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tv   Way Too Early With Jonathan Lemire  MSNBC  January 28, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PST

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. that's going to do it for us tonight. ayman mohyeldin ayman mohyeldin will be here for me tomorrow night. but i will be back with you monday. "way too early" with jonathan le mire is up next. president biden reaffirms his promise to nominate a black woman to the u.s. supreme court. with justice stephen breyer officially announcing his retirement, the question is when will the president name his pick. new comments from vladimir putin indicate that the crisis on the border of ukraine is headed in the wrong direction. the question is what does the white house now say as far as the timetable for when russia might strike? deaths are up but the number of cases are done in the ongoing fight against covid. the question is what are we learning about the new sub variant of the omicron strain?
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it's "way too early." good morning. welcome to "way too early." the show that isn't thrilled about adding the word sub variant to the vocabulary. on this friday, january 28th. we will start with the news. president biden is vowing an historic pick as the process of a new supreme court justice is under way. justice stephen breyer happened his retirement letter to the white house yesterday. white house correspondent peter alexander has more. >> reporter: president biden honoring stephen breyer's judicial legacy, a lose to a perm chapter knowing he ran -- a lose to a personal chapter, knowing he ran the committee hearing when he was nominated. this is a bittersweet day for me because we go back a long way. >> and who will replace him.
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>> the person i will nominate will be someone of extraordinary qualification, character, experience and integrity. and that person will be the first black woman ever nominated to the united states supreme court. it's long overdue. >> judge ketanji brown jackson on the powerful appeals court in washington, a 51-year-old harvard law graduate confirmed with bipartisan support. just last year. and 45-year-old california supreme court justice leondra kruger, along with michelle childs a federal judge from south carolina. breyer hand-delivering his retirement letter to the president saying he will serve until the end of the court's term and hopefully a political reset with the legislative priorities stalled but republicans are pushing back. >> they're trying to use this to distract from what is their failed agenda. the american people are all concerned with inflation, and crime and covid. >> president biden promises to
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reach out to senators from both parties for advice, as well as his vice president and others. indicating he's looking for someone in the mold of justice breyer? >> i think he's a model public servant in a time of great division in this country. >> with breyer pulling out a copy of the constitution, politically talking about the challenges still confronting this country and reflecting on the american experiment. >> it is the next generation. and the one after that. my grandchildren and their children. they'll determine whether the experiment still works. and of course, i am an optimist and i'm pretty sure it will. >> if you haven't seen the whole speech, it is worth five minutes of your time to watch. it it was really well done. tensions escalate in ukraine, president biden hold a call with vladimir walensky warning an attack in february and the president warned him
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there is a high degree of possibility that moscow could launch an attack when the ground freezes and the white house pledges more financial and diplomatic support for ukraine while reaffirming washington would respond decisively if russia further invades ukraine. meanwhile, moscow is sounding a grim tone to u.s. and nato's written response saying it sees quote little ground for optimism resolving this crisis. but it has indicated it would take its time to study the responses before it decides how to move forward. all of this comes as russia yesterday launched new military drills, in ukraine's border and carried out live fire drills in the baltic sea. while the united states and the u.k. have sent millions of dollars in military hardware and weaponry to ukraine, germany is being mocked for offering to supply 5,000 military helmets to help ukraine defend itself against a possible russian invasion. ukrainian officials have dismissed the offer and the
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mayor called it a joke and told a german newspaper, what kind of support will germany set next? pillows? the the fines times points out that germany's hesitation to jump on board is coming from a reluctance to offend its main gas supply which is russia, and the biden administration is trying to find germany alternative supplies with qatar being at the top of the list. here in washington, the progressive caucus is pushing the white house to act quickly on a res rected build back better act. chair pramila jayapal gave a new date of march 1st and announced the deal at the state of the union address would give the administration a much-needed win and in a statement, she said quote in the months since cessions around the build back better act stalled, the case for this legislation has only become more urgent. there is agreement on the need to reduce rising costs facing ordinary americans. and that is exactly what build
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back better does. she called out senator joe manchin of west virginia yesterday, he is still open to participating in the negotiations but he cautioned democrats to be quote realistic. joining us now, a lot of news today, co-founder of punch bowl news, joe, let's start with that post skript by progressives to get build back better on the stable and back on track again and do you think they could get senator manchin it agree it a scaled back decision, before the state of the union, given how long it has take son far, that sounds like a tight timetable. >> i don't think that joe manchin cares about the date, but he's going to do what he wants to do and the big concern of course is inflation, inflation remains high, and you know, at a level we haven't seen in 40 years. that's why he turned against
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build back better in december, and i don't see that changing now. and you know, if there is a deal to be had, it will come from the rank and file senate democrat, who will work on this, and i know i talked to a number of senate democrats who will work on it, starting next week, congress comes back, you know, we got a month until the state of the union address, there's a possibility of a scaled back bill, but i think it would be just a fraction of what we had talked about now, and again, the engine, and the timetable, and his own political desires, and you know, if he doesn't think there's a deal there that he wants, he won't go for it. >> and of course the senate now preoccupied with the nomination for the supreme court. the president clearly wants to get this done quickly, to get a black woman to succeed justice breyer, they want to speed up the process. already though, there are indications that some republicans are planning to put up a fight. how do you think this is going
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to play out? >> the republicans when amy coney barrett was confirmed, there is not much the minority can do to stop the majority if the majority stays united. if all a senate democrats stay behind whoever the president picks, then there's not much republicans can do, they can make a lot of speeches, they can rant and rave but they can't stop it and what happened to democrats two years ago, so look, i think, you know, we're going to see biden within the next couple of days, i would say, that i would think he would start meeting with candidates, you know interviewing them, and getting a feel with whether he is comfortable with somebody and one thing for the president to see a full file, and another to look somebody in the eye and see how she responds and all of the candidates are floated as excellent jurists, excellent lawyers and good supreme court justices and the white house is
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floating another four or five names to make it clear that the pool is just bigger than those three possibilities. so i think the president, you know, he's got some excellent people to choose from, i think whoever he goes with will do well. it is just how does this person hold up in extraordinary scrutiny they will face over the next month or two, from the press, from republicans, from the rest of the country? >> thank you. it is historic because it will be the first black woman on the supreme court. it didn't actually change the political makeup of the supreme court though. still ahead, covid hasn't stopped sarah palin from going out in new york city and the mayor's office not particularly happy about it. and the irs goes high-tech. some taxpayers will need more than a user name and password to access their accounts. those stories and a rather depressing weather forecast when "way too early" comes back. s anr depressing weather forecast when
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houston police officers are in stable condition, after being shot yesterday, just days after another cop was gunned down in the city fatally. officers were responding to a domestic disturbance call around 3:00 p.m. when it began. after shooting at officers, police say the suspect drove off and crashed during a pursuit. he then allegedly began firing again, and carjacked a separate vehicle. the suspect eventually surrendered after barricading himself in a nearby house for several hours. that's according to police. this comes after houston deputy charles galloway was shot and killed during a traffic incident on sunday in a separate incident. the suspect in this case has been arrested. the new york city police department meanwhile is also mourning the deaths of two of its own. monies are expected to attend the public funeral service for 2-year-old jason rivera, today, he and his partner, 27-year-old
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mora were both shot while responding to a domestic disturbance call in manhattan last week, the suspect was shot by a third officer, and later died from his injuries. the shootings marked the fourth and fifth of nypd officers already this year. the city's new mayor, a former police captain himself, has vowed to reinstate a controversial plain clothes police unit to combat this rise in crime. the new york city mayor's office says that sara pail en is putting new yorkers at risk and needs to isolate while she has covid. the former alaska governor was spotted dining out just two days after testing positive for the virus. she made headlines earlier this week, before testing positive. for eating indoors at that same restaurant, despite being unvaccinated which is against new york city regulations. in a statement, the mayor's office criticized palin for what it calls a complete disregard for the health and safety
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protocols. palin is in new york city for a libel trial against "the new york times." that trial is delayed until next thursday. to allow her to recover from covid. clearly though not recovering in isolation it looks like. frightening moments for missouri congresswoman corey bush over the weekend, the representativer's office her car was hit by gunfire early saturday morning while it was parked in the st. louis area. she was not in the car at the time. and it's not believed she was being targeted. in a statement, bush said quote, like far too many of us in st. louis, experiencing gun violence is all too familiar. thankfully no one was harmed. but any act of gun violence shakes your soul. no one should have to fear for their safety, here in st. louis, and that is exactly why our movement is working every day to invest in our communities, eradicate the root causes of gun violence, and keep every neighborhood safe. it is friday. i wish i had some better news to bring you all. there's a lot going on around the world. much of it quite stressful.
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coming up, team usa takes off for beijing. we'll have a look at the strict protocols awaiting them after a 17 her hour flight, plus the latest on a looming storm system that's going to snow in the northeast this weekend, but how much and where, well that is still up in the air and we will see if bill karins can clear it up for us. a giant winter storm is headed for the east coast but it is one tweet from nbc news, that wasn't super helpful. it said new york city could see between two inches and 20 inches of snow this weekend. thanks a lot. >> yeah, i know. >> pretty big range right there. i don't know who is making these predictions? the cdc? predictions? predictions? the cdc? what is this nightmare? it's how some people describe... shingles. a painful, blistering rash that could interrupt your life for weeks.
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>> i wish i could do that. either of those things. the goal or the acrobatics. celebrating after the goal in last night's 1-0 win over el salvador that moves team usa one step closer to the 2022 world cup. with 18 points, the u.s. men's national soccer team is on par to be one of the top three nations to qualify from north and central america and the caribbean. meanwhile about 100 team usa athletes jetted off to beijing yesterday ahead of the start of the winter olympics which is now just a week away. nbc news correspondent has more for us. >> reporter: team usa. packed, pumped and ready to compete in the winter olympics. speedskating star brittany bowe with a final farewell to mom for a 17-hour flight. >> love you. >> but with covid complicating everything from training to
2:21 am
qualifying, it's already been a long trek. >> it's a crazy ride. fingers crossed we will get on this plane and get over there safe and sound. >> this is it, nearly half of the u.s. team is boarding this flight, after a lifetime of preparation, but first, they're going to have to deal with some pretty strict protocols. >> once they make it to beijing, tested daily, must remain in a fully closed loop. no interaction allowed with the chinese public. if an athlete tests positive, they are immediately isolated or hospitalized. >> i've tried to not get so frustrated in my head and take it day by day. >> the chinese government's zero covid policy, upping the stress. >> it is definitely adding a nerve-racking part to it. but i'm focused on racing and competing my best. >> that mind set echoed by the whole team. >> to do our job, and do amazing. >> a lifelong dream, undeterred no matter the obstacle. >> the olympics like no other.
2:22 am
i'm torn because i have team gb and team usa to cheer for. tennis star rafael nadal is now within one victory of a men's record 21st grand slam singles title. the 35-year-old spaniard advanced the australian open final for a sixth time last night, after a four set win over his opponent. nadal will take on the winner of the other men's semifinal currently playing out between u.s. open champion mededev and top-seeded ash barty will aim to be the first australian woman in 44 years to win the australian open singles title against american danielle collins who won a spot in the first ever grand slam final after eliminating the 2020 french open champion. there is also a big weekend in the nfl ahead that will decide this season's super bowl matchup. the action kicks off in kansas
2:23 am
city on sunday afternoon, with the chiefs hosting the cincinnati bengals, in the afc championship game. and followed by a battle in los angeles, between the rams and the san francisco 49ers. to decide the nfc title. we'll have all of the highlights on monday morning, luckily with jonathan le mire, right here, on "way too early." time now for the weather. let's go to meteorologist bill karins for the forecast. how bad does it look? >> the forecast has gotten worse for new york city. last night we finally saw our computer models coming together in agreement. and what happened is our american model was having lower ams for new jersey, dc, philly and new york caved to the european model. each of these red l's show the computer predicting where the storm will be for the american model. the last one that came in last night is closest to the jersey shore. that is the shift that we were waiting for. that's why now, it looks like we're going to get significantly
2:24 am
more snow. wake up this morning and checking the forecast, the snow totals have been going up from philadelphia to new york, not so much in the dc area, but you are under a winter weather advisory now. blizzard warnings up for the jersey shore. coastal maryland. also blizzard am warnings are up for portland to boston to areas of cape cod. and that's where the highest winds will be, along with the heavy snow. and there's the american model, the purple shows the heavy snow, now clearly over new jersey, and new york, and coastal sections of delaware, a little bit in maryland, and notice the european model, they both agree now, so this is much more of a high confidence snow forecast than it was. so as far as totals go, it still only looks like one to three inches from raleigh to charlotte to dc. during the day today and this evening. the main event is overnight tonight and all day saturday. that area of pink, that's 18-plus inches of snow. someone will get three feet of snow from this. i'm sure of it. somewhere between boston and
2:25 am
providence down towards the cape. possibly the jersey shore. on long island, easily two feet of snow. right now in new york city, around a foot of snow is expected. philadelphia, somewhere likely between six to nine inches. the other thing you get with the big storms is high gusty winds, with winds on long island, 50, and cape cod up to 60, and not only do we have to deal with the snow, but these winds will be strong enough, especially on the cape, that we could see widespread power outages, so 20 degrees, heavy snow, gusty winds, power outages, and no thank you. it's not going to be a fun saturday for anyone in eastern new england. >> two foot of snow. take care everybody. bill karins, thank you very much. i think thank you. that was grim. still ahead in 2016 mitch mcconnell blocked merrick garland from being confirmed to the supreme court. what the senate minority leader is saying now about president biden's potential pick. but before we go to break, we want to know why are you awake? email your reasons to us.
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welcome back to "way too early." it's 5:30 on the east coast. 2:30 on the west coast. after blocking merrick garland's supreme court nomination in the final year of president obama's second term, mitch mcconnell says he will give president biden's book a fair look.
2:30 am
>> after the new nominee, we don't know who that is yet and i will be taking a look at that nominee as part of the confirmation process and making a decision later based on who is nominated. >> i'm going to give the president's nominated, whoever ma that may be, a fair look, and not predict on today who we don't even know who the nominee is, on my vote. >> it's important to note that a simple majority of 51 votes is needed to confirm justice breyer's replacement meaning if all 50 democrats stick together, there is nothing republicans can do to stop the confirmation. it was senator mcconnell who lowered the threshold for supreme court nominees in 2017 to get neil gorsuch past democratic opposition but it was the late democratic senator harry reed who first triggered the nuclear option, in 2013, for lower court and cabinet nominees. joining us now with the lessons we've learned, republican strat
2:31 am
jick and political analyst susan, and msnbc political analyst wuanita tolliver, and conservatives wanted justice breyer to retire for a while and how influential will they be in the process of getting someone to replace him? >> it's my understanding that the first people who contacted the white house after breyer's announcement were civil rights leaders and activists, hey, biden, remember that promise you made, and they recognize their value in not only getting him across the finish line but now they want to cash in on that. and i fully expect that in addition to all of the white house staffers and vice president harris, the people that biden has said will help advise in this decision, that will also include some activists and we know folks like representative clyburn are
2:32 am
already out there pushing for different potential nominees and prospects and that's not going to stop any of these wheels. and i think the other for progressives and democrat, make sure they have created a so safety buffer whoever the nominee, because as the first black woman to be nominated to the high court and eventually confirmed, she's going to face a lot of vitriol and harmful language of racism and misogyny from all angles and making sure she is protected throughout the nomination process is critical. >> and they don't need republican support to confirm the nominee. do you think there is a chance that they may get even a mod couple of bipartisanship here? >> it could happen. i wouldn't necessarily count on it happening. but you know, when you talk about what did we learn this week, when you're looking at justice breyer, and his replacement, what i realize is that there's no real, there's not a counter to the federal
2:33 am
society on the left and i think that's important because i think this is a unique time for the white house to start developing what the judicial philosophy is on the democratic side. we know what it is on the republican side of the federal society. but to wuanita's point, this nom niece needs to be professional buffered and taken care of as well, as she should be, and we know it is a she because president biden has made that clear, but i think it's just really important for, to have a governing philosophy or a judicial philosophy for nominees coming from the democrats. >> that's a good point, isn't it, it is not something necessarily that we hear that is as unified as it is when we hear it coming from the right. do you think it might be something that is coming out from this confirmation process? >> absolutely hope so because we know republicans have had a court strategy spanning decades and having that long-time investment goes a long way. i will say president biden has
2:34 am
already started to tap into that ethos, tap into that type of narrative for democrats that he has put up an historic number of nominees throughout his first year, especially nominees who were more women and people of color, which is going to have a long impact, because we know what those appointments, the circuit court, the district court, are impactful nominations that will be people who hold their seats for a long time to come. i think president biden is laying the ground work. absolutely an infrastructure for democrats is key. >> and we don't have a name yet and as soon as we do, there will be a lot of attention focused on that candidate. susan, i just want to get your take on another story we reported on yesterday about a tennessee school board that is banning a critically acclaimed graphic novel about the holocaust. we've seen republicans complaining for ages about cancel culture but doesn't this smack of cancel culture, too? >> it's beyond cancel culture.
2:35 am
it's disgusting frankly that you're talking about banning books in schools that have dramatic impacts on our culture and our lives. i think the republican school boards are taking this too far. you can't keep playing to the worst of us and think it's going to last very long. i mean when i say it's going to disappear next month but this practice is reprehensible, it breaks my heart, especially this, when we're talking about the family of a holocaust survivor, and his pulitzer prize winning book, these are the things our children need to know. >> yes, how far would it go, and banning books by the way does not smack of a very healthy mature democracy in my book. thank you so much for joining us on this friday morning. still ahead, we are live with cnbc's early look at the
2:36 am
markets as investors close out what is a wild week of trading. and minnie mouse. a new look. and we have opinions about that. why not. we'll dive into it. next on "way too early." why not. we'll dive into it next on "way too early." staying up half the night searching for savings on your prescriptions? just ask your cvs pharmacist. we search for savings for you. from coupons to lower costs options. plus, earn up to $50 extra bucks rewards each year just for filling at cvs pharmacy.
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are you one of the millions of americans pwho experience occasional extra bucks bloating, gas, or abdominal discomfort? taking align can help. align contains a quality probiotic to naturally help soothe digestive upsets 24/7. try align, the pros in digestive health. the u.s. economy grew at its strongest pace in nearly 40 years last year, despite the pandemic. the commerce department says the nation's gross domestic product which is the sum of all goods and services, expanded 5.7% overall in 2021, and the strongest calendar year since 1984-h. it was aided by better than expected fourth quarter, where gdp grew at 6.9%, and far outpacing the economist's predictions in the face of the surging omicron variant. but some analysts are now warning the economy could be in for a slowdown this year. because of inflation. and the ongoing pandemic.
2:40 am
so less look at business, and for that let's bring in cnbc's rosanna lockwood live from london. it has been another volatile trading day on wall street yesterday. all three major int indices fell for the third straight day in a row and all of the good news about the gdp, when is the rollercoaster going to stop? >> i wish chi tell you. it is getting a little bit seasick for traders after the week in the markets. volatility we haven't seen since the 1980s. especially the nasdaq. meantime here in new york this morning, it is a -- here in europe, most major indices are down. and we had economic data, germany france and spain. germany not fairing as well as as expected and did bring in quite strict omicron curbs in q4 and that is affecting things for europe's largest economy. meantime sector-wise, banking down. retail doing well. strong earnings as companies
2:41 am
like h & m and the luxury group as well, asia, they have had a better day, and they are finally back in the green, after a very tough week for japan. and later on today, u.s. inflation data, personal spending, and income numbers will get an even better idea of how the u.s. economy is shaping up. >> inflation, one problem, supply chain is another. we have apple ceo tim cook saying they feel the company's supply chain challenges are improving. what's going on there? >> yes, speaking to a banker just this morning who did agree with that sy emt. based in florida, and said cook does have a good a eye on things and we spoke to the mitro electronics semiconductor maker, and says it will improve and that is massive for a company like apple and they need to rely on the supply chain running smoothly and there being enough chips out there. as you said as well, inflationary pressures, tim cook
2:42 am
has mentioned that is an issue for apple. that being said, let's not take the wind out of the sails. a very stronger, day and the estimates beat in every product category, overall revenue up 11% annually and keep an eye out for virtual reality earlier this year. >> good time for apple, lesser for disney, prompting an uproar on social media, don't mess with tradition is basically their problem at the moment and a new look to an iconic character. tell us about it. >> yes, that's right. minnie mouse. she's had the treatment, british designer stella mccartney has designed a navy blue tux eco for minnie mouse to wear. the 30th anniversary for disneyland paris. this is also to mark women's history mark happening this march and stella mccartney saying this is a symbol of progress for minnie mouse, as you said, the negatively on social media has shown that people really are wedded to
2:43 am
traditional styles and they don't want to see minnie mouse wearing hillary clinton's blue pants suit, i think it is pretty stylish but many have had a backlash and they want to see her back in her classic look. >> live from london, thank you. starting this summer, millions of americans will have to scan their faces in order to access their irs tax accounts. the verification process on the irs web site will include taking a photo i.d. for a driver's license and taking a video selfie, so software can compare the two to confirm a person's identity. it is all part of a new partnership the irs has with i.d. dot me, the company already verifies identities for more than half of the state's employment agencies, and as well as some federal agencies. the new protocol is already prompted scrutiny over security and data concerns because there is no federal law regulating how the data is be used or shared.
2:44 am
meanwhile, apple has begun testing the ability to use fake i.d.s while wearing a mask as part of its new beta software update. the new feature will rely on facial recognition focused on the eye area to authenticate the user. the update will also include several new emojis. the announcement yesterday comes after a previous software update that allowed iphone users to unlock their iphones while masked with an apple watch, always annoying when you have to take the mask off. still ahead, the latest on the omicron surge, and experts are watching a new version of the covid variant, "way too early" continues after this break. variant, "way too early" continues after this early" continues after this break. works on that too, and lasts 12 hours. 12 hours?! who studies that long? mucinex dm relieves wet and dry coughs. my asthma felt anything but normal. ♪ ♪ it was time for a nunormal with nucala.
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we're seeing a mixed picture on the pandemic. encouraging signs in some areas where cases are falling. but more of those infected in recent weeks are now dying, kate snow has the latest.
2:48 am
>> a deadline for health care workers. in 25 states, including new york, and california, we must now have at least the first dose of vaccine. >> it comes as some hospitals still face staffing shortages. in california, where average daily case numbers are up 27%. l.a. county reported its youngest ever fatality. a 15-month-old baby. in washington state, they're averaging more deaths now than ever. and nationally, the death rate is still rising. but the average number of daily cases is going down. because some states are past their peak or leveling off. experts are closely watching a sub variant of omicron that has now been found in a number of states, early data suggests it's not more severe than the original omicron. >> it may be a little bit more contagious. and that's what we have to pay attention to and that's what we're learning. >> does that mean we could look at another wave, or in addition to the wave we're already in? >> i think another major wave is really unlikely out of this sub
2:49 am
variant. >> two weeks ago, we were inside a covid icu at the cleveland clinic and met ron. >> what would you say to people who think that omicron is mild and it's no big deal? >> i tell them to walk out the door and they can come and sit in here and see what it's like. >> he is back home and slowly recovering. but his son has been hospitalized for 71 days. with double pneumonia and covid. >> what's the lesson that we should learn from what your family has been lieu? >> i think appreciate family. time is short. >> he's hopeful his son will be home soon, too. >> we wish them well. still too many people getting really sick. that was nbc's kate snow reporting. meanwhile, a major address yesterday, the education secretary laid out his top priorities for the year. and visions for reopening america's schools.
2:50 am
he emphasized the department aims to concentrate on helping students who fell behind during distance learning last year and urged schools to use federal stimulus funds to invest in mental health counseling and extra tutoring. the address comes as the schoo adapt to changes forced by the pandemic including lockdowns and virtual learning. so earlier in the show we asked, why are you awake? james writes, i'm up early now thinking about having to buy a shovel and some ice salt thanks to that forecast. good idea. dan, what have you got? >> i got one from sue who tweeted, i'm up to arrange the garage so habitat for humanity can pick up their donations. >> so nice. another viewer tweeted simply, the white house cat is here. it is true. meet willow, a 2-year-old gray and white tabby who has joined the first family. willow is named after dr. jill biden's hometown of willow grove, pennsylvania, and comes from a farm in the state where
2:51 am
the bidens made a campaign trip in 2020. we will, of course, have full in-depth, investigative coverage of the breaking cat news coming up on "morning joe." . plus more on where the nation stands in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. former fda commissioner dr. scott gottlieb will join the conversation and we'll hear from pentagon press secretary john kirby amid heightened concern that russia will invade ukraine. "morning joe" is just moments away. "morning joe" is just moments away to be a thriver with metastatic breast cancer means asking for what we want. and need. and we need more time. so, we want kisqali. women are living longer than ever before with kisqali when taken with an aromatase inhibitor or fulvestrant in postmenopausal women with hr+, her2- metastatic breast cancer.
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a major airline is making a big investment to address the shortage of pilots. united airlines opening its own flight academy. nbc news correspondent tom costello has more. >> reporter: day break in arizona and 29-year-old josh azua is up early in the cockpit with his flight instructor. >> 71, rotate. >> nice. >> pitching 85. >> reporter: six months ago josh was a motorcycle cop in metro denver, dreaming of learning to fly. that's when he saws united airlines is recruiting students, no experience needed, for first major airline-owned pilot flight
2:55 am
academy to help fill a critical shortage of airline pilots. in december he joined the first class outside of phoenix. >> as soon as i had my first flight and we left the ground, i knew this was for me. i was hooked. it is just a completely different feeling than being on the ground. >> reporter: the industry predicts a shortage of 12,000 pilots in north america next year with too few pilots coming from the military and private pilot training costing $100,000, prohibitive for many, all airlines are scrambling to fill their cockpits. united plans to hire 10,000 pilots over the next eight years, half of them graduates of its new academy. ceo scott kirby. >> this is a way for you to ensure that the pilots are trained to the specs, to the qualifications you want? >> in the way that the military trains pilots, with upset recovery training. really a unique approach to pilot training to train the next generation of pilots for united airlines. >> reporter: new yieted says 50% of the students will be women or minorities.
2:56 am
as a flight attendant shellie thomas dreamed of becoming a pilot. today she is, teaching josh to fly and headed for her own career in the cockpit. >> the ultimate goal would be to fly a 777 for united, yeah. >> reporter: a 777? >> yeah. >> reporter: that's a big plane. >> bigger than this one. >> reporter: before becoming a commercial airline pilot the grads need to have 1,500 flight hours. most will start at a regional airline. as for josh. >> i think it was my best landing i have had yet. >> reporter: in a few years he may be you pilot. >> nice. thanks to nbc's tom costello for that report. ♪♪ joining us now with a look at "axios" a.m., co-founder and ceo of "axios" jim vander hyde. jim, what is the one big thing this morning? >> we are looking at how democrats are spooked with the idea of appearing with joe biden, which i think speaks to
2:57 am
his standing inside the party given his poll numbers are in the low 40s. he will be in pennsylvania. three democrats were invited. only one of the three will show up, a candidate for governor, a candidate for senate will not. when we look at social media in terms of people talking about their alignment with joe biden, you are seeing a lot of these candidates in competitive races not wanting to be biden democrats. one reporter asked steny hoyer, the number two house democrat, should people run as biden democrats and he said they should run as democrats who deliver, not a ringing endorsement for saying you are a biden democrat. the reason it matters is that it speaks to his power politically. people want to be next to a winner, they want to feel they have a route to strength. most people running in the house are worried. you have a lot of retirements, a lot of tough races. it is not a great climate for democrats right now. they fear they're going to lose the house. at some point it becomes every
2:58 am
person for themselves because it becomes about political survival. >> not what the white house would like to hear. let's look at the olympics. of course, all of the athletes packing their jackets, their gloves, whatever else they need but they're told to pack something else to take to china. what is it, jim? >> reporter: one word, pack your burner phone because the government is warning you just assume that people will be snooping on everything that's on your actual phone, which i think speaks to the political dynamic that you will see with these olympics. you have one of the few things right now that unites both parties, people are very skeptical of china. most see china as an adversary, certainly as the biggest competitor to u.s. strength over the next 20 to 30 years. so i think that backdrop is going to make this a very political olympics, and, you know, while you will have the olympics you are most likely going to be having a showdown between russia and ukraine. so you will have big foreign policy matters that are popping up. by the way, i think it will pull in joe biden. there's no doubt, most of the time that you see the president right now he is having to talk
2:59 am
about what are we going to do with vladimir putin, how are we going to confront him. he is having to do that in the context of people being demoralized by what happens in afghanistan and then you have people like tucker carlson on the right that are trying to get republican candidates to say, no, we're not going to be supportive of providing any assistance to ukraine. focus on america, not on russia, not on ukraine. >> it is a busy world out there. jim, thank you very much. thank you to all of you for getting up way too early with us on this friday morning. "morning joe" starts right now. a giant winter storm is heading for the east coast, but i saw this one tweet from nbc news that wasn't super helpful. it said, new york city could see between 2 inches and 20 inches of snow this weekend. thanks a lot. >> yeah, i know. >> pretty big range right there. i don't know who is making these predictions. the cdc? >> bill karins has tremendous
3:00 am
range, but, yeah, big -- big winter storm coming, willie, this weekend. some people in florida complaining it may get down to 40, 41, 42 this weekend. it is cold. it is cold all over. those florida people drive me absolutely crazy. what, you got any plans this weekend in the snow? >> close the schools in florida, joe, it is going to be 44 one of these days. >> whew. >> yeah, it is supposed to get to a foot in some places here in the new york area. i think i saw this morning wnbc said between 8 and 12 inches in new york city. 12 to 18, a foot and a half out on long island. then two feet up in boston. i won't still bill karins' thunder but it is a massive storm rolling through. >> you know, there's a joke in washington, d.c. that the debate between whether it was a northern city or a southern city always ended when the first two inches of snow came down and it was obviously southern city. i always thought the same thing, that the


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