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tv   Ayman  MSNBC  April 9, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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back in 2017, he was actually revealed that vekselberg had once in hundreds of thousands to trump's former attorney, michael cohen. now, this was the first got it was actually seized by the u.s. since russia invaded ukraine, and officials say, they're seeking the yachts forfeiture, alleging that it represents the spoils of a crime. attorney general merrick garland said, just this week, it will not be the last. all right, so, coming up this hour, how francis presidential election could have major ratification support ukraine? i'm gonna speak to the french ambassador to the u.s. in just a moment. less, they said what? a republican attack at a so strange it's just that. and guess who's back? president obama thus off his suit and gets ready to hit the campaign trail. i am ayman mohyeldin. let's get started. ayman mohyeldin let's get started. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> all right. so as we mentioned, british prime minister boris johnson met with ukraine's president but immersive and ski in kyiv. in fact, he promised more armored vehicles and you anti ship missile systems, part of a package that includes 100 and $30 million worth of military equipment for ukraine. now recent attacks against civilians including friday's attack on that railway station have spurred the international community to act even more. but is it too little too late? yesterday, the u.s. said that it would send a patriot missile systems to slovakia, following that country's move to provide ukraine with its s-300 air defense system. now, it is a defense system that could help potentially prevented strikes like fight israeli attack. meanwhile, pressure is mounting on the west to weaken russia at its knees, by cutting all financial ties. this week, the european union
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agreed to ban russian coal, wood and else, natural gas. making the first eu sanctions that target the country's lucrative energy industry following the invasion. but missing from those sanctions, for now at least, is the kremlin's real moneymaker, oil. although australia, britain and canada and the u.s. have all imposed outright bans on russian oil purchases, the european union's 27 member states have made energy payments with around 35 billion dollars, since the invasion began. and a crucial election could further up and the balance of power in europe. tomorrow, france, a key nato player will begin the first round of his presidential elections. and the results could actually have ramifications far beyond the country's borders. three senior biden administration officials told politico that a possible victory by incumbent emmanuel macron's that's right challenger, marine le pen, could destabilize the western coalition against moscow, upending france's role as a leading european power, and
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potentially giving other nato leaders cold feet about staying in the alliance. joining me now, the french ambassador to the united states, philippe etienne. mister ambassador, thank you so much for coming back on to the program. let's start with ukraine, before we get to the french elections. earlier this week, ukraine's foreign affairs minister told nato members his agenda was very simple, when he was asked what he needed. it only has three items on it. its weapons, weapons and weapons. is in nato giving ukraine what it needs, and do you believe the western world has had the right approach to the war so far? >> thank you, ayman. we have certainly reacted very, very strongly, including the european union. france is holding the chair of the council of the european union now, and we have never had such a swift and strong reaction. and this reaction is gripping
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the russian economy. and for the first time, the european union has decided, the first time in its history, it has decided to buy weapons and to send these weapons to another country, ukraine attacked by russia. we have already given close to one billion euros. so yes, we are doing quite a lot, but it is normally that ukraine, which courageously defend itself against russia asked for more help. and we try to provide this help, of course. >> we're obviously seven weeks into this conflict, sir. and there is no end in sight. how prepared is nato, how prepared is nato to support ukraine in the long run? what do you see are the next steps for nato in supporting ukraine? >> as we speak about this in
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general, nato is an important part, and nato is a contribution, a very substantial contribution. it is also reinforcing its own territory and its eastern flank. we are deploying more troops in romania, french troops for instance, in romania or estonia. but we, as partners, allies, and in particular in the european union, we have started very quickly answer response in support of ukraine, ready to support ukraine on the long term. on the military level but also on the economic adviser to president zelenskyy, said it's important, the macroeconomic level. and of course also on the humanitarian level. and there is another way to support ukraine which is to investigate in those crimes which have been revealed one week ago in the north of kyiv.
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now, we have this attack against the rail station in kramatorsk. we have -- and in france but also european union. so we help ukraine, and we've continued to help ukraine on all those levels. >> after those atrocities that we saw in bucha, french president emmanuel macron said that he wanted the eu to ban russian oil. i mentioned 38 billion dollars worth of russian oil have been bought by the way you since this war began. the eu succeeded in banning coal purchases, but it's still not able to do so on oil. will france push other members of the block to outright ban russian oil in the eu? >> firstly, the eu, as we have set, has not only banned coal imports, but in its last
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package, it has also extended its individual sanctions against banks, russian banks. no more russian ships now reports, and so one, and so on. coal is already four billion euros a year, it's very important. we have also continued to ban exports, technological exports. we, ask france, as our president said, we are ready to do further. but we, as presidents of the eu, we have to take into account the fact that some other european countries have more difficulties with that. so yes, you're right. the atrocities in bucha have made us decide that a new threshold has oh that's to make new sanctions. we have decided to lift sanctions, and we will be ready to go further. >> mister ambassador, can we
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talk about the role france has played in the diplomacy of the war with russia. president macron's frequent communications with vladimir putin, they have come under criticism from the polish prime minister who said, quote, nobody negotiated with hitler. from where you sit, have these talks had any positive impact, the talks between the french president and vladimir putin? because there was the perception that perhaps it was just a waste of time, and that it was not going to actually produce a result. >> well, those comments you mentioned by other european country, we try to keep the unity of european countries. it is not -- and also of our western allies. it is on all the partners who condemn the russian invasion. we succeeded and getting 140 countries condemning the
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russian invasion in the united nations. so we need to keep this unity. and to come to your question, all this has been done in coordination with ukrainian president. we know that the russian president refuses to talk to the ukrainian president, to the courage's president zelenskyy. so this has been done by our president, by our leaders, like this prime minister, or german chancellor. we want to pass to russia, and including the messages we've got from voting excellence came. so this criticism is absolutely not justified. >> allow me, sir, to ask you about the upcoming presidential elections. i don't want to ask you about any specific candidates, but you have far-right candidates, they are gaining traction. if one of them wins, they have talked about wanting to, not
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necessarily get out of nato, but they don't necessarily believe in nato the same way as president macron. if one of them wins, are you worried that france could join hungary and start down a path of being not as pro nato as some would like it to be? what's the risk here for france, if one of the far-right candidates wins this election? >> well, ayman, we are at the u, on the eve of our presidential elections. i will of course not be able to command them. i understand the dangers, with the elections, since france is now holding the presidency of the united union. and france is an important player. so i understand of course your question, the stakes are important. at least, the french people are able to have this election, to
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vote for their president, and vote for their parliament. this is a right for which the ukrainian people are fighting this war against an invasion. and to keep their democracy. so we have this very important election indeed. the first round is tomorrow. now, it's for the french citizens to -- by the way, we have already organized the election for the 130,000 french citizens registered as voters, and living on the territory of the united states. we had 75 ballot stations across the u.s.. so, both stations, you see the democracy is working also, the french democracy, the french elections have started in america. >> that, and i can disclose that my wife was one of those 130,000 who went today and
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exercised our democratic duty here in the u.s. at a polling station in new york. ambassador philippe etienne, thank you so much for joining us. i greatly appreciate your time as always. thank you. >> thank, you ayman, thank you, bye. >> how far to the right camp states go before voters say enough? first, richard louis is here with the headlines. hey, richard. >> good evening. pittsburgh voted about dwight has skin died, after struck by a truck in florida saturday at 6:30 am. the 24-year-old was attempting to cross interstate five 95 on foot for quote, unknown reasons. authorities have opened a homicide investigation for that. and the man we left a series of threatening messages to the states u.s. senators. he was sentenced to 32 months in prison. the 65-year-old defendant left 17 voicemails over a five month period, threatening senator murkowski and sullivan, he will forfeit seven firearms that were seized from his home.
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state senate is set to vote on legislation that would exclude
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same-sex couples from proposed kamala marriage contracts. the anti-lgbtq bill originally lacked a crucial detail, a minimum age requirement. yeah. you would have essentially created a legal pathway to child marriage, believe it or not. so for quite an uproar, lawmakers added an age provision. and now, it is on track to pass in tennessee, despite same-sex marriage being the law of the land since 2015. now elsewhere on friday, alabama governor signed a bill into law that criminalizes gender forming care for minors. and miners in oklahoma approved a total ban on abortion this week, passing a bill that makes performing an abortion a felony, punishable by up to ten years in prison. those bills apparently are what count as legislative priorities for republicans just months before the midterm elections, with everything else that is happening in this country and around the world. with me now, our tara setmayer, senior adviser at the lincoln project. symone d. sanders, former chief spokesperson for vice president
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kamala harris. and she's host of a show here on msnbc. and kurt bardella, dnc adviser and former spokesperson for the oversight committee. it's great to have all of you with us. this evening. let me start with you, tara. there is that white group of borders -- they check back and right before they have to. do you think the gop is taking a gamble here by focusing so much on these messaging bills ahead of the midterms that really are not of substance in terms of what the american people need or want. >> well, it's clear that the culture wars are back, and in full force. i feel like i'm reliving the 90s and early 2000s where you had the christian coalition and the culture conservatives, the moral majority coming back out, and really having a lot of influence and the republican party base. but this has gone really incredibly too far to the right. this type of extremist attacks on certain aspects and certain rights in this country that are already affirmed by law.
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it does run the risk of alienating general election voters, but it shows up the enthusiasm for republicans. this is all about the party base. now, when they need to be careful about and certain, and other districts, because everything is so close in the house on the senate side, is that the enthusiasm gap, which is considerable right now, isn't that the democratic votes aren't surprised. i'm hoping the democratic voters look at this and say, we do not want these people in power anymore, and it motivates them to get out and vote. but republicans, this is their bread and butter. they've been doing this for decades because they know that it works, and a chance up their base. >> simone, you have states like tennessee, idaho, missouri, they're all looking into adopting similar bills like the one that was just passed in oklahoma, that would essentially make performing an abortion a felony punishable by up to ten years in prison. we know these all will be fought in court, undoubtedly. but how should democrats in these gop run states run
6:20 pm
against these types of bills, come the midterms? >> look, i think folks have to run races for their rights in their state. so in ohio for example, there's gonna be a governor's race. in michigan, where there is a democratic governor, but this is an issue, abortion has also bubbled up, and the governor has backed the bill in the state legislature to protect the rights, if you will, of roe v. wade. governors and be on the frontlines. i think that signature slater candidates, house candidates, senate candidates, they're going to have to talk about these issues. there are people that believe democrats need to focus on the bread and butter, again, i'm gonna use my quotations here, and don't worry about those culture issues. i am someone that believes that look, people have to stand on their values, whether you are democrat, republican, independent. and if there is something that bubbles up that goes against your values, it goes against to you would be as a candidate, you have to speak out about it. and we can do that, people can
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do that. and, they can talk about economic issues, like inflation, and gas prices. that's going to be hurt and then four races this fall. and i think they're gonna do well, and the people are gonna find a good balance. the bills that you mentioned, amen, they are the crazy bills, okay? the crazy bills, that's what i call them. these are crazy bills that people are passing there are not doing anything to affect people's station positively, and i think if democrats are running out there running races, that's the way they should talk about it. >> yeah, i agree with you more on all of those points. kurt, florida's so-called don't say gay bill has brought inspiration for other bills nation. why, we've seen republican lawmakers again in iowa texas called for bills like that in their states. do you think this wave of bills that are essentially anti-lgbtq or anti-abortion rights could be a rallying cry for democrats have midterms? could they have a different attack effect in mobilizing democrats, as simone was saying, to fight for the values that
6:22 pm
they care about? >> you know, ayman, we always have a saying in politics, never do anything that will motivate the other side space. never do anything that will incite and excite and help them join out. republicans are doing just that. for every vote that they get on the right, they are mobilizing the left. and at the end of the day, we have to make it very clear as democrats, what's really happening right here. all of these measures, all of these culture wars, they're being driven because the gop has no tangible solution to actually help american people. every single house republican unanimously voted against infrastructure bill. they voted against supporting the fastest growing jobs in america. they voted against solar installer, and other things. why are they asking big oil, why are they profiting from a war right now, and instead focusing on these culture wars going after gates? why are they spending so much time going after issues that frankly effect a minority population, while the rest of
6:23 pm
us are trying to figure out how to have better jobs, higher wages, affordable housing, affordable education, better quality health care? they know that they can't win on those issues. and so, they go with what i call, the war strategies. they would send, right this horse says so that -- they get out of the other way. that's the totality of all these issues. they're hoping the democrats, with all their time, all their energy, all their enthusiasm, all their frustration, changes chasing these horses, and instead ignore the issues that the american people actually care about. >> dara, just a few weeks ago, we had the republican governor of utah veto a bill banning transgender youth athletes from playing on girls teams. his veto actually was over written by the gop run legislator, and now, republicans are actually calling for him to face a primary challenger in 2024 over that decision. and we know the republican
6:24 pm
party has moved right over the last couple of years because of trump, and all of other types of forces that were in their. is it safe to say that republicans no longer exist, and as they do, they're just gonna be cannibalized by this extreme right that is emerging? is there still space for them and their voters within the republican party? >> well, i would say that the republican party moderates are unicorns and they probably can party these days. i mean, they republican party is won by that marjorie taylor greene's, and the qanon mean streamers. just look at the way republicans behaved during these judge jackson hearings. this has become, who the republican party is. so for those handful of moderates who are still out there, god bless them. but, we need to face the reality of who the gop actually is. but i wanna caution my democratic friends about some of these culture issues, particularly concerning kids in schools. republicans know that going after the culture wars in schools, and using children the
6:25 pm
rental issues, you have the covid moms, this is a very poignant and pertinent issue. and what democrats are losing in the swing districts on these issues it is because they feel as though the democratic party has swung too far to the left. they cannot ignore this. you look in places like pennsylvania, which is an important swing state, where you have republicans that are out registering, converting democrats for the one, back to the republican. versus democrats getting republican votes. that is a problem in the state like that. so republicans are doing what they need to do to get the votes that they need in the swing district and swing states, and using these issues. the top three issues for republicans right now in these states are the economy, crime and immigration. and then, the culture war comes in there to motivate people switching over. so they need to be very careful not to ignore those things, and i really hope the democrats go in the offense. it cannot play defense this
6:26 pm
whole time. events may win championship in football, but offense wins political elections. >> all right, i like that. i've, i'm gonna ask you to stick around. we've got a lot more to break down coming up. next, you won't believe what republicans are saying right now. we're gonna talk about that in just a bad. a bad you onlywhat you need? like how i customized this scarf? check out this backpack i made for marco. only pay for what you need. ♪liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty.♪ there's a different way to treat hiv. it's every-other-month, injectable cabenuva. for adults who are undetectable, cabenuva is the only complete hiv treatment you can get every other month. cabenuva helps keep me undetectable. it's two injections, given by a healthcare provider every other month. it's one less thing to think about while traveling. hiv pills aren't on my mind. a quick change in my plans is no big deal. don't receive cabenuva if you're allergic to its ingredients or taking certain medicines, which may interact with cabenuva. serious side effects include allergic reactions,
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stumbled upon a new favor word. pedophile. let's be clear here, child sexual abuse is a horrific violent crime. it has always been a horrific vial crime. but somehow, the gop seems to have just learned about it a couple of weeks ago. at least that's how it seems because if you've been watching the news all of a sudden they're just calling everyone pedophiles. >> who exactly? well, to start, all democrats, the disney corporation, members of the queer community, ketanji brown jackson, and senators wrote mitt romney, susan
6:31 pm
collins, and lisa murkowski, who were confirming judge jackson, and a republican who dares scratch their head and ask, why are you suddenly calling everyone a pedophile? that is the question have tonight. my saturday night live panel is here to break down this bizarre development. i need your insights here as a former republican, why are so many republicans addicted to calling their opponents from, as i mentioned, disney employs to mid-prom, need to supreme court justices, pedophiles, where did this come from? >> well, it came from qanon, because, as i mentioned in the last segment, which is of fringe what could doodle theory about democrats and hollywood celebrities killing children and drinking their blood and sex trafficking them, remember pizzagate? when a guy went to shoot up a pizza place because he thought that child trafficking was happening there? that's what's happening in the extremes. and it became mainstream
6:32 pm
because they recognize that by using words like that, it grabs your attention and it puts a label on you that catches peoples attention. personally, i think it's irresponsible. i think it's despicable. it's not about protecting children. pedophilia is a real thing. and it's not about protecting children, it's about weaponizing a political issue for political boys. the republicans are feigning outrage now, but where were they when 650,000 people in alabama voted for roy moore who was actually a grooming young girls? where were they when donald trump and his relationship with jeffrey epstein? where are they on matt gates who's accused right now of child trafficking and pornography with women and prostitution? where are they with all of that? yet, they are trying to make this an issue to try to put this label on political opponents and i think it's despicable by them. but it shows you how far the republican party has fallen, this is the desperation that they are using to message
6:33 pm
things about pedophilia. >> this could cause a civil war in the party, what if i and so curious is that these are being weaponized against scores of -- romney, collins, and murkowski, they were all smeared as pro pedophiles for supporting judge jackson. then you have marilyn gop lauren hogan, he's being spared as pro pedophile for docking's florida's don't say gay law. and if this continues, it will have to have a reckoning within a party, or do you think it won't? >> well, unfortunately, the people that we are talking about here, the last remaining seen republicans, as i think terrell said earlier, there are unicorns. there are not many of them left. i wish that were not the case, but that's where we are. and this is some [inaudible] they accuse you of being, they are guilty of that themselves. when they spend all of their energy talking about voter
6:34 pm
fraud, mark meadows and his wife committed voter fraud. when they talk about things about pedophiles and pornography? it turns out that there are people within their own caucus, and their own staff, who are having those very issues right now. it's not the democrats, it's the republicans. so anytime you hear a charge levied by republican party, you have to assume that they are just deflecting, they are covering up, they are trying to -- it's their backyard, their skeletons in the closet that are causing these issues. it underscores the reality that they don't have [inaudible] remember when joe biden asked, what is this republican party? for apparently, they are up for any ideas, just crazy historical lunacy. they need to be called up for that. every time they try to redirect the conversation to something that's not an insane, they have to be told by everybody, including the media to go, oh, well fine, he said, that but let's get back to the task again. what are you actually? for are you for the american people? we're gonna do for the constituents in your district? that is what really matters. all of this gaslighting that
6:35 pm
they completely just 100% in is a cover-up to hide the fact that they have no ideas for the american people. >> simone, the explosion of the groomer slur is particularly dangerous for the lgbtq community, it harkens back to anita bryant's conspiracy campaign in the 1980s. she spread vicious lies like where people were praying on recruiting children in schools and now that republicans have resurrected this conspiracy, what can democrats do to push back? what could their message be be against what republicans are trying to do right now? >> i think there's two parts here, amen. first and foremost, people have to speak to the facts, that's why when we saw the hearing of touch tax, and the confirmation hearing, and those repeated questions, and those attacks really were locked out her about pity feeley a judge jackson pushed back. other senators, namely the democrats on the judiciary committee pushed back. and people outside, advocates, in the media, pushback.
6:36 pm
it's important that we are very clear that what people are saying is happening is not in fact happening on this mascara. i think the second piece is this, there are some people in the republican party that are speaking to a very specific fraction of the republican party. he went on, as terry talked about. i think it's also important that it's not all republicans. and i think we all have a tendency, i know i do, to paint with a broad stroke brushes, all republicans, it's never all democrats. and i think what's most important is, people need to, we're talking about the midterm elections, people need to run races for the district that folks need to understand what their values are. i was very happy to see governor hogan, whom i've had the chance to meet a number of different occasions, push back against the ridiculous don't say gay bill in florida. i was happy to see in so many others, senator mitt romney stand up for what he knew just was right. that's where the majority of the voters in this country are and those are the kind of folks
6:37 pm
that people want to go out and vote for. so i think that we have to make sure that people across the country, that we have a real conversation and not letting the voices of a few bubble up to the top. but also understand that qanon is a real conspiracy that has become a true faction of the republican party. and that is not something that is going to go away, in one cycle, or two cycles. folks have to figure out, that has been embraced. folks who are members of what i like to call the proverbial qanon caucus, they sit on committees in the united states congress. how are we going to address that? >> that is a serious issue that we have -- to go ahead tara. >> i was saying, this qanon nonsense has actually missed has to size over to our brother in over in the uk. so this is not just a problem in the united states, is becoming an international problem, and we cannot ignore that. and when you have republicans that you know over quarter of republicans who believe in qanon, some republicans, it's
6:38 pm
become as popular as some religions in the state within the republican party. within this country. it is a major problem. we have a cultural problem going on with republicans. and where the hell is leadership? where is kevin mccarthy? where is mitch mcconnell? what are they doing with these people who are going out there and espousing these dog whistles to these dangerous conspiracy theorists? that's a problem too. there are no accountability within the republican party, so it's hard to not painted with a broad brush when people are so quiet about it because they are afraid of their base. >> i was going to, say kevin mccarthy's too busy reprimanding representative cawthorn over his comments of the republicans are participating in drug fueled orgies. panel, stick around for, me we have another round. we have another few rounds to go. next, what's broad president obama to the white house for the first time since he left office? we will tell you about that. ou about that. aleve x. its revolutionary rollerball design delivers fast,
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that oddly satisfying feeling when you don't do it yourself. >> democrats got some major
6:42 pm
backup this week as they fight to maintain control of congress and to paraphrase joe biden, it was a big bleeping deal. president biden returned to the -- highlight of course the biden administration's efforts to improve his namesake legislation, obamacare. what's, more nbc news is reporting president mama will be actively act supporting democratic's. his advice to democrats is
6:43 pm
simple. >> mister president, what do you tell democrats worried about the midterms? >> you've got a story to tell, he's got to tell. it >> obama's comments mirrored recent remarks from hillary clinton who said that democrats have to do a better job at selling themselves. our panel is back with us. simone, i want to start with you. this isn't an administration that -- the question about this messaging is critical ahead of the midterms. how effective could president obama be in boosting the morale of democrats and focusing on that storytelling ahead of the midterms? >> president obama can be very effective, but i would also argue that president biden and vice president harris are also the best communicator is by clinton talked about. the agenda and what they have accomplished. president obama is a very popular former president, he's somebody that has been with president biden, lauding his
6:44 pm
accomplishments from the beginning of this administration. and he is a very important validator, but the president and vice president and members of congress, frankly, and governors who push for a number of pieces of legislation, have to go out there and talk about what they did. my advice for democrats in these midterm elections, talk about what you did, don't talk about what the republicans, blocked you from doing, we don't talk about what you can do because of this and that, talk about what you did. child tax credit, the largest investment in public infrastructure in a generation, lowering health care cause for millions of americans, talk about what you did it because those other guys, they don't do too much, there are probably blocking some of that progress and what the democrats did actually is very popular. >> t kurt, these were hiller contents for about democrats last week on meet the press. watch. >> we've got a great story to tell. we need to get out there and do a better job of telling it. and for those who, you know,
6:45 pm
say it hasn't gone far enough, that's always the corset and democratic party politics. >> so to go back to simone's point here, did democrats talk too much about the things they wanted to do, and having done, instead of the things they wanted to do it actually got done? >> one of the things that i've observed, and this is coming from a former republican. they're very good and being -- for a lack of better term. we saw that just from four years after donald trump, everything is great. the dna of democrats is a little bit different there, because they're honest. they're respectful. they remind people about what we're doing in the shortcomings. i think democrats can either ball a little bit of dna from republicans and brag. the state has done historic things by any metric where, president biden has presided over is a robust agenda that has created a tremendous amount of economic growth, of stabilizing american people after a massive pandemic that
6:46 pm
crippled our economy. he has done things that no one thought possible, frankly. and he doesn't get enough credit for that. and democrats don't take enough credit for that. they said, instead of thinking about why president was there in the first place -- which was in that popular at the time. and there are people that in the democratic party who said they don't go far enough. well, here we are now. all these years later celebrating it as a landmark achievement which of course health care that they didn't have before. that's something to celebrate. it's something to brag about. meanwhile, the other guys, they want to take that away from you. they want to take away your health care. the only takeaway where you'll it got you to have affordable prescription drugs. that's the story that we need to tell. and somewhere along the long lines, republicans became, in my opening, the government party. they want leveraged to watch over what you say, they want government to watch over what you can say in school, they want government or you can join your bedroom. democrats are about freedom, about choice. and i'll tell you, if the scope of this, if the supreme court
6:47 pm
strikes down abortion rights in the summer, it will ignite the american electorate. be careful what you wish for, republicans. you might actually get are chasing all these years and have a widespread effect, limiting women's rights in america. and god help you if you achieve that because that will ignite and move in this country that can completely upend your midterm strategy. n >> tara, let me share with you something the democratic congressman andy kim had to say. he kind of objected to this better story strategy. he represents a district in new jersey, excuse me, it is just outside of philadelphia that i should know trump won. in 2020. he advises against selling a rosy picture of peoples lives, and instead, meeting them where they are. he said quote, if you try to come of saying that, oh you don't understand, you're not looking at the statistics, they're not only not going to listen to you, but they're going to think you are out of touch. does he have a point here? >> 100%.
6:48 pm
that is the risk that he run. andy should know, because in that region, particularly in philadelphia right across the river, donald trump actually gain 22% more votes in philadelphia in 2020 over 2016. i go back to pennsylvania as an example where the issues in places like philadelphia, which is a democratic stronghold, but they are losing ground on issues like inflation, crime and immigration. those are things that whether, you know, democrats want to admit or not, that is what people are paying attention to in their communities. and republicans, and they will nationalize the election. they will take these certain issues, and they will saddle all democrats with it as out of touch, or this is what they want to do. whether they want to or not. so democrats have to be more aggressive in acknowledging, doing what i call a clinton strategy, take a page out of the clinton's book.
6:49 pm
i feel your pain, and i take credit for what you have done, and tell people what we will continue to do to impact your lights. how will this impact your everyday life? democrats have a tendency to get into the numbers and into the policy papers, and they're not gonna win this election with the policy pan. a lot of this is about perception, perception is reality in politics. so that's the story that democrats have to tell. they could take credit for what they've accomplished, but they cannot seem out of touch and not acknowledge what people are going through every day, when they think is important in their lives. otherwise, it's going to be a bloodbath in november. for democrats. >> can i say one other point, ayman? at the end of the day, we just need to talk to people how they talk. you know, we're off from north omaha, i don't generally know about gdp and how the economic growth model is contributing to the groceries getting cheaper in the grocery store.
6:50 pm
can i buy me to my grocery store? it's my gas going down? it's my insurance going down? that's how we have to talk about voters across the board, and then i think i would say, it's not just democratic voters. the things that you are talking about here on this panel, these are things that americans care about. we need to just talk to americans because frankly, democrats, if they want to be successful, they're gonna need some american voters that also might be republicans. >> well, the swing states. that's really gonna make a difference here. you're gonna be able to meet those folks where they are because progressives in progressive districts, they're not going anywhere. and the republicans and the right legit strict, they're not going anywhere. they're gonna vote for their people. it just folks in the middle, and that's where those messages resonate. so to simone's point, meet people where they are and be related to. why does this matter to me and where are you going to do to better my life? >> yeah, all politics is local as they say. i know you both brought up excellent points. we're gonna have to leave it on that. thank you so much for your time. we're gonna continue this conversation in the weeks and
6:51 pm
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6:55 pm
democrats though, it is not enough. congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez tweeted out, i think some folks read these extensions as savvy politics, but i don't think those folks understand the panic and this order it got us to get so close to these deadlines just to extend the uncertainty. we should cancel them. she is not alone in this. following biden's announcement, senators chuck schumer and elizabeth warren renew their calls for the president to take executive action, and cancel $50,000 of student loan debt for every borrower. now, those democrats want more done because student loans are just an economic issue, there also erase issue. a gender issue. and quite honestly, in equality issue. look at the numbers, women hole to third of the nation's student debt, with a black woman owing more than 22% than white women. it's also a popular issue. more than 60% of voters in this country support some type of student loan forgiveness. now, college is a stepping
6:56 pm
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