me. she turns away each time i kiss her, she continues to reject my love. i truly want to serve jesus, but i became weak from the wounds that stayed in throws at me, from within my own family. >> just too much before she died, mark wrote this, >> sauces strong again. satan is attacking in a new way this time. using car exhaust. >> that's a right.
2:35 am
flag tells you the state of somebody's marriage, a least in our assessment, that if your marriage is so bad, that you want to kill yourself, whatever things are you willing to do. >> that mention of car exhaust really got their attention. one depressing injury after another, mounting evidence of a man in missouri. in the eyes of prosecutors, a motive. >> 9-1-1 -- >> that 9-1-1 call wray's even more suspicion, as far as prosecution was concerned. >> it just didn't sound like he was doing cpr, on the 9-1-1 call. it sounded like the whole thing was staged. >> if doctor mark wrangler was doing cpr, why would the fire chief fine kathy on air mattress? >> for adequate impressions, it should be on a hard surface. >> is that pretty basic cpr stuff? >> yes, that's basic cpr. >> but, something even more
2:36 am
important cross the chief's mind, after he found kathy. this was a huge red flag for prosecutors. he said, kathy's body was cold to the touch. odd, since mark told 9-1-1 that her heart stopped beating, only minutes before. >> we discuss with each other, in the ambulance, on the way to the hospital, that she was cold. >> which would've been unusual for somebody who had just, minutes before, been breathing with a heartbeat? >> that's correct. >> the er doctor backed him up on that. >> she had a temperature that was quite low. my documentation is that it was 94. >> the doctor also testified that the body seem to be getting stiff. >> it seem like she had been dead for a while. >> in other words, dead before her husband called 9-1-1. >> there was more. the prosecution suggested that marco english grief was phony. >> what was his emotional state?
2:37 am
>> he was acting like he was crying, but i didn't see normal stuff when you cry. >> in the days that followed kathy's death, investigators tested and retested the water heater and other appliances. prosecutors reminded the jury, there was no sign that any appliance had accidentally released carbon monoxide. that was the crux of the case. >> it either had to be the hot water heater, or was murder. that's the bottom line. >> if it was murder, how would you done it? prosecutors believe that mark wrangler closed all the heating vents, except for the one in kathy's room. then, he must of shut the doors to the phone's room, except for the one leading the garage. he could've started a car, or a generator, or maybe both, filling both with carbon monoxide. the carbon monoxide within find the only open path, down the stairs, into the furness. the deadly gas within travel through the heating ducts and
2:38 am
out events in kathy's room. they pointed to pictures taken of kathy's room after she died. >> can you tell the jury of anything you notice in the bedroom? >> i observed a suit like marking on the wall, directly above the register. >> nobody actually tested that stain on the wall before it was painted over, but prosecutors were prepared to show that engine exhaust had come through the heating ducts, and out events. prosecutors now presented the key scientific evidence, designed to wipe out any remaining doubt about the source of the carbon monoxide. live cam in his head tested the -- and said that they indeed found soot that shouldn't have been there. >> that the exhaust from a combustion source was directly -- yes. can you say to a reasonable degree of certainty, that the
2:39 am
water heater was not the source of the sort, in the ventilation system? >> yes. >> devastating for markwayne whose case, maybe. maybe not. >> did a faulty water heater cause kathy wang's death? or was the prosecution's case all just hot air? >> coming, up -- >> ladies and gentlemen, you were here from our -- as applied to the facts of this case. you will find that there is reasonable doubt, but you might even find that the water heaters -- regardless, you will not find that doctor wang glimmered's wife, because he did not. >> when dateline continues. when with rybelsus®. the majority of people taking rybelsus® lowered their blood sugar and reached an a1c of less than 7. rybelsus® isn't for people with type 1 diabetes.
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your wife? >> absolutely not. >> he had waited more than three years to defend himself. all that time, his son stood by him. against their mother's family. >> when you have your family trying to destroy your family, what you have left, it's hard. it hurts. >> it was time, now, for the defense to present its case. time for a defense attorney, chris mcdowell, to show the jury a different version of the man who stood accused. it is opening argument, mcdowell said, mark was above
2:44 am
all, a devoted christian, who would never commit murder. >> mark did not believe that it was good enough, just to profess the words of christ, or go to church, he felt he had to live it. >> mark when was defense came down to this, his wife died in a horrible accident. the prosecution never approved a crime was even committed. >> ladies and gentlemen, doctor mayor gwen weir is innocent. this case -- police investigation, an investigation, despite what you just heard from th prosecution, did not eliminate fugitive carbon monoxide as a source from the hot water heater. >> the water heater was now at the heart of the defense. if the jury believed in malfunction that night, it could've sent carbon monoxide into her room, that was reasonable doubt. are you worried that a journey
2:45 am
won't, in the end, believe your story? >> sure. it's always a possibility. >> do you think about what it would be like? you face up to the rest of your life in prison. >> i try not to. for the most part. >> sons, aaron and nathan provided key testimony. how >> would you describe your father? >> a great man. very humble, passionate, caring. >> very relaxed. very humble. >> have you ever for a moment doubted your dad's innocence? >> never. >> both erin and nathan said that they loved each other. >> after the day of her death, do you believe father loved your mother? >> absolutely and then. the defense turned to defense , with their depressing entries about the marriage. they challenged the the
2:46 am
offense. >> mark has a good relationship with his wife cracked? >> yes he does. >> and he says that his wife also wants to work on the relationship to? >> yes. >> then the forensic evidence. they said that kathy's lowbody temperature shows that mark killed her with carbon monoxide before he called 9-1-1. but the question was, when exactly did the poison gas kill her? the prosecution argue that she was already dead before he called 9-1-1, because the body was already cold. how cold was? it apparently the er doctor got it very wrong. >> this is the nurses note saying that the actual temperature was -- different than what you had written. is that correct? >> yes. >> so cathy's body was not as cold as the doctor thought.
2:47 am
and a leading forensic pathologists testified that it could have stopped when mark said it stopped during the 9-1-1 call. the defense has evidence from the wisconsin lab, when they said they found soot in -- it came from exit -- this is >> this is science applied to the facts of this case. >> the other reputable agencies like the fbi and the lab, said that it was unreliable. >> they said, we've never done it before, but we can try it. >> they attacked the wet labs data, the record, keeping and the expertise. >> in this case, you had no previous experience in conducting analysis did you? >> no. >> and then this question, did
2:48 am
the lap consider other sources of? sets >> and -- is a potential source of set. correct? >> yes that is correct. >> candles, the house was full of them. according to testimony from -- maybe that is why they healing ducks were full of soot. >> did your mother burn any campbell's in the home? >> all the time. we had tons of candles. >> and remember those soot stains coming out of the registers where kathy died? >> that was arians old room. >> those marks are from before i moved for college in oh four. the defense said that the >> it was preposterous. it had to be. the simple explanation. kathy's dax was an accident. and now came the most important thing in the case, they testified that the most likely
2:49 am
course of the carbon monoxide, was the water heater. >> what was the present source of carbon monoxide? >> the gas heater in the basement of their home. as i recall, it was under the bed for two floors up. >> he said that the water heater was a disaster waiting to happen. one code violation after another. >> this water heater wasn't in the open as most water heaters are. it was a sealed cabin. >> cold snap in the box, the unit could've been deprived of oxygen. posing a risk. and there was another problem, the cap was the wrong kind. and it was installed too low on the roof. it was so poorly installed, deadly carbon knocks i could've backed up into the home. the water heater was so faulty, said mcdowell, that >> water heater has such junk --
2:50 am
you will find reasonable doubt, and you may even find that the water heater did this. but regardless, you will not find that dr. wrangler murdered his wife. he did not. >> coming up. >> you had testimony on both sides of this. >> right. >> did it come back down to science for you? >> i don't think so. >> the verdict. >> we the jury, are sworn to find the defendant mark wrangler -- >> when dateline continues. nt mar wrangler - wrangler - >> when way for you to sell your car. whether it's a year old or a few years old. we wanna buy your car. so go to carvana and enter your license plate and our techno wizardry calculates your car's value and gives you a real offer in seconds. when you're ready, we'll come to you, pay you on the spot and pick up your car, that's it. so ditch the old way of selling your car, and say hello to the new way at carvana.
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madly morale. us now with the conclusion of deadly exposure, here is kate snow. >> on a deadly -- in march 2011, doctor mark wrangler whose star standing -- seem to want to mourn with those who are standing by him. during a brief break from the trial, he showed us his hometown in lima ohio. his old houses still there, his sister and brother owned the family hardware store now. it was a strange homecoming with so much at stake. he seems so relax. >> i've been working here since 1977 -- okay, enough reminiscing. >> mark wrangler wanted to see
2:55 am
his mother, a chat, and then goodbye. was it just for now? or for? good >> [inaudible] i some pretty confident. i'm feeling pretty good about it. >> even though it was the night before closing arguments, mark had sold their routine. like choir practice at grace baptist. >> mark wrangler never testified on his own behalf. would it matter? he was as quiet as ever, and so hard to read. but not esther, she was a wreck. wondering what will happen? one of the jurors? thinking hard in a courtroom back in lima, closing arguments, where defense attorney insisted that the prosecution failed to make its case. >> did you hear them explain to you how he allegedly committed this crime?
2:56 am
no, you didn't hear any of it. you didn't hear any solid theory on that. >> it was an accident, he said, it was the water heater. >> the government has failed to disprove it as a source. as a result, there is reasonable doubt. you must turn the verdict of not guilty in this case. >> in his closing argument, the prosecutor all lined his murder scenario for the jury. he invents, the doors all shut to create a direct pathway from the garage to the furness, to kathy's room. >> then -- or the generator, or maybe both. jim >> and the water heater? it was checked over and over. sure, there were code violations. >> you know what? that didn't kill her. >> and then the jury got the case. two weeks of testimony, much of it dense and scientific.
2:57 am
what mattered most to the jury? >> you had testimony on both sides of this. >> right. >> did it come down science for you? >> i don't think so. >> by the next afternoon, the verdict was in. as there was sitting with her son and mark's family. kathy's family was on the other side. >> we the jury, are sworn to find the defendant mark wrangler guilty. >> [inaudible] >> doctor mark wrangler was sentenced to life in prison. eligible for parole after 25 years. >> mr. wrangler, you violated the ten commandments. thou shall not kill. you also violated the hippocratic oath as a doctor, you shall do no harm. good >> do you remember that moment? >> yeah.
2:58 am
i was shocked. nick but, just beyond sad. i bald. i -- sdg think about it still makes it want to cry. sdg they took him from me. now it's hard. >> we spoke with jury members both on camera and off. they said it was a simpler things that convinced them. the 9-1-1 call, the diary, the body temperature, and the malfunctioning water heater. they did not buy it. >> all the other temperatures were very acknowledgeable on furnaces, and hot water heaters. they gave their opinion on how they felt they could have happened, or could not have happened. >> you ruled out of the water heater? >> pretty fast. >> to this day do you have any idea how this crime may have been committed? >> i do not.
2:59 am
no. >> no ma'am. >> it was vindication for kathy's family. especially her mother, who addressed the court. >> mark is a very selfish person. -- only yourself. nathan aaron, you are our first two grandchildren, we love you. we still love you. and i hope some day, we can have -- >> after his sentencing, his wife as their, visited him in prison as much as possible. >> i just hope and pray that, he does not get hurt. or worse. >> detective bright again says, there were no winners in this case. there was only fumbling evidence that led to a sad conclusion about mark wrangler. >> i think -- although he wanted to live rights, or wanted to have a
3:00 am
good marriage, i think he couldn't. >> you think he didn't say a way out? >> no. guess >> that is all for this edition of dateline. i am natalie morales. thank you for watching. john watching john good evening, i'm mehdi hasan. what is the state of democracy in america, ten? what is the power lie, with the people? this is a day windscreen court stacked with a -- struck down a popular, vaccine mandate from a popularly -- a day on which the leader of a far-right anti government militia was arrested on charges of seditious conspiracy, in


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