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tv   Alex Witt Reports  MSNBC  February 5, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PST

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that's our show for today, thank you so much for watching. i'll be right back here next saturday at 10:00 a.m. eastern, and now stay tuned for one of the most supportive lovely women in the business, and that's my friend, alex witt. >> it's easy to support you. can i also say i love the concept of the teachers. i got a chance to visit this week with mr. royal who is one of my son's most influential teachers, you know, through high school. i'll be grateful for the inspiration, teachers are awesome. if you support them, they'll support your kids. >> absolutely. absolutely. >> see you next saturday. >> thanks, alex. and a very good day to all of you from msnbc world headquarters in new york. welcome, everyone, to alex witt reports. we begin with a tale of two republican parties. on one hand, mike pence delivering the harshest rebuke of his former boss saying donald
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trump's claim that he could have overturned the results of the 2020 election is quote wrong. on the other hand, you have the rnc censuring congresswoman liz cheney, and then congressman adam kinzinger as well for their roles in the house probe of the january 6th insurrection. that resolution receiving major backlash for referring to the attack as legitimate political discourse. we're going to have a live report on all of that in just a moment for you. first, at the white house, some much needed good news on the economic front as 467,000 jobs were added in january. soaring past expectations but with inflation still a major concern, white house chief of staff ron klain says these numbers are a good indication of what's to come. >> i know voters are feeling that anxiety that comes from the pandemic continuing from seeing stores shot being uncertain about the future and also from the fact that they're paying higher prices.
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no question about it, inflation is a factor. we have made a lot of progress on the jobs front. we're tackling this question of costs. wages are going up. i think people will start to feel the economy more as all of this sets in, and as they can exhale when they see we're getting the pandemic more and more in control. in north carolina, a big victory for democrats, the state supreme court blocking the new republican drawn congressional maps calling them unconstitutional, and demanding that they be redrawn. let's begin the hour with nbc's josh lederman in wilmington, delaware, that's where the president is spending his weekend. welcome on this saturday. you have mike pence making some of his strongest remarks against donald trump. what sparked this war of words? >> well, according to a source close to pence, alex, part of the reason pence felt like he had to speak out now was because former president trump had been publicly blaming him for not intervening in the 2020 election to overturn those results and
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claiming that the fact that democrats are now trying to change that law, the electoral count act to alter the way those electoral votes are counted was proof that pence could have intervened and the former vice president felt like he needed to set the record straight. you know, it's remarkable when we look at how the former vice president really towed the party line for four years, was so loyal to former president trump, even, frankly, alex, as protesters on january 6th were shouting hang mike pence outside of the capitol, and that's what makes it so much more stunning to see now that this rift between trump and pence is bursting out into the open. the republican party in a political battle against itself. after a split screen moment laid bare growing divisions among republicans about former president trump's role. former vice president mike pence ripping into mr. trump for
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insisting that mr. pence could have rejected the 2020 election results. >> i had no right to overturn the election. frankly, there is no idea more un-american that the notion that any one person could choose the president. >> after he blamed the vice president for not intervening. the former president lashing out, releasing a statement arguing pence could have acted. writing i was right and everyone knows it. the friendly fire breaking out as the republican national committee censured two of its own, representatives liz cheney, and adam kinzinger, the only two republicans on the committee investigating january 6th. >> all of those in favor of the motion, please signify by saying aye. >> the resolution, likening january 6th to police discourse and cutting off the two lawmakers from official gop support. just a lonely handful of republicans defending cheney and
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kinzinger, mr. trump says if elected he might pardon those at the u.s. capitol. >> if it requires pardons, we will give them pardons because they are being treated so unfairly. >> reporter: alex, most republican operatives and strategists will tell you they wish their leaders would stop talking about the 2020 election. they wish heading into the next election republicans were able to focus publicly on these bread and butter issues like the economy, education, that worked so well, for example, for glenn youngkin in that governor's race in virginia. the republican on republican attacks everyone is trying to game out, is trump going to run again in 2024, would he challenge trump in a primary contest. all of that setting the stage for what could be a really really bruising republican primary in 2024. alex. >> but again, the parlor games in d.c. are pretty darn fun. thank you very much, josh lederman for that.
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let's go now to minnesota where the mayor of minneapolis is halting no knock warrants after police shot and killed a 22-year-old black man, they say was armed. nbc's miguel almaguer has the newly released body cam video. i want to warn you, everyone, it is disturbing. >> in under ten seconds a minneapolis s.w.a.t team quietly unlocks an apartment door. storms inside with a no-knock warrant, kicking a couch where a man lying under a blanket with a gun is quickly shot and killed. during the chaos, it's unclear if 22-year-old amir locke who was not named on the search warrant and appears to have no criminal history was ever aware it was police who were storming into the apartment before 7:00 a.m. wednesday. >> these events happen very rapidly, and as there's a gun emerging in your direction, you're forced to make a split second decision about when it's a threat. >> with at least three shots
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fired by police, who also released this screen grab showing a gun, locke's family compared the no knock warrant to the police raid that left breonna taylor dead. >> he was executed by the mpd, and i want the police officer that murdered my son to be prosecuted and fired. >> reporter: though authorities promise a transparent investigation, community activists who work with police and were at their press conference fear that will never come. >> this is what i would call the anatomy of a cover up. this is unacceptable. >> reporter: another death on video at the hands of police. miguel almaguer, nbc news. >> so difficult there. we're going to be talking with civil rights activist mckessen that comes up at 1:00 p.m. we'll talk about the case.
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the mayor has asked for help in this case. millions of people from the south to the northeast are being hit with freezing temperatures. a sheet of ice making roads slick in memphis there. look at that. that is ice. and knocking down trees and power lines, a winter storm dropping snow across chicago with temperatures now falling below freezing. let's go to nbc's megan fitzgerald in chicago for us. i apologize for forcing you to do the live shot. having said that, we know that these storms, megan, they have passed, yes, from there, but there's this big chill now and the clean up. what's the latest? >> reporter: that's exactly right, the freezing temperatures and the ice, that's the concern here. here in chicago, it's the windchill factor that's bringing those temperatures below 0 for much of the day here. again, the biggest concern across a lot of the country is that dangerous ice. this morning, the winter weather in many parts of the country tightening its grip. some 10 million people across
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the southeast from oklahoma to arkansas under a freeze warning. already the icy conditions wreaking havoc, slick roads leading to crashes on a major highway in texas, backing up traffic for hours. >> we're coming in from ohio, and shot straight down to avoid the big storm, but then you can't avoid the black ice. >> freezing rain weighing down power lines and causing trees to topple over. in the lone star state, fears that the sub zero temperatures will once again shut down the power grid, a reminder of last year's deadly crisis that lasted for days. >> most of the state will continue to experience sub freezing temperatures for a few more nights. the power grid continues to perform well. >> but still, some 30,000 customers are without power. >> here we go again. >> it did get down in the 40s in our house. we were walking around with our down coats on and staying warm. >> in alabama, just outside montgomery, a tornado ripped through tearing roofs off homes,
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tossing trees and injuring at least eight people. >> we can see the debris now. be this one, beaten on the house. >> reporter: snow pounding residents from illinois to the northeast and into new england. >> this storm is throwing everything at us. we have snow, we have freezing rain, we have sleet, we have icy roads. >> in central new york, snow and a half inch of ice. a storm causing millions of people to dig out. now, you saw the treacherous road conditions there. this weather has also impacted the skies. we know over the last couple of days, we have seen thousands of delays and cancellations for flights. we're seeing that heading into the weekend. latest count is about 2,000 delays for flights and about a thousand cancellations, alex. >> i tell you, there's nothing good about the storm you're reporting about. thank you so much for doing so. megan fitzgerald. republicans have been decrying cancel culture, except when it comes to cancelling
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all of us in favor of the motion signify by saying aye. >> all opposed say no. >> the ayes happen and the five resolutions are. >> declaring the january 6th attack on the capitol an act of political discourse, despite this, the use of violence to storm the building and attack police officers and the related deaths and life changing injuries. the rnc voted to censure liz cheney, and adam kinzinger for taking part in the investigation. ali vitali is joining me with the latest on all of this. what are you hearing on this. it was kind of shocking, i got to say, when you look at what
9:16 am
january 6th is all about, and you heard the voluminous amount of aye, and a couple, three, nays, right? >> reporter: and the reaction was stark on capitol hill, too, alex. democrats and just those few republicans expressing concern with the way that the republican party has frankly started whitewashing what happened here on january 6th. calling the attack on the capitol legitimate political discourse. i talked with multiple members of the january 6th committee yesterday, all of them democrats, all of them, though, expressing concern about the way the other major political party is talking about this tragic day and this critical issue. we tried to ask minority leader kevin mccarthy, he didn't have much to say to us but he did talk to fox. listen to what he told them. >> there's a reason why adam is quitting. there's a reason why liz cheney is no longer in leadership and has very low poll rating in wyoming. this is a pure political
9:17 am
committee. i think those two individuals would have a hard time ever coming back to congress. >> reporter: and look, kinzinger is not trying to come back to congress. congresswoman liz cheney is in a reelection battle. we know that's one of the key house districts that the former president donald trump is focusing a lot of his efforts on. he would like very much to see her lose her reelection bid, and that is really the stakes here as we go into the midterm elections. we're going to have to see the way that january 6th as a political issue begins to play. we have seen people like liz cheney repeatedly over and over try to call to her party's better angels, try to talk to republicans, as a political issue but instead as a moral issue. it does seem when you see censures like this at the rnc's winter meeting the way that they are talking about this, it does seem like she's losing that battle but at the same time she's going to have her moment at the ballot box in this upcoming year and we're going to see how it plays out. it does play part and parcel
9:18 am
what's happening in the halls of congress. what we're hearing from former vice president mike pence, all fits together as the party continues to grapple with what it stands for in the post-trump era. >> i think wyoming residents are pretty well aware that she is not going to give up. she is a fighter. liz cheney will be going for it. and we'll see what happens. good to see you. a closer look at five of the bigger headlines of the week. first up, the number of jobs added last month, soaring past expectations, next, of course, mike pence making the harshest break yet from his former boss, calling donald trump wrong. third, in new york city, president biden offering a road map for democrats' message on crime ahead of the midterms. and white house documents ripped up, and most taped back together, and schools banning books that deal with race, sexuality, and gender. joining me now, three democratic strategist, former biden
9:19 am
campaign consultant, and national director of public engagement for the warren campaign. adrian el rod, and kurt bardella, adviser to the dnc, and dccc. all good friends. i'm going o welcome you, and choose one of the topics i read. give your take. you can choose one that has been taken as well. valencia, you first. >> i think i'm going to start with culture wars around books that are being banned in schools across the country. it is extremely disheartening and really sad and really scary. i was reading this morning an article that said some thousand young adult books are being banned across this country, and this is where students are seeing themselves, whether they are lgbtq, from a marginalized community, and schools that we know in particular have been talking about critical race theory, they're not being taught as history that reflects their ancestry. they're not being taught the history of this country, and so they don't get the education,
9:20 am
and they also don't get the representation. that's a really really dangerous slope we're going down, especially as this is happening in states that have passed education laws. so many different things are happening. i'm very concerned about this culture war that the conservatives and gop are launching, minimizing the voices. >> adrian, to you now, what's your choice? >> yeah, alex, i want to talk a little bit about president biden's speech earlier this week where he really provided a road map for democrats to run on when it comes to how to deal with crime. we've got a faction of our party, the far left, as i would call it, that supports defunding the police, that supports, you know, reducing funds for community policing. that does not necessarily jive with, you know, the majority of americans and what they want, and also democrats have notoriously when it comes to polling, polled a little bit weaker than republicans when it
9:21 am
comes to crime issues. i think it was smart for president biden to get out in front of this, knowing how difficult the midterms are going to be and provide a plan going forward. he appeared with new york city mayor eric adams in a city that has experienced an uptick in crime over the last few years. and made it clear that he's going to put more federal funding into community policing. he's going to do more to get guns off the street, and this is the kind of frankly policy making that we need to see in the democratic party so that we can appeal to those suburban voters. alex, i live here in washington, d.c., the crime has gone up again too. me as a voter, i want to see tougher crime laws, and i think president biden provided that road map for democrats, not only for our party but also for down ballot candidates running in different states to be able to support. >> 100% on that one as well. kurt, you're next, what do you want to choose? >> i'm very interested in the biden economy. we have heard such doom and
9:22 am
gloom for so long, and so much has been right wing gaslighting about the state of our economy and here we have democrats delivering. the biden boom is real. we want to talk about having a positive agenda that democrats can run on in november. it's the economy stupid. that's what we've all said over and over again, election cycle after election cycle and here we are getting results that any president would love to have. if this were donald trump's economy, we would be seeing him out there beating his chest, saying this is the greatest economy in the world, i'm the greatest president of all time, the bragging would be relentless, and democrats now have a blueprint for how they can talk positively about the economy, positively about accomplishments, doing things that are tangibly affecting real world americans. and it's like when biden said the other day in the press conference, what are republicans for, apparently they're for recasting a domestic terrorist attack as a legitimate action while democrats are fighting for
9:23 am
a better economy, working jobs, and increasing wages. i think that will be potent and powerful in november. >> we're going back to you, a reminder of the two topics we haven't spoken about, mike pence, breaking with donald trump, saying flat out wrong and the 1/6 committee has gotten national archive documents some of which were just, you know, ripped up. not even all of them taped back together, imagine that. those two or anything else that was already talked about. >> well, i'll talk about vice president mike pence actually breaking from former president donald trump saying he was wrong. it's clear that vice president mike pence knows a little bit more about the constitution than president donald trump. it's also really interesting that someone in that position is breaking against the majority of the republican party that is following a donald trump that is very clearly, you know, doing his dirty work and vice president pence is saying, hey, wait a minute, that's not who i am.
9:24 am
i'm going to make it very clear, the attacks are wrong. he kind of gave credit to vice president harris and her position, and he said, you know, she's not going to be able to overturn the election, when the republicans win. that's what he thinks. he could be signaling, he could be running or supporting whoever the nominee is, whether or not it's donald trump. but it's interesting to see this at the same time as the rnc is censuring other republicans who are breaking away from president donald trump. we'll see what comes in the midterms. >> you're right, very fine line he's trying to walk. good luck with that. adrian, to you. >> yeah, i guess, alex, i'm the lucky one who gets the trashing of the documents from the national archives by the trump white house. i feel like it's apropos of the former administration, you know, complete disregard for historical documents. complete disregard for adhering to the process. i don't really know what more there is to say about that.
9:25 am
but i do want to touch really quickly, alex on the biden economy. i thought kurt did a great job of laying it out. i think it's also important to keep in mind where we were a year and a half ago today, unemployment, right when the pandemic hit, especially started accelerating, the unemployment rate was up to 14, 15% under trump. you know, we're back down into extremely low single digits. it's a big deal what president trump has been able to turn around in a short amount of time when it comes to the economy. >> when it comes to trashing traditions, i can't get over the fact that donald trump and melania trump weren't there to welcome the new president and his wife to the white house. they were like let's go to andrews air base, i'm not going to welcome them. that was so tacky. >> classless. >> last one to you, kurt, pick up one of the five that we already talked about. >> well, the thing about the pence speaking out that's interesting to me is this a prelude, a preview to maybe his potential testimony in front of
9:26 am
the january 6th select committee. i don't really see how that committee can move forward and have these hearings after planning for the spring without hearing from mike pence. there's a big debate on social media, is pence a hero, is he not. should he have said this earlier. what's he been doing. it's great that he said this. i want to see what he says under oath. i want to see if he accepts the invitation from the january 6th committee to testify under oath. i want to know when he says when asked, do you believe this was a legitimate form of protest as the republican party has declared as their official policy. do you believe that someone who helped foment insurrection should be eligible to run for office ever again, i'm going to hold off on my opinion about mike pence's virtue until i see what he says under oath. >> that would be interesting to hear. you are right, kurt bardella, adrienne elrod, thank you so much. an end game to the pandemic might be in sight, will
9:27 am
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. it is the first full day of competition at the beijing winter olympics. u.s. snowboarding champion, shaun white announcing his retirement. white who has won three gold medals and become the face of snowboarding said this olympics will be his last competition. three american women have qualified for sunday's slope style final, hailey, all completing in minus 12 degrees weather. the u.s. hockey team facing the russians without a star player. brianna decker is out for the rest of the games after a collision with a finnish player earlier this week. a lot of talk off the slopes about china's decision to make a uyghur athlete a cross country
9:32 am
skier a torch bearer. china rejecting international criticism of its crack down on the uyghurs, many countries calling that crackdown tantamount to genocide. let's go to the pandemic and covid-19 vaccines, which could be cominged to kids. pfizer and biontech are authorizing the shot for children under 57. approval could come as early as the end of the month. stephanie, welcome to you. what is the fda considering before making their final approval, and what are they doing to ensure the shots are safe. think about the age group they're targeting. you have a lot of parents thinking i want this to be safe for my small child. >> reporter: absolutely. good afternoon to you, alex, that is the number one key is safety. that is what we are hearing, especially on the ground here in florida, let me break it down for you as best i can. last fall, the vaccine was approved for children ages 5 to 12 but approval for kids under 5
9:33 am
has hit a few stumbling blocks. pfizer announced the initial 2 dose regimen for kids 2 to 4 failed to produce enough antibodies against covid. as a result, the company began testing a three-dose regiment which they show to be more effective. pfizer is hope the fda will approve as early as the next couple of weeks, the two dose regimen for now, and they say they are hopeful they will do that which will clear the way for approval of the three-dose regimen later this spring. and we did talk to parents of young children under 5 who may be eligible for the vaccine, and take a listen to what they had to say. >> any vaccine that my pediatrician has told me the kids needed when they were babies, they got so many, and then there were two and whatever the course is, and you know, i listen to the professionals that are delivering the baby and taking care of the babies and know about that type of health
9:34 am
care and science than i do. trusting the medical community, and wanting them to be healthy. >> i would be in that middle camp, not right away but i'm sure they're doing research on it to make sure that it's safe for him, and i am not smart enough to say no to it if the doctors are saying yes gl i'm not vaccinated. i'm not planning on getting vaccinated and she will definitely not be vaccinated. >> reporter: and why is that? >> multiple reasons. i don't understand why people who get vaccinated continue to get covid afterwards, so in my case or in my opinion, it doesn't work. >> reporter: so, you know, alex, here's what's interesting, when we see this fda panel meeting in just a few weeks from now reviewing this information and this data, we know that the vaccine proved to be not as effective in that 2 to 4 age range. again, just so you're clear, what pfizer is asking that the fda go ahead, approve the
9:35 am
vaccine for the two doses even though we know that it's not that effective with the anticipation that the three-dose regimen will be approved once the results of this most recent trial become, you know, get published out there, and that will happen later on this spring, and then the parents can get that third dose, and then they'll be fully vaccinated and the vaccine does show to be effective. as you saw, vaccine hesitancy is still very strong. >> oh, yeah, 100%. thank you so much for that. stephanie stanton. europe is a plausible end game to the covid pandemic. the director of the world health organization says if the continent continues their boosting efforts. covid cases are expected to drop dramatically during the warmer months, even if a new variant emerges. dr. peter hotez, codirector of the vaccine development, and
9:36 am
baylor college of medicine, dr. hotez, always a pleasure. since 2020, europe has provided something of an early insight, a road map, if you will, into how the pandemic might play out here in the u.s. so will we also experience some kind of covid reprieve sometime soon? >> there's a real possibility, alex. here's how it might go forward. right now we are seeing a steep decline in omicron in most of the united states, and it's going to down almost as fast as it's gone up. that's potentially very good news. the not so good news is in places like the uk, it goes down about halfway, then it gets stuck and it lingers for a few weeks to a few months potentially, and that may be partly due to the ba 2 sub variant of omicron, which may keep it going forward. so that's where we're all kind of holding our breath right now in the u.s., whether it goes down to the bottom as quickly as it went up or whether it gets stuck halfway down or 2/3 down
9:37 am
and continues to linger. in either case, the hope is that as we move into the spring, we should have omicron in its entirety in the rear view mirror. that would be a hope, unless there's some low level, and what's next. the scientific community is divided on this. some are saying, well, that's really sort of the end game, and maybe we'll have seasonal peaks every winter, and that's a plausible scenario. i'm on the more pessimistic side throughout the pandemic, wait a minute, we still have the world unvaccinated and mother nature has thrown a variant of concern at us every summer in the southern states and texas, and i have every reason to believe we're in for another big wave in the summer. that's the cliff notes version on where we are. >> some would call it pessimistic, others realistic. there's a "new york times" article that revealed shocking new statistics this week. according to a recent study, 36% of republicans, and 22% of independents are unvaccinated:
9:38 am
compared to 9% of democrats. you, sir, were quoted in this article saying getting immunized is the only way you can be reasonably assured that you will survive a covid-19 infection. will people who have held off this long ever get vaccinated and in terms of the politics or the influence of that, how stunning is it that politics, misinformation, you know, party identity is influencing whether people live or die? >> yeah, i mean, there's no question about it. that same "new york times" reporter wrote a pretty compelling article late last year called red covid, and he points out a pretty strong and backed not only by "the new york times" data, the kaiser family foundation data, charles gava, an analyst who looks at this closely, national public radio all come to the same conclusion that the data overwhelmingly
9:39 am
shows that it's republicans and those with especially conservative leanings, especially in red states who are really being defiant of vaccinations, and those are the ones who are losing their lives overwhelmingly, so 200,000 unvaccinated americans in the last half of 2021 have lost their lives. almost all of them those who refused vaccines. so this is more than an academic discussion, alex, this is a killer, as i like to say, empty science kills and it's now killed more than americans than global terrorism or nuclear proliferation or cyber attacks or any of those other things combined. >> yeah, so let me quickly ask you about what we were reporting before about the expansion of vaccinations for kids 5 and under. some parents are very hesitant about that, are you confident that what's going to be put out shortly will be safe for kids and that parents should just say, okay, we're going to do this? >> well, you know, the fda has been very good about not doing
9:40 am
anything to put the american people in jeopardy, and they've had a decades long track history of putting out safe vaccines, so i'm not so much worried about that. i think there is confusion because as you pointed out or the reporter pointed out towards the end of last year, there was not enough compelling evidence showing that the vaccines in two doses were immunogenic enough in the young kids and would have to wait for a third dose. what's happened between now and then is something called omicron, and omicron cases, there have been so many, i think what's happening is now the pfizer probably has data to support some level of effectiveness with the two doses. and i think that will be put for the fda advisory committee on the 15th. and the sense i'm hearing, we won't know until we know is that there is some level of effectiveness and that an executive decision is going to have to be made, is that sufficient to warrant releasing
9:41 am
the two-dose vaccine now, with the expectation that things will get even better for the third dose or because of the environment that we're in, should we wait for all three doses and hold off for a few weeks. and that will also have to be made in the context of where we're at with omicron, whether it's still accelerating or whether it's behind us, gives us some breathing room. it's going to be a complicated decision making process. >> which means we're going to have you back, dr. peter hotez as this gets more ironed out, and you can explain how we should go forward. thank you. this week's bomb threats against hbcu universities highlights a disturbing trend in the country, and our former president may share in some of that blame. president may share in some of president may share in some of that blame uh, i-i'm actually just going to get an iced coffee. well, she may have a destination this one time, but usually -- no, i-i usually have a destination. yeah, but most of the time, r destination is freedom. nope, just the coffee shop.
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the fbi says six juveniles or persons of interest after black colleges received bomb threats on the first day of black history month. the minors appear to be using sophisticated methods to disguise the source of the threats which appear to be racially motivated. new today the president of one of the targets schools is speaking out here on msnbc. >> we took all precautions but we are not going to be deterred from accomplishing and continuing with our mission. so, you know, again, these are just cowards, meant to disrupt the entire process. >> yeah, absolutely. >> we have a whole history of this and we're going to continue to work towards progress. >> joining me right now is frank
9:46 am
figliuzzi, former assistant director for counter intelligence at the fbi. welcome my friend, you know what happened this week. we had white house press secretary jen psaki providing that update on the investigation. let's play for viewers what she said. >> our homeland security adviser is in close touch with law enforcement authorities at a federal and local level, and we're assessing what we think the origin, the reasoning, the motivation behind it is. it's important for law enforcement authorities and others to make an assessment before we make any determinations about next steps. >> so what are, frank, the challenges for the fbi between identifying these six people, persons of interest, and possibly bringing the charges against them. >> yeah, this was quick work by the fbi in coming out and saying, you know, relatively quickly, we think we know who this is. we have suspects. now, of course, we see a delay in charges, so what could be going on behind the scenes here?
9:47 am
number one, i think it's important to understand that the federal criminal justice system is not set up to handle juveniles. number one. so there's kind of a twist there, and there may be discussions going on about which state might be best to handle these charges. and this occurred in numerous states. that's an issue. we don't also know where these people are. these subjects may be in diverse cities, maybe in different countries. there's at least one report, alex, out there, that says that they identified themselves as being with adam wafen, a neo-nazi organization that has stretched across the globe, so the delay may also be partly because this could be an international investigation. we simply don't know. so good news, they've got their suspects identified. not so good news, we're going to see delays here because they
9:48 am
appear to be juveniles. there's hacking and cyber aspects to this. and they may even be global. we have to wait and see. >> yeah, that is extraordinary, that perspective. do you know if any of these threats were considered credible or part of a greater conspiracy. yeah, we have these six, but could there be more? >> yeah, and so, yes, i think that's part of this delay is the fbi is trying to figure out. is this really a larger neo-nazi conspiracy? has this happened elsewhere? there's tidbits coming out here. we have learned through some reporting that also there were houses of worship quote unquote who received similar calls. now, we don't know, is that predominantly black churches, could that be a mosque, a jewish synagogue, we simply don't know. maybe all of the above. so that's continuing. here's what i take some encouragement from. the fbi unusually so came out quickly and said we think this is hate related, right, so it
9:49 am
clearly seems to be connected not only to the possibility that these are neo-nazi affiliated people, and also there are calls to these colleges long enough to contain hate-based speech, charged with a hate crime, in addition to a bomb threat. now we have to figure out, can the feds handle it in the system if they're juveniles, does it go to the state, are there federal charges but maybe they served time in the state. all of that has to be worked out. >> real quick, is there a concern with so many threats coming in at at once, schools, houses of worship, that law enforcement gets splintered trying to investigate and prevent any serious incident from potentially happening? >> i think this is the real story, alex, the fbi data from the last known year that we made the fbi collected data shows a sharp increase in hate threats, hate crimes. there's no question, this is not happening in a vacuum. just in the last couple of weeks, we have seen racial taunting at high school
9:50 am
basketball games. you know, it's rampant right now, and it's unfortunately appearing to be not only a legacy of leadership that gave license to this kind of hate. >> yep. >> namely during the trump administration, but it's a sorry clue, alex, that this doesn't go away when trump goes away or certain gop leaders go away. this is passed to the next generation. our kids have learned to hate. it's harder to teach young people to stop hating than it is to teach them not to hate in the first place. this is a lasting legacy. >> it's heartbreaking listening to you describe it that way. you're spot on. thank you, frank figliuzzi for all of that. it's not covid misinformation that joe rogan is apologizing for, but what he said is creating new uproar. bue bue said is creating new uproar. don't pay for water. pay for clean. it's got to be tide.
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new fallout from the spotify streaming app controversy.
9:55 am
podcast host joe rogan is apologizing for past use of a racial slur. rogan, and the spotify ceo are under a fire storm for what critics call disinformation. defending the multimillion dollar contract with rogan saying we don't change our policies based on one creator or any media cycle. joining me now, eric deggens, first of all, welcome to you, what kind of impact do you think it's going to have on the initial outrage. >> he seems to be apologizing for a lot these days, but i think what joe is discovering is that when you become a major media platform, when you're paid so much money, and you grow to the point where you're reaching millions and millions of listeners, there's a scrutiny that comes with that, and there's a level of accountability that's expected from that. and so if you have a long streak over 12 years of using the n
9:56 am
word repeatedly on your show, at some point somebody's going to go back and they're going to find all of those instances and they're going to put them in a you tube video and then you're going to have to account for it. i think the big problem joe has faced here is one of transparency and accountability. initially when people criticized how he was talking about covid on his show, he avoided addressing the issue, and when he apologized, he didn't apologize for telling young people not to get vaccinated, he apologized for embarrassing spotify, and so at some point, you know, people are pushed to the point where they have to decide, are they going to support this guy or do what they can to make him take accountability for what he's done. or how he's talked about covid, and how he's used the n word and that's what we're seeing now. >> that last not even allegation, he said it, i think it's over 70 times or something, how do you legitimately apologize for that and sa, you
9:57 am
know, i'm sorry, i've learned a lesson. 70 times over years, really, that shows a mentality and an acceptance of something that is horrific. >> well, you know, he says that he feels differently about it now, and, you know, he made his fame as a comic who pushed the boundaries of how you talk about things and railed against quote unquote political correctness, so i'm betting that in the moment he thought he was being bold in standing up for free speech or something like that, but as i said, at some point you have to be accountable for how you use language, and what he's learning is that when you're a major media platform, and you know this, alex, as well as anyone, you're responsible for the guests you put on and what they say and if they say something that's incorrect, you have to correct it, and you're responsible for how you use language and whether or not you use racial slurs, and you better have a good reason for using a racial slur if you're going to use it, and what we're finding
9:58 am
out is that he didn't have a good reason, and now he's in the big leagues, and you're in the nfl now, joe, it's time to get ready. >> to that point, let me just say, i think they cancelled 70 podcasts and used that word 24 i'm sorry. i'm correcting myself and getting out the right information. to your point, got to do it. let's take a look at what spotify ceo said about the covid disinformation allegations. he said quote i understand the premise that because we have an exclusive deal with him, it's really easy to conclude. is he make ago free speech argument and does he bank on subscribers valuing free speech over actual content? >> i think when you pay a content creator to create content that is exclusively on your content, then you have a responsibility for the content of that media that goes beyond
9:59 am
if you're just a conduit, if somebody is creating a podcast and you just provide a way for people to credit it. they are subsidizing the creation of this content, and it's only on their platform so they have, i think, more of a responsibility to pay attention to what he's doing. in fact, in the middle of all of this controversy, they came up with these guidelines for how podcasts are allowed to talk about covid, and they say they're going to hold joe rogan to those standards, so obviously they realized something needed to change. >> yeah, absolutely. eric deggans, always a pleasure. thank you my friend, good to see you. here's a question, how could it happen, a no-knock police raid with another black person not named in the search warrant shot dead. all the questions swirling in minnesota, next. rrant shot dead. all the questions swirling in minnesota, next. age is just a number. and mine's unlisted. try boost® high protein
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