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tv   MSNBC Reports  MSNBC  January 30, 2022 4:00am-5:00am PST

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msnbc. have a good one. first up on msnbc, an historic winter storm shuts down roads and air travel and knocks out power to tens of thousands in new england. and the wind and the extreme cold aren't going anywhere, as crews plow the streets and try to get the lights back on. >> i mean, it's windy, it's snowy, i'm 6-feet something and the snow is up to my knees. it's about 2 feet, probably going to 3 feet. you really can't do anything.
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you kind of have to stay in the house and drink hot tea. also, america's top general makes a key connection with his counterpart in ukraine as the crisis on the border intensifies. what's at stake in tomorrow's u.n. security council meeting. one week after new york said good-bye to one of its finest, president biden will head to new york city lay out his plan to fight gun violence. the possibly vital connection between that conversation and november's midterms. and during the nfl's championship weekend, everyone is trying to figure out what's going on with the g.o.a.t. conflicting reports about whether tom brady is retiring has everyone guessing and bucs fans reacting. >> he's a great man. whatever he wants to do, it's okay with me. >> no! >> not going to happen. >> no way. >> it's tampa bay. >> tampa bay.
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>> all right, good morning, everyone. i'm lindsey reiser. we'll dive into all of that and more. talking about this blizzard here, it didn't stop one couple in providence, rhode island, from tying the knot. they're on the front steps there of the public library. and they wanted the wedding date on their marriage certificate to match the date that they matched online, so they said, look, nothing is going to stop this. it's just meant to be. they capped it all off with a snowball fight. rain is good luck. a nor'easter has got to be amazing. we have a team of reporters and analysts following the story. and right now the last of those winter weather alerts are just now expiring. for that extreme cold, those strong winds, they're sticking around, making cleanup after yesterday's historic snowstorm even tougher. boston was hit especially hard, some part of massachusetts could end up with 30 inches of snow when the final totals are in.
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more than 61,000 homes and businesses in the state are without power and the governor warns that crews are facing some major obstacles to get them fixed. >> when your forecast has peak wind gusts continuing throughout the evening, late into the night, it makes it harder for people to get out there and start doing that work. so a lot of the restoration timelines won't start until after the wind dies down, which could be tomorrow morning. >> this storm canceled flights, shutting down roads, knocking out power, and for some that snow isn't even over yet. we've got it all covered for you. meteorologist michelle grossman is tracking the storm and steve romo is live at laguardia airport in all of that travel chaos. michelle, which areas are still getting hit hard by h storm system, now more than 24 hours in? >> hi, there, lindsey. the good news is, all of the snow as moved out. about an hour and a half ago, we saw the last of the snow falling
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in the united states. it's now into the canadian maritimes. that's the good news. we're leftover with frigid winds, gusty windchills. that will be the big story today and over the next couple of days. we saw hurricane force winds, coastal flooding, snow up to 30 inches in some spots. but i did want to show you this radar, to show you how close that snow is. but it's officially out of here. we are waving good-bye to this blizzard, and it did reach blizzard criteria in many, many spots. this is a look at radar over the last three hours. the last of any winter alerts dropped at 7:00 a.m. we are just in cleanup mode at this point. a look at our snowfall totals. we saw a foot of snow at the jersey shore, we saw 7 1/2 inches in philadelphia and new york city. islip, 2 feet of snow. hartford, 9.4. you notice once you go further inland, the amounts were much lesser, but 21.3 in providence. boston broke a record more their daytime total snowfall of 23.6. and in massachusetts, 30.9.
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that looks to be the jackpot right now, but we'll look at that throughout the day. this is what we're looking at this morning, just frigid, frigid air in place. we have that canadian high pressure interacting with our weekend nor'easter. that is funneling down these really bitter windchills. we're looking at windchills 30 below zero in some spots. remember, a lot of people in new england do not have power because of 80-mile-per-hour winds. so hurricane force winds yesterday. right now, we are waking up to the single digits in many spots. it's 10 degrees in boston, where they had nearly 2 feet of snow. 6 below zero in syracuse. it's 7 in caribou. you factor in the winds, and this is what it feels like. it feels frigid all the way down to charleston, south carolina. it feels like 22. and it feels like the 20s in florida. i'll show you that in just a minute. but it's feeling like 6 below zero in syracuse. as we look at the alerts in place this morning, no winter weather alerts in terms of any snowfall, but we're looking at windchill alerts. we could feel 15 below zero to 45 below zero in some spots. if you're out cleaning up, you
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want to wear the layers, cover up any exposed skins. the pink is your windchill warning. look at this. this will be a big story today. feeling like the mid-20s this morning in florida. where you see that pink, that is your windchill warning. and that will be the story as we go throughout the day. it's going to be a chilly day there. we even have a freeze warning where you see that purple. the good news, we have warmth building in the middle of the country. that will slide east over the next couple of days. denver today, you're 59. look at the east coast. all the way down to miami today, the vacationers trying to escape the snow yesterday, you are looking at 64 as a daytime high after frigid temperatures this morning. but oklahoma city by tomorrow, 68 degrees. 50 in st. louis. and this all slides to the east. that's good news. we'll start the thawing process. and cleanup will be tough for many of us today. it's going to be rock solid, but we'll warm up over the next several days. taking a look at new york by tuesday, we're above freezing. 39 degrees. closer to average on wednesday at 46. and then 50 degrees. it's going to feel like spring to us in new york city by
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thursday. raleigh, 60 on wednesday, 68 degrees, and 77, but in florida by wednesday and thursday. it's a frigid day today for many of us, lindsey, cleaning up, but really nice in the middle of the country. if you're in san antonio, enjoy that sunshine. 68 degrees. we'll be thinking about you. >> in florida, national weather service warning people you may see frozen iguanas falling from trees. this is insane. >> it makes me so sad. >> they'll be okay, i hear. all right, steven, let's bring you in here. >> yeah, they'll come back. >> yeah. obviously, the storm making travel close to impossible. talk to us about laguardia's cancellations. more than any other u.s. airport today? >> reporter: more than 217 at last check from flight aware, lindsey. i was expecting things to be busier here at departures at laguardia, but with so many cancellations already, people aren't bothering to show up until things get back up and running. and if you think about all of the travel problems we've already seen, just in the past
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month due to omicron cases along with the ongoing shortages for staffing at all of these airlines, travelers are just really feeling the brunt of it, and along comes this nor'easter, causing all of those cancellations. and those numbers are pretty hard to believe. new york officials saying more than 76% of flights were canceled at jfk. 98% of flights were canceled here at laguardia yesterday, and newark airport saw 85% of their flights canceled on friday. it's more than 4,000 total across the country, canceled yesterday alone. and things are not looking that much better today. flight aware saying 2,600 delays already this morning and around 1,300 cancellations. this in addition to all of the problems that have been seen along the roads due to blizzard conditions in the northeast, just another trouble spot for all of these people, trying to get to their destinations. here's what some of the folks had to say. >> the visibility -- you can't
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see anything in front of you. it's really bad. >> you can't see anything, you can't go anywhere. if she didn't have to go to work, i would be stuck in the house daily. that's probably the worst part. >> reporter: now, we keep hearing that advice to stay home if you can. not an option for a lot of people who have travel plans, who have plans to head to airports today. we keep hearing that advice to check your flight status before going out to the airport. it seems like a lot of people at laguardia are doing that so far. we'll, of course, keep track of things throughout the day and see exactly how things pan out. lindsey? >> sounds good, steven romo and michelle grossman, our thanks to both you've. this morning, top military general is reassuring ukraine that the u.s. will continue to support its independence and ability to protect itself. the call between the chairman of joint chiefs of staff, mark milley, and his ukrainian counterpart, comes as we learn new details about how russia is
4:10 am
preparing a possible invasion. supplies of blood and other medical materials have been sent to russian troops positioned on ukraine's border. meanwhile, the u.n. security council is set to meet tomorrow to address russia's military buildup. and president biden says he will send some troops to eastern europe. for more, we're joined by nbc news correspondent erin mclaughlin in kyiv. >> reporter: hey, there, lindsey. hop u.s. defense officials have issued dire warnings that russia has amassed enough troops and equipment on the ukrainian border for a full range of military options, noting that they do not believe that kremlin has taken a final decision on next steps as of yet, this as the united states has been sendingand supplies to ukraine. president biden announcing that the united states will deploy troops as well. 8,500 troops have been placed on a heightened state of alert, as
4:11 am
there's real tension between the u.s. and ukraine with the ukrainian president calling out the west for some of the rhetoric, some of these dire warnings, saying that they're creating panic and fear, unnecessarily, and in some cases, disputing outright u.s. intelligence assessments. for example, there's a media report circulating, citing three anonymous u.s. officials that russia has sent blood supplies to the ukrainian border, bolstering the idea that an attack could be imminent. that's a further example of the tense situation in the region here right now. lindsey? >> joining us for more on all of this is the founder and executive director of the national security institute, jamill jaffer. good morning. thanks for being here. >> thanks, lindsey. >> do you think that russia sending blood and other medical supplies to the border with ukraine is a sign they plan to invade? or is it essentially posturing
4:12 am
to get concessions from the west? >> that is the 1 million question. the russians are sent very much mixed messages. they've deployed 120,000 troops at the border, including their military exercises they're doing next door with belarus. they've brought these military supplies to the front. they've made clear their postured to invade, and the u.s. military concludes that an invasion could take place at any moment they've been talking about what nato might do to step things down. the u.s. has made an offer, but there is a discussion ongoing. and at the u.s. city council meeting, while russia has mocked the u.s. decision to call for it, may be a venue to get things moving on the diplomatic front. >> while we have these movements on either side, ukraine's president zelensky essentially has repeatedly criticized the west who suggest that war is imminent. let's listen to what he told
4:13 am
matt bradley yesterday. >> how are you preparing for what everyone describing, except the ukrainian government, as an imminent attack. >> how we should act? we have no panic. we have a powerful army. >> is this a tactic to show strength in this standoff with putin? >> i think he has no choice. he has got to demonstrate he's prepared to defend himself, but not afraid. this is a tough position for president zelensky to be in. the u.s. and our allies haven't done enough to give enough support. we're sending weapons now, but we should have sent a lot more earlier. zelensky will make vladimir putin pay a price if he does, but they can't win a war if russia decides to invade. >> what, if anything, will the u.s. security council meeting address or accomplish? >> it's hard for them to do anything, because russia and
4:14 am
china which supports russia's decision to arm its forces, both have a veto at the security council. >> they've been having these conversations? >> they have, and it hasn't changed anything. the question is, what does it take to deter vladimir putin? my view is, if we had armed the ukrainians earlier, if we had deployed a certain amount of forces to the region and train them and give them intelligence support, that will make the invasion a lot more costly to putin and can cause him to draw back >> if putin does invade, the u.s. has promised crippling sanctions on russia, but how does the u.s. make sure that the economies of europe, our own economy, aren't impacted negatively? >> there obviously will be an impact on the european economy, because of their dependence on russian oil and gas. that's going to be weekend of change. years ago, we failed to do that.
4:15 am
we have to make sure they have the terminals so they can be independent of russian oil and gas. but for a while, there will be a significant pain point for europe if, in fact, we impose those sanctions. >> jamill jaffer, thank you so much. still to come, 20,000. that's how many people were killed by gun violence last year. and it's an issue that president biden will address with new york city mayor eric adams this week. but how do democrats reverse the spike in violent crime while also curbing police abuse? our next guest breaks it down for us our next guest breaks it down w. isn't that right limu? limu? limu? sorry, one sec. doug blows several different whistles. for us several different whistles. [a vulture squawks.] there he is.
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. we're following breaking news out of north las vegas. police confirmed overnight that nine people were killed in a horrific car crash yesterday afternoon and the victims include at least one young child. officers say the driver of a maroon dodge challenger sped through a red light, slamming into five other cars. several other people were hurt,
4:20 am
one is in the hospital in critical condition. investigators say speed was the main factor and officers on the scene sent out a desperate plea to drivers in the area. >> i want to make sure that the community understands that we are all here together, we are all living in this community, we are all living in the surrounding community. please make this a safer community by slowing down, paying attention to speed limits, if you're late somewhere, leave early. wear your seat belt. and please do not drive distracted. >> investigators don't believe the driver even tried to slow down and that driver is one of the nine who were killed. at last check, the roads around the scene were still closed. president biden will be laser focused on addressing violent crime this week as the number of gun-related deaths in america hit record levels. he's set to travel to new york city thursday to discuss ways to combat the spike in crime with new york city mayor eric adams. and his visit comes as the city
4:21 am
reels from the death of two nypd officers last week, amid growing pressure to make some inroads on gun reform legislation. nbc's lauren egan is at the white house with more. lauren, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, lindsey. it's not just new york city that's experiencing a spike in gun violence. cities around the country have seen a tick in gun violence, recently. take a look at this graph that i think really illustrates what we're seeing around the country, comparison, year by year. a lot of health experts were hopeful that as the coronavirus started to wane, we would see some of this gun violence start to decrease, but that has yet to happen. when the white house announced that the president would be going up to new york city for this meeting, there would be a number of issues that they would discuss. they're going to talk about putting more cops on the streets, investing in community violence reduction programs. and they're also going to talk about the president's federal
4:22 am
program to stop the proliferation of gun trafficking. this is not going to be the first time that two have sat down for a meeting to discuss gun violence. mayor adams was here in washington over the summer when he was the democratic nominee for that mayoral race, for a discussion about gun violence. the fact that this is an ongoing discussion that the two are having doesn't just underscore how big of a public health problem this is, but also becoming a larger and larger political vulnerability for the president, especially as we get into this midterm election year. there was a poll back in december that showed just around 36% of americans feel confident in the president's ability to reduce the current level of crime that we're seeing around the country. that is a very low number and that is sympathetic that republicans are already attacking, they are already going after the president for these crime levels. and we expect them to continue to do that as we get closer to the november elections here.
4:23 am
and that's before we even get into the complexities of this issue, within the democratic party. there are some progressive democrats who were frustrated with the president's suggestion and even encouragement that some cities use some of the federal money that they've gotten and some of the federal covid money they received earlier this year to invest in putting more cops on the beat. so this is going to be a very, very big issue for the president this coming year. >> certainly, lauren egan, thank you. we'll dive further into all of this with dade rode now, executive editor at and an msnbc contributor. good morning, david. good to have you with us here. a justice department official you spoke with for your article told you that covid-19's impact on this spike in crime, quote, cannot be overstated. what does the pandemic have to do with this? >> so it's extraordinary, you know, what it did. you know, juries were unable to meet for trials. defendants should have a jury that can see them in person for
4:24 am
a fair trial. schools were closed. there's opinion an increase in youth violence. support programs for drug addiction, you know, alcoholic anonymous meetings all reduced due to the pandemic. so there's some hope that this gun violence will ease as the pandemic eases. but, you know, it's true, this is a very large political issue, where biden, mayor adams here in new york, and for democrats. >> and you also write about what lauren just talked about. and that is that democrats are under intense pressure here to bring down violent crime, while also curbing police abuse. so how do day do that? >> well, that's the real challenge. and there is one sort of positive trend, i found, and this is from a strong piece in "the washington post." several democrat-run cities have had drops in gun violence in the most recent years, that includes dallas, boston, charlotte, and st. louis. and what they found is that when there's -- there is aggressive policing, but it's very focused
4:25 am
on the individuals or the criminal groups that cause most of the give up violence. and the second part of that is a real effort at transparency and a real investment in interacting with the community and gaining the community's trust. broad-based sort of stop and frisk approaches which were used in new york, which targeted largely young men of color are less effective and tend to alienate people. so that's the positive thing. but as was mentioned earlier, the poll numbers for the president are very bad. and it's very interesting, just back to adams, he's really staking, you know, his tenure as mayor so far on reducing crime and it will be a huge challenge for him to deliver on that. >> but per lauren's point about the democratic party, arguments between moderates and progressives on how to agree on this, isn't it a bad look if they don't approach this on a united front? zbls, but it's healthy. they're divided.
4:26 am
so one of the most controversial things that adams proposed in his new plan this week was to bring back, you know, anti-crime units. they're revamped, they're different, but these were units that targeted guns, but they were disbanded by former mayor bill de blasio in the wake of george floyd's murder. so progressives in new york city immediately questioned that move. adams, who has served as a police officer for 20 years rose to the rank of captain, says that these re-vamped units can be effective. there is a way to have effective policing without abusing people's rights. there is an agreement yet among democrats, but like on so many issues, i -- you know, agreement would help them, it seems, politically at the polls in november. >> i've got to be quick with you on this, but you did mention the president's polling numbers on crime. republicans are taking it, running with it, saying that biden's america is lawless. is that resonating with voter? >> it is according to the polls.
4:27 am
you know, and adams won. he beat progressives and he said, you know, people in new york, people around the country want to be safe. children have been wounded here. there was a teenage cashier who was struggling to open the drawer of her register and was shot here. so it's a really visceral issue with so many innocent people dying. >> david rohde, we appreciate you coming on and giving us some more clarity on this very complex issue. thanks for your time. doctor thank you. and coming up, a beneficiary of an affirmative action quota, that's how a gop senator is framing one of president biden's possible supreme court picks. that battle is brewing on capitol hill. we'll go there live, next. capitl capitl we'll go there live, next. with smashed avocado, oven-roasted turkey, and baja chipotle sauce. it's three great things together. wait! who else is known for nailing threes? hmm. can't think of anyone! subway keeps eshing and re...
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4:32 am
affirmative action. >> the irony is that the supreme court is at the very same time hearing cases about this sort of affirmative racial discrimination, while adding someone who is the beneficiary of this sort of quota, the majority of the court may be saying, writ large, it's unconstitutional. we'll see how that irony works out. >> calling it quota. the white house firing back, pointing out that former president reagan promised as a candidate to nominate the first female justice to the supreme court and in 1981, he fulfilled that pledge by nominating sandra sandraday day o'connor. so julie, what are you hearing in the senate with regards to the search for the next justice and any reaction to wicker's
4:33 am
comments? >> reporter: yeah, lindsey, i don't think anyone is particularly surprised who covers the hill that this will be a partisan fight in the senate for whoever president biden nominates to fill justice breyer's spot on the supreme court. both because of how partisan it's been in the last couple of months in the senate, but both because of what president trump and president obama's candidates had in the senate. the bitter fights those candidates had. and when you look at senator wicker's comments, it certainly raised eyebrows. he suggested that because the court will hear these race-conscious admissions while promising to nominate a black woman to the high court for the very first time, that that is somehow, quote, ironic. but he was asked by the radio host that it's, quote, demeaning that president biden announce his intention to put a black woman on the supreme court for the first time, and that somehow her race will be -- her qualifications will be
4:34 am
overshadowed by her race. of course, all of the women on the short list are just as qualified as any of the justices currently on the supreme court. but let's take a listen to some reaction from one lawmaker, yvette clark, to this yesterday. >> you know, there are going to be ignorant statements made. unfortunately, we're in a climate where we are met with cold hearts, clinchedfies, and, you know, closed minds. culture wars continue in certain quarters, but i am delighted that president biden is poised to nominate a black woman to the highest court in our land. >> you mentioned the white house proactively responding to senator wicker's comments, but also pointed out hypocrisy in his statements. because, of course, when former president trump announced his intent to nominate a woman to replace the late ruth bader ginsburg, wicker and other republicans embraced that with
4:35 am
open arms, saying that they were excited about that. in any case, there's a 50/50 split senate, so democrats don't need republicans at all if they stay united on this. >> i want to ask you about an update. former president donald trump saying that he would pardoning some charged in connection with the insurrection if he get re-elected. >> reporter: he did. and during his rallies he's had in the last several months, he's also downplayed the violence on january 6th saying that the 700 defendants charged were unfairly treated, but he went farther, saying he would pardon those very same people if he were to run and get elected. take a listen to what he said. >> if i run and i win, we will treat those people from january 6th fairly. we will treat them fairly. and if it requires pardons, we will give them pardons. because they are being treated so unfairly.
4:36 am
>> reporter: now, trump also made a call to action, saying that in the areas that he's being investigated in, atlanta, georgia, new york city, and washington, d.c., that protesters should go out and protest the fact that he's being investigated in those very areas. something very similar that he did on january 6th. >> all right. julie tsirkin, thank you. coming up, if you're a parent in florida who's worried about covid, well, your only option might be to home-school your kid. the pushback against one district's new absence policy, next. gainst one district's new absence policy, district's new absence policy, next ♪ ♪taking a break from all your worries ♪ ♪sure would help a lot ♪ ♪wouldn't you like to get away? ♪ ♪ ♪ sometimes you want to go ♪ ♪where everybody knows your name ♪ ♪ ♪and they're always glad you came ♪
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starting tomorrow, parents in one of florida's largest school district could be facing a tough decision. send their kids to class or opt for home schooling. the district in orange county, the ninth largest in the nation, announced they're not allowing excused absences due to covid concerns. they can only take an excused absence if they've tested positive or showing symptoms, but not if they've been exposed or lives with someone who has it. stephanie, talk to us about this? >> good morning to you, lindsey. well, one of the members of the teacher's association saying that they received calls from parents who are concerned due to the high number of cases still being seen in school. since august, there have been more than 20,000 cases of covid
4:41 am
within the orange county school district, which covers the orlando area here. but school officials stays time get back to regular business as usual. now, as of tomorrow, as you said, the district says it will no longer offer excused absences to students who are kept home over concerns about covid and that also include quarantine. they say that this will reduce the strain on teachers, because as omicron cases were exploded, school officials did allow students to stay home and do their schoolwork at home. but now, they say, cases are dropping sharply and they say it's time for those students get back into school, students that continue to stay home for reasons such as fear or concern will be market as truant. >> well, it is covered under state law and the truancy laws are pretty clear, that without having an excuse to be absent
4:42 am
there school, just keeping your child out of school when the mandatory education statutes say that your child is to be in school between the ages of 6 and 16, we are obligated to enforce that. and there are options. they can choose home education, like i said, and they can withdraw and register in a home education program or withdraw and enroll in private education. >> reporter: and that is the thing about this. district officials say that parents do have that option of home-schooling, but they do actually have to go through the steps to withdraw their student from in-person learning and then switch over to home-schooling. of course, officials say that parents can make that switch back to in-person at any time that they feel comfortable. at this point, officials also say that kids who are sick or test positive for covid will be given those excused absences. and this is one of the largest
4:43 am
school districts, lindsey, in the state, serving like more than 200,000 students. so we'll have to see how this all plays out. but the bottom line message is, officials really want to get back to business as usual. >> stephanie stanton on an unusually frigid sunday morning, thanks so much. wendy, thanks for being here. good morning. >> good morning. thank you for having me. >> you know, the cases were higher the first week of january. the district sent out a notice, which you shared with us, tell parents that if you choose to keep your child home due to health concerns, that absence will be marked as excused, as long as the child keeps up with their assignments. as we just heard from stephanie, that option was revoked this past week. what's the reaction you're hearing from teachers? >> well, there's a lot of confusion, because, first, the union or leaders weren't consulted initially when they
4:44 am
put out that first notice. teachers that were taken by surprise that they were going to be doing virtual assignment as well as in-person learning. and when the second notice came out, we weren't notified either. and part of the reason is apparently because the state won't extend the quarantine code to mark those students present and they would be marked truant. >> i understand not being notified is a separate issue, but how do teachers feel about potentially kids who have been exposed coming to school? >> of course. that's been a concern all year. we have 11,000 positive cases recorded just this month. and that's more than the whole school year last year. we have not just teachers getting covid, but janitors, so schools aren't getting cleaned.
4:45 am
we have a lack of pp in our schools. teachers are very concerned about their safety and of course about the children's safety. all of our teaching conditions and working conditions equate to students' learning conditions. so we want to have the safest school possible, but it's very hard when you have over a 23% positivity rate which we do now and a governor not mandating masks diminish. there's a mask rule from tallahassee that says that parents have a choice whether students are to be masked or not, which also creates more cases. >> and you heard from the chief communication officer for the orange county public schools and he says parents have options, home-schooling, private education, but it's not that simple, right? >> it absolutely is. we have parents who are working. you need time to plan if you're
4:46 am
going to home-school your child. it's very difficult for working parents to be home all day with young children. all, you have to consider, when children are withdrawn from our district, that means that the funding rates go down, because we're founded based on per-child that's registered or enrolled. >> i've got to be quick with you on this, but what is is your association planning to do? >> we've been fighting since the pandemic began just to get transparency, just to have safe schools. we're going to continue fighting to ensure that we have safe teaching and working conditions and that all of our teachers and students and all of our other staff in the community, they go home to our protected, the most we can. >> all right. wendy, we'll leave it there. thanks for being with us this morning. >> thank you. and when we come back, we're staying in florida, where fans
4:47 am
of a sports legend are reacting to some pretty confusing news. >> that's the most depressing thing i've heard all day. go, bucs. >> he's a great man. whatever he wants to do, it's okay with me. but i'll still have a drink with him. >> a lot of fans saying to the g.o.a.t., don't go. will tom brady's fans get what they want gooemt to the bottom of all of this confusion surrounding his supposed retirement, next. confusion surrounding his supposed retirement, next
4:48 am
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putin has amassed over 100,000 troops at the border. >> we're even getting some reports that russia has already invaded, but those are from the same people who said that tom brady retired, so take it with a grain of salt. >> "saturday night live's" version of the white house just as confused as we are. is one of the greatest football players of all time retiring or not? it all started when espn broke news that the seven-time super bowl champ was calling ate
4:52 am
career. then some members of brady's inner circle, including his dad said, whoa, not so fast. and now there are conflicting reports out there, you can see all the headlines and a couple of them from the two cities that brady has played in, boston and tampa, saying that his career still unclear. fans in tampa don't know what to make of it. >> not going to happen. >> no way! >> it's tampa bay. >> no, i love tom brady. please, come back. >> i hope he decides to keep living here, and he'll love it. this is where his new home is. >> let's go ahead and bring in our panel. ben bolen is with the "boston globe." daunte stalwart is a ten-year nfl parade who caught passes from brady during two of those seasons. i want to read you a quote from your "boston globe" piece about this confusion. in talking about tom brady, you say, he has his health, all the trophies in the world, might as
4:53 am
well get out while you're way, way ahead, but he's not going to go out like that. what do you mean? >> "like that" meaning with some random announcement -- or not even announcement, a report on a saturday afternoon, you know, guaranteeing the least amount of buzz possible in an article where he didn't even comment on it. if brady is going to retire, it's going to be a well-coordinated social media announcement. he's probably going to have one part of his ten-part documentary be about his retirement. a player as celebrated, as iconic as tom brady is not just going to go out with some random announcement on a saturday. >> but his own company, tb12 sports tweeted it. >> don't be surprised when he eventually does announcement his retirement, but there were definitely some wires being crossed. with the boss telling reporters
4:54 am
that tom brady actually called up and said he hasn't made up his mind yet. i think the announcement probably is coming, but brady didn't want to go out like that. i think he was just upset that he lost control of his own narrative. >> daunte, you agree? you've got some locker room insight into brady and his personality. is this something that he would want to keep close to the vest until he was ready to do it on his terms? >> 100%. yeah, i agree with ben. i think knowing someone like tom brady, he's extremely strategic and he will always want to control the narrative, as ben said. but when you look at everything that he's talking about in the past, in the past two days, i believe that he's ready to retire, because, he spoke about his family, he spoke about his wife and his kids and spending time with them. and he used the word "satisfied." i've never heard tom brady use the word "satisfied" for anything at all, ever, in the 15 years that i've nobody him and
4:55 am
when you start to talk like that as a professional athlete, when you start to even bring up the word "retirement," you're on your way out the door. whether it's a year or two years and i don't think that tom brady will eventually -- i mean, i believe that he eventually will retire this year, and i only say that because of the wording that he's used in the past two days. and the respect that he has for his family and for his children. he's not a guy that's going to want to go out with all the fanfare, with all the -- you know, the farewell tour. no respect to the guys that do that and the guys that want that. that's a good thing for guys that they should have that. people that want to retire, with the farewell tour, but i don't think he wants to go out that way. i think he wants to go out on his own terms. whether that's this year or next year, he'll want to be strategic
4:56 am
about it. and i think that eventually, at the end of the day, he'll probably retire at the end of this year. i hope not, but we'll see what happens. >> ben, i've got to be super quick here, but the two teams we'll see square off today, the bengals, the chiefs, the quarterbacks for the teams, are these the new generation? can they carry the torch from here? >> this is the new look nfl. joe borough, patrick that holmes. his the new tom brady versus peyton manning. these are the matchups we'll be seeing in the nfl for the next five, ten, years. the nfl is in a good place right now with some really bright young stars and you'll see that unfold today. >> ben daunte, thank you so much. thank you for watching. "velshi" is next. u r watching & jack, and the new baja chicken & bacon,
4:57 am
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