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tv   Politics Nation  MSNBC  January 29, 2022 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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we should have done it wholeheartedly. we should have done it 20, 30 years ago. we have our own oil, our own secure bases. why not? >> reporter: i've got to tell you, that was not just within woman's opinion. we're hearing that rhetoric from iowa to alabama, here in texas, a lot of frustration. yasmin? >> gary grumblach. thank you. reverend al sharpton and "politics nation" starts right now. good evening. welcome to "pot tickets nation." tonight's lead -- because it's time. right now i'm unconflicted about
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saying exactly that. yes, we should have a black woman judge on our highest court in the nation. and, no, that justice will not render judgments based solely on her blackness, but then the right wing knows that. that's not why they're acting so upset this week. that in responding to supreme court justice stephen breyer's pending retirement, president biden has insisted he will keep his campaign promise to nominate a black woman to replace him, which offers the right-wing vote for midterm election year tactic, and, i guess, a minor problem. starting with the problem, in addition to being a black woman, the pick will remain the on that
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side of the dish. for the news also gives the right an election year gift. dumbing as the court is expected to rule on no less of reproductive rights in america and affirmative action, and both rallies plus more election drama, speaker nancy pelosi announcing her run for reelection, setting off speculation through her oven silence on whether or not she would seek the speakership again as democrats brace for a possible loss of their majority.
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we begin tonight, what the court fights to come in the near future. >> good to be with you. the news that justice breyer of his imminent retirement, the complaint from the right insisting that black women fill the seat, with important sdfrgz on the horizon. >> whose base is more energized by that fact? >> well, republicans and
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right-wing conservatives will always try to use a judicial nomination to energize their base, but i think this is a uniquely different circumstance. the supreme court has moved so far to the right in terms of rolling back civil rights protections. they're the reasons why we have to act electricively in terms of voting rights, protection, legislation because of a prior decision that struck down the original 1965 voting rights act in part. i think that people of goodwill, we understand there needs to be an important balance on the supreme court, that joe biden is going to nominate the most qualified person to sit on the supreme court, and all things being equal, i think it will be a wonderful thing in this country for that person to be an
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african american woman as well. >> i remember when he made that commitment. the next month they came to the breakfast. he was clear even before a nomination, if a vacancy became available, what he was going to do. congressman, with the news this week that nancy pelosi will seek reelection rather than retire from the u.s. house, do you expect her to pursue another term as house speaker? her silence on that subject has, of course, added to the speculation she may not seek the speaker's gavel, as democrats brace for the midterm election losses if not the loss of their majority.
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your response, congressman, the sports in brooklyn want to know, are you interested in running if the speaker does not run to keep the gavel? >> and the price increasing we have seen all across the country, represented to supply change disruption, and dynamics represented, continues to try to creche the virus. i think it's consistent, to make sure we hold the house democratic majority, if not increase it, because the stakes are so incredibly high in so
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many areas. >> that was certainly not, no, i will not run, so i will take it as you may run. that leads me to voting rights, which i must address as we have this conversation. last week i reiterated, for what he can ahead of the midterm election and beyond, and that we deal with voting rights legislation, what would you like to do contained in those kinds of orders that would be most helpful for the nation? and have the senate vote on different pieces? . >> it's important for the biden administration and department of justice to do everything possible within its executive power to protect the right to
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vote. i suspect they will do so. as you indicated, and a lot of the part of your question, reverend, i still think there's a past way to get meaningful voting rights legislation done. the difference between the two parties is simple. democrats want to make it easier to vote and harder to steal an election. the radical right wants to make it harder to vote and easier to steal an election. we have to deal with two things. reform, the electoral count act, because it's clear it needs to be typingened up, so you can prevent the thing that president trump was trying to get mike pence to do, steal the election. and we have to figure out common ground with joe manchin in particular, as it relates to access to voting, early voting, making sure that i.d. laws aren't discriminatory as we've seen in some places where a student i.d., even from a state
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university, is not acceptable, but a hunting license is apparently acceptable, in terms of voter i.d. we have to eliminate those disparities. we have to also make sure that we don't criminalize things such as providing water to people who have been waiting in line hour after hour after hour, because you don't provider adequate polling sites in certain neighborhoods intentionally. there's a whole host of provisions that i think can be explored, and hopefully optimistic we can findmo ground. >> lastly, of the elements that made of the president's stalled social spending plan, otherwise known, as i said, build back better, which can we expect to see the democrats gift priority to?
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also make sure we can get things like -- over the finish line. we've got great leadership from chairwoman maxine waters in that regard. we have $5 billion in break the cycle of violence funding set aside to engage in disruption and interruption, as well as supporting productive community-based activities. >> we've got to invest $150 billion at least in standing up our home care system, both for those loved once, so there's a lot that's a part of the build back better act that i believe we are going to be able to get
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over the finish line in the senate. >> you know i believe in consistency. we have the majority leader of the senate from brooklyn. his name is chuck schumer. if ms. pelosi gives up the gavel, there would be nothing wrong with the speaker of the house from brooklyn. i'm glad you didn't turn me down -- you didn't accept, but you didn't say no. i'm tweeting that to all the brothers and sisters on rogers avenue. thank you, as always, hakim jeffries. joining me is amani gandhi. >> thank you for joining us tonight, ms. gandhi. president biden says he will --
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many conservatives, of course are seeing red over it. >> that's a good question. one of the thing i find distressing is somehow. >> that's not the case. the women on the short list are very qualified. justice brown-jackson now sits on the d.c. circuit court of appeals. she was elevated to that position when biden 257d merrick garland to become attorney general general.
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there's cheryl eiffel, who would follow in the steps of thurgood marshall. >> and would follow in his footsteps. and i believe earl warren didn't come off the bench. there's been several supreme court justices who didn't come off the bench. there was even one who didn't graduate from high school. i would like to name another couple more people. candace jax son is on the 7th circuit. these are women who are eminently qualified. at a block woman who we want to law school, consist listenly underestimated, consistently viewed as a diversity pick, i know what it's like to have to be twice as mark to work twice as hard to read twice as much to be viewed even half as competent and whatever random white guy is
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sitting next to me in a tort class. the idea these women will be somehow affirmative action hires, simply because the programs of the search have been widened. i would say they've been widened and not narrowed. you have to remember something like 114 out of 121 supreme court justices have all been white men. it was a prerequisite to be a whiteman. i think it's disingenuous to be a prerequisite that we diversify the court is somehow affirmative action. i find that very, very troubling. >> assuming this conversation goes as planned. we're still talking about a 6-3 split between conservative and liberal judges, essentially gang another liberal dissent, certainly not a tiebracker, and certainly not a liberal majority.
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>> but biden has shown a willingness to at least study the matter. do you think there's still a momentum for making changes to the court? >> i truly don't think there is. inch i think he's beholden to this idea of bipartisanship. >> no, i don't think there's a lot of stock market take for expanding the court, but i do think there's some importance for swapping justice breyer out for a black woman jurist, it adds another voice to the court
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besides sonia sotomayor, who is focused on the way the law impacts people. justice breyer was -- in terms of the ways in which, for example abortion restrictions hurt low-income people, black and brown people. sonia sotomayor is the person constantly making that connection, in the dissents she's been writing in the sb-7 texas bounty hunter case. >> i think they will be writing dissents, and is going to be keep to have a black woman's voice, a black person who understands what it's look to be black in america. which clarence thomas clearly
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does not. >> justice breyer will still be a cart of the court as looming decision on mississippi's 15-week abortion ban, which has been cast as a bellwether for the future of roe versus wade. do you think we are still in a situation, did that it could essentially be overturned later this year? >> absolutely. there's been some scuttlebutt among legal scholars and court watchers that perhaps this retirement in january -- very uncommon for a justice to retire in january. they usually do it closer to the end of the term. we are in a situation where we may have confirmation hearing while breyer is still sitting. it's not going to affect any of the cases on the docket. i do think we are in for a
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flat-out reversal of roe versus wade, or at least a gutting to a point where it's no longer effective in at least half the states. >> i mandi gane, thank you for joining us. president biden has a chance to make the supreme court look more like america, but that's justed beginning of the fight. i'll explain that this week's "gotcha." later, hundreds of police officers paid their time respect to say slain officer jason rivera on friday. inside, his widow sent a message to new manhattan's new d.a., but is she delivering it to the right person? stay with us. but first my colleague rich and lui with the stories.
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>> more than 68 million people under winter weather alerts today. over 100,000 in the northeast are without power. a powerful nor'easter the cause of all of this. ten eastern states were hit by snow, coastal flooding and high winters. residents were warned to stay off roads. airlines canceled more than $today's launch of the cosmo sky med, second generation, that was canceled as well. president biden says he will move u.s. troop to eastern europe and nato countries, as diplomats are working with their russian counterparts to reduce concerns over ukraine. russia deployed an estimated 100,000 troops along the ukrainian border this we're. more "politics nation" right after the break. more
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for this week's "gotcha" i want to address this pivotal moment for the supreme court. as we mentioned earlier, president biden will get the chance to nominate a new justice. i'm cautiously optimistic we will soon see the first black woman ascend to the highest court in the land, but even if that happens, conservatives will still have a 6-3 majority. what the connell serve tiff justices are planning on doing with their majority will affect all of us for generations. this week the supreme court announced it will take up the constitutionality of affirmative action. the cases involve students, mostly asian-americans who say they were discriminated against by harvard university and the university of north carolina, in favor of black and hispanic applicants. lawyers for the schools deny
2:25 pm
their policies are discriminatory. studies show that white women are the greatest beneficiaries of affirmative action, a fact you rarely hear about on the practice. not only because it would make it harder to get into top schools, but those minority students who are admitted will find smaller communities of peers with similar backgrounds to support them and help them succeed. a gallup poll just last year showed 62% of americans support affirmative action programs for minority groups. the highest in 20 years, over 20 years, so you might wonder why, with all of these problems facing our country, the high court has chosen to focus in on
2:26 pm
this issue now. the answer is, conservatives are trying to seize a stark opportunity to transform this country, created by the dirty tricks of senator mitch mcconnell, who denied former president obama the opportunity to appoint a justice to the court and rammed one through of his own days before an election under donald trump. in addition, the conservative packed court is tackling abortion rights, could roll back roe versus wade just months before the 50th birthday. they're also intent on expanding gun rights in a country already dangerously armed to the teeth. as historic as biden's supreme court nomination will be, it alone will not stop the supreme court's extreme right would turn. that's why democrats must
2:27 pm
continue to focus on turning out the vote in the mid terms. if democrats can't hold on to the senate in november, biden's first supreme court appointment may very well be his last. for more than a generation, republicans have made the supreme court their top priority, but their success in packing the bench may also be a curse, as the justices move the court dangerously outside of the split wall mainstream of the country it is supposed to represent. it is up to democrats to make sure republicans pay the price and pay a political price for their overreach. i gotcha. i gotcha has me smoother than ever. that's what it does. looking to get back in your type 2 diabetes zone?
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i don't, and juanita tolliver. they both are msnbc political analysts. susan, let's start with justice breyer's retirement announcement. president biden has vowed to choose a black woman, because democrats hold the tiebreaking vote in the senate a confirmation seems assured. however, that handle called some conservative calling this an affirmative action pick, and minority leader mcconnell has warned against a radical nominee, quote. >> i don't think they'll be able to make it into a battle. joe biden ran as someone who said he was going to put a black woman on the supreme court. so president biden, given the opportunity, is going to nominate one, that is very acceptable and that's what he
2:33 pm
should be doing. i'm also of the belief that when you win the presidency, you get to put your person up. in this case, i actually think it's a wonderful choice that he's putting someone, a black woman in there. it is someone who will add a different life experience. that's what justice breyer was about. he was trying to make the law practical for everybody. so this is, i think, a really wise choice by president biden. you're going to hear the right say every which then thing they can. maybe they have a delay of a day based on some rules or something, but this will sail through as far as the democrats go. there's no reason it shouldn't. >> juanita, a block woman nominee for the supreme court will be historic, but will it be enough to energize voters during the mid terms? black voters? or will it be overshadowed by the black of progress on other
2:34 pm
issues of concern like voting rights and police reform? >> look, rev, this selection of a nominee, and placing a black woman on the supreme court is historic, but you're right, it is not a direct exchange with essentially elects like voting rights or provisions of the build back better act. what it is is president biden's opportunity to say, here's what i delivered for you, especially black voters in georgia who delivered two senators to allow the conditions for this nominee to move through congress and easily as she can. i think biden is smart to also make this pick and announcement during black history month. he's smart to include civil rights leaders in the selection process, and you better believe advocating will continue to apply pressure on how biden should still deliver for them. this is not a one and done, but it will be a mobilize the factor. the pomp and circumstance that
2:35 pm
could celebrate and surround this historic moment is not going to be forgotten by november. i think it is going to be something that helps black voters understand why they should continue to vote for democrats, while democrats also have an opportunity to dlirch, because voting rights is not done. build back better is not done. this gives them a chance to emphasize what they stand for and what they're fighting for. >> juanita, i note that you withdrew your name from consideration. [ laughter ] >> susan, immediate would naerts has found at least 50 republicans and independent candidates running in the mid terms have expressed some level of support for the qanon conspiracy theory. that has led even a former trump department of homeland security official to voice his concerns. how worried should we be about conspiracy theorists running for
2:36 pm
office, mostly under the banner of the gop. >> it's frightening. and some of these people will get elected. hopefully those in swing districts or swing states will not be elected, but from a deep red state or deep red district, you will see some of these crazy people, and i do mean they are cede. if you believe in some of these things, you're a nut and should not be in congress or a dogcatcher. you are a danger to the public. the more republicans, especially with national defense background or intelligence background, can talk to the dangers of people associated with these groups and what these groups are about, the better we will be as a country. >> juanita, russian president vladimir putin has deployed nearly 100,000 troops near the ukraine border. president biden warned the ukrainian president that russia
2:37 pm
could invade next month. according to the "new york times" without fire a shot, mr. putin has forced the biden administration to shelf other diplomacy priorities and contend with kremlin grievances the white house has long dismissed, including reversing the westward rein in the post-soviet period. what is the u.s. political impact of what is going on with russia at the moment? >> look, you're exactly right in the fact that putin has pulled biden into this, because putin as move is to force the u.s. out of europe. he does not like the fact that ukraine is a democracy. he wants to expand hi thor tear control, and biden is stepping forward to do as much as he can to support them economically and to some degree militarily, to prevent that from happening. putin fully understands he's
2:38 pm
creating a tense environment, espectly for the u.s. among its nato allies. what doesn't help is you have members of the gop saying why are we supporting ukraine? you have members of the gop saying they're pro-authoritarianism and pro-russia's expansion and the united states shouldn't have a role in this. the same energy that we're seeing from these republican members supporting russia's move here i think, one can be defined as a legacy of trump and how he off and onned over putin, but number two, highlights what they're using in the united states. i think biden needs to continue supporting ukraine. backing down only signals a weakness in the future of democracy globally. >> thank you both for being with us. next, tragic week for law enforcement officers across the
2:39 pm
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homicides in the united states have spiked since the start of the pandemic, particularly here in new york city, where the murder rate has increased by 40%. this past week we have tragically seen police officers as the victims of homicide, as
2:43 pm
wilbur mora, the second nypd officer shot alongside fellow officer jason rivera died on tuesday from his injuries. thousands of new york city police officers lined manhattan's fifth avenue on friday. officers dressed in blue uniform with white gloves carried the flag-draped coffin into a funeral service held in the iconic st. patrick's cathedral. on thursday, in houston texas where three police officers were shot. joining me now, cedric alexander, former member of president obama as task foron 21st severalry policing, and law enforcement analyst for msnbc, thank you for joining muss today. >> thank you for having me. president biden is ted to travel to new york city to meet
2:44 pm
with the new mayor on the strategy to combat gun crime. in your point of view, what do you think both the administrations should give priority to. >> let's consider the fact you take the loss of lives, appeared those two young officers, two young men who grew up in that community, decided they wanted to be police officers, and the look at the most re shootings since the beginning of this year, reverend al. i think there's something to be said about their conversation that needs to take place. first of all, what needs to be done, what support from the federal government can be lent to these cities who are doing everything they can. mayor adams walked into the city with a great deal of issues. that is what he took on his watch. crime along with the pandemic
2:45 pm
we're still living through. i think what's important here is to talk about what resources, what additional monies -- not just for more police and more training, but what are we going to do different with more police and more training. >> there has to be a balance there, cedric. the natural law enforcement memorial and museum published an end of the year fatality report, noting that law enforcement related deaths are up by 50%. the same record found that violence against police officers are also up 32% in terms of an increase. you have 55% increase in law enforcement caused death, 32% of law enforcement deaths. why do you think that is? >> well, something is going a in the environment. i think there's a number of things. certainly we see this up tick during this pandemic we're in, but we can't blame it on the pandemic solely.
2:46 pm
everything gets blamed on the pandemic. many of these issues were emerging frankly in our communities across the country before the pandemic, and got exacerbated. here's what i think is critically important to remember. drug right now, in many of our states. bail reform is playing a difficult role. certainly there needs to be bail reform, but there's an appearance with the number of violent criminals out on the street recently that have shot and killed police officers and innocent people in this country. we cannot totally blame this on judges it's as if they need some support while they work together
2:47 pm
to try to contain and not just look at short-term results, but also long-term things. >> a second trial is underway in minute mrs., for three officers who failed to intervene in the murder of george floyd. "the washington post" is reporting day the three former officers have been trained to verbally and physically intervening to stop a colleague from using unreasonable force and broke department policy when they didn't balance, protecting
2:48 pm
law enforcement who were, but also they must at the same time enforce ways to hold police accountable for aggress and violence of that i have own. >> here's what has to happen here. you got to have police working together. clearly work has to be done. we've been hearing very little of it here in recent months. but we can enforce the law, we can reform. we can look at who we're recruiting, how we train, how they're being supervised and managed, and look at the culture of policing in some of these respective departments. how do we help make them better? here is the one thing about policy. you can have a policy that states, reverend al, if you see
2:49 pm
me do something wrong, you should stop me, but quite frankly, that's something always that has been to be any heart. that's not something you can train you learn that along the ways. there's a lot of good people who are doing their best. we have to keep them safe, well trained, well supervised so they can provide the public safety that is necessary. >> i think many of us want to see that done, but i think again, you have to deal with the question of guns. i think that mayor adams and all of us have spoke, how you do that has doing balanced. >> not violent at all crimes we
2:50 pm
need to deal with differently in his guns that have killed these policemen. this is a union man who killed that both these officer had a backup of 40 rounds he could have shot. be and no one is addressing guns and how they continue to inundate our communities. thank you for stopping by politics nation. my final thoughts after the break. politics nation. my final thoughts after the break.
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with nurtec odt, i treat migraine my way. what's your way? ask your doctor about nurtec to find out! in 1991, president george hw bush nominated clarence thomas to the supreme court.
2:55 pm
a young woman came forward and talked about some inappropriate behavior that mr. thomas had done serving in another post. as we saw the election many years later of the presidential election of 2020 come into being and we saw the head of the senate judiciary committee grilled her in an over the top way p the chairman was a senator from delaware named joe biden. many years later, in 2020, that same joe biden was running for president of united states and had to clarify and talk with ms. hill and walk back some of that
2:56 pm
grilling and some of those statements. it seem ironic that the same presidential candidate who became president that had to make amends with a black woman will be the president that will put a black woman on the supreme court. that's why i was taught you never give up the fight. you keep going and you'll see people change and turn and go the ways you would want. that's why i wrote this book apt righteous troublemakers. people that fought, never got credit but got to turn the culture and thinking around of this nation. get my new book and you'll understand why some of us never give up. we'll be right back. s never give up. we'll be right back.
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i'll see you back here tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. eastern for another live hour of "politics nation." i will interview transportation secretary pete buttigieg on his roadway strategy and its impact on communities of color. that's sunday at 5:00 right here on msnbc. >> thank you. i'll be looking forward to that interview. hello, every one. we begin this hour with new developments from the january 6th committee. they paint an increasing damming picture of the attempt to