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tv   MSNBC Reports  MSNBC  February 12, 2022 4:00am-5:00am PST

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>> that does it for me. i'm zerlina. find me monday through friday at 6:00 p.m. eastern on peacock on "the choice from msnbc." follow us on facebook, twitter, tiktok and youtube. more news is coming up right here on msnbc. breaking on msnbc, major developments in the russia/ukraine standoff. president biden and vladimir putin set to talk this morning, amid a significant increase in russian troops outside ukraine. the u.s. ordering non-emergency employees to evacuate the embassy in kyev as a biden administration warns russia could launch an assault at any moment. >> we are in the window when an invasion could begin at any time. any american in ukraine should leave as soon as possible. >> former president trump was relentless in his attacks against hillary clinton over her emails and now she's striking
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back as pressure grows on trump of mishanding white house records while in office. a butterfly sanctuary in southern texas forced to shut down amid ongoing threats from far-right conspiracy theorists. i'll talk to the director about the dangers of disinformation that has her and her staff fearing for their lives. and the fight over control of school curricula reaching a fever pitch in many states, including arizona. we'll talk about the latest bill that would force teachers to post lesson plans online in a categorized and searchable database for parents to review. good morning, everybody. it is saturday, february 12th. i'm lindsay reiser. from washington d.c. to ukraine, we'll begin with that breaking news this morning. president biden set to speak by phone with russian president vladimir putin, just a few hours from now, as the u.s. warns russia could attack ukraine at
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any moment. and this just in, the u.s. is now ordering non-emergency employees to leave its embassy in kyev as new intel suggests russia has 80% of the forces needed for a full-scale invasion. the pentagon is ordering the deployment of another 3,000 troops to poland overnight. so for more on this breaking story, we'll first turn to correspondent mike memoli live in washington, d.c. good morning. president biden last spoke to putin december 30th. what more do we know about this morning's call? >> we've seen exhaustive diplomatic efforts to avoid the situation we appear to be in. boris johnson spoke with president putin a few weeks ago. french president emmanuel macron, we saw that know toe of them seated at the desk, spoke with putin face to face and at appears one final phone call between president biden and president putin as the u.s. tries to ramp up pressure on
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vladimir putin not to invade. all thee cording to jake sullivan this appears imminent. >> we are in the window an invasion could begin at any time should vladimir putin decide to give the final go order. >> reporter: sullivan said we can't pinpoint the day, we can't pinpoint the hour putin might launch, but it would be a rapid assault with an aerial am boardment followed by a ground invasion. president biden had that virtual meeting with president putin in early december where he laid out the diplomatic, the economic costs that potentially russia would face if there was this invasion. they spoke again at the end of the month but there appears to be despite that exhaustive diplomacy no success in bringing putin to de-escalate, only we've seen him escalate. it's telling the white house, the kremlin had conversations about a phone call between the two leaders. the kremlin originally proposed
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doing this call monday. the white house insist this call happen today, a sign of the fact they feel this could happen at any moment. >> what does that signify to you, mike, that this call at the request of the white house could have been done monday but the white house said no, let's do it saturday. >> what we've seen throughout the process, if you watched the briefing yesterday with jake sullivan they're doing everything they can to lay out their cards on the table to deprive russians of the element of surprise and they are concerned as they have doing so, laying out what they see, what their intelligence are declassifying it, making it public that putin might still try to sneak and move up his own time line. they're trying to preempt and hoping putin can de-escalate. >> we know you'll update us later on this network. thanks so much. we'll dive into deeper, joined by mbing news military analyst and retired colonel jack jacobs. colonel, thanks for being with us. good morning. >> good morning. >> nbc news is reporting russia
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proposed the call monday which we talked about, it was then counter proposed today. what do you make of that and does president biden have any leverage here? what progress could be made in this call? >> probably no progress, if utin's already decided to invade. there's some evidence to indicate putin hasn't even decided yet what he's going to do, which is why theed a% wants to talk to putin as early as possible. looks like the russians have all the troops they need, and all the support they need in order to conduct the invasion. i think the president wants to reiterate that the united states is prepared to impose the most stringent economic restrictions on russia, and that would be the elimination of russia's ability to participate in the swift program, and that pays, that's
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the worldwide system by which vendors and users can get paid and pay, which means it would dry up the large proportion of cash flow that goes to russia. in order to do that, the united states has to convince the allies that they need to be on our side. they depend a great deal on russian trade and there's been nothing but a continuous diplomatic effort to convince allies to support the united states economic sanctions and they will go into effect, and the president is going to tell putin today that the allies on our side and he can't bank on any support, he, putin can't bank on any support from nato from russia conducts the invasion. >> colonel, is that why we haven't seen sanctions imposed because we need report from the
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allies? aren't sanctions used as a deterrence and not as a punitive measure? >> well, that's a very good point. there are some sanctions that have been imposed on individuals and businesses, but the biggest one, the one i mentioned elimination of russia's participation in the swift program that we are holding over putin's head, and in order to do that, we needed to get the support of the allies. now, there are three things russia could do. one is to go home and say well, it was really just a field training exercise, like we've said all along. the other thing, the other possibility is russia conducts this full-scale invasion, and we will put the biggest possible sanctions on them. the worst possible thing for nato and for us is if russia instead of conducting a large-scale invasion tips their toe in the water, they go in a little way, what biden, in a very silly fashion, suggested
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last week, that would make it extremely difficult for the united states, because our allies have indicated that they're less inclined to put full-scale sanctions on russia if there's not a full-scale invasion, and that's our biggest concern, and one of the reasons for moving up the conversation between biden and putin to today is to convince putin that we have hour allies' support no matter what kind of invasion russia conducts. >> would the strategy from russia for a minor incursion be essentially to try and push into ukraine and gain some bargaining power with their government? >> that's one thing they could do. the other thing is to continue to have fifth columnist russians inside ukraine who have been causing some difficulties along
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the border to have them continue to do so, perhaps seize some terrain on the ukraine side of the border and ask for russian assistance. that would be difficult for us, too. remains to be seen what putin will do and as i mentioned putin himself maybe doesn't know what he's doing. >> the state department ordering all nonemergency workers to leave the u.s. embassy in kyev. what does that signal to you? >> the administration is concerned with something of a repeat of what happened in afghanistan. the worst situation to have americans trapped inside ukraine. we're not sending troops in to get them out because then we're fighting the russians. the sooner the americans get out of there, the easier it is for the administration if the russians conduct a full-scale
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invasion. biden does not want the same visuals we saw in afghanistan. that's not going to work for him or the united states, lindsey. >> we got some reporting from our colleagues that ukraine's military is not only outmanned and outgunned but technologically inferior to russia's and ukraine is fully aware of its weaknesses, they plan to launch a guerrilla-style resistance movement even though the ukrainian government won't admit this publicly. what kind of warfare could we be looking at and also what kind of casualties? >> a lot of casualties initially on both sides but particularly civilians inside ukraine. a guerrilla war is the only one that ukraine can possibly undertake, once russia gets inside the country. that will make it extremely difficult for russia, of course, because they have the experience of afghanistan like we did, and sustained a significant number of casualties over a long period of time that they were in afghanistan. they don't want to repeat that,
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which is one reason why it's important, if they're going to take it over that they take it over quickly. ukraine is outmanned, also outgunned. we've given them a great deal of equipment, we've given them advice and training but at the end of the day, they're facing 100,000 to 150,000 russian troops who are well-armed and well-trained. it's not the old russian army that it was 20 years ago, it's in pretty good shape and ukraine is not going to be able to resist if there's a full-scale invasion, so a guerrilla war, long and drawn out, is the only way that ukraine's going to be able to seize power back again, and even that's going to be dicey. >> colonel jock jacobs, thanksjoining us and helping us make sense of this news. still to come, displaced classified documents, toilets clogged with government records and big gaps in presidential phone records. a flood of new headlines
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>> the house select committee investigating january 6th had quite a lot to talk about. this week brought a flood of headlines how former president trump handled white house records. maggie haberman reports white house staff found records clogging the toilet, believing trump was the one who flushed them. the national archives says trump also took boxes of records to mar-a-lago with him and some of that material may be classified. trump called the january 6th committee political hacks. for the latest on all this, we turn live to nbc capitol hill
4:17 am
correspondent ali raffa. welcome to msnbc. so happy to have you. what impact do all the headlines have on the committee's work? >> reporter: good morning, lindsey. it's an honor to be here with you this morning. you mentioned it right off the top there. there were a lot of developments to talk about in this committee meeting yesterday, most notably the developments about how former president trump handled white house records. the revelations are the latest obstacles in the committee's repeated delayed investigation into what trump was doing in the hours that the capitol was being attacked. listen to what congressman pete aguilar, part of the january 6th committee had to say on msnbc yesterday about what the struggle he and other members are facing. >> what i can say is that it's not normal, what the former president spokesperson said, this is not a normal process of what he undertook and he's been
4:18 am
fighting this each and every step of the way as have his congressional allies which is important to note as well. >> reporter: and despite this uphill battle, the committee has interviewed over 500 people also subpoenaing 80 people, some of whom were high-profile trump allies who have since refused to testify before the committee just this week, former white house trade adviser peter navarro was issued a subpoena for his involvement in the insurrection, but the committee is moving forward. they're vowing to get past all of this, drawing up plans to hold public hearings in the spring with congressman liz cheney, the committee's vice chair, vowing in a "wall street journal" op-ed earlier this week that she won't be intimidated by criticism and she says that the upcoming hearings will prove the legitimacy of the 2020 election and it's important to note that this committee faces an unofficial looming november midterm deadline, because republicans, as we near the
4:19 am
midterms, face a better chance of winning back the house of representatives, which could potentially dismantle this committee. lindsey? >> allie raffa, we look forward to hearing more of your reporting on msnbc. thank you. before we get to our next guest, a quick reminder of what republicans said how hillary clinton handled information. >> people who have nothing to hide don't bleach. nobody's ever heard t don't bleach their emales or destroy evidence to keep it from being publicly archived as required under federal law. >> hillary clinton on her email server had 22 top secret a patt transparency is the real concern. >> she put classified information. >> she put america's secrets at risk for her convenience. >> if i did what she did, i
4:20 am
would be in jail. >> secretary clinton is now selling hats that say "but her emails" on her website with proceeds going to causes she supports. so let's bring in congressman steve cohen from tennessee, on the judiciary committee. good morning. what's your reaction to all the stories we saw come out this week about former president trump's records especially in light of years of criticism of secretary clinton? >> there's no question that trump was a criminal from the get-go, been one all his life. new york state didn't allow him to be a trustee of a charitable trust because he stole from charities. it's astonishing still the blemish on america's electorate and on our system of government that, our country that a majority of people through the electoral college and not majority of the people through
4:21 am
the collection, popular college allowed him to become president for four years and he did nothing but grift for himself and family, destroy records to cover up misdeeds. i'm not surprised. that's what a criminal does and that's what he did. he destroyed records. >> what do you make, congressman, of the fact we haven't heard a peep from any of your republican colleagues. this is supposed to be the party of law and order. >> well, they cower to president trump. he's the top guy in the party. he's the leader that they all reflect to and they're not going to say anything to upset him or try to lose his supporters. you saw nancy mason endorse her opponent, said nasty things about her declare her fealty to his philosophy, which is just about him and his rule. even when they get struck down
4:22 am
by him, they still don't stand up to him, only liz cheney and adam kinzinger and a few others, they have heroic, the people that voted for his impeachment in the house, there were ten, including tom rice, were heroic. we've seen certain profiles emerge in the republican party, those who voted for impeachment and those who stood up like adam and liz. otherwise the party has fallen on its face. it's embarrassing to the country, should be embarrassing to them. i don't see how they look at themselves in the mirror. >> those people paid a political price for it, too. congressman, should the justice department look into this and what can congress do to hold the former president accountable? >> congress is doing what it can. bennie thompson and the committee are doing a great job exposing some of the activities that took place and let the american public see, if they want to see. many don't want to see that this january 6th insurrection was
4:23 am
directed through the white house and trump family and trump accolytes. bannon had a room set up at the world hotel and he and flynn were involved, roger stone, the same cast of gang that couldn't shoot straight characters were involved in that as were involved in some of the other activities during the trump white house. it's just, they're going to stonewall all they can, claim executive privilege because they want the republicans to win at the end of this committee which might happen. congress can bring information to light, hearings where people are watching in prime time and let the facts be out there to the american public. the mueller report misrepresented by barr in a deceitful process of the american people. we could put that out. the justice department i wish it
4:24 am
would act. i have regard for merrick garland. he's a fine gentleman. he's got integrity. i'm not sure if he's got the desire to go forward and get trump. he said he would go wherever the records and the facts lead, and i believe he means that but he's been a judge and a judge is different than a prosecutor and he hasn't done what he needed to protect our democracy. democracy is at risk. if the house is taken back by the republicans, our democracy will be stepped on again because this committee will end and trump's elected, we won't be much different than putin's russia. >> 30 seconds with you. i want to ask you something else, inflation. this is a huge issue for a lot of americans, and right now, there's a criticism that, among democrats, the message on how to solve it is not uniform. it's not clear. right now, what is your plan to help this, and ease the burden on american families?
4:25 am
>> well, we just passed the america competes act in the house that will help us with problems we've got with the supply chain, and with the lack of chips that are hurting our production of automobiles, which is a large part of the inflation, but the fact is, inflation's a worldwide problem. it's occurring everywhere. it's occurring in japan, brazil, you name it and it's a worldwide problem affected by the pandemic. many people in china, one of the largest producers of goods, have been affected with the coronavirus, and they've been off from work and' disrupted their production of goods and their shipping of goods, and that's a worldwide problem. >> okay, congressman we have to leave it there. >> there's no secret bullet. there's no magic bullet. >> okay, we appreciate your time. thank you so much. and still to come, a surprise announcement from pfizer, disappointing a lot of parents. we're now going to have to wait longer to get their little ones vaccinated. s
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welcome back. parents who want to get their kids vaccinated have to wait longer after pfizer announced it needs more data for a third dose of kids under the age of 5. gabe gutierrez has the latest. >> reporter: pfizer is hitting the brakes for now on its covid vaccine for the youngest age group, kids 6 months through 4 years old. the company is postponing its application for emergency use authorization and will wait for data on a three-dose series of the vaccine, because it believes three doses may provide a higher level of protection in this age group. the fda says data came in rapidly during omicron. >> it makes sense for us to wait until we have the data from the evaluation of a third dose before taking action. >> reporter: an fda advisory panel had been set to discuss the application next week and the cdc had said if all went well, those youngest children
4:31 am
could have started receiving the shots by presidents day. do you think pfizer may have jumped the gun here? >> i think pfizer took a gamble, and are now realizing that that gamble was probably not the right decision and are rethinking their strategy. >> reporter: for adults each dose is 30 micrograms. for the youngest children, each dose is three. pfizer said in december two doses for the kids did not generate a strong enough immune response in its trial. days ago, pfizer's ceo seemed confident the fda would sign off on two doses while awaiting more data for a third. >> i think that they will be pleased with the data, and they will approve. >> reporter: but the wait now drags on for families like aaron par ness and his 3-year-old son, bailey. >> it's really frustrafrustrati. we were looking forward to having hmm vaccinated as soon as we do. >> reporter: pfizer expects data for the third dose by early april, so it could be two months before the vaccine is authorized. moderna says it could have data
4:32 am
for kids 2 to 5 years old by march. >> thanks to gabe for that reporting. a butterfly sanctuary is the new pizza gate. how a disinformation campaign forced the facility to close its doors and has staffers fearing for their lives. the executive director joins me live, next. live, next so healthier can look a lot cvs. healthier happens together. once upon a time, at the magical everly estate, lander larry and his trusty crew... were delayed when the new kid totaled his truck. timber... fortunately, they were covered by progressive, so it was a happy ending... for almost everyone. mission control, we are go for launch. so it was a happy ending... um, she's eating the rocket. ♪♪ lunchables! built to be eaten.
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as little as zero dollars at (music) as little as zero dollars ♪ i think to myself ♪ ♪ what a wonderful world ♪ right now, a butterfly refuge in texas is in crisis and closed its doors until further
4:36 am
notice to protect the people who work there. so you remember about six years ago a pizza place in washington, d.c., became the target of a far-right lie. people claimed it was somehow involved in sex trafficking. eventually a man showed up with a gun and fired several shots. now there's a similar disinformation campaign at the national butterfly center which sits on the border between the u.s. and mexico in mission, texas. this all started when the center opposed the building of the border wall on its property. that was years ago, but earlier this month the center had to close indefinitely for the safety of its staff. some people have bought into this far-right lie that the non-profit is a cover for human smuggling, sex trafficking and exploitation of children. some reportedly showed up to the center in the weeks before it closed without any interest in butterflies. the center's executive director telling the "new york times" "now every day my children literally worry whether i'm going to survive a day at work." that economictive director
4:37 am
marianna trevino-wright joins me live. thanks for joining us, first of all >> thank you, lindsey. >> you are getting a firsthand look at how dangerous the spread of disinformation can be. there are lives that are impacted. talk to us about the impacts for your center and your staff and maybe protections that you're now doing. i know you now carry a gun. >> unfortunately, the lies that have been told about us have left us in peril. the very same people that spread misinformation resulting in the massacre at walmart and also the january 6th insurrection have come to the national butterfly center to use it also as a backdrop for the violence they wish to provoke that has left our staff and the board of directors very concerned about the safety of those who work
4:38 am
here and those who visit. >> one of the men behind the disinformation campaign has repeatedly attacked your center on social media, in fact tweeting in 2019, "instead of enabling women and children to be sex trafficked like @butterflies, your handle, we are taking action. this is the war for controls of most powerful country." what are you doing to combat those lies and has it spiraled out of control at this point? >> it certainly does seem to be escalating and i believe this is strategic ahead of the midterm elections. . 2019, when steve bannon's "rebuild the wall" targeted us, we were completely blind-sided and they did begin to promulgate these absolutely false and defamatory lies about us being a cartel front, rather than a refuge for wildlife in the lower
4:39 am
rio grande valley wildlife conservation corridor. he provoked violence. the militia arrived. we had to have police protection at that time, but as this seems to be ratcheting up and we've been warned by other gop candidates that we are a target of the far right, now the board of directors had no choice but to close until they can secure the expert assistance that we need to reopen safely. >> what you're describing and the juxtaposition of the images we're showing, the joy that people experienced there, the peace, the tranquility, not only butterfly watching, bird watching, summer camps and this is a serious situation, yet in some ways, you're trying to make light of it, however you can, selling mugs that say "proud left wing "thug" with a "sham"
4:40 am
butterfly agenda." you alluded to the fact you're closed until the board can figure out what to do. what does the future of the center look like? >> i am sure that we will reopen with a safety plan and all of the assets in place that we need to protect our members and visitors. the left wing thug with a sham butterfly agenda is a quote from the front man for rebuild the wall and part of their cam to smear us and paint us as something other than what we are, which is a nature center dedicated to environmental education and conservation for the last 20 years. >> marianna trevino, we appreciate you coming on and hope the center is able to reopen and everyone stays safe in the meantime. still to come, truckers defy
4:41 am
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the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto.
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taking a look at other headlines across the country we're tracking this morning, nine ferz were shot and a woman is dead after a standoff in phoenix. we want to warn you, some of what you're about to see and hear is disturbing. [ sound of gunfire ] it happened early yesterday morning after officers were called to a shooting. one was shot when they first arrived. that started a standoff and police were able to rescue a baby who was inside the home. several hours later police found the suspect and a woman dead inside. four officers are still in the hospital this morning. and it's not just states. several major businesses are dropping their mask mandate for workers. walmart says vaccinated workers
4:46 am
can lose their masks. amazon is doing the same for warehouse workers and masks are optional for people on the new york stock exchange. super bowl fever in the sky over los angeles. 500 drones lit up the night to create the logos for the rams and the bengals in the first show of its kind from the nfl. each drone weighs about two pounds. we're excited for the game, which you can watch tomorrow on nbc. this morning, the chaos continues at the u.s./canada border. a convoy of canadian trucker protesting vaccine mandates is blocking a main crossing despite a court ruling ordering them to leave, staking out a bridge that connects windsor to detroit. we want to show you video after the injunction was filed. protests are there, fewer numbers amid a state of emergency in the province of ontario. the blockade is going on for
4:47 am
days and hurting commerce on both sides of the border. cal perry is live this morning. the thinking was after this ruling, they could put an end to this but that's not happening. >> reporter: yes, absolutely and then we had these pamphlets handed out by police after 7:00 p.m. that said at midnight, you will be in violation of the order. we thinned out from last night. you saw the video of last night from this intersection, hundreds of people, not anymore. we're down to about a dozen or so folks who spent the night. i'll show you the crossing, bill is going to show you the bridge to usa, empty. this is the busiest land crossing normally in north america. $400 million of lost revenue for the city of windsor according to -- excuse me, to canada according to the mayor. the trucks have been here since monday. some cars have thinned out. as you said in the wake of that court order there was an expectation that police would sort of move in and try to clear this area. yesterday we saw the tensions
4:48 am
ratchet up not just here in this province, but really internationally. the president of the united states, joe biden, calling the prime minister of canada, urging him to do more. the prime minister saying that he would take immediate action, that obviously has not happened. we'll see over the weekend, there was a lot of talk about the weather. it has gotten considerably colder here. clearly that has thinned out the crowd. there was a thinking maybe there would be an opportunity but lindsey, i'll get bill to spin around and show where the police are this we haven't moved in on the intersection all week. there's been a light police presence considering what you would see in the united states in comparison, a very light police presence and again, calm here this morning, although the numbers have thinned out. we'll see if that matters. i think the authorities are looking for the opportunity to move in, hoping there won't be many people here, certainly that is true this morning. >> cal, that said, you've been there for a few days. do you get the sense because it's thinned out a bit, the situation might be alleviated soon in >> reporter: well, the other thing is the penalties. you heard the province say it
4:49 am
could be $100,000, one-year fine, lose the ability to be a trucker to travel back and forth from the u.s., that could alleviate it as well but certainly that is the question, right, what is the time line here, and you're talking about $400 million a day. a lot of people think you need to act. is there a danger of counter protest, something the authorities will look at more and more as this drags on. >> all right, cal perry, our thanks to you and your crew. appreciate it. still to come, a controversial new bill in arizona would require teachers to post their lesson plans online all for parents to review. there's a deadline in everything. this is the latest effort by conservatives to really tightly control what's being taught in our classrooms. the potential fallout, next. the potential fallout, next. thank you for driving me to the drugstore. earn big time with chase freedom unlimited with no annual fee. how do you cashback? chase. make more of what's yours. with voltaren arthritis pain gel.
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dry erase markers, check. work sheets, check. posting your lesson plans for parental approval, that soon might be added to the to do list of some 63,000 teachers in arizona who are bracing for a new law that could add more strain to an already burnt out workforce. the bill making its way through the state legislature would require teachers to post lesson plans online, 72 hours in advance that touch on nondiscrimination, diversity, sex, gender, all so parents can review it. it also permits parents to sue
4:54 am
if they don't get the information on time. it's an effort by lawmakers to tightly control what's caught in olschools. they say it's about transparency and whether critical race theory is taught. it's not taught in schools, but republicans are using it to rally voters. i'm joined by joe thomas, president of the arizona education association. good morning, good to be with you. i know it's early your time there. under current arizona law, parents can review materials in many advance and they can take their kid out of class if they want, how is this different and what are some of your biggest concerns? >> well, the biggest concern is that we have serious issues in our state relative to education funding and to a teacher shortage, a substitute teacher shortage and a school bus driver shortage, and instead of dealing with those and addressing those to where our students can stay in classrooms, in learning, we
4:55 am
have a legislature chasing red herrings and driving a wedge between parents and teachers. we don't have time for it. we need to do what's best for our students. these bills are coming out fast and we're hoping the legislature will do their job and support teachers. >> i'm from arizona i was reporting during the red for ed protest several years ago in which teachers were protesting for better pay, more pupil spending. and you talked about the fact that it's still hard to retain teachers. arizona has some of the largest class size in the nation, the shortage, ranks near the bottom for salary. do you worry this will hurt efforts to recruit and retain educators? >> that's exactly what it is going to do. arizona is becoming known as a state in the united states that's not -- where teachers aren't respected. we don't want that reputation for our state. teachers are going to work every day, doing their best and we
4:56 am
need our legislature to focus like our students and teachers are every day to make sure we're supported that we can stay supported and the real issues are addressed instead of the politicians making noise, looking towards the 2022 elections. >> this is a slew of bills being introduced in arizona allowing parents to visit classrooms and review what books are kept in the school library, getting parental approval for surveys on gender expression and perception. is this something you're finding that parents want in arizona? how do you strike the balance between what parents want and what educators want. >> when i was a child my parents paid attention to what was going on in school and any time there was confusion or question, my mother or my father would reach out to the teacher and sit down and have a discussion about what it was we were learning in school. we had laws that ask our districts to do textbook
4:57 am
adoptions. we have curriculum nights, we have open houses, we have meet the teacher night. schools have always been open to our parents. we understand the important bond the school has in a local community. it needs to be a safe place, it needs to be a place of learning, a serious place of learning and educators can't constantly be looking over their shoulder for political organizations to be looking into their lesson plans and trying to raise issues that aren't really there. that's what this bill does. it's not necessarily about parents wanting to get this information, there certainly are some. but it's opening the doors for anybody, anywhere to have access on the internet to see what it is that we're teaching and we know that gets blown out of proportion on the internet. teachers are going to be targeted. this is a bill that has no substance and we don't need it in arizona. we need to focus on what's good for our students, which means keeping them safe and healthy during pandemic and giving them the best education they can get.
4:58 am
>> i have 30 seconds left with you, you talked about republicans in your state focused on red herrings. you guys are down to the wire by april 1st, there's a constitutional spending cap imposed you could end up having to close school, layoff teachers and nothing is being done about that? >> that's right. and we're really concerned about it. because the number one priority for the republicans in the legislature and governor, they need to act on this. it's a procedural vote they need to vote saying you can spend the budget we gave you. educators are showing up every day to work, we need the legislature to show up and get to work and make sure our classrooms can stay open, students' futures are intact. >> thank so much for being with us. thank you for watching msnbc reports. i'll be back tomorrow at 7 eastern. velshi starts right now.
4:59 am
today on velshi, we are following breaking news in the quickly escalating conflict in ukraine. the state department is ordering most diplomatic staff to evacuate the u.s. embassy in kyiv. as the biden administration warns russia could invade at any moment. and another investigation surrounding the twice-impeached ex-president. we'll talk to a member of the committee looking into how 15 boxes of presidential records made their way to mar-a-lago. and reporting that one of these three women will be the first black woman on the supreme court. how a 4-year-old texas girl turned her fear of police into an ambitious project. she's 9 now and still working hard on it. she'll join me later in the show. and what you have to say about the first book we asked
5:00 am
you to read for the velshi banned book club. we received a lot of response to "all boys aren't blue," banned in at least 15 states. velshi starts now. good morning, it is saturday, february the 12th. i'm ali velshi we begin today with a pair of convering mysteries, one involving a series of missing logs, call logs. and the other involving a continuously clogged presidential porcelain throne. we'll get to number two in a second. nbc learned that the white house records obtained by the select committee investigating the january 6th attack on the capitol do not include any phone calls to or from the insurrectionist former president during the hours long period after he spoke at a rally which served as a sort of battle cry for the charge on the capitol. that, of course, is impossible, because it's known that trump had a number of


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