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tv   Politics Nation  MSNBC  March 20, 2022 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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good evening and welcome to "politicsnation." tonight's lead a somber season. the first day of spring is supposed to be a moment of renewal. but, the days remain dark in ukraine. where russia continues its brutal invasion campaign. these are the latest
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developments. the uk defense ministry says russian shelling of cities is becoming more indiscriminate. in the port city, city counsel members say an art school sheltering 400 civilians were hit. no word yet on casualties. many people are feared to be trapped under the rubble. meanwhile russian military officials say they have used their second hyper sonic missile. capable of flying five times the speed of sound. in an attack they say took the lives of 100 ukrainian soldiers. the ukrainian military hasn't independently verified the claims. with the conflict intensifying, president biden is gearing up to travel to brussels. where he will meet with nato
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allies. about strategies to help ukraine and deter further russian aggression. part of what's shaping up to be an intense week for the white house. which will include also the confirmation hearings for supreme court justice ketanji brown jackson. a big show tonight. so let's start with the situation on the ground in ukraine. joining me is nbc in lviv, ukraine. what can you tell us about the state of the city you are in? >> well, reverend, let me start by telling you the relentless attacks by the russians are still going on on the north, the east and south of the country. where the bulk of the russian troops and hardware is based. they are still pounding the capitol city kyiv. we have just heard reports of new explosions in kyiv.
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this evening. places like kharkiv and sumy are being hit hard. you mentioned maripol in a desperate condition. russians have hit hospitals, churches and apartment buildings. they hit an art school earlier today. around 400 people mostly elderly, women and children were taking shelter from those attacks. we don't know what condition they're in. many people are feared to be trapped under the rubble. in that city. where the situation is just going from bad to worse. here in lviv, there is relative safety. this is a safe zone here in lviv. where waves and waves of displaced have come. that maybe changing too. there was an attack on an airport maintenance facility just four miles from the city center. and one of the hyper sonic bombs that you mentioned landed about
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83 miles south of that city. that made people here somewhat anxious. we spoke to a young lady who escaped kyiv a few days ago. let's take a listen to what she had to say. >> i think now people start to realize the this is not only the matter of several cities as that used to think. tragedy people in ukraine used to think we don't have war. we have war in the eastern part. not here. now the war is everywhere. suddenly everyone understands this is their problem. i hope the neighboring countries will understand this is their problem as well. this is becoming their problem. >> as the russians broaden their campaign, people here in kyiv who have fled desperate situations in the east of the country are becoming more anxious. they worry that this safe zone will no longer be a safe zone for them. and the question they keep asking is what's next for them. they may not be able to cross the borders and have net works
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of people to look after them in other countries. so if this place becomes dangerous and the people that are already displaced here, they'll just have nowhere else to go. >> all right. thank you. reporting live from ukraine. joining me now is senator jeff murkily of oregon. member of the foreign relations committee. senator, thank you first of all for being with us tonight. president biden is preparing for a trip to brussels later this week for nato summit. press secretary tweeted earlier that biden will not travel to ukraine. while he's over seas. he's been able to put together an unprecedented support of nato allies and it seems that he's been able to really get a the west united against russia on
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this. so, what would you like to see come out of the nato meeting? >> well, pleasure to be with you, thank you, and such an important moment for u.s. leadership and in the world. at this nato meeting the president needs to accentuate the nato nations providing military equipment to ukraine. and ask them to do even more. and to do more on the humanitarian front as well. that's the first thing is appreciation for so much they have done and to do more. second is that there has to be continued support in nato for deployments along the eastern flank. the nations of estonia, lithuania, poland. are very nervous about russian aggression and we need to send a clear signal that we are prepared to respond should they engage. a third point is for the nato
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nations while biden is there to reaccentuate the commitment to article 5. that commitment is if anyone is attacked, everyone responds. and message has to be absolutely clear to putin that if he tries to take one square inch of nato territory, nato will absolutely respond and defend any of the nations that are affected. >> congress has passed a sweeping $1.5 trillion spending bill last week. to fund the u.s. government. including nearly $14 billion in assistance to ukraine. president biden signed it into law. meanwhile some senate republicans voted against the bill. and they now the same senators are calling on president biden to do more in ukraine. when it was in the bill they voted against. what do you make of the
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hypocrisy? >> i have really been struck listening to the individuals in the senate for example ted cruz. who even in this moment where our president is bringing the world together to take on and support ukraine and its battle against russia. it can't find themselves to say anything positive. it used to be that politics ended at the borders. the waters edge was the phrase. that no longer exists. it's all partisan ship all the time. there are moments when our nation is leading world in the contest between autocracy and democracy. that every american should be united in support of the president. look what he's done. he's brought european union together. he's brought nato together. the support to ukrainians has been massive. they have been able to really make it extremely difficult for russia. they didn't roll in the way they
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thought. he united the free world. in economic sanctions that are going to have a huge impact. so russia can't just kind of stand apart from it all. and the best path to peace really is the combined impact of ukrainian resistance. and world economic isolation of russia. and so that russia can't just mute this away. where essentially life went on as usual while they bombed and assaulted a check. realize they absolutely went after civilian centers there. this is a war crime. it's a war crime here too. they're bombing hospitals and shelling apartment buildings. they're destroying schools. it is a crime to the deliberately target civilians and that's exactly what they're doing. i must say i'm really disappointed in senate republicans who don't seem to have the ability to rise above
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their partisan wiring to know there tr moments we need to stand together as americans. >> especially when we're seeing people including children dying. president biden also had a high stakes call with chinese president xi jinping. on friday. and biden expressed concerns about china supplying russia with weapons and said they will -- there will be consequences. if that were to happen. why is it in china's best interest not to get involved with russia's invasion on ukraine? is china positioned to play a key role here in ending the war? >> china is already on the wrong side of history. having failed to come out against this unprovoked attack. and strategy of assaulting civilians. and it's lies against the
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responsibilities and the united nations and permanent members of the security counsel. if they certainly goes against the principles they articulated time and time again. for the sangty of the national boundaries. sovereignty of nations. but should they decide to provide material support to russia, it would be a huge amplification of the mistakes they're already making. they are being viewed as the world as a failure in terms of standing up to this type of raw, brutal, 19th century aggression. and that is something that they have to weigh carefully. i'm so pleased the administration really took it to them and challenged them about where they stood and there would be consequences for them should they engage in material support to russia. they are a keep player because we think about the start of the
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olympics with putin and xi got together and two authoritarian world bullies destroying freedom of speech and assembly. they represent something very contrary to the world we live in. the freedom of speech and religion and freedom of assembly. this battle does represent a big conflict that really highlights that. remember the ukrainians had the orange revolution. in which they stood up against a fake election and said we want free and fair elections and be able to govern and not -- >> that runs contrary to what china has stood for as a way of governing. i'll have to leave it there. but i appreciate you being with us this evening. senator murkily. >> thank you so much. for amplifying attention to this. >> all right. thank you. now while much of the world rallies around ukraine, there is
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a racial dimension to how the world has responded to this war. however uncomfortable it maybe for western nations to admit, refugees fleeing the crisis have said they experience very different treatment. based on their skin color. or nationality. and for black americans watching their own rights by voter suppression, voter suppression efforts that have been done state by state. 19 states and lack of support from some republicans to prevent that, the out pouring of passion from some republican politicians in defense of ukrainian democracy is puzzling to say the least. joining me now from ukraine is a non-resident senior fellow. atlantic counsel euro asia center. and the host of black diplomats
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pod cast. first, thank you for being on and you have been reporting on this war for more than four weeks now. tell us briefly what is going on around you and how dire the situation is in lviv? thank you for having me. i started off the war meeting up to the initial attack around me were sirens. air strikes, there was air strikes close to where i live in kyiv. that was completely gutted several residential areas. i missed a near strike myself by 200 meters chls it hit a military target where i was posted. reporting on volunteer armed units. i have seen tens of thousands of people many of whom are my personal friends flee kyiv. creating hours long -- days long
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trips. through dozens of check points, from kyiv to the eu borders. seeing in just seeing all the horrors of war basically in lviv right now. i'm here because i was going back and forth helping people get to the border. it's relatively calm here. compared to the eastern and central parts of the country. where bombing is much more common. you don't wake up every morning to the sounds of explosions. that have become the background noise. or sound i might say. in kyiv or other parts of the country. but here in lviv, again it's relatively quiet. the thing about this war is there's no such thing as an official front. where you know where the lines are defined and clear. and here you don't know where the attack is going to come to
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you which makes this war particularly more dangerous than any. >> now you have a very strong opinion as an african-american on why black folks should be should care about any of this. i get it on my radio show every day. why should we care. i know you have a strong opinion because in the street, everywhere we go certainly we're not oblivious to callous about ukrainian suffering. they do take note of leaders being unable or unwilling to protect black voting rights here. at the same time we're fighting for democracy in ukraine. while some of them now bang the table for military action and defense of the ukrainians. democracy here they are trying to up end. at the same time on the right wing and the republicans.
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what are your views on that? >> you know i covered two presidential elections. i have interviewed you several times about these very issues. >> i'm a follower. definitely i know who i'm talking to. >> yeah, of course. basically, i have covered this. one of the toughest conversations i have had with ukrainians and i often tell them yes you are oppressed by putin. when you go to america you are white people. ukrainians, people are fleeing here. you are white faces. you will likely have more rights, more protection. in my own country in new york city than i would as a full fledged american citizen and so there's an incredible here. one of the things i talk about is once these people leave and go into the european union and many are going to united states, are you going to flee your own unique particular type of
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oppression. let's be clear. putin treats them like white trash. that's very true. that's a thing. but i always wonder and i have conversations with ukrainians who go over to america and say are you going to emigrate through your own whiteness into the oppression that oppresses me? and the to be quite frank, i don't know. a lot of the people don't realize that just because america is not their oppressor. it doesn't mean they're not ours. they don't think about it this way. they don't have to. they are white. those are -- regardless to how the u.s. many people in congress are viewing this, even though they're not a part of nato, you see this huge reception into the eu by ukrainians buzz they're white faces. and i would have to guess and wonder how long will the west be able to handle the brief and anguish of white faces of
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children and refugees. because they definitely care very little about ours as brothers and sisters -- >> we saw with haiti and other things. i remember when i went to the bridge in texas where they had haitians. a delegation went down. they heckled us some in the town. let me bring you this. to this to you, ukraine has tens of thousands of foreign students and many of them come from africa. mainly nigeria. and many of them do not have paper work to flee. and into europe. there is also a native born black ukrainian population. now even i disagree with those who shea we shouldn't care about what happens in ukraine because i think we should. it's a human rights violation. it's disgraceful and children dying. but it is fair to say this war has exposed some western hypocrisy on the issue of refugees. that we need to address. >> absolutely.
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and so i have spoken to some of the students and the city of -- going back into the east. the larger issue -- several things are happening here. one, a lot of people who come to ukraine maybe they're not students for example they come in use ukraine as a point of base and then they hopefully go into the european union as a later time. some of these people end up staying. that's a very common situation that happens here. now, you have some students who get to the bordered and we saw the reports of racism. the war didn't create this. these are issues that were already here for decades. and so that part isn't particularly new. what you have students that are in cities of sumy where they are -- in the south. so basically what you have is that these cities are occupied by russians and so it's very little anyone can do with them. they're complex situations and
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unique situations we hear about what's going on with africans in particular. and in regards -- you're right, i understand the frustration. i'm trying to use resources from my alma mater university of illinois in order to help some of the displaced students come over. i'm trying to help individually. but what you see again, we don't have the complexion for the protection. the anguish on our faces doesn't translate. we as people don't care. we're here to support everybody. as far as we don't get the same support. i have witnessed that here on the ground. it's unfortunate. it's very real and speaks to legitimate concerns. some of your listeners, i have myself. >> i think you and i are on the same page. we must have the moral out rage but also tell the truth at the same time. and you make sure you stay safe. we need you back home. thank you. still ahead the human cost of war.
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we'll have the latest about efforts to assist the millions of ukrainians displaced by the russian invasion. and tell you what you can do to help. first my colleague with today's other top news stories. >> health experts warn the united states could see another spike in covid-19. omicron has mutated. as expected. and yielded a more contagious variant. europe and the uk already see an increase of what's called ba 2. this latest variant is not expected to be as dangerous though. it is 50 or 60% more transmissible than omicron. british researchers and analysis say vaccine protection against ba 2 appears to be similar to omicron. though harder to distinguish. police in arkansas say one person is dead and 28 people injured. including six children after a shooting broke out at a car show.
2:23 pm
police say they have one suspect in custody. and searching for others who may have also fired shots. and confirmation hearings for the first black woman nominated to the supreme court. that begins tomorrow. judge ketanji brown jackson will appear before the senate judiciary committee. democrats hope to finish jackson's confirmation process before the easter recess. more "politicsnation" right after this. nation" right after this but he was getting picky, and we started noticing some allergy symptoms. we heard about the farmer's dog and it was a complete transformation. his allergies were going away and he just had amazing energy. it's a no-brainer that remi should have the best nutritious and delicious food possible. i'm investing in my dog's health and happiness. ♪♪ get started at >> tech: need to get your windshield fixed? safelite makes it easy. ♪♪ >> tech vo: you can schedule in just a few clicks. and we'll come to you with a replacement you can trust. >> man: looks great. >> tech: that's service on your time. schedule now.
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welcome back to "politicsnation." the world is watching nearly four million people flee russians war in ukraine. leading to a immense humanitarian need among refugees and neighboring nato countries. of course, the greatest need remains in inside of ukraine. where hospitals and food production have been targeted by russian forces. even as civilians in besieged
2:28 pm
cities go out food and much needed medicine. with the amount convoys unable to deliver aid. because of the violence. joining me now is allen regional director of mercy corp. some estimate around four million ukrainians have fled the country into neighboring nato countries. what are the most pressing needs mercy corp.s is finding among refugees? >> good evening. indeed 4 million people estimated across the border the polish and romania. and hungary borders. and another 10 million within ukraine. it's a populous county. 44 million people. estimated 10 million on the move looking for safe shelter. most urgent needs are cash for local procurement.
2:29 pm
those who crossed the border and those within the markets. particularly in the west of the ukraine are still work. and or objective is ensure that the people on the move have actual cash in their hands to purchase the things they are required. the men are the main bulk of the people on the move are mothers. mothers and children. we have to think, mothers know what to buy their own children. diapers, baby food, cell phone credit. warm blankets. the things they require. we're working through the ukrainian civil society and our own teams on the ground in lviv and poland. to mobilize cash grounds to organizations. that can then either assist with those procurement or work towards getting cash directly into the hands of those on the move. the fact -- >> let me press you there, how is mercy corp. able to administer aid to ukrainians left behind in the besieged
2:30 pm
cities? how do you maneuver around the violence? >> yes, thank you. we work in ukraine in the first generation of the conflict. 2014 to 2017. which is bad because we were required. it's good because we have assets on the ground and react to the staff and net works. we have seen the resilience of the ukrainian people. and for those of us who had the privilege of working there, it's no surprise to see this resilience. that runs through the civil society. and we're talking about church groups and local groups. local community organizations. that we can transfer cash directly to. and they in turn get it to the people that need it -- >> let me ask you about that. you can get it there. if someone is watching this right now and wondering about immediacy, how long does it take for monetary donations to turn into real material assistance? >> it's immediate. donation to we have where we can transfer the money directly
2:31 pm
through banking structures. they're working and quite well in the surrounding countries. and teams on the ground with mobilize cash through operations like western union in order to get cash into the country. that's really required in those responses. i say it with great respect the generosity of people who send jumpers and blankets. like what is really required is people to procure the things they need. it also keeps the markets going. it keeps the stores open. keeps them in business. money circulating in the economy. and keeps employment where possible going. that is mercy cores preferred option for humanitarian assistance. it's quick. it gives people dignity to purchase things themselves where that is possible. >> thank you very much for being with us this evening. coming up.
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here's candice... who works from home, and then works from home.
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but she can handle pickup, even when her bladder makes a little drop-off. because candice has poise, poise under pressure and poise in her pants. it takes poise. welcome back to "politicsnation." in addition to the physical war in ukraine, there is the virtual struggle taking place online. tiktok has become a major battlefield. the social media platform is perfect for helping short emotional videos go viral. in some cases it can bring us personal perspectives on the conflict that can't be found anywhere else. be it can also be a source of lies and misinformation. joining me now is senior reporter ben collins.
2:37 pm
who covers misinformation and extremism. online. ben, graphic videos and misinformation have been circulating on tiktok since the start of the war. can you start by briefly explaining what is going on there? >> tiktok is now just like every other platform. people view it as a place where people dance and do silly stuff. it's in and out how it is with kids. they get the news there. it comes in this feed where maybe one thing is a dance. and the next thing is a music video. the third thing is graphic images from ukraine. the issue for a minute there was russia was paying influencers. with over 1 million followers to parrot the russian party line on tiktok. to try to get it the word out in ukraine and other western nations. >> they paid existing tiktok
2:38 pm
influencers. you wouldn't know it was coming from russia influence. >> right. it would be in russian or ukrainian. but pay these people who are already on there. it doesn't sound like russian state media. it sounded like a kid. these are teenagers and young people. parroting the russian party line. the good news is nobody was really buying it. it was from a script. they were reading off a google dock. it was very inauthentic. so what you are seeing mostly now on tiktok is largely authentic images like on the screen right now. really horrifying things that people are being forced to confront. kids who otherwise not seek out the news, not seek out the really tragic horror of war in this imagery. they are confronted with it every day on tiktok. >> now, we have seen past conflicts play out on platforms like twitter and facebook. is there something about tiktok a chinese owned social net work, that moderates the content that
2:39 pm
is different than those other sites? >> i will say they're new to the moderation game. facebook has thousands of people working on this sort of thing. getting the lies off there. there was a deep fake of zelenskyy telling ukrainian to lay down their arms. completely fake. made up. that was on facebook for about a couple hours. this week. it was taken down immediately. they have teams. tiktok it doesn't work like that. they don't have that sort of massive organization structure. to take down misinformation and disinformation. they're new to the game. they are a step or two behind. they are run by the chinese. the government of china is part of this whole situation. so they are banned in russia right now. in russia it is against the law to up load new videos to tiktok. which means pretty much everything right now in raugs is from weeks ago. it's a different world right now than every other social net
2:40 pm
work. they are playing by different rules and kids are getting different information than the rest of us. >> you have been reporting about far right wing activities on the internet and the role in spreading misinformation about covid-19 and the 2020 election. how have those groups been responding to the war in ukraine? >> it's actually fascinating. there was some really good data from the toronto star. 26% of unvaccinated canadians believe the invasion is justified. compared to 2% of vaccinated canadians believe the invasion is justified. vaccinated communities in the last few weeks shifted their views on russia. they have been more openly towards vladimir putin. pro-vladimir putin. in the last few weeks. that's in part because of talking points on those web sites. on the antivax web sites theying there are bio labs and anthony
2:41 pm
fauci is behind them and putin is taking them down. it's about what they believe to be a new world order. old conspiracy theories that are dog whistles. it's working again for the communities. it's turning them towards thorntarians like vladimir putin. -- authoritarians. >> you reported russian people and the influencers chinese officials as well. have pushed a conspiracy theory that is also been associated with q anon-. which claims there are bio labs in ukraine somehow connected to american figures. like president biden. and dr. fauci. who you named. can you explain what the origins of this theory are and how it's getting perpetrated and more importantly can you report that this is simply not true? >> yeah, it's not true. there are no bio weapons
2:42 pm
facilities run by america in ukraine. that is not the case. that is what the conspiracy theory is. it came from a very simple thing. russia's first pretext of the invasion they were going to denazify ukraine. it didn't land with the global far right. nobody was jumping in to them. traditional allies like china weren't jumping in with them on this thing. they had to think fast. on the day of invasion the american far right talking about the labs. they found these are labs. every country has labs research facilities that look into pathogens and things like that. that is what they decided were bie weapons. dr. fauci was making another coronavirus in the ukrainian labs. that's not true at all. it really works. in a way the denazify didn't work. they joined together to create the new talking point that
2:43 pm
worked allot better. the global far right. that's is coalessing and reuniting. they didn't care about the denazifying. they are getting sympathizers by claiming there is an anthony fauci lab in ukraine. >> thank you for being with us. let's bring in my political panel. former chair of the maryland democratic party. former candidate for maryland governor. and a former candidate for u.s. congress. and contributor for time magazine and a political analyst. mya, let me start with you. "washington post" reports that ukrainian president zelenskyy is considering to make concessions to russia in order to bring in an end to the devastating conflict. depending on the out come of this peace agreement, this causes concerns among western
2:44 pm
nations. that putin maybe encouraged to employ similar tactics in other countries. zelenskyy has been a very popular advocate for the ukrainian cause. are there areas where he and his supporters and nato might not see eye to eye? >> well, i mean, definitely the ukrainian lies are on the line. zelenskyy i'm sure is considering things that are the western european countries might not find or embrace kindly. that being said, zelenskyy has proven to himself a communicator. also a strategic chess player. i think because the west seems to be confused about what kind of concessions that he's willing to make, i do think that he is playing his hand closely to the vest. i think the question becomes one that if he gives up certainly becoming a member of nato, that
2:45 pm
is not something that i think the western countries will necessarily find egregious. but if the state becomes one where he has to step down, and a puppet government is installed in the ukraine, there are questions about whether or not the aggression of putin will continue beyond the state of ukraine in to other territories. so -- there's a legitimate concern. >> now, president biden heads to brussels this week to meet with nato leaders about the situation in ukraine. president biden has been successful in some areas. very successful in rallying our allies around the world in support of ukraine. and isolating vladimir putin. what are you expecting to come out of this meeting? >> rev, the expectations are high. and republicans are pressuring biden to have some kind of firmer commitment on the table.
2:46 pm
in terms of arms and military aircraft. polish aircraft willing to help facilitate. that will be able to happen. is that something president biden will be able to deliver on. i'm not sure. because you have so much within nato members themselves over what is the proper way to go forward here. over all, i have few quibbles with the broad contours of the biden administration policy has been. it's an extremely tricky difficult time. and they have been navigating it as deathly as possible under the circumstances. >> i want to stay with you and talk about how the republican party is pushing back against some of their own members. trump loyalist who oppose backing ukraine in its resistance to the russian invasion. lawmakers such as madison and
2:47 pm
marjorie taylor greene. are advocating for an america first strategy. of isolationism. and they have vocal supporters in far right media. we have heard many times the republican party might be ready to break with the trump wing. but is something different this time around? >> the difference is that donald trump isn't necessarily at the forefront of it. you have the chief imitation and they don't carry the force. or have the popularity that donald trump had. the national platform and name recognition that donald trump had. so the america first foreign policy with donald trump what was that really about? the cult of donald trump. now you see the republican party more serious members of the republican party this is actually a moment where they have to respond to a major crisis in the world. that can quickly cascade and turn into nuclear war.
2:48 pm
are they going to believe able to sit around and prop up and parrot the america first talking points that are about nothing. or are they going to actually stand for a reasonable foreign policy that is what the times demand. given the pressure and the constraints and the nuclear might that vladimir putin controls. >> now, lawmakers in washington have the balance the response to the ongoing war in ukraine and the confirmation hearings of the biden's first supreme court pick ketanji brown jackson. do you think the international crisis will make these hearings less partisan than normally be? or is that just wishful thinking from a preacher on a sunday evening. >> i think that partisan ship unfortunately is will never go away. in modern washington. that being said, this has been an unusually muted confirmation
2:49 pm
process so far. and i think that the republican party has been concerned that they have already been painted as being perhaps racist. because of the stance against voting rights. in republican led states. so they're very concerned about blocking ketanji brown jackson. and being labeled and painted as continued racists. the fact of the matter is that we do have two members of the senate, mitch mcconnell and josh holly. already making noise about painting ketanji brown jackson as procriminal. and so it's going to be interesting to see how far they take the dialogue. we do know ketanji brown jackson is highly qualified, highly educated. and very worthy of the position. and so, there are advocates on the sidelines waiting to hit back with everything they got. for every message that is sent by the republicans against her
2:50 pm
nomination. >> we're hearing questions being raised that are very insulting. they never asked any of the others that were nominated by donald trump. briefly, what's your take on the nomination hearings, will they be over will republicans be sof in their approach, even as some of them have, as i said, come with some very offensive questions already in trying to, as maya said, paint her as pro-criminal when the record clearly does not speak anywhere near that? >> i don't think it's necessarily going to be because republicans are showing some kind of deference because of the ukrainian war. but i think it's testament to judge brown's impeccable pretty dentals. she is really hard to lay a political attack on. when it's the right that everyone deserves the right to
2:51 pm
criminal defense, then that is not going to take her down. and they are really struggling here. and you see it from just the pitiful attacks that haven't been able to really land a blow. and so far their process has been great. >> especially since i think she went before the senate four times and republicans voted for her. kind of hard to raise your voice when you're already voted to put her on including the d.c. circuit court. elise and maya, thank you both for being with us. up next, my final thoughts. stay with us. thoughts stay with us
2:52 pm
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as we see the confirmation hearings of judge ketanji brown jackson start tomorrow, it reminds us that president joe biden kept his word. he kept his promise to congressman jim clyburn and the american people as he said he would nominate a black woman. but a qualified, more qualified than you can even ask. as he has a black woman as vice president. why do i raise that? because it underscores why we must continue to fight to protect voting rights. because it was that protection
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