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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  January 21, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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they are republican, it might be wise to just check how they voted. i'm just saying. that does it for us tonight. rachel, you will be delighted to hear, will be back on monday. and i hope to see you on sunday night for my show. the mehdi hasan show on -- at weeknights on 7 pm on peacock. now jonathan kaye pac is in for lawrence tonight, good evening jonathan. >> good evening. >> i'm just saying you did a great job for your debut at 9:00. >> it's very good jonathan. it's good to have some hypocrisy to point to on my way out. >> many, enjoy the rest of your friday night. >> thank you. >> tonight, the full scope of the republican efforts tonight, -- attempted to block the national archives from handing over. it's not clear why he fought so
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hard to hide these documents. politico obtained one of them. an unsigned draft of an executive order that directed the department of defense to seize voting machines. the order, which was never signed, is issued -- is dated, december 16th 2020. it would allow the defense secretary to, quote, sees collect, retain and analyze all machines, equipment, electronically stored information, and material records required for retention under u.s. law that relates to the preservation of election records. the order also sites to classified documents, suggesting that the author had access to information about the government secrets. this wasn't just some kook with no connection to the trump administration. in addition to new documents like that, political reports of the january six committee is investigating efforts by state level republicans to send republicans alternative slates of 2020 presidential electors.
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in december of 2020, illegitimate republican electors submitted, forged documents declaring trump won their state. in five of those states, arizona, georgia, nevada, michigan, and wisconsin, fake electors even sign certificates claiming they were duly elected and qualified to represent their states. just think, if we are learning all of this one year later, imagine with the trump white house is still trying to hide. -- glenn kershner, former federal prosecutor, jill wine-banks, former assistant watergate special prosecutor. they are both msnbc legal analysts. what's your reaction to this draft executive order that was just described? >> the draft executive order is must read. it's only about two or three pages long, jonathan.
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but, it's filled with quasi-legal buzzwords and terms, vague sinister allegations against voting systems, and foreign countries -- it really doesn't make any sense when you read it. somebody obviously told donald trump that the term probable cause has a legal significance. most of your viewers probably, no probable -- double by which we make arrests, or judges issued search warrants. what he does is he sprinkles the term probable cause throughout this really absurd trap to executive order. i have it in front of me, he, says he has probable cause of evidence of international and foreign interference in the election. probable cause of evidence of fraud, and numerous malicious actions. there's probable cause to find massive cyber attacks by far in interests. there is no support.
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these are just bald face claims, and he then finishes up with, they are for, i want to secretary out the fence to seize all voting equipment. this is really -- these are the unhinged unhinged ramblings of somebody desperate to cling to power, with no lawful basis to do so. poweyou know why, jill, what dos it say that there's classified information cited in that draft executive order? >> well, it says that there is somebody involved in drafting it, who had access to classified information. i want to follow up on what glenn, said because i was also general counselor of the army. i can tell you, there is no way that the military can be involved in seizing during civilian times, anything. -- and, who ever drafted that, if
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they knew confidential information and have that code for intelligence, they know that that is true. this was a really, really scary thing. this is all part of a bigger conspiracy than just this. it relates to the fraudulent electors that are trying to get nominated. it relates to all of the other activities that georgia phone call, the january 6th events, all of that is part of one big conspiracy, to undo our election results, and to destroy our democracy. >> glenn, how can the january six committee uses new documents to hold donald trump and his allies accountable for their crimes? >> i think the evidence of misconduct, and conspiracy to terrible misconduct, as jill says, is -- pour out every day. i very very much look forward to the public hearings, when the house select committee will be presenting this in a way
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that's understandable, and digestible for the american people, so we can see what was really going on. the biggest question now, for me, as a former pro career prosecutor, is whether we are dealing with one large overarching conspiracy, or are we dealing with a series of separate conspiracies, all designed to accomplish the same goal. which is to unconstitutionally keep donald trump in power. i'll tell you, jonathan, when we keep -- i've tried some in the courts of washington d.c., we typically bring one large overarching conspiracy theory, if the evidence can supports it. then the defense attorneys will invariably say, one my clients did nothing wrong, if they did, this is improperly charged. it's a series of separate conspiracies, i think that is the biggest legal question remaining, because i see evidence of conspiracy or conduct everywhere. >> jill, cnn has obtained audio
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from the co-chair of the michigan republican party. he's admitting that drum campaign -- let's listen. >> we fought to see the electors. the trump campaign asked us to do that, under a lot of scooted need for that today. >> jill, what do you make of that admission? >> i'm not surprised that there is going to be much more evidence, that it was directed out of the trump campaign. we know that, not only where they're fake electors after the state had certified the real peepers, but some of the electors refused to sign the certification. if they had been elected as trump electors, they said, well, we weren't, so i'm not signing this fake document. so, they put in people who weren't even on the ballot, and substituted them for people who were actually on the ballot, if
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-- and they didn't, if they had been elected. i think it's just -- it's a state crime, it's a federal crime. i think that these are things that will be pursued, and that the department of justice will want to be doing the same thing with the january six committee. i don't know what they're waiting for, but the evidence is right there in public. we are all seeing it, in the same way we're seeing what happened on january 6th. i want to see some action and indictments, not just an investigation to change the laws. i think that's important, and based on my experience in watergate, i can say, public hearings make a huge difference. people change their minds when they see the testimony. when they see what happened, and live witnesses saying it. the public hearings are very important, changing the laws is very important. making sure that gaps are closed, but accountability requires criminal investigation, and if there is evidence to support elements of a crime,
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than they have to be indicted. no matter who they are. no one is above the law. >> jill wine-banks, glenn questioner, thank you very much. as we're learning more about trump's efforts to overturn the 2020 election. republicans in arizona are now trying to legislate off of trump's election lies. arizona republican state senator, wendy rogers, has filed legislation to create a bureau of election in the state, with the power to subpoena witnesses, and seize voting machines, giving more control of elections to parties in politicians, acting in bad faith. joining us now, arizona secretary of state, katie hobbs. she is running for governor of arizona. katie hobbs, thank you for being here. your reaction to the -- in your state? >> well, it really is a solution in search of a problem. i think that minimizes the seriousness of what we're seeing. you nailed it when you said this is attempts to put
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partisan individuals overseen -- it's not necessary. this is one more example of trump loyalists using his big lie to take the levers of power that they have access to, and change how we run and certify elections, in a way that will allow them to, in the future, overturn the will of the voters, if they don't like the outcome. >> it seems like there were so many close calls, in terms of overturning the election. how important is it to install officials who put country over party? >> it is incredibly important. as my colleague, joscelyn benson, in michigan, has said many times, democracy prevailed in 2020, because people of integrity, in both parties, did their jobs. they upheld the integrity of the election, and the will of the voters. when we start to see partisan actors who are more concerned about the outcome, rather than
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the processes, we're in trouble. we're seeing that play out in front of us now. >> secretary hobbs, i'm wondering what you make of the fake arizona electors, trying to change the outcome of the 2020 election. >> we knew about this when it happened last december. we referred to our states attorney general for of investigation, and possible enforcement. he said nothing with that, but he's currently running for the republican nomination for u.s. senate, which might play into his decision-making. arizonans are incensed over this, and sense that nothing has been done. the attorney general needs to answer to that. >> congress failed to pass voting rights legislation election protection, legislation, this past week. what would you say to certain senators who don't believe we need it, or who believe that
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the threat ended when trump left office? >> we are at a defining moment in our democracy, right now. nobody who didn't support this legislation should get a pass. in 2006, the reauthorization of the voting rights act passed unanimously. it wasn't even controversial. it is astonishing to me that we are at this point where voting rights are all of a sudden hyperpartisan. i have called on every member to support this legislation and ensure that americans have the freedom to vote. it is so critical and this is -- if we don't have voting rights we, don't have a democracy. >> that's right it's the foundation -- voting rights are the foundation of our democracy. arizona secretary of state, katie hobbs. thank you for joining us. coming up, every republican senator, joe manchin, and kristen sinema, voted to block legislation to protect voters in elections. so, how is that going?
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well, today a, texas man has been charged with threatening to kill in elections official, in georgia. there were calls for the justice department to get involved in the audit of 2020 results. congressman colin allred, a former elections lawyer will join us next. will will join us erty. ♪ new vicks vapostick. strong soothing vapors... help comfort your loved ones. will join us erty. ♪ for chest, neck, and back. no mess just soothing comfort. try new vicks vapostick. for people living with h-i-v, keep being you. and ask your doctor about biktarvy. biktarvy is a complete, one-pill, once-a-day treatment used for h-i-v in certain adults. it's not a cure, but with one small pill, biktarvy fights h-i-v
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effort to curtail threats, when a texas man was charged with threatening to kill -- and other government officials in florida. it's the first case to be prosecuted for the justice department's task force. -- posted a message on craigslist on january 5th, calling for georgia patriots to put a bullet in three unnamed georgia officials. quote, if we want our country back, we have to exterminates these people. a group of house democrats led
10:18 pm
by my next guest is now urging the justice department from monitoring the review of the texas results in four counties, saying that this audit may be an attempt to -- it to cast ballots in the 2020 presidential election. they say hundreds of mail in ballot applications are being rejected under texas's new voting rolls, trying to -- what would senator joe manchin say about this? because here is what he said on tuesday. >> the government will stand behind it. they'll make sure people have the right to vote. the things that you are talking about right now is in coat. the courts are struck down, like an ohio, they struck down gerrymandering. we're not going to obstruct people from voting. that is not gonna happen >> it is happening in republican led
10:19 pm
states of among the country, the problem is getting worse joining us now is -- from texas. he is that voting rights attorney. great to see you again. when you see what is happening in your state, what is your response to joe manchin's comment? >> i respect senator manchin. i've spoken to him before about what is happening in texas. he is wrong about what the government is going to do in these voting laws. 40% of our voting applications are being rejected. also is about -- in harris county it's also 35%. in -- voting applications are being denied these are folks who are already needing to vote, who are being denied >> so explain how republican labs have a chilling effect on voters and
10:20 pm
election workers, because there is a spectrum between making it easier and making it harder to vote and lots of subtle ways of discouraging participation. >> yes. making small changes like the voting -- like a security number or a drivers license on the -- has to match the one on their voter registration which is -- for those registration. those small changes have very big impacts. particularly those who are used to voting a certain ways, they can fall through the cracks. then mistakes happen. and they are no longer able to vote. i think that is what is happening here. very small changes that are making a -- the courts are not gonna save us. and it talks about what happened to ohio for example. that is because the state constitution is a start -- we don't have any -- because the security --
10:21 pm
the vote of freedom of vote act, but he doesn't want to pass it. >> going back to the subtle changes you are talking about. 50% of mail-in ballot applications are being rejected? >> it's between 40 and 50, but we're talking about -- county where san antonio is. we're seeing a enormous, enormous rejection rates. this is going to lead to literally tens of thousands of votes being rejected. >> and i'm bringing this up again, because i'm wondering, what is up with those people in those counties. where in my mail in ballot is rejected, what recourse do i have to fight that id objection? do we have any under this law? >> you really have to rely on the county officials to try to work with you, to try to find ways to get it accepted. already, it's big difficult to vote by mail.
10:22 pm
you have to be out of town for the entire voting people. these are folks who need help. these are some older folks, disabled folks, who are just trying to vote by mail. and the democracy -- like during the pandemic, which made it easier but not harder. >> the freedom to vote act failed. the john lewis voting advancement act failed. but there seems to be a lot of bipartisan chatter about the electoral vote count. and they are going to reform the electoral count act. what do you think about the reforms that are being discussed? >> i think it is the right idea. i don't think there should be a substitute for making it easier to vote in the first place. what is the point of subverting the election after the election? you might as well have supported it before people voted. but -- the slate of electors from states, there is an idea there.
10:23 pm
particularly the vice president out of the role of deciding how to remain a democracy. when it came down to here on january 6th, is that mike pence was railing to say that he goes along with this clay of reforms and wants them back in the house of representative. thankfully they did that. but no vice president should -- have in that democracy. that's a good reform. these are necessary but they cannot substitute for making it easier. >> the way that i look at it is it should not be this or that it should be this and that. i'm hearing reports that besides congressman jim banks, some of congress is other right leading republicans are open to reform. including those who objected to certifying the 2020 results last year. they include senator ron johnson, a former trump ally who initially planned on voting for election objections but i ultimately opted against it. what do you make of the republican interest in this
10:24 pm
vote? apparently from someone who promotes trump's big lie? >> yes, i have some concerns there. because what we are talking about here ill depends on goodwill. at the house of the time, when this is challenged. so we raised such standard for challenging results from a state, from a simple majority. why would they send us a small slate of electors? we should challenge that slate of electors. so i wonder, when i see some of the folks who are supporting this, if they are hoping that this is going to get it easier for some ways for them to -- ungenerous x >> yes i have to say. my eyebrow arched when i saw senator johnson say, yeah that's something a good idea. but will have to say that for another discussion. thank you, for joining us. >> coming up, mitch mcconnell gave away his game and his gaffe about black people
10:25 pm
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that was what went through my mind when i heard senate minority leader mitch mcconnell say this. >> what's your message for voters of color who are concerned about the voting rights act, that they're not gonna be able to vote? >> well the concern is misplaced. if you look at the statistics, african american voters are voting as just as high as percentage of americans. this is not a problem. >> i feel compelled to say the coffee is. black americans are americans. mitch mcconnell insists he misspoke, but his words illustrate how black people are seen by our fellow citizens. as i write in the washington post tonight, the slip shows how also fide the assumptions
10:30 pm
in our political discourse still are. white is always the default. top of suburban voters is really about white suburban voters. women voters really means white women. and as mcconnell put, it american voters really means white american voters. from that perspective, there is no problem with voting in america. because for white people it is easy to vote. so there must not be any need for congress to step in, right? that is mitch mcconnell's a -- but for black and brown voters it is always been more difficult for them to cast a ballot. their concerns are not misplaced. they live, it we live, it and we know. which party is making it harder to cast the ballot, and which one is making it easier to intimidate voters and discount their ballots. the right to vote, and to have your vote counted, is so fundamental in america. and so important that 2000
10:31 pm
americans were willing to get arrested to keep up the fight. joining us now is democratic congressman jamal bowen of new york, he also serves on the civil rights and the -- sole committee and is the part of the -- thank you for coming to the last word you were arrested yesterday with more than two dozen people. tell us what happened. >> yes, there had been a protests at the capitol, at the senate throughout the week. beginning on tuesday. and there were protesters arrested on tuesday as well i got there on wednesday. we were out there for about five hours, just trying to talk to senators as they came in and out of the senate chambers. we were reading legislation that has been passed throughout the country. trying to, and looking to suppress the votes we were out there for him many hours the next day, on thursday, i tried
10:32 pm
to go out there as well but the time i got out there, the protesters had already been arrested. so they were standing in an area near some yellow tape. and not just wanted to go, and embrace them, and show them love, and thank them for what they were doing. and as i want there to shake their hands to go down to the line and connect with them, they walked over to me and told me i was under arrest. and that's when -- and saw the handcuffs on. >> i'm sorry congressman. maybe i am naive. but, you are a member of congress! you are sitting member of congress! capitol police -- did capitol police know that? did they have any qualms about arresting a sitting member of congress? >> well, as soon as i got there, i identified myself as a member of congress. and what district i
10:33 pm
represented. and i asked what happened with the protesters. they explain to me what happened, which was, kind of crazy as well, because the house of representatives, the capital is supposed to be the people's house. so why are we arresting people from protesting peacefully? so because i went underneath the yellow tape, the police tape, no one told me i couldn't do that, that's why i was arrested. that's why i was charged with a violation of some sort. >> i see. and we need to talk about mitch mcconnell today. mitch mcconnell tried to clean up his comments about black and american voters. have a listen. >> well, inadvertently i admitted a word, and for that, we are standing here for 45 minutes. this outrageous mischaracterization of my record as a result of leaving
10:34 pm
one word out, inadvertently today, which i've just now supplied to you, is deeply offensive. the admitted word it was all. that's all folks. sorry. >> so here is the thing about mitch mcconnell, if you have covered him. or paid attention to him long enough. he is very careful with his words. he does not say things that he does not want to hear you say. he always so said at the same press conference that it was hurtful. so we know that he is offended. congressman, your response? >> i was not surprised at all by his comments. i mean wet he said, is what black peoples feel every single day. and not just mitch mcconnell, many of my colleagues carry him bear it -- and you see it revealed in how they legislate, and how they
10:35 pm
engage with me and different communities across the country. what he said was what we know to be true. people don't believe that black people are real americans. and if we are, we are at the bottom of the cast system that has been tests -- since the inception of america. that is the problem that's why we can't get voting rights legislation passed in the senate. that's why we can't get the policing act passed in the senate. that's why -- we sent to the house floor for vote. and that's why we're in the condition we are in terms of socially across the country. >> i'm interested in hearing you talk more about you as a member of congress, was federal members of congress, have you had to deal with racism? subtle? explicit? today? in today's congress? >> well, absolutely. congresswoman boebert referred
10:36 pm
to, the quote and unquote squad as the g squared on the house floor. and nobody -- not even democrats. not even democrats that were on the house floor at the time objected. this is why we call for truth and reconciliation. we call for having these explicit conversations about race. if we do not look for our past and see who we are, we cannot feel is a nation going forward. but i do want to make one conch meant about protesting this week. i want the country to know and understand, these are people who are putting their bodies on the line. they have been on hunger strikes for several weeks. i've met someone who was on a hunger strike for 67 days. they put their bodies on the line with hunger strikes, with being arrested. and this is what happened during the civil rights movement for us to pass
10:37 pm
transformative legislation. we have to do the same thing right now. be engaged about democracy at that level across the country, not just for a decade, but for the rest of our lives to save this country from itself and evolve us in democracy. >> congressman, quickly, those are some very important words that you just said. but for some people out there. people who -- for voting rights. or just people who are seeing nothing get done at the federal level who are demoralize. would you say to them to keep them in the fight? well, that's why i am here with you. that's why i was out there with the protesters this week. and i'm calling for other members of congress to do the exact same thing. and for organizers not to be demoralized. we can't lead mitch mcconnell, senator manchin, and senator sinema run our country. this is a country governed by the people. and the people have to wise up,
10:38 pm
and take the country back from those people. because they are running our country into the ground. they're doing the bidding of donald trump in the far right, who wants civil war to protect their, quote unquote, freedom. but the people -- as a side to govern by the people. so we have to keep the faith. we have to rejuvenate. and we have to come back stronger and continue to fight. >> the people have to rise up and take the country back via the ballot box and not by, what's seems to be, what was done by the other side, which is ransacking the capital trying to disrupt the free and fair election. jamal bowman, thank you for joining us tonight. coming up, anti vaxxer's are going to gather at the lincoln memorial to -- at a time when un-american a minute is diving of covid. that is up next. covid. covid. that cold relief
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people get radicalized that's what a man named justin told nbc news senior reporter, brandi, about what he experienced on january 6th, 2021, when the crowd at the capitol turned into a riots. to protect his privacy we are not sharing his last name to get into the world of qanon, justin said the chaos of that day started an epiphany for him. the mob, the flag, the violence. it did not feel right. but it got me, he said later, as supposed to be a part of a movement. but did i just get duped? . the extremism of the prompt years, spurred on by trump himself, may have -- with the capitol riot. but a year later the extremism is still out there. many of these groups are now attacking the covid vaccines
10:44 pm
and have saved hundreds of thousands of lives. in fact, they're getting together here on washington on sunday. but they don't want you to call it an anti vax march. instead, they call it defeat the mandate squad. they outline how anti-vaxxers win people over. by focusing on vaccine mandates as an entry point. joining me now are the two reporters we just mentioned, brandi who has covered the anti-vaccine movement, and ben collins, who covers, to use his term, the -- they are frankly the very best at covering these issues, even though i've seen reporters as -- thank you both for being here. brandon i'm gonna start with you, how did the vaccine become part of these groups? >> well, in order -- they've been around as long as
10:45 pm
vaccines. so if you go back to the smallpox vaccine in the 19th century, there is going to be immediate pushback. it's a sore language that we are seeing now. we're seeing an anti vaxxer's weighing against tyranny, tyranny pandemics in the act. about dangers, about snake ulcers -- so why are we seeing this now? it's because we are of a vaccine. but there is some recent research, i think it's very interesting, it shows the vaccine sentiment and the movements really go along with right-wing popular-ism. these things go hand in hand. so we see trump saying vaccines are caused by autism in the beginning of 2016, now you have the pandemic -- [interpreter] and you start to get to the moment that we are in. >> right right, ben, so right. this march here so in
10:46 pm
washington, this march, here on sunday on sunday, this very normal looking website, they. there is a very -- use words like and they use medical freedom. terms like explain to us medical freedom. how these groups whitewash explain to us how these their groups whitewash their message message. >>. >> yeah, they're not going to say that yes. they're not gonna say they're that they are an anti-vaccine. if you anti vaccine march, sit on television, as people be very people will be angry very angry at you for calling it. there's that. a couple reasons for that, first of all, first of all, it's a messaging it's a messaging strategy. strategy. there are people, in their lives, they know got the vaccine. they don't want to alienate those people. they don't one they -- want to bring those people into the movement. where to place three quarters of americans have -- their base sets of two is dwindling. more importantly, if you're an anti vaccine march on twitter, or facebook, you get taken down quickly. if you're an anti mandate march, you can get 11 or 12,000 people, -- it's only been live on facebook for five weeks. they have 12,000 people who are wearing to go.
10:47 pm
coordinating buses. literally selling out hotels. this is in virginia, because they know they can't go into the d.c. because of the mandates. that's the big difference, here. if you're anti mandate, your pretty good in the eyes of social media, if you're anti-vaccine, you can't get anything going. >> so the anti vax march, that's here on d.c. on sunday, isn't a vaccine -- because they don't like to say that is anti vaccine. i just want to -- >> can i just say, this is a well worn tactic. since the early odds, the jenny mccarthy era of the anti vaccine stuff, they've known that anti vax's kryptonite. you don't want to say it. the media will crush you, so, we're held freedom. we're parental freedom. there's always been -- it's recently been couched in that. it's like another page from the playbook that we're seeing. >> so, randy, i'm gonna stick with you.
10:48 pm
your reporting on qanon, and this anti vax movement, talk about the through line we see of distrusting institutions. >> that is exactly it. the anti vaccine crowd, and the qanon crowd are not the same, right? we have to treat them differently. there is some overlap. that overlap is, like you said, a blanket distrust that they throw over everything. it's a distrust in government institutions, or medical establishment. just expertise, in general. instead, will they replace that with our conspiracy theories. if you are in qanon, the conspiracy theories that you had this shadowy cabal of child abusers. if you're an anti vaxxer, conspiracy theory that government health officials and doctors and everyone is lying to you to keep you sick, or sell you medicine, or whatever it is. both of the road, both of those movements, you have people willing to sell you something,
10:49 pm
to tell you the real truth. in some way, they profit off of that distrust. >> you know, ben, picking up on this, what is the larger goal here of these groups, beyond sowing doubt in vaccines, or expressing their distrust an institution? >> you're not going to believe this, jonathan, it's power, influence and money. that's what it's about, at this point. a lot of these people, in the last two years, have developed these large fan bases. the guy at the center of this whole thing, robert malone, he was on the joe rogan show a couple days ago. that's what really spurred this whole thing on. he was a non-entity until the pandemic came around. what he said -- basically, these are not vaccines you can trust. take ironic done instead. a lot of these people who push these alternative carriers. they're tied into this group of -- that pushed, hydroxychloroquine, even into right now. they're still recommending
10:50 pm
these things, over the vaccine itself. why is that, there are groups that sell -- online telemedicine, to get people hooked on it, there are very simple things, to. some of this is just to get followers, on instagram, or followers on your rumble account, or your telegram account. from there, you can do whatever you want. you can make a lot of money that way. maybe, eventually, you can run for office. >> that's frightening. ben collins, brandy zadrozny. coming up, right now, russian tanks are poised on the border of ukraine. former ambassador, michael mcfaul, will join us with the latest on the standoff, next. the standoff, h longer? it's gonna be a minute, minute. hey derrick, quit playin'. derrick!
10:51 pm
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russian troops have been stationed near the border. it's alarming the international community, that russia might invade its neighbor. russian officials say they have
10:55 pm
no plans to invade ukraine, but sometimes actions speak louder than words. today, secretary of state, anthony blinken, issued a new warning to russia, after he held a 90 minute meeting, with his russian counterpart, sergei lavrov. >> we've been clear, if any russian military forces move across ukraine's border, that's a renewed invasion. it will be met with swift, severe, and a united response from the united states, and our partners and allies. >> this, week the biden administration announced an additional $200 million in military aid for ukraine. just a short time ago, the first delivery arrived. according to the u.s. embassy in kyiv, the ship luna clues to close to 200,000 pounds of lethal aid. joining us now, amid michael mcfaul. former u.s. ambassador to russia, under president obama. he is an msnbc internet channel -- ambassador mcfaul, the united
10:56 pm
states of russia have -- is russia entering these talks in good faith? >> i don't know. nobody knows. the only guy that really knows vladimir putin. [inaudible] >> i think we're having trouble with your audio, ambassador mcfaul. i know you said nobody really knows, maybe vladimir putin knows. try again, maybe we can hear you. >> sorry about that, can you hear? now >> a little bit. you're cutting it out. let's give it a shot. >> i really apologize for that. >> you're sounding. good >> testing, testing. >> stay in that position. >> sorry about that, never had that happen before. he likes it that way, creates leverage for. -- begin the negotiations amongst
10:57 pm
ourselves -- -- [inaudible] >> ambassador, is there any scenario, in which russia would de-escalate tensions, or are a view of the mind that it's inevitable that russia is going to take some action against ukraine? >> no. [inaudible]
10:58 pm
10:59 pm
our our apologies there. we lost her apologies there. connection to former we lost our u.s. ambassador, connections to michael mcfaul, the former u.s. -- want to thank him for michael joining us mcfaul. tonight. that is thank you for joining us tonight's last word. tonight. that is you can catch tonight's last word. me if you got me on the -- 10 am eastern right here on msnbc. the 11th hour starts right now. >> good evening once again i am ali velshi. day 267 of the biden
11:00 pm
administration tonight a stunning new reports detail the inner workings of the trump white house, in the lead up to the riot at the capitol. nbc news has learned that the investigators have more than 700 pages that donald trump tried to keep secret. reporting from politico gives us an inside look at some of those records. politico has maintained a unsigned draft executive our order, that would have directed the secretary of defense to seize voting machines. they are now calling for a special counsel to investigate the 2020 election. the -- who is unknown's data december's -- bill barr said the justice department had found no evidence of election fraud. politico also reports the draft order reviewed would've given the defense secretary 60 days