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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  February 1, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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you my friend, much appreciated. i'm thanks to you at home for joining us this hour, as you can see i'm still here in my home studio. that is because i was exposed to somebody with covid, i am still testing negative i am fine,. i'm vaccinated and boosted, but i was definitely exposed. and because i cannot wear a mask while i am a doing this show in the studio, i have to broadcast from home so i don't risk exposing any of my coworkers by going into the studio. so that's the only reason i'm home. other than me trying to do this myself while having absolutely no skills as an audio engineer, or a lighting engine here, a makeup artist, or a camera operator. other than that, a everything should be fine. so forgive me for everything that inevitably goes wrong and for how crazy i look and sound. but i'm happy to have you here, thank you for being, here we have a lot to get to tonight. so he was a late higher to the
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trump administration, they didn't hire him until year four of the trump administration. they hired him in march, 2020. the administration hired a new lawyer to work in vice president pence's office, a man named gregory jacob. now this was not gregory jacobs first stint in federal government, he had worked on the george w. bush administration previously. he had been a lawyer who worked on labor issues and the george w. bush administration. but when he came back to government service in march, 2020, he came back for a big time job. he came back to work directly for vice president pence as the vice president's chief legal counsel. that is a big time told. and of course, gregory jacob did not last a full year in that job because he started in march, 2020 and the trump administration didn't last until march 2021. they lost the election in the biden administration took over in january of 21. but even for that less than a
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year that he was there, that was really an eventful tenure for gregory jacob. especially during the last few months of his time serving as vice president pence chief counsel. on january 4th, 2021, two days before the attack on the capitol, two days before the -- gregory jacobs attended a meeting in the oval office. and there in the room for the meeting was the president, donald trump, the vice president, gregory jacobs boss, mike pence. also, the vice presidents chief of staff. and president trump had someone with him there to, a lawyer friendly to him and to his overturn the election cause. a lawyer named john eastman. john eastman was apparently there at that january 4th meeting to tell vice president pence that he had to act, he had to do something on january six when congress was said to me to certify the election. eastman reportedly at that meeting told by vice president pence and his staff that the vice president should refuse to
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certify the election. and he if he refused to certify the election, the results could be overturned in trump's favor. that was the meeting, oval office, january 4th. gregory jacob was there in person for that meeting at the vice president side. the very next day, january 5th, they did it again. that same trumpy lawyer, john eastman, reportedly cornered gregory jacob, the vice president's top lawyer, cornered him in another office in the white house complex and when he cornered him he argued that the following day, on january six, when it came time for vice president presents to count electoral votes, you should actually just reject all the electors for joe biden. that was his pitch. that meeting reportedly lasted two solid hours in the white house complex. and the day after that meeting, of course, was january six. and gregory jacob was there for the interruption of the electoral vote count. he watched his boss get ex
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courted off the floor of the senate while a mob of trump supporters broke into the capital, hunting down mike pence, to try to stop the certification of the election for biden. gregory jacob was there for that, he saw his boss get rushed off to safety by the secret service. and then he emailed that same trumpy look trumpy lawyer, who had spent the last 48 hours trying to talk vice president pence into the scheme that he should stop the certification of the election, gregory jacob wrote to john eastman, quote, thanks to you for your bold link we are now under siege. to wechat east and then stabbed back, quote, the quote unquote siege is because you and your boss did not do what was necessary to allow this to be aired in a public way so the american people can see for themselves what happened. but then over the course of the day, over the course of january six, eastman, that trump lawyer, and pence's counsel, gregory jacob, they kept going back and forth. late in the evening on january six, we know that the trump lawyer, john eastman, he
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emailed jay gregory jacob. and again, this is later night on january six, this is after 140 police officers have been injured. police officers still in the hospital at this point. this is after multiple people died. this is while law enforcement was looking for what was left behind in the ransacked offices that the mob had marauding through through the course of the day and night. late that night, when the riot was finally over, john eastman is still doing it. he rode pence's chief counsel, gregory jacob, to tell him that vice president pence still should refuse to certify the election results. here's the important thing though, vice president pence's counsel, gregory jacob, he did more than just email back and forth with john eastman, with that lawyer who is still trying to get pence to heed the mob and overturn the election. keep trump in power. gregory jacob did more than just email with eastman that day. perhaps more importantly, he
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also took time to email himself. quote, after the unrest began on january six, gregory jacobs sent an email to memorialize his conversation with eastman from the day before. the day before january six was that two-hour meeting in the white house complex where eastman reportedly brow beat it pence, that he should throw out all the biden electors. gregory jacob apparently -- or near contemporaneous votes on that meeting and email them to himself, to save them, to memorialize them. while the capitol siege was underway on january six. so this guy, gregory jessica, the vice president pence's top lawyer, for the investigators trying to get to the bottom of donald trump's efforts to overthrow the u.s. government and prevent the newly elected president from being sworn in, for those investigators gregory jacobs is an interesting fact witness. i mean he was in the room with trump when this --
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when trump in this foyer were pushing pants, that 30 to go along with this scheme to overthrow the government. he had a two hour meeting with this trump lawyer and the following day, he was trying to convey instructions, specific instructions, for vice president pence to follow. throw out all the biden electors. to overthrow the government, to overturn the election. gregory jacob as pence's chief counsel, he just has this interesting window into what trump's allies were thinking and arguing for, in realtime while the attack was in his final planning stages and while it is underway. even while the physical attack on the capital was still underway, they were still pushing vice president pence to overturn the election. even once it was over, they were still pushing vice president pence to overturn the election. and apparently, gregory jacob has a paper trail to back all of this up. having taken contemporaneous notes on everything that the trump side was telling him, and what they were telling vice president pence to do.
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interesting witness, right? if they could get him. well today here, was gregory jacob on his way to provide testimony to the january 6th investigators in congress. we he testified to investigators for almost nine hours today. really? it is a very long time. part of the reason we know that, part of the reason that was confirmed tonight, is because of comments from the chairman of the january 6th investigation, congressman benny thompson of mississippi. just gonna play you this conversation between benny thompson and a reporter. this is my favorite piece of tape so far from the january six investigation. and you are about to see why. this is chairman thompson tonight talking to a reporter and confirming that yeah, gregory jacob did come in and testify and it turned out to be a long day and a big deal. listen to how he sort of spills it out, this is excellent, this is from today. >> how was your weekend, first
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of all? >> it was the end of deer season. >> really? >>. and i went deer hunting. >> did you get anything? >> i absolutely did. you need some meat? >> i don't know, i don't really eat deer meat -- >> you've never had venison? >> no. >> you don't know what you've been missing. >> is it good? do you cook at like steak? >> you can do it anyway. >> how do you like it? >> any kind of way. i mean, i'm country, so. that's what country folk to. >> what can you tell us about the greg jacob testimony today? >> well, it's still going on. >> still going? >> yeah. >> i mean, he obviously is close to the former vice president, who you want to hear from. >> well, you know, we're glad he came. and obviously if he is part of the work that we do. he's a great patriot. he loves this country more so
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then other people who don't. it >> so, lot of news there we. a, got a dear. venison is delicious, you should try it anyway. the, also got the vice presidents chief legal adviser in there and yeah, we're heading into our nine now. and, and chairman thompson's words, turns out the guys a great patriot. we big day for the january six investigation today, right? talking to this guy who may be a very, very important witness. of course, not all important witnesses have been coming forward to the committee. a large number of people in trump circle have refused to cooperate with the investigation, including interestingly his chief of foreign staff mark meadows. today, nbc news had some really super interesting reporting that might help explain why meadows is no longer cooperating. you might remember the january six investigation in congress got up and running in summer on july 1st. that's when the house voted to
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set up the investigation into the attack on the capitol, into trump's attempt to overturn the election, july 1st. well, and bc's jonathan allen is now reporting that on july 26, three and a half weeks after the committee got set up, after the investigation got started, july 26, donald trump's political pack donated 1 million dollars to the conservative nonprofit where his chief of staff, mark meadows, currently works. that's the most money trump's pac donated to any of his political allies. that's the most money trump's pac donated to anyone in the last half of 2021. the other largest donation in trump's pac made in that time was a 10,000 dollar donation, almost all the other donations that the pack made it where 5000 dollar donations. but for some reason, right after the january six investigation got up and running, trump decided to have his pack gave not $5, 000, not $10, 000, but 1 million dollars to the organization that employs mark meadows.
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wow, 1 million dollars! . for what's? as we know, mark meadows was subpoenaed by the january six investigation. as we also know, he initially cooperated. he turned over twelves of documents and communications to the investigation. documents that led to some of the initial fascinating rounds of revelation out of the investigation. but after that initial cooperation, all of a sudden, for some reason, mark meadows did a u-turn. said he changed his mind and would no longer be cooperating. so this new reporting from nbc on the mommy flow, the unexplained money flow from trump to meadows on the committee started its investigation. that's interesting, right? does that huge anomalous donation from trump's pac weeks after the january six investigation got going, have anything at all to do with why mark meadows all of a sudden stop cooperating? because so far there really has
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no good explanation to why my toes to that abrupt -- after he decided that he was going to stop cooperating with congress, mr. meadows of course was found in contempt for his refusal to cooperate. he was ultimately referred to the justice department, the u.s. justice department for potential criminal prosecution. i should, mentioned the u.s. justice department still has not made any public announcement about whether or not they plan to prosecute mark meadows for refusing to comply with the subpoenas another demands from the investigation. but nevertheless, the january 6th investigation continues, continues to spill out new eye-popping revelations all the time. last week for example, we learned that investigators have obtained this document, it was first obtained by, and it is a draft executive order prepared for president trump that would've authorized the military, would've authorized the defense department to go around the country seizing voting machines
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after the 2020 election. cnn reported last night that there was actually a second executive order like that, banging around the trump white house, one that laid out the same scheme to have -- go seize voting equipment around the country. but that second executive order wouldn't have had it down by the military, it would've hadn't done by the department of homeland security. well now there's this new explosive reporting from michael schmidt and his colleagues at the new york times, quote, 62 weeks after election day is with his hold on power slipping, president on all trump directed his lawyer rudy giuliani to make a remarkable call. trump wanted giuliani to ask the department of homeland security if the department could legally take control of voting machines in key swing states. giuliani did so, calling departments acting deputy secretary, who said he liked the authority to audit or impound the machines. the outreach to the department of homeland security came not long after mr. trump, in an oval office meeting with attorney general bill barr, raised the possibility of
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whether the justice department could seize voting machines. it previously undisclosed -- when trump raised the idea of whether the justice department could be used to seize the machines. mr. trump told mr. barr that his lawyers had told him the department had the power to seize machines as evidence of fraud. trump mentioned a specific state that had used machines billed by dominion voting machines, excuse me dominion voting systems, where his lawyers believe there had been fraud. mr. barr had been brief extensively at that point by federal law enforcement about how the theories being pushed by trump's legal team about dominion being were unfounded. barr told trump that the justice department had no basis for's seizing the machine because there was no probable cause to believe a crime had been committed. i mean, the more we learned about trump's efforts to overthrow the government and prevent the next duly elected president from being sworn in,
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i mean, the more it sounds like a little bit like speed dating. it tries roping the defense department into this scheme, hey, send out the military and sees all the voting equipment. military apparently passed. then he started the homeland security department, also, pass. also a no go. well how about the justice department? bill barr have the justice department seized voting equipment. apparently bill barr wasn't doing it either. but in this new reporting from the times, we learn about one more potential suitor, one more potential date, that donald trump tried to get on board for his effort at an insurrection. this is fascinating to me. this is what the times reports, quote, around the same time that mr. trump brought up the possibility of having the justice department seized voting machines, he also try to persuade state lawmakers in contested states like michigan and pennsylvania, that they should use local law enforcement agencies to take control of the machines. the state lawmakers refused to
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go along with the plan. so, i mean, you might remember there was reporting in the days after the election about how trump was calling up republicans state legislators in states where he lost, trying to get them to throughout the election results. he made this big show of inviting republicans from michigan and pennsylvania to the white house, and late november, to complain to them about how he really won those two states and they should do something about it. but this new reporting in the times is that trump was not only telling these guys that joe biden lost their states, he was telling them that they should have local law enforcement in michigan and pennsylvania start seizing voting equipment. that reporting is brand new and frankly red hot. i mean, presumably local reporters in michigan and pennsylvania are now doing back flips to try to follow up on this reporting, to try to contact those local officials who were in contact with trump after the election, to find out
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what was said to them. to find out if there was ever an active plot to use law enforcement in the state of michigan, law enforcement in the state of pennsylvania, to try to go and get voting equipment at trump's insistence. he was asking them for that, did it go any further than that? we and you know, this opens up a whole new line of inquiry. after trump told lawmakers they should have line forsman seasonal voting machines, i mean, we should hear about it from those local republicans in michigan and pennsylvania. but we should also probably hear about it from the january six investigation, potentially from anybody bringing criminal charges around this plot. today nobody actually try it? how was this demand from the president received? we've learned a lot about how trump to try to use the power of the federal government to seize voting machines, to try and change the results of the election in his favor. was there a state level component of his plan to? well, the january six
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investigation is trying to find out. just in the last hour, the new york times is duly reporting that the january six investigators are scrutinizing donald trump's involvement in proposals to seize voting machines after the 2020 election, including efforts to create a legal basis for directing national security agencies to take such an extreme action, that's according to three people with knowledge of the committees activities. the times reporting tonight that quote, it is not clear when evidence the committee is examining, as it looks at any role trump trump might have played in encouraging or facilitating the drafting of the so-called national security finding. but the committee recently received documents from the trump white house, including what court filings described as a document containing presidential findings -- concerning the security of the election as door it occurred and ordering various actions. joining us now is michael schmidt, he's a washington correspondent for the new york times, it was one of the reporters who broke the story about trump's involvement in the plans to seize the voting machines. mr. smith, it's nice to have you here tonight, congratulations on the scoop.
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>> thanks for having me. >> it's been a lot of revelations in the last 48 hours, let me just ask you if i put any of that wrong or five got the emphasis the wrong way around, if there's anything that i missing out in terms of one of you and your colleagues have reported. >> no, that was a great summation of it. i think for us the most important thing here is that there is a lot of different things that have emerged in the past year that we've learned that donald trump's advisors and republicans across the country did. we also know a lot of what donald trump said out loud and did publicly. what our reporting, we thought advanced, and what made important is that it brought trump himself into the effort in a way that we had not seen before. this was more than just using, you know, calling people and
6:21 pm
pressuring them and filing fruit fruitless lawsuits. this was contemplating using three of the most powerful institutions, not just in the country, but in the world. the department of defense, the justice department, and the department of homeland security. and to use that apparatus as the president of the united states, the person who controls them, you know, and consider using them in this effort to remain in power, sets itself out as one of the more extraordinary efforts that was underway to undermine this election. i'm not diminishing the other things that he tried, but we thought that this attempt was in a special lane of itself. and he was there, and was more than just curious about the
6:22 pm
idea. >> do we know, mike, what's the -- why they thought it would be necessary or helpful or when events the plot to physically seize voting equipment? i mean, whether they were going to have the defense or homeland security, or the justice department pull off this scheme, why did they want the physical equipment? >> it's a great question. and he's been as we were finishing our reporting on this, i was thinking to myself, why did they want these machines. because it's so different than any other type of election interference we've seen in this country. to our, best understanding from our reporting, they wanted to our machines because they thought that the machines that, they had been hacked. the conspiracy was that the dominion machines had been hacked and that they needed to get their hands on the machines so they could show that there
6:23 pm
had been hacking and that votes had been turned away from trump. that should have been for him. so they needed the machines in order to do that. at the same time though, and i don't know how this relates to it, flynn wanted to re-won the election. flynn wanted for the government to have a another election. i have no indication that the seizing of it was related to that. but flan it, in these television appearances, in which he said out loud the same stuff that's being reported here, talked about the idea of re-running the election. >> i mean, presumably, what happens here if it works, if they can get a federal agency to head out in force and start seizing voting equipment all over the country, that at the
6:24 pm
very least creates such a controversy, create such a stir, create such an appearance of seriousness about what's gone wrong in the election, that that would under girth with steal any effort by state legislators to an finalize election results, to decertify election results. to say that there's some reason that they client clearly say that i won, or that the result of a definitive -- were definitive inconclusive. i mean, in the same way that we saw the justice department draft letter to georgia, where they were gonna hype claims of fraud to georgia state legislators as a basis for telling those legislators that they should reconsider the finalization's of the electors there. presumably, this would have been such a scandal, it would've been such a constitutional crisis on the country that it would've opened the door to those -- to friendly legislators in the states actually saying that the election wasn't over. >> correct.
6:25 pm
the problem was that he couldn't find someone to do it. and it's a constant theme that runs through his presidency. whether it's trying to fire mueller, or a range of different things. this is a pattern, you know he. wants to do something, he doesn't want to do it himself, he asked someone else to do it, he doesn't in a way that sort of brings it up -- when he's in the oval office with barr he says, my lawyer say that the justice department can seize these things, you know, is this something that the justice department could do? you know, without sort of having to go that extra step to have to directly asked barr about it. and the thing that i was thinking about is your asking that question is in this instance, in this really, really important period of time, where you could argue that it came down to bill barr and ken cuccinelli basically giving trump the heisman and saying no
6:26 pm
we're not going to do this. if that were to happen today, based on what has happened with the republican party and the way that trump has continued to target in his direction and sort of the way that they have continued to entertain -- not just entertain but go along with what he says, i don't think it would've been -- if that were to happen today, and he were president, i don't think he would have such a difficult time finding someone to do it. i don't think governors that have shown immense loyalty to him across the country, that are more, and more loyal to him today than they were before. and, you know, if this happened at a later date he may have been more successful. >> yeah, the litmus test for hiring any of those people in the next trump administration, if there is one. or for him endorsing potential candidates for statewide office arrest a country, the litmus test for whether or not those it hires happen, will be would
6:27 pm
you go along with something for like this? at least that's how it's a. michael schmidt, washington correspondent for the new york times. mike, the fascinating reporting, thanks for helping us understanding tonight. congratulations on this. >> thanks for having me. >> all right, we've got much more ahead here tonight. while, stay with us. while, stay with us.
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the early morning hours, just after 6 am this morning in georgia at fort valley state university in georgia, when students at that school all simultaneously got this message from the college. it said in all caps, quote, emergency alert, do not report to campus. ford valley state university has received notice of a bomb threat, law enforcement is investigating. campuses currently on lockdown, residential student from dorms. that was in georgia. at howard university and in
6:32 pm
washington, d.c., it came in just before 3:30 this morning. shelter in place, a bomb threat against universities is being investigated. all persons on campus are advised to shelter in place until more information is available. in new orleans, it's xavier university, this was a warner to students. all caps, emergency alert, bomb threat on campus. we are coordinating with law enforcement. residential students should stay in the rooms until further notice. at philander smith college, in arkansas, we received a bomb threat this morning, presidential soon should stay in the rooms until further notice. just before 5 am, 4:50 this morning. morgan state university in baltimore had a bomb threat that prompted the university to close its campus for the entire day. they issued a shelter in place order for people on site. just minutes later, a little after 5 am, another hvac you located another bomb threat. today is the first day of black history month.
6:33 pm
and today, at least four teen historically black university and colleges got bomb threats. the fbi said they are aware of the series of threats they are working with law enforcement agencies. as far as we know nobody was hurt today. so far, no bombs have gone off. but obviously this is a disgusting and troubling and terrorizing pattern. then, 14 hbcus at least have gotten bump as today. today, at least six hatch bc use caught bomb threats today. at least eight historically black colleges and universities capone threats. so beginning of january, a ton of them, yesterday, a ton of them. today, an explosion of them. and today, beyond just 14 hbcus getting this, the story got even more disturbing beyond that. but food cooked and university,
6:34 pm
there are one of the schools that got the threat yesterday. this is according to local bay news nine, quote, the police chief said just before 5 am, someone called law enforcement and identified themselves as part of a neo-nazi group. they then proceeded to tell the dispatcher that he planted bombs and duffel bags around the campus and also plan to shoot up the school. again, that is a buffoon cook man university. similar story out of arkansas. it a suspect called 9-1-1 and said he was a neo-nazi and he had set explosives near two hbcu's in arkansas. white house press secretary jen psaki said the president is aware of these threats and that the white house condemns these disturbing threats. leaders across the government are calling for a thorough and complete investigation. why is this escalating, how serious are these threats, and how do we make good for the harm that has already been done to all of these historically
6:35 pm
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morgan state university and baltimore, it's maryland's largest historically black university, the president sent this message to the campus community. it says, quote, dare morgan family, since sending out an alert earlier this morning about the bomb threat we received, a few of you have contacted me to require whether this is real. unfortunately, and sadly, it is. the campus is being searched building by building this morning with our residential halls being searched first. morgan is one of the most historical inconsequential universities in the nation. our history has been one where we have endured all kinds of challenges and disruptions. but we have always emerge
6:40 pm
stronger. i'm hopeful that these bomb threats to our national treasure and to many of our other sister hbcu institutions, will be aggressively missed negated by the fbi. again morgan state university in baltimore is one of more than a dozen historically black colleges and universities that has had bomb threats today. that's on the heels of multiple bomb threats to hbcus yesterday. and still more that remained in early january. since that first wave of threats, less than a month ago, we can report that presidents of this historically black colleges have been meeting not just with local law enforcement but also recently with the federal department of homeland security, which suggest something about had least law enforcement perceptions at the highest level as to whether all these threats are linked. joining us now is david wilson, he's president of morgan state university in baltimore. president wilson, thank you very much for being here tonight, i know it's a difficult time. >> it is a difficult time, rachel, but thanks for having me. >> is there anything else that you can tell us other than the
6:41 pm
reporting that i just described in terms of the kind of threat that you all have been coping with at morgan state and how you've been able to handle it this far? >> first of all, starting today was a very stressful and exacting day for us. i wake into a phone call this morning at 5 am from the chief of police here informing me that we had received a bomb threat and the caller indicated that there were seven bombs here on the campus. you read the email that i sent to the campus, we mediately went into crisis mode. and i have to say though, almost an hour or so later, we received communiqué from the regional fbi, received communicate from the home department of homeland security, our local and state officials have reached out to us and our congressional delegation, individuals at the highest law
6:42 pm
office and the office of the governor here. so we are seeing, you know, great collaboration across the space. but certainly, this is a very, very disturbing period for us at morgan state university. >> the involvement of federal agencies like you just described the fbi and the homeland security department in particular, suggests not only federal government interest in this but also, potentially that some of these threats may be connected. that we can't ignore the fact that you are one of more than a dozen universities that receive this kind of threat. there are more yesterday, there were more less than a month ago. i don't want you to ask us to tell us anything that -- about any ongoing investigations, anything that you have been taken into confidence. but is there anything you can tell us about how federal authorities see this or any received laying speaks between where all these threats are coming from? >> we don't talk about the investigation in terms of the
6:43 pm
information that has been shared with us. but there is something really, really strange going on here. of course, today we had just a week -- receive these kinds of threats. and when you couple that with the ones that had received the threats before, they had been 22 threats to our hbcu campuses and certainly, i called for an immediate thorough investigation. on the part of the fbi. on the part of homeland security. we need to get to the bottom of this. we need to find out what the heck is going on, that is enabling individuals, who knows with the motives are, to threaten our students, to threaten our university community, to threaten these historic institutions that have always had their doors open for anyone who wanted to come. and it seems like the only thing that we are doing is to
6:44 pm
say to the nation, this is how democracy should actually unfold. and we believe in the democratic ideals. we are bringing students in and putting them in a position where they can become innovators, our engineers, our lawyers, our doctors, our elected officials. and morgan has been doing that for 154 years. so we want to make sure that whomever is responsible for these threats, that that person is apprehended and that person actually is prosecuted to the highest extent possible. >> david wilson is the president of morgan state university and maryland, sir, i am sorry that your campus and you're dealing with all of this tonight, but i thank you for helping us understand this. it's a very upsetting situation. >> again thanks for having me. >> i appreciate it. following this latest string of threats today, as president wilson was just describing,
6:45 pm
more than 20 historically black universities and colleges have received threats in less than a month. including more than a dozen today. following the latest threats today, the house speaker, nancy pelosi, the chair of the congressional black caucus, joyce baytieh, and the founder of the hbcu caucus in congress, congresswoman elmer adams issued the statement. quote, the continued bomb threats against hbcus are hate crimes that must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. this third round of bumper it's on historically black college and university campuses demands a swift response from federal and state law enforcement agencies. it's especially jarring that these threats come during black history month, when we not only celebrate the immense contributions of black americans, but also remember the violence so many had to endure to secure civil rights and voting rights. we know from history that in spite of cohn external threats, hbcus are resilient institutions that will persist through all forms and adversity. we are closely monitoring the situation in doing everything we can to bring an end to these
6:46 pm
threats. terrorism and racism have no place on college campuses or anywhere in our nation. joining us now is congresswoman alma adams, she's founder and co-chair of the hbcu caucus in congress. congresswoman adams, i appreciate you being here, thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me today. the first day of black history month when we should be celebrating and not dealing with these kinds of things. i listen to the president talk about the threat on his -- when you look at the threats across this country, they are acts of terror hate crimes. and yes, indeed, they must be fully investigated and prosecuted. and that's what we have asked to have done. i'm a product of an hbcu, i taught 20 years on the campus, i have a grandson at howard. i talked him today as well. so we are very concerned with the threats, they are concerning to all of us.
6:47 pm
so our federal and state law enforcement agencies must get involved. i believe they will. we need to have some conversations from my office as well. we continue to follow this and every person involved, whether it's one, two, three, or four, or more, should be prosecuted to the fullest extent to the law. >> you noted in your statement today, congresswoman, about adversity that is such a striking part of so many individual hbcus in our history. the things that these campuses have gone through, the things that the student bodies have been up against, the way that they have been individually targeted in some states and in some places over their long histories. how do you ever see in what appears to be a coordinated effort terrorizing them targeting so many historically black institutions all at once? i feel like i've covered a lot of news stories and a lot of political stories about students being disenfranchised and cart campuses and being
6:48 pm
targeted, and they're being discrimination efforts. but something like this affecting such a big swath of these organizations at once, this is unfamiliar territory to me. >> well it's unfamiliar to me too. like i said, i spent 40 years on campus, very involved as part of the week [inaudible] and with the cdc. so no, we have not seen the benefit -- the major disruption and sense of the flow of scholarship in education and getting the class and all those kinds of things. and the students [inaudible] they need to be careful, they need to be diligent. if you see something, say something, even if you don't think it's much. but despite the external threats, our schools are resilient institutions. they will persist. and i really appreciate speaker pelosi and chairwoman bass and
6:49 pm
everyone else, my colleagues, will be joining with us to speak out against these despicable acts. >> congresswoman alma adams, one last question for you here and that is about the federal response that it was just describing. we just heard from the president morgan state that there have been contacts with the fbi, there have been projects but homeland security. clearly, there's a federal government response. here we heard from the white house press secretary today that president biden has been briefed on the threats and is aware of this. is there anything else that you think needs to be done in terms of the federal government response or do you feel like the administration is taking this seriously and putting the right kind of resources on trying to find out what happened and put a stop to this? >> i think the administration is doing an excellent job of doing that and keeping us informed that we're gonna have to work all together. plus we are writing letters and putting out petitions, and trying to make sure that we stay in touch with these chances and presidents with our
6:50 pm
students because we can find out what is going on, who is doing it. because terrorism and racism have no place on college campus. education is a -- it's a powerful thing. our students need to be educated. and it's unfair that their education is disrupted in this way, and that's exactly what is happening. i think we are doing what we need to do, we are pulling together and being a support that we make sure we put it into this. >> congresswoman alma adams as the founder and co-chair of the hbcu caucus in congress. congresswoman, thank you so much for a time tonight. i am sorry that this is happening. i'm glad to hear you -- i'm glad to hear that you feel the resources are in the right place ending going in the right directions. let's hope for arrests soon. thank you. >> thank you rachel, thank, you thank you for having me. have a good night. >> we will be right back, stay with us. have a good night. >>
6:51 pm
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president trump lashed out of prosecutors who appear to have him in their sights and multiple ongoing criminal and civil investigations. he told supporters that he wants them in the streets in d.c. and in georgia, and new york, if these prosecutors act against trump. well today, we have some new reporting from the washington post that provides another window into why that investigation, like the one being carried out by the new york attorney general, letitia james, might be so concerning to the former president that he's calling for people to take to the streets in case the investigators pack. the post reports that -- has subpoenaed records about the trump hotel in d.c.. that's a property that the trump organization leases from the federal government, it's a federally owned property. letitia james is investigating reportedly looking into whether trump got the lease on that property through fraud. whether the trump organization lied about its assets in order to obtain the least for the
6:56 pm
property and the loans they used to pay for it. we know from documents that were filed by attorney general james last month, that it was trump's adult daughter ivanka trump who according to the attorney general, legault she aided for the least for that hotel. and negotiated a loan from deutsche bank to pay for it. letitia james is arguing that the means by which the trump organization described their own financial condition in order to get the leaves and alone were both fraudulent. here's one example. as part of the statement of one of their assets to try to get the least and alone, the trump listed the value of the apartments that they owned, including one that ivanka was renting personally at the time. under her rental agreement, she apparently had the option to buy that apartment if she wanted to. for the cost of eight and a half million dollars. but in the forms that were submitted to get the loan for the d.c. hotel, that very same apartment was listed at being worth more than $20 million. then a few years later, they
6:57 pm
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