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tv   The Reid Out  MSNBC  February 1, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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today that they can prosecute and without going against the wishes of his family. >> we'll be watching that case very closely, as well. lee, allow me to wish you a very happy birthday here on "the beat." greatly appreciate it. that does it for me but a quick reminder for you, watch me all weekend fridays at 7:00 p.m. on peacock, saturdays at 8:00, sundays at 9:00 p.m. eastern right here on msnbc. "the reidout" with my friend joy reid is up next. >> thank you for that. we'll talk about the doj a little bit tonight, thank you have a great night. cheers. good evening, everyone and happy lunar new year to all throughout the asian culture celebrating. tonight marks the start of the year of the tiger and the lunier new year is a time for renewal and rebirth. we begin "the reidout" with the
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man that went into the cocoon as a cheesy star, the nearly want to be dictator. "the new york times" is out with new reporting on the effects on the efforts by donald trump and advisors to use the authority of the federal government to seize voting machines after the 2020 election. and it reveals that trump was far more involved than previously known. "the times" reports six weeks after election day with the hold on power slipping, donald trump directed his lawyer rudolph giuliani if it could legally take control of voting machines in key states. they said giuliani called the acting department secretary that said he lacked the authority to audit or impound the machines. it's a reminder trump's attempted coup only failed because of hand full of government officials who were willing to put their foot down. and this was not some idea. it was actually put in writing.
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the plan to seize the machines was the subject of several draft executive orders. one of which politico obtained and while the orders were never enacted, it cast a dark shadow over the democratic process. the idea originated with the retired army colonel and trump advisor who is also famous for his conspiracy driven power point presentation. which recommend that trump declare a national security emergency. worst yet, he was collaborating on the plan to seize voting machines with trump's 22-day national security advisor, admitted felon, qanon devotee and disgraced lieutenant general michael flynn and trump not only embraced the idea, he pitched it far and wide. according to "the times" he proposed using local law enforcement to seize voting machines in michigan and pennsylvania but state lawmakers refused. he pitched the justice department but even trump's hired gone, attorney general
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william bar refused. he considered using the military but members of his team advised against it. and finally, trump pitched the department of homeland security but they also said no. it's another indication of how close we came to a constitutional crisis and yet, republicans have been notably silent about the news. joining me now is jill wine-banks, former watergate prosecutor and co-host of "the sisters in law podcast" what is one year old. happy anniversary and michael steele,msnbc political analyst. one of the things that stood out to me is the plan to seize voting machines was even too bananas for rudy giuliani. he said you can't use the military that way. as somebody involved in the investigation of richard nixon, give me your perspective on this alleged plan to try to seize american voting machines.
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>> to me, and also, remember, i worked in the pentagon so i'm familiar with the limitations and using the military for any civilian purposes. this was really wrong. it was wrong on every level, and it's all part of what i would call an over arching conspiracy. this is a plot to interfere with congress doing the electoral vote confirmation but it's a wide spread conspiracy to overturn the election and to overturn the votes of millions of voters. that's what is so terrible about this. and it goes to not just the pentagon. he tried to get the department of justice. he tried to get department of homeland security. he tried to get states. he made phone calls to georgia. he had other people calling and visiting georgia. he had fake electoral slates of electors. that is outrageous and all of that put together shows the
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intent of the -- i hope you can't hear my background noise. my doorbell. >> we love dogs on the show. they're always welcome to be on, as well. >> anyway, it is a very big conspiracy and all this complaint about is there proof of president trump's intent? put this together and i'm sorry, but there is more than enough circumstantial evidence of his intent. >> indeed. >> we don't need him anymore. it is his intent to commit a crime. >> you know, and it is sort of stunning even though i'm not surprised anymore michael steele that the republican party at large is eye quiet, very silent. they are banging, you know, their hands on the table claiming that democrats want to take federal control over state elections and yet, here you have the president of the united states wanting to take the ultimate federal control, literally take voting machines out of his desperation to not be seen to have lost an election and try to cling to power like a
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sort of tin pot dictator. what do you think it would take to get every republican other than liz cheney and kinzinger to actually have some outrage about this? >> oh, i think we need to stop wasting time on that front. i really think that, you know, in the media certainly in the political space sitting around waiting for republican party to be enlightened and understand exactly what jill just laid out from both a political, as well as a legal and governmental perspective is just like waiting. you're just sitting at the bus stop waiting and the bus never shows up, right? so the reality of it is now the question falls back on the american people. falls back on you, me, and others to decide what are we going to do about this? how are we going to hold this former leadership accountable for the actions that they are -- that's now being revealed to us
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that they engaged in to over throw our government, to take control of our electoral process to the extent they could to cheat. they are cheaters. they are liars. and the more we're honest about that and less we're concerned we are about how republicans feel about it, the better off this country is going to be and the stronger attitudes we're going to have about dealing with this because let me tell you, folks, this is a warmup. you now see what's coming. they're telegraphing to you what is coming next. you give us the power back, we're putting you in jail. you give us the power back, we're going to take control of those systems of government that we failed to take control of the last time and get it right for us the next time. >> yeah, i mean, just going through here. the hill, silent, minority leader kevin mccarthy, silent, steve scalise, silent. elise stefanik of new york, just not going to talk about it because they clearly jill
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wine-banks want to take advantage of what donald trump created for themselves and should they be able to seize power. you lived through the nixon era his mental health was questioned, whether he was drinking and what he was doing spiraling towards the end. some of these stories are wild. "the washington post" reporting when some of the records, some of the white house records were turned over to the national archives, some of them were ripped in little pieces. like ripped in little shreds and we've seen that he would have this habit. he didn't like someone to rip the pieces up and turn them up and in some cases they had to take the torn up records and put them back together and paste them back together. you had donald trump giving a million dollars to his former chief of staff mark meadows non-profit after the creation of a january 6th panel. and you have to remember that meadows wrote a book, right, the tax-deductible seven figure contributions of the
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conservative partnership institute. it was to meadows who later repudiated in his book, which sounds like trying to influence him. your thoughts, jill? >> well, i think you've laid out a good case for obstruction of a witness and tampering with a witness, which is what that does sound like. all of these conducts fall together and i think it's time for the announcement of a special grand jury. it would assure the american people that the department of justice is actually doing something without violating the grand jury's secrecy. all you have to do is appoint as there was in watergate going back to that era, there was a special grand jury appointed to address only the investigation of the crimes of watergate and taking seriously crimes committed by, at that time, still the sitting president and all of his colleagues and i
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think people are really fed up getting really worried, the threats issued by donald trump at the last rally and the promise of pardons is terrifying to me. what does it matter even if justice were to go ahead and find crimes and indict people if donald trump wins, he's already said i'll violate the pardons. we have to make sure he doesn't get into a position. you said it. this is a forewarning, michael said maybe this is just telling us if you don't stop us now, we're going to learn from our past mistakes, okay, we didn't succeed and to the extent any republicans had the courage to say anything, they said well, it's a good thing we didn't have people in place that didn't follow his instructions. no, that's not good enough for a
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democracy. we need to not be able to rely on someone standing up to the president and saying no. that's a good thing. but it's not enough. we need a president who will not make those pressure points to make our elections unfair. >> because we won't have anybody standing up next time. all of the incentives here michael are to wait for trump to come back and wipe it away. wipe the january 6th committee away. wipe the crimes away. we have the head of the oath keepers. he'll take the fifth. there is no incentive at this point to cooperate with investigating this crime against the country because essentially, he's telegraphing trump that i can wipe it away, just put me back in power which is an incentive to cooperate with them. not with justice. >> yeah, this whole process has been about how maga world is incentivize to turn out and keep their mouth shot and how they're
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incentivize not to cooperate and the manipulation you see certainly at the rally in texas this past weekend is this idea that what i'm going to do for you, you give me the power, this is what i'm going to do for you. the other side of that, though, and i think we need to be keen about this is not so much trump becoming the next president of the united states in 2024, it's if he decides not to, who is going to be maga like like him? who is going to be the closest to him? desantis or someone else? this is the narrative you have to understand because the pressure now is not coming so much from trump, it's going to come from the maga base that has an expectation of how they will corrupt the system or how they think they're fixing the system to make it better for themselves and their maga world. so i think we need to think broadly about what we see here as well as specifically with respect to trump.
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>> indeed and how they can rule this country regardless of what the majority wants if they get back into power. that's what we need to think about. our democracy is definitely in peril. thank you both very much. up next on "the reidout," the game changer. covid vaccines could be available for young children by the end of the month. the surgeon general of the united states joins me next. plus a reidout exclusive, marlin joins me in the first interview since federal charges have been announced against her. it's black history month. can we still say that without hurting anyone's feelings? the effort to erase black history in schools. tonight's worst is attacking black america in a more disingenuous and hypocritical way. "the reidout" continues after this. hypocritical way. "the reidout" continues after "the reidout" continues after this ♪ ♪taking a break from all your worries ♪ ♪sure would help a lot ♪
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so we have huge game changing news on the covid front tonight hours ago pfizer asked the food and drug administration to and expand the use of the covid-19 vaccine for ages children 6 months to 5 years. it included data on two doses of the vaccine though the company will submit data for a third dose in the coming months. the first two shots could be cleared for the age group by the end of this month. you can practically hear the sighs of relief by the parents that felt left behind. those tethered to a covid limbo that only worsened under omicron as shuttered daycares, child care disruptions and hospitalizations have driven them to the breaking point. 70% of americans say it's time to accept covid and move on. for those who couldn't move on, relief may becoming. still, questions remain. joining me is u.s. surgeon general and this is great. this is actually good news.
4:19 pm
general, talk to us about the safety of these vaccines for children 6 months and up because a lot of parents have been stuck because their child is too young to get vaccinated. they're vaccinated but stuck. what can you tell parents who are still a little nervous? they're fine with getting the vaccine for themselves but still nervous about giving it to a baby or toddler. >> well, joy, i would certainly understand parents who have questions about the possibility of a vaccine for kids under 5 or for any age of children. as parents, our job first and foremost is to protect the well being of our kids. to all parents, if you have questions, that's okay. our job is to help you get the questions answered. i have a daughter that just turned 4. my wife and i have been eagerly awaiting the day she can get
4:20 pm
vaccinated and asks when she can get vaccinated like her brother. this might bring us one step closer to the day. here is what is going to happen. the fda is going to do a careful and thorough analysis of the data with an intent to answer two critical questions. is this vaccine safe for kids under 5 and effective? they will have an advisory group that meets publicly to talk about that. the data will also be made publicly available because this will be a transparent process and only then will they opine on the it after which the cdc will weigh in. several steps in the process. the reason the steps exist is to make sure whatever decision is rendered is when the parents can feel absolutely confident about it. >> to make parents feel confident, it needs to probably not be an emergency authorization. is this going to be a full on authorization, not an emergency? >> joy, the fda will consider that. although, it's likely they will also look at the emergency use authorization.
4:21 pm
that's the approach that's been taken for other vaccines including vaccines for kids older age groups, 5 to 11 and the adolecent age group. the safety profile has remained quite strong and the effectiveness is great. joy, in the last few weeks for example, we've seen data from the cdc about our experience with omicron that has showed that if you are vaccinated and boosted, your chances of not only making it through but avoiding hospitalizations and death are dramatically higher compared to those unvaccinated and i anticipate again if the fda considers this and authorizes this vaccine it will be because it's safe and effective. >> let me go through some numbers. i mentioned 70% of americans want to move on from covid. 47% of democrats want to move on. fully vaccinated in this country
4:22 pm
and that's for age 5 to 11. it's only 28.1%. only 18.8% of children have gotten one dose for the kaiser family foundation. even though 74.2% of all u.s. adults are fully vaccinated and the places where it's the lowest are places in the south and also in republican states. are we going to get to the point where we're going to have to add covid vaccines to the mandated vaccines that kids, the mmr and other vaccines kids have to get to go to school? the city of new orleans will actually do that, they will mandate it for kids 5 and up. is that where we're going to have to go, adding this to the other vaccines kids have to get to go to school? >> well, joy, i think a couple of things to note is that vaccines for adult haves been around the longest and we saw that when those vaccines first came out, that the percentage of adults who said they wanted to get vaccinated was actually low.
4:23 pm
but then it grew over time as people talked to their doctors and as they saw other people get vaccinated and as they realized, these vaccines are safe and also work well. when it comes to kids, you know, we're on that path, as well. we're seeing confidence grow but we really would like the numbers to increase more quickly because the more kids vaccinated, the safer they'll be. local days are considering that same requirements for children, those are a local decision and those discussions will continue. my standpoint have accurate information and one of the big barriers is there is a lot of misinformation floating out there about the vaccines being in some cases actively propagated and that is harmful to children and all of us. >> well, i mean, people are profiting out of the misinformation. for people who are, you know, listening to certain podcasts and taking medical information
4:24 pm
from them rather than you, the surgeon general. what is your elevator pitch to them? if you're not vaccinated now and like i made it this far, i don't need it. what is your elevator pitch to that person? >> well, i always start with listening to people's concerns. everyone has a different approach. some people are concerned about, you know, whether they work. some people have questions about safety. other people wonder if they really need the vaccine. i try to understand where people are and meet them where they are. i also try to help people understand that we now have a tremendous amount of experience with these vaccines. more than half a billion doses administered in the united states and we've learned two things during that time. even in the face of omicron, the vaccines work very well. they also are remarkably safe. but i think we got to talk to people at a human level about this. without judgment, without blame. it's something that i learned very early on as a doctor, that's our key to make sure we reach people with accurate life-saving information and we just can't give up on folks. >> you're the right man to do it.
4:25 pm
you're a calming influence. appreciate you u.s. surgeon general. thank you very much. appreciate you very much. still ahead, high profile baltimore prosecutor marilyn mosby will appear as a defendant. she's facing a series of federal charges and joins me for the first interview since that indictment was announced that is next on "the reidout." was annos next on "the reidout." wondering what actually goes into your multi-vitamin? at new chapter its innovation organic ingredients and fermentation. fermentation? yes, formulated to help your body really truly absorb the natural goodness. new chapter. wellness well done ♪ limu emu and doug.♪
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i first met marilyn mosby at an event called black girls vote in 2018 with elijah cummings and again when i covered the baltimore upriing in the wake of the police killing of freddy gray. i can recall thinking the
4:30 pm
officers investigation that killed gray was a bold move for a black state attorney. police are rarely held to account for the unarmed deaths of people, particularly black people and police unions are powerful and political influence is real. those officers were cleared by a judge. she is moving to decriinalize sex work and marijuana that matters in baltimore where poverty is high and the police community relationship is notoriously poor. i was surprised when attorney mosby came back into the cycle accused by the justice department of financial crimes and facing up to 20 years in prison if convicted, yes, i mean the same justice department that seems to be awfully slow when it comes to the former president, donald trump. so i asked if she would come onto the show to talk about it and she and her attorney said yes. joining me is marilyn mosby and her attorney. thank you both for being here.
4:31 pm
appreciate it. this is a high pressure situation. there is an arraignment this friday. >> yeah, there is an arraignment this friday, joy. >> and i mean, for you who is somebody who is devoted your life to putting the bad guys in jail and fighting for criminal justice, how does that feel to be in this position? >> it doesn't feel good. to be honest with you, you know, as i expected as a state's attorney that fighting for racial justice in the criminal justice system, fighting to end mass incarceration in a state where you have the largest sort of incarceration of black people in the entire nation, i understood that i was going to get push back but never did i or could i have ever imagined i would be mocked, that i would be ridiculed, that i would receive hate mail and death threats and describe how my husband would be killed coming out of my house and no police officers would respond, how they would target my children, right? and i never expected the
4:32 pm
lawsuits and i never expected to be on this side of the fence where when the only thing that i'm attempting to do is provide equal justice to all regardless of race, sex, religion and occupation. >> so let's talk about the charges. what you're accused of, when you buy a home you can take money out of your 401 k there strict rules when you can do it. you are accused of taking money out of your 401 k early to buy homes and not being honest about why using the cares act, you know, which benefits people financially having financial issues and then using sort of incorrect information about liens, not disclosing them, and using that to get loans. that is the summery of what you're accused of. how do you respond to that? >> let me be clear and i'll defer to my attorney on the specifics but this is a long term investigation that has gone through every aspect of my life. from my charitable donations to my tax returns, they have interviewed every political doe
4:33 pm
donor, they have gone to my hair dresser, my children's dance instructors and ultimately, they sent subpoenas that to black churches throughout the city of baltimore in an election year, i'm four months from my election, right? this is what they come back with. me accessing my own personal funds that i put away every single week. and so, you know, at the end of the day and again, i'll defer to my attorney, there is alterer motives for an attack like this. >> when you bring an indictment, if i may, when you bring an indictment four months before an election and don't sit down with the defense and tell them what you're looking for and at before you bring the indictment, you're not trying to find justice or truth, you're trying to affect the outcome of her reelection effort. when you have a prosecutor like leo wise that targets african american elected officials who gave two contributions, probably
4:34 pm
the only contributions he's given to her opponents in her last election leads this prosecution it should have been a criminal -- started off as a criminal tax investigation and now you have these charges that are not only false but we've got evidence to prove them wrong. >> so talk about that. there are two prosecutors, leo wise donated to your opponent and a second prosecutor democratic appointee not in the leo wise world and they are saying these were ill gotten games. they were your money, using your 401 k money you violated the rules for how you could access it and didn't tell about tax leans. >> there is no objective standard for that. this is a subject of standard. this isn't ppp money. this is her own money in her 457 b and anyone in america that wasn't financially impacted one way or another by covid, this covid relief plan allowed her to
4:35 pm
take this money. that's the law if you will. in regard to the homes that she bought, the mortgage applications, certainly we were not aware, she was not aware of the tax liens at issue and given the ira and under staffing and over worked issues we've seen, we could have certainly shared that with the government but this was a criminal tax investigation. and so again, if you're not willing to talk with us, this is a sitting government official who every day wakes up to do law enforcement and enforce the law and protect the citizens of baltimore, if you won't talk with her or her lawyers before you get an indictment again, you're not really interested in justice. >> so are you saying that, you know, you attempted to talk with this prosecutor, did you attempt to contact the prosecutor to explain what happened and how this money was acquired -- >> absolutely. we have offered to -- i offered to go in front of the grand jury for whatever they were coming at me with and they have rejected
4:36 pm
that. but this is more so about the fact that he wasn't able to do what he did in his donations, which was to support my opponents and using this indictment four months before my election to have this cloud of aspersion over my head. i get it. i have done things as a prosecutor that a lot of other prosecutors have not done in this country, whether that is holding police accountable when a lot of other prosecutors in this country would not do so, whether that is ending the war on drugs between a war on black people and the city of baltimore, whether that is exonerating 12 innocent black men who the criminal justice system was willing and able to allow to rot for 300, cumulative 300 years in jail for crimes they didn't commit, i've done things that would upset the status quo but to understand and to recognize all that they've attempted to do, i've been mocked, ridiculed, i've gotten hate mail and death threats.
4:37 pm
i've gotten it all. i've gotten lawsuits. oig investigations, state ethics investigations. they've have been coming for my law license since i charged the officers in freie gray. i get it. at the end of the day, what i hope most people in the city of baltimore understand and recognize is that this is more about my election than anything else. >> and so, you know, i guess that is the question, right? for a lot of people sort of looking at this case, they're sort of looking at the doj saying wait a minute, you have donald trump not paying taxes and frauding insurance and no action. is this a publicly announced indictment? how public was it? >> the government released the indictment to the press and to her lawyers a week or so ago and that's when we first got notice of it. as i said, normally, you would have a meeting with the defense attorneys but let's talk about where we are right now.
4:38 pm
we're four months out from her election. we're ready for trial. the government should be ready for trial. we'll try to get the indictment dismissed if you will but we have an independent arbitor to look. we went to the office of professional responsibility at doj. they said no. we went to the criminal tax division of doj. they said no. so now we have a federal judge that will take a look. >> the federal judge will look at the actual allegations one by one. is your al -- >> and the conduct of the government prosecutors. >> so you're doing both. actual innocence claim saying you did not access to money or is more the claim about the unfairness of the -- >> certainly both. we lead with the motion to dismiss the indictment based on bad faith and bad conduct on the part of the conflicts on the part of the government prosecutor and then secondly, we're ready for trial. we want to take this to trial within 60 days because ms. mosby is still running for reelection.
4:39 pm
let find out. >> let me play with the announcement. you came out forthrightly and stood in front of your workplace and made an announcement. i want to play a little bit of it now. take a look. >> i offered to prove my innocence by making myself available to present evidence to the grand jury but the u.s. attorney and the lead prosecutor in the case who is donated to my political opponents and who has personal animist towards me didn't allow me to do so. don't be fooled, we're five months from my next election and this indictment is merely a political ploy by my political adversaries to unseat me. >> how long do you intend to fight this? you're four months from an election. you have to go through the process. you're running for reelection. >> let me say one thing. i've fought donald trump who said i needed to be prosecuted. i have fought against william barr who called me a rogue
4:40 pm
prosecutor. i have fought against my republican governor who doesn't agree with my policies. i know i've been through it all. i am built for this, joy. and so i understand the shoulders that i stand on and i'm ready to fight. i know i've done nothing wrong. so i'm ready to go to trial tomorrow. put this on trial right now so i can prove my innocence. but let's get to the election because i know that's what this is all about. >> thank you very much. marilyn mosby, scott bolden. thank you both. appreciate you coming forward. we'll keep an eye on what is going on as well on friday. don't go anywhere, tonight's absolute worst is next. don't go anywhere, tonight's absolute worst is next it's non habit forming and powered by the makers of nyquil. new zzzquil ultra. when you really really need to sleep.
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it was only a matter of time more senate republicans began discrediting to replace justice stephen breyer as being
4:45 pm
unqualified. so take a deep breath and away we go. >> the irony is that the supreme court is at the very same time hearing cases about this sort of affirmative racial discrimination and while adding someone who is the beneficiary of this sort of quote. >> what president biden did was as a candidate make this pledge and that helped politicize the entire nomination process. >> i got to say that's offensive. >> right. >> you know, black women are what 6% of the u.s. population? he's saying to 94% of americans, idamn about you. you're ineligible. >> rafael the canadian took it upon himself to speak for black women and equally offensive they
4:46 pm
doubled down. roger whitaker said he'd let the comments stand and susan collins has concerns but unconcerned that ronald reagan did the same thing, made the same campaign promise to put a woman on the court. absolute worst candidate cruz wouldn't defend his own wife and father kicked off black history month today by defending himself and claiming democrats are casually racist because of it and to be formal and cancun cruz' complaints are crocodile tears and nominated judges to the federal bench. ted knows that by the standards for justice can be variable and because he was -- he was on orange julius cesar's short list in 2020, sorry, i can't stop laughing. until ruth bader ginsburg passed, it was promised it would be a woman. here is a reminder for ted cruz
4:47 pm
and the rest, the only informal requirement was essentially that they be a white man. since 1789 of the 115 supreme court justices, 108 have been white men. that's about 94%. surely, those republicans know that there aren't any constitutional requirements for being a justice. the person doesn't have to be a lawyer or have a law degree or more than 40% of justices nominated since 1900 didn't have any prior judicial experience but now that a black woman is under consideration, she has to be far superior for a white man to be told tough luck as cruz said. so republicans disingenuous and racists attacks to malign whoever president biden's nominee may be, guaranteed to be far more intelligent than them, y'all are the absolute worst. the waging war against black history, everyone taking on michelle obama's biography. that is next. michelle obama's biography michelle obama's biography that is next
4:48 pm
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america! enjoy it while it lasts, because given the political discourse lately, republican led states will probably banned the celebration. i'm mostly kidding. no i'm not. but we've seen a collective freak out by republicans, triggered by the 1619 project, a book asking americans to have a more honest understanding of slavery in our country. organizations have seized on the effort, spurring a book ban effort, because the books supposedly encourage kids to endorse a dangerous ideology. it's so happens that these books are often authored by women or lgbt authors, encouraging a greater diversity of books. one law wanted to ban a children's biography of michelle obama, arguing it
4:53 pm
promotes reverse racism. another parent, a member of the feelings crowd in dallas, wanted to ban a book about the life of a black olympian, named wilmoth rudolph, you should know net that name, because it mentioned racism. joining me now is michael eric dyson, professor of vanderbilt at vanderbilt university. dr. dyson, as an educator in college professor, give me your raw reaction that we are in black history month and the thing to do is to ban any book that has black or racism in the title. it >> is ironic, it's paradoxical, joy. both of those are real. but it is also tragic. it is contradictory. on the one hand, america is obsessed with history, can't get enough of the founding fathers, founding brothers, founding mothers brothers.
4:54 pm
there are 75,000 books on abraham lincoln again. so and then recreations of the confederacy, every big battle, yes, yes! but when it comes to black people, hey, can you get over it? so you can do all these reenactments, do all this founding fathers, and mothers and brothers and all that. but when it comes to any history, about us, that challenges the worldview of white people being at the folks at the center of the universe, and we are satellites -- so ted cruz's standards when it comes to black women, reading ira katz nelson's book, when affirmative action was white? you all started the thing, no one asked you questions about merit, you know your uncle bubba's as dumb as to hammers on the end of a lead poll. at the same time, that person gets a job. godless them! but when mayor is revoked, you know these are racist attempts to undermine the credibility of black people and the legitimacy
4:55 pm
of our intelligence. and to do it during black history month, it is so precious, but let's have the battle. and to ban books -- oh, go ahead. >> ted cruz is a senator, madison cawthorn is a member of congress. make it make sense. that's not merit. but at this time when the demand among these right-wing groups that are stoking these parents up, it's to say, you must say that all white people through history were nice. they were innocent, one of my producers use this term -- it is about innocence. yes they had slaves but they just wanted them to be christian. of course they fed them, they didn't want them to be sick, they treated them so good, they were members of the family. yes, they were slaves but it was nice. we are nice. thomas jefferson, he was nice, he loved the children he created. like, they need it to be nice. and yet we are living at a time when the way that they are trying to demand this niceness is screaming at school board members to the point where they are quitting! people are threatening school boards and now we have today,
4:56 pm
on the first day of black history month, at least six historically black colleges and universities have received bomb threats. so which is it? do you want us to say that everything about white america is nice? or do you want to blow a black colleges or at least threaten to do so? >> yeah, i mean, you are making a powerful point there, very poignantly. and here's the truth. the fact is that there is nothing more dangerous or destructive or fear inducing in america than a black person with a brain. a black person who is articulate, a black person who can tell the truth. martin luther king junior was murdered, not by nice people, and malcolm x was murdered -- not by nice people. the point is, if they were nice in murdering them, that shows you that you are nice in -- james baldwin talked about it, innocence, and the comfort of white people. and the air we evoke robin d'angelo's name? you are all mad at robin d'angelo -- >> she's white! >> your egos are fragile and yet you are proving the fact, oh no, it would make us
4:57 pm
uncomfortable if you tell us the truth! discomfort is the promise of through education, challenging peoples set ways, black, white, brown, red, whatever race or color or nationality. this is an attempt to defend and protect white people from knowledge. they don't want to be trampled by indictment and so they would rather be bulldozing knowledge away from themselves to keep the purity and innocence and comfort right there. >> we are in a time there where we had the -- being sued by one of its very where black coaches. a league where 70% of the bodies on the field are black but only two or three people have been allowed to be coaches. they are now being sued for racial discrimination. if you could touch on that? but also tell us, as a professor, who has taught at universities that are predominantly white, have any of your students ever said, i am too afraid to read the spot? i cannot read this book and i am afraid of this book? because i think the kids are less weak than the parents are saying they are.
4:58 pm
>> yes, they have said that but not because of race. they are saying, man, you just crazy! [laughs] of course that is ludicrous! they want more. my wife says -- i didn't know this, asian, black, native people. they want more knowledge. they are really tired of the pablo m. that they have been fed, the infant tile, reductionist knowledge that is nothing to them. they came to college to be challenged, to be uncomfortable, to understand that their ways have not been productive. what can i learn? what more can i absorb in order to this? and brian flores, god bless him, he is colin kaepernick on the coaching level. he may not get another coaching job again but he has pulled the cover from off of the hypocrisy and the chicane eerie and hopefully some things will change. >> yes. and i had the pleasure of teaching both at howard university and syracuse. and my white students and black students were equally thirsty for knowledge. and i have to tell you three semesters at syracuse, almost
4:59 pm
all white students. and at the end, i got so many notes from them, saying we never get to talk about race in my life and i really enjoy being able to have these frank conversations, where it feels safe to have these open conversations. they wanted to have the conversations. young people are not stupid, they understand that there is more to it than in 1492, columbus sailed the ocean blue. they know that that is baloney. it is almost a crime against these young people, saying, you are read too soft to read tony morrison. we read that in seventh grade! >> if you cannot read michelle obama -- >> come on! >> michelle obama is americana. michelle obama is talking about the trajectory, rising from the humble beginnings in the south side of chicago, to be a bestselling author. what more do you want. she is translating your literature and your livelihood into a powerful but where story. amen to her and black folk, heap writing, the pen is mightier than the sort!
5:00 pm
>> a man and stop treating these young people like they are soft and stupid. first of all, they have the internet. you talk about banning books? they are going to look up all the books? they are going to read them anyway, they are smarter than all of you. michael eric dyson, always great to be with you, happy black history month! always we get to say that, "all in with chris hayes" starts now. say that,tonight on all in. >> they know it's true, they know it's there, they know who won the election, but they refused to say your right. >> donald trump himself was in on the scheme to seize voting machines. tonight the most incriminating evidence of the trump coup plot yet. the back man he used to help him do it and with the investigation is discovering from trump documents. then, the republicans suing to disqualify madison cawthorn from congress for engaging in insurrection joins me live. plus, jelani c


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