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tv   Alex Witt Reports  MSNBC  January 30, 2022 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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release works with your body, not against it, so you can put dieting behind you and go live your life. head to now to join the over 2 million people who have found the right way to lose weight and get healthier with golo. a very good day to you from msnbc headquarters. we begin with the crisis in ukraine. the un security council will hold an emergency meeting tomorrow as the u.s. warns a russian attack could be just weeks away. senator dick durbin however offering a more optimistic outlook on the situation on "meet the press." >> i have listened closely to what president zelensky said and he reminds us there could be way out of this short of military action and i hope there is. but it's his decision to make. if he decides that the future
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membership if there's to be one in nato for ukraine and the question of russian occupation of ukraine are two things to put on the table, i think we may move toward a solution to this and i hope we do soon. >> plus, a glowing recommendation of a potential contender for president biden's supreme court pick. this from a republican senator. >> i can't think of a better person for president biden to consider for the supreme court than michelle childs. she has wide support in her state. she's considered to be a fair minded, highly gifted jurist. she's highly qualified. she's a good character and we'll see how she does if she's nominated, but i cannot say anything bad about michelle childs. she is an awesome person. >> good to hear, lindsey graham. also new polling from abc news shows that americans are giving the president low marks on his handle of gun violence and crime.
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two issues the president is expected to speak on this week when he travels to new york city and meeting with the mayor. the trim comes amid a troubling rise in gun crimes across several u.s. cities including chicago. mayor lightfoot addressing the issue this morning on msnbc. >> in the short-term, we have to make sure our police department is holding violence, dangerous people accountable, but in the long-term, we know that we can't just arrest away this problem. we have to invest a way out of this problem. >> and ntsb investigators expect to be on the side of that pittsburgh bridge collapse for several more days. they say an initial report could be out in over a week. though a full analysis would take at least one year. officials say the incident should serve as a call to action. diplomatic efforts are underway to ward off any military escalation along the ukrainian, russian border. they'll meet tomorrow to discuss. the united states calling the meeting an attempt to apply
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international pressure on russia, to use diplomacy rather than military force to address its concerns about european security. let's go overseas now to erin joining us from kyiv. let's get an update on the diplomatic efforts and how they're going so far. there was one significant tweet out earlier today. >> reporter: yeah, that's right, alex. first, i want to sort of talk about the situation here on the ground amidst the calls, this push for diplomacy. u.s. officials once again warning that russia continues to amass a large number of troops on three sides of the ukrainian border and that essentially giving it all military options though noting that the kremlin, president putin, has yet to make a decision with respect to what to do with those forces. take a listen to what the u.s. undersecretary of state had to say this morning. >> we don't believe he's yet
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made a decision but as he is done in the past, he's given him every option including as the chairman said, a massive potential invasion of all of ukraine including cyber attacks. including incursion from belarus, where he is moving up to 30,000 troops there as well. >> reporter: it's worth noting that belarus, the border with belarus, is just a three-hour drive from where i'm standing here in kyiv and there's very little in the way of ukrainian military presence over that way and to that effect, today, we heard from canada announced it was withdrawing effective today all non-essential embassy personnel from it embassy here in kyiv. that being said, referring to that tweet, we have heard from the ukrainian foreign minister calling on russia to withdraw these forces to avoid a quote
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new war saying dediplomacy is the answer here. >> thank you so much for that from kyiv and i'm joined by patrick tucker. patrick, welcome back to the show. let's get into this article that you wrote. i got to tell you, just the caption, the title at the top was pretty unnerving. it says every window will shoot. experts lay out potential ukraine scenarios. certainly caught my eye. so this potential conflict, how it unfolds. in your conversations, what have you discovered? what do you think is a likely scenario? >> we spoke to several military officials, combat veterans and u.s. military analysts about how they saw the conflict potentially unfolding. they outlined several key scenarios from the most likely to the least. unfortunately, the most likely is also the least extreme. that looks like a somewhat limited incursion. mostly to reenforce russia's
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position in territory that it already holds by a proxy course. mainly areas in the dunnbass and looks like a more permanent military presence in belarus. now that could still be accompanied by major air strikes against targets in ukraine. it could be accompanied by a major escalation in violence, but it's a far cry from some of the more desire scenarios you're looking at if russia begins to try to take new territory that are ukrainian strongholds. i'm told that's the most likely scenario that analysts are seeing. >> there's one part i'm reading though. can you talk about ukraine's southern coast, if they try to move into that particular territory? that's the one that seems by your writing here to be the most frightening and would pose the greatest risk to civilians. >> well, that as the russian military, if they begin to move
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beyond the areas controlled by those proxy forces and attempt to create a sort of land bridge between the dunnbass and annexed peninsula, that opens up a new front and analysts described it as it's a new ball game. russian government hasn't really prepared the russian people for something like that through information operations. what that would look like is probably in the first few days and weeks, pretty seamless russian victory, but in the weeks following, you would see tremendous ukrainian resistance in the form of insurgent warfare. ukrainian military is different today than in 2014. you have territorial defense grades stood up in 2015. they've been training with united states, polish, lithuania, special operations forces and this is a phrase they've been using a lot.
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every window will shoot. they are preparing for long-term warfare tactics. that scenario becomes the second most likely and it is a significant escalation. >> absolutely. how much right now do the per per consecutives differ as you consider what could trigger a conflict and how the other side would respond? >> well, it's very difficult to say because everyone's paying attention to the same sort of clues so the first scenario is the most likely just because of what's on the ground. the military units in belarus, there are a lot of them, they are not the military units you would necessarily use if you're going to make a major play for kyiv. you're not seeing the first guard's tank army for instance. you're seeing units from the east. they're less ready. very fluid situation but that suggests somewhat limited and
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you're also seeing russian information operations that are helping the kremlin to prepare its population for a move into dunbass, but not much more than that. everyone around the watching that. and trying to figure out what that means for the objectives. now, he's stated a lot of different things, including nato membership and there's the question of legally recognizing the annexed crimean peninsula. it's up to the ukrainian government if they want to do those things, but the united states and the west are saying these sort of bully tactics wouldn't work to achieve that sort of effect. can't just make something that was illegal legal through this sort of brutal expansion of an illegal war. >> so all these things that putin has claimed that he wants, nato, the united states, backing off and we know that he basically would love to see nato either severely diminished or completely destroyed. that said, the foreign minister
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of ukraine with that tweet today, in short, i'm very much just paraphrasing said look, if you don't want war, as you've said, putin, then back off with your military that is encroaching us on three sides of our country. he's got a point. why is putin still there if he does not intend to invade? >> well, that's a very good question in part because you know, he does want to move military units more permanently into belarus where they can threaten and menace allies like poland and lithuania. they are separated by about 60 kilometers on the polish lithuania border called the gap. if you seal off that border, you basically prevent -- very dicesy and strategic area, but i think it's important to keep in mind there's really nothing nato could do here.
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vladimir putin's real enemy is actually the democratic government of ukraine. the fact they've chosen the government is actually a threat to him because if they could doit in kyiv, it could throw off his sphere of influence there. so he has to see that government fail and this conflict gets him closer to that goal because it just keeps pressure on the government of ukraine to try and create economic prosperity. a normal environment, whether in a constant state of this ambiguous war. that's a huge part of his objective here as it has been since 2014. >> okay. patrick tucker, thank you so much for ironing things out as they stand right now. appreciate that. now to the latest on the fallout from the winter storm. today, the sun is out in the northeast, but temperatures remain dangerously low and they're also going to plunge again when the sun goes down. the clean up is coming along in hard-hit massachusetts. some residents dealing with snow
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tunnels in front of their homes like this one, but major roadways are clear and ready for tomorrow's commute. that is a far cry from what we saw yesterday. also, power is being restored quickly. about 42,000 customers remain without power. final snow totals, 31 inches in stoughton island and further south in florida, always happens when temperatures dip this low. frozen iguanas. look at that green guy there on the left. they fall out of their trees. they just freeze. it is what it is. joining us now, kathy park in boston and michelle grossman. welcome to you both. things were looking better in boston for you, kathy. what's the mood among the folks there as they are taking on this pretty massive clean up? >> yeah. so i think that the key here is that the snowstorm actually fell on a weekend. it happened on a saturday so while it was certainly intense, you saw the pictures yesterday.
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kind of blowing in the storm with the wind gusts, the high rate of snowfall. 2 to 3 inches an hour at some times. but we saw people running in the blizzard. in fact, speaking of runners, we saw several of them out and about today. so they are certainly taking the storm in stride, but the big headline today of course is the digout, right? because here in boston, we got more than 23 inches of snow, tieing a record for the most snow to fall in one day. if you look around, you have these massive piles of snow. this isn't all of the snow that fell yesterday. it kind of got pushed around. you'll notice the pavement. you can see pavement on the ground. crews have been working around the clock to clear off the roadways. we had a chance to talk to some bostonians today to talk about the clean up process. >> today, yesterday, three times and today, we've been out here
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for about three hours. a lot of first responders on this street. three nurses, couple of state troopers. couple of boston firemen. so we've got to try to help them out. because they're at work helping other people. >> and alex, you probably noticed is sun is out so it's helping to melt some of this snow. the temperature is still pretty cold out here and of course, there is that gust that comes right as i just said that. it's in the teens right now and this chill is expected to last. so the snow will be sticking around for quite some time, but we are starting to see some improvements. the power outage number starting to go down. they actually hope to have most of the power restored by end of day monday. we also learned from boston's mayor that school will be open tomorrow and then the snow emergency will also be lifted tomorrow morning as well. >> it's as if that wind gust right on cue when you were talking. it's not funny. i just want you to go warm up,
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my friend. thank you very much for that report. let's bring in nbc meteorologist, michelle grossman. this was one for the record books in so many places. >> in so many places. and places you don't normally expect to see snow. we saw 2 feet of snow in long island. nearly 3 feet in parts of massachusetts and one spot that does not typically see snow and really a lot of snow is the jersey shore. they saw over a foot of snow in some spots. some spots even up to 21 inches. we have video from cape may. we're looking at snow covered roadways. a little disclosure. i worked here for about ten years. i worked in bucs county. we typically see the snow in our suburbs, poconos, but not at the beaches and cape may saw 13 inches of snow there and they really have set a record for the month of january. we had 4 inches in doylestown
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and that's what we saw the month of january. we're snow starved in the suburbs. much like high pressure being in control bringing lots of sunshine and breezy conditions, it's drying us out. so really what a difference the day makes. that's the wig story with what cold air in place. we have the area of low pressure. that's the nor'easter. still moving to the north and east. then we have a big dome of high pressure. that's helping to funnel down this cold, canadian air. that's why we're seeing temperatures in some spots in the single digits. it's reaching as far as south as florida. we woke up today with temperatures in the 20s and 30s in florida and we're going to do that once again tomorrow morning. so we have a freeze warning, frost advisory in place for parts of central and southern florida where we're going to wake up to temperatures in the 20s and 30s. the good news in florida is you rebound pretty quickly in the
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afternoon and we're going to start to moderate throughout the next several days. 24 in new york. 22 in boston and just 22 in syracuse. it's feeling a lot colder than that, alex. i want to mention because i'm speaking of cape may, when i look at that live shot, i think of just the summertime. we're 128 days away from memorial day. i think i'm going to start down the clock now and just look at those days. oh, there it is. the beach. no one there today. not a beach day. feels like 15 degrees there, but soon. >> still not super inviting. you can see little patches of snow there. my cousin who owns some property in florida when we were talking about the iguanas, she said sometimes, they don't die, they thaw and then run away. can you imagine coming across one of those, wakes up and goes running away? anyway, thank you very much. >> good point. so many questions as president biden gets ready to make history with his supreme court pick. who has the most experience? who's the most qualified?
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but there's one question some republicans are asking that nobody else is and that's next. nobody else is and that's next
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as president biden is mulling over who he's going to nominate to fill justice breyer's seat on the supreme court, new reaction today from the american public on the president's pledge to nominate a black woman. just over three quarters of americans want biden to consider all possible nominees and joining me now, barbara boxer, former senator from california and april rain. ladies, welcome. senator, you first. what do you make of that poll and do those numbers surprise you? >> well, it depends on how the question was really asked, but i really do have to say this is a moment for america to be very, very excited and when i hear senator wicker of mississippi
11:24 am
served up the biggest baloney sandwich, it breaks my heart for this reason. where was he outraged when president trump said he would only consider a woman for one of his three seats. where was his outrage -- i looked up history books when reagan said he was going to move forward with the very first woman supreme court nominee. he wasn't there. so what he's doing is he's dishing up this baloney sandwich and he's trying to appeal to the uglyness, to the division. i think once america sees these extraordinary women, they're going to be very, very happy. last point about roger wicker, i served with him for a long time. he comes from a state which has the worst poverty rate in the nation. the worst. women, children, everyone. terrible. suffering from poverty. one of the worst homicide rates
11:25 am
and you know, why doesn't he go deal with that instead of dishing out this ugliness. >> let's play what he said earlier. it is wholly outrageous where he's comparing this potential nomination with that of affirmative action, the rising of a black woman to the supreme court bench. take a listen to this. >> the irony is that the supreme court is at the very same time hearing cases about this sort of affirmative racial discrimination and while adding someone who is the beneficiary of this sort of quote, the majority of the court may be saying writ large it's unconstitutional. we'll see how that irony works out. >> april, would love to get your reaction? >> i'm sure senator wicker doesn't mean to imply there are no qualified black women to be
11:26 am
nominated, but references quotas in this way definitely leaves his statement up for interpretation. the true irony is that senator wicker undoubtedly knows that white women benefit the most from affirmative action in this country. so when we look at the scores of black women, attorneys and judges who have more experience and are more qualified than someone than amy coney barrett, it is surprising that senator wicker was not waving this flag of affirmative action when she was nominated. instead choosing to vigorously support her. >> let's move on from wicker at this point and get to this with you, senator because you were there for the anita hill hearings during the confirmation of clarence thomas. when you look at the senate today, what kind of tenor do you anticipate for the first black
11:27 am
woman nominee? >> i was in the house of representatives during that fight and if it weren't for anita hill and her courage, i never would have gotten elected to the united states senate. it was the year of the woman. we went from two to six out of 100 and they called that the year of the woman. so women have been struggling. women of all stripes. and this continues because we see this. i would only hope and i keep going back for this reason. i haven't seen too many republicans jump on his band wagon, but you know, i don't know. if the republicans want to favor the least bit of credibility for standing for a representative democracy, which means that all of our institutions we need people who look like america or our institutions become unpopular and they don't work for the people. so if the republicans can just understand that this is at
11:28 am
stake, you know, i hold out a little bit of hope but today, i haven't seen them jump on the ugly, ugly band wagon of roger wicker. >> yeah. april, ideologically speaking, what do you hope to see with this supreme court nominee? do you expect or hope to see a more progressive tenor? more moderate tenor within the democratic vision? what do you think? >> well first i want to say we thank justice breyer for his service and contributions to american democracy. this vacancy creates an historic opportunity for our nation and then legacies of both president biden and the senate. federal courts play a massive role in maintaining and expanding civil and human rights in this country and getting more black women on this court, regardless of how they lean, is critical to having representation that understands the unique need of black and brown people. not one black woman has ever been nominated, even nominated,
11:29 am
to serve on the supreme court and this is a consequence of systemic inequality and an erosion of trust. especially felt amongst black woman who repeatedly turn out in record numbers to represent our communities through our votes. and she will rise with form to address the underrepresentation of black women throughout the federal judiciary. whether they are progressive or moderate. we are the only black woman-led organizations focused solely on the nomination and confirmation of a black woman to serve on the supreme court who because of her lived experience, her political views, and her legal accumen, understands the court's critical role in making decisions for the impact our communities for the better. >> april, is there one of the names that has been publicized that you would like to see that you'd sort of throw your support most willingly behind? >> no. you know, what i want to see is that we do not want to preempt
11:30 am
president biden in this way. what we do know is that there are countless black women who are incredibly qualified to serve as supreme court justice and isn't it wonderful that president biden will have this so-called binder of women from which he can choose and any woman he chooses will be able to represent this country in a wonderful way and so we look forward to supporting president biden's nomination. >> for you, senator boxer, there's one california, krueger, would you love to see her get this nomination? >> i would love to see any of the women who have been discussed. it is time. 232 years after the first supreme court met and it is high time that this court look like our country. for it will become irrelevant and we will lose something. so this is a glorious moment.
11:31 am
i agree with april wholeheartedly. we should be celebrating, all of us. regardless of our party. it's a wonderful moment in time. >> okay. and this was a wonderful conversation which i thank you both. senator and april, thank you, ladies. it is a difficult decision facing parents of young school children in this age of covid. we'll talk about it, next. hool children in this age of covid. we'll talk about it, next.
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lunchables! built to be eaten. what are you recommending for muscle pain? based on clinical data, i recommend salonpas. agreed... my patients like these patches because they work for up to 12 hours, even on moderate pain. salonpas. it's good medicine one florida school district is now forcing parents to make quite a difficult decision. keep kids in school and risk more covid outbreaks or home school them as vaccination rates for kids in florida remain behind the national average. let's go to stephanie stanton at windmere high school. what are they doing to protect students? >> good afternoon to you, alex. at this point, what we're talking about here is excused absences and that is a very good question. something that parents are asking, but at this point,
11:36 am
starting tomorrow, school officials here in orange county, which is in the orlando area, say they will no longer be offering excused absences to students who stay home. as cases were exploding, students were allowed to do their work at home and get that excused absence and that policy was extended through january, but starting tomorrow, officials say no more. they say that students, healthy students, need to come back into class or face truancy and some parents are concerned this is going to put their kids at risk. >> we are putting the health and safety of our children first. we've had a, you know, advice and consultation with our medical professionals that say that it is safe to return to the classroom. parents that feel that if their children are not safe or they have concerns, again, they can keep them home but they just
11:37 am
need to register for home education. they would not draw funding for the district for home education but they would be able to stay home in a model that would accommodate their needs. >> and officials saying that parents have to officially withdraw their student from in-person learning in order to take advantage of that home schooling option. now in terms of this policy, officials say that if kids actually are sick with covid, they of course will be order today stay home and they will get an excused absence. alex. >> okay. thank you for clarifying that. so you might not be surprised at what the former president said last night about the accused january 6th rioters and the gift he is offering them. but what if you're on the committee investigating the insurrection? congresswoman zoe lofgren weighs in next. e lofgren weighs e lofgren weighs in next.onna.
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new today, donald trump making a bold declaration in favor of capital riot defendants while rallying in texas. take a listen. >> if i run and if i win, we will treat those people from january 6th fairly. we will treat them fairly. and if it requires pardons, we will give them pardons because they are being treated so unfairly. >> joining me now is california congresswoman, zoe lofgren, chair of the house
11:42 am
administration committee. and a member of the house select january 6th committee. as i welcome you, ma'am, i'd love your reaction to what you just heard. how dangerous is it to dangle the prospect of pardons for anyone who took part on the attack on the capitol? >> well, this is serious. you know, as both republican leaders in the house and senate said right after the january 6th riot, on that day, the president spun up the mob and directed them to the capitol where they attacked with weapons, with chemical weapons, with spray. 160 police officers were hurt. people died. police officers lost an eye. lost fingers. some have been unable to return. it was a violent mob. and to say that those who participated in that violence
11:43 am
are being treated unfairly is really contrary to the rule of law in america. it's pro-chaos. it's pro-law breaking and it's really not what anyone in a trusted position should be suggesting. you know, the committee is looking at every element of january 6th. how the violence began. who coordinated it. who paid for it. we're also looking at the purpose of the violence. the violence was to overthrow the rule of law. to prevent the peaceful transfer of power that the constitution provides. to suggest that is acceptable, that that is something that should not be held to account is really not in keeping with our country's proud tradition of following the constitution, avoiding chaos, and upholding the rule of law. it's really very concerning. >> absolutely.
11:44 am
and yet, i'm going to play for you now what i think is fair to say even more dangerous rhetoric from donald trump last night. this time, regarding the prosecutors looking into his company in his efforts to overthrow the election. here it is. >> if these radical, vicious, racist prosecutors do anything wrong or illegal, i hope we are going in this country the biggest protest we have ever had in washington, d.c., in new york, in atlanta, and elsewhere because our country and our elections are corrupt. >> that is utterly frightening rhetoric and you've outlined very clearly what you're investigating from 1/6. so how do you perceive what he just said? what kind of consequences could these words have? >> well, what does he mean by demonstration? clearly on the 6th, he unleashed
11:45 am
a riot and i think we need to consider how the words are received by some of his supporters. there are plenty of people in this country who support donald trump who are not violent. so let's put that to one side. then there's a group, including the proud boys and others who wear body armor, who are armed and who engage in violent tactics. those are the people during a debate that he said should stand by, stand down and stand by. they were very instrumental. they and other militia groups in the storming of the capitol. i think it's quite possible they hear those words as a call to arms, as a call to violence, as a call to civil disorder. i think it's important that all of us in elected office, no matter what party you're in, should object. object to overturning the rule of law. object to violence and chaos as
11:46 am
a means for keeping political power and by the way, we know from the former attorney general, trump's attorney general and many others, court cases, there was no corruption in this last election. that is a complete lie that mr. trump is telling his supporters. >> we have named it the big lie and that is permeated the country's vernacular there. let's turn quickly to the latest subpoenas that have been issued by your committee. those sent to 14 of those so-called alternate electors who falsely claimed that president trump won the election, seven battleground states that joe biden won. was there coordination between the fake electors in these states? how critical could this information be and do you have any indication that any of them will cooperate? >> well, we have an indication that some will cooperate. we hope they all do. it's an obligation under law to
11:47 am
respond to a subpoena and come in and tell the truth. yes, we need to find out what the coordination was. these were fraudulent certificates that were sent in and it looks like they were part of the plot to overturn the law. to overturn the constitution. and so we need to know who coordinated that, where did it start and what role did it play in the violence we saw on january 6th. so these are important inquiries and we hope to get more information soon. >> may i just ask you finally when we might expect to see public hearings and when you expect to potentially deliver your report? >> i can't give you a date, but we will have robust public hearings that tell the story of what we've discovered. we have had hundreds and hundreds of witnesses that have come in. we've got tens of thousands of documents that we have received
11:48 am
so we are sorting through those, making connections. i'd say we are well underway in this investigation, but it's not yet complete. >> to which i say keep on keeping on. that is for sure. zoe lofgren, thank you so much. the nation's crumbling infrastructure was never more evident than that bridge collapse in pittsburgh last week. transportation secretary pete buttigieg will talk about that today at 5:00 eastern here on msnbc. meantime, it started out as a date. it ended in death. the family of a connecticut woman is blasting the investigation. t woman is blasting the woman is blasting the investigation. even with these crazy lovebirds. [ squak ] alright i'll take the barstools! you can keep the birds. okay. y'all gotta hear this next one. kevin holds all my shirts and shorts. he even stuck with me through a cross country move. yeah, i named my dresser kevin.
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walgreens makes it easy to stay protected wherever you go. schedule your free covid-19 booster today. now to some new developments in the case of a young black woman from connecticut who died under mysterious circumstances. this while on a date with a white man she met on a dating app. bridgeport police opened a criminal investigation last monday into the death of 23-year-old lauren smith fields. after her family said they would
11:53 am
file a lawsuit. lauren died december 12th and police did not immediately notify her family. the city's mayor said the handling of this case has now been referred to the office of internal affairs and police officials say while the matter had always been an open investigation, a criminal investigation was opened as a result of the findings of the medical examiner's report. joining me now, darnell crossland, the family's attorney. i want to start out by saying, first of all, the way lauren's family discovered that she had died is appalling. tell us what happened. >> yeah, so thanks for having us on. i just got off the phone with lauren's mother. chantelle fields. about five minutes ago. you can't imagine every single day is like reliving the same horror. she just was talking about how at the funeral home, she wiped her daughter down with oil and just tried to comfort her. well, her daughter had been dead for two days before she even found out.
11:54 am
the police department failed to contact ms. fields to tell her her daughter had died. what happened, she went on -- she invited a gentleman over she met on bumble. that was on the 11th or 10th, and then on the -- excuse me, that was on the 13th. and then she found out that this gentleman had called 911 around 6:30 in the morning to report her daughter was bleeding from the nose and was dead, basically. and no one reached out to the family and let them know. we found that was unacceptable. >> it was my understanding from an article that her family had gone over because they hadn't heard from her, and there's a note on her apartment door that says, if you're looking for this person, please call the police department. i mean, i have never even heard anything like that, ever. is there a possible explanation, a rational one, for police not informing her family? was there some sort of an investigation under way. was there something? >> absolutely nothing.
11:55 am
and you're right about that. so, this is around christmas time, so they were planning to have christmas dinner at lauren's apartment. mom is proud of her, she has her own apartment, and they were planning to have christmas dinner there. her mom is calling her, calling her, trying to reach her. nothing. then they finally decide to go over there, her mother and her brother. and when they get there, the landlord, not even the police, but the landlord left a note on the door saying if you're looking for lauren, call this number. it was the landlord. the landlord met with them and told them there's bad news, your daughter is dead, and the police took her away from here about two days ago. at that point, the landlord gave them a number to a detective kronen. the family called this detective, and when they called the detective, he was very cold, very rude. he told them that the man was a nice man. he called 911, and that please stop calling him because he has nothing else to say, and he hung up on them. >> that's even worse than what i took away from the article.
11:56 am
my floor director and i are looking at each other with horror considering what this family has been put through. i know the medical examiner's report has ruled lauren's death a, quote, accidental overdose of fentanyl combined with prescription medication and alcohol. the police chief said that the daa will now be assisting in the investigation. why are they bringing in the dea? >> well, that's a good thing. the whole idea here is that the family has been upset because when lauren died, police were supposed to quarantine the area, do csi, and all the experts have been saying that these type of cases must be treated like a homicide from the beginning. and if you do so, you preserve evidence, you collect evidence, and you have to dial it back, you do so. the police didn't do that here. they didn't even notify the family. they didn't quarantine the area. they did nothing. now, i spoke with the medical examiner's office, myself, and have worked with this gentleman on other murder cases. there's two type of findings,
11:57 am
cause of death and manner of death. the cause of death were the talkin's in her body. the question is how they got there. the manner could be choking, death by manslaughter, homicide, or accident. so we're now debating this finding it was a death by accident in terms of the manner because there's nothing that supports that. the gentleman said they didn't have sex. he slept with his clothes on, yet still, we find a common with semen in it. we know that the poisons in her body, antihistamines, are used to put someone to sleep, to make them drowsy. and all the experts are saying that that's typically done in these date rape situations where you want the person to kind of calm down or not be focused. and again, those are the things that weren't investigated. >> look, we'll stay on top of this story. disturbing at the best. darnell crossland, thank you for joining us and giving us a brief look at what's going on isin the one. thank you for your time. that's going to do it for me. i'll see you again next saturday, noon eastern.
11:58 am
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