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tv   Alex Witt Reports  MSNBC  January 30, 2022 10:00am-11:00am PST

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well except now you're binge learning. see how you can become a smarter investor with a personalized education from td ameritrade. visit ♪ we're beginning new information to offer this hour on the yesterday bomb cyclone. this is what most of the northeast looks like today. some pretty pictures that really belie the dangerously cold calm after the storm. the number of people without electricity is rapidly decreasing though. utility crews are still working to restore power to about 48,000 customers in massachusetts. air travel slowly getting back on track after getting back to a rather dismal start in new york city airports.
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we're getting word of the first storm related fatalities. officials in new york are reporting four deaths, all of which were on long island. one woman was found by a snow plow driver. three men were found dead. officials believe their deaths may be related to shoveling snow. kathy park and steven romo, along with meteorologist michelle grossman. kathy, we'll go to you first in boston. it looks like officials have a good handle on recovery. power seems to be coming on fairly quickly. >> reporter: you're absolutely right. at last check, they were able to restore approximately 50,000 customers overnight and they hope to have everyone restored by end of day tomorrow. so they are certainly making some improvements. speaking of improvements, if you take a look behind me, you will notice the pavement. so crews have been working
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around the clock. they pre treated for days in preparation for this storm and they did an amazing job clearing up the roadways and sidewalks. here in boston we got 23.6 inches of snow tying a record for the most snow to fall in one day. massachusetts really getting the brunnel of this nor'easter. especially in this coastal community. we saw the waves just crashing on to shore. the surge, up to three feet in some spots. nantucket, under aware. and now because of this deep freeze, a lot of places just a big sheet of ice. it is an incredible sight. meanwhile, this storm hit the mid atlanta states first and then headed north to maine so millions were impacted by this. travel also was at a standstill for much of the day yesterday and we're feeling the impacts today. we had a chance to talk to folks here in boston about how this storm compares to others.
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take a look at this. >> i've been here all 90 life. this is a lot of snow for one time. right now, it is a lot worse because i'm having to shovel. as opposed to before, i had people to shovel. >> reporter: so alex, the sun is out. a much different story line compared to what you saw me in yesterday along with the crew. you saw the winds whipping us around. the heavy snowfall. the snow is starting to melt but there is this deep chill that is in the air. it is in the teens. it feels like we are in the single digits. so the snow will stick around for a couple days. >> i have to say, i'm very happy to see you smiling a bit more. you were just grinning and getting through it yesterday. kudos to you, my friend. thank you. let's go to michelle grossman. so what should folks expect today? i ask you in the relative comfort of our homes and studios. no wind blowing.
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what should folks expect today? >> i feel like the studios are usually pretty cold. >> it's a little chilly. i'll give you that. >> i remember that. i haven't been there in two years but i remember. it is warm in my office studio. that will be the big story today. dangerously cold air in place. we have the bright sunshine now with you we'll have refreezing tonight. over a foot of snow. two feet in long island, three feet in massachusetts. we had hurricane force winds and that coastal flooding. the video of that ocean water going over some neighborhoods is a lot. we have high pressure coming in. a lot of the nation is quiet today. but it is cold for clean-up so we have that nor'easter moving off into the canadian maritimes. it is bringing down that really cold air from canada. we're looking at temperatures in the single digits in some spots,
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and windchills, bitterly cold and that will be the story all through the day. this is a snap shot of what we're looking at in terms of the temperatures. 18 degrees in syracuse. 16 in caribou. 23 in new york. that's typical for this time of year. you factor in the winds, not nearly as gusty as yesterday. it feels like one. just six in boston as we're cleaning up today. it feels like 13 in new york. so you need to layer up and cover up when you see windchills of 1 degree. notice that cold air down to florida. we woke one temperatures in the 20s and 30s in florida. we'll do it once again, especially central florida. but the numbers are rebounding pretty nicely, especially in miami. staying pretty cold, especially in the northeast. we have that area warmth. 41 degrees in omaha. 68 degrees in dallas. it's a beautiful day there
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before your weather really changes as we go through monday, especially into tuesday. 68 in jackson. then it sort of expands tomorrow. you notice it is expanding. and shreveport, you'll be ten degrees above normal. when you start to see that warmth to the east, you'll have that clash and mother nature likes that balance. we'll see some dynamic weather when we get toward the middle of the work week. we'll warm up, too. so new york city by wednesday, 46. thursday, 50. raleigh, you're into the 60s by thursday. so relevantly quite. the big story is that cold air in place and then we look to wednesday and thursday with that dynamic storm that we'll be watching in the middle of the country. >> okay. thank you. let's go to the high stakes diplomacy to avert an all-out war in europe.
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the united states called an emergency u.n. security council meeting. set for monday, to find a diplomatic solution to this crisis. let's go to erin mclaughlin in kyiv. how is this effort of diplomacy going? >> reporter: a short while ago we heard from the ukrainian foreign minister calling out russia, saying if russia really wants to avoid a, quote, new war as it says it does, it needs to withdraw its massive troop presence from the ukrainian border and engage in diplomacy. and this tweet from the ukrainian foreign minister amounts to a slight shift in tone. from what we've been hearing, other ukrainian officials calling out washington for its rhetoric, trying to down play the situation, saying that some of the dire warnings that we've been hearing from washington and the biden administration is
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amounting to panic and economic consequences here in ukraine. now earlier today, john kirby, the press secretary for the pentagon, was asked about that on fox news sunday. take a listen to what he had to say. >> we're in constant communication with our ukrainian counter parts. secretary austin has spoken to his as well. we're making sure we're sharing information and content as best we can. i can't speak for what president zelensky is saying and what he's saying about what he's saying, but we've been nothing but clear about ourbuild-up over the lastw months with in ukraine and belarus, not to mention maritime activity by the russians in the atlantic. >> reporter: well, this as the united states man's to take the situation to the u.n. security council tomorrow to press russia
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to explain this military build-up. russia calling it a p.r. stunl. >> okay. thank you so much for that. so back state side, new reaction to president biden's vow to replace supreme court justice steven breyer. so what are you hearing from lawmakers about the potential of biden support for the eventual nominee? >> reporter: well, alex, democrats have to decide where they want to play hard ball like republican does with amy coney barrett or if they want to get bipartisan support and do things to a timely but fish manner. when you look at this, it is important to look at the context surrounding it, right? under both president obama and president trump, their nominees faced bitter divisive fights when it came time for the nomination hearings. when you look at amy coney barrett, she made history not in the best of ways.
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being confirmed with only republican votes. democrats when you look at the mid-term elections coming up around the corner, they need to decide whether it is worth doing this in a bipartisan manner, getting some of the republican votes to support their future nominee. i want to you take a listen to what senator lindsey graham said today who both praised biden's potential future nominee as well as his decision to nominate a black woman to the supreme court for the first time. >> their plenty of qualified african-americans who are liberal who could go on the to the court. so i don't see michelle childs as an act of affirmative action. i do see putting a black woman on the court making the court more like america. >> my goal is to make sure we have a deliberate, timely hearing. but to reach out to the republican side and see if they can join us in it a bipartisan nomination. i think that speaks well of the court and it speaks well of the
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senate if we can achieve it. >> reporter: now, obviously, democrats might stand to win something here if they get a few republican votes like senator lindsey graham. the person you just heard from, dick durbin, the chairman of the judiciary committee, he will be tasked with conducting those hearings for biden's future nominee. he called senator susan collins, a republican of maine, on the day we found out about justice breyer's retirement, saying she would have ample time to meet with the nominee, assuring her so they can get a bipartisan win for president biden in the upcoming mid-term elections. >> okay. thank you. joining me now, maxine waters, chair of the committee. first question out of the gate, how significant will it be to see a black woman become a supreme court justice?
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>> for a black woman to become a supreme court justice would be one of the most historic and important things this country can do and experience. it is so exciting to think about it. i guess, what is it? over 260 years we've never even had a black woman nominated. and there are only two blacks, you know, males, on the supreme court. to have a black woman there would be a game changer. >> okay. it would be a welcome one indeed. i do want to get your reaction to something that roger wicker said about the president's pledge and making comments about affirmative action. >> irony is the supreme court is at the very same time hearing cases about this sort of affirmative racial discrimination. >> yes. >> and while adding someone who is the beneficiary of this sort
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of quota, the majority of the court may be saying at large, it's unconstitutional. we'll see how that irony works out. >> yeah. anyway, what they said, the chuckle in there. how do you respond to that? >> well, it's so disrespectful. the way he's coming out is outdated. even the most conservative member of the supreme court and republicans know that it is beyond time to diversify the supreme court of america. and the absence of a woman, a black woman, means that it is not diversified. and you don't have at the table the voices of everyone in this country that should be represented. and so it's disrespectful, dishonorable, and we are going on get past that. we know that biden believes in
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bipartisanship. he's forever trying to do that. and he'll continue to try. i think, in this effort. the fact of the matter is, not only has the time come but we've determined this will happen. the president has made the promise. he's reiterated it. he's been very strong about it and that i believe it is going to happen. that i'm living to see a black woman on the supreme court of the united states of america. i believe that. >> it is, i'm sure, something that you're very, very excited about, certainly. how much excitement might this engender. the tenor of what has been going on for the democratic party overall and the biden administration, some legislative failures. do you think this can give an overall boost to the democratic party in general and his efforts? >> let me say i think that as we try to understand what the
10:17 am
feelings are in america today, the unhappiness, a lot of this has to do with the pandemic. it has changed our way of life. we can interact with our relatives in the way we would like to. we can't daniel our church services in the way we're accustomed. to so it is about the way democrats being second, appreciated and understood. this is about a situation we find ourselves in in this country. and i think that we should all be focused on the democracy, saving the democracy. i think that is the biggest issue that has confront us. we see a former president who has no respect for the constitution. who has tried in several ways, not only to undermine the constitution but to have a coup d' etat. january 6th was extremely port as they attacked and invaded the
10:18 am
capitol of the united states. and now this is serious. if any of us want to have a decent quality of life, if any of us want to have the opportunity to realize our potential and have a strong democracy, we've got to focus on that now. it should be both sides. i'm often surprised at republicans who claim to be more patriotic than anybody else, and it turns out many of them are frightened of trump, been led by trump, not as patriotic as we thought they were, and some even more racist than we thought they were. so i believe it is time for the messaging to be on both sides, democracy is at stake. >> in fact, bullied by trump, some of these republicans about which you speak. and thankfully, the economy continues on work. let me switch gears and ask but something that more than 80 of your house colleagues and senate colleagues are urging the president to do.
10:19 am
publicly release information from education secretary miguel cardona on his legal authority to cancel student loan debt. do you agree with this? i'm curious why this memo has not been released or barely spoken about. is this something your constituents want? >> as you know, many of us, particularly in the house of representatives, have been besieged with requests from our constituents about the fact that this student debt is basically undermining the ability of so many citizens to have a decent quality of life. we have these young people who are graduating. we implore them to get educated. to graduate. they do everything they can. they make these loans. then they're in debt. they can't pay for their rental. they can't buy a house for sure. they're living with their parents. they can't buy a car even and have the automotive frpgs they
10:20 am
would like to have. many of them are trying to get into jobs in the best way they can. they're working two and three jobs. we owe it to our young people to truly invest in them. it's one thing to talk about how much you love young people. how many you want them to succeed. but stalk cheap. and when you have them not able to pursue their careers and have a decent quality of life because they can't pay off this debt, then you're not responding and you're not helping them to live this american dream that we're all told we're to aspire to. even if we were to have the president basically support, excusing $50,000 worth of debt. that would only be about 36% of the students who are in debt.
10:21 am
i think we need to come to grips with this. i think we need to do everything possible to try to get this student debt repaid. so we've got to work on it. i'm going to be one that will work very hard. we have a lot of other members who will work very hard. and we want the president to use all executive authority that he can use and anybody else who has some. >> okay. listen, i would be remiss if i didn't speak with my fellow l.a. girl about the big game in your backyard today, and the one also two weeks from today. how much do you want to bet the rams will beat the 49ers today? i'm doing this. i'm sure you must be doing the same. >> are you kidding? absolutely. i'm a big rams supporter. as you know, they left here. they went to my home town, st. louis, missouri. they love them there. it couldn't happen there. we brought them back and now we're in my district in inglewood in the 43rd congressional district is that the rams will win today and we're going all the way.
10:22 am
super bowl. absolutely. >> i know. you have two big games in your backyard. awesome. thank you. we'll be voting for the rams and for you always. on behalf of all of us. thank you. news of yet another variant of covid and this is related to omicron. how much do we have to worry about this one? the former head of the cdc joins us next. head of the cdc joins head of the cdc joins us next. you could, but i'm not gonna. subway keeps refreshing and refreshing and re...
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researchers are looking at a new variant of covid called ba.2. there are at least a dozen cases circulating in the u.s. right now. joining me now, the former cdc director, welcome to you, doctor. good to see you. what can you tell us about ba.2 and how risky it is? >> although there's preliminary data that suggests it is astonishingly even more infectious than the omicron
10:27 am
we've been dealing with for the past couple of months, it is not something that should change our man's. and the big picture is, i'm more optimistic today than i have been at any point since the pandemic emerged. we have better tools, better defenses, better information and better ability to make sure that covid doesn't dominate our lives. we have the best chance to get and keep the upper hand against this virus. >> i'll tell you. i love hearing that. i'm sure everyone with whom i speak routinely loves hearing that. does any of that optimism have to do with you thinking that this, the virus itself, is weakening at all? yes, it can be more contagious. but its effect, is it weaker? if so, is that because of vaccination and more people getting vaccinated? >> really two sides of that equation. on the one hand, what does the virus do on its own? there is no reason to think or be confident that it will be
10:28 am
less deadly in the future. another svb could arise tomorrow that is even more deadly than delta. the other side of that is our immunity. from vaccination and also from infections that so many have gotten. and that immune is strong and it is protecting against severe disease. we have multiple layers of protection. the first and most important are our immune defenses for basically building a wall of immunity and that wall is strong, especially against severe illness and death. we still have lots of cases from omicron but i think we're heading into a. better time because of vaccination, masks, treatments that are going to become available, a better understanding of testing and ventilation, and in the big picture, a better understanding that we can drive down the risk of future pandemics by doing a better job preparing for, detecting and stopping outbreaks wherever they occur anywhere in the u.s. or anywhere around the world. >> what about a better
10:29 am
understanding of, and rather uniformity of what defines being fully vaccinated? should that be now two shots and a booster shot? if so, at what point do you think the cdc will make that determination? >> we need to stop talking about fully vaccinated and instead use the phrase, up to date with your vaccination just as we do for kids going to school. are you up to date with vaccines. that's what we'll be talking about. we may want to mix one time of vaccination with another. we may want to chase the vaccine dose schedule. and all of that will be important but the bottom line is as soon as you are eligible for a booster, get a booster. because we do know that the boosters are important for many of the vaccines we use. there are three dose series. we don't yet know the opt malschedule. maybe it is zero month and two months and six months. studies are being done to figure that out.
10:30 am
the bottom line now is, if you haven't gotten your first dose, get vaccinated. if you haven't gotten boosted, get boosted. >> so you bring up something very confusing for many people. the time frame in which you should get the booster shot. you're saying just get it. you know a lot of the recommendations prior to know have been wait 90 days if you've had covid or you have to wait a certain amount of time depending on which vaccination you had, two months, six months, whatever it is. are you saying get the booster right away any time? >> no. when you're eligible. that means if you got j&j, wait two months. if you got pfizer, moderna, wait six months. if you got immuno suppression, then you need a fourth dose. a third dose and a booster. that's very different for a group of people who may not respond well to the vaccine or others. but if you've had covid, people
10:31 am
are saying, do i need to get a booster? well, don't go into a vaccine site if you may be infected. wait at least ten days after you've gotten sick or had a positive test. if you're eligible for a booster, get it then. >> only note, again, someone who has had covid. i've heard it said on this broadcast. people have had covid and they speak with their pharmacists or doctors, you need to wait 90 days after getting covid to get a booster. a lot of people have gotten covid even though they've been vaccinated with their first mrna or their first j&j shot. what about that? >> there's no harm in waiting but probably no benefit, either. if it's been at least ten days since you've been sick, there is no reason to wait. if you want to wait 90 days after, that's probably okay. >> i want to quickly look at some countries, denmark, for example. dropping their covid rules. will that happen any time in the
10:32 am
u.s.? should it? >> what we need to adjust to is thinking about how much virus it is raining out there when there is a lot of virus, we may want to say to more vulnerable people, be more careful. we may want to say to people who are going out, wear an n-95 mask. we'll be living with covid and flu and other respiratory viruses. and the key is to adjust our behavior based on what is happening now. to know what the risk is in our community so we can make a decision for ourselves of what to do. i do think that over the next few weeks, we'll see omicron come down and we will be in a better place than we've been since the start of this pandemic with strong vaccines that protect against severe illness, with good masks, good tests, with good treatments. we are in a better place than we've ever been. we've still got challenges. long covid is a serious problem for many people and we know that a more deadly, transmissible and
10:33 am
a worse variant could emerge in the future. but we don't need to shut down indefinitely. we are coming the a much better time. >> okay. former cdc director, i appreciate your opt mix. thank you so much. it is one of the worst times to travel another painful lesson for traveller, next. r painful ln for traveller,ex nt. i felt all people saw were my uncontrolled movements. some mental health meds can cause tardive dyskinesia, or td, and it's unlikely to improve without treatment. ingrezza is a prescription medicine to treat adults with td movements in the face and body. it's the only treatment for td that's one pill, once-daily, with or without food. ingrezza 80 mg is proven to reduce td movements in 7 out of 10 people. people taking ingrezza can stay on their current dose of most mental health meds.
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and forgot where she was. you can always spot a first time gain flings user. ♪ one of my favorite supplements is qunol turmeric. turmeric helps with healthy joints and inflammation support. unlike regular turmeric supplements qunol's superior absorption helps me get the full benefits of turmeric. the brand i trust is qunol. right now, millions of people are doing just that. digging out from one of the worst snowstorms to hit the east coast in years. the biggest snowfall came from massachusetts at 30.9 inches. boston tied the record for the biggest one-day snowfall with just under two feet. today crews are busy clearing the roads. they restored power to tens of thousands of customers up and down the eastern sea board. at the region's airports, flights are slowly resuming but it could be days before
10:38 am
returning to normal after nearly all flights were canceled because of the storm. how do things look today? are they picking up and your flights getting out? >> things are really picking up. the line for tsa screening is wrapping around. it is basically the longest i've ever seen at laguardia and it is a similar scene at many airports, in part because of the flights canceled yesterday. and there were a lot of delays. virtually all flights were canceled out of laguardia. newark saw 85% of the flights canceled and at jfk, there were 76% of flights canceled just yesterday. the trouble continues today even though the skies are clear. the sun is shining. all the back-up is causing problems. 4,900 delays by flight aware nationwide along with 1,400 cancellations so far.
10:39 am
with things at a virtual standstill yesterday, many of the people we're talking to today are glad their flights are still on. they're thankful that they may be able to get where they're trying to go. here's what they're telling us today. >> it looks like we're one of the first american flights out this afternoon. so heading to dallas. so hopefully, we'll cross our fingers, we'll make it. >> our experience is awesome. our plane is on time and we haven't had any cancellations or travel issues. >> reporter: a lot of wishing and hoping and praying at la guard i can't. of course, check the flight status before you come here. the people we talk to, the ones in a hurry don't want to stop and talk to us. so the ones with extra time like we just spoke to, they're the ones we're talking to and not in a hurry. >> thank you. a spike in crime.
10:40 am
a promise for change. will it be enough? that's next. will it be enough? will it be enough? that's next. and baja chipotle sauce. it's three great things together. wait! who else is known for nailing threes? hmm. can't think of anyone! subway keeps refreshing and re...
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a somber and sad sendoff for a new york city killed in the line of duty. a sea of blue on fit avenue as officers turned out for the funeral of nypd jason rivera. it happened right across the street from where we are here. he was one of two was orders
10:44 am
killed while responding to a domestic violence call in harlem. his widow did not mince words. >> the system continues to fail us. we are not safe anymore. not even the members of the service. i know you are tired of these laws. especially the ones from the new d.a. i hope he's watching you speak through me right now. >> joining me now, carmen best, retired police chief and law enforcement analyst. welcome, carmen. good to have you on the broadcast to talk about this. how is the system in new york city failing police officers? >> first, thank you for having me on. a pleasure to be here i love your show. >> thanks. >> i'm grieving like the poor widow and her sadness in losing
10:45 am
this officer in the nypd and others who are grieving for his loss. but there is, there are issues and concerns that were raised and i think these are conversations happening all across the country about, you know, accountability and consequences for people who are engaged in criminal activity. while i think there is a very strong consideration, we don't want mass incarceration. we do want to make sure there are consequences for those who commit a crime. and there is been some discussion, some cases, people wanting to move away from that. but we have to strike the right balance. it can't be a 47 for all. there does need to be consequences when people commit crime, when they're engaged in criminal activity. every time we have somebody who is a repeat offender committing a another crime, it brings a lot of concern about and that what we're doing. >> 100%. especially the repeat offenders.
10:46 am
we had the manhattan. did on 48 saying he would aggressively prosecute gun possession. but then here's a look at how new york's new mayor plans to tackle gun violence, by restoring a controversial disbanded anti-gun unit, appointing judges who would keep violent offenders off streets, change bail for those considered dangerous, and revisit the minimum age for teens to be charged as adults. what do you think of these options? will they be effective? >> i certainly hope so. what most law enforcement officials can say, the mayor has a plan. i was a former chief in seattle and so it is very difficult to try to make sure you have public safety and that you're doing the right things. if the elected officials don't support a plan to move forward. the only way you're going to do that, people who come together and take the steps necessary to
10:47 am
stop the iron pipeline, the prolific use of guns across the country. 25,000 or so in the last five years, guns have been taken off the streets. there does need to be a plan to address this. while many find plain clothes units to be controversial, the fact is, it is a sound strategy to have plain clothes units available. we all know how people react when they see uniformed officers. the idea that there could be someone watching who is not in uniform is a deterrent as well. you need to make sure they're doing it fairly, justly and constitutionally and that's where the problems came in. >> there are some number showing record highs last year. how can city officials balance public safety with their responsibility to, yes, protect people's rights. considering how police interact
10:48 am
with minorities in some parts of the country. >> i think we start with what you said. acknowledge the history. there is been disparities. the data shows us that. while you're acknowledging it, you're also moving forward in a better way to provide better, more equiable safety. a number of program of activists, community members, many think tanks are coming together to work on how to improve public safe. particularly how to improve police responses so that there isn't the question of the bias or bias when policing. right now, i think we're still working on that. we have to have a man moving forward. >> okay. i'll welcome you back on the broadcast any time. meantime, returning or retiring. today's "boston globe" pose that's question about tom brady. so why is there so much confusion surrounding his fate? next. n surrounding his fate next
10:49 am
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is one of the greatest football players of all time retiring or not? of course that's what everyone's asking this sunday. espn first reported the seven -time super bowl champ would not be returning next season, but sources tell nbc news that brady contacted the tampa bay buccaneers gm telling him he has yet to decide. tom brady's father told reporters his son has not made a retirement decision. joining me now, long time sports writer and analyst. also the co-author of the horse woman, which is by the way, number four on "the new york times" best sellers list. that book just came out, so good on you, mike. listen, despite what's come out since, espn for its part says they're standing by its reporting. what is going on? is he not retiring or might this be about tom brady wanting to
10:53 am
control the narrative? >> alex, you took the words out of my mouth. i think he wants control of the narrative. i do believe he's going to retire. i don't think he would ever make this announcement right before the two championship games. not even sure he'll make it before the super bowl game. this may drag out for a few weeks, but i believe he is going to retire and it will be like babe ruth walking away from baseball. it will be that significant. i was thinking about this the other day. babe ruth won seven world series and lost three. tom brady won seven super bowls and lost three and they were both head and shoulders above the rest of their sport for two decades. >> and add to that five i think super bowl mvp awards. he's amassed so many accolades, but what in your mind stands out most about his career? what do you think his legacy is? is he the undisputed goat. >> he is.
10:54 am
not sure we would have said that for sure five years ago but then the patriots won that crazy bowl against the sea hawks with the interception on the 1 yard line then a couple of years ago, he's down 28-3 in the super bowl against the atlanta falcons. they come all the way back. they win another super bowl and then on top of that, he goes to tampa, he wins another one there and if this was his last sunday, think about this. he comes from 27-3 against the rams. i'm sure you weren't enjoying that at that point. they get tied at 27 before the rams beat them. nothing like this will ever happen in football. this man was 44 and a half years old last sunday bringing his team back like that. he might have been better at 44, alex, than he was at 24. >> wow. that is pretty extraordinary. after all. so, yeah, he's the goat
10:55 am
undisputed. you mentioned the big games. rams and 49ers, bengals, chiefs. give me your pick of who you think is playing in the super bowl? >> i love the bengals story. the chiefs are playing at home. i think they won like 11 out of their last 12 games. i think the chiefs are about to go to their third super bowl in a row. and the rams have a chance to do something, alex, you know this, that has never been done before in pro football history. play a championship game at home to then go play a super bowl game at home. i love this story and i'll tell you why. i love that matthew stafford not only has gotten this kind of chance after all the losing sundays at detroit, but how many times must he have dreamt of making the throw he made to cooper cupp at the end of last sunday's game with everything on the line and he does it with brady in the building. i love the rams story.
10:56 am
>> yeah. i do, too. i even had congresswoman maxine waters on this hour. that's her district. she is so excited to have two games like this at the sofi stadium right in her backyard. can't let you go without talking about nadal winning the australian open, beating medvedev. he's now got that 21 grand slam title, breaking the 20 slams tided with federer and djokovic. all three of them are phenomenal players, but does this change and frame the tennis goat debate going forward? is rafa number one? >> he is number one. he changed the narrative over about five and a half hours in melbourne today. alex, i love watching all three of these guys play. for now, he's the goat and what he did today was the defining moment of an extraordinary career for all of the rafa fed stuff. to me, that fifth set today
10:57 am
coming from two sets to love down, playing the way he did at the age of 35 going on 36, that was a legacy match today. if you love sports, you had to love what we saw. >> it was amazing. i was watching highlight of the game and my executive producer said i don't need the narration because he could hear me with all the, oh, my gosh. so i shut the door to my office. okay, mike. too much information, but i will talk to you again another time soon. have a great time watching the games. >> bye, alex. >> bye. donald trump, he's double down on his defense on all those arrested on january 6th and what he said last night might be a threat, but can we be so sure? we'll get information from one of the impeachment trial managers coming up. of the impeachment trial managers coming up...surprise p. aww, you guys. dupixent helps prevent asthma attacks...
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