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tv   Ayman  MSNBC  January 22, 2022 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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vote in just as high as a percentage as all americans, but, look, this doesn't really matter if this was a slip or an unfortunate gaffe by mitch mcconnell because those remarks reflect the gop's genuine view of black voters. to many republican politicians people of color are not perceived as real americans with legitimate wants and concerns. .
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in loens exception you obviously know who it is, donald trump. now, to compensate, president biden t held a lengtsy news conference thursday looking to set the record on his first year straight. >> look. i didn't know a promise, what i have probably outperform what anybody thought would happen.ha can you think of any other president that's done as much in one year? >> let me be clear, before you think it's only the gop and its followers that are not feeling
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the love for biden, let's note the criticism of this administration, actually coming from across the political spectrum, including members of the president's own party, the democrats. >> people are frustrated, and people feel like government continues to not deliver for them. kre, we should still brate the american rescue plan, we should celebrate thee bipartisan infrastructure framework. but we have failed at connecting with realfa americans, particularly americans of color, on the ground, day-to-day, to hear their concerns, and to listen to their pain. >> so here's the thing. people are,he indeed, frustrate our nbc news poll shows a troubling decline in biden support among the very people whoen voted him into office. that coalition that put him in office, namely independents, and the core of the democratic base. the president seems to have been governing ase if he's still in the senate, trying to forge consensus in the upper chamber, bipartisanship, unity. the problem is, he's no longer
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in the senate. and despite his best attempts to bring all sides together deals are simply not being made. let's be fair here for a moment that's not all onhe him. he's the head of the democratic party but h let's remember it's been one year since democrats took control of both o houses f congress, and chuck schumer is marking a first year as senator minorityar leader. he managed to keep moderates on board in support of the biden agenda, yet schumer was not able to keep his caucus together. as a result we're seeing democrats begin to go after their ngown. just this morning the arizona democratic party voted unanimouslya to censure senato kyrsten sinema. it's been nearly 70 years since arizona elected two democrats to the u.s. senate. just how bad is this infighting among the democrats? and in a place like arizona and elsewhere, going to be heading into the 2022 midterm elections in a state with an open senate seat, like arizona.
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for more on all of this, let's bring in our all-star saturday night panel. liz winstead, the founder and chief creative officer of the abortion access o front. and michael star hopkins, a strategist and senior vice president of fire housea strategies and alonso boden is a comedian whoo will be appearin at the helium comedy club in philadelphia march 3rd through march 5th. it's great to have all three of you with us. i'm curious to know how all of you would grade poind's first year. we got your results earlier in the day. the highs andou lows, liz, star with you, you gave president biden a "b" minus. why? >> i think partially it's because it's mind blowing to hear him be so woefully ignorant to who is actually in the senate, and his constant surprise that he's being blockea at every turn. it's like, did you forget you
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were vice president under a president who was blocked atu every turn? and also, because, yeah, he was in the senate, and was making deals. none of those people remain in the senate. the senate flipped over. and so that's like saying, hey, i used to go to this really great mom and pop restaurant and then that restaurant turned into a chain and you wonder why it's not great anymore. it's like, it's different now. >> no, i totally agree with you onal how -- i am personally surprised how naive joe biden was about the republican party, exactly like you said, given the fact he served as the vice president where mitch mcconnell'ss sole objective wa to make joe biden and president obama one-term president and vice president. it's completely shocking he had anyet faith he would actually wt with him across the aisle on anything of substance this time around. michael, you gave biden a b, what went into your decision? >> considering the fact that
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while tackling covid he did the infrastructure plan, the rescue of america plan, you have to accept that he's done a really good job t in terms of legislation, until youob accept the fact that he has never been to west virginia since he presidency. not been to arizona. and not used his bully pulpit effectively. when you have joe manchin and senator sinema blocking voting rights he should take it directly to the voters. he needs to use hit bully pulpit as hard as he possibly can. he's kind of like using this senate tactic where he wants to be friends with everyone. when it comes to fundamental rights it's not about friendships, it's about making sure everyone counts. >> he'st'ou describing the thret accurately. the speeches he gave on january 6th and the one in atlanta were spot on, they o assessed the concerns that we all have about the democracy that we're witnessing slowly being choked to death by republicans and state d legislators.
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but at the same time the actions of what he'st trying to take aren't matching with the words that he is delivering. alonso, you also gave biden, a b, partly because of his lack of tweeting, which after four years of trump i think is -- i want to say you actually had that in the highlightly category, that was you to pretty smart of putof them in the highlight category after four years. tell me moregh about your grade. >> well, i give him the b, as i put gdown, the vaccinations, hs done well, the infrastructure bill, not tweeting. removes that level of silliness from the white house. it makes it -- hopefully it makes it somewhat respectable again, which is definitely the thing, you know, i definitely agree with lizz, the attempts ta compromise with a party that their whole job is to not compromise is a waste of time, this is, once s again, you've g to go strong. if the situation were reversed,
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do you think the republicans would look for any compromise with the democrats? this is thepr failing -- >> not at all. >> that we have. we have this failing over and over again, you know, he's done some good , things, the other b thing is inflation. because people are seeing prices every day, right, the gas prices have gone up, food, various things have gone up, and that's something that affects people directly, like they see it right away. so, you know, gas prices, it's a funny thing, it's always blamed on the president, it's not necessarily his fault. it's not like he has a magic button that sets the price of gas but it comes with the job, you're going to be blamed for it and people are getting hit in their pocket every week with this, and that's probably the biggest thing he's going to get hammered on. and that the republicans are going to use against him. >> yeah, and it seems like, by some economist estimates by the middle of next year inflation should start to go down so it
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may bring relief in the poll numbers for the president. lizz, i've gotnu to ask you abo this, the points all three of you made include key pieces of legislation not being passed. the voting rights bill and other attempts, like the police reform bill and as we've said, biden has had major accomplishments. i don't want to take away from what he's done so far, as alonso was highlighting. should congress be getting more of this blame? should the senate majority leader chuck schumer get a good amount of the blame because at the end of the day, yes, joe biden is the head d of the democratic party, but chuck schumer's not able to keep his caucus together. >> right. and by keeping his caucus together, you mean the same two people t over and over again. >> exactly. >> you can't sell -- to an s&m convention, joe manchin, you can't -- i don't know -- i don't know what to say. it seems so preposterous. but also i feel like, too, for me, when i look at some of the
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biggest things that we haven't hit this year, t and for me as abortion rights activist, you know,ig we are about to lose ro v. wade, and there has been 367 days that joe biden has not said the word abortion when we're talking about abortion rights being taken away. and while that might not seem like a big deal to people for those of us fighting this fight every day and watching this erosion happen and watching this terrifying thing happen, if you don't name it, how do you fight for it and how do you normalize it? in fact, our activists have gotten so wild about it there's a website now started by this amazingar activist, called has e biden said abortion yet? it's kind ofn like, how do we fight these massive battles if we're not going to address head on, especially address what the right prioritizes, as we've looked constantly at what people are focused on, abortion and guns, and crt are like these three things that are happening,
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that aren't happening at all, that arere focused all the time. and it's -- feels very maddening to me. >> michael, put on your -- go ahead, michael. >> he's got an even bigger problem than that. african americans are the foundation of the democratic party, and it's nice when, you know, he can take pictures with clyburn, and you have people like sinema posting pictures with john lewis, but black people aren't photo ops. if people are trying to deprive african americans of voting rights, what republicans are doing, jae, florida, arizona, trying to ensure that african americans can'tri vote, thereby they win the election, it's not enough to just try. we have to win these battles. that's the ball game. if black people can't vote, the democratic party will never be able to pass legislation. so this idea that he wants to invite t sinema over, wants to invite manchin over, they can eat tea and crumpets, whatever it is they do --
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>> how does he change that around. you bring uphe a good point, seriously speaking, how does biden turn thist, around? does he need to shake up his administration or make other changes orke are they going to seen as performative. the criticism is that he's gone too far to the left, which i think is nonsense. i think he should abandon them and just push further to a more progressive agenda and get things done aggressively. >> if you look at it he's gotten most of his support from progressives. they've been the one taking on the incoming, it's the moderates that are the biggest problem. the president needs to go to west virginia to give speeches directly to how their health care will improve andle job opportunities go to arizona and do the exact same thing. kyrsten sinema voted against the health care bill and took money from health care lobbyists. this isn't complicated. it's about messaging and being tough and right now biden comes offan as weak.
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>> alonso -- sorry, go ahead, lizz, just go ahead. >> oh, okay, i was just going to say, ialso, i feel, too, as citizens, and activists, i feel like everybody with an issue should be tying that issue to work with folks who are working on voter suppression, and getting these bills passed because it ties all together. and politicians don't do anything. unless we put pressure on them. and we need to put pressure on them as unity so it can't just be black folks voting for the right to vote. it has to be all of us saying this is a universal, fundamental truth, that we all hold together. it's on us as well to put the pressure on biden to say this ie the country we want to see. >> so, alonso, i want to go back to this wednesday press conference here for a moment. you had the press conference in which he said that he outperformed expectations, president biden was saying that, and asked us towhs, think of an other president who's done as much in one year.
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you know, for me, just hearing the president use those words, especially somebody like, when you think of president trump said nobody has ever done it better than me, it kind of had me feeling like it had -- trump hacking biden's prompter, and writing that sentence in there. i mean, i wonder why he felt the need toi say that. but yooung that's the right tactic here, to boast in that way, when the reality is, the polls don't necessarily reflect it? >> no, that's nonsense. you know, that's something every president wants to say, look how muchnt i did in my first year, d no one cares. and you're not going to outboast trump. that's the trump tactic that works on trump people. they love tos hear all that noise. there's no substance. >> sycophants. >> you know, getting back to what lizz is talking about, and iki agree, you have to make it simple. one m thing the democrats get caught up in the minutia and all of this talk, the republicans like liz said, the republicans
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are like, kehey, they want to te your gun, and they want to kill your, babies. and that's all they say. and then there are people like, oh, okay, i understand that. the democrats go into minutia. they need to have strong positions like,ti this is what we're going to get done. this is -- make it simple. i don't know what you could do fort manchin or sinema, if you went to manchin and said, o listen, we're going back to 1931. the entireba country is going t run on coal. he would still have a problem. right, and i don't know what sinema, i don't know what sinema wants. i don't know what would make her i happy. they do have to somehow come down,ve regarding what you said about schumer, nobody's looking at schumer, they're looking at biden. right, the buck stops lohere, you're the president, it's on you to make it happen, and he needs to toughen up. they need to apply pressure. they need to make this thing happen. now, when it comes to voting rights, it's a huge failure to not pass the voting rights bill.
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but, the republicans learned this last time they're going to learn it again. there's no better way to get black people to vote than tell us we can't vote. we will wait w in line. we will bring our own water. we will be out there, and we will o vote. every time you close the polls, you saw the lines last time to get rid of trump. you saw -- black people are going to vote. so trying to make it impossible is the biggest incentive. but this is a big failure of the democrats, this voting rights act, has to -- you have to put whatever pressure and you have to educate people, once again, you have to educate the people into what they're losing, how they're losing the right to vote, and how it affects them in their lives. you have to make it real. >> alonzo, i agree with you 100% on that assessment, that black people will turn out to vote. when they think the vote is being taken away. it's not that they want to prevent black people from
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voting, they want to have the power to overturn the vote once they've cast theur ballot. that's also a major cause of concern. not just about casting the ballot it's how they want to count theot ballots once they'r cast. guys, stick around, we've got more to, discuss coming up. still to come, tensions are high onom ukraine's border with russ, break down what you needde to kw about that. and brt next, one of the mo ridiculous, and i mean ridiculousan things you will probably hear all week. but first, richard lui is hear with the headlines. >> stories we're watching this hour, the stock market had its worst week since the start of the pandemic in march of 020. analysts say rising inflation and expected interest rates, all three down more than 3%. affecting millions of retirement accounts. the fbi confirmed brian laundrie was responsible for the at the time death of his fiance. he was found doed in october. left behind a notebook where he
9:19 pm
admitted to the killing. in a statement the petito family appreciates the fbi ice efforts. the carnival is postponed. the festivities usually held in february, now pushed to april, due to thery omicron covid variant. brazil t reported a record numb of covid cases just this week. more ayman, right after this break. more ayman, right after this more ayman, right after this break. new personal record, limu! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty. ♪ (vo) subaru and our retailers volunteer and support charities all year lon and...through the subaru share the love event, we are proud to have donated over two hundred and twenty five million dollars to charity. you can get a car from any company, but none will make a difference like subaru. (jeff) thank you.
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bet you didn't think m&ms were pushing intolerance, but they were. they've been changed. you're seeing the changes. the green m&m is no longer wearing sexy boots. now she's wearing sensible sneakers. the other big change is that the brown m&m transitioned from high city letos to lower block heels. m&ms will not be satisfied until every last cartoon character is deeply unappealing and totally -- >> man, that was odd to say the least for the number one show in this country but i guess tucker carlson is always outraged about something these days, as most republicans are, even if it is a fictitious candy cartoon. my saturday night panel is back with me. listen, guys, i wear it as a badge of honor as being one of the only shows in this country
9:24 pm
that can talk about voting rights, and the rage of republicans over green m&ms. lizz, what's your take on this m&m gate that the republicans and tucker carlson are conjuring up here, is this the biggest scandal of 2022 that tucker is trying to be mad about? >> well, i mean, i don't mean to kink shame tucker, but if he's having some episodic issues if his m&m -- i don't -- i don't even know what i can say on msnbc anymore. but it just seems that there was just these weird undertones that it's like what -- >> weird is one way of saying it. >> is kinky winky going to be dating the green m&m and sponge bob is going to film it. did anyone on this panel ever know that the m&ms were wearing sexy shoes?
9:25 pm
this is just not even -- did anybody here know that? >> i honestly did not even know that until i saw tucker carlson and i saw all of the rage people have been posting about it. what are you talking about. i felt like if aliens were about to hit our planet, they just saw that segment. turned that ufo around and saying we're abandoning ship. alonso, one thing i love about the story though is that it seemingly united tucker carlson with young progressives on twitter. gen-zers are angry. they feel like mars is alienating. let her be. >> i want to know why is it always the green m&ms? we had that rock band, was it the stones or somebody, who said all the green m&ms had to be
9:26 pm
removed from the candy bowl in their green room. now the green m&m is going from sexy boots to some sneakers and some kind of -- listen, i don't know what's going on with the green m&m. let her be. if he wants to go -- like, listen, we can't slut shame an m&m, if he wants to wear go-go boots, i am fine with that. if she wants to wear sneakers. maybe she's transitioning from green to another color. maybe this is just the first step. that is her right. that is her choice. this is america, and i will not attack the green m&m. >> i want to say something. >> let me just say, i didn't know the green m&m was a woman until the last batch of commercials when the brown and yellow one were hanging out with her. when i grew up my m&ms had no gender. my green m&ms hung out with my yellow m&ms.
9:27 pm
i don't think there were blue ones yet. i remember orange and brown all being in the same bag and getting along just fine. are we really that divided? >> i'm surprised tucker is not enraged there's no white m&m. i thought he'd be all about that one they haven't created yet. let me ask something for substantive. that has to do with messaging. general psaki was answering questions about the senate failing to pass voting rights legislation, pressed on how democrats should be, she responded by saying she suggested they go to a kick boxing class or have a margarita. you work in the political communication world. how would you grade that message? >> that was an f minus answer. and first, let me say, tuck you are karlson is what stupid people think smart people sound like. he's a mediocre white guy who's failed forward at every opportunity. what's the problem with our country. but general psaki's comment was
9:28 pm
problem attic as well. i'm an african american man. when i go vote i want to know that my vote counts. my grandmother who is 80 plus years old has seen black people not have the ability to vote and now have the ability to vote. and so when you make flippant comments about go have a margarita and a kick boxing class, about something that's so sensitive, something that people have given their lives to, and especially when you're whiteyou do it it comes off as super offensive. that's what's been wrong with this administration. they're talking at people. not talking to people. yeah, they have black people on the staff but are the black people on the staff being listened to? it doesn't feel like they are. >> lizz, much ado about nothing, exactly how many margaritas do we need to drink to make sure democrats can get something passed and hold onto congress come november? >> i think, i mean, it's spot on
9:29 pm
to say, what are you even saying? how can you even spit that out, and be a person of privilege to say, why don't you just have a drink, and it's going to be fine. because it's -- it just feels so tone deaf to even -- it feels like giving up, in a way. you know, it feels like everybody gets to take a break, and it's like, people don't get to take a break. you know, they're living constantly in peril, and they're constantly freaking out, and to hear this dismissive tone is really terrible. you know, she -- there's many things that she could say. and that seems like she checked down a list of smart things and was like, i'm going to try to hit the tucker viewers and say something really dumb. >> i usually appreciate her, you know, commentary, i think she's very smart, and sharp on her feet. >> absolutely. >> i just think this one landed
9:30 pm
very awkwardly. i don't know if she intended it to but i think the timing of i have the and the messaging behind it did not land as funny as she thought it would. alonso, this week, the big news, i guess, if you will, out of virginia was glen youngkin, joint assembly address as governor, this had to be the gaslighting of all gaslighting attempts in virginia this week. he tried to call for unity after this guy ran one of the most divisive campaigns in the history of virginia, perhaps one of the most divisive in any governorship race in this country. are democrats going to even be open to the possibility of unity with youngkin who on day one went further and divided this state by cancelling mask mandates and all the other controversial things he was campaigning on, crt and all that? >> no. and he doesn't care. listen, he followed the republican playbook, right, you go in, and you start with these
9:31 pm
executive orders, and you undo everything. you undo any rights people have. you undo any covid thing, whether it be masks or vaccinations, you ban crt because you don't want people to -- you don't want kids to learn the true history of the country. you go just one by one, with executive orders and he looks at the democrats and says, how come we can't unify? the democrats need to do the same thing. they need to do the same thing. this is how they govern. republicans do this. why can't the democrats do that? they accuse you, i remember back when barack obama was president and they were like, he's using executive orders to do everything. it's like, well, because congress and the senate won't cooperate, so, yeah, use the executive orders. so he did, youngkin did exactly what a republican does when they get into power. let's look at what's going on. let's move this state back 50 years, okay, let's just get rid of any progress we've made over the past 50.
9:32 pm
let's pretend i care about the democrats. and what i'm doing is reenforcing not just the republican party, but the lowest lefrl of the republican party. >> all right, guys, stick around for me. a lot more to discuss, coming up as koefd cases rise across the globe, world leaders are learning the hard way, you don't count your chickens before they hatch. we'll tell you about that next. hatch. we'll tell you about that next or there... start here. walgreens makes it easy to stay protected wherever you go. you're a one-man stitchwork master. but your staffing plan needs to go up a size. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit (vo) for me, one of the best things about life is that
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feel like a walk-in closet now that's more your style. make the morning chaos, organized chaos. and make sure everything's in it's place. so nothing is out of place. however you make it, make your home a place like no other. so friday marked two years since the first case of the coronavirus was recorded here in the u.s., and 24 months ago to the day former president trump gave this interview to cnbc. >> the words about a pandemic at this point. >> no, not at all and we have it totally under control, it's one person, coming in from china, and we have it under control. it's going to be just fine.
9:37 pm
>> as we now know, though, things were a long way away from being just fine and two years later the u.s. and the rest of the world are still dealing with the outbreak of what became a global pandemic. and this week in the uk, boris johnson, drowning under mounting pressure over his partygate scandal, decided to scrap all covid restrictions in his country, no more mask mandates, proof of vaccination requirements, or even work from home guidance. nothing. it's done. all set to disappear by the end of march. the legal requirement for those infected with covid, to self-quarantine. meanwhile, after a lengthy back and forth with tennis star novak djokovic, australia has a much larger crisis, after two years of incredibly strong lockdowns, they've decided to give up on keeping covid out and instead let covid rip, experiencing their deadliest day on record yesterday, with 80 deaths. across the ditch, it's a different story.
9:38 pm
new zealand remaining staunch in their determination to keep out covid. however, it has resulted in the new zealand government and its prime ministerfacing legal action, the country still requiring everyone entering the country to complete a ten-day stay at home, or stay in in a managed isolation facility, perhaps, or a hotel, or a home. but it suspended bookings for those seeking to enter the country over fears of omicron. kiwis stranded overseas, well, tough luck, they say, it is a breach of their human rights not to be allowed to return to their home nation. which is the case, as it stands right now, this case heads to court next month. back here in the u.s. businesses have been left to chart their own course after the supreme court ruled against president biden's pro-vaccine mandate. starbucks will no longer require staff to be vaccinated. prompting calls from customers to boycott the business. and the moral of the story is that, world leaders please stop
9:39 pm
declaring your country has beaten the pandemic. nobody has. let's be honest and clear about that. next, why boris johnson is pissing people off, even more than normal, and he does piss people off. people off so more businesses can do more. mike's bike shop! downloading up to 10 times faster. whoa! is that already... (mike) yeah. (vo) hello business on the go. bye-bye public wi-fi. 5g ultra wideband is faster and safer. would you look at rhea's real estate game? closing in low lag, crystal clear hd. it's a new day for more businesses! 5g ultra wideband is now in more and more places. verizon is going ultra, so your business can too.
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okay everyone, our mission is to provide complete balanced nutrition for strength and energy. woo hoo! ensure, complete balanced nutrition with 27 vitamins and minerals. and ensure complete with 30 grams of protein. ♪ ♪ it's one year since president joe biden was sworn into office and one year since america found itself with a leader who wanted to tackle the covid-19 pandemic. but while former president trump's fumbling and idiocy when it came to addressing the coronavirus was an embarrassment for this nation it did provide an overwhelming distraction. for many other world leaders, also honestly quite doing a far from superb job of tackling the deadly virus. now, with trump out of office, the world getting the chance to see the failures of these other leaders firsthand, the latest in the spotlight, boris johnson, who out from under the shadow of trump, is putting on a display
9:43 pm
of whatnot to do when you're a leader fighting a pandemic. let's welcome back our panel, lizz winstead, does anyone know what they're doing when they're talking about world leaders when it comes to dealing with the virus, has there been anyone you've seen that you're like, that's the kind of leader i want in this situation? >> no, it feels like all of our world leaders are getting their advice from next door. i don't even know what they're doing, who they're talking to. it feels insane. boris johnson's having an m&m orgy, it's a mess, it's a mess. and you can't win because we've been trapped in it for two years, and everybody's profound drive for normalcy is making leaders who have good sense make terrible decisions that are not based in public health, but in
9:44 pm
public opinion. and i don't think that we're ever going to end the pandemic that way and i don't think they're ever going to win, operating in this fashion. >> so alonzo to what degree were all eyes on the u.s. and trump here, he sucked the energy out of the world whenever he was anywhere and how useful was it for other political leaders to sort of say, hey, well, at least i'm not as bad as him, i think of that nato conference, i forgot where it was, or a g-7 conference in europe, where he pushed the hungarian leader right out the way and i could see the other world leaders be like, thank god i'm not that guy. >> yeah, well, here's -- the first thing we've got to look at is what's with crazy leaders and crazy hair. you look at trump, and boris, the hair is a clue that, oh, we've got a little bit of crazy going on underneath it. yeah, obviously trump was an incredibly low bar, but this is the thing i truly don't understand, and i think this is where we lost it on covid, in
9:45 pm
giving the leadership the politicians, politicians are owned by businessmen in corporations who want to stay open and make money and the fact that they're all ignoring science, i think germany is the only country that listens to science, right, because they're led by a physicist. but the idea that -- forget about the doctors, they don't know anything, forget about the scientists. it's absolutely ridiculous. how do you battle a pandemic when you ignore science? now, is science right the first time? no, this is all new territory. so they make a mistake. they say, hey, we have to change our guidelines on this, or that. well, that's life. right, and life, as you learn things, you make different decisions and you change the guidelines, you change the rules. and the virus changes, and we know that. right, science says that viruses evolve and adapt but when you have something as simple as, like, hey, vaccinated people aren't dying, they're just
9:46 pm
getting a bad cold, unvaccinated people are dying, why do we still deal with it? i'm one of those people. you didn't believe in science before, well, you don't get to go to the hospital now. no, you said science is fake is you go, go find your crazy treatment, do whatever you want to do, but no, you can't take up a hospital bed from somebody who is legitimately sick. that's the part that really annoys me, this thing of, it's all fake, i don't care, i ain't wearing a mask, i ain't getting vaccinated. i don't know what's going in my body. please, let me tell you something, back in the day i was broke, i ate hot dogs at a gas station, you think i'm worried about what's going on in my body. you think the vaccine has a chance against me? i've had gas station hot dogs. >> i was going to say, i don't know what's worse, a gas station hot dog or a fifth avenue hot dog in new york in the middle of winter, but i'm sure they deliver the same degree of immunity. the reason why we played that
9:47 pm
sound bite of trump was because i would have -- i had this conversation with a friend of mine earlier today, i think it would have been totally normal for a president to say when he was asked are you concerned that this is going to be a pandemic to say, look, we don't know, we're learning a lot about this, instead, what does he say, it's going to be fine. we've got it totally under control. it's not going to be a pandemic. i trust what the chinese are telling me, as opposed to just being honest with everyone, saying, this is new, we don't know what this is. how contagious it is. >> i -- sorry to interrupt. but if there's one thing we know, it's that smart people have doubts, smart people don't know, dumb people, absolutely sure, beyond question. we see it all the time. that's how it works. >> that's true. >> this -- i have no idea what i'm talking about, but i'm absolutely sure of it. okay. which would be funny, except for the millions and millions of people who follow him. >> michael, let's talk about the uk's decision to abandon all covid protocols. and listen, let's be honest, the
9:48 pm
only reason why boris johnson is doing this, is because he got outed for having parties when the country was going through national mourning because of the late prince philip, the queen's husband, but at the same time the rest of the country was on lockdown and he's partying it up in 10 downing street. because he's feeling the political heat. people are calling for his resignation. that's fine, no more covid protocols or restrictions, we don't care if you wear a mask or not, and what do you make this? should we be concerned other countries will fall into the trap as we hit a little bit of covid fatigue? >> the stupid are winning the war, how you get boris johnson in uk and ron desantis in florida and greg abbott in texas. when ron desantis said a year ago, florida is open for business, a state that has an overwhelmingly high amount of
9:49 pm
elderly people, that told me everything i need to know. republicans will forever put profit over people and that's what we're seeing not just with the desantis's of the world, the abbotts of the world, but the quasi--republican people, like sinema and manchin who continue to decide that profits are the most important thing. it's really sad, because you end up with mediocre governors who are too small of a person to say i don't understand the science. i don't understand what's going on. and then you have people like tucker going on tv and saying things like, don't get inoculated, don't get the vaccine, while he himself has the vaccine. if tucker went on tv -- >> and works for a company that requires to have the vaccine to come into work. that's what's even worse. he works for a company that's making its employees get the vaccine. lizz, quickly, should we learn to just live -- go ahead. >> i was going to say, even with boris johnson, he's not the most garbage leader in the uk, now
9:50 pm
that you figure in what we know about prince andrew and jeffrey epstein, how sad is that? you know. >> but the thing is, i was -- very sad but i was going to say prince andrew is not making decisions that affect the lives of millions of british citizens that live under his control. so very symbolically important, boris johnson impactful for the lives. >> fair point. >> lizz, michael, alonzo, thank you guys so much for joining us, greatly appreciate it. tensions are high between russia and the u.s. over a potential ukraine invasion, we're going to break down what you need to know next. break dot you need to know next. or even well-spoken. (man) ooooooo. (vo) but there's just something about being well-adventured.
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and better protection costs a whole lot less. you're in good hands with allstate. click or call for a lower auto rate today. the uk's foreign office says russia has planned to install a pro-kremlin leader in ukraine. a number of politicians as part of plans for an invasion, going as far as naming one lawmakers, who was named as a front runner to replace zelensky. u.s. officials are accusing russia of a false flag operation, staging a provocation to provide prefection for a possible invasion, all of those things are of major concern. on top of that you have more than 100,000 russian troops that have gathered near the ukrainian
9:55 pm
border, president biden said this week it's a matter of not if, but when russia will invade the country. the u.s. has authorized estonia and lithuania to send missiles to ukraine and this week biden approved an additional $200 million in military aid to ukraine on top of the 450 million from last year. a broad u.s. secretary of state antony blinken was flexing u.s.'s commitments while on a whirlwind tour meaning when nato allies, ukrainian officials, even when russia's foreign minister. >> we are continuing to strengthen everything we're going in terms of the assistance we're providing to ukraine for its defense, in terms of the work we're doing at nato, to prepare as necessary to further reenforce the alliance. and continuing to define and refine massive consequences for russia with our allies and partners when it comes to financial, economic, and other
9:56 pm
sanctions. >> nevertheless, russia remains staunchly defiant, they require guarantees that ukraine won't be allowed to join nato. diplomatic talks looking increasingly fruitless at the moment as the future for those living in ukraine looks increasingly uncertain. the world seemingly ineffective to stop putin's plans, to extend the tight grip on power, not just in russia. thank you for making time for us on this saturday evening. come back tomorrow night at 9:00 eastern. former fbi counterintelligence agent peter strzok joins us to talk about his book. until we meet again, i'm ayman mohyeldin, good night. mohyeldin, good night. to find 92% of colon cancers... even in early stages.
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>> i am a mother, i fix stuff. this gave me a hard feeling. i cannot fix this. i can't bring him back. >> he is on the ground, in front of his vehicle. something is very wrong. >> it was devastating when they found him. >> oh my god. >> the single dad, so passionate about helping others. >> he was a selfless person. he just wanted to do what he


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