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tv   All In With Chris Hayes  MSNBC  March 31, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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to know, and then tune in tomorrow night at 7 pm eastern time. i will be traveling to greenville, mississippi with the vice president. you don't want to miss it. that is the readout for now. all in with chris hayes starts right now. s hayes starts tonight on all in, the january six committee speaks to their first trump family member as the doj probe approaches trump's inner circle. tonight, why trump's former caddie may be key to the investigation. >> then >> we've seen russian soldiers short of weapons and morale, refused to carry out their orders, sabotaging their own equipment, and even accidentally shooting down their own aircraft. >> what we know about what is really happening with the russian army. plus energy secretary on today's white house announcement to drive down gas prices.
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from florida's governor to fox news, how a conservative movement decided to reopen their front of gay lesbian people. >> why not just real name the real cost of 6 million, come on kids it will be a blast. >> all in starts right now. good evening from new york, i am chris hayes. today, jared kushner, the ex presidents son-in-law, became the highest profile witness to appear before the bipartisan committee investigating the january 6th insurrection. he appeared virtually and answered questions for about seven hours. although his willingness to cooperate may seem surprising, which we noted unlike many high-profile trump aides, it does appear that kushner was not all that involved in the run up to the insurrection. he was out of the country in the days leading up to the attack. he did not return until the day of the six. today kushner is the highest ranking official to speak to the committee and the first
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member of donald trump's family. a source in the rooms that he was cooperative and friendly, talking at length and not invoking privilege. as we move closer to the public hearings by the general six committee scheduled for later this spring, it is remarkable when you think about how much the committee has already accomplished. as of this month, they spoken to almost 600 witnesses and issued 90's opinions, they gathered evidence to provide a definitive account in the days leading up to the capitol attack. after months of criticism, it appears the department of justice is taking meaningful action in response to the committee's investigation. the doj is reportedly planning to add over 130 more attorneys to pursue prosecution. as the washington post first reported, they are expanding their scope of investigation, now focusing on the trump allies that planned and funded the stop the steal rally were
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donald trump, in front of everybody on national television, incited the insurrection. the new york times is reporting that at least one of the subpoenas from the department justice mentioned certain individuals that have been, quote, classified as vip attendees at the rally. this is the doj we are talking about. that means the department could be focusing in on trump's inner circle. they are planning around that day independent of the individuals that ransacked the capitol. the january six committee members have been clear that they think the doj needs to do more. in order to hold people responsible for donald trump's and tempted coup. this week, the january six committee voted to hold former advisor peter navarro and deputy chief of staff, dan scavino, in contempt for outright refusing to supply
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subpoenas. there is every indication that the house will hold both men in a contempt, and then it would be up to the department of justice to criminally charge. like it already has four top trump advisor, steve bannon, who refused to reply the subpoena. his trial schedule this summer. while navarro say they are protected by executive privilege, many committee members explained why that is not true. >> police barest the nonsense talk about executive privilege rejected now by every court has looked at it. this is america. there is no executive privilege here for presidents, much less trade advisers, to plot coups and insurrections against the peoples government and the peoples constitution, and then to cover-up the evidence of their crimes. the courts are not buying it, and neither are we. >> the committee has many questions for mr. scavino about
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his political, social media work for president trump, including his interactions with an online forum called the donald and with qanon, a bizarre and dangerous cool. >> the man that she is talking about there, dan scavino, it is worth taking a moment to give the context for why he is the focus of this committee. he is the guy who ran social media for trump. getting him to cooperate will be crucial and piecing together who donald trump was talking to ungenerous six and one. scavino's name was all over trump's official daily diary of the six. he's one of the former president stresses advisers. he began working for trump when he was 16 years old, when he was hired as his golf caddie. in 2016, trump appointed him the social media campaign manager. scavino's role on january six is especially intriguing because we know he was often a conduit for trump's
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conversations. quote, one source with this could be no routinely handing his phone to trump to take calls. scavino, according to the source, had an official phone and personal phone. this new york times report earlier this week, because of subpoenas role as a social media guru, he may have had knowledge on what would transpire generous excess. quote, on december 19th, 2020, the same day mr. trump tweeted, big protests in d.c. and generous six, be there, will be wild, users of the donald began sharing a specific techniques, tactics and procedures on assault in the capital. the ensuing weeks of communication on the site included information on how to use a flagpole as a weapon, not a smuggle firearms into d.c., measurements for a guillotine and maps of the tunnel system under the capital building. so, mr. scavino is key to understanding what really happened ungenerous excess. the committee initially triangulated what trump was doing that they, who he was
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talking to, when and what about. scavino's cooperation is key to filling in some of the blanks. congressman pete aguilar sits on the january six committee. he joins me now. congressman, i know you cannot speak specifically about the committee's work, i guess i will ask, is the committee pleased with western spire today in terms of its interviews with jarred christen or? >> i cannot talk about any specific individuals who we are talking to as well. i can tell you that each and every day we are piecing together more of this puzzle making more significant progress to help tell a more complete story about will happen in general six. this includes the rallies on january 5th and everything that led up to that. >> what is the word product here? that is part of why folks are watching here. you had the department of justice as the entity empowered
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to criminally prosecute, as part of the federal government, your committee lacks that, it is not what congressional committees do, what do you see as the end goal when all this is said and done? >> our job is to tell the story and to make sure that this never happens again. that is our objective and goal. our house resolution 503 talk specifically about that. the department of justice has their own responsibility to deliver justice and accountability, to make sure that individuals who committed crimes are prosecuted. that is exactly what they can and should do. by the way, it is a crime to be held in contempt of congress, like steve bannon and mark meadows, and hopefully by next week, dan scavino and peter navarro, for not talking to congress. just like anybody that really steve a subpoena, you really expect them to comply. these officials have not and they should be held to that standard of accountability. >> there was reporting in the washington post, adam schiff on
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this program last night, about the frustrations with garland growing among january six committee members. to me, these cases are pretty clear cut and that to the witnesses simply refuse -- do you share that sentiment with the others on the committee? >> yes, i think that is fair. they did not even make an attempt, that is pretty clear cut. that they did not meet a level of compliance that is necessary. they should be held to that same standard. they should be held in contempt. the department of justice should pursue the. our job on the committee is they take all the information that we can, and to give that complete report of what happened. clearly, based on judge carter's ruling in california, this is something that has been specifically called out, accountability, highlighted to make sure this doesn't happen again. there is fear it could happen
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again. >> the committee has had a lot of success with subpoenas would witness cooperation. and the grand scheme of things the vast majority cooperated -- subpoenas have been issued for phone records as pertaining to dance casino and others, are you confident that those issues being contested in court can be litigated at a pace that can be resolved in time for the committee to issue its final report? >> yes, i am confident that we will have a full and complete report. we are working through the litigation steps and have an amazing team to do that. i want to also highlight chris that for every subpoenaed that you have seen, nearly 100 to have been public, you also noted earlier, and we have increased that number, we have 100. for 100 subpoenas that we made public, 800 interviews, there is a lot going on for every shiny object that people want
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to talk about, we understand that. there is a lot more individuals who are coming forward and are sharing that information. that is helping piece together this puzzle and giving us more information to carry on and having conversations with other witnesses. >> congressman pete aguilar, thank you for a time tonight. >> thanks chris. >> betsy woodruff swan, and national correspondent with politico, she in a column talked about mike pence's chief counsel. she laid out the history of counting electoral votes. she now teaches law at the university of alabama, they both join me now. betsy, i will start with the reporting. jared kushner is the closest to the innermost circle of ex president trump to comply and cooperate with the committee. the other big question is mike pence. some of mike pence's aides have
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cooperated. we know they took a dim view of what pence's been demanded to do it has to do. what does your report indicate about this memo? what is it likely to cast on the possibility of pence talking to the committee? >> the memo shows that as early as this december 7th, the 2020, pence himself had a sense of urgency about how exactly the electoral count worked, well jobs and abilities and limits would be on january six. he recognize that early, with one person familiar to the memo, called a disinformation campaign, launched by the presidents allies and targeted directly app pence to try and persuade him to buy into the lie that he can reverse the election results. this memo captures that moment in a way that is very fresh and breezing. it highlights the extent to which the select committee has
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already incredibly detailed, thorough visibility into pence's world. pence's top white house lawyer spoke at length to the committee. even if the committee does not get pence, they already know so much, about before, during and after for his role during generous six. >> i want to ask you about some of the institutional politics here, there is clear frustration on the part of the committee at the o.j. to not prosecuting temp, that they passed on mark meadows. i do not have vision into the decision-making process at doj. but it does seem that stories about the doj's expanding the scope of this investigation, if not directly in response to this frustrations, there does seem to be a dialogue about these two bodies that are investigating the same event, how do you see it? >> it is a fascinating question,
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because we heard so much frustration from the committee about the doj's failure to follow through on subpoena issues. the question is that doj just being slow, not in a negative sense, but porcelain through these important issues. the doj does not make a decision to enforce these are not. there will be future subpoenas issued to future members and future warehouses and future executive branch employees. the doj has to be methodical and careful to make sure it uses rigorous standards and careful analysis to decide which subpoenas to enforce and which subpoenas not to. perhaps, the lesson in making that decision because many of these subpoenas should be in force, but perhaps in how they reach that decision. there is that issue. then the question is whether there is some interplay about what we now know to be a grand jury investigation where doj is
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issuing some subpoenas. could that for instance interfere with mark meadow, former white house chief of staff, do you want to go ahead and prosecute him for obstruction when you are looking at substantive charges. the answer might be yes. there might be something you want to hold over his head and have been flipped as a witness. it might be a good reason for the doj to exercise restraint. yeah, you know, haven't thought of that. it's a good point, and the developments that we've been covered by reporters in the last few days shed some light on that. i do wonder, that see, it does seem like we are down to a small hold out. ivanka trump is going back and forth with the committee. it's notable that her husband came in and cooperated. it's a big difference, because he's on a plane back from the middle east on a day that by all accounts, she's in close contact to her father. and perhaps, it's seen as this vessel to persuade him to do something. >> yeah, that's right. while jarred commissioner was
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on the plane in the history of the best times middle east strip, ivanka was in the president's private dining room with him, watching him a lot to the chaos on tv. though, the level of information that she has is just exponentially larger. exponentially higher quality than the level of information that jarred has. of course, jarred would know what his wife told him. he would know what people over there told him. he would know what happened before and after the attack. but lots of people, frankly, would most of that fits into those baskets. only ivanka knows what's she saw when she was in that room. i think she testifies, it might be the single most consequential witness that the committee would be able to secure. and of course, the fact that her husband is playing ball is something that's grand, no question. it's a lot of optimism for committee investigators, but it doesn't mean it's game over. and remember, there are lines that the committee has so far been unwilling to cross. they asked sean hannity
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politely to share information with them, but we don't know if he showed. there's no sign that there's been any subpoena issued. of course, they asked the republican members of congress to share information. those members have been adamant that they will not share information, and the comedian subpoenaed them. even though they're being very aggressive and gathering lots of information, there are still some areas where we can see a little bit conservative. and the question is, do they get more aggressive in the final months? >> all right betsy, joyce, thank you so much, we appreciate it. don't go anywhere, there's a new plan to lower gas prices this year to explain what we can expect, just ahead. plus, what we know about what's happening inside the russian army. a top uk official says putin misjudged his war. the latest, after this. ged his war. the latest, after this the latest, after this ♪ to bare my skin ♪ ♪ yeah, that's all me ♪ ♪ nothing and me go hand in hand ♪ ♪ nothing on my skin, that's my new plan ♪
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russia's invasion of ukraine,
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and things are not going well for russia. speaking wednesday night, ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy has said that patient has reached a turning point as russian forces launch attacks across the country, despite saying they're going to withdraw forces. earlier today, that of the uk's intelligence agency says it is increasingly clear that russian president vladimir putin has massively misjudged the situation. confirming u.s. intelligence estimates that putin is not being told the full extent of ferocious failures. >> we've seen russian soldiers short of weapons and morale, refusing to carry out orders. sabotaging their own equipment and even accidentally shooting down their own aircraft. and even though we believe putin's advisers are afraid to tell him the truth, what's going on and the extent of these misjudgements must be crystal clear to the regime. >> in a fascinating interview with french tv, the mayor of a
5:23 pm
militant poll in western ukraine says he was good that the russian soldiers. and those soldiers seem to have no objective according to the correspondent to watch the segment. they told him, we're going to get the nazis. he said, i've been in bits down 30 years, and i've never met one. well, we are here to help the russians speakers, and he said 95% of us speak russian and were fine. they released an intercepted call from a russian soldiers, wife and the soldier appears to complain about what things are going. saying quote, the whole army with us the stupid warrants. it's unclear why we are even here. joining me now is someone who can tell us about the dynamics inside the russian corridors of power. andre served as the russian foreign minister from 1991 to 1996. the first person serve in that role in the post soviet era. it's wonderful to have you. i'm curious to hear your reaction to some of the accounts we've gotten. first, about how russian soldiers themselves understand why they are there. the mission, and what seems to be the considerable challenges
5:24 pm
and setbacks they faced. >> thanks for having me. yes, i guess that the soldiers in particular, but even officers, some officers have vague ideas. and of course, it's unclear between the propaganda that they were fed for a long time. about nazis. and then, they come to the country and they look around, and they see beautiful cities. and actually, i believe that ukrainians are reaching the war in a civilized way. so, it's not like informal war
5:25 pm
were all sides committed a lot of atrocities. but when we don't here is how strong the ukrainian side is. they probably have a shock between the propaganda and what they see. >> there's some reporting by russian journalists i saw today about what's russian elites are thinking, how they're reacting to this. and it seems that two things have happened. a certain amount of dissidence, those who object urge him have fled. and those close to the inner circle, they've essentially rallied around putin. that even if they thought this was a mistake, the intensity of the sanctions has sort of gotten their pride back up. and i wonder what your sense is of the reaction among those in the upper echelons of power inside putin's russia? >> it's very difficult to judge. there are members of the
5:26 pm
population, and it's very difficult to have real information. given the private conversation, people might not be earnest with what they say because they're in a weak state. and they doubled down on aggression, there is a propaganda machine. if you ask somebody who is there under this kind of pressure, under this kind of intimidation, they will not necessarily tell you what they feel. if you ask them if they support president putin, people will say, of course they do. but, that's the kind of russian tradition. many russians are used to that. it comes not from orwell, but from their own experience and their own fathers and
5:27 pm
grandfathers experience in the soviet union when they were aligning with every word. so, with this doublespeak, you never know. and i lived in the soviet union, and i was about 39 when the soviet union, which looked like a autocracy, all of a sudden, it crumbled and was dissolved. we succeeded to do it peacefully at that time, but it travel just like that. in a year's time, we were surprised. i was surprised. i was a participant of the dissolution of the soviet union, but it became a surprise even to me. >> it's a really good -- >> the way we actually think, and what they will do. >> it's a great point, and it's a really useful historical reminder, andre, thank you very
5:28 pm
much. >> thank you. >> his book, firebird, is available everywhere. when we come back, president biden announces i soaring effort to bring down gas prices. ross the secretary general what it means on how long it will take effect, right after this. >> our family budget, your family budget to fill a tank, none of it should be based on every dictator declares war. so today mulling out of two-part plan, 20s the pain that the families are feeling right now, and to end this era of dependence and uncertainty. d this era of dependence and uncertainty. of dependence and uncertainty.
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not days for companies to increase production. that's why the next part of my plan a so important. today, i'm authorizing the release of 1 million barrels per day for the next six months over 180 million barrels, from the strategic petroleum reserve. this is a wartime bridged increase oil supply until production ramps up later this year. >> maybe someday the answer one be oil, but president joe biden announced that he will be releasing oil from the country strategic petroleum reserve, quote, ordering them to release up to 180 million barrels of oil, making the largest release from the reserve and its nearly 50 year history. that announcement caused oil
5:34 pm
futures to fall about four and a half percent today, though the administration hopes for a more significant drop to translate into lower gas prices. secretary of energy jennifer is part of the organization, and she joins me now. madam secretary, of covered energy policy for a while, and what always happens in these situations if gas prices go up, there's discussion of accessing the strategic petroleum reserve. when's up happening, as they do a little bit or they don't do it because i'm on the yacht to put on the market to get appreciable declines is so large. why will this work? given that in the past, we've declined to do it. >> first of all, i think it's important to realize that he announced was a bridge. this was making sure that we can replace the oil that has been taken off of the market, at least a portion of it because of the war, while we exhort the domestic oil and gas
5:35 pm
producers to up their supply. because right now, we have a supply mismatch. so this is a six-month bridge to be able to get to the point where the oil and gas companies have had enough time to be able to increase supply. >> so, the idea is that we've got a bunch of -- there's a lot of supply that's not online. that has to do with capital investment. the fossil fuel industry will say it has to do the regulation, that's largely nonsense. it's capital discipline, people have lost their shirts and passed boom and bust cycles, especially in the show drilling. on the play when you have to say about the use it or lose a policy, and have you explain what that means on the flip side, take a listen. >> south execute this first part of my plan, i'm calling for use it or lose it policy. congress should make companies pay fees on wells on federal leases that they haven't used in years. and the echoes of public land they are hoarding without production. companies that are already
5:36 pm
producing from these wells won't be affected. but those sitting on unused leases and idle wells will either have to start producing, or pay the price for their inaction. >> so, how would that work? >> first of all, it's important to know that there are 9000 permits that have been issued that the companies are not using. and that's what he's really talking about. over 12 million acres of leases that have been issued that are not being used. and a lot of that is due, as you say, to that fiscal discipline that wall street has asked oil and gas companies to exercise. which means that they basically don't have to invest in capital to turn on rigs. but they can benefit from the very high prices of gas right now. so the president is saying, don't just sit on that stuff. use it to produce more supply so that we can get to that point where we've replace that million barrels a day from the strategic petroleum reserve
5:37 pm
with the oil that they should be producing so that they can meet demand. >> so, if i were the president of the united states, i'll be doing something similar. and wasn't your position, i'll be doing something similar. but the fact of the matter is, where dependent on oil in this country. that's what people get around, their cars. huge increases of that price really hurt people in their economic life. at the same time, it just seems so depressingly insane that we are here in 2022 and it's like, let's drill, let's get more all on those markets, this is the solution. and it's, like it's always the next cigarette that we are going to give up, but for now we need to buy another carton. why should i not be depressed by this? >> no, i totally get it, chris, believe me. i think a lot of this came in hoping that we will focus solely on clean energy solutions, renewable, making that transition, but we didn't anticipate that vladimir putin would wage war on ukraine and cause these markets to go out of control. and so, that's why the
5:38 pm
president said this is a two-step solution. one is, let's increase supplies right now because we're on a wartime footing. we want to reduce peoples pain at the pump. and safeguard them against this incredible volatility. but second, we have got to use this reason to become energy independent with clean energy. we don't want to be relying upon fossil fuel markets that are incredibly volatile. or from countries that don't have our interests at heart. so ultimately, the best solution is to go queen. and that's why the second part of what he announced was evoking the defense production act to help increase the building of batteries for electric vehicles in the united states. he also referred to the weatherization program, where we release 3.2 billion dollars to the state to make sure that people don't use as much energy as they are right now, because their homes may be leaky. we want to invest in renewables, we want to invest in the technologies that decarbonize the fossil fuel industry.
5:39 pm
and that's why the second part to become energy independent with clean energy, is the medium to long term strategy. >> what's the benchmark for success here? again, to go back to the espy are, strategic petroleum reserve. there's always this worry about firing that bullet, it's not working. so what's your best mark for the next six months? >> well, we want to do is see the price of gas at the pump really stabilize. we know this volatility because we don't know how much more oil will be able to put on the market, not just us in the united states, but globally we don't know what other countries who are producers will do, like opec. which had a meeting today, and did not increase significantly their supply. but, the benchmark is really a stable oil market, but really, a move to clean energy. this is why the uptick in demand for electric vehicles is a good sign. i know electric vehicles can be
5:40 pm
expensive at the dealer, but it's one of the reasons the president wants to see those tax credits to bring down the price at the dealer, so that people can buy electric vehicles and don't have to ever worry about going to flip up at the gas pump. and can i just say, one of the things i think is a really great example of this is that if you filled up your 15 gallon tank today, we paying about 62 bucks to go 300 miles. if you plugged in an electric vehicle in your garage with your three pronged plug, you'd be paying about ten bucks. so, ten bucks, versus 62 bucks. that's 50 bucks you're saving every time you philip! that's a huge savings for real people! so the question is, how do you bring back the costs of those cvs, there's gonna be no question that people will prefer electric vehicles. >> and underappreciated part of electric cars, it's just a much more efficient from thermodynamics, because it's not creating heat as a
5:41 pm
combustion engine. all that he goes off everywhere, you have to get rid of it. all that is wasted energy. is just a much more efficient machinery. so, that's part of that. >> so many if you are moving parts. >> exactly. e i just wanted to say, the weatherization assistance program, it's the nerdy thing in the world, but it's a huge demand for it. you should google it. it's a really great program. there is a wrap song by cardi b about it, but the check it out. jennifer granholm, thank you very much. >> thanks so much. >> coming up,, why is fox news going to war with disney? the disgusting culture war a anti lgbt law bills, after this. w bills, after this
5:42 pm
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their main goal as a company is now to teach kindergartners in court florida that they cannot change their gender by wishing themselves. if you really want to talk to a five year old, seven year old, or eight year old, you want to talk about their sexuality, that is on you. you are a private. >> the fact they want to sexualize our children and our children's childhood for their own political agenda is incredibly disturbing. >> it's not like the behavior of a sex offender. normal people do not sexualize underage children period. disney does not feel that way. >> we're not just rename the rollercoaster sex mountain, can markets it will be a blast. >> the right has declared war on disney just since yesterday warning. fox news mentioned it more than 252 times. their crusade is based on that new law signed by ron desantis of florida brew hitting instruction about sexual orientation and gender and early elementary school classrooms. under the guise of protecting children from being sexualize,
5:47 pm
the law essentially bans the discussion of gay-ness. it is a stigmatizing situation for thousands and dow jones of children with lgbtq family members. opponents of the legislation have dubbed it, don't say gay bill. they have pushed for disney, a huge presence in florida, to weigh in. i monday as governor desantis signed a bill, this knee released a strong statement saying, quote, our goal as a company is for this law to be repealed by the legislator a struck out in the courts, and we remain committed to supporting the national thick holders to achieve that. that really sent everyone on the right side into the stratosphere. the most unhinge faction of the right, as you heard on fox news, is now vilifying disney as a creepy, qanon adjacent of sexual deviance. here's what i think is really going on here. we are seeing, and it really gathered steam in the last
5:48 pm
month or so, a seismic change politics. the conservative movement restarting its war against gay people. republican congresswoman recently ever feel the ugly truth. i will tell you what she said next. sai next we eat healthy. we exercise. i noticed i wasn't as sharp as i used to be. my wife introduced me to prevagen and so i said "yeah, i'll try it out." i noticed that i felt sharper, i felt like i was able to respond to things quicker. and i thought, yeah, it works for me. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. [♪♪] if you have diabetes, it's important to have confidence in the nutritional drink you choose. try boost glucose control®. it's clinically shown to help manage blood sugar levels and contains high quality protein to help manage hunger and support muscle health. try boost® today. ♪ my name is monique, i'm 41, and i'm a federal contract investigator.
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please help us get every bottle back. the parents of transgender
5:52 pm
children, affirming your child's identity is one of the most powerful things you can do to keep them safe and healthy. any transgender american who is struggling, please know that
5:53 pm
you are not alone. the parents and children alike, please ask for help and know this, you are so brave. you belong. we have your back. >> president joe biden marks the transgender day of visibility today. republicans set the site back on the lgbtq community. a lot of the language adopted around identity and being gay is focused around grooming. that is a term associated with abusers and molesters of children, who course their victims into the abuse. in florida before the don't say gay bill was signed into law, republican called it the anti-grooming bill. what's she is saying there is that the only reason to talk about sexual orientation and gender identity with children is because a person wants to molest them. she later clarified that is a personal view, not the governor's. the suggestion here is that any
5:54 pm
discussion about people being gay or trans is an attempt to sexualize or sexually groom young children. it is not only false, it is obviously offensive. the republican party has lately been emboldened to make old school comments about gay, trans and lesbian people. >> we will drill oil right here in the usa. [applause] you know what, put a judge can take his electric vehicles and bicycles, and he and his has been, can stay out of our gross bathrooms. >> [laughs] you can have a stroke trying to evaluate he and his husband can stay out of girls bathrooms. these attacks are all a part of why this writer identified the -- mark joseph stern joins me now. mark, i really like what you
5:55 pm
had to say. it made me think about this differently. i want to say on this trans they of visibility, there was obviously a never a truce on trans issue. they view this as a cultural war issue, they pursue it at the statutory level, in lawsuits in policies all over the country, that is not we are talking about, what are you talking about? >> i am talking about republicans and conservatives, especially media figures, testing the waters on homophobia, the kinds of which we have not seen from major figures for quite some time. you mentioned earlier this allegation that anyone would want to simply acknowledge the existence of lgbtq families in the classroom, they are seeking to molest children. this claim that same-sex parents do not make good parents, that they are harming their children. that other children must be shielded from them. also on the legal level, we are now hearing an increasing
5:56 pm
number of republican members of congress openly condemn the supreme court decision legalizing marriage equality. really saying it should be overturned, that state should be able to ban and nullify same-sex marriages once again. we did not hear stuff like that for the past seven years. absolutely, we heard unrelenting vicious attacks on trans equality, but there was an obvious tactical retreat on gay rights. this seems to be pretty much over. >> i want to read the language issue in the florida bill because there has been a lot of back and forth on it. in hp 15 57, it is incredibly vague. classroom instruction by school personnel or third parties on sexual orientation or gender identity may not occur in kindergarten through grade three or in a manner that is not age-appropriate or developmentally appropriate for students in accordance with state standards. i have a hard time parsing the,
5:57 pm
but it says classroom instruction on sexual orientation may not occur through grade three. that is a huge ban on real basic stuff like heather has two mommies, or the gay penguins in the sexual park children's book, 100% age-appropriate talking about differently ships in the world. >> in grades four through 12, any discussion of lgbtq people have to be in accordance with state standards. those standards do not exist. republicans have not indicated that they will draft them. that leads us to the most important thing to understand about the bill, it is not enforced like a regular law, it is modeled after the texas vigilante abortion bill. that bill allows parents to file lawsuits against school districts that allegedly violates provisions. they can collect money damages and attorney fees if they can prove in court that a teacher violated this law. it is designed to shill a
5:58 pm
maximum amount of speech in the classroom. what's reasonable teacher would even have had their has two mommies on her shelf and third grade knowing that a parent could sue her for thousands of dollars, and she might be placed in a months long investigation, having her reputation drive through the mud, and ultimately being terminated even if exonerated. this is not a normal law. this is a gag letter. this is a disturbing vigilante narrative. >> to go back to your boy, this goes back to heather has two mommies, a cultural fight of my youth, when i was 12 or 13 in new york city, this was like, oh my god. this was the example of the ridiculousness of the liberals. the tactical retreat from gay marriage and gay equality, why do you think that tactical retreat is giving way now on
5:59 pm
things like bread and butter like marriage? >> i think republicans have had extraordinary success attacking and vilifying trans people and eroding rights that seem secure even a few years ago. as recently as 2016, it seemed pretty clear that the issue of trans children using the right bathroom was settled. many courts had agreed upon it. it did not look like justice kennedy wanted to deal with it. it seem like okay, we can let trans kids peace safely at school. now here we are, and we are seeing state after state passed these odious bans keeping kids out about the rooms, keeping kids of sports teams if they are trans, and also prohibiting them if they are getting basic gender affirming care. they are on a winning streak and they are a little drunk on their success. they are trying to see where they can push next. what is the next frontier? this culture war, you always have to be feeding the fire. i think they are looking around at the gay issues, and saying, we left some stuff on the table
6:00 pm
there. those are being seen in federal courts. what is next? what they settled on is that the lgbtq families have to be erased from public schools. that will certainly not be the end of this. >> you may not be interested in the cultural or but the cultural war is interested in you. mark joseph stern, thank you so much. we are all in on this there's a night. the rachel maddow show starts at level she, good evening ali. >> thank you, chris. thank you at-home for joining us this hour. rachel is on hiatus. i am joining you once again tonight from the city of lviv, ukraine. we have a lot to get to tonight and just a few moments i'm gonna speak with the pentagon spokesperson, john kirby, about the military situation on the ground here in ukraine. i will also be joined by the former top russia expert on the national security council, fiona hill, and we will get some expert help understanding the latest revelations about the u.s.