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tv   MSNBC Reports  MSNBC  January 16, 2022 4:00am-5:00am PST

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president made tonight. -- >> thank you for joining us. i'll see you back soon, with more in-depth interviews with key news makers. you can always catch more of the maybe hasn't show monday through thursday, at 7 pm, eastern, on catch more on peacock on the choice from msnbc. it's a new hour. breaking this morning on msnbc, deportation for novak djokovic who was seen boarding a plane for dubai. we are tracking reaction as djokovic expresses his, quote, extreme disappointment. plus. >> it's likely the situation would have ended badly early on in the day if we had not had persistent contact with the subject. >> clearing the site of a
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hostage situation overnight after four people were rescued. the suspect is dead. we will break down his possible motives. a massive winter storm system barrels across the country. some governors in the south declaring a state of emergency ahead of a potentially crippling ice event. and then joe rogen debunks himself by accident on his own show, as over 200 doctors is concerned he's spreading disinformation. we're going to start this morning with breaking news out of australia. after a legal back and forth stretching almost two weeks,
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tennis star, djokovic has been deported and we saw these pictures of him getting ready to get on a plane for dubai. australian officials put him in detention in a hotel. his team tried to claim a medical exemption because he just recovered from covid, but his visa was canceled a second time by an australian immigration official and he now lost his last appeal. molly, good morning. >> reporter: look, you just shared those pictures of novak djokovic boarding a plate, and there's a reuters report and they say that flight has taken
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off. unless something happened after he boarded the flight and when the plane looks off, it looks like he has left. he said i am extremely disappointed with the court ruling to dismiss my application for judicial review. i hope we can all focus on the game and the tournament i love. djokovic thanked his supporters, and in addition to the fact that he's being deported, lindsay, that three-judge panel ruled he has to carry the country's legal fees and a three-year ban, and that guy wanted to defend his
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australian open title. the australian ministry argued that him being able to stay with foster anti-vaccine sentiment. really interesting, but it sounds like he's out of the country now. >> molly hunter, thank you for starting us off. we will go to the publisher of the tennis website, open court. what is your reaction to the court decision? is this what you expected? >> i expected the first appeal to go djokovic's way because of what they were arguing and the second one, the bottom line with it is the immigration minister has full power to revoke his
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visa, and there was no path to win this case and the three judges agreed within an hour unanimously that this was it for him this year. >> i want to show some op-ed headlines, and some are saying he should have gotten vaccinated and isolated when he tested positive, and we know he didn't interview in a photo shoot after a mess. what is the long term after this? >> it's complicated. he was already a polarizing figure. those who love him and defend him will forgive any transgression, major or minor, and a lot of people do not like him and the australians have been through the ringer as far as covid goes and it's raging right now and they have no
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tolerance for somebody that they perceive breaks the rules, and where his legacy goes from here is hard to say, and australia is hard to get into, and his road on this -- this journey is just beginning for him. >> i want to ask you a double pronged question, how are other tennis stars reacting to this ruling? we just heard from molly this potentially carries with it a three-year ban into the country, and how big would that be for djokovic? >> it would be huge. one of the big reasons why tennis australia tried to get him into the country this year is because he was trying to make tennis history. it's a major, major competition, and he comes into it tied with 20 major titles with roger federer and nadal, and he was trying to standalone.
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it's a big thing. i don't think he will be prevented from entering the country for three years, and he's 34, 35 this year, and he doesn't have 25 opportunities left to win more titles. the players were tired, i think, of him sucking all the attention out of the tournament while they were preparing for the same tournament. >> thank you for all this. >> thank you for having me. breaking overnight, all of the hostages have been released safely, following more than a 10-hour standoff with police. law enforcement officials say the suspect is dead. here's morgan chesky with the
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latest. >> reporter: it's a very fortunate feeling here. we are still waiting to hear from federal authorities today, but what we know right now is they are reunited with their families. after rescued they spent hours speaking with the fbi agents and sharing what they could as that agency tries to gather evidence here after a stint that lasted nearly 12 hours and began saturday morning when authorities say this gunman entered this place of worship in colleyville, texas, and began making demands some of what heard over a facebook live stream before it was cut off. we saw massive conversions of law enforcement in this area establishing a wide parameter, and negotiation started with the
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contact with the man they identified but are not releasing the name of this time. and it was over the course of the next several hours that they began to begin a dialogue. today authorities say they understand his primary request was the release of a federal prisoner that was being held about 20 miles from where i am standing. outside of that, they are not saying what the man said with negotiators. it was around 6:00 in the evening that one of those hostages was released. what followed was four more harrowing hours, and it was best described by authorities as a breach into the synagogue, which they will not go into detail. we do anticipate learning more later today from authorities. they are still on the scene gathering evidence, but right now it's at this point that those individuals involved in this are safe and sound and is
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what is being described as a blessing in this small community. lindsay. >> morgan, thank you. still to come, a deeper dive into the hostage taker's motive. the fbi said it was focussed on an issue not connected to the jewish community, so why target a synagogue? we have a former fbi special agent with us, and we will talk to clint watts about how those negotiations might have gone down, next. negotiations might have gone negotiations might have gone down, next ♪ who would've thought printing... could lead to growing trees. ♪
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let's turn back to the breaking news out of texas, where all hostages have been freed out of the synagogue after being held more than ten hours. the suspect had been demanding the release of a convicted murderer known as lady al qaeda. let's bring in national security
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agent, mr. watts. what do we know about the motives of the hostage taker, and what do we know about aafia siddiqui, aka, lady al qaeda. >> it seems this entire episode occurred because they were trying to get the attention for the release of aafia siddiqui. first, just go to aafia siddiqui. that was a major al qaeda terrorism case of the 2000s. she had a phd and was known as a neuro scientists and was captured in afghanistan, and she was tied into different biological or chemical-type of weapons attacks and was also a person that grabbed the rifle of a soldier and tried to shoot and was wounded during the interrogation. that case is one where we have seen over the years many al qaeda leaders call for her release and the taliban as well.
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it's a few months after afghanistan ended we would see for somebody calling for her release again. in terms of the actual way this went down yesterday, i think the fbi and the local colleyville police did a remarkable job of really handling the situation, and extended negotiation probably helped develop options and is remarkable how well they did and was able to get all the hostages out peacefully -- or without any violence or death to them so a great job across the board from federal to local police. >> we know that at least 70 rescue hostage forces were flown in, and they talked to him for hours. what were some of what they used? >> i think they were probably trying to barter for time, and there was one hostage release.
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every time they could make sure somebody was brought to safety, that would be a success in terms of de-escalation. separately, though, the longer the negotiations go on, the hostage-taker, it was almost half a day he had been in that location and obviously getting tired. once the first hostage has come out, you can learn more about what is happening inside the building, and you get to know what your options are. the rescue options team, they were able to take all these hostages in without them being injured. >> what do you make of the report from the ap saying the hostage taker was not focused on the jewish community? >> yes, if i had to estimate why this synagogue was picked it was due to the proximity of where
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aafia siddiqui was being held, and she was being held at a fort worth area, at a detention center, and that could be more why that location was picked, and the synagogue was a way to get your live stream out, and if you are looking at really any terrorism, the goal is to get your message out and have your demands be heard and to create a large-media incident which was successful and we all knew about it right away because of the live extreme, and i think it was a factor of aafia siddiqui and where her location was rather than the synagogue. you might remember there was a major white supremacists attack on a synagogue in pittsburgh just a few years back, so this is a routine thing and that is that a sad state of affairs here in the united states that we
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have to protect our houses of worship. >> thank you for spending time with us. nearly 81 million americans are under some type of winter weather threat this holiday weekend. a number of states in the southeast including georgia, south carolina, virginia, and they are under winter warnings. >> so many of us under an alert this morning whether it be a snow alert where we are looking at ice or heavy rain and we had a tornado warning in parts of florida, near the tampa bay area just an hour ago, and the radar is active. you can clearly see where this weather system is. you can see the blues, that's where you are seeing the snow, and the yellows and oranges, that's your heavy rain. then you see the pinks and purples, that's where we are seeing the icy areas.
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that's where we will see the threat of weather. 81 million impacted by the weather today, and we have the ice storm warning. we will zoom into that because that's where we will see the tricky travel. we could see power outages that could last days or up to a week in some spots, and chester field, you are under the gun for dangerous conditions today. it has taken a journey from the northern plains to the southern plains and now back up towards the east, and we are looking for the threat continuing in the carolinas and then it will move into the northeast tonight into tomorrow. it's going to intensify winds. that's going to pick up the winds, so fierce winds tomorrow morning and that could bring more power outages to parts of the northeast. it will be really cold there. we have icing in parts of the interior parts of pennsylvania, so we could see trees coming
4:21 am
down and coastal flooding. we have the snow and the ice. these are the impacts when it comes to the ice. icy roadways, and we have seen tricky travel if not impossible travel in some spots and the power outages. this extends into the northeast as well, but when you see the blue on the map, that's the bullseye for the heaviest ice, the thickest ice, a quarter inch to half inch of ice. in terms of the snowfall where you see the pinks and purples, that will be your heaviest amounts, even nine up to a foot in some spots, and we could see 10 inches in the appellations. we will watch this all day long, so it's the snow and rain and the threat for severe weather and coastal flooding possible in the northeast. >> we know you will keep an eye on it. we will have more on the wintry mess ahead including the live report from the bull eye in carolina. plus, donald trump devoting
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4:27 am
martin luther king iii said this. >> every last one of these states that passed these regressive laws have done it with all republican lawmakers, and it's anybody's right to do what they want to, but the people, i feel, and 64% of the people support voting rights protections. >> just a few dozen miles away, trump held his first rally of 2022 putting the big lie on display. john, what do we see from trump last night? was it entirely focussed on these incorrect grievances on the 2020 election and do you think this is a preview of what
4:28 am
we will see in the next coming years. >> greetings from scottsdale. the rally last night was an example of donald trump not only repeating the lies, the big election lie, and we will hear that in a minute, but leading further into it, and really focusing, as you suggested, on various aspects of it and trotting out new tinfoil theories, and listen to this now. >> then we have this fake election, this horrible and fake election. by the way, a person that comes here -- and we're altogether, and a person that comes here and has crowds that any eye can see, and has cars that stretch out for 25 miles, that's not
4:29 am
somebody that lost an election and now because of it our country is being destroyed. >> you could hear former president trump there talking about the election lie. he did it over and over again last night. interesting on the crowd size. there was a pretty sizeable crowd out there, a few thousand people there at least, and one of the things interesting is most of them started leaving early while trump was still speaking. people were streaming out to the parking lot to get back on that one lane each way highway out of the event arena in florence. >> yeah, espousing those lies, of course, no evidence of fraud in arizona even after the quote, unquote, audit from now the defunct, cyber ninjas.
4:30 am
it's going to be 73 degrees in phoenix, but i am getting ahead of myself. >> reporter: i am proposing to build a statue of you while i'm here. >> oh, my gosh. julie, there's no clear path for this legislation. where does this go now? >> reporter: after the snow comes here the senate will come on tuesday to debate voting rights legislation and there will be a vote on it. obviously we know the outcome could be prebaked, and republicans and democrats will be put on the stand on where they stand at protecting voting rights. that vote will get all democrats, and that will trigger a rules change to ensure they can pass the voting rights by the simple majority, and that
4:31 am
will fail because of the statements from senator manchin and senator sinema, and they will not support a carveout. you mentioned the king family was in arizona yesterday about an hour from where president trump held his rally, but he was joined by a democrat from arizona, and you saw him marching on the front lines there and he spoke to our colleague about who was not there, kyrsten sinema. >> she had a town hall meeting in arizona, and she would hear how worried we are and how we need the voting rights to protect the country. that's the most important thing. at the end of the day, it's the people of arizona that will choose who will be the next senator and i hope kyrsten sinema is listening and not just to her big donors in washington, d.c. >> as you heard from gallego, he
4:32 am
did not rule out after he spoke to our colleague challenging sinema there, and they are looking to president biden and putting pressure on him as he moves forward and telling him basically, it's his job now to talk to senator manchin and cinema. from where i stand here in the capitol, covering both of these senators daily, it's hard to imagine how they have been here. >> stay safe in that snowstorm, and jonathan, enjoy the sunshine, i guess. thank you both. joining us is a congresswoman, and it's good to have you on. >> good morning. >> as it stands, as we are talking about it, the path remains unclear now as the freedom to vote act and the john lewis voting act, and the former president tried to manipulate the big lie, and what is the
4:33 am
costs going to be if something doesn't get done before the midterms? >> well, the electoral act will not do anything to address the voter suppresstion laws that we have seen enacted, and i am less concerned of how we get this to the president's desk. we have seen what has happened across the country and in response to donald trump's big lie. we have an obligation to stand up and duty right thing. i keep asking my colleagues if they ever wondered what they would have done during the civil rights movement, and this is their chance to find out, this is our civil rights movement. >> mike pence accuses democrats of using january 6th to try and gain power over elections.
4:34 am
he says their plan to end the filibuster to allow democrats to pass a bill nationalizing our elections would offend the founders, and he said if democrats' plans were to become law, the opportunities for voter fraud would explode. >> i am a black woman from the south and grew up in alabama living in georgia now, and i fully understand if it were not for the federal government i would not only be serving in the united states government but would not have the right to vote, so that takes me to a dark place in our nation's history. our founders did not have the knowledge to have my ancestors
4:35 am
vote, and we are righting that wrong now. pence needs to stand on the side of what is fair left and right. i stood in the seat of what was once held by john lewis, and you have a moral obligation to stand up and say something, to do something when you see something not fair, and it's time to pass the freedom to vote act and the john lewis act. >> how concerned are you it appears republicans and former president trump are determined to make it on the local level, including electing officials that would not have certified the elections. >> i have been working with
4:36 am
representatives because we understand it's not just who gets to vote but who gets to count the votes and if those votes get counted. we have work to do on all fronts. we just need people that have the courage to stand up and get it passed. >> congresswoman williams, thank you for being on and talking with us. appreciate your time. >> thank you. still to come, president biden will mark one year in office with a rare press conference, but after a slew of legislative setbacks, some analysts say time could be running out for democrats. can he turn things around before midterms? we have a live report, next. we have a live report, next.vol. i've got moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. now, there's skyrizi. 3 out of 4 people achieved
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president biden will mark the conclusion of his first year in office with a rare formal press conference on wednesday. the president's approval rating has dropped to a new low of 33% among americans surveyed in the latest quinnipiac poll. the president is facing new challenges, like inflation and the supply chain and the ongoing pandemic, and the struggle to pass his agenda including the spending package and voting rights legislation. he did win the passage of a $1 trillion coronavirus release package and the infrastructure deal, but for what the president will say on wednesday we turn to
4:41 am
josh letterman. what tone do we expect the president to set heading into year two? >> white house officials would concede this is not how they wanted to be starting year two of the administration. they wanted to be able to wrap up year one having gotten through build back better, a vehicle that contained so many critical elements of president biden's agenda that he campaigned on when he asked americans to give him a chance to be president for four years. they wanted to have a set of voting rights protections in place that would really guide the way the next year is going to work as we get into this mid-term elections as we have states all-around the country that are already starting. their primary processes of going through redistricting this year, he was not able to get those as of now and the president facing fresh defeats in other formats, including in his attempts to reach a diplomatic resolution to the standoff with russia and
4:42 am
ukraine as well as the supreme court just a few days ago, a real big blow to administration pushing out this vaccine mandate that the president wanted in place for large employers. president biden seems to be absorbing some of the disappointment himself. take a listen to the way he described those disappointments a couple days ago. >> there's a lot of talk about disappointments and things we have not gotten done. we are going to get a lot of them done, i might add. >> so i think you will hear a more uplifting approach from president biden when he holds this news conference on wednesday, because it will be the opportunity for him to try and pivot to the things they have gotten done and show off what democrats see as their accomplishments in year one, that bipartisan infrastructure law and the funding which is just now starting to go out to states they can use on things the white house has been trying to highlight like roads and
4:43 am
bridges and electric vehicle charging stations. i think you will hear president biden talk about what his plan forward is on some of these elements like voting rights and build back better, that they are insisting are not dead, they are not giving up on even if the path to victory is not totally clear right now, and this, we should note, is not a format president biden used very often in the news conference. this will be his first solo news conference in the united states since march of last year, lindsay. >> josh letterman traveling to wilmington. thank you. after the break, our news correspondent is in the bullseye for a major ice accumulation as the massive storms continues to intensify. we'll go on the ground, next. , e to get away? ♪ ♪
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she wished there was a way to make it last longer. say hello to your fairy godmother alice and long-lasting gain scent beads. try spring daydream, now part of our irresistible scent collection. millions in the carolinas, virginia and georgia under states of emergency this morning ahead of a huge winter storm that is expected to slam the
4:48 am
southeast. in north carolina they are expecting as much of as foot of snow and sleet and freezing rain in some parts of the state, and the severe weather could create dangerous driving conditions and topple power lines. kathy, nearly 64 million americans are under some type of winter threat. my apologize to you and the crew, and i just looked it up and it's 26 degrees and already snowing behind you. >> reporter: yeah, exactly, lindsay. the precipitation started off as snow this morning and switched over to sleet now and it's starting to stick to the roadways, as you can see behind me. we are tracking the severe ice threat and keep in mind a quarter inch of ice can cause threats, and it could coat power lines and tree limbs and then you tack on the wind gusts and we could be looking at significant power outages.
4:49 am
duke energy, here, the largest energy company, and they were saying customers could see outages for days and they knew the storm was coming and they mobilized quickly, and they said they have about 10,000 workers fanned out across the region, and they have roy cooper, the governor of north carolina held a press conference yesterday and talked how the state is gearing up. take a listen. >> our forecasters expect significant impacts across our state. i have also activated 200 national guard soldiers to assist in storm response. the national guard will work in western and central counties to help with transportation. they are equipped with emergency response vehicles that can move through the snow such as humvees and four wheel drive ambulances. >> reporter: lindsay, keep in
4:50 am
mind ice storms are pretty rare here in the charlotte area. last check the most significant ice storm was back in december of 2022 where some spots got more than half an inch of ice and more than 1 million people storm system. it started at the end of the week in the plains and midwest. dumped a lot of snow there. it took a detour here in the southeast. it's eventually going to be moving to the northeast where they are also going to get snow, sleet and freezing rain. a lot more to come. >> from the looks of it, hopefully, people will stay off those roadways. stay safe. it's being called a sociological issue of devastating proportions. spotify's most popular podcast under fire with calls from medical experts to take action against this host for spreading covid lies.
4:51 am
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comcast business. powering possibilities. a menace to public health. that's what a group of health care professionals are calling joe rogan, saying promotes covid misinformation. the group of about 270 doctors and educators signed an open letter to spotify demanding that the streaming service take action against the host of its most popular podcast.
4:55 am
they accuse him of spreading covid falsehoods and baseless conspiracy theories to his 11 million listeners, including discouraging vaccination in young people and children and promoting the use of ivermectin. he debated the dangers of a rare heart condition in young boys saying myocarditis is more common after they get the vaccine than if they were to contract covid. he ended up debunking himself. let's watch. >> i don't think it's true there's an increased risk of myocarditis from people catching covid that are young versus from the vaccine. >> there is. there's both. >> let's look that up. 12 to 17 with three months of catching covid at a rate of 450 cases this compared to 67 cases of myocarditis per milli of the same time following the second dose of pfizer.
4:56 am
>> you are about eight times likely to get myocarditis -- >> that's interesting. that's not what i have read before. it's like, even when we read these things, what are we getting this from? >> joining me now is an epidemiologist at chicago school of public health. she signed that open letter. i have it right here. we do need to mention that spotify has declined to comment specifically about rogan. did i get your pronunciation of your name correct? >> you did. thank you. >> great. i want your reaction. we will get to the letter in a second. your reaction to that clip. rogan has admitted to looking dumb, his words. >> yeah. it's unfortunate because his 11 million listeners will hopefully
4:57 am
not get their medical information from joe rogan, who is neither a public health expert nor a physician. it's concerning the amount of misinformation that gets spread on his show. we are calling upon spotify just to institute a clear and public policy to moderate misinformation on their platform. we're not asking for censorship or deletion of content. just we're in a global health emergency. a content streaming platform like spotify has a responsible to the public not to add to the problem. >> what do you think that policy should look like? you say it needs to be a clear misinformation policy. he has the most listened to episode on spotify. hundreds of millions of monthly downloads. what would the policy look like? >> i could give a good example. this week, the fox news host was suspended from youtube for seven days for posting on youtube that
4:58 am
masks don't work to prevent the spread of covid-19. the evidence shows that masks do work as part of a comprehensive mitigation strategy to prevent the virus. youtube explicitly states that if you put information on their platform that masks don't work or they are harmful, this is contrary to scientific evidence and contrary to their misinformation policy. they have a system for three strikes or something. so unless you are spreading misinformation, you shouldn't have to worry about it. >> the december episode that you point to in your letter features a doctor who among other claims essentially accuses hospitals of getting financial incentives for putting people on ventilators. what kind of impact does some of this content have on the work that you are doing in the health community? >> it's very unfortunate,
4:59 am
because the latest data from the cdc shows that vaccinated people are five times less likely to get covid and 14 times less likely to die from covid. this is a vaccine preventable illness at this point. 13% of people over the age of 18 have had no shot. so they are unvaccinated. 13% not not sound like a lot. in a population the size of the u.s., that's over 43 million people. i say that's how we can quantify the effect of this kind of misinformation. >> doctor, thank you for joining us. we appreciate your time. >> thank you so much for having me. thank you for watching. i will see you back next weekend at 7:00 a.m. eastern. "velshi" starts right now. a sabbath service at a
5:00 am
suburban dallas synagogue turns into a hostage standoff. jewish leaders saying this targeting and the fear is part of the american jewish experience. we will have the latest with a live report from texas moments away. as the failed former president surrounds himself with conspiracy pushers and election deniers, i will talk to jamie raskin, current member of the january 6 committee. as democrats regroup from a major setback this week on their voting rights push, i will talk to folks who aren't beholden to political deadlines, the folks playing the long game on civil rights. martin luther king, iii and andrea waters king will join me. what do you do when you have the highest inflation rate in decades and the supreme court took away one of the key tools that you were going to


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