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tv   The 11th Hour  MSNBC  February 4, 2022 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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that is tonight's last word. i am jonathan -- i will see you sunday morning at 10 am on the sunday show, where i will be joined by a house majority leader sandy hoyer, i hope you will joined us. the 11th hour starts pretty much maybe actually right now. >> good evening, i am christian thing, day 381 of the biden administration. more than a year after the insurrection, mike pence makes a seismic public break with his former boss. this afternoon, and remarks before the federalist society, the former vice president finally, and firmly rejected donald trump's repeated false claims about pence having the authority to change the 2020 election results. it was an extraordinary moment, as pence were called the violent siege on the capitol. he went on to forcefully rebuke the man whom he devotedly
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served for four years. >> january six was a dark day in the history of the united states capitol. lives were lost. and many were injured. but thanks to the courageous action of the capitol police and federal law enforcement, the violence was quelled, the capital was secured, and we reconvened the congress that very same day. to finish our work under the constitution of the united states, and the laws of this country. i heard this week that president trump said i had the right to overturn the election. president trump is wrong. i had no right to overturn the election. i had no right to change the outcome of our election. and kamala harris will have no right to overturn the election when we beat them in 2024.
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[applause] look, i understand at this point, how many feel about the last election. i was on the ballot. but whatever the future holds, i know we did our duty that day. >> he was referring to a statement trump sent out over the weekend that claims, quote, mike pence did have the right to change the outcome, and they now want to take that right away. unfortunately, he didn't exercise that power, he could have overturn the election! pence's comments today came just hours after the republican national committee voted to censure to republican lawmakers for taking part in the house investigation into the january 6th attack. the rnc says both liz cheney of wyoming, and adam kinzinger of illinois, quote, engaged in actions and their positions as members of the january 6th select committee, not the
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fitting republican members of congress. the century solution goes on to say, representatives cheney and kinzinger are participating in a democrat-led persecution of ordinary citizens engaged in legitimate political discourse. remember, that assault on the capitol led to the deaths of five people, and left 140 members of law enforcement injured. some of whom has said that they thought they too would die that day. cheney, who is the vice chair of the collect committee, responded to the censure vote with the social media post writing, this was january 6th. this is not legitimate political discourse. late last year, cheney said the panel was planning on holding several weeks of public hearings, today another member shared more details about the timeline, and what they hope to uncover before than. >> they have sent back doesn't enough that it has slowed down the scheduling of hearings, and
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i think it is more likely to be end of april, or may. i want to make sure that every substantial subplot to overthrow the 2020 presidential election is fully investigated. so we really just learned about the subplot campaign to seize election machinery, which is a real banana republican stuff. the focused campaign against mike pence is something where we have a lot of information but not complete information, and we are hoping to complete that, so i mean, you're right that there, you know, there's no exact finish line. but, we do need to investigate. >> the panel has also learned more about a phone call between ohio republican congressman jim jordan, and donald trump on january 6th. a source tells nbc news that documents turned over to investigators by the national archives show the two men spoke for ten minutes on the morning of that day.
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back in july, jordan was big, elusive, when asked if he had spoken to trump the day of the insurrection. >> on january 6th, did you speak with him before, during, or after the capitol was attacked? >> i would have to go -- i spoke with him that day after? i think after? i don't know if i spoke with him in the morning or not. i just don't know. i would have to go back, i mean i don't -- i don't know when those conversations happened. but what i know is i spoke to him at all times. >> jim jordan is one of three house republicans embodied to reappear before the general six committee so, far they all refused to show up. last night, committee chairman bennie thompson indicated members were having significant discussions about significant subpoenas. today, jim jordan was off to about that. >> would you comply with a subpoena if the committee -- >> we are also following the current administration's efforts to navigate its
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domestic and foreign policy agendas, and there was surprisingly good news on the jobs front today. the u.s. added 467,000 new positions last month. defying expectations that jobs would be hit hard by the omicron surge. and in november and december, employment reports were revised to show many more jobs added in those months than previously reported. >> america's job machine is going stronger than ever. this morning's report caps off my first year as president. and over that period, our economy created 6.6 million jobs. 6.6 million jobs. you cannot remember another year when so many people went to work in this country. >> meanwhile, the crisis over ukraine escalates, reports that at least some of the 100,000 russian troops on ukraine's russian border has now been put on their highest of readiness. today, russia's vladimir putin, and chinese president xi jinping effort a show of
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solidarity, and a challenge to america's role on the world stage. the two men in beijing at the head of the opening ceremony at the winter olympics, it is his first in-person meeting with a foreign leader in nearly two years. both men then issued a lengthy statement, opposing nato's expansion. well that meeting was taking place in china, newly deployed american troops from north carolina began arriving in eastern europe. to help support america's nato allies. with that, let's bring in our lead off guests on this friday night, peter baker, chief white house correspondent for the new york times, cynthia ochsner, former federal prosecutor in the civil rights division of the justice department, and jonathan carl, chief washington correspondent for abc news. his most recent book is the new york times bestseller, betrayal, the final act of the trump show. great to have all of you here. peter, pence and trump were always very different men, but they were partners from the election on through the trump administration. have we even seen this kind of
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public break between a president and the vice president in recent history, how did the effort to overturn the election drive this wedge between the two? why do you think pence chose to give this speech now? >> it is a very good question. we have seen other presidents and vice presidents split. we have never seen them split on such an important consequential, far-reaching issue, which is to say legitimacy, of the presidential election, an attempt by the sitting president to have the power over the will of the voters. that is a huge issue that is so much different than passed tension between a president and vice president, we have also never seen before this vice president, that is mike pence, oppose something that president trump says so strongly, so forcefully, so unreservedly. you, know even as he rejected president trump's, you know, pressure to try to unilaterally claim power to reject the electors on january 6th, he did it in a way that did not
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directly say president trump is wrong. the word he used today did not directly challenge him by saying it was an american, the word he used today. even since then, every time that came up, mike pence would try to soften the distinction. he said well, we are never going to agree on this. he would try to smooth over the fact that he and trump are on different sides of this. today, he came out and spoke in a more forceful way than we have ever heard him speak on this particular issue. of course, it does raise questions as to why now? i think one of the reasons is because he is not going to own the trump lane if he runs in 2024, which he would like to do. he may have to find some way of establishing his own identity, which is not to say that he disagrees with president trump on policy, where many of his base voters would want him to stand, but he does disagree on the most important issue that people identify today with mike pence, he ought to get out there and take ownership of, it because he's going to have to own it one way or the other. >> jonathan, you spoke to trump about pence for your book about how much danger pence was in on january 6th.
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here it is. >> were you worried about him during that siege? were you worried about his safety? >> no, i thought he was well protected, and i heard he was in good shape. no, because i had heard he was in very good shape. but, but, no, i think. -- >> he could have, the people were very angry. >> they were saying hang mike pence. >> because it is common sense, john, it is common sense that you are supposed to protect. how can you -- if you know a vote is fraudulent, right? how can you pass on a fraudulent vote to congress? >> you know john, it is kind of extraordinary hearing that now. trump justifying people chanting for his vice president to be executed. what is your take? why did it take pence so long to be this pointed as he was today? and why today? >> well, i would like to think that at least part of the calculation, and it is late, pence did stand up and the
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fight a direct order from donald trump on january 6th of last year, that was a moment of total defiance. but he didn't publicly come out and say, you know, donald trump was wrong, the way he did today. i would like to think that part of the calculation here is hearing those words from donald trump. i mean, such an extraordinary thing to hear the former president of the united states actually justify, provide justification, for those that were chanting, and calling for the execution of his loyal vice president. i mean after hearing that, how could mike pence do anything but to what he did today? if not something more forceful. i think that that is -- trumpets on a lot of things that have been talking over the years, offensive in many ways, something that you just don't hear a president say, but to
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hear him in that exchange literally provided justification for the execution of the vice president of the united states is something different. i think pence at that point has no choice but to make a definitive break with the person he had served so loyally as vice president. >> cynthia, i think you have a little different take than some people who i have heard after today. you posted this to twitter, i'm going to quote you, spare me any clapping for pence. for years a sink offend. since 16, crickets. now that his top is talking to the committee, he has nowhere to go. more a cornered animal than a hero. a patriot would scream the whole truth. what do you think his remarks today, potentially, mean for the january 6th committee investigation, and efforts to get him potentially to answer questions? >> well, i think that he is such a weekend vigil, i doubt that he will have the guts to
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come forward and tell us what's really happened. when i think crickets, that is what i mean. this guy knows what was happening in the white house, and he knows about the pressure for him to try to overturn the election, and he is not saying it. to the best of our knowledge. and he has every requirement in my opinion as a patriot to tell the january 6th committee and the department of justice what was going on. and he has not done it. and in my view, it is a lot more cynical than these two nice gentlemen that i am with, my view is that he has nowhere to go. he already has this vote, he already did what he did, the president is pressuring him, and now he knows that his chief of staff, and other members of his staff or talking to the january six committee, he knows that mark meadows chief of staff is talking to the january six committee, and he has no options. he has nowhere else to go. so the fact that he justified himself to the federalist society for a few minutes, and a clap, you know what? that does nothing for me.
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it patriot would come forth, and say what happened, and let us know how dangerous our constitutional republic was really in that day. >> an almost helmet tenuously, peter, you had another recently big story today, put the decision to censure liz cheney and adam kinzinger into the political context. what is a real minutes of this for them, and more pointedly, for the direction of the republican party? because i keep going back to that phrase, the persecution of ordinary citizens. >> right, engaged in legitimate political discourse. that is the end of that freeze. and you are right to focus on that. that is extraordinary. because this committee is investigating an attack on the united states capitol, not just an attack on the capitol, by the way, an attack on the capitol that was intended to stop the democratic transfer of power from one president who lost an election, to an incoming president who won. this is again, not random
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violence, this was an attempt to stop a president from being forced out of power by the voters who voted him out. and that is somehow, now, being recast by the republican national committee as ordinary citizens engaged in political discourse. legitimate, political discord. that is extraordinary. it is not surprising that some stirred adam kinzinger, and liz cheney, the party made very clear where they stand, they are still the party of donald trump, and the one point of importance in this party is your loyalty to trump. remember, this is a party that in 2020 has convention, and didn't adopt a platform. they didn't adopt a platform of policies. the only resolution it past was one endorsing president trump, not any particular positions. so this resolution, it reinforces this idea. but if you are disloyal to president trump, you are no longer considered to be republican as far as they are concerned. >> so i am sure you saw, jonathan, trump tonight put out kind of a rambling statement attacking pence, saying that he, meaning donald trump, is right
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and everybody knows it. no surprise there. but i wonder, what, if any reaction you are hearing from inside trump world, about both of the developments today? >> well, first of all there has been a lot of discussion among people that were part of that administration, that were part of that campaign, about how long it took mike pence to finally come out and say what he said on to cynthia's point. but the juxtaposition of those two statements, to see the rnc condemning the aid to republicans that are leading the investigation, and to suggest that this was a legitimate political discourse, that they're going after a common american -- common citizens who engaged in legitimate political discourse, the rnc tried to do some damage control after the resolution was passed to say that they weren't talking about the people that attacked the capital, i thought they were
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saying they were not talking about that as legitimate political discourse, but if you read the text of that resolution, it was passed, it is hard to say who were they talking about? if not the people that attacked the capitol. i mean, that has been the focus of the committee as far as, you know, everyday citizens. so, the juxtaposition of the rnc making that censure of the two republicans that are investigating this attack with mike pence saying what he said, and effectively condemning what donald trump did, as an american, it puts forth a reminder that the rnc has never issued any kind of resolution condemning donald trump, either for his role, in the january 6th attack, or in what he said about his vice president. justifying the chance of hang mike pence. no condemnation there, but a
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resolution of the two republicans willing to join that committee to investigate what happened with january 6th. >> you are so right. it is such a mind-boggling day. if we have not lived through the last seven or eight years, nobody would believe it. but, it doesn't come as necessarily a shock. cynthia, i cannot let you go without discussing michael avenatti, he has gone from being this anti trump crusader, from a felon convicted of stealing from stormy daniels. what exactly is he facing impossible prison time, how are his prospects for appeal? >> well, he has a big problem. that is not only does he have this conviction of these two felonies, the wire fraud and the stolen identity of felonies, aggravated stolen identity felonies, he has a prior family now with the extortion of nike. so, when it comes to his sentencing, he is not going to get probation. michael avenatti is going to jail. he is going to go from being the guy who was pondering,
8:19 pm
running for president, and thought he was the hottest stuff on the market, to going to jail where he will not -- you better hope he is not the hottest stuff on the market, let me just put it that way. he has an appealable issue, which is sort of interesting, the jury at first could not reach a verdict, and the judge had to give them the charge to push them to go back and try to reach a verdict, there was an issue with one juror. that is an issue that he can appeal. so we will just have to see where that goes. otherwise, he is going to have to probably go to jail as a lot of people proceed. >> cynthia ochsner with a friday night, kind of commentary, if we will put it that way, thank you cynthia, peter baker, jonathan carl, thank you to you guys as well. coming up, one of the nation's two major political parties is on defense tonight after declaring this legitimate political discourse. two of our most vocal political
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6th political discourse -- reveal something more about the state of the republican party than the targets of that censure. both are reaffirming their commitment to the january 6th work. kinzinger saying i'm a conservative who believes in the truth freedom and constitution of the united states. cheney was more direct saying the leaders of the republican party have made themselves willing hostages to a man who admits he tried to overturn a presidential election, history will be their judge. now we have a former speaks person for vice president harris, and on our streaming channel the choice, on peacock. and we have a former communications director. i'm so glad to have you here. so much going on today. let's start with what we heard because twitter was on fire. we have president richard haass
8:25 pm
taking aim at the rnc center. he said quote, there is a reason i was quoting. there's a reason why she has low poll ratings in wyoming. the description of the january 6th attack as legitimate political discourse, -- january six was illegitimate, an act of violence, anything but's discourse. orwell would be proud. is the orwellian nature of the center a mistake? or is at the point? >> it's the point, chris. i want to do the best to live in that intro. the most outspoken political commentator whatever it was. that was the point. they are sending a message to cease and desist -- that continues to be in line,
8:26 pm
with the man who tried to use many levers to overturn the 2020 election. here is that they. we will get to pence in the next segment. just for what you saw from him, -- says anything that you need to know about the republican party. these committee parties, i worked with many of those people. many of them who were there since the mid romney era or before. this is not all 160 people that you look at and say that is an insurrection right there. this is a group of people that wants to hold on to the power within the committee. they need to say popular with the people who had the grassroots. the people who show up to >> noah: back in republican meetings in fresno, where the all bulldogs lead 50 states in. all of the country, the 2nd of the believe 2 meetings. a couple these election was weeks ago, stolen from and donald trump, nevada, i was pretty wants close for the
8:27 pm
majority of to overturn it the game, but down the if they believe it's stretch they unfair, wolfpack exerted there. and is just we'll fine with the donald trump >> casey: autocracy in this country. turnovers led to easy buckets, that's with these this time it was dez groups want. that's the states cambridge. want. and the cambridge leads the committee is being team in responsive steals was on to the it. then activists. that's a serious part of this. , so when you look at fresno state patient. they the actions of the get the shot they republican party, and want, they what they're doing, miss it, then there's those who are a scramble at the other closest to the end voters, and the. it led activists, are those who are to this shot. they went from a 4-point game walking the most instep with trump. , to >> and i jumped a 12-point nevada lead ahead a little bit,, in under but house leader a minute mccarthy was on fox news. this afternoon, for here's how it he had to fresno state to get the say about the win, they have to center. >> avoid the big there is a reason why adam is quitting. there is sports a reason why. liz cheney is no longer in leadership, and has low poll rating in wyoming. this is a committee, when you as watch orlando the only person who had a worse robinson >> noah: week with cnn -- robert viola i think those, who actually two individuals will have a hard got some minutes
8:28 pm
time ever coming back to congress. >> so mccarthy and republicans are doubling down. is this an opportunity >> noah: isaiah for hill, democrats to 4 to shoot lure any. baylor, off the pump republicans to lure voters who are fake, it's pure. anti's insurrection? >> >> casey: perhaps yes it ballard with is. i think a 2nd jumper. in the case of only senior in the congresswoman cheney in rotation for the bulldogs. wyoming, love that shot i've listened to a lot of interviews she's done. she'll tell you that she can still win wyoming. that she knows people of her district better than kevin mccarthy and anybody else across the country. she welcomes the challenge. i want to go back to let him was saying. this is really important. the republican party is going through an apparatus. it's the entire apparatus of the republican party. they're going through something that, not to the extent the democratic party has gone through. there are a lot of different factions now in that party. you see how the constructive it is, you have tea party folks, now a little bit of trump
8:29 pm
republican. now you have the full on crazies. the qanon caucus going down. insurrectionists. people who are siding with folks that took up arms against folks of the united states government, to say -- these images if you're looking at the screen a ridiculous. the apparatus has to decide what it has to be. what we've seen today, they have sided with the republican party adjacent. they have sided with interactions. they've sided with the qanon's for a better term. the democratic and apparatus would do well to keep their eyes on the ball, but this is crazy. i was on the capitol. i was there. i was on the hill on january 6th. i luckily got out of there to watch what's unfolded on television. i was shocked. you know what's with me every
8:30 pm
single day? the people at the capitol that they went home. they went back to their communities. they went back to classrooms. they went back to police departments. they went back as local elected officials. and this is a five alarm fire. we need to treat it that way. so, chris. >> a lot of those republicans, two, are people who are in the media aftermath spoke differently then they spoke now. both guys are staying with us. ahead, the political future of the former private vice president pence, when the 11th hour continues. 11th hour continues going on outside, that's why qulipta™ helps what's going on inside. qulipta™ is a pill. gets right to work to prevent migraine attacks and keeps them away over time. qulipta™ blocks cgrp a protein believed to be a cause of migraine attacks.
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♪ the barnes firm, injury attorneys ♪ call one eight hundred,est resul eight million ♪ their flag, deep in authoritarianism where violence is power and the entire party operates around the cult of a leader. if you don't abandon it right now, then you abandon american democracy, and you stand with them as traders to our democracy. >> that was the new take from lima dow in. better known as politics girl. still here to talk about the developments in the gop, simone and taylor -- simone, is that the kind of staying, like you said before the break, the democrats should be saying every day. or are you looking at this from a political stance? is this what voters care about,
8:35 pm
or is this not gonna be wet the party keeps the senate and -- the? >> so, i think you have to look at the last midterm elections as a roadmap for how democrats can do well in this election. and republicans can win a district that they are going to be competitive in. the way that they swept the house in the last elections were talking about the issues that mattered to those voters in their districts. they ran local races. they planned on putting a check on president trump. they ran on getting something done. the difference here is that democrats are now in a position where they are defending something. they can actually say something that they did. republicans in the last midterm elections when they dead or were in power, they had nothing to run on. these people in these districts have something to run on.
8:36 pm
the vice president, the labor secretary, fining executive orders about labor. it is no mistake that the president and the vice president got out there to do that. they got into communities. they see the voters, see the people engaging with elected officials. >> mike pence was pretty clear today that trump was wrong on january 6th and his ability to unilaterally change the outcome of the election. we have something here from the washington post about why. some punts allies speaking on the condition of anonymity to discuss private conversations, said they viewed trump's grip on the party as weakening and his actions morality. and pence had to speak after repeated a tracks from. do you see pence seeing this as a political lane that he has for himself? >> you know, somebody said that chris. i don't see that. i don't have any admiration for
8:37 pm
mike pence, as anyone on twitter knows, but what he said today's important. i think that no matter how late people come to the party, and whatever the rationalizations are, the threat right now is so great, that when people say the right thing and speak truth in the face of these conspiracies and lies like on the attack on the capitol. hopefully he breaks through to some people. hopefully breakthrough in a way that folks on this network might not. >> well that's the opposite of what i asked simone. for republicans, what they did today, the rnc, they kept trump happy. but at what cost to the party? is there a cost to the party? >> yes, i think there is a big cost to the party when trump is in front of it going forth. i think that there is a great big group of voters right
8:38 pm
there. when republicans were out last time. republicans were voting for joe biden at the top of the ticket. they are turned off by donald trump's actions. i wouldn't go so far as to give it to the pence point, there is not any evidence that he's losing any grip on the party. there was a unanimous effort at the rnc today to not censure -- but the congressman who spoke out against it. in my view, i think that mike pence is defending his own legacy, defending himself. he is dealing with his own conscience. the issue with his god. he spoke out. i think that it's good that he did. there is no reason to look at it as evidence that the party is weakening. or that trump's grip on the party is weakening. that 100 and 68 to 0 vote today
8:39 pm
with cheney, and singer and -- >> we only have a minute left, but let's end on a very different note simone. we've had a couple of good days, right? ending with joe biden taking a victory lap on numbers. and the death of the leader of isis. do you see that this reset that the white house has done is working? or is it too soon to tell? >> it is too soon to tell. but we should give credit where credit is due. yes, this was a good week for the biden harris administration. there were weeks when it wasn't so good. and it's about consistency. when needs to be consistent is the work, and the white house knows what. they're trying to get out there and trying to be consistent. so we need to take the wait and see approach. >> simone sanders, and tim miller always important to hear your efforts tonight.
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8:43 pm
the pandemic. we all wanted over. but wanting it over, does not make it over. we just need to keep doing the right things to fight this pandemic. it is gone on too long. people are frustrated. we just need to keep doing the right things. that's why you are seeing the 50% decline and peaks. >> the white house is urging americans to continue to test,
8:44 pm
mask, get vaccinated. new -- is emerging with -- and affected with the virus is falling to. yet the death rate is going up alarmingly. covid has claimed the life of more than 900,000 americans. the country is averaging 2659 new deaths per day, an increase of 33% compared to a few weeks today. this doctor's theory -- and a veteran of global medicine with the world health organization. good to have you back. we've seen fewer terror had covid headlines lately. but deaths continue to rise. in florida, there are 100 and 78% of the past few days. tell me what you're seeing in florida and how is your staff holding up? >> so the staff is exhausted. we have been through so much in
8:45 pm
the last few weeks. in the last two years. realistically. things are a little bit better today, then they were a few weeks ago. the total hospitalizations are down. i will tell you, more than 93% of the people in our hospitals throughout florida are unvaccinated people. this continues to be a pandemic of the unvaccinated. yes we do hospitalized a few vaccinated people, and a rare person who has three vaccines, but the vaccines really work. it's a great shame that they aren't being used. we would be in much better shape if our vaccination rates were comparable to that of other wealthy nations. it's shameful that the 5.7 million deaths of covid, we account for 15.7% of all the deaths in the world. that is just completely
8:46 pm
something where we should not be at. we should have the goal to do better. but our lack of trust in science, are lack of trust in public health, has led us to the situation that we find ourselves in. >> and you just heard ron who said what many of us were feeling. everyone is tired of it. no more than you folks on the front lines. but we've heard about this stealth omicron variant that was detected in florida. are you concerned about this news of variants particularly with officials rolling back restrictions? frankly. >> yes. we are going the wrong way in terms of trying to manage this pandemic. i understand, yes we are exhausted. we want to take off our masks and go back to normal. unfortunately, that's not the reality we are dealing with. and, this has so many you
8:47 pm
mutations, so many mutations from omicron, in fact, the ba.2 is more different than omicron than the alpha variant from covid to. and in the already documented creases from people who had omicron recently, have now come down with the ba to variety of omicron and are sick with it. so if you're getting reinfected with the ba to, yes we've documented it's been here for over a week. and we are very concerned that cases may go back up if people don't practice those public health and safety measures, and make sure that they get their booster shots. >> and the governor in your state, and other states, continue to push freedom as a pandemic priority. and here we are in the midst of the struggle. what have we learned from that kind of approach? >> well, i think it is very
8:48 pm
obvious that here we are, a country that has so many dedicated public servants. so many phenomenal positions, and scientists, and capable people who could've manage this better. if we had the proper messaging, and if we had trust among our citizenship about the science that is, you can just see the contrast between those patients that did follow the science and where we are. >> dr. aileen marley, thank you to you and your colleagues who continue to fight this day in and day out. we appreciate your time tonight. >> and coming up, an interesting summit of sorts on the olympic sidelines. when the 11th hour continues sidelines. when the 11th hour (music) who said you have to starve yourself to lose weight? who said you can't do dinner?
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display of solidarity between china and russia. as parts in eastern europe continue to escalate. vladimir putin, in town for the olympics. has time for president xi, and the photo. the u.s. delegation, and the allies delegation, that would normally go to the olympics were not there. the nbc correspondents there, richard elaine. >> as they are increase their military presence in ukraine while denying attacking, vladimir putin wasn't trying to today, watching the olympic opening ceremony. and the games host, president xi. in a joint statement with russia, china said that it opposed nato expanse in.
8:53 pm
blaming the united states, and suppressing support for russia. also russia has expressed support for climate change over to taiwan. allowed in the far east by russia's border, there are pro-russian separatists who could spearhead a russian attack. they have stepped up artillery training. >> does that worry you? that their training for something? >> -- because it's expensive. i think they are preparing for something. for what's? we do not know. >> we are very close to the russian border, and ukrainians are telling us that they are maximizing their restraint. so they don't give them an excuse to evade. they said they are prepared for a possible olympics surprise. richard engel, nvc news, ukraine. >> thank you richard who continues to be on the front lines of that story.
8:54 pm
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8:58 pm
the sunshine soldier, and the sunshine patriot will strength at this moment in their country. but everyone who stands with us now, will win the love, and the favor, and the affection of every man and woman for all-time. tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered but we have this saving constellation. the more we struggle, the more glorious in the and will be our victory. good luck in your convictions. >> the last thing before we go tonight, that was jamie raskin, the congressman from maryland, quoting thomas payne in his closing arguments in donald trump's second impeachment trial. it will be on full display when nbc films have its new feature documentary, love and its constitution. the document follows over more than three eventful years as he fights with democracy, and the
8:59 pm
tragedy of the suicide death of his son tommy. raskin speaks to white unifies america and the value of the constitution. >> why is america such an extraordinary country? we are not unified by virtue of being one ethnicity, or one ideology, or one religion. we are unified by one constitution. and one rule of law. and the values under our constitution. here it is an aspiration, it is a challenge to us. the constitution should not be some kind of fetish document. it should be, the living commitments that we all have, to make democracy work in the service -- of >> be sure to catch love in the constitution, it is this sunday, 10 pm eastern, right
9:00 pm
here on msnbc. and that is our broadcast for this friday night, and for the week. with our thanks for being with us. have a great weekend everybody, on behalf of all of our colleagues at the nbc news network, goodnight. nbc news rachel is on hiatus. i am playing something that you may not remember, but it is remarkable that is on tape. i believe that this is the only time ever that donald trump uttered these words. >> i was wrong and i apologize. i know, it's weird harry can say that. donald trump famously never apologizes, that one time that he did, the thing that is memorable about that video, if indeed you remember it at all, is that donald trump so clearly didn't mean it. it's like somero o


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