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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  February 10, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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boat, and whether he decided to move his big nautical night club. but as rachel would say, watch this space, or watch that vote. we'll see you again tomorrow night. it's time now for the last word with lawrence o'donnell. lawrence, you know, i gotta give you a lot of advice, but before you engage in any wrongdoing, move the boat. >> move the yacht. >> yeah. >> i think -- >> it's not a boat. >> it's a yacht. it's such a fascinating point, they gotta get it out of. it makes sense, but it actually makes sense. i got some sort of stuff to discuss tonight, including the january six investigation. >> we do, and later in the program, we're gonna be joined by montana senator jon tester, who is one of the great miracle workers of democratic party politics, because he may just get reelected in a state that donald trump wins by 16 points. as you know, ali, the canadian
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truckers protest has now gone to the canadian border and montana. they're in a border crossing there, ask him about that situation many others. >> i think there are daily basis about $15 million worth of trade go through that particular crossing, which you're right. we don't talk about that very much. i'm excited to see that conversation tonight. have a good chill watch. >> thank you. >> today, a federal judge responded to the unanimous declaration by the republican national committee committee that the attack on the january six was, quote, legitimate political discourse. in sentence saying one member of the trump mob who attacked the capitol to six months in prison followed by two years of supervised release. federal judge amy berman jackson said, quote, the lie that the election was stolen and illegitimate is still being perpetrated. indeed, it is being amplified, not only on social media, but on mainstream news outlets, and
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worse, it's become heresy for a member of the former presidents party to say otherwise. so it needs to be crystal clear that it is not patriotism. it is not standing up for america. it is not legitimate political discourse. the washington post is reporting today, quote, some of the white house documents that donald trump had improperly took to his mar-a-lago residence were clearly marked as classified, including documents at the top secret level, according to two people familiar with the matter. the existence of clearly marked classified documents in the trove which has not been previously reported is going to intensify the legal pressure that trump or his staffers could face and raises new questions as to why the materials were taken out of the white house. the first reports of donald trump ripping up documents appeared in 2018 in politico.
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this week, there have been more eyewitness accounts quoted in news reports describing donald trump ripping up presidential documents. now comes reporting in the new york times that will appear in a new book revealing, according to axios, quote, while president trump was in office, staff in the white house residence periodically discovered wads of printed paper clogging a toilet, and believe the president had flushed pieces of paper. the most criminally inclined president prior to donald trump, republican richard nixon, thought about doing this, he thought about destroying evidence. nixon considered the possibility of destroying the evidence that would force him to resign the presidency in 1974. and richard nixon did succeed in destroying some evidence. president nixon's longtime
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secretary partially blamed herself for an 18 minute gap on nixon's white house audiotapes that the united states supreme court ordered him to turn over to investigators. these revealed the presidential conspiracy to cover up criminal activity by the nixon white house. those tapes were bad enough, bad enough to force richard nixon resignation. but there was something on those 18 minutes of tape that was even worse than we know and we have never, we have never discovered what was on the 18 minute gap in the nixon tapes. but that might be the only presidential record that nixon successfully tempered with and blocked investigators from ever obtaining. after nixon left office, congress decided to clarify that it is a crime for a president to destroy
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presidential records. they did that in a new law saying the united states shall reserve and retain complete ownership, possession, and control of presidential records. the united states of america owns every single piece of paper that donald trump jammed into a toilet. the united states owns every piece of paper that trump ripped up, that he mutilated. the united states owns every single thing in the 15 boxes that included classified information, top secret information, that have been retrieved from donald trump's illegal custody in florida. and, perhaps, the most alarming phrase about what we have learned this week that involves the theft presidential records is contained in this line of a statement about it from the national archives. quote, former president trump's representatives have informed national archives and records administration that they are
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continuing to search for additional presidential records that belong to the national archives. continuing to search. the people who helped donald trump steal the records are continuing to search for more records that they stole. we have been continuing to search for what is on the 18 minute gap in the nixon gate tapes for 48 years now. and donald trump is far more criminally minded than richard nixon ever was. how much more material is donald trump illegally holding in florida, or elsewhere? the way we are supposed to find out is to wait for donald trump and the people who stole the records for him to continue to search for those records? consistently people working in
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the white house who seem to believe that they can comply with federal law by taping back together papers that were ripped up by donald trump do not understand the law. federal law provides a penalty of up to three years in prison for anyone who, quote, willfully and unlawfully conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates, or destroys, or attempts to do so, mutilates. if you attempt to do any of that to federal records, just attempted, you are guilty of a crime that carries a maximum sentence of three years in prison. and anyone convicted of that crime shall, quote, forfeit his office and be disqualified from holding any office under the united states. donald trump mutilated documents in the white house according to eyewitnesses. he tore them up.
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we have eye witness testimony that donald trump violated that federal law that carries a prison sentence and barr some from ever holding office again. and there is one word of objection to any of that criminal conduct that eye witnesses have described, seeing donald trump doing, ripping up documents. not one word of objection. from the leaders of the republican party because, as congressman jeffries explained this week, the republican party has become a cult. >> and leading off our discussion tonight is democratic congressman jeffrey. he is the chairman of the house democratic caucus. congressman jeffrey, we have turned up the video of you
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saying earlier this week, that the republican national committee, the rnc, actually stands for a republican national cult. and that, i think, opened up peoples understanding to what we are seeing in a way that we haven't really had before. that framework on what we are seeing republican national cult and, today, at the end of a news day today, where we are learning all of this about flushing documents down toilets, as we have been learning all week, ripping up documents all in violation of law, still, silence from what you call the cult. >> it's quite unfortunate great to be with you, again, lawrence but what we've seen is donald trump's tenure, he was a one-man at 1600 pennsylvania avenue, the most corrupt presidents in american history who made richard nixon look like a choir boy. notwithstanding that fact, we
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have silence and ascent, often, from so many of my colleagues in washington on the republican side of the aisle and this is the party that claims to be standing for law and order. it's all phony, that's been exposed. the only real way to explain the situation is that the grand old party has moved into a cult. where they just simply take orders and bend the knee from the cult leader, the former twice impeached so-called president of the united states for merica. >> you have the january six committee going after this. you also have the governor -- government oversight committee that want to look at what is going on in the documents. they've jurisdiction over the archives, they can investigate that. the question is, when you see what appears to be a clear violation of federal law, for which people have been prosecuted before, sandy burger, the national security advisor president --
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of clinton, got a probation sentence of a couple of years as i recall, for violating the federal records act theft taking documents from the national archives. are we really going to sit back and watch this happen and there won't be any action whatsoever from the justice department on this? >> on the congressional side, we have a responsibility to check and balance any out of control executive branch, and certainly the prior administration was totally out of control. so we have a continuing obligation to look into that. it could be the january six committee that could be the oversight committee, perhaps the intel committee, to an extent. some of those documents were classified and we have reason to believe that they were, or containing channel security secrets and also judiciary committee is a possibility as well whichever committee
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ultimately decides to look into this sordid situation, i think we just have to follow the facts, apply the law, be guided by the constitution, and that the chips wherever they may, to present the truth to the american people. and that's what i expect will happen. >> we're also learning this week, as if we needed proof of that, that none of the members of what you described as this cult meant a word that they said about their outrage over the way hillary clinton's email was organized during her time as secretary of state where she did not use state department emails, she is personal email server compass reports of donald trump's white house chief of staff using private email. his daughter working at the white house using private email, his son working in the white house using private email. and all of these reports of donald trump violating all of the federal records laws and the presidential laws governor governing presidential documents. so we have proof that they did
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not mean one word of the outrage of their they were expressing when they're investigating and hillary clinton was answering every question they had about her emails. >> that's absolutely fake outrage. it was designed to undermine her candidacy and her potential opportunities to make a strongest possible case before the american people in that presidential campaign in 2016. that's what it was all about. many of us knew it then. in fact, kevin mccarthy said that the hillary clinton investigations were all about that. it's become clear, they shown no interest in investigating the cult leader, no expression of concern, which is what they showed several years ago. what we have right now is democrats are clearly a party that creates jobs. but we see is an extraordinary
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amount of job creation in president biden's new presidency. he has held the record of a president's first year. much more needs to be done. we have to tackle inflation. economic growth, however, at its highest rate. and 40 years. we are the party of jobs, they are the party of mobs. it's unfortunate that we find ourselves in that situation, but we have to speak to the dynamics with the clarity so that the american people understand the stakes in november. >> congressman jeffries, you booked president obama today. you brought president obama into a discussion with all of the democratic members of the house of representatives. what can you tell us about what the president was focused on in that discussion today? >> it was a wonderful discussion throughout the day, about, you know, how to best communicate our vision, our accomplishments, our hopes, dreams, and aspirations for the american people as we fight, to
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improve their quality of life. speaker pelosi was able to secure the participation of president barack obama, who delivered to us hopeful and optimistic message of, you know, wanting to make sure that we are a resilient country, america. we're going through some difficult times, in terms of this once in a century pandemic. but we are gonna continue to do our best that we can, to provide relief and support to the american people, as was the case with the american rescue plan. and that we believe, as democrats, that our country is better off, when we can work together as family, as friends, as neighbors. and one of the things depend
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pandemic has taught us is the strength and importance of these relationships. that's what we believe in as democrats. let's lean into that, as we continue to try to deliver for the people. >> congressman hakeem jeffries, thank you very much for starting off our discussion tonight. thank you. >> thank you, lawrence. >> thank you. coming up, the january six committee says there are gaps in donald trump's phone records during the january 6th attack on the capitol. congressman jamie raskin, a member of the january six committee, will join us next. xt if you're washing with the bargain brand, even when your clothes look clean, there's extra dirt you can't see.
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and right now, save big with up to $750 off a new samsung device. >> what i have done is i've switch today.
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taken about four people and did the deep dive on them, meaning these background checks, and to see if there's anything in the background that will make them not qualified. >> is that important that you believe they'll get a vote from the republican side? >> well, i think from whomever, i think we'll get a vote from the republican side for the following reason. i'm not looking to make an ideological choice. i'm looking for someone to replace judge breyer, with the same kind of capacity judge
10:21 pm
breyer had. with an open mind, who understands the constitution, interprets it in a way that is consistent with the mainstream interpretation of the constitution. >> that's part of a wide-ranging exclusive interview lester holt conducted with president biden today. we'll get a reaction to that part about the supreme court from our next guest, jamie raskin. who's a professor of constitutional law, and is also a member of the house select committee investigating the january 6th attack on the capitol. the new york times is reporting that the january six committee is quote, finding few records of calls by president donald j trump from critical hours when investigators know that he was making them. investigators have not uncovered evidence that any official records were tampered with or deleted, and it is well known that mr. trump used his personal cell phone, and those of his aides, routinely, to talk with aides, congressional allies, and outside confidants.
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joining us now, democratic congressman jamie raskin of maryland. he's a member the january six committee, and served as the lead impeachment manager in the second impeachment trial of donald trump. he is the author of the new best selling book, unthinkable. congressman, thank you very much for joining us tonight. what can you tell us about this gap, or what's happening, and what's your finding in the records of the trump phone calls on january 6th? >> well, not much, other than everyone is very curious about it, it raises more questions than answers. i know that there are a lot of minds left immediately to rosemary woods, in the 18 minutes deleted watergate tapes. but it could just as well have been donald trump using a personal cell phone, or someone else's cell phone, to communicate with senators, with representatives and with other people out on the street. so we just don't know what it means at this point. >> and by the way, you said
10:23 pm
most of those phones, almost all of them, possible except the president's official cell phone, are not secure communication devices for a president to use. that again, echoes the accusations and claims they were making about hillary clinton back in 2015, 2016, about her not being careful enough in using security in her own communication. >> well, we saw that kind of laxity with donald trump, when he was around vladimir putin. that this doesn't surprise anybody that he was running afoul of all the rules there. i mean, completely incorrigible in terms of his conduct and his, you know, promiscuity with the facts, and national security secrets and so on. >> what can you tell us about
10:24 pm
what will be the public schedule of the january 6th committee? >> well, everybody is very eager to get back into the hearings. i can tell you that the committee members are very focused on putting all this together, of course, we have a little barricade around donald trump himself, his personal entourage of, you know, mark meadows, and roger stone and steve bannon, are the ones who are stonewalling the committee. while the vast majority of americans we've contacted, we've contacted about testifying to the committee are answering questions, have complied, and they're voluntarily cooperating. other than that, we're making great progress. we do have to figure out certain things that remain a bit obscure because of the obstruction that we're seeing. so we definitely gonna do it sometime in the spring, and
10:25 pm
that could be, you know, as early as april, or i hope no later than may. >> president biden met today with senate judiciary committee democrats to discuss the supreme court nomination. you don't have a vote on this in the house of representatives, but as a professor of press law, i'm sure you have views on this. to what point, what strategic point, do you think it's important that in this climate, in a 50/50 senate, that the president nominates someone who has already been through, at least once, the senate confirmation process for a federal judge? >> well, of course, with this senate, a prior confirmation is no guarantee of anything. you know, given the gerrymandered supreme court we've got a 6 3 conservative majority, because of the
10:26 pm
scandalous, blockading of my constituent, merrick garland, who of course now is attorney general. but they're refusing to conduct a hearing for him in the last year of the term, a rule which they proceeded to violate the moment that trump got in, and he was able to nominate somebody at the very last minute. given that 6 to 3 majority, i would tend to favor the nomination of someone who will be able to speak out as forcefully for the democratic constitution, that's a small d, democratic constitution. just as scalea did for a right-wing conservative prosecution. if you look at a majority of the constitutional amendments adopted since the bill of rights, they've been about democracy expanding, suffrage extending movement and the country. women suffrage, and the 15th amendment to dismantle race barriers, and the 17th amendment to allow for direct election of u.s. senators, and so on. that's the meaning of our constitution.
10:27 pm
a progressive movement towards democracy for the people. that's what's under attack, not just by the cults of donald trump, which used to be the party of lincoln, but also on the supreme court itself. >> congressman jamie raskin, thank you very much for joining us again tonight. >> thanks for having me. >> thank you. and we will see more of president biden's interview with lester holt, and hear from professor eddie glaude and zerlina maxwell, that's next. next d for h-i-v in certain adults. it's not a cure, but with one small pill, biktarvy fights h-i-v to help you get to and stay undetectable. that's when the amount of virus is so low it cannot be measured by a lab test. research shows people who take h-i-v treatment every day and get to and stay undetectable can no longer transmit h-i-v through sex. serious side effects can occur, including kidney problems and kidney failure.
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american citizens who are in ukraine and might be there during an invasion? what's scenarios would you put american troops to rescue? >> that's a world war when russians and ukrainians should i. d. each other, that will be a war. >> not simply evacuating americans? >> how do you do that? how do even find them?
10:32 pm
this is not like -- i'm hoping that if in fact he's foolish enough to go in, he's smart enough to not in fact do anything that would negatively american citizens. >> have you told him that? >> yes. >> you've told him to -- that americans will be aligned, that they can't cross? >> why i didn't have to tell him that. i've spoken about that, he knows that. and it's a little bit -- that's what -- i've asked us, american citizens should leave. they should leave now. we're dealing with one of the largest armies in the world. it's a very different situation and things can go crazy quickly. >> that is part of a wide ranging interview president to with president biden today. they'll be more on the morning show and more on the -- on sunday. reuters is reporting tonight that the reason vladimir putin and french president emmanuel
10:33 pm
macron were seated at the opposite ends of the biggest table in the world this week is that president macron refused to take a russian covid-19 test before seeing vladimir putin. reuters reports, quote, macron had been given a choice, either he accepted a pcr tests done by the russian authorities and was allowed to get close to putin, or he refused and had to abide by more stringent social distancing. we knew very well that meant no handshake and that long table but we could not accept that they get their hands on the presidents dna. one of the sources told reuters, referring to security concerns if the french leader was tested by russian doctors. lester holt also asked president biden about inflation.
10:34 pm
>> i think it was back in july, you said, inflation was going to be temporary i think a lot of americans are wondering what your -- definition of trump areas. >> you're being a wise guy with me a little bit. i understand that's your job. but look, at the time what happened was -- let's look at the reason for inflation the reason for the inflation is the supply chains were cut off, meaning that the products, for example, automobiles, the lack of computer chips to be able to build those automobiles so they could function, they need those computer chips, they were not available. so what happens? with a number of cars were reduced, it made up 1. 1 third the cost of official because the press of automobiles were up. so what i did when i went out i made sure to make those domestically. we put in a new facility and number for gun's agents are
10:35 pm
doing the same kinds of things. >> when can americans expect from this? >> according to nobel laureates, 14 of them got contacted me, and a number of corporate leaders, it's going to taper off as we go through this year. >> joining us now, professor at glaad chairman of the african studies department at princeton university, and zerlina maxwell who airs on peacock. both are msnbc contributors. and professor glaad, let me begin with you we watch this island of presidential insanity -- i'm sorry, island of presidential sanity, talking about inflation talking about the putin situation with ukraine. in this wide range of issues in mr. holds interview. and yet, just adjacent to it is this sea of trump presidential insanity that we are still dealing with every day now as the revelations continue to
10:36 pm
mount and today, of course, it's donald trump and the toilets. and tomorrow, it will be something else as we realize there aren't enough investigators in washington to keep track of all of it. >> right, lawrence it's a wonder that competence can speak through that kind of noise. we see in realtime the juxtaposition between what it means to be serious about governance, to be serious about the well-being of the nation, and in some ways, the legacy or the details of a corrupt presidency. i think that juxtaposition has to be made clear as we move into the midterms and as we go into the presidential election in 2024. >> zerlina, as i know you will recall, in 2016 on the campaign trail against secretary clinton.
10:37 pm
donald trump said this, people who have nothing to hide don't bleach their emails or destroy evidence to keep it from being publicly archived as required under federal law. we so, if you're wondering how far back donald trump's knowledge of federal law on the subject goes, it goes at least until the year before he became president. >> at least we know he can't use ignorance as an excuse for violating this law, because he was very, obviously, aware that this was a law and he thought that hillary clinton violated the law. i think what we have learned over the course of the last few years with donald trump is that every accusation is an admission of sorts. it's a lot of projection. and i think that he took the allegation that secretary clinton could have maybe with a private email server had some documents go through that private email server, that had
10:38 pm
retroactively been marked. and it gets very complicated. but with donald trump, thankfully, it's very simple. you can't flush confidential documents down the toilet. you cant rip up classified documents. so i think there is a new line of inquiry with donald trump. but it's unfortunate that we have to live through the consequences of the mistake that we made in 2016 which is waiting a perceived mistake more heavily than we would if it were man. we are seeing this exact scenario with a man. and look, we are so calmly talking about it. nobody's breathlessly putting headlines about emails or classified information. >> what professor eddie s. glaude jr. was, it this is the year it seems where we must finally rewrite this truism that we all listened to our whole lives. originally, it was of course no man is above the law because they're always referring to the male presidents. and now it generally phrase
10:39 pm
says no one is above the law. it seems like we have to enter a realistic rewrite that says donald trump at least is above saw lobs. because he is going to get away with it, not be prosecuted for at least some of the laws that he broke. >> what it certainly seems that way. it certainly is ironic given that it's the party that is supposedly the party of law in order. it's revealed itself to be not only hypocritical, but really just a moral, with no real sense of what's right and wrong might look like when it comes to donald trump. and i think, lawrence, there's a fear underneath that all of that to hold donald trump accountable is to somehow anger the people who support him. i think there's a real fear that the 20%, the 20% of hard-core trump voters, if there's a possibility to hold trump accountable, the 20% will actually resort to violence.
10:40 pm
i think that's the worry. otherwise, one cannot account for why. why some people refused to hold donald trump accountable. but we clearly see our egregious acts of -- illegal acts of breaking the law, that is. >> zerlina, we might be able to see movements on the supreme court nomination next week. the president met with the senate judiciary democrats today reports indicate that he will spend the weekend with wet he has identified solicitor hold as the four finalists that he is really studying right now. as early as next week, we might see the comings and goings of some win into the white house to be interviewed for a nomination to the supreme court. >> given how the republicans reacted when he first said he was going to nominate a black woman, it will be very entertaining to see the reaction to those actual black women as they meet with the
10:41 pm
president and his team. i think it's an important moment. it shows a contrast between a serious style of governance and whatever flushing down documents on the toilet's. i think the american people in the middle of this very serious global pandemic where we lost an incalculable scale of lives, which it seems to me that we initiate a moment of normalcy where we will be looking and assess saying qualified candidates for the supreme court, but i think we also have to remember that we must hold almost trump accountable. going back to the previous point on something. one of these laws. >> zerlina maxwell and professor eddie s. glaude jr., thank you both for joining our discussion tonight. >> thanks lawrence. >> coming up, the democrat's political miracle workers, senator jon tester who managed to get --
10:42 pm
manages to get reelected in the pro trump, heavily pro trump state of montana, will give me another lesson and how to talk with farmers. the farmer i will be speaking with is jon tester who joins us next. next so you can breathe better. claritin-d. breathe better. ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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10:46 pm
democratic presidential candidate to win montana in 1992. our next guest, the political miracle worker, senator jon tester, who is montana's only democrat elected statewide, has a message for democrats, about how to win back rural voters. >> the national democratic brand in, i think in rural america generally, is toxic,
10:47 pm
and it's because quite frankly, we don't show up. i'm talking about national democrats. we are not willing to go places where not wanted and answer questions. when i look at who's made the biggest difference for rural america, it hasn't been the republican party. it's been the democrats that have worked for generations to try to empower rural america. >> and when democrats do show up in rural america, they have to talk about issues that never come up in urban america, often involving agriculture. jon tester is good at that, because he spends a lot of time listening to montana farmers, and he's a former himself. here's a picture of senator tester at work, on the farm. he tweeted that picture last week. most of us just see a man and his dog under a fearsome piece of rolling machinery, but farmers see jon tester, not just in a struggle with that machine, but in a struggle for all farmers to run their forms and their machinery more efficiently. and joining us now is the
10:48 pm
senior senator from montana, john tester. senator tester, i have to say, that picture of you under, whatever that thing is, tractor, whatever it is, is possibly the best campaign photograph i've seen for a candidate who has to run in farm country. what were you doing under the truck? and under that vehicle, whether whatever it is. and what the farmers see you're struggling with in that picture? >> well, it is a -- yeah, it was a combine. so a harvesting to. it's what we used to harvest our crops within the, i believe, i was working on a hydraulic line. don't worry, it was locked up, so it wouldn't go down, it was always an issue. -- controlled by hydraulics, but we were swapping out hydraulic lines, as a matter of fact. >> and there is an issue for farmers here.
10:49 pm
people think, well, that's what they do. you just jump under there. you fix it yourself, and that's the way it works. it turns out, it's much more complicated than that. manufacturers of farm equipment are trying to prevent you, apparently, in many instances, from doing that work yourself. >> yeah, what farmers have or tried themselves, they've been able to work on their own equipment. more for the minor fixes than the big ones. unfortunately, now, technology, even the minor fixes, you often don't know what they are. you know, and then consequently, you have to go call a mechanic, get a whole of the dealership, and they come out, which oftentimes works really well, because we all use our at the same time for planning, at the same time for harvesting. i mean, so they all break down when you using them. and then, when we call the dealership, they might say, you know what, will send somebody out as soon as they get free.
10:50 pm
but you know, they may be booked up for a day and a half, two days, three days. and i will tell you because this is happened to me, when you're sitting area gotten rob waiting to be harvested, and you see storms gathering on the horizon, and you call up the dealer, and the dealer says, we'll get you soon. we've got a list. man, it should be nice to be able to fix that equipment yourself. so we have to stop there, you could do that. and that's all we're asking manufacturers to do. give us the softest so we can fix those ourselves. these are the big issues, so -- 15-minute fix, if you have the softer. if you don't have the software, you never know which sensor went out. you'll never know where to look. >> why have you had to introduce federal legislation to allow this to happen? how are the manufacturers prevent you from working on your own equipment? >> well, because there's a lot of computers on this equipment.
10:51 pm
they have the software, and they don't give it to you. they keep it, so they can use it themselves. it's a moneymaking thing. i mean, they are making really good profits and the farmers expenses continue to go up. the bottom line, for agriculture is narrowed to begin with, and then you at this do it, it good it's puts family farms and ranches act risk. and it really has some negative impacts on our food supplies. so look, the farmers know what's going on. they contacted me and asked me about this, and so, we're leading the charge on this, trying to get the attention of the equipment manufacturers, and say, hey, give us a rate. give us the opportunity to fix our own equipment. and like i said, you get a side of the block, you're probably gonna have to be able to fix that anyway. and that is not an easy fix that i'm talking about. i'm talking about electronic taxes, that by the way, if you have the software, you can determine where the problem is, and you can fix it yourself. >> yet another example of the way you know how to talk to
10:52 pm
rural voters, agricultural voters about their needs that most people, and both parties frankly, don't know how to approach. one of the issues of the day, any day now coming up in the senate will be president biden 's announcement of his supreme court nominee. what would you suggest to the president, particularly? would you suggest the president that it should be a nominee who is already gone through the confirmation process for a previous federal judgeship? >> where there's no advantages to that, but i don't necessarily think that's the most important quality. i think the most important quality is to give somebody who knows the constitution, who's ultimately qualified, unbiased in his words, and interpret that constitution the way we all know it is. so, i just think there's gonna be an incredibly qualified person. there's gonna be in the senate, and i think that's what's the presidents gonna be looking for. if it's evidence been confirmed before, there are some
10:53 pm
advantages to it. but the most important quality, as far as i'm concerned, is that they understand the constitution. that there, there aren't biased, and they're willing to roll up their sleeves and go to work. we're gonna do the same thing to this nominee that i've done to almost all the others who are with me, and that is, will go about rural america, and we'll talk about issues that impact rural america. and we'll also talk about the issues that impact the whole country. so, we'll get there if you, and will make sure they have a view that meets the needs of this country, and from my perspective, of rural america. >> the canadian anti-vaccination trucker protest has come to the montana canadian border, an important border crossing their.
10:54 pm
they've managed to close that down. what does that do too agriculture, imports exports across that border? >> look, it's a problem. i mean, we use that border, canada as a trading partner. and there's a lot of products that cross that border. probably, two months away from planting season, a lot of fertilizer comes across the border, into montana. look, we need a trucking industry that works, and i think their ability to protest and make their voices heard is important. and i support that. but shutting down the roads to commerce and to travel, i'm gonna tell you, i think it's a bad move, and i hope they rethink it. make sure your voices are heard, but there's a lot of people to sympathize with your position. but man, don't shut down commerce. in the end, that will do more harm than good. >> senator jon tester, thank you very much for joining us once again tonight. always appreciate it. >> thank you, lawrence. good to visit with you. >> thank you. >> and tonight's last word is next.
10:55 pm
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word. tomorrow morning, as every morning, the first new source that i am going to check is the twitter feed of my dear friend kyle griffin. he has 1. 2 million twitter followers. i'm among them he's a senior producer of this show, and tonight is his last night doing that. he will move to the very fancy and highs producer title we have, executive producer here at msnbc. you'll be working on weekends shows with him and mehdi has san so we will try, we will try, to continue to do this show without kyle griffin's daily help. but right now, i'm not sure we know how to do that. it is going to be a very difficult task to go on without him. but he is going to enjoy the new world of the weekends, and you will enjoy his work on the
11:00 pm
weekends to. kyle griffin will be missed here, but we will be watching his work on the weekends that is tonight's last word, the 11th hour starts now. >> good evening, i'm chris jansing, and tonight the president making some news, reacting to the rising inflation numbers he also told nbc news is lester. holt in a wide-ranging interview, his take on the chasm in his administration and democratic governors on rolling back covid restrictions. you will hear it all just ahead. but first, there's a major update tonight on major news about the former president. the washington post reports some of those records trump improperly took to mar-a-lago when he left office more than a year ago, not only classified, some were marked top secret. the post says quote, it is not precisely clear who picked up the clfi