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tv   Dateline  MSNBC  April 9, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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story is the one that sounds like a lie. >> why did you want this? >> if i can contribute in any way to making sure that this is taken seriously, and basically say, this is not a hoax. i lived first hand through this, and i know for a fact that it is true. >> that is all for this edition of "dateline". i'm natalie morales. thanks for watching i'm craig melvin, and i'm natalie morales. and this is dateline! >> you can lose a child without knowing it in a second. it wasn't an if, it was a when. are they gonna tell us that she is not coming home. this is not what was supposed to happen. >> the note was under her blanket. i >> started sticking out and i grabbed it. >> their daughter was a runaway. >> i am frantic!
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because i did not know how to find her. >> they called police, they searched, and then, a jogger found a red shoe and a pool of blood. >> here they are, three people at the door. >> i just started sobbing. >> they had found her daughter, but not the boy she was with. it was if he had never existed. >> we couldn't find anything -- about. >> months went by, still no trace of lj. and then, a rookie took the case. >> how did you feel about it? that this was not gonna be your case? >> i didn't think i was capable of doing this. i cried the first few hours. >> a teen found dead. >> we still don't have an answer. >> a mysterious answer and the missing suspect. >> they say, lj has killed someone before. >> and hurts to solve. >> i have the feeling, you are learning how to become a detective as you go. >> this is the case that taught me. >> you have notes, we're trying to keep your children safe.
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>> hello and welcome to dateline! social worker veronica made one of her toughest cases deeply personal when she decided to adopt any. over the years, and he thrived. but it turned out, she was keeping a secret that was only discovered after her disappearance. cut a fake pregnancy really have been the motive for an all to real murder? or had any run into the wrong crowd? here's dennis murphy, with the girl with the red shoes. >> veronica kasper zach is a determined woman. >> if someone said you can't save them all. >> my mother is probably the one who would say that. but yeah i heard that a lot. >> she rarely was a.
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the desire to do good, to save a child was too strong. though, something in the quiet hours, she wonders if she did the right thing. >> if i didn't have that house, if i had not taken a shower. if i would have done something else, she would not have been in that situation. >> of course no one could have now and then that it would end up like this. >> police department, i need to report a one-way. my daughters missing. >> her daughter was annie grace, the when veronica first met her, she was not -- . she wasn't even her daughter. she was a client, just seven years old, with the rough childhood. >> she had been through some abuse, and she had a hard time trusting other people. >> back in 2005, veronica was a caseworker for utah's division of children services. her job was to find a home for kids who no longer had one. and he was one of those kids.
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>> annie has a larger than life personality. whatever she does, it is not small. if there was something she liked it, it was huge. if there was something she didn't like it, it was big. and there was nothing like. it >> drama came with? it >> oh yes. >> for a nickel tried for years to find amy a stable home. but after any had been flown back to the state nine times, veronica, young, naive, and stubborn. made the surprise decision to adopt any. >> did your superior tell you we do not do that veronica? don't cross that line? have a professional relationship with his child but do not bring her into your home? >> that was very true and at the time i happen to be six months pregnant. so i'm sure the shot thought was the pregnant lady. she does not know what she's doing! but it was very much, are you sure? you can't see them anybody. but veronica was determined to try. >> she and her then husband
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adopted ten year annie in january 2007. andy who had bounced around from house to house finally had a home. parents and brothers who adored her. >> she was the immediate cool big sister. she liked being the oldest, being in charge. and teaching them all this cool stuff. she was happy >> making memories. >> opening gifts on christmas morning, her first trip to the beast. not that everything was perfect mind you. >> there was still definitely a, i'm going to test you as much as you say you love me and are keeping me. i mean to say that i don't believe you. >> how did she challenge? you >> just the quintessential, i'm not gonna do what you say. just whatever i want. >> so psychological tesla? >> yes. >> which only intensified when he entered her teen years. >> she was a bout as boy crazy as i could imagine. she always had a boyfriend. she liked boyfriends, they
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liked her. and it was never a, here let me see. i'm in love with! you this is forever! i couldn't imagine anybody being more amazing! she was very all in. >> but any was also into her education and her future. she wanted to be a therapist just like veronica. she even wanted her new family to adopt more kids. >> she's there, she's really having a hard time, i think we should bring our home. >> she was really becoming her daughter in a way. >> yeah. >> francesca ventral-y divorced and remarried. she and her new husband james settled here in utah, a suburb of salt lake city. and he had james wrapped around her finger. >> i took her with me to help me pick up her mother's valentine's day gift and a huge already crossed the right. she had away with me, she could talk me -- . one of them was her favorite shoes that she found. she was so excited when they arrived. >> just a few days later, march
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10th 2012, annie, now 15, was watching her brother's while veronica and james went to dinner. >> then when we came home, everything seem the same. and he had changed from running around the house in shorts to jeans. i chalked it up to, okay she's gotten cold! i had a massive headache i couldn't get rid of, and i went to take a shower, and any went downstairs to listen to music, we figured it was another saturday. >> but it was not. when veronica finished her shower, and he was gone. yay james search her bedroom. >> the note was tucked underneath her blanket. i grabbed it, and it just said i'm sorry. i have not been totally honest with you. >> andy, it turned out, was keeping a secret. in the note she wrote, i lied to my friends. i told them i was p. p? francesca and james knew that it stood for the word no teenagers parents wanted to
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hear. pregnant. they learned that any had sex for the first time. >> she had sex, so any assumed that since she had sex, i could be pregnant or i am pregnant. but the pregnancy test was negative. and she was now on birth control. so why would she lie about being p? even more alarming, is where emily said she was going. by the time you read this note, i'll be on my way to cal's love for nia, please don't try to look for me, i do not want to be found. >> the first thing is, we call the police. and the second, i called, chris. >> 14 year old chris that shaw, and he had brought him over to the house a few times. >> he was kind of quiet, i kind of took it as the i want to make sure that you don't kill me as my girlfriends partisans. >> was he good as a boyfriend? >> his stock would rise and fall? >> she was crazy about him. >> chris told veronica he did not know where any was.
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but he did have some information. chris said and he told him she was running away with a guy named lj. >> we were shocked because, we didn't know all of her friends, because they changed a lot. anyone she was hanging out with at the moment. but it wasn't familiar at all. >> a police officer came and took a report. james, meanwhile, called up the gps function on any cell phone. >> it took her around the golf course. within a mile of that, which is the bridge area. >> the bridge of the jordan river. just a couple of miles from their home. a place joggers, and horseback riders were at during the day, and young lovers at night. james, veronica, and the hospital what as her phone pinged across the computer screen in realtime. >> you're watching her move? >> yes. >> it was so fast, our immediate assumption is that she's getting in the car. >> so this is a hot pursuit now? >> yeah. >> and then the signal just
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stopped. veronica drove to a walmart near where they tracked her phone. >> and i have her picture on myself phone and i'm showing it to the people who are sitting at the front and going have you seen this girl? >> are you collected well all this is going on? >> i am, frantic! >> veronica went back home and she and james watch the front door, and they kept calling annie but her phone went straight to voice mail. >> in the best of worlds she's out with some boyfriend you may not know off on a lark of some kind but you can get her back in the group. >> yes our worst-case scenario is she's gonna come home. >> worst-case scenario? not even close. >> coming up! >> he had told us that lj had been by the house, threatening chris. >> and a jogger makes a grim discovery. >> 9-1-1 what is the emergency? >> i see --
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still officially days away, but in utah, its promise was clear, morning to on the brush, the crisp air, the sun rising over the mountains. it should have been a beautiful day, but for a jogger on the jordan river parkway, it was anything but. >> 9-1-1 what is the address of
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the emergency? >> you know, i'm not real sure, i'm at the river bottom, and there is pools of blood. and i'm guessing it's just an animal, but in the water right by the river there is a shoe. >> sergeant -- was one of the first on the scene. >> we called forensics, that we did a presumptive test which was able to tell us that it actually was human blood. >> human blood, that changed things. >> that made us think okay, we might have about in the, water so we called a helicopter. >> the helicopter was in the air for just under an hour before it spotted something about a mile north of where the jogger saw the blood, it was caught up in some branches. as the chopper got closer, it was clear if there was a body in the river. >> sergeant, when -- would he observes they observe to her face? >> shuttle laceration on her forehead, her face was swollen, we weren't able to tell to what
11:16 pm
extent the injuries were and we couldn't even identify who she was. >> they're jane dough, red and why plaid sure looked to be about 20 years old. her features, possibly asian. and obviously, she had been murdered. leading the investigation was a young detective named derek johnson. tell me about him. >> right when he came into the academy he sat next to me and started teasing me and the rest of the class time we just harassed each other and lofton giggled all day. jacqueline met derek at the police academy, and they hit it off immediately. >> a detective spot came open, we both applied. >> did you think rats? >> yeah. >> he caught his first case, which was also the first homicide in the small town of jaipur had seen in years. some would call police just after -- gruesome scene.
11:17 pm
by the time veronica and james saw, had been missing for nearly 20 hours. >> the information that it's an asian woman under 20 that would rule out -- >> initially we were thinking no, that is not possible, there is no way. >> but then, a detail sergeant shared with the nbc affiliate -- there was a shoe found out the crime scene and there was one on the body. >> a red shoe, the same kind james had bought any for valentine's day just weeks earlier. ronica and james tried to stay calm. we call the police, we said hey our daughter is missing. i said logically they are going to rule it out. but they couldn't rule it out. >> after call the police, that called my parents to come and pick up our boys. i just started sobbing. >> police soon determined that 20 something asian victim was a really 15-year-old annie.
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she had been killed by a blunt force trauma to the head. veronica and james had thought the rapid pinging of her phone meant she was driving away, now there was no hope of her ever coming home. >> it's the worst moment of your life at that point, here they are three people at the door? >> they confirmed that it wasn't any. i think we were in shock. we went into automatic what do you need from us? tell us what you want, you can have, and look at anything. >> veronica told investigators which he learned from an east on again off again boyfriend chris. and he had run away with a boy named lj. >> when you talked with lj, how did you talk to? when >> i talk to him once. >> okay. >> actually on the. phone >> okay. >> police spoke to chris and his father at their home. >> and when you talked him on the, phone did he speak with an accent? or did you notice anything distinctive about his voice? >> no. >> naturally police also had to ask chris where he was. >> i was with my grandma, and
11:19 pm
at one point i did walk up to see my friend to hang out. he was at home. >> they went through the usual questions. >> when you walk to your friends, -- >> just regular jeans and a t-shirt and my red jacket. >> just blue jeans? >> just blue jeans, nike shoes, a t-shirt underneath, and a red hoodie on. >> do you mind if we see your nike's? >> sure. >> he wanted to help, he gave the nike's to investigators as well as this close. he even gave a dna sample. after his interview, his dad called up the sergeant. >> he told us, on his phone, call that lj, a driven by the house was threatening chris. >> so more information that this algae is a very real and threatening person. >> yes. >> detectives also spoke to chris and annie's friends spencer. he said he was at the gym with his brother the night and he was killed. >> did she have an interesting
11:20 pm
gangs? >> not that she didn't really tell me. maybe she does, because of some person named lj that i have no idea who he is. all i know she told me he was in a gang. i don't know for sure. >> before he left the interview, -- showed one more thing with police. >> he said that algae has killed someone before. she never gave me the name, but she said that she knows that or something like that. that is why she was scared when apparently lj threatened chris to come kill him. >> you thought it was your killer. >> we thought algae was involved. >> did boy crazy and fall for a gang member -- interim police found a poem she had written to lj, and with it for the first time a name. leighton tanden. but police could not track him down. jacqueline wasn't working the case then, but she remembers crossing paths were spencer at the station. >> he immediately ten, stop clinched his fifth, his eyes got big, he couldn't take his
11:21 pm
eyes off me. i thought this kid has done something wrong, he thinks i'm coming to arrest him, because i'm approaching him in uniform. >> did you share that? >> yes. you said we have received more information, now and we think we have another suspect. >> another suspect, a new name altogether. based on information from an eyewitness who may have seen danny's -- the night she was killed. and knew who killed her. >> coming up. is this how annie was murdered? >> -- >> and it's the man who murdered? her? >> when dateline continues. hen dateline continues poise under pressure and poise in her pants. it takes poise.
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cruelly murdered and jumped into the jordan river. >> we kept asking, are you sure webb wasn't an accident? the what's somebody did that to her, even now it's hard to imagine that that is even possible. >> and now, police were working hard to catch her killer. >> we are trying to actively locate suspects in this case. any witnesses so that we can bring this case to a conclusion for the parents. >> and within a week of annie's murder, they found that witness.
11:26 pm
her name was joanna, and she had been picked up on a fraud charge by neighboring west jordan pd. during her intake, she started telling detectives about a young girl she had seen a week prior. the cops thought that some of which he said seems familiar to andy's case. so they called -- pd, detective came over to hear what she had to say. >> tell me what you know about this girl? >> it was the second time i've seen her over there. >> there, at the home where a man named daniel used to live. >> danny fairy is a guy known to law enforcement? >> yes. >> as maybe a drug dealer? >> drug dealer. he was a member of a gang called -- . and law enforcement has dealt with him quite a few times. >> danny had a lark rap sheet. he had a search warrant on his home a year earlier. and now joe and it was telling
11:27 pm
police she saw a girl who sounded a lot like annie, on the night and he was killed. joanna also said the girl showed up with someone the police had been searching for but could not find. >> lj, the guy any headwind in that note to. the alleged gang member. the one any had run away with. >> we had an ease entries that said lj. we had joanna telling us about lj. >> on that night, said joanna, lj and the girl disappeared into the garage. she assume they were having sex. then, when they came out, she saw daniel approach the girl. >> he asked her if she -- and she was like no. any kind of like grabbed her head and just rounded into the wall. >> she said the girl was knocked unconscious. lj and another girl tried to calm her down. and then the three carried the girl out to the crotch, and change her clothes. >> tell me about the clothes
11:28 pm
that she was transferred into? >> there was a lot of red. that's what i remember the most. >> what party remember being? read >> a, pants and shoes. the shirt was like a, white red. >> the shirt was white and red? >> yeah. her shoes. shoes had white laces and we were tying them. >> then joanna said, daniel, lj, envy wrapped her in a tarp, put her in a white suburban and took off. and when they came back hours later, she said daniel was covered in blood, and the girl was not with them. >> i asked daniel where she was, and he said that she went swimming. he said, she put up one hell of a fight. >> joanna's story rang true. leading derrick johnson to believe the mystery girl was any. and derek was her killer. >> did you see blood on the? carpet >> yeah. it >> was a carpet or hartzler? >> it was carpet. i'm positive it was carpet.
11:29 pm
>> after the search game found the carpet in ferry's house had been ripped up, and the walls were freshly painted. >> you're seeing signs of a cover-up? >> yeah. it's looking more and more like this is actually true. all this information we were receiving. >> did you find blood swatches on the wall? >> we found instigations that there were in blood on the wall. >> they swapped those areas and then went looking for danny. they found him at an apartment complex, arrested him, and brought him in. >> did you want to talk to a counselor? >> yeah. >> the let me ask you that, what do you think? >> i got no clue. >> it was the detectives thought, the typical bad guy response. they were sure danny knew something. they asked them about lj. >> who the hell is lj? >> dude i do not know an lj. >> and then about any. >> tell me about any. >> any who? who the is any?
11:30 pm
>> and he -- is >> dude i have no idea who any is. >> the will verify she was there. >> show me a picture then. >> you showed him a picture of? any >> brittani? is her name britney? >> detectives thought he was lying, and they were done playing around. >> what if i told you that she's dead? >> i didn't do. it what the hell? >> if you guys do this, -- >> [inaudible] >> derrick was confident he had looked at danny for the murder. lj, whoever he was, still did not turn up. but detectives still thought he wrapped up his first homicide. all he needed was the lab to confirm that the blood found it
11:31 pm
dennis home was annie's. but then the lab called, and everything unraveled. >> coming up! >> i cried for two hours. i had only had a few months with detectives and i did not know if i was capable of doing this. >> when dateline continues! continues against fleas and ticks. it's effective and vet recommended. seresto. learn more at ♪ ♪ ♪ it's the most wonderful time of the year ♪ get fast relief of your worst allergy symptoms, learn more at including nasal congestion, with powerful claritin d, so you can breathe better. feel the clarity and make today the most wonderful time of the year. claritin d. how did olay top expensive creams? like this with hydration that beats the $100 cream in every jar of regenerist retinol24 collagen peptide new vitamin c and the iconic red jar can't top this skin shop now at
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so i called the barnes firm. llll theararnes rmrm now the best result possible. >> i'm dara brown, here's what ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ is happening a manhunt is on the way for a -- georgia. police say the suspect also stole up to 40 weapons and federal agencies including the atf has joined the search. and jennifer lopez and ben affleck are engaged, again. the popstar announced her intentions to marry flick -- benefit were among the biggest celebrity couples in the early 2000s. now back to dateline. >> annie had a rough childhood.
11:35 pm
she was passed along from foster, home to foster home, before she was adopted by her caseworker veronica. and he's life finally seemed to be turning around, then in 2012, and he just 15 was found murdered. her body floating in the jordan river. >> there was never a second that your mind didn't go to this is not what was supposed to happen. >> an eyewitness said she saw daniel assault a girl tonight and he was killed. that witness also said the girl had shown up with lj, who police could never find. during the course of their investigation authority, detectives learned something interesting. >> you had another lj in that crowded it? you >> yeah. >> daniel? >> yeah. >> what was his nickname?
11:36 pm
>> so he opposed to, joker, and little joe. >> little joe? >> lj. -- they were one and the same. either way, it seemed like their man. but the da wanted more evidence before filing charges. -- thought the blood samples taken from daniels home would push the case over the finish line. >> and the blood were comes back and -- >> it was negative for blood. not only where the sample is not any's blood it wasn't even bledel. the major blow to the investigation. didn't mean he is not good for the crime? >> didn't mean he wasn't fit for the, crime and just lead us to believe that it didn't happen here at the residence. >> so you are just not getting their? >> yeah. >> the only bright spot, daniel was not getting out of jail. he was also being investigated for an unrelated kidnapping
11:37 pm
assault case in the neighboring town. >> so he is on ice while you develop your theories? >> yeah. >> they continued to investigate. months went by. lead detective derek johnson was promoted to sergeant which meant -- dream of making detective finally came true. maybe a case of beware of what you wish for. one of her first assignments was the anti-murder. how did you feel about it? that this was not going to be your case? >> i cried for two hours. >> jacqueline decided she needed to start again from the beginning. following the chain of evidence that let her colleagues to daniel, she thought she might link him to any through his phone calls, but when she checked -- >> on his cell phone records showed he was in the salt lake county he had never gone south close enough to where and he was killed, not even near her house. >> and she knew the physical
11:38 pm
evidence wasn't there either. >> none of the dna came back saying -- ever at his house. >> detectives had never found enough evidence to make a murder charge stand, and it turned out, there was an explanation. remember while under suspicion for any smarter, ferry was arrested for an unrelated kidnapping in a different town. the charge stuck. he eventually pleaded guilty, and was sent to prison. police came to believe it was this kidnapping -- star witnesses that were counted to them. she had seen a totally different crime, not any's murder. once more, it happened on the same day and he was killed. no way he could have committed both crimes. so now rookie detective jacqueline went back to the boxes and binders piled high in her desk. >> i felt lost. i felt it needed to start from the beginning and see what information derrick had when he first got the case. >> and so began the education of a detective.
11:39 pm
she started reading through pages, pages of any snow sand journal entries. >> who does an eternal to be the more you learn about her? >> she is very lost. she wants to be loved by anyone and everyone. >> and jacqueline saw that there was one person in particular anyone did to be loved by. chris. his name was scribbled all over her journals. veronica remembered any gushing about him. >> she liked them, he was different -- any stories revealed something else too. she and kris had sex. >> chris was the boy and he had slept with just months before her death. after which, remember, she lied about being pregnant. >> i'm starting to think that you made up the pregnancy to keep chris around because he didn't want to be with anymore. >> next, jacqueline poured over their phone records from the night of the murder.
11:40 pm
not only was krystal last person and he spoke to, but the pattern of the calls spoke volumes. >> 30 seconds, here and then it hangs up immediately. immediately one calls the other back. sometimes the call is ignored, sometimes christa's phone is blocked. >> what do you think it's going? on >> a looks like a fight. it looks like they're yelling at each other and hanging up. >> chris had no criminal record, and no eyewitness put him at the scene. there was still the mysterious lj. -- police could never find. nine any police database, not anywhere. that is until jacqueline knocked on one more door. >> hey. >> how is it going? >> i. are you jack? >> i'm detective -- >> her close buddy and predecessor derek johnson was -- he told them the same story that they have been hearing all along.
11:41 pm
and he telling friends she was pregnant, nothing new. but then they asked jackson if he knew who lj was? his answer floored them. >> she would always refer to the skies lj, and i asked what's his real name? she said chris. >> a stunning revelation, was all jay all along just and his nickname for chris? coming up, a death on the road, and a body blow to jacqueline's case. i lost any information i needed on that case. when dateline continues. eline continues. ♪ oh, oh, oh ♪ ozempic® is proven to lower a1c. most people who took ozempic® reached an a1c under 7 and maintained it. and you may lose weight. adults lost on average up to 12 pounds. in adults also with known heart disease, ozempic® lowers the risk of major cardiovascular events such as heart attack, stroke, or death.
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it was 6 am. derek johnson, once the lead detectives on annie's murder case, was now assigned. he was just finishing his graveyard shift and heading back to the station, when he knows the car in the back of the road. it looked like a stranded motorist. derek stop to help, but never made it out of his car. >> the motorist had a gun. and he was angry. >> police chief, brian roberts. >> and he fired at derek johnson while sitting in the driver seat of his car. >> derek, wounded, trying to drive away. but lost control and drove head on into a tree. he died at the scene. >> it was hard.
11:46 pm
yeah it's a. you have to give me a second. so derrick, he was a good guy. good cop. good friend. >> derek was just 32 years old. leaving behind his wife, and six-year-old son, and his family at draper pd. >> everybody talks about a cops a cop. and the best cop you can have. and how we treated and serve to the community. derek was one of those guys. >> for jacqueline moore, the loss was twofold. >> he was starting to get some free time to help me with the case, and telling me what he was doing when he was on the case. and then he was killed. i did not have anyone else. to ask. >> you had lost your friend? your old competitive friend? >> i lost my friend. and i lost the information that
11:47 pm
i needed on that case. there was no one else. >> because he was the institutional memory of this thing? >> yes. >> jacqueline had only herself to rely on now. in the balance? justice for any now dead for a year and a half. she strongly suggested chris knew more than he was telling. jacqueline listen to chris's interviews again and again. and notice something interesting he said about his shoes. >> she had a bloody nose last time i hung out with her. and we were sitting right next to each other, and she did drip on my shoes. >> do you remember where on the shoe is that? >> adam, it was on my shoelaces. i'm not sure where -- >> about five days ago. me and my friend spencer were hanging out, and she just came over. >> spencer, remember jacqueline had seen him coming into the station in the days following any's murder. she had a gut feeling back then that he was hiding something. and detectives at the time,
11:48 pm
asked for his phone. >> you have any idea why we took your phone? >> for colleagues. >> well no, that was the reason. but there is a message there that we were kind of interested in. do you know that messages? >> it was a message from chris. the cops might come back to your house. i need you to tell them that and he got a bloody nose, so i don't get blamed. >> he told me about that -- he said something about the bloody nose. that, i actually don't remember seeing. i remember hearing it though. >> rob results did show that any's blood was on chris's shoes. detectives questioned him about it during the second interview. >> okay wouldn't just have been one drop? >> yeah. >> but then his story began to change. >> where did drop on her shoe? >> there was a little bit on the shoelace. and then there was a little bit right here. >> okay, so two separate drops we could see? >> yeah. >> in fact, the lab found more than just the two spots of blood. they found several. but studying the case file, jacqueline notice that the lab
11:49 pm
did not test every spot to see if it belong to any. they also had not tested the bottom of his shoes. >> so what do you do? >> at that point, i met with a private lab to test the shoes for their. it appeared the bottom of both shoes were stoking wet. >> it seem like damning evidence. but after testing that blood further. >> it came back with two males and two females. >> again, nothing you can take to the jury. >> right. >> six months past and more dead ends. it had now been two years since andy's murder. >> i was starting to think that maybe we were not going to actually solve this case. >> but jacqueline was tenacious. she enlisted the help of a cell phone expert, former homicide detective nate. >> with cases like this case, when you hear the details and understand what's going on. and see that the agency is having challenges. how do you not get involved? >> he reviewed 35,000 of chris's calls and texts. one call stood out.
11:50 pm
an incoming call at 9:01 pm, the night and he was killed. >> what really stood out is that we see these 25 handoffs. >> handoffs, the signal bouncing from tyler to tower. >> the similar strength was so similar within those forsake novels, that it would cause the handoff we saw with a poor signal. >> eventually they found, it the only spot in town that called the strange power of paintings. it was at the jordan river. the very spot where any was killed. >> we can feel very comfortable saying at 9:01 pm on march 10th, the phone was where we are standing. it >> it turned out that all of the people that called chris that night, the one who did at precisely one at 9:01 pm was and these mothers veronica. that was because of something that she had told her mother earlier that morning, something about chris. >> he said what would you do if i ask you to run away with me? >> and i told her, if you're
11:51 pm
ever missing, he's the first person i'm calling. >> which he did, and without even realizing it, helped police place chris at the scene of the crime. right around the time her daughter was killed. it was early morning october 16th, 2014. when veronica called another life-changing call. >> coming up! >> jacqueline was opening. she says we are in colorado, and we are talking to chris. >> when dateline continues! n dateline continues turning people to stone thing was a bit of a buzz kill, right? so she ordered sunglasses with prime, one day delivery. ♪♪ clever girl. people realized she's actually hilarious once you get to know her. eugh. as if. ♪♪ well, he was asking for it. prime changes everything. you might have heard of carvana and that we sell cars online. we believe buying a car should be something that gets you hyped up.
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11:53 pm
11:54 pm
11:55 pm
through during junction colorado. he was living with his mom. he was completely unprepared for the undercover officers who would approach him on his way to school, and the young detective who met him in the interview room. >> a, mostly. you >> mister me. you >> jacqueline had wanted to question chris all along. now she finally had her chance. >> is this an interview? >> yes. >> but just as soon as it began. >> i want to lawyer -- >> it was over. >> we have a warrant for your arrest. >> for? >> murder, and obstruction of justice. >> i want a lawyer. i thought i've proven myself innocent. >> no you don't. >> chris it was extradited back to utah.
11:56 pm
veronica and james were grateful to police, but they knew nothing could bring any back. >> while we support the police department and the attorney's office, and we appreciate all the work they have continued to do. it does not change what happened. >> february 29th 2016, almost four years of anthony's murder, and christopher's trial was just a week away. he had refused to talk to police, and pleaded not guilty. >> we were preparing for trial in the following week, and i got a phone call that chris's attorney scheduled a hearing that day. >> jacqueline, now a sergeant with the utah state police, had barely made it in time. when she got there, she saw chris standing before the judge. >> the cases that -- four we are going forward with that? >> all right. >> there was no deal offered,
11:57 pm
just a change of heart. are you pleading to the charge because you are guilty of? >> yes your honor. >> wanted to take responsibility for what he had done. >> -- how do you plead? >> guilty, your honor. >> a guilty plea. confirming or chuck lyn had piece together over the years of investigation. she had a theory about how it all went down. >> she's discussing over the phone when her options are with the baby with chris, and chris is telling her he has a plan, and they can run away and be together. >> she thinks chris really believe denny was pregnant, so he persuaded her to meet him at the river, but -- >> chris has no intention running away. chris is the only reason for being there is to kill her. so he just starts beating her, until she dies. >> it turns out to be a very
11:58 pm
sloppy crime, the amount of blood. >> i feel that he betrayed anymore than he betrayed us. and he knew him, and annie trusted him. >> at his sentencing, chris now 18 sounded a remorseful. >> i'm very sorry for everything that has happened, i want to apologize to any's family, and to my family, and to everybody in court today for putting everybody through this. >> i'm still trying to put words into everything that has happened -- >> but for veronica, no amount of i'm sorry's could make up for where she and annie's entire family lost. >> i hope you feel sadness, mayfield loss, may your tears heal your soul. but mayor conscious never clear. i will give my daughter every day. >> and so for the charge of murder first agree felony i will serve ten co2 a term of no
11:59 pm
less than 15 -- years >> chris back shaw robbed any of her future, and now a judge had described his fate. it had been 15 years to life in prison. >> jacqueline has other cases to work, these days but this one, and his case will surely -- do you think derek would've approved? >> his confidence in you would've been vindicated finally? >> i was so bad he was there. -- she became so much more. >> we put her ashes in the ocean, so that she would never be in one place he, i answer that wherever we were, we could feel like she was there. >> despite the horrific events
12:00 am
that took away her daughter, veronica is still is determined as ever to continue to do good work and help children in need. she and james have since adopted five more children, it is just one and he would have wanted them to do. >> that is all for this edition of dateline. i'm natalie morales, thanks for watching. nks fo watching >> i'm craig melvin. >> and i'm natalie morales. >> and this is "dateline". >> manchin has come to represents the malignant side of humanity. these people enjoyed killing. >> things that the police had never seen before. >> sharon tate begged her, please don't kill me. >> average kids from average american homes turned out to be the killers. >> are you say?


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