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tv   The Reid Out  MSNBC  April 13, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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92 davis. i wanted to tell everyone nearby you can join us and a way to watch it streaming online ex if you don't remember the link on the beat twitter account, we'll leave that link pinned up there for a few days if you want to join me and clive. happy birthday to him, as well. "the reidout" with joy reid starts right now. good evening, everyone. we got a lot to get to including the arrest of frank james. the 30-hour manhunt after james himself called the police tip line. the motive is unclear but we're learning about videos james posted online ranting about race and violence. we'll have more coming up.
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we begin "the reidout" on the war in ukraine. another day of russian disinformation. today russian forces claim they have taken control of the southeastern port city of mariupol. claims that were rejected by u.s. defense officials the deputy mayor of mariupol and an aid to ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy. mariupol is a key target for russia as it seeks to establish a land route to the crimea peninsula. russian forces murdered 22,000 people in mariupol. which included the bombing of a maternity hospital and a boll shelter packed with family. just yesterday, president biden assured reporters that he meant what he said when he called put p's war a genocide. >> yes, i called it genocide because it became clearer and clearer that putin is just trying to wipe out the idea of being able to be a ukrainian. >> this morning, the organization for security and cooperation in europe released a report with evidence documenting acts considered to be war crimes and crimes against humanity.
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the report catalogs evidence of direct targeting of civilians and attacks on medical facilities, rape, exxecutions, looting and more. today just hours after president zelenskyy outlined a long list of weapons he wants from the west. president biden authorized an additional $800 million in weapons, ammunition, armored personnel carriers and unmanned naval vessels and 11 helicopters. since taking office, president biden committed $2.4 billion in military aid to ukraine. and that his -- by the way, his predecessor threatened to withhold to make up dirt on biten after russia's dictator made a rare public appearance yesterday dismissing the claims of war atrocities as fake and added russia's military operation would continue until quote its full completion, whatever that means.
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putin's appetite for destruction is being field a home. a friend on the show and frequent guest was sentenced to 15 days in jail on charges of quote disodisobeying police ord. he appeared on cnn where he described the kremlin as a regime of murderers and on sunday spoke to my friend and colleague ali velshi about the importance of vocal descent in russia. >> i could just tell you on a personal level, not a single day goes by without somebody approaching on the street shaking my hand here in moscow. saying thank you for what you're doing and these are the people who are more afraid to do that. there are many, many people in russia who opposed in aggression as much as people in the free world do and that's an important message to remember. >> his arrest should come as no surprise because this is how putin stifles descent. he locks up people who call out his false narratives. alexi navalny and rival political leader was slapped with an additional nine years in
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prison after being found guilty on new trumped up charges. meanwhile, three americans remain in russian prisons on questionable charges, trever reed, brittney griner and paul whalen. joining me now is vladimir kazma's wife. thank you for being here. >> thank you very much for having me her for giving me this opportunity to speak out on behalf of vladimir speaking out fearlessly on behalf of so many 0 pressed russians. >> he is incredibly brave. i wanted to -- >> he is. sometimes it's hard but i do respect and admire him and hope he'll be on your show sooner rather than later again on your show by himself and not me speaking on his behalf. >> well, we're glad to have you and i just want to really
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quickly ask you have you had an opportunity to speak with your husband? do you know if he's okay? >> i did speak to him this morning. he told me -- he told me not to lose faith. he said that we would prevail, despite all odds we would prevail even if the road to freedom will be so much more dangerous and and so much bloody er and the fact is throwing in prison and poisoning and killing his opponents since 2010 and his friend, his close friend
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colleague borisson who was working with him on these sanctions on the introduction for this advocacy because he was killed, shotgun in front of the kremlin. vladimir himself paid a high price. he was poisoned twice in 2015 and 2017 and had to relearn how to walk and use a spoon twice and now they are russian regime decided that it's time to try to lock him up because he's so efficient outside and no matter what we do, he keeps coming back and keeps coming back and continues his work no matter what after the first poisoning, he only started to walk again. he took his stick and walked back to moscow. i think they realize he'll do it again and again. the fact is, also, that vladimir is not alone in his fight.
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according to shut down by the russian government in late december last year, there are currently 442 people in russia serving unlawful sentences and that number is growing consistently on a daily basis. over 15,000 people have been aelsed since the war despite all the restricted. you can get 15 years in prison for calling this war a war and for disseminating as the russian government calls it fake news, which is in fact true
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information about putin's atrocities in ukraine and so and 83, 85% of russians support the war and i said would you trust opinion polls in that regime? he is a totalitarian regime where there is no free speech whatsoever where people get arrested for holding a blank sheet of paper in the street or an unorthodox priest gets aest for the speaking against the war in his sunday sermon and so these people, these 15,000 people gi me hope because they go out and give protest and say no to this war and do it. >> let me ask you this question.
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when your husband mentioned the last time he was on our show and mentioned he was going back. i was nervous. i said why do you go back. because i'm a russian politician and this is where i need to be. the history is very dark. your husband's friend was murdered. he was a really could have changed russia had he been allowed to actually run in a prison. alexi jailed for nine years and your husband has been poisoned twice. in your view, is there a significant in moscow, is there enough opposition that can see what is happening in ukraine, is horrified enough by what is happening in ukraine that there is a chance that opposition could take hold against putin? is that a dream or is that
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possible. we need to believe in this. we hear the voices of opposition from everywhere and i think we need to believe in this and we need to have hope and faith in these people because well, you kno -- russia is a big country and mr. putin managed to install and establish a non-curtain over russia around russia in a little over one month. the last opposition, not opposition but last independent media outlet was shut down at the beginning of the war and russians don't have access. even that is not always
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accessible because you need to use apple pay for that to install and pay for the vpn service and apple pay is now banned in russia. it doesn't work there. so but people will find a way. distance and russians everywhere, many russians fight for their lives and their families and maybe they believe speaking out against the war would be safer from a distance. not everyone has to behave like vladimir or alexey navalny. vladimir believes russian politicians need to be in russia and he goes back but many people ordinary people, small business owners who want to raise their kids in a free country and want
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the best for the kids are not politicians. they don't want to join any political struggles and fights but they're still prepared to speak out or to help and they have been helping, i know, so many russians have been helping refugees in the baltic states, in poland, in germany. they have been involved in helping refugees and they feel shame and they're terrified and horrified by what is happening in ukraine. truly are. i don't have one who is supporting this war and i have talked to a lot of people. not one of them support this war. so, you know, that gives me hope. and i -- >> well, you -- >> i'll a russian -- yeah, i don't support the war. my husband doesn't support the war and i don't know one person who supports it so it means, yeah that's not right.
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the thing, it's a big concern, mr. putin is not destroying one country right now. he's destroying two countries. >> he's destroying two. >> at the same time. >> you're absolutely right. >> one vladimir putin is finally in jail with his clique, with his close circle, when they're finally brought in jail somewhere far away, russia will be left in ruins. it's going to be -- >> i -- >> it's going to be a sad place and people like my husband will be rebuilding it from scratch. and i want to -- and i know that he's being talking to wester -- western leaders to make them see there are so many russians that want free russia and bring change to our country who want to live in a democracy and who are -- who will be willing to rebuild, to do this dirty job or
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rebuild a country from scratch in the middle of this de desser and i hope, i hope that it happens sooner rather than later. >> well, we hope so, too and you are giving us hope. thank you very much for speaking with us and when you speak with vladimir, please let him know all of us here at "the reidout" send him our best. we appreciate and respect what he's doing, cheers. >> thank you. up next on "the reidout" russia is changing battle plans, the new general brought in following putin's really poor military strategy that led to the savage we're seeing now and the man accused of opening fire on the subway train is in custody. herschel walker would be way out of his league in the senate. he's an example how the
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republican party is pushing, how do i say this delicately? anti intellectual candidates. he loses to a guest but tuchams seemed to enjoy the racist discussion. "the reidout "continues after this. discussion. "the reidout "continues after this here's candice... who works from home, and then works from home. but she can handle pickup, even when her bladder makes a little drop-off. because candice has poise, poise under pressure and poise in her pants. it takes poise.
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vladimir putin continues to gaslight the world thinking he's doing something noble like invading ukraine. here is him yesterday. >> translator: this neo nazi is a factor of life. it's just a matter of time. we're helping people, saving them and taking measures to
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security for russia itself it's obvious that we didn't have another choice. >> with me now is igor, former advisor to ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy and julia davis, columnist for "the daily beast" that is some gaslighting for the ages. who is -- what audience is that for? because he must know that nobody outside of the kremlin in i guess the russian countryside believes him. >> he's trying to hard to just fie this war, his propaganda on state television is arguing there is too much truth on freedom, too much freedom of speech. they're arguing there needs to be more censorship so messages like this one could resonate for lack of better messaging and he's appealing to people who are for the former soviet union. there is increasing talk on
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state television about the return of the soviet union, the return of that patriotic spirit and that's what he's trying to revive by claiming against all common sense, against all reason that he's doing something good and noble. >> yeah, yeah, i'm sure the whole world is waiting for the return of the soviet union. something to look forward to. igor, i think it was refreshing to say this is genocide. he said no, i meant it this time. he didn't say it was a gaffe. he said it was genocide. president zelenskyy's reaction, true words of a true leader. we urgently need more heavy weapons to prevent further apros aprosty -- atrocities. does naming the thing change anything? >> of course it does. i've been saying a lot of times
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that president zelenskyy is a human being among politicians and what you see the snippets from president biden, even though he's within this system that's more in the conventional, those are the little snippets of a human being inside the politician and that's incredibly refreshing and means that, you know, this story does have a happy ending. so look, i applaud him for saying that. i applaud him for saying that president putin was a war criminal before, you know, it became an official position of the u.s. government so look, we need those human beings to carry us through the turbulence and president biden is like that. >> i agree with that. the regular guyness of joe biden is why donald trump feared him so much as on opponent. this capture of this man, viktor
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considered the butcher of syria and butcher of aleppo -- no, this is a different one. est he's extremely close to putin. he's god father to putin's daughter. if putin plans to install a puppet leader, he would be on the short list. his capture, you talked about what they're saying about his capture. what are they saying in russia about his capture? >> this is a big one. this is a big fish. that's why he ran off from his house arrest which he was charged with treason and attempted to escape ukraine knowing that he would be safer in russia under putin his close ally and the god father to his daughter so the russian state media are furious about this capture. they actually said that seeing
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images of medvedchuk is dishevelled but showing signs of severe torture and compared the images to saddam hussein of all people. whether he'll take it for ukrainian men and women held in russian captivity so they're kind of confused. they don't know whether he'd do it or not. they were trying to play it both ways, one to say that they don't have cronies of that kind where they would exchange medvedchuk for other ukrainians and saying of course, they might do it because it's important and if it's in the interest of russia then it might happen. so they were a completely infuriated this is a great capture for the ukrainians and it will be fascinating to see what comes from it. >> yeah, and, you know, i guess
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that would be the question is whether or not knowing zelenskyy, president zelenskyy as you do, what might be the value in the end of someone like this because it appears that russia is mass deporting ukrainians into russia to steal them. that is genocide, the textbook definition to remake them into forcible russians. what do you think that this president might do with an asset like that in hand? >> well, i mean, we're the country of laws so it depends what the legal status of but if he is to exchange, i think he wins staying in ukraine as a prisoner in ukraine because one of the reasons russia is losing this war this failed corrupt
4:26 pm
attempts to focus society to be prorussian is the reason we saw the beginning of this war as this war of orchestras at parades and crematoriums so now they're realizing that putin actually fell victim to his own propaganda and his own corruption so, you know, he's propaganda created this eco chamber around him and he believes ukrainians will greet him with flowers and what saved ukraine, the money allocates to the war machine and propaganda machine to prepare ukraine to be easily occupied was stolen and that gave ukraine a chance that was one of the reasons. by the way, if i may quickly, i saw that snippet of president putin commenting. there are two observations i can't help but share. first of all, when he's saying about denazifying ukraine, the guy standing next to him, they
4:27 pm
have their space agency is actually an ultra nationalist and borderline neo nazi so that's one issue. the second thing putin is saying that, you know, this war was inevitable and he's right because russia has fallen behind in everything, in technology, its economy, in its reliance on fossil fuels and space industry so, you know, they only have two options, either to obscurity or to realize ambitions by attacking somebody and they chose the left. >> well made observations. igor, julia davis. thank you. still ahead, suspect in custody. authorities arrested the man they believe was responsible for the attack on the subway yesterday. more on the arrest and the on going investigation, next. investiga.
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the suspect in tuesday's shooting in brooklyn is in police custody. frank james was arrest in manhattan ending a 30-hour manhunt that left ten people injured. just before the announcement, new york's wnbc released video appearing to show him entering the subway on tuesday morning prior at the attack. james was taken into custody following a crime stopper tip which police sources believe james called in himself. he is now charged with a federal offense of a violent act on a mass transit system and will appear in court tom. -- tomorrow.
4:33 pm
his motive is unclear but no indication yet why james targeted the particular subway stop in sunset park neighborhood but in now deleted youtube videos, james discussed violence talking about death in a race war and the desire to exterminate certain groups of people. new york's asian-american federation called tuesday's shooting trama in a neighborhood is what makes new york city great noting it's home to brooklyn's china town and a large hispanic population in multi racial working class neighborhood. joining me now is congresswoman velasquez that represents the district where the shooting took place. having lived in new york and born in brooklyn, i'm sensitive to this idea there was a time in new york when walking around as a black person in certain areas you just felt afraid whether it was of police or other people in neighborhoods, you're talking about that era when those kind of things happen in places like howard beach, et cetera but now you know asian-americans are
4:34 pm
feeling particularlymuity is ca brooklyn's china town. it's 35.6% hispanic. and 34.8% asian. how that is resinating this fear that asian-americans have already had and now, hearing that this person had angry hispanics on his page, your thoughts? >> thank you for having me and exposing issues that are important to your new yorkers. particularly in neighboring communities. immigrants have been dealing with an emotional toll of the pandemic impacted more than any other group and have consequences of the pandemic also prior to that the
4:35 pm
immigration coming out of the administration and so from being a chinese virus and people getting knocked down just for being asian-americans and right there in the middle of sunset park in the part of a hilly immigrant community to have this experience encountering for so long and it just too much to bear for the asian-american community and latino community. >> i just looked -- just looking at that video. it's a very multi racial group of people who ran off of that train in this area given who lives there. it is notable. my youngest child sent me -- my youngest son sent me a tiktok the other night, last night that really highlighted how many asian-americans were on that train running.
4:36 pm
i can't imagine after having dealt with the fear of being on the subway because of the attacks on asian-americans this happens. it's very compounding. i wonder what you make of this prospect of putting more police on the subway trains. there were no officers there. i understand the cameras weren't working properly. there's a lot of issues there but the idea of putting more police in places like this that are mainly immigrant and color, what do you make of that idea? >> the violence in our cities and across the country and we have seen an increase of violence in those communities but also we have to deal with this in a wholistic manner. it's not just guns and the need for congress to pass stronger
4:37 pm
gun legislation, the safety issue housing issue, safety issue, homelessness. all of that combination just to have police presence is not enough to tackle the issue of violence in our community. our cities across the country. >> and i take it you would not be in favor if the supreme court -- what would happen if the supreme court throws out new york's gun laws? what would be a result? then i think we need to use the best resources we have and that is to have working with the police department to invalve stake holders. community based organization, have a history and a record impacting the issues of gun violence in my district. i have an organization who are
4:38 pm
violence disrupter and they have been quite successful. in fact, when president biden and mayor adams helped invent in new york city, i was there and i told them that we needed to get to be more stake holders to deal with this issue of gun violence in our communities. >> congresswoman, thank you very much. i'm really appreciating you being here this evening. up next -- cheers, thank you. up next, georgia senate candidate herschel walker is the living embodiment of intellectual. don't you want your leaders to know something about something? we'll be right back. to know something about something we'll be right back. hashtag challenge. latest and everyone on social media is trying me. ( car crashing ) but if you don't have the right auto insurance coverage, you could be left to pay for all of this... yourself.
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tell us what changed in the last 14 months since warnock won that seat. >> you know, what has changed is where do you start? you do you start? has changed is we've got an administration that are not leaders. they're reactive rather than proactive. one thing they did was decided they'd give up energy by him going out and giving up energy and we're not energy independent anymore that started the whole down fall, right?
4:44 pm
>> i mean, hell if i now i can't tell you what herschel walker is talking about. an answer like that is probably why walker skipped last month's primary debate because he has no idea what he is doing and skeletons in his closet like allegations of violence against women, some he's admitted he's accountable for and lying about being in the top 1% of his class and claiming to own companies that technically don't exist. but the thing is, in today's republican party, it is not hurting him at all. he was endorsed by donald trump of course, because he's famous and willing to parrot the big lie and leading by more than 50 points, 5-0 in republican primary polls. it remains to be seen if it changes minds. he's part of a trend in the republican party. there is compulsive liar hitler's insurrectionist youth
4:45 pm
pastor madison cawthorn that skipped a vent debate and marsha blackburn that declared tennesseens want a wall on their southern border despite tennessee's southern border touching alabama, mississippi none of whom are willing to touch it. there is tommy tuberville and they don't have a low i.q. they act like it which is fog horn, leg horn senator john kennedy 's stick. i'm joined by mitt romney's 2020 campaign senior advisor. i'm going to mention mitt romney for a minute. there was a time when the idea of republican was a kind of almost elite sort of or bane sort of idea. that was what a republican was when i was growing up. he would not make it in the republican party today. the people like the guy that is
4:46 pm
fog horn leg foreign is the party now. i don't think that's because of trump alone, do you? >> no, i think look -- since world war ii, there is two trends in the republican party, governing and joe mccarthy wing, conspiratorial and not concerned with governing, often raisest. a lot of us thought the eisenhower was a dominant gene. i think we were proven wrong. i think the party is what the party wants to be. it's a strong intellectual party. which i mean, used to say we're a party of ideas which may have been more self-flattering than true but at least you're aspiring to be that. now there is no pretense of that. >> yeah, i mean, mitt romney sticks out so much in the party. he did the 47% thing which was bad and tacky and helped him lose the election. at least you can tell that he still has a soul.
4:47 pm
his father's spirit is still in him somewhere. he still has certain things he just won't do. he won't degrade himself to a certain point. but i feel like look, let's go to mitch mcconnell on the would wing of the party. a little dixiecrat like the black president can't have a supreme court justice, i'll do what i have to do to get my 6-3 court. he styles himself as a regular order republican. he's survile the donald trump. he says we don't want out there candidates but he's on the list. he's one of the people advising, talking to herschel walker about policy. lindsey graham, newt gingrich, newt gingrich is the person maply responsible for the switch, ted cruz, donald trump, that's who is talking to him. mitch mcconnell is on the list so he's basically lying when he says he doesn't want the out there candidates. he wants famous names people will vote for.
4:48 pm
>> look, i think mitch mcconnell representing everything wrong with the american political system. he's somebody that basically admitted in the interview that he has no red line, nothing -- nothing can trigger him to do what is right. it is all about power. i mean, here is somebody who went to bed the night of november 5th, 2021 and woke up the next day minority leader, colleagues running for their life in his office and he still supports donald trump. it's just about power. that's it. there is no -- >> and what would you advice those of us who -- because i felt like the media didn't take trump seriously. even i at first said that's a joke. no sane person would elect that person to be president and then boom, he's president because he's famous. we have this debate own our team. do we talk about people like herschel walker or marjorie greene or madison cawthorn?
4:49 pm
do we ignore them because i worry that -- put aside the ones who are less famous but herschel walker is a celebrity. i watched him play football growing up and admire him. that is dangerous. do we ignore him in your view or deal with him? >> no, i think you have to deal with it. i was with you. it's hard to find anybody more wrong than me. i didn't think he'd win the primary of the general. what i think is really important here, joy, there are buffoon characters out this and herschel walker joins him but the overall autocrat i can tendency in the republican party is not buffoonish. people have proven they will put power in front of everything and they are backing these people and we have to take it seriously. >> my theory of the case is that these people you're talking about, the koch brothers type, the people planning, they prefer people like this.
4:50 pm
they prefer tommy tubervilles because they say do this and hand them a piece of paper and say vote for this, this, and this. it makes them richer and cut regulations. these people aren't going to raise a regulation because they don't know what to object to. do you think my theory is you ho is meeting with a bunch of u.s. senators to remind him of his deeply held beliefs. there is just not, this is now in public office should be about. it should be about governing. and there's always been a dark side to office but it's just taking over the republican party now. where there is no reason exist except to beat democrats. and that's not really how a democracy can function. >> and also, you know, and i agree with you and i'm someone who believes politics are important. and just simply holding off is to be there and to be a channel for someone else's greed, i think is morally offensive. and i would rather a boring politician with principles that has things to say, then a
4:51 pm
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like when tut just admits he's not vaccinated. great to know it's a way for me. also, is he allowed the fox news building and rockefeller center because they have really strict backs roles. i also love it when daddy and junior murdoch's most ardent and open white nationalist leans into his brand. like the other night, when we had on his rule fishing village in a show. and white supremacist named amy wax. sorry, professor amy wax. neurologist. who holds a tenured faculty position on one of the supposedly woke liberal ivy league universities, the university of pennsylvania law school. amy, let her rip. >> i think there is just a tremendous amount of resentment and shame of non western peoples against western peoples for western peoples house size achievements and contributions. i mean, it's really unbearable. i was actually, you know,
4:57 pm
leaving aside american blacks, who i think do feel that resentment and shame and envy, i mean it's this when holy brew of sentiments. >> yes, yes, amy, we american blacks are just so and because of your friends like douglas, your jasmine blues, foundations of rock and roll. properly seasoned food, peanut butter, the traffic light, the gas mask, the first open harks for the jury, the civil rights movement that actually delivered real democracy to this country. denzel washington, samuel jackson, black panther, they're good, ketanji, kamala, obama, oh wait, those are our things, stop playing. oh amy, amy i hate to break it to you dear but most of us actually love being black. we are incredibly proud of the achievements we've run out of this country despite two centuries of horror visit a pause by people like, well, like the same people who didn't include people like you. i do believe your orders are eastern european refugee and their originalism either. let alone women. we are proud to have made this
4:58 pm
country better. what we are mad about, is people like you and to come still denouncing us isn't worth evens who don't deserve to be here like when you said in 2017 in an interview quote, i don't think i've ever seen a black suit gradually in the top one of the class, and rarely rarely in the top half. leaving some of the black suits who have finished at the top your class to say, excuse me? and the dean of ten law school to ban you from teaching core classes. but wait, there's more. -- get away either. >> so take, you know, the brahmin women who come from india and they climb the ladder, they get the best education, we give them every opportunity. and they turn around and leave the charge on, we are racist, or an awful country, we need reform, our medical system needs reform. well, here's the problem. they are taught that they are better than everybody else because they are roman leagues and yet, on some level, their
4:59 pm
country is -- a excuse my language. >> yeah, just no achievements of the east and roll at all. other than mathematics, hinduism, boot-ism, chess, philosophy and against prices and food, you should try it. >> amy is not exactly new to this. in the 2019 new yorker article, writer isaacs fortunate color the academic who perhaps that's represent the ideology of the trump ministration immigration restrictions. mainly in recent years for her belief in the superiority of anglo protestant culture. and for promoting quote, cultural distance nationalism or the belief that we are better off of our country is dominated numerically, demographically, politically, at least in fact of not formally, by people from the first world, from the west, then why people from countries that had failed to event advance. and for taking the position that our country will be better off with more whites and fewer non whites. the position that the pen law dean called repugnant to the core values and institutional practices of opened law and the
5:00 pm
university. here is the latest henry statement of the university. where they say that they won't make any statements. well, thanks guys. and yet, like tucker, she is still around. and still the absolute worst. and that's not read out, all in with chris hayes starts now. all i with chris hayes starts now. >> tonight on all in. >> when the president trump creates public pressure, dozens on the capitol, without question make those people feel it inside, okay? >> explosive reporting from the new york times, it one time roger stone associate on tape executing the trump playbook. the reporter who broke the story joins me live. then, the attorney arguing donald trump made his client storm the capital joins me as well. plus, -- >> my fellow new yorkers, -- >> what we are now learning about the man arrested for the shooting sp


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