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tv   Katy Tur Reports  MSNBC  February 10, 2022 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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good to be with you. i am katy tur. there are a whole lot of new headlines this afternoon around trump and the potential mishandling of white house records, including questions about whether the former president broke federal law.
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the washington post was first to report that the national archives asked the justice department to review trump's handling of white house records. according to sources familiar, officials at the archives believe trump may have violated the presidential records act. that request followed news that officials recovered 15 boxes of documents from trump's mar-a-lago residence, materials that should have been handed over to the government. according to the post they included letters from kim jong-un, and the note barack obama left for trump in the oval office on the day of his inauguration along with the map of the projected map of hurricane dorian back in 2019, infamously altered by trump with a black sharpie. archives discovered what it believed was classified information in the documents donald trump took with him from the white house. this is not the first time
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trump's handling of official records have come under scrutiny. politico reported four years ago that donald trump was ripping up documents and white house aides were saving them and taping them back together like a jigsaw puzzle. fast-forward to today, the archives had documents that had been taped back together. there's a coop today from axios, new reporting from maggie haberman, part of her new book "confidence man," and staff and the white house residents periodically discovered was of paper clogging the toilet and believed trump flashed paper.
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what will the doj do if anything, and joining me now is nbc news justice correspondent, pete williams, and the hill correspondent, leon caldwell, and josh dossy and former obama white house press secretary, robert gibbs. we're wondering what will be happening at doj given the request by the national archives? what can you tell us? >> i think it's just too soon to tell. there doesn't seem to be a high level of concern about this at this point. it's clear that archives did ask justice for the reviews on this and they said have your inspector general look at it and that has been done and there's some kind of referral to justice, but it's a long way from saying there's going to be an investigation or the investigation would lead to anything. it seems especially difficult to
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think this would be an investigation of donald trump because it's unlikely he was the one that loaded up all the boxes from the white house. presidents don't usually do the moving chores when it comes to leaving the white house. for all those reasons, katy, i think at this point it doesn't seem like it's going to lead anywhere, but it's too soon to tell. >> too soon to tell, but if it does lead anywhere, it would be politically hairy by this doj? >> it shouldn't be a show stopper if they feel there's a problem here. there are certainly people that believe that the justice department if it discovers something wrong should lay down a marker here so future administrations know they have to abide by the presidential records act, and on the other hand it's the rare administration that leaves the white house without some technical violation of the act, so that has to be taken into account as well. >> josh, give us more from your
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reporting. 15 boxes of presidential records. how does that fall in line from what we know from other administrations as pete was just mentioning? what do we know of who may have moved those records and how they may have gotten to mar-a-lago? >> we don't know a lot about that, katy, and that's one of the things we are trying to figure out. we know in the final days of the white house, there was a frenzy packing effort because really up until the end, former president trump was still hoping that he could somehow prevail and win and stay in office. you know, we know that what happens is that after he gets to mar-a-lago, the archives is looking through all the things they believe are rightfully theirs from the presidency and they realize one of the high profile documents is missing,
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and they request the president give them that back. as pete said, we don't know who did the packing and it's hard to believe former president trump was moving large boxes, but did he order folks to take certain things, or did he say i want you to pack these things? the most high profile items we know of so far are items that he was particularly proud of, and he frequently showed the kim jong-un letters to the guests in his office, and the hurricane map, and barack obama's letter, and a piece of border wall that he was proud of, and a plane that is that on the take in mar-a-lago. those are things that he particularly liked. we would like to know how exactly those were the items that came to him with mar-a-lago. >> robert, listen, you worked in the white house. give us the inside scoop on how this sort of thing takes place.
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>> well, look, presidential records is something that each white house gets briefed on extensively before you begin and in your first week there the records preservation, the e-mails, and particularly we have seen a proliferation of e-mail communications, you know, if you communicate on personal e-mail you have to send that into your government e-mail so it's part of the presidential records, and even presidential tweets from staff and presidents are part of those presidential records, so it's a serious law. the archives is somebody that overseas that again with a high degree of seriousness. what has been interesting about this story is we have seen a lot of these stories during the trump era, outrage, things that looked to be out of the norm of the way administrations have dealt with these things in the past, and i wonder if this will come and go like many of those,
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outrage but then we are on to the next thing. it's interesting to watch this mushroom and progress, and i think the drip, drip, drip will ultimately be harder for doj to not look at something, as pete william said, the inspector general of the archives looked into it, and it will be interesting to see where it goes as we have seen these stories progress in news rooms. >> pete, nobody at the doj is taking it too seriously, and it's reported the archives believe there's classified information that donald trump took to the archives, and donald trump ran against hillary clinton on mishandling classified information, and they were to find classified information was in those documents and it was serious, would the doj take it seriously then? >> i don't mean to say the doj
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is not taking it seriously, but it doesn't appear to be anything ingendered in an investigation at this point. again, it depends on the volume of it, how did it happen? was it intentional? was it accidental? again, there have been many cases where not just presidents but administration officials leave the government with classified information and unless there's a serious record of that being done intentionally or on purpose, those cases are not prosecuted, even though it's a technical violation of the statute. there has to be more than the mere discovery of classified information someplace it shouldn't be. that's the starting point. >> my follow-up question, pete, given all the report that we have been hearing about donald trump tearing up documents and being told repeatedly not to tear up documents, would that be more circumstantial evidence
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surrounding intent here? i mean, there's a lot. >> i don't know whether tearing up a document is a violation of the presidential records act. it's a good question. but you have to look at the -- that's not the way a criminal case would look. you couldn't say well because we tore up some documents it looks like he must have taken these classified documents intentionally. it wouldn't work that way. they would have to stand on their own two feet. >> got it. leigh ann caldwell, we are talking about unknowns, or not knowing what we can't know because there are documents that could be missing, and we have heard that be reported, and we heard today and you have reporting about this about gaps in trump's schedule on the day of the insurrection? >> when they received the documents from the archives what investigators have now learned is that there are hours of time on january 6th where there are
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no logs of phone calls by the president. that's from after the rally at the elipse for several hours. when we publicly know that there are phone calls that the president made that day. he spoke to gop leader, kevin mccarthy, and he spoke to alabama senator, and he mistakenly called senator mike lee looking for the alabama senator, and those phone calls are not in the logs that the committee has received, and so that is leading the committee to wonder is it because documents have been destroyed or was he using his cell phone and were they not turned over. the committee is waiting for more documents from the archives and maybe they have not received them yet, but at this moment they are looking for hours of communications, hours of time over communications of when it says that the former president did not speak with anybody when
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they know he did make at least two phone calls, katy. >> let's talk about the january 6th committee and the subpoenas they are putting out there. they now subpoenaed peter navarro. what does the committee hope to get out of him? >> peter was somebody involved in trying to delay the electoral count, he called it the green bay sweep, he wrote about it in a book he authored and also talked about it on msnbc with ari melber. let's play some of that. >> we had over 100 congressmen and senators on capitol hill ready to implement the sweep, and we were going to challenge the results of the elections in six battleground states, and most or all of those states would decertify the election and that would throw the election to the house of representatives. >> do you realize you are
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describing a coup? >> no. >> he laid out a plan, not calling it a coup, and that's what the january 6th committee wants to hear, who he planned this with and how involved the former president was, and they say you talked about it and just come and talk to us about it. we will see if he shows up. he has been subpoenaed. some of his information is out there and the committee wants more details, katy. >> leigh ann caldwell, pete williams, josh dossy and mr. gibbs, thank you for starting us off. former white house adviser, peter navarro will be speaking to ari once again on the beat tonight. catch that right here on msnbc. new numbers out there
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confirm what we all know, everything is costing more. what is being done about it? commerce secretary, gina rea phaupb dough, will join me in just a minute. later, hundreds of people sue hertz in a class action lawsuit for being arrested claiming they stole cars they rented. claiminy stole cars they rented
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the trucker protest we have been monitoring in ottawa, canada, is affecting us at home. more trusters saying they are protesting vaccine mandates are setting up two closures, and there are hours' long backups causing major problems at u.s. auto plants, delaying car part
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deliveries, and it's so disrupting that some plants are delaying operations and shutting down. our colleagues were told the gridlock is the point. >> we're hitting the elites right where it hurts and this will stop it. >> you think they are listening? >> they have no choice but to listen because they are losing money and that's what elites don't like is losing money. >> joining me is nbc correspondent, cal perry. tell us what is happening out there. >> reporter: take a look at this. justin, show it. this is the ambassador bridge that links detroit with windsor and that's the border town on the other side, and this is supposed to be a bridge that is an auxiliary bridge, it can carry 4 to 6,000 trucks a day,
11:20 am
and the ambassador bridge can carry 10,000, and it's like water from a fire hose going through a garden hose. this is what the mayor of windsor had to say. >> the national trade between united states and canada crosses at the ambassador bridge, so when the bridge is closed for an hour, it's noticed by many and it's closed for a number of days and we need to start demanding action. >> reporter: there's an immediate economic reaction in the auto plants, and we heard from chrysler, ford, gm, curtailing what they have to do. they don't want to store the auto parts in the factory and they want to receive them and get that to the assembly line, and that's part of the backup. all the while, the u.s. is
11:21 am
putting up a following statement. dhs is tracking reports of a potential convoy that may be planning to travel to the several u.s. cities. one of the things they are worried about is not only the snarling of u.s. cities, and there's also concerns on behalf of dhs and they said this in the bulletin of counterprotests and it's something they are keeping an eye on, katy. >> a fire hose through a garden hose is something i understood immediately. the emerald fire began to burn in laguna beach 45 miles south of the los angeles, right there on the water. the fire is estimated to have burned 145 acres with containment around 5%. evacuation orders were issued
11:22 am
for the cove and the bay. so far no homes have been damaged and there are no reports of injuries. orange county fire officials say they are optimistic the fire will burn away from the area. inflation hit another 40-year high, while some economists say it could keep climbing for months, what does that mean for the economy? what does it mean for you? i will ask commerce secretary, gina raimondo, when she joins me next. an inside look at how some children in eastern ukraine are living under the constant threat of war. stay with us. of war of war stay with us need, and we gotta do it fast. [limu emu squawks] woo! thirty-four miles per hour! new personal record, limu! [limu emu squawks] he'll be back.
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according to a u.s. military and intelligence assessment obtained by nbc news the russian military could take nine different routes into ukraine if it were to launch a full-scale invasion. tanks could reach kyiv, the capital, within 48 hours, and one is through a region that has been a battleground for russian separatists, and in that region is a town where normal life has been suspended for years with only one way in and one way out over a pontoon bridge.
11:27 am
the town, which has become half a military baric, is barely surviving. the front lines are a short distance away, so close you can hear constant rumble of explosions and machine gunfire, and that's the pontoon bridge right there. he travelled to that town to show us what life has been like for the few families who are still there. >> lana took us to the family home. it was bombed out in the fighting but they rebuilt it. she has three boys and a daughter. her eldest son is on the front line with the army. i heard her describe her life to a 10-year-old girl in britain. a.
11:28 am
>> there's only one medical facility, and it's a military field hospital right in the center of town. they have been here for years. in many ways there's an essential part of life, a medical link to the outside world. they live in an underground basement. above them is the only shop in town. it's run by lana. eight times she has had to replace every window in her home because of the shelling. she won't leave her business
11:29 am
because the town depends on her, and she's russian, and in a conflict dominated by misinformation, she's often at loggerheads with her family back home. s with her family back home [ speaking foreign language ] war and covid have changed everything here, and those who have stayed may not have given up but they're on their knees, really, surviving, but only that, surviving. stewart ramsey, sky news, eastern ukraine. >> our thanks to stewart ramsey for that reporting. in the meantime, the price index
11:30 am
data was released, and it showed inflation is surging and it's here to say. it's the largest 12-month increase since 1982. that means the cost of everyday goods from eggs to gas to clothes is up and that's assuming you can find those items, a lot of shelves are empty. that may not come as a huge shock if you are shopping lately, you already know that, but the economy is bracing for interest rate hikes beginning next month. robin, thank you so much. part of the good news is wages are up, but when you look at the numbers wages are not rising as sharply as inflation, and fur getting a 5% raise, you are taking a pay cut and that's hard to swallow.
11:31 am
>> yeah, as small businesses and restaurants and others say, you know what, i have been holding off and i have to push through our own rate hike, if you will, eternally, will you see customers turn to their boxes and say i want a wage hike, and that's when you get a wage price spiral fight. >> part of what the administration has been telling us is the inflation is transitory and will pass and we are not seeing it pass quickly. what can they do to get a handle on this? >> i have debated with stephanie ruhle and others, there's only so much an administration can do outside of job owning, and this is up to our central bank, the federal reserve, down the street from the white house, and the problem has always been in the battle between inflation and
11:32 am
full employment. do you have to throw the economy into out right recession just to pinch off the kind of inflation we are seeing? it's an experiment we have not had to contend with for decades. in the '90s, we had an economy that was not too hot or cold and did not have to have the fed come in and cram the interest rates down your throat, but when you see the ten-year treasury today breaking 2% for the first time since before the pandemic, some people might look at it and say, you know, i have made money in stocks and real estate and i can do worse than park my money for 2%. >> in looking at the economy right now, and in looking at the price hikes, i mean, how should people feel about how we're doing? >> you saw the numbers last week, incredible jobs numbers. if you want to go out there and get hired, get a wage, this is
11:33 am
an experience -- a benefit environment that you have not had in recent memory, but then the cost is you can't go to bed because of the price increases and rent, look at rent in this report and household costs. that's keeping people up, and you are not feeling great, 4% unemployment be damned. >> good point on that. robin, thank you so much for joining us. appreciate it. >> thank you, katy. >> joining us now, as promised, is commerce secretary, gina raimondo. we have been told it's transitory and we are not seeing it pass so quickly, and what is the administration doing right now to ameliorate the problem?
11:34 am
>> madam secretary, i think you might be on mute. can you check your -- >> sorry about that. >> it appears to -- happens to all of us at some point. >> the numbers show just how big of a factor car prices are, so one-third of the inflation in january was caused by the increase in use of car prices, which is 40% since last january. it's a higher increase than any of the goods you had on your screen. there's one reason for that. the reason for that is lack of semiconductor chips. the extreme focus now, the president and the administration is to get congress to pass the chips act because if we are going to have prices come down,
11:35 am
auto prices come down, used car prices come down, you need more chips, and that is one thing we are working on. beyond that we are doing everything we can, we are training people so they can get back into the workforce, the labor supply is a huge issue, and the president is calling on congress to provide more affordable childcare, and that would allow women to get back in the labor force and that will ease inflationary numbers, and the biggest lever in controlling that is not held by the administration. >> you talk about chips, and that's what i was going to ask you about and how this is driving a lot of the inflation. you want congress to pass this and it has gotten -- i believe
11:36 am
one republican onboard in the house and it will go to the senate, and if congress ends up passing this bill which means more chips are manufactured here in the united states, how much of a dent is that realistically going to put on china's strangle hold over the labor market? >> extremely significant. right now america purchased the majority of the most sophisticated chips from taiwan. in fact, we don't make any in america, even though we developed the microchip industry in the america. the bill will allow us to get back in the business of making the chips in the money, and this money is not enough in and of itself, but properly invested alongside that sector, our money will unlock more of a private
11:37 am
capital and that will allow us to make a significant dent. by the way, in the process, creating thousands upon thousands of good manufacturing jobs in america. >> the president says build back better is not going to have an affect on inflation, and he said it would have a positive effect on inflation, and joe manchin was talking about how we need to cut costs. tell me how this administration sees build back better working in the opposite way senator manchin sees it working? >> one example is what i gave earlier, which is it will allow women to get back to work. still millions of women are out of the labor force because they lack affordable high-quality childcare. we talk a lot about goods, and we certainly need more goods, but in addition to goods being constrained, we have a labor
11:38 am
supply strain, and there are many women not working or working part time when they want to work full time, and they can't do that, so the president's build back better plan would provide for public pre-k for every 4-year-old in america, and right now it's very expensive, so unless you can afford it, chances are you will stay home. he's calling for affordable childcare and home care, and all this will allow men and women to get back in the workforce and be productive and that will ease inflation. >> here in new york city, if you want to put your toddler into a threes program, a pre-k program, it will cost you $15,000. that's on the lower end of things. for three days a week, three hours a day. $15,000. there are programs that go well up from there for the same amount of time, up to $30,000. so yeah, it does costs a lot of
11:39 am
money, obviously costs more here in new york than other places. >> to your excellent point, and i will be quick, imagine if you were making $20 an hour, you just wouldn't go to work because it doesn't make sense. >> your income gets completely wiped out by child care, and you look and say if i stay home i can save money, my income doesn't matter. secretary gina raimondo, thank you so much for joining us and making that point that is very assailant to a lot of working parents out there, and especially working mothers. more than 200 people say they were accused by hertz of stealing cars they rented. some were arrested. and then the u.s.'s gold medal drought is a drought no more. drought is a drought no more ♪
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according to the american gaming association, a surge fueled by gambling apps. nbc news correspondent, jake ward, has more on the betting boom and the real-life consequences. >> harry was a trial lawyer for more than 20 years and he spun into addiction and plead guilty to stealing more than $2 million from his clients, and blowing it here at this casino in a six-month binge. >> how does it feel being back here? >> i don't think i can describe it in one year. >> he said it took feeling suicidal to help him turn his life around. >> april 27,2014, i got within 30 seconds of taking my life and i was trying to wrote a note to my kids and i had a moment of clarity realizing i didn't want
11:45 am
to die. >> he said it's harder to quit gambling today than when he did it. i had to walk into this building to place a bet, and gambling is being delivered on every device all day and every night on every sporting event, professional to college. >> the ads are everywhere. >> bet $5 to win 200. >> this is not just a friendly office pool. this is commercial online sports gambling, now legal in 31 states and expected to bring in more than $39 billion annually within ten years. the floodgates opened in 2018 when the courts struck down a federal gambling band. pennsylvania is a perfect example. six months after sports gambling apps first launched gamblers sent $316 million in a single month, and two years later that
11:46 am
monthly number doubled and more than 22 million went to the state that month as revenue. in philadelphia, with legal gambling, four major sports teams and a media market is a lab to experiment with online and real world gambling. this is an online betting lounge. the operators of the planned bank role club said patrons will use phones to order food and gamble online. >> this is going to be a public health nightmare. >> companies are offering online bets on everything and anything, down to the color of the gatorade dumped on the winning
11:47 am
coach at the super bowl. if anything, experts that study addiction say online casinos have all the data they need to know when somebody lost control. >> i don't think people are aware to tell when somebody is an addict when looking at their data. the nfl did not respond to our request for comment. for him, the super bowl is a reminder. >> they converted nfl football into the equivalent of the same dice i threw inside that building that led to a gambling addiction. >> very fascinating, from jacob ward. the team usa gold medal drought is over at the winter olympics in beijing. chloe kim game the first woman
11:48 am
to win two gold medals in the half pike. she had a untouchable score of 94. and then nathan chen took home the first gold in a decade. meanwhile, russian skating prodigy was back on the ice after testing positive for a banned substance that was a heart medication. the international olympic committee only said that the ceremony was delayed. hundreds of people are suing hertz, claiming they were arrested or jailed for stealing cars they rented and paid for. one of them joins me right after
11:49 am
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♪ was like any other... ♪ imagine a world where we have the tools to sell things that mean something. ♪ so different and so new ♪ like a sunscreen made for melanated skin that blends in. proof that things don't have to be the way that they've always been. the world's been waiting for what you do. rental car company hertz is being sued by hundreds of customers. a real estate agent said she was arrested at a gas station accused of stealing a truck her insurance company rented. a nasa employee says he was held gunpoint police. a florida banker said his rental which he was releasing for months was towed away while he was eating at a restaurant after hertz reported it stolen. our next guest says he was jailed for seven months because of hertz even though he paid the
11:53 am
company for his rental. joining me now is that person, julian and his attorney, francis alexander. gentlemen, thank you. julian, i want to start with you. just tell me what happened. >> my name is julius. >> i'm so sorry. julius, tell me what happened. >> rented a car from hertz in december 2018, excuse me, 2017, turned it in, paid for it, had my receipt went about my life and found out there was a warrant for my arrest and subsequently went to jail. >> so, you went to jail for quite a long time. how did you get out? >> through a lot of prayer and patience and eventually i was forced to sign a plea deal to get out of jail. >> prosecutors came back and as i understand it and said there
11:54 am
was no evidence that you stole the car and that you didn't pay for it. >> eventually they did once i hired my attorney, but that was several months after the fact, though. >> that's quite a long time to go to jail for. francis, how does that happen? >> it happens because hertz has broken computer systems and broken policies that are putting good-paying customers in jail. when hertz's ceo just the other day went out and said he's committed to giving hertz customers a world class experience. it doesn't mean putting 230 of your customers in jail and it doesn't mean putting 3,500 of your customers, reporting them to the police. if you just do simple math, we're talking not hundreds but thousands and thousands of individuals that are reported to the police that were hertz customers. this is systemic nationwide problem that needs to stop. >> hertz was trying to keep confidential the number of people that they filed police reports against but now they'll
11:55 am
have to reveal that number, am i correct? >> yeah, you know, it's been fighting with them in bankruptcy court for 20 months and we're blessed that the bankruptcy judge and the u.s. trustee came in along with cbs to support the position that this is an issue of national importance and a public safety concern. they shouldn't get to hide the fact that they're using the police as a taxpayer funded repo service and putting good-paying customers in jail. even when hertz knows that the information in their polices reports are false. they do not correct the misinformation causing individuals like julian to languish in jail because they don't want to admit they made a mistake. asking the new ceo this isn't the world-class experience that hertz is expecting. let's bridge the division and resolve this issue before
11:56 am
congress will make hertz resolve it without a good-faith basis on their part. >> so, court documents show that during these long-term rentals hertz has an anti-theft program and it will flag if a car is, if they think, stolen, if hertz vehicle location system malfunctions and a payment is delayed. so, the company will notify the police, according to court documents and say the car is stolen and give the name of the renter and also sent a notification to the renter and even if that payment goes through and even if the car is rented in some of these instances the police report doesn't get revoked. that police report stays. even though the renter returned the car or paid, they still get arrested. is that what happened to you, julius? >> i paid over $5,000 in total and then a warrant was put out for my arrest. >> you missed seven months of
11:57 am
your life. what did you miss in your life? >> kids' birthdays. i got out right before my daughter's graduation. i actually took graduation pictures with her fresh out of jail. but, yeah, i missed a lot. i missed a whole lot. >> i mean seven months. and prosecutors dropped the case. >> and the important thing, i'm sorry -- >> go ahead. >> the important thing here is that a police report has to be true, accurate and correct. if there's incorrect, missing or false information, that must be corrected. but hertz is too proud to admit they made a mistake and too cheap to fix their systems and turning what could be a civil payment dispute to a criminal matter. hertz doesn't tell their customers sending them to jail if they have a dispute about jail or the return date. this needs to stop. no other company is doing it. >> you're representing 220 renters in this class action lawsuit. i want to read hertz's statement before we go.
11:58 am
we reached out to them and they said the vast majority involved many weeks and many months and who stopped communicating with us beyond the scheduled due date. situations where are reported to the authorities are very rare and only after exhaustive attempts to reach the customer. julius and francis, thank you both so much for joining me. >> thank you and i appreciate you airing this. >> thank you for your time. >> thank you, gentlemen. that is going to do it for me now. kristen welker picks up our coverage next. welker picks up o welker picks up o coverage next. can someone else get a turn? yeah, hang on, i'm about to break my own record. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ it's still the eat fresh refresh™ so subway's upping their avocado game. we're talking just two great ingredients. perfectly ripe, hand-scooped hass avocados subway keeps refreshing and refreshing and refreshing... why give your family just ordinary eggs
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when they can enjoy the best? eggland's best. the only eggs with more fresh and delicious taste. plus, superior nutrition. which matters now more than ever. because the way we care... is anything but ordinary. eggland's best. cage free and organic. ♪♪
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