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tv   Yasmin Vossoughian Reports  MSNBC  February 19, 2022 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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now, two occupants in the hospital, potentially there are three total, according to faa. we still do not have that confirmed as of yet. the video itself, only about 17 seconds long in total. and it's about 8 seconds when you watch that helicopter go, and it's every second counting here. and if you do take a look at it, as it hits the ocean, it appears to miss people in the water. we looked really closely at this video, but real close, right? and here's what an eye-witness told you just a little while ago. we had to play it again. >> well, i'm actually in south beach right now on a vacation, and we were in the water with, you know, probably somewhere around 100 to 200 people, and my brother-in-law looked at me and said, hey, look up, watch out, and we look over and about 30 to 50 yards from us is a helicopter
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hovering 30 yards above the water, and basically, ha that helicopter was doing, what may have been going through the mind of that pilot, but it looks as though he was trying to combat some sort of engine failure. >> and you know, yasmin, we have been monitoring the miami beach police. they were saying two occupants earlier. you were giving us the head nod. we are now hearing three. that would fit into the reporting on the faa, saying that there were three individuals inside of that helicopter, so a lot of information. again, this is only three hours hold and we're still getting the data coming in, trying to confirm all that. watching this again here, you can see the helicopter coming in 2 or 300 feet above the water but it wasn't really high when it entered into this. you count the people in the water, about 50 to 100, count the people on the sand, hundreds. and you know, that eight seconds says a lot, though.
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it was not a drop from the sky, right, yasmin? when you're watching this, this is realtime. the copter did not drop at 150 miles an hour. that's how fast this type of copter can go. the rotors, as you were noting earlier, they're still moving as they're coming down, perhaps adding lift to the copter, making this a softer landing than if the rotors were just dead still and stalled. and who's on board, again, those three individuals, according to the faa, unconfirmed. also getting that three in the hospital that miami beach police have been watching that very closely. stable condition is what we know about two of the occupants that are in the hospital right now. it could have been a lot worse, though, just because of that -- those numbers i was telling you a little bit earlier, the number of folks that are there in this frame. here's the glass half full part of it. we can see in this video where the lifeguard station might be, and that is right there. in the middle of your frame. and then, as it pans a little bit to the left, you can see another little station that
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could be maybe the restroom or some vendors and the glass half full is all these people were there to take care of whatever happened there in front of them. they can respond quickly and that certainly had an input to the stable condition that we're hearing so far. one last point here, though, have you ever belly flopped? this landing in shallow water was not only good for the people on land, it was also good for the helicopter potentially. it was a belly flop, a softer landing, shallow water, as it hits, as you watch it here again, no sinking to the bottom of a deep ocean, instead sinking maybe tens of feet of water, and that's it. so, again, what we're learning this hour, three in the hospital, three occupants is what we understand from the faa, from some reporting. again, we're having to confirm a lot of this stuff as it comes in right now, yasmin. >> yeah, and i just want to say, from a phone call that nbc had with miami beach fire house 2, one of the individuals they spoke to there said, and i
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quote, if this crash had happened 50 more yards inland, we would have had a mass casualty event on our hands and it's incredibly insane to just even think about that. i mean, this is literally in a situation like this, best case scenario, people in stable condition and nobody that was in that water was injured, and as you mentioned, richard, they were able to scramble to the helicopter as the eye-witness that i spoke to said and help people get out of that helicopter. as it began to sink. the swimmers were helping them get out. >> and we don't know how full this copter was. it can range from 1,500 pounds, yasmin, to 2,500 pounds, but you can imagine if you had a one-and-a-half -- a one-ton projectile falling on top of all these people with gasoline and fuel inside, what that might have meant. >> yeah. >> if there is a better part of what could happen in a scenario, this might be it. >> yeah. exactly. richard lui, thank you as always for staying on top of this for
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us. okay, let's transition now to the crisis in ukraine that we have been following and constantly changing. a last ditch attempt, of course, at diplomacy by world leaders in germany today. i want to go right to nbc's josh lederman at the white house who's been following this for us. so, a few things happening today, josh, right, we got a defiant zelensky addressing the munich security conference today. talk to me about that, along with now what we're hearing from blinken in that it seems the president is still open to diplomacy, specifically with vladimir putin, that a phone call could feasibly happen, a talk could feasibly happen if it's warranted. >> that's right, yasmin. and you used the word, defiant. i think that's the right adjective to describe president zelensky, who had faced a lot of skepticism about why on earth would you fly to munich, leave your country at a time when the u.s. president is saying russia has decided to invade and it could happen at any moment. but it became very clear once we
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heard from zelensky in munich today that he had something to get off his chest, that he wanted to make very clear to a lot of these european nations, that they are not doing ukraine a favor by supporting its sovereignty, that his country is really at the bulwark of aggression and threat from russia that could affect all of these european countries who he really faulted for doing too little to protect european security and also said they were sending mixed messages to ukraine about whether it really is welcome or wanted in nato, in the european community. now, for vice president kamala harris, this meeting with zelensky today was really about trying to signal as clearly as possible to moscow that the u.s., nato, and ukraine are all strongly united about russia's need to de-escalate but also about the penalties russia will face if putin does proceed with an invasion. here's what kamala harris had to say in munich.
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>> let me be clear. i can say with absolute certainty, if russia further invades ukraine, the united states, together with our allies and partners, will impose significant and unprecedented economic cost. >> reporter: now, yasmin, if there's one glimmer of hope for diplomacy as far as the u.s. is concerned, it's this meeting that sergei lavrov, the russian foreign minister, has agreed to have this coming week in europe with antony blinken, the u.s. secretary of state. and you know, it's really interesting, just before blinken left munich today, he gave an interview to a russian news outlet where he was asked, what about a putin/biden meeting? would that happen? blinken said the president is always willing to meet if it would advance diplomacy, notably just a few days ago when he announced that he was going to
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meet with the russian foreign minister, he also said that it could possibly pave the way toward a meeting of key leaders, so the u.s., not closing the door at this point in time, yasmin, to the possibility that some type of interaction between presidents putin and biden could be part of the path forward here. >> yeah, it was quite a stark difference that blinken laid out there, saying, yes, i will meet with my counterpart, with the foreign minister, of course if they don't invade between now and then. josh lederman, thank you, going to let you report and gather. appreciate you joining us this hour. i want to bring in joel rubin now, former department assistant of state under the obama administration. joel, great to see you as always. let's talk through a few different things and i want to first get, of course, your reaction on camera to the vice president's speech today in munich because i know that you tweeted about it, and you said this. harris just made the most significant speech by an american leader to prevent war since the cuban missile crisis
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in 1962. this is american leadership in action. expand on that for me, joel. >> yasmin, it's great to be with you and without a doubt, what vice president harris did today was put a firm flag, plant it in the first round and say, the united states is here, we back up our european allies, we back up ukraine, we are not going anywhere, and we're calling vladimir putin's bluff. time and again, what we're seeing from the biden administration is calling out vladimir putin, eliminating his false pretexts for war, unifying our allies around the sanctions package that will hit russia hard if it chooses to invade further, and so her message was very clear and very well received, and at a moment of heightened tension where we do need to have that clarity from our leaders, and thank goodness we have clarity from our white house right now. >> it's interesting, though, because with that, right, on the same day, you had volodymyr zelensky, as i was just talking about with josh lederman,
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incredibly defiant, standing up there and saying, don't pity us. we can defend ourselves. you should be helping us out because we should be a member of nato and the fact that you weren't paying attention years ago and the fact that you're suddenly paying attention as so many ukrainians have said to our reporters, that that country has been at war since 2014, the shellings we have seen in eastern ukraine, it's par for the course for them. on so many separate days. but if you think about it big picture, if ukraine were actually a part of nato, right now, that means u.s. soldiers would have to move into ukraine and fight against moscow, against russian soldiers if they were to invade. which would literally start a world war. >> that is true if ukraine were part of nato, but i think i want to get to your point about zelensky. what he did today was he called out all of the concerns and got off his chest all of the frustrations that the ukrainian people have, and these are
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legitimate points that he was making. but what he was doing as well is he was rallying opinion back at home and saying, i am standing up for ukraine. i am going to speak truth to the community of nations that has to back us up. they are backing us up. but i'm going to tell them that they need to do more, and so i think for this nato question, this nato expansion question, this is something that clearly russia wants to get at and wants to talk about, and secretary blinken in his exchange of letters with the russian foreign minister lavrov, this is not a starting point that the united states is going to consider. we don't control what countries do and do not decide to do when it comes to voluntarily joining military alliances like nato. but there has to be a dialogue over these security questions. there's a lot on the table, and so i think zelensky going in there was very powerful. he put his foot down. but it also does give some space now for diplomacy through other channels. >> so, here's the other thing
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that i have been thinking about a lot, joel, and entertain me on this for one moment. it's this. this idea that there's other countries watching this situation play out, and when i say other countries, i'm talking specifically about china and taiwan, right? seeing that if, in fact, moscow, russia, were to invade ukraine and there were no real circumstances aside from the sanctions. we know the sanctions will be leveled against them, but does putin really care about sanctions? nobody really knows. there's no military action done. no military repercussions. then you have china, this world power, looking at this happening and thinking, well, if they can do it, so can i. and other countries doing the same. what does that -- where does that leave us? >> yeah, you're putting your finger right on the hottest button question right now in washington, which is, what signal is this sending? and what the biden team is doing is sending a signal that the
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world is unified against the idea that a country can unilaterally invade a neighboring country and take it over and tell it what to do. and looking over the horizon at the question of taiwan, it is certainly part of this calculus, and so this firm line, it doesn't mean that it's always going to work out, right? like, this is, to your point, sanctions is a package. this is a realtime test to see how powerful an impact that can be and can this alliance coming together in this way really rebuff vladimir putin from doing this horrific mistake that he may do? but this is a test for all of us and for the united states and for our partners, and it's going to continue to be a test regarding china down the road, and so this is the way that international relations right now is being organized by the biden team, they're looking at china, they're looking at russia, and they're saying, we, as democracies, we don't accept that kind of sphere of influence
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aggression against neighbors, and they're drawing the line right now. >> joel rubin with what appears to be a picture of you and secretary kerry over your right shoulder, shaking hands in front of the american flag. am i correct? >> it was a -- >> i'm squinting to see. >> it was an honor to serve there, yes, indeed. and a little bit over, a signed note of superior honor award from liz cheney when i was a civil servant in the bush administration, so got it all on my wall. >> there you go. there you go. joel rubin, thank you. >> thanks, yasmin. still ahead, everybody, ousting one of narrow own. republicans are lining up to endorse a primary challenger of gop congresswoman liz cheney as joel ruben was just talking about. what the rare move means for the party's direction. plus tears of joy when a soldier makes a surprise return home. >> no. jake. >> are we on youtube now? are w.
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welcome back. a highly unusual move by republican leadership to publicly endorse the opponent of a sitting member of their own party highlighting what could be the real contentious fight in the midterms. republicans against other republicans. house minority leader kevin mccarthy and republican conference chairwoman elise
1:21 pm
stefanik have expressed support for the candidate challenging liz cheney in wyoming, showing just how far some in the gop are willing to go to solidify former president trump's control of the party. hageman is known to be trump's preferred candidate and part of his desperate efforts to defeat the handful of congressional republicans, including cheney, who voted to impeach or convict him last year. i want to bring on my panel, susan del percio, and elena beverly, former national director of african american outreach for president obama's 2008 campaign, former white house aide and host of the podcast. susan, let me start with you and get from your sense the motivation of stefanik and kevin mccarthy to endorse hageman. >> that's easy. it's just donald trump. donald trump doesn't want liz cheney to win the primary or win
1:22 pm
a re-election, and he is basically calling in everyone possible to prevent that from happening. what's interesting, though, is i think this is a tactic that's not going to work out well, yasmin, because he's also calling the governor, asking for -- to change the primary rules. in other words, to rig the system against liz cheney, and i think having a lot of washington people come in, like kevin mccarthy, like club for growth, that actually does not sit well with people in their home districts. they want to have their own fight, so be it, but don't have those washington outsiders come in and try and mess around with their state rights and their elections. >> yeah, i actually wonder how much a mccarthy and/or stefanik endorsement actually moves the needle. we know, obviously, a former president, a donald trump, obviously endorsement can move the needle but does mccarthy and stefanik really do anything for whether or not you're going to win a primary or not? then we talk about money, right?
1:23 pm
if we're talking money here, elaine, it's a whole different ball game, of course, for liz cheney, because she's winning at the money game, and an op-ed piece in the "washington post" talking about cheney's hope is that a combination of her financial advantage, a divided field, and wyoming's election laws allowing her to make it through her primary challenge, the winner of the contest need only take a plurality to prevail, which is what happened in hageman's statewide defeat. look at a split of money, q4, $2.05 million raised for liz cheney. 2021 overall, $7.2 million. compare that to hageman, who's barely reaching half a million dollars at $443,000 for q4. and barely at a million dollars for the entire year of 2021. does money win? a race? >> well, money certainly helps, and liz cheney having $4.7 million in the bank to spend in her race in wyoming is
1:24 pm
certainly -- it certainly enters to her favor, enters to her favor, but what's important here is that i think that you're going to see that other candidates, other republican candidates who voted for impeachment are also doing well financially and are also banking on a divided field, so you're seeing that the republican party is going to be fighting significantly against itself and those who are standing up against trump are still benefitting from their stances and still doing well in the long run, but what we see here is the republican leadership really doubling down on trumpism. so, what's happening, the rnc and mccarthy endorsing cheney's opponent comes just week after the rnc censured cheney for participating in the january 6th commission. so, we're seeing the rnc start to stand behind and really double down on candidates that
1:25 pm
would both try to shirk the implications of the january 6th insurrection and those candidates who would suggest that the 2020 election, of course, are challenging the legitimacy of the 2020 election. so what we will see, as this -- as these midterms play out is we're going to start to see democrats who are up against trumpists and potentially, as we get to '24, 2024, we may see more candidates who would support those who would challenge the legitimacy of our elections. >> susan, alaina brings up a great point because it was the rnc and what they said about january 6th, calling it legitimate political discourse, of course, and where mccarthy stands on things and where people like stefanik stands on things but then of course the reporting that we have talked about on this show about mitch mcconnell with a quiet effort to keep trump out of the white house come 2024 and everybody that is about trump keeping them from getting elected, making phone calls himself.
1:26 pm
and the quiet campaigning that he is doing, so you're seeing a real, like, split inside the republican party. we're used to talk about this when it comes to democrats, to be honest. whereas republicans, for the most part, are able to kind of really keep their stuff together and stay united. it seems like that's not happening this time around, and the midterms is going to be a real test of who wins. >> i see what you're saying, but let's not confuse what mitch mcconnell said and his rebuke against the language that came out of that rnc meeting as something principled. this is about winning for mitch mcconnell. he looks at georgia and says, if not for donald trump, i'd be majority leader right now. so, mitch mcconnell is seeing what we're all starting to see, is movement away from talking about trump -- >> but don't you think -- yeah, but don't you think that he would -- if it were about winning to him, wouldn't he want to be endorsing, you know,
1:27 pm
fellow trump advocates? >> no, that's -- that's my point. >> trump followers? >> no. that's my point, yasmin. that's not working. he has to win swing states. he's got to win georgia, and if donald trump is only talking about 2020 and donald trump, that is not a message that republicans will do very well in, especially in some of these tough senate races. really speaking to the senate a little more to the house there. but we're seeing a move, again, not a big move, and you're right when you say that donald trump does play in primaries, i agree. but if donald trump is only going to talk about donald trump, that's not going to help those who are running to beat somebody else on the democratic side. so, i think that there is a move, and you start seeing it, that looking towards the general election, the republicans need to run on some kind of agenda, and it can't be 2020. >> okay, so, with that, alaina, wrap it up for us when it comes
1:28 pm
to the democrats. how do they seize this moment if there is this fissure, this split inside the republican party? >> i think they hold it together and keep talking about their agenda, the fact that they are actually running on a real platform but we've seen internal messaging from the d trip movement saying we need to make sure democratic candidates also take the fight to their opponents and not allow trumpists to play sort of race-baiting and culture war cards without making sure that the democrats actually oppose that, actually speak to what they stand for, not just try to change the subject. and also make sure that the democrats are speaking to what voters are feeling right now, not just talk about what the policies are but how it's impacting real lives. so they still have their fight ahead of them. >> susan del percio, alaina beverly, thank you both. we are continuing to follow the helicopter crash just off
1:29 pm
the sand in miami beach. three passengers are in the hospital. an update on that after the break. plus reinstalling donald trump as president, a new fringe effort in wisconsin aiming to decertify the 2020 election and put trump back in office. wisconsin democratic congresswoman gwen moore joins me next with her reaction to that as well as the crisis in ukraine and the latest developments in the january 6th investigation. ukraine and the lt developments in the january 6th developments in the january 6th investigation. ♪ there's heather on the hedges ♪ ♪ and kenny on the koi ♪ ♪ and your truck's been demolishedthe peterson boy ♪ ♪ yes -- ♪ wait, what was that? timber... [ sighs heavily ] when owning a small business gets real, progressive helps protect what you've built with affordable coverage. my hygienist cleans progressive helps protect what you've built with a round head. so does my oral-b my hygienist personalizes my cleaning.
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1:34 pm
caused the crash. right now, upwards of 190,000 russian troops are estimated to be surrounding ukraine along its border with russia and belarus. now, that is despite vladimir putin's continued claims that he has no plans to attack. the build-up is happening as world leaders gather in germany for the munich security conference, but as the threat against his country grows more severe by the hour, ukrainian president volodymyr zelensky is urging western leaders to impose sanctions against russia before it attacks. and also warning that the current crisis is not just regional but about the entire world, saying he wants to meet with vladimir putin to come up with a solution to this crisis. joining me now is democratic congresswoman gwen moore of wisconsin, also the member of the helsinki commission and the house ways and means and means committee. congresswoman, great to see you. thank you so much for joining us on this saturday afternoon. let's talk first about what i just mentioned, which is the
1:35 pm
ukrainian president essentially saying, impose sanctions before russia attacks to keep him from actually invading ukraine. is there a possibility this could happen? >> well, i think it's really interesting that president zelensky has moved off of this notion of, just, everybody cool out, they're bluffing, we want to be more reserved to now saying, i think they're going to attack. because our intelligence has told us all along that they were setting themselves up with exercises in belarus, for example, that were off schedule, right there on the border. you know, a soviet-influenced state. that there was no evidence from our security point of view that they were pulling back, you know, unlike the rhetoric, and so i think that zelensky saying, i want the imposition of sanctions before they attack is
1:36 pm
credible. now, remember, i think it was extremely important that the united states government shared with the public the fact that we saw this pretext, this pretext that ukraine was going to attack some of the russian sort of patriots there in ukraine as a pretext so that we would be prepared for it and not, you know, submit to a lot of conspiracy theories. for the intelligence to have put that information out, that this is what they're going to do, and it's not a surprise to us, i think that president zelensky is feeling that this is imminent as we have anticipated it was for weeks now. >> congresswoman, i can tell you're a busy woman with all those bells and whistles going on behind you, between the phone and your text message ringing, you are a very busy woman and a lot of folks wanting to speak to you so i appreciate you taking
1:37 pm
the time. i want to switch gears here and talk about, of course, the january 6th committee, the subpoenas issued this week against some of the fake electors. you have been outspoken, specifically about those in your state, and asking the doj to investigate. are you hopeful that the committee is going to get the information that they need when it comes to these fake electors? >> oh, absolutely. i have friends who became convicted felons for being too lazy to walk in and witness somebody signing the voter registration card, signed it for them, you know, with their permission, and they became a convicted felon. i can tell you that i immediately, as you said, got calls when our state, not being a lone state in this issue, became one of seven states that was part of a broad, as we have now come to understand, plot to overturn the election. you know, and as jamie raskin,
1:38 pm
the impeachment manager representative from maryland, has pointed out, he anticipated what the plot would be. that you would have these fake electors that mike pence was then going to throw out the results of the seven elections, pit it off to the house of representatives where, yasmin, 26 of the delegations are headed by republicans, and 24 by democrats, and there's only one vote per delegation, and that was how donald trump was supposed to we gain the presidency. so, this wasn't just a matter of, you know, ten faithless electors, as we call them in wisconsin law, but it was part of a larger conspiracy, and so i am hoping -- and this is one of the reasons that i didn't go to my own very competent state attorney general, because i felt that this was part of a larger
1:39 pm
plot and needed to be dealt with in that way. >> congresswoman, i just quickly want you to weigh in on this "new york times" reporting talking about this fringe movement essentially still focusing on overturning the 2020 election. "the new york times" saying this. wisconsin, closer to the next federal election than the last, with the republican effort to overturn the election results here is picking up steam, rather than fading away, and spiraling further from reality as it goes. why do you think your state, the republican party in your state, is part of this fringe movement? it's still stuck there. >> it's so embarrassing. you know? you know, i think kelleyanne conway introduced us to alternative facts early on in trump's presidency, and now, we just have alternative reality, period. like i said, there are going to be a lot of people with ph.d.'s who are studying the mass hysteria around this fake
1:40 pm
election. i know that our own republicans in this state are very, very guilty of not only promoting that lie but our current united states senator johnson is promoting all kinds of misinformation, dangerous misinformation about the virus and cures for it. these crazy cures, mouthwash, and you know, it really adds to the political divide that we're experiencing. i'm so proud of the work that democrats and the president has been able to do despite the division in this country and the 50/50 split in the senate and practically 50/50 split in the house. we've done miraculous things in terms of getting rid of the virus, rescuing people from abject poverty and loss of their businesses, and we've done it despite this division and these lies.
1:41 pm
>> democratic congresswoman gwen moore of wisconsin, thank you. all right, the right always comes back to hillary clinton, breaking down the right-wing fury over a court filing this week and what has actually been revealed. this week and what has actually been week and what has actually been revealed taking align can help. align contains a quality probiotic to naturally help soothe digestive upsets 24/7. try align, the pros in digestive health. and join the align healthy gut team up and learn what millions of align users already know. how great a healthy gut can feel. sign up at also try align dualbiotics gummies to help support digestive health. ♪ ♪ ♪ hey google. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪♪ three times the electorlytes and half the sugar. ♪♪ pedialyte powder packs. feel better fast. they've been coming after me again lately, in case you might have noticed. it's funny. the more trouble trump gets into, the wilder the charges and conspiracy theories about me seem to get. fox leads the charge with accusations against me, counting on their audience to fall for it again. and as an aside, they're getting awfully close to actual malice in their attacks. >> all right, hillary clinton responding to claims from right-wing media that a new filing proves that she arranged for russia to spy on former
1:45 pm
president trump. the man behind that filing, special counsel john durham, who's been investigating the origins of the fbi's trump russia probe is now saying he's not to blame for what's being said in the media. he said his filing only contains crucial information on his investigation of russian interference in the 2016 election. durham says fox just misinterpreted what the brief said, which led to this reaction from fox news hosts. >> the hillary clinton spying scandal. >> hillary clinton's minions had spied on donald trump's campaign. >> they don't call her crooked for nothing. >> john durham's investigations. >> the latest revelations, the crime of the century. >> this is more electronic watergate except at a much higher level. >> all right, so, trump, for his part, released a flurry of statements claiming the information in the brief is bigger than watergate and that he was right about spying. msnbc contributor katie benner, who covers the justice
1:46 pm
department for the "new york times," is joining me now to talk more about this. katie, as always, great to see you. lawyer michael sussman remaining at the center of this filing. what exactly set off the conservative media when it comes to this? >> sure, so, special counsel durham recently did file a document with the court, and he said two things. he said, one, that a tech executive who was associated with the clinton -- with clinton world had access to white house servers that contained information, and he also said that access to the data had been exploited to gather derogatory information about donald trump. now, what a lot of people in conservative media have done is they've drawn a straight line between those two things, saying that the data access to gather derogatory information about donald trump, they assumed it happened when he was in office and they assume it happened at the behest of the clinton campaign. what they don't seem to understand from the filing and what other documents make clear
1:47 pm
is that, in fact, that information was accessed when barack obama was in the white house. so, it was not an attempt to spy on former president trump while he was in office. and yet, that has been spun time and again now in conservative media, erroneously. >> so, does durham's case, does it have any ground here? >> i think what he was trying to do or at least what he says he was trying to do was simply put into the public and into the court new information that he has found as part of his investigation. he has wanted to put information into the public view, consistently, throughout his investigation since joe biden became president, and i think we'll see more of that. speaking indictments, documents that give us little nuggets of things that he is finding. of course, there are always going to be people who say this is not a valid investigation, and i think that durham is trying to push back by saying, no, i'm actually finding things that in his view seem like
1:48 pm
they're concerning or they should be investigated by the justice department. >> let's just talk about sussman in general. here's from msnbc's maddow blog talking about kind of the bizarre kind of nature of all this. sussman met with the fbi nearly six years ago to discuss alleged connections between the trump organization's computers and the kremlin linked alpha bank. according to durham, sussman claimed he wasn't acting on clinton's behalf, when he secretly was. his defense team said he never claimed not to have clients and it didn't much matter whom he worked for anyway. are we at the stage in which there's going to be a trial date set for the accusations made against sussman, and if so, what can we expect from that? >> i'm not going to say whether or not there's going to be a trial. you never know what goes on behind closed doors, whether or not people are negotiating or settling but i will say that the sussman indictment is probably so far what deemed to be the weakest part of the durham investigation and durham's
1:49 pm
findings. basically he is saying that, you know, sussman was secretly acting on behalf of the clinton campaign, simply because, according to a former fbi official, he didn't affirmatively say that he was working for hillary clinton. there are people here in washington who will say that as white-collar lawyers, it is not uncommon for them to not disclose who their clients are. and if you decided to try every single white-collar defense attorney who didn't say who their clients are when speaking to the fbi, you would have a lot of cases so it's to be seen what's going to happen there but that is one of the reasons why the sussman case is deemed to be somewhat more flimsy than perhaps some of the others. >> got it. katie benner, thank you as always. good to see you. coming up, everybody, a touching reunion for a teacher in front of her class when her brother surprises her after returning home from being deployed overseas. their story next. r returning home from being deployed overseas. deployed overseas. their story next and has helped over one million people.
1:50 pm
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ago, nine u.s. skaters lost an appeal to have their silver medals awarded in a public ceremony. the court did not elaborate on the decision, but said it would release details on the upcoming days. the medal ceremony was delayed after doping allegations. they may not possible receive their medals for years. i want to leave you with a special story involving a special bond between a brother and sister and the reunion that played out in a classroom. anchor tom lammas has the story. >> reporter: growing up they were inseparable, which has made this past year inseparable. chase was deployed to europe last february, and spend 11 months away from home.
1:55 pm
>> having my only sibling, one of my best friends, gone has been really hard. >> when that deployment ended two months early, he made his return special. mom joleen, who just happens to be a principally in the same direct, where caylee teaches first grade. >> we were going to surprise my mom as well, actually. she ended up finding out by seeing a message on my dad's phone. i was like, okay, let's surprise caylee then. >> with mom's help, they put a plan in action. chase walking up to caylee's classroom, and then the moment they had waited nearly a year for. >> whoa. >> what's up? >> no! chase -- [ crying ] >> reporter: bursting into tears, her students quickly
1:56 pm
catching on. >> are you her brother? >> yeah. >> reporter: the first-grade class had wrote letters to him while he was deployed. >> this is my brother you sent letters to. >> reporter: so no surprise they treated him like a superhero. others just excited at the prospect of going viral, or hopeful chase would spill government secrets. or hopeful chase would spill government secrets this duo happens toe rue nighted making their mom, their students, and vote of course theirs country so proud. >> that's really not a better feeling. >> go the to love the inquisitive kids. mime thanks to tom for that report. that wraps it up for me. i'll be back here foreman. "politics nation" is next after a very quick break. man. "politics nation
1:57 pm
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good evening, welcome to "politics nation." tonight's lead, on the precipice, it seems that all we can do is wait. president biden set russian president vladimir putin has made the


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